Volume 3, No. 2 - Catholic Charities


Volume 3, No. 2 - Catholic Charities

IN MEMORY OF FATHER VINCENT CRONINMember of theCatholic FamilyLegacy FundFr. Vincent Cronin1914. - 2009Here are excerpts of what folks had to say when rememberingFather Vincent Cronin:“...salt of the earth”“...a very kind man”“...always, smiling, always happy”“ ...beloved by his parishioners”“ ...most agreeable person I ever met”“...loved to play golf, but not much of a golfer”... played into his nineties“...was a great gardener,constantly planting things around the parish”“...you could not ‘not like him’”“...If there was someone you could choose to be your best friend,Vinnie Cronin would be the choice”“...a prince of a man”Page 2•Help&Hope • Winter 2009 • Catholic Charities

We opened our mail onemorning last May to find acheck in the amount of$200,000 from the Estate of ReverendW. Vincent Cronin, the firstpayment of a bequest that wouldeventually reach almost $500,000and the largest gift by far toCatholic Charities of the Archdioceseof Hartford. When my stafffinally succeeded in reviving me,we set out to learn more about thisgenerous man. Our search revealeda very consistent descriptionof a wonderful human beingthat almost seemed to have beenrehearsed by everyone with whomwe spoke (see opposite page).My personal favorite was, “Ifthere was someone you couldchoose to be your best friend, VinnieCronin would be the choice.”It is often said that kindnessfollows kindness, and that is certainlytrue in this case. FatherCronin established a legacy ofkindness with his record-settingbequest to the Catholic FamilyLegacy Fund, the endowmentfund established to support ourwork bringing relief to childrenand families in need. His gift representsa staggering 20% increasein the Agency’s endowment. Itcould not come at a better time, asyou might imagine, given the everincreasingpetitions for our help inthese stressful times.We presented the Help &Hope Award to Father Croninposthumously at our AnnualMeeting in October. When acceptingthe award on his behalf,his niece, Peggy Donahue, confromthe CEODear Friends ofCatholic Charities,ArchbishopHenry J. Mansell andRose Alma Senatore.firmed what everyone else wastelling us. He was a loving uncleand he cared greatly for his parishioners.Having learned so muchabout the man, we may remainsurprised at the size of the endowmentgift, but we can no longer besurprised by the spirit of philanthropythat accompanied it. Thisgift was an extraordinary act ofgenerosity from a very kind andloving man who knew that itwould be used for the care of childrenand families who are placedin our trust.As you gather with family andfriends this holiday season, pleaseremember big-hearted Father VinnieCronin, the way he treated hisfriends and his parishioners, andthe way he chose to be remembered.May God bless you and yourfamily during this holy time andthroughout the New Year.SincerelyRose Alma SenatoreChief Executive OfficerCatholic CharitiesIf you are considering membership in the Catholic Family Legacy Fund, our legalname to be used in your will or trust document is,“Catholic Charities, Inc. - Archdiocese of Hartford.”Thank you for your consideration.Help&HopeThe Magazine of Catholic CharitiesArchdiocese of Hartford839-841 Asylum AvenueHartford, CT 06105-2801Phone 860-493-1841Fax 860-548-1930www.ccaoh.orgVol. 3/ No. 2 • Winter 2009Catholic CharitiesCentral Administrative Offices:Rose Alma Senatore, Chief Executive OfficerLois M. Nesci, Chief of OperationsLinda S. Smith, Director of QualityAssuranceEdgar Bernier, Chief Financial OfficerHelp&Hope Magazine:Published by Hometown MarketingTom Hickey, PublisherJoy Taylor, Creative DirectorRonni Newton, Managing EditorTom Cleary, ContributorContributors:Catholic TranscriptKeith GriffinPeter O’DonnellJanet RomanowiczJack SheedySharon TartarisHelp&Hope is published jointly by Catholic Charities,Archdiocese of Hartford, and Hometown Marketing,Inc. It is distributed to the communities itserves in Hartford, Litchfield and New Haven Countiesvia mail and drops. ©2009 Catholic Charitiesand Hometown Marketing, Inc. All rights reserved.No part of this periodical may be reproduced withoutexpress permission of the publishers.Help&Hope is a registered trademark owned byHometown Marketing, Inc. The opinions expressedby writers commissioned for articles published byHelp&Hope are not necessarily those of the magazineor its publishers.ON THE COVER: Two group home residents dancecheek-to-cheek at their “prom.” See more photos onpage 6.Page 3•Help&Hope • Winter 2009 • Catholic Charities

Fabric of Our Lives Gives 28 QuiltsHow the “Fabric of Our Lives”Quilting Project was ConceivedBY SHARON TARTARISThe Fabric of Our Lives project with the wives and widows of deacons began inJuly 2008. The idea for the project came to me after Archbishop Mansell discussed thevision for Cathedral Green with the deacons and wives of the East Shore Deanery thatspring. On the way home I started thinking that there had to be something the wivesand widows of deacons could do together to make the future residents feel welcome. Isent a letter to the Archbishop proposing a quilting project and he responded immediatelywith encouragement to pursue the idea.The project is called Fabric of Our Lives as a way to focus on how we can join apiece of who we are with others to bring the love and warmth of Christ to those in needof care and comfort.The project idea was enthusiastically embraced and a core group of wives came forwardto begin. Kathy Ryzewski offered the use of her sewing ministry area at St. AedanChurch in New Haven. We spent many months on Saturday mornings meeting therethanks to her hospitality. We moved to Our Lady of Pompeii in East Haven when weswitched to Fridays, and Maryann Lotto and Barbara Villecca hosted our gatherings.We gathered as a community monthly over the past year. We pooled resources andsolicited donations, as we were not funded by the Office of the Diaconate. During ourregular gatherings we helped each other design, cut and piece the quilt tops. Each ofus left with a task to complete before we gathered again. For those women who didn'tsew, we welcomed their ironing and pinning skills.We completed our first 28 quilts in the fall of 2009 thanks to the support and commitmentof Edla Saffo, Kathy Ryzewski, Maryann Lotto, Jeanne Lopatosky, JeanneSmith, Irene Klein, Barbara Villecca, Kathleen O’Donovan, Ann Quinn (who died suddenlyin the spring of 2009), Melayna Lovelace, Lucille Fusco, Kathy Taylor, Pat Brownand Jan Fournier who are wives and widows of deacons of the Archdiocese of Hartford,and Maureen McAuliffe from the Diocese of Albany who made a donation in honor ofher husband’s 25th ordination anniversary. ■Sharon Tartaris is the Coordinator, Deacon Wives and Widows (2005-09), Archdiocese of Hartford“Fabric of our Lives” women with Archbishop Henry J. MansellCOURTESY OF SHARON TARTARISSTOCK IMAGE: JOY TAYLORPage 4•Help&Hope • Winter 2009 • Catholic Charities

Residential Services forDevelopmentallyDisabled AdultsCatholic Charities currentlyoperates ten residences for33 developmentally disabledadults. Our ten group homes arestructured and operated to provide aplace for the residents to feel safeand relaxed, to interact with caringpeople, and to learn new skills. Eachhome is supervised by trained staff24 hours/7 days a week.Residents have a wide range ofability levels from severely retardedto mild cognitive impairment andmany residents have additional,sometimes severe, physical disabilitiesand handicaps. We help eachresident develop the confidence andself-esteem to reach the greatest possiblelevel of independence.CUSTOMIZED PROGRAM PLANS AND A TEAM APPROACHWe create individual program plans that accommodate thespecial needs of each resident, while focusing on the acquisitionand development of daily living skills. Each resident’s treatmentteam includes a coordinator, staff working at the site, theresident, and any family members or persons close to that resident.A personal goal is identified by the resident. A teachingstrategy is developed and written so staff on all shifts can coordinatetheir efforts to help the resident achieve his or her goals.Residents are encouraged to continue to set new goals and striveto develop greater self-sufficiency, self-confidence, and independence.RESIDENTS ARE PART OF THE GREATER COMMUNITY INWHICH THEY LIVEOur program encourages residents to see themselves asvaluable members of their community. During the day, they maybe employed or they may participate in day treatment programsor workshops. Three of our homes are for individuals with severemedical or other challenging issues. These homes offerself-contained, customized, and personal enrichment activities.Weekends and evenings are spent like others in the community– chores, grocery shopping, visiting with family, attending religiousservices, going to a movie or the park, or just relaxing.Residents use local banks, shops, libraries, post offices, doctors,and pharmacies.RESIDENTS HELP OTHERS IN NEEDResidents have earned money to provide a Christmas dinnerat a Hartford homeless shelter through the sale of theirhandmade craft items. Some residents make crafts and gifts forsenior citizens. Through these and other enrichment activities,our residents experience the good feelings that come from helpingothers.Please make your gift to theAnnual Appeal at Christmas in theenclosed envelope today so that wemay continue in our mission tobring immediate relief to thoseliving in daily crisisCatholicCharitiesArchdiocese of Hartfordwww.ccaoh.orgPage 5•Help&Hope • Winter 2009 • Catholic CharitiesWe had a“Prom”!See photos on the next page...

Prom Night... At Last!Group HomeResidents EnjoyA “Prom Night”PHOTOS COURTESY OF DAVID SCOTT,DIRECTOR OF RESIDENTIAL SERVICESThe gowns and tuxedosmade this feel like anyother high school prom, butthis was no ordinary prom. Theevent was Catholic CharitiesGroup Home Program’s first prom,and it was held at the Riverview inSimsbury on October 1, 2009.Page 6•Help&Hope • Winter 2009 • Catholic Charities

Page 7•Help&Hope • Winter 2009 • Catholic Charities

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