Birth To Three Presentation June 2010 -

Birth To Three Presentation June 2010 -

Why are wehere?

Babies Can’t WaitPlease Refer EarlyThe Earlier the Better

Program Outcome‣ In Snohomish County, 31% of childrenserved in early intervention no longerneed services by their third birthday-YEAH!!!‣ Statewide average is 27%

Refer to What?The Early Intervention Program‣ Looks at the whole child and family‣ Not income based‣ Based on the child meeting the stateeligibility criteria‣ Early intervention is made up of manyproviders and services

Early Intervention Services, cont.‣ Comprehensive evaluation free of charge‣ Plan based on needs and priorities of thechild and family called an IFSP (IndividualFamily Service Plan)‣ Family Resource Coordination‣ Occupational Therapy‣ Physical Therapy‣ Speech and Language Therapy

Early Intervention Services, cont.‣ Nutritional Services‣ Feeding Therapy‣ Educational Services‣ Hearing and Vision screenings‣ Assistive Services and Devices‣ Family Counseling‣ Behavioral Services

These services are provided in theChild’s Natural LearningEnvironmentUtilizing an evidenced-basedmodel of Parent Coaching

Natural LearningEnvironments IncludeAll community settingswhere children spend theirtime:Home, childcare, parks,grocery stores, libraries,swimming pools

Why in the NaturalLearning Environment?‣ Services are based on the way thatnewborns to three year olds learn• Through their primary relationships• Through exploring their environments

Best Practice Model‣ Takes advantage of learningopportunities‣ Embeds services within the typicalroutines that a child enjoys often duringtheir day‣ Transforms one hour of direct service intomany hours of practice throughout theweek with the family‣ Utilizes reflective questioning

This strategy:Elicits information from parents•Promotes confidence and competence•of the parentBuilds the capacity of parents to•support development of their child

You can refer a familyfor specialized screening &evaluation to addressdevelopmental concerns.

How do you refer? If you don’t know the child’s schooldistrict refer to County Infant ToddlerEarly Intervention Program800-927-9308 or 425-388-7402 Or look at the overview of who hascontracts and refer to the agency thathas a contract with the local schooldistrict. There is no wrong door!

Services for Children who are Deafor Hard of HearingThree birth-to-3 programs in the communityare dedicated to helping families who havechildren who are deaf or hard of hearing. Eachof these programs is committed to helping thechildren reach their language and learningpotential. The programs differ in the type ofcommunication system that they help the childand family develop. They are:‣ Family Conversations‣ The Parent-Infant Program (PIP) at theHearing, Speech & Deafness Center‣ Listen and Talk

Eligibility DeterminationEligibility is established by one of the following:‣ Diagnosed medical condition that has a highprobability to result in delayed development, such ashearing loss or deafness, or‣ A multi-disciplinary eligibility evaluation performed bytwo pediatric clinicians using two differentstandardized evaluation tools demonstrating• 25% delay or 1.5 standard deviations below meanin one or more areas of development, or• Atypical development in any domain• Informed Clinical Opinion

An Individualized Family ServicePlan ( IFSP)‣ If the child is eligible, the team developsthe plan with the family based on theirunique needs and priorities‣ The plan is developed within 45 days ofreferral‣ Services must begin within 30 days of theIFSP date

The Child Receives Early InterventionServices until his/her Third Birthday‣ If a child continues to demonstrate delayshe/she can receive services until his/herthird birthday‣ If a child qualifies, he/she transitions todevelopmental preschool or schooldistrict services‣ If a child doesn’t qualify, there arechoices in our community to continuetherapy in a clinic setting or in communityplaygroups

Contracted Early Intervention Providersfor Snohomish CountyLittle Red School Housewww.littlered.org425-513-1663 – Everett425-775-6070 - LynnwoodProvidence Children’s Centerwww.providence.org425-258-7088

Contracted Early Intervention Providers forSnohomish County, cont.Sherwood Excelwww.sherwoodcs.org425-334-4071Wonderland Developmental Centerwww.wdcbirthtothree.org206-364-3777

Contracted Early Intervention Providers forSnohomish County, cont.Seattle Children’s, Family Conversationswww.seattlechildrens.org206-987-5146Hearing Speech and Deafness Centerwww.hsdc.org206-323-5770Listen and Talkwww.listentalk.org206-985-6646

We need your help!‣ “Wait and See” does not work!‣ Our system is under- servinginfants under 12 months.The earlier the better!


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