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PRODIGY ENG Last Version (3.75 MB) - STULZ SpA

PRODIGYRack Cooling Solution

ProdigyHigh density Data Centres produces ever increasing computing power on an ever decreasingfloor area, resulting in high specific thermal loads.To ensure IT equipment reliability an appropriate cooling system is mandatory.Prodigy modules are the optimal answer to the requirements of modern Data Centres,in terms of:Flexibility- the reduced dimensions allow the installation in every kind of rack, starting from a height of 42U- two different kinds of cooling system (CW and DX), combined with different cooling capacities,make Prodigy suitable both for small server rooms and big Data Centres.- Prodigy fit into both closed and open loop.- water and refrigerant connection is available either from bottom or top side.Code Type WidthRAW WATER 300 mmRAWE0 WATER 600 mmRACDIRECT EXPANSIONconnected to external motor-condensing300 mmRCM DIRECT EXPANSION with compressor on board 400 mmScalabilityProdigy has a modular structure that can easily fit into a wide range of rack layouts.This feature allows to quickly increase the computing power without altering the existingstructure of server rooms.2

Prodigy are designed to be placed beside the racks containing IT equipments.Open Loop: for Data Centresorganized in hot and cold aisles.The air heated by the servers isdischarged to the hot aisle, andsucked in by the Prodigy unit. Aftercooling the air is delivered to thecold aisle, ready to be used by theservers again.The open loop units are equippedwith high efficient EU4 Zig Zag AirFilter.Closed Loop: this configuration is suitable forboth “self contained” data centre and high densityracks. Heat generated by server remains inside thecabinet and is disposed without entering the room.Prodigy is equipped with electronicallycommutated EC Fans, optional on RAC andRAW version, standard on RCM and RAWE0.The electronic control adjusts the speed offans, powered by energy saving motors. ECfans react continously to system changes,keeping maximum efficiency in everycondition.Free Cooling, EC fans and proportionally controlled CW valve are the keys to higher performance andefficiency of the air conditionig system, reducing TCO.These three factors contribute to achive an important goal: minimizing the energy absorbed by supportequipment (like air conditioners) and maximizing the one used for the operation of the servers.PUEPUE (Power Usage Effectiveness) is the ratio of the total power consumed by a Data Centre to the powerconsumed by the IT equipment that populates the facility.The goal of a fully efficient Data Center is to reach a PUE value equal to 1, that is when the power isentirely used by IT equipment.Total Facility PowerPUE = --------------------------------------IT Equipment PowerPresence of Prodigy units in a Data Centre provides a strong contribution to PUE improvement.3

RAW - Chilled Water unitProdigy RAW units use chilled water,supplied by an indoor or outdoor chiller. In presence of afree cooling system, external air cools water through a heatexchanger.Thus, working time of energy-intensive compressor coolingis drastically reduced.Prodigy units are particularly suitable for systems withfree cooling, due to their high performance in heat loaddisposal. Their very efficient coil allows an efficient coolingalso at high entering water temperature (up to15°C),thus maximizing the use of the free cooling.Chilled water Prodigy units are equipped with:Dual Power: in case of main power supply lack, units are provided with automatic switchingon an emergency line.Fan Hot Swap: through fan switches on a “multiswitchbar, power supply of each single fan can beinterrupted to allow maintenance operations, whilethe other fans keep on working.CW valve with proportional control: receives a modulatingsignal from C2020 to vary the water flow through the heatexchanger, in order to adjust the unit cooling capacity to theactual heat load. CW valve is available in two versions: 3 wayvalve for constant flow system, and 2 way for variable flowsystem.Manual operation of CW valve: whenthe valve actuator is broken, the valvecan be adjusted manually, modulatingcooling capacity with fans speed.4

RAC - Direct Expansion unitDirect Expansion DX units (open andclosed loop) are a suitable solution fordata centres of any size.The heat load absorbed by therefrigerant gas is released to the externalenvironment through modularmotor-condensing units, with coolingcapacity from 4 kW to 20 kW.Direct expansion Prodigy units areequipped with:- Fan Hot Swap: on “multiswitchbar- Temperature probes on return air- Fixed or variable fans speed accordingto set point- Humidity Sensor for dehumidification mode.- External motor-condensing unit with inverter compressor.RCM - Direct Expansion unit with on board compressorProdigy DX units are also available with on board compressor.- EC compressor, with brushless motor , is continuously adjusted by an onboard inverter, allowing a perfect correspondence between the coolingcapacity and the actual thermal load.- The electronic expansion valve improves the performance and the efficiencyof the cooling system, thanks to an accurate control of the flow rate and of therefrigerant gas pressure.- Zig-zag G4 protection filter in metallic structure (washable)- 5 EC fans electronically commutated, which reacts continuosly to powerrequirements changes. EC fans can be controlled independently from oneanother.RCM units, like other Prodigy units, can be configured to have both frontal andlateral air flow, and must be connected to a remote condenser for heatdisposal.5

Technical DataProdigy RAW - Chilled WaterModelLoopPower Supply[V/ph/Hz]Cooling Capacity[kW]Air flow[m 3 /h]Dimensions[h/l/p]Connection[in]RAW A1 Open 230/1/50 12,3 2600 1870x290x750 (770 with EC) 1RAW A7 Open 230/1/50 16,0 3800 1870x290x750 (770 with EC) 1RAW B1 Open 230/1/50 19,5 3800 1870x290x750 (770 with EC) 1RAW A6 Closed 230/1/50 22,6 2800 1870x290x702 (722 with EC) 1RAW B2 Closed 230/1/50 31,0 4400 1870x290x702 (722 with EC) 1RAW C4 Closed 230/1/50 37,7 4400 1870x290x702 (722 with EC) 1RAWE0 Open 230/1/50 41,3 85001943x590x927 (AC version)1870x590x982 (EC version)1Nominal ConditionsClosed Loop: T return air 45°C / RH 15%Open Loop: T return air 30°C / RH 30%EWT = 7°CWater ∆T = 5°CAir flow on closed loop models refers to unit not installed in racksProdigy RAC - Direct ExpansionModelLoopPower Supply[V/ph/Hz]Max NominalCoolingCapacity[kW] *AirFlow[m 3 /h]Dimensions[h/l/p]Motor-condensingRAC 80 Open 230/1/50-604,48,02600 1870x290x750 (770 with EC)SCR40ZIX-SFDC71VNRAC A2 Open 230/1/50-6010,312,221,52800 1870x290x750 (770 with EC)FDC100VNFDC125VNFDC200VSRAC 80 Closed 230/1/50-604,58,42800 1870x290x702 (722 with EC)SCR40ZIX-SFDC71VNRAC A2 Closed 230/150-60* according to the motor-condensing used11,214,023,34400 1870x290x702 (722 with EC)FDC100VNFDC125VNFDC200VSNominal ConditionsT return air 35°C / RH 30%T external air 35°CEWT = 7°CWater ∆T = 5°CProdigy RCM - Direct ExpansionModelLoopPower Supply[V/ph/Hz]Max NominalCooling Capacity[kW] *AirFlow[m 3 /h]Dimensions[h/l/p]RCMB4 Open/Closed 200-277/1/50-60 22,5 4300 1892x390x978 (993 with EC)* Nominal Conditions:T return air 35°CReturn air RH 30%Refrigerant R410ACondensate Temperature 45°C6

C2020 Control SystemC2020 is an IO controller installed on board the air conditioning unit, to manage all thefunctions . The Keypad is the user interface, which allows to display operating states andalarms.Controlling the various operating models• Compressor operation with enabling signal to the externalmotor-condensing unit (only for DX models)• Hotspot mode (enabled by an external thermostat): fans rotate at maximumspeed to prevent excessive temperatures in particularly critical areas of theroom.• DehumidificationStep by step operator guidance via keypad• USER: to change set point, access alarm history and counters of workinghours.• SERVICE: for the start-up and maintenance of the unit.• MANUFACTURER: for factory setting.Multilingual Display• The keypad offers a choice of sevenlanguages for the display of user menu,alarms, setpoints.Flash EPROM for easy configuration andsoftware updates• Units configuration via laptop• Hardware key for uploading and downloadingsoftware without a laptop and for copying theconfiguration to other units.Individual forwarding of alarms• Via bus / BMS system (opt)• Via voltage free contacts (std)• High or low priority can be assignedto the alarms.Energy-saving mode• Different kinds of capacitymodulation (with valve opening andfan speed) aimed to energy saving.Network ManagementSTULZ solutions for networking allows a continuousand efficient monitoring for air conditioning systems.Network management allows the adjustment of setpoints, plant monitoring and display of operatingparameters on two different control units, PC or onsiteBMS.7

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