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Founded by Kayt Raymond, Shine International is astrategic consulting group based in Sydney and operatinginternationally. Shine International has a reputation forachieving significant business improvement and resultseven with the most challenging organisation situations.Kayt and her team transforms corporate and governmentagencies through new business model creation, strategydevelopment, and transformation. Their work in regionaleconomic development has been acknowledged by theUN as creating a world model in how to go about regionalparticipative planning.Who we are...Shine International has worked with a range of clientsincluding many Fortune 500 companies, and AngloAmerican, Esso, CSIRO, Macquarie Bank, Johnson &Johnson, Rio Tinto, Great Barrier Reef World Heritage Area,New Zealand Ministry of Transport, BHP Steel, BHPBilliton,McKinsey & Co, Sydney Opera House, Stuart Oil andXcellerate IT.

The team at Shine International enjoys making complexitysimple and converting problems and challenges intoopportunities and gifts. What do we do?We empower clients through the development of a newbusiness model supported by the appropriate organisationdesign and processes.We work with CEOs and top teams adding value to thebusiness through strategy emergence and innovation.We leverage business performance through organisation,What we do...people and culture transformation and measurement.We trouble shoot in conflict to create lasting partnershipsso that conflict resolution is sustainable.We work participatively with you so that you capitalise onthe opportunities.What we don’t do is - come in, write a report, leave iton your desk and leave you wondering “Now what?”

Working with all the stakeholders involved ShineInternational leverages capability, profit, performance andsustainability.Step 1 Consultation with ClientStep 2 Opportunity Identification & Issue ClarificationStep 3 Assessment of Corporate Consciousness andValues and Strengths and their influence onStrategy, Culture and Performance.Step 4 Development of Organisation InterventionHow do we work?Step 5 Facilitation of- New Business Model & Organisation Design, &/or- Participative Strategy Creation, Planning &Implementation &/or- Organisation, People & Culture Transformation &MeasurementStep 6 Debrief with ClientStep 7 Ongoing Consultation, Culture & PerformanceReview if required

Consultationwith ClientOpportunityIdentification& ClarificationAssessmentof CorporateConsciousness,Values &StrengthsDevelopmentof OrganisationInterventionFacilitation ofBusiness Performance &Culture Transformation &MeasurementDebriefwith ClientOngoingConsultation,PerformanceCulture Review &MeasurementSHINE INTERNATIONAL VALUE CHAINAdding value throughout the entire process...

We assess the degree of change required from an internalquantitative baseline that can be measured against year by year.Using proprietary tools we analyse the qualitative and quantitativeelements of the current consciousness that cause organisationbehaviour. These tell us what we need to do:• to change behaviour, shift culture and build a moresuccessful organisation by establishing a strengthsbased foundation, individual confidence, positive humanconnections and upward spirals;• to build confidence, hope, optimism and resilience in salespeople so that sales growth is major, client relationship andstaff well being are enhanced, so that the bottom line andshare price are increased and sustained.• to build additional layers of value at each level in theorganisation and customer interface;Adding valuethroughout theentire process...The big ideas underpinning this system are the well researchpremises:• that positive strengths are more effective targets for changein individuals and groups than weaknesses and issues;• that by building psychological capital in individuals andgroups it leverages sales and net profit,• that culture shifts and bottom line results are increasedand sustained, and ongoing coaching assists to moveindividuals from being confident, to focusing on world’s bestpractice and outstanding results.

Adding valuethroughout theentire process...We intervene in the current consciousness using proprietarytransformation methods to lift motivation, engagement,accountability and performance. We “shift” non-alignedindividuals and/or groups through:• Business Strategy• Culture Transformation Strategy• Strengths Identification & Enhancement• Positive Leadership Programme• Psychological Capital Programmes to leverage sales, andfor process improvement• Positive Change Group & Individual Coaching Programme• People Development & Team Development Programmes• Participative Interventions, Strategies, Projects & Processesrelated to leveraging individual and corporate performanceand customer relationshipOnce the performance culture has been created and the resultsprovide evidence of the corporate transformation, capabilityand sustainability, we are available if and as required to conductcorporate consciousness and culture audits, to address anyspecific needs and/or to assist with developing corporateinnovation that enhances the business base.

Regional TransformationsWe conducted a national study ‘Lead Local, CompeteGlobal’ for the Federal Government, to see why someregions in Australia are successful and some aren’t. In thisstudy we came across a regional initiative designed andfacilitated by Kayt Raymond and associates. It is the mostimpressive process we have seen to create a shared visionamong many disparate community, political and businessgroups to chart a shared future for the development andmanagement of a region.Michael Rennie, Director, McKinsey & CoOur successes...The closing of one of our steel making facilities in acity that had depended on it was problematic. So in thetransition from steel production and loss of thousandsof jobs, to a container terminal and industrial zoneproviding services, we needed respectful and sensitiveyet strong leadership from an independent person, todesign and conduct community consultation to addressthe opposition from the community and conservationgroups, and concern by government departments andlocal authorities. Kayt Raymond did an excellent job ofdesigning, chairing and facilitating public meetings andother processes. All participants felt they were heard andwe were able to constructively resolve issues in partnershiprather than conflict.General Manager, Global Steel Company

Thank you for your wise advice as strategists for thedevelopment of a long-term national land transportstrategy for New Zealand. Managing the needs of 45 nongovernmentand government organisations throughoutNew Zealand had its challenges, which you handledwith ease and success. The training you gave our teamshowed us how to approach such a large and complexproject in a way that ensured a good result for all. We arecurrently implementing this strategy to support industry andagricultural change and achieve national economic growththrough improved land transport. Each of the strategycomponents – Economic Efficiency, Funding, Access,Safety, Environmental Effects and Community – have beenwelcomed by relevant organisations. Thank you again!Director, New Zealand Ministry of TransportOur successes...It is the need for protection and ecologically sustainablemanagement of the reef that prompted the Great BarrierReef World Heritage Area Strategic Plan. Designed andfacilitated by Kayt Raymond and developed among70 organisations - industries (worth $2 billion annually),conservation groups, government agencies, recreationorganisations, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders, it is a greatexample of an Australia solution to an Australian challenge.The challenge was one which no other country had faced,the solution is one which other countries and other regionsof Australia can take as a model. I must congratulate KaytRaymond on her considerable work as facilitator and leaderof the negotiation and discussion process.Paul Keating, former Australian Prime Minister

Corporate TransformationsKayt is the best strategic visionary and problem-solver Ihave encountered, and couples this with the importantcapacity to empower the dormant management andleadership abilities of the typical plant engineer, companyaccountant or MD. She is completely at home in the mostsensitive and politically-charged situations, and seemsto relish involvement in complex and fraught disputes.It is my experience that Kayt can help and guide seniormanagement into venturing out of its comfort zone, andinto a brave new world of vision, leadership and success,while convincing the managers it was their own brilliancethat got them there.Manager, Oil CompanyOur successes...Kayt has worked miracles with the staff getting them towork from their strengths and have more confidence andresilience in sales situations. There has been a substantialperformance impact.CEO, IT CompanyIn a comprehensive national search, we found, of the bestthree strategists and facilitators nationally, Kayt Raymond isthe strongest.Paul Gilding, Chairman, Ecos Corporation

At a time when the industry was in a slump, KaytRaymond rationalised our businesses, changed systemsand processes, assisted us to upgrade our products andservices, leveraged our sales performance and assistedus to lift our net profit (from 10% – 22% compounding)and leadership position in the marketplace. She jointlydeveloped the strategy with us, worked along side peopleto implement the changes, coached us, trained the salespeople and assisted us to upgrade our culture throughpositive change programmes and interventions.. She wasa favourite presenter at our Boot Camps because hersessions were powerful and fun.Chairman, Insurance GroupOur successes...Kayt was recommended to us as the person who couldfacilitate the sensitive negotiation among 11 performingarts companies and venue managers from aroundAustralia. This new initiative to bring about industry changeand development was fraught with the potential for conflictand disagreement. Kayt managed the situation superbly –facilitating the issues, the egos and the political sensitivitiesin such a way that people jointly agreed to move forwardtogether in a process of positive change.Marketing Director, Sydney Opera House

In a situation of global and regional change we needed thesound independent view of a strategist/consulting groupwith broad yet deep knowledge and experience in strategycreation, business models, growth, structure, culture andcapability. The person required needed to be able to adviseboth the Global and Regional CEO’s as well as work withthe members of the management teams to addressissues and develop solutions.Kayt’s work has been astute, rigorous and very valuablein a range of ways. Her keen insight in business alongwith her unusually high ability to read people and situationsallows her to establish relationships and be effectivequickly, despite the high learning curve consultants mustgo through with new assignments.Our successes...She facilitated thorough and comprehensive work beingproduced at the global and regional levels in relation tostrategy for growth, structure and management processes.It is enjoyable to work with someone who has this depthof knowledge, experience and understanding about thecomplexities of running successful organisations andbusinesses, and can act as a strategic coach. Her integrityand capacity to relate at all levels along with her warmthand humour has been a genuine positive experience.Regional CEO, Global Mining Company

Please contact usShine InternationalPO Box 271 Cremorne, NSW 2090 AustraliaPhone 61 2 9953 6065Email:

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