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Editorial Committee Member China Tourism Research Environmental Auditor Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment ( UK )[ Research Grants ]1. Project titled ― Usage patterns of golf facilities by Hong Kong residents‖ (as Coinvestigator:Hong Kong Sports Development Board)2. Project titled ― The Impact Study of real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) on FinanceDepartment in Hotels‖ (as Principal Investigator: DRG;).3. Project titled ― A study of environmental reporting in airlines‖ Apr 2002 –Sep 2004.(as Principal Investigator: DRG;) Four journal papers published.4. Project titled ― In pursuit of an environmental quality index in hotels for sustainabletourism‖ Aug 2003- Jul 2005 (as Principal Investigator; ICRG )5. Project titled ― A study of the performance of the operating equipment in Chinesekitchen and restaurant‖ (as Principal Investigator: DRG)6. Project titled ―Job restructuring of Chinese restaurant industry‖ (as PrincipalInvestigator; Employees Retraining Board)7. Project titled ― Development of a profitability-based program for restaurantoperations‖ (as Principal Investigator; ICRG)8. Project titled ―Energy saving facilities for hotels‖ (as Principal Investigator; CERG3.5;)9. Project titled ―VOC in hotels: Grey system theory‖ (as Principal Investigator; ICRG;)10. Project titled ―Uniform system of hotel accounts for China‖ (as Principal Investigator;ICRG)11. Project titled ―Sizing of Hotel Heating Ventilation and Air-conditioning (HVAC)Systems‖ (as Principal Investigator; ICRG;)12. Project titled ―Heat pump utilizing waste heat from discharged water in the hospitalitybusiness; (as Principal Investigator; CERG3.5 ;)13. Project titled ―Hybrid source heat pump for hotels: artificial neural network‖ (asPrincipal Investigator; GRF)14. Project titled ―Comparative study on solar collectors for hot water system in hotels‖ (asPrincipal Investigator; One line Budget)15. Project titled ―Quality Assurance in Tour Operator Sector‖ (as Co-investigator; DeptFund)16. Project titled ―Novel Air Source Heat pump for Chinese Restaurant Kitchen: GreyForecasting Approach; CERG3.5 )Publications[Selected Journal Articles]Frequent Guest Program Chan W., Ni S. and Shum E. (2011) A study of hotel frequent-guest program: benefitsand cost, Journal of Vacation Marketing17 (4), 315-327.Air Quality Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2002) Pollutant Emissions Due To Gas Consumption in the HotelIndustry, Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 10 (1), 70-81. Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2002) Prediction of Pollutant Emission through ElectricityConsumption by the Hotel Industry in Hong Kong, International Journal of HospitalityManagement. 21(4), 381-391. Chan, W.W. and Mak, B.L. (2004) An Estimation of the Environmental Impact of DieselOil Usage in Hong Kong Hotels. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 12 (4), pp. 346-355. Chan, W. Lee, SC. Chen, YM. Mak, BL. Wong, KF. Zheng, C. Chan, CS. and Guo, XG.

(2009), Indoor air quality in new hotels’ guest rooms of the major world factory region,International Journal of Hospitality Management,29(1),pp.26-32. Chan, C.S., Lee, S.C., Chan, W.C., Ho, K.F., Tian, L.W., Lai, S.C., Li, Y.S., Huang,Y.( 2011). Characterisation of volatile organic compounds at hotels in Southern China.Indoor and Built Environment 20(4), 420-429. Chan W. (accepted) Hotel indoor air quality enhancement: research agenda, Journal ofChina Tourism ResearchWater Saving Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2001) Environmental Costing of Sewage Discharged by the Hotelsin Hong Kong, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 13 (6),pp.218-226. Chan W. Wong K. and Lo J. (2009) Hong Kong hotels’ sewage: environmental cost andsaving technique, Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research, 33(3), 329-346. Lo J. ,Chan W. and Wong K.F.(2011) A Comparison of Cold-Water Thawing Options inChinese Restaurants, Cornell Hospitality Quarterly.52 (1),64-72Corporate Social Responsibility Reporting Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2001) Environmental Costing of Electricity Consumption in HongKong Hotel Industry, Asia-Pacific Journal of Tourism Research. 6 (1), pp.1-11. Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2001) Environmental Accounting of Municipal Solid WasteOriginating From Rooms and Restaurants in the Hong Kong Hotel Industry, Journal ofHospitality & Tourism Research.25 (4), pp. 371-385. Chan, W.W. (2005) Partial Analysis of the Environmental Costs Generated by Hotels inHong Kong. International Journal of Hospitality Management. 24 (4), pp. 517-531. Chan, W.W. and Mak, B.L. (2005) An Analysis of the Environmental ReportingStructures of Selected European Airlines. International Journal of Tourism Research. 7,pp.249-259. Mak, B.L. Chan, W.W, Wong K. and Zheng C. (2007) Comparative studies of standaloneenvironmental reports – European and Asian airlines, Transportation Research Part D12, pp.45-52. Mak, B.L. and Chan, W.W. (2007) A Study of Environmental Reporting: InternationalJapanese Airlines, Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research (6), pp. 618-628. Chan W. and Wong K (2008) Environmental Quality Index for Hong Kong Hotel Sector,Tourism Economics, 14(4), pp.751-768Environmental Management Chan, W.W. (2005) Predicting and Saving the Consumption of Electricity in Sub-tropicalHotels. International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. Vol. 17 (3), pp.228-237. Chan, W.W. and Ho K. (2006) Hotel’s Environmental Management Systems(ISO14001): Creative Financing Strategy. International Journal of ContemporaryHospitality Management.18 (4), pp302-316. Mak, B.L. and Chan, W.W. (2006) Environmental Reporting of Airlines in the AsiaPacific Region. Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 14 (6), pp.618-628. Chan, W. and Wong, K (2006) Estimation of weight of solid waste: newspapers in HongKong hotels, Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research, 30(2), pp.231-245. Chan W. (2009) Environmental measures for hotels’ environmental management systems- ISO 14001 International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management, 21(5),542-560.China Hotel Industry and Management Chan W. (1993) Managerial Roles of Hotel Pre-opening Teams in Developing Countriessuch as China, International Journal of Hospitality Management. 12 (2), pp.155-161.

Chan W. and Ni S. (2011) Growth of budget hotels in china: antecedents and future, AsiaPacific Journal of Tourism Research 16(3),249-262 Chan, W. and Wong, K (2007) Towards a more comprehensive accounting frameworkfor hotels in China, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management19(7), pp.546-559.Chinese Restaurant Operations Chan, W. and Au, N. (1998) Profit Measurement of the Menu Item s in Hong Kong’Chinese Restaurant, Cornell Hotel and Restaurant Administration Quarterly. 39 (2),pp.70-75. Chan, W. and Au, N. (2000) Profitability-based Menu Analysis Program Relative toUnique Situations in Hong Kong, Food Service Research International.12 (2), pp.91-108. Chan, W. W.and Tse, P. (2001) A Study of Energy Usage & Future Design of Roasters inCantonese Kitchen, International Journal of Hospitality Management. 20 (1), pp.45-60. Chan, W. and Chan, L (2008), Revenue management strategies under the lunar-solarcalendar: evidence of Chinese restaurant operations, International Journal of HospitalityManagement, 27(3), pp.381-390.Facilities Planning and Management Lam, J. and Chan, W. (2001) Life Cycle and Green Cost Analysis of Energy-EfficientLighting for Hotels, Architectural Science Review. 44 (2), pp. 135-138. Lam, J. and Chan, W. (2001) Life Cycle Energy Cost Analysis of Heat Pump Applicationfor Hotel Swimming Pools, Energy Conversion and Management. 42 (11), pp.1299-1306. Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2003) Energy Saving Supporting Tourism Sustainability: A CaseStudy of Hotel Swimming Pool Heat Pump, Journal of Sustainable Tourism. 11 (1),pp.74-83. Lam, J. and Chan, W. (2003) Energy Performance of Air-to-water and Water-to-waterHeat pumps in hotel applications, Energy Conversion and Management. 44 (10), pp.1625-1631. Chan, W. Chen, Y. Mak, B., Wang, Y. Xie, H. and Huo, G. (2008) Energy saving andtourism sustainability: solar-control window film in hotel rooms, Journal of SustainableTourism, 16(5), pp.563—574. Li, D., Lam, T. Chan, W. and Mak, A. (2009) Energy and cost analysis of semitransparentphotovoltaic in office buildings, Applied Energy, 86(5),722-729. Li D., Chan W. and Mak A. (2009) Predicting energy saving and life cycle cost analysisfor lighting and daylighting schemes, International Journal of Green Energy, 6(4), 359-370. Li Danny H. W. , Cheung K. L. , Tony N. T. Lam and Chan Wilco W. H. n (accepted) Astudy of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) system in Hong Kong , Applied EnergyJournalFinancial Management Chan, W. and Lam, J. (2000) The Lodging Industry’s Contribution to Hong Kong’s GrossDomestic Product, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management. 2,No.2, pp.156-169. Chan, W. W. and Wong K. (2007) Estimation of Incremental Work Time in HotelAccounts Department: Envisaging Prospective Hotel Real Estate Investment Trusts inHong Kong Journal of Hospitality & Tourism Research. 31(3), pp.321-337 Chan, W. and Wong, K (2007) Towards a more comprehensive accounting framework forhotels in China, International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management 19(7),pp.546-559.OtherMak, B.L. and Chan, W.W. (2006) In pursuit of operational improvement in the karaokebox business, World Leisure Journal. 48(2), pp. 48-52.

Consultancies Consultancy Report about job restructuring of Chinese restaurant industry ,commissioned by the Employees Retraining Board Consultancy Training for hotel companies in the following topics: cost control, resortoperations, ISO 9000 in catering operations, environmental management, energy saving,water saving, financial planning, sustainable tourism, comparison of hotel managementbetween Hong Kong and western nations. Consultancy Advice – hotel pre-opening planning, interior design, HVAC design,management contract and canteen biddingSummary of Higher Degree Supervision Topics1. ―Water side assessment of the Chinese restaurant‖2. ―Revisit of uniform systems of hotel accounts‖3. ―Renewable energy for theme park and resort‖4. ― China employment contract labor law and hotels‖5. ― Hotel spa portal6. ― MICE in Lianing‖7. ― China hotel star-rating‖8. ― Hangzhou sustainable tourism‖9. ― Case study in Grand Hyatt Food and Beverage Dept‖10. ― Hangzhou hotel labor union‖11. ― Hangzhou sustainable tourism‖12. ―Hangzhou hotel yield management‖13. ―Taizhou hotel energy saving‖14. ― Case study in Grand Hyatt Food and Beverage Dept‖15. ― Hangzhou hotel labor union‖

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