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I will readily admit I am the firstone to laugh when a big corporate monsterdoes something stupid, loses abunch of money, or goes out of business.As a matter of fact I am tickled 'pink' soto speak. The downside however is thatgood people lose jobs because of theineptitude of an idiot corporate moron.Such is the case with Blockbuster Videoon 21st South & 7th East. It is nowclosed. Out of business. A million dollara year plus store, and the #1 store inUtah. Why? Because some incrediblybelow average person in the Blockbustercorporate offices forgot to sign the lease!!Yes that is exactly what happened. Thatwas also that person's sole responsibility.I hope she is liking her new job, workingat Circle K. Anyway, the shitty part is thecool people who worked there are gone.John, Alison, Brandon, Dave & Larry.Thanks for all your help.And now da flicks...Beverly Hills NinjaAre you kidding me? You think Iwant to see that fat fuck Chris Farleygain more fame & money for acting likethe no talent jackass that he is?Thinkagain.Dangerous GroundIce Cube. Hey Bernie or Dexter,or whatever your real name is, stick toyour dumb ass rap videos and makingmovies with 30 foot snakes and guyswith big guns and little dicks. Leave themoviesthat deal with the plight of theblack man and 'the struggle' to peoplewho know what they are doing. Thismovie was horrible.Fierce CreaturesJamie Lee Curtis and JohnCleese are just funny together, period. This movie made me pee . Don'tlook for the Fish Called Wandasequel, this ain't it, but the situation[setups are just as good, and KevinCline should never playa seriousrole. He was made for this shit.Absolute PowerClint has made somegreatmovies. If I had to recommend afew, they would be Fistful ofDollars, Pale Rider, Hang'em High,Unforgiven. This could be ClintEastwood's best movie. Definitelytop five. The opening scene isworth the price of admission by itself,but the story develops in a great way. Anabsolute don't miss.When We Were KingsSee the genius of ALI. See himtalk shit about the BADDEST MAN ONTHE PLANET at the time (GeorgeForeman) and then see him whoopGeorge mentally, get an entire countrychanting"Ali, kill him" and then kickhis ass. Ali was the best fighter of alltime, and this is a small segment of why.Ghosts of Mississippi. Good show. It is not as good asthe previews would have you think. Thecourtroom drama is absent, the story ofMedgar Evers life is missing, and the.. truth is pretty evident from the first, scene . So no mystery, but a good flick.MetroEddie, Eddie, Eddie.Predictability is not a good mix withEddie Murphy. He is about as convincingas Pat Boone at Lollapalooza. ButEddie Murphy makes white people likehim cause he is funny, and black peoplelike him cause he is smooth. Eventhough Eddie cannot sell me the toughguy thing, he is still cool. Lose the SpiceGirl chick with the bad accent, and thismovie is twice as good.Donnie BrascoThe true story of Donnie Brascostill sends a bad taste through themouths of old Brooklyn Italians. AlPacino said that while filming, Depplooked so much like the real Brasco,some locals gave them looksthat couldhave easily been followed by gunfire. AlPacino is perfect in this role. JohnnyDepp never acted as good as he doeshere . Of course, if you stand close toPacino, something has to rub off on you .Great movie. Squeemish females neednot apply.Private PartsHoward Stem is the biggest predictable,hoax, talentless media bozo tocome along since Milli Vanilli. Thismovie, however, is funny as hell andwell worth the three bucks, if you canget past the fact that you are makingMr. Needledick even richer than he is.Sling BladeAs I said in my Oscar review afew months ago, this was the best movieof the year, hands down. See it again......1 like the way you talk.[N][?Q [p~[}~[3[f@W\7~@~ '[N]®\7~@ 1Jir~\7~[}first 5 correct answersreceive two FREE moviepasses to BREWVIESWhat was the nameof the movie inwhich MarlonBrando'scharacter wasCarmine Sabatini?Last Month's answer wasWAY TOO EASYIt was of course"The Untouchables"SI.UG6

somebody else, but you havefun, don't follow any rules,do what ever the hell youwant, cause some trouble,stir some shit up, you know?I guess I was raised different,I was raised to be a little bitmore open-minded. Also, thekids that attack major labels,they don't want anything ona major label or the corporatelabel but they are probablydriving Fords, or Chevy's orDodge's, ya know what Imean? Everyone seems soconcerned with selling out,but to me selling out is a compromiseof your standards, nomatter what, no matter whatyou're doing.Slug: No matter what, somoney doesn't become anissue?JG: No.Slug: The size or the enormityof the label doesn't becomean issue of 'Selling Out', allselling out is a compromise ofyour standards.JG: Yea, and that's how Ilook at it. Money is not a badthing. Money feeds people.Money can educate people.Money can clothe and housepeople. There's nothingwrong with that. Let me giveyou an example ofselling out and compromisingyour standards. There's thisso called hard-core punkband and I won't tell youtheir name, but they had!>ongs that slammed majorlabels. In one song theyattacked Epitaph. Theygave us shit for being onEpitaph. After all this,Epitaph gave them a chanceto sign-on. They did and indoing so they changed theirlyrics in the song that wasattacking Epitaph and majorlabels . To me, that was sellingout. I think they shouldhave kept the lyrics even aftersigning-on Epitaph. If theywould have done that, or nothad that attitude in the firstplace then 'that would not beselling out. Once again, sellingout is a compromise ofyour standards. I guess it allgoes back to the fact that weare using a lot of strings, keyboardsand shit on thisrecord.Slug: Yea,because you wantto try different things andbreak out of the norm.JG: Yea. Radio stations don'tplay our stuff anyway. Doyou know what I'm saying?We don't sell any records and,they don't play us on theradio and...Slug: So it doesn't matterwhat you do;JG: It doesn't matter what wedo. We don't do stuff to getplayed on the radio. We justwrite what comes out. Imean the next record, who 'fuckin knows, it could be justa bunch of chain saws withme screaming, 'Fuck', I meanwho knows? You don't haveto like it, but let the bandhave the freedom to do whatever they want. You don't 'have to like it, you don't haveto buy it, you don't -have to 'go to the show. Butdon';t. criticize them for dOirig ..What, " .1:,"\' .ever the hell they want.Slug: Tell me about 'OnceMore.' How come you wrotea song like that? Same reasonswe're talking about?, Did Ronnie come up withthat and you lay down thelyrics or what happenedthere?JG: No, actually Ronnie .wasn'teven here. What's funnyis I had just a little idea forthe melody. It was just threechords, right? We werejust messing around in thestudio. I went back and listenedto it and I thought itwas a cool melody. The songis all strings and piano,right? Well, Ronnie wasn'there when we wrote it, it wasactually guitar. Then whenwe recorded it, we justswitched it and said, 'Heylook, instead of putting guitarand a real drum kit on this,let's just do it with conga'sand strings and see what happens.'Slug: I think it turned outway cool, it's a cool effect.THEJOYKILLER'THREE'·'The New CDLP Anq. CassetteOUT NOW!86502-1,2,4WARNING:THIS IS NOTA PUNK RECORDAND WE DON'T GIVEA SHIT

freeQ ..cost"an change"BrigidBodenEnorrnous"BusmonsHoUdoy"SUBSCRIBE TO SLUG AND WE t LL.SEND YOU .ALL THREE OF THESECOOL CD t S FROM A&.M RECORDs .$15 FOR A ONE YEAR SUB(12 ISSUES)SLtJa SUBS2120 SOUTH 700 B!M'.SUI'1'B a.sooS.L.O. tl'.l' 84106uOJrnEOD~m~[1l[JJjrn~rnrnO~rn[!]mtID]G: Yea, and that's wha thappened andI love the wa yit feels.Slug : This is really the firsttime you've ventured outand really sing witho ut thegrinding guitars to back youup , right? .]G: (Ha-Ha-Ha) Yea and it'sfrightening as fuck, man.Slug: No doubt man, but itcame off good, it soun dsgrea t!]G: Well thanks, but you putyourself out there and thereis no way your not goin g toget attacked for it. I wastalking to the producer,Thorn Wilson abo;;'t it and Itold him, I'm in a bad spot, Iknow I'm going to getattacked for it. For writing asong like that, for a 'punk'band putting out a fourminute long string ballad.Slug: What was Thorn 'sresp onse?]G: Well he loved it, hethought it was great! But it'slike I know I'm goin g to getattacked for it, but I've got todo it anyway because that' swha t I believe in.Slug: Do you do all thelyrics?]G: YeaSlug: Are the lyr ics autobiographical or are they daydream type stuff, like 'whatif?']G: No, a lot of the lyrics arereal. It's based on real eventsor things but the nam es arechanged to protect the inn o­cent, you kno w what I mean ?All right people, ifyou want ':l brief glimpse intothe life and times of a[oykiller, pick up this CD.Rememb er, September 9th is'the release date and Epitaphis the label. I think it's goingto take you by surprisebecause it's so good, and yetso different than any thingout there right now, I love it.And if you don 't wa ntcha nge or don 't like change,sit at home and don 't comeout to play with the big dogs,you ma y get hurt. Check outthe songs, 'What it's worth','Ord inary' (my favorite),'Super Vision','The Doorw ay', and of coursethe last song on the disc,'Once More: which is a perfectway to end every thing .Also, watch the local listingfor up coming shows becau seThe Joykill er will be passin gthrough here again to wrecksho p in yo neighborhoodpr obably in the next six toeight wee ks. Thanks to Jack,(Tha t's Mr. Grisha m to youread ing the article) for yourtime, as always, it was greatto talk to you. Unt il nexttime, pull up those baggypants, wipe your nose andget some direction in yourlife, Loser ! I'm out!!!- P. ParkerSLUG10


Please do not readthis page expecting an indepthinterview withBoston's Barry Goudreaubecause he isn't in the bandanymore. SLUG attempted tocontact Tom Scholz under thepseudonym Little Christy, butScholz' publicist reads theSalt Lake Tribune. "You're notLittle Christy, you're LouChristie and Tom doesn'twant to speak to you." Bostonis playing in Orem at theDavid O. Mckay concert hallon August 19..The first concert, afterthe expected date of SLUGpublication that is actuallyworth a shit is Jesse Dayton.He will play Spanky's onAugust 7. Think really loudcountry & western music. Onthat very same night, just twodays after Transistor isreleased 311 plays in ParkCity. 311 will attract manythousands of people I don'twant to be around. They willpretend to be from Jamaicaand many anatty dread-head"..------­[tfi)JffiJm ~~~~mrnt@m[YO[P[Ym~Rlm~~will fire up a big blunt as theyalso pretend to be fromJamaica. During the set 311will play rap and engage in abit of pseudo-heavy metalmusic. Wesley Willis will singabout 311 rockin' overLondon and the crowd willcombine dance steps learnedfrom listening to BettyWhite's new TheMosh/Hippie Dance instruc- .tion cassette. Previous to 311'sappearance Spearhead will dowhat 311 can only hope to do.The band will demonstratethe diversity of their heritageand culture. Michael Frentiwill attempt to educate thedrugged and dread-locked onthe evils of television, but thesong is old and the audiencenever paid attention before .Why should they pay atten­. tion to Frenti, "Hole in theBucket" didn't do much forthe plight of the homeless?have Kim Shattuck. Girlsalways win . Murphy's Lawbeats Chixdiggit and tieswith the Groovie Ghoulies, asdoes Hi-Pi, and the Spanky'sshow comes out the winner,at least in my shallow mind.Now I'll lump thecountry, blues and jazztogether. These forms ofmusic are interesting to anumber of us, but they areusually covered in other lessastute"street" rags. FrancineReed is at Red Butte on .August 10. She does gospel,jazz, blues and R&B. If these"Food For The Masses,""Madness in tha Hood (FreeRide)" and "The Payroll (StayStrong)," continue the message,but few are listening. Atleast the beats will be hopping.August 9 is the nexttime two worthy live musicexperiences occur, The Muffs,The Groovie Ghoulies andChixdiggit are at Spanky's.kabobs, located at 666 SouthState, has Hi-Pi and theRoadburners and Murphy'sLaw. I believe the Muffs'show wins by a chin whisker.Sure Hi-Pi and theRoadburners have Erik Kishand Murphy's Law live ismore fun than Sunday atLiberty Park, but The Muffsforms of music confuse thelistener please attend the concertand if you are male givethe ticket taker a big wet kiss,then duck. Females knowwhat's up. On August 11Andrew Jr. Boy Jones bringsthe Texas blues to the DeadGoat. The FabulousThunderbirds are at theZephyr Club on the samenight with the Texas bluestransported to California. Thelast blues show that I'maware of occurs on August 25.Jimmy Thackery is at theDead Goat. A most rockin'night of blues and psychedelicguitar is expected. Jazz isactually booked for a coupleof clubs in August. CharlieHunter contributed to theSLUG'2

II•••••••••••••••some jazz. Maybebecause it isn'tstrictly jazz? TheLosAngeles GuitarQuartet improviseswith classical musicand playa few originalcompositions.Don't attend thisone unless you arereally, really smart.Only smart peopleare allowed at theGallivan Center onAugust 21. BelaFleck is at the TowerTheatre. He beganmemory is anunderstatement.Full on acid rock isthe live description.Who knows what ison the disc. SeeBlanch at Spanky'son August 16.Allegro returns toSpanky's on August18. The duo has anew CD to sell andthey love Salt LakeCity or maybe not?The Portland boystitled a song about atown they visit fre­quently. Just down the streeton the same night is anotherof August's best shows. BethOrton, the hippie, folkie, tech- .no artist snuck her way ontothe Zephyr Club calendar, Ithink. I haven't seen the calender,but I have a postcardfrom a publicist and I alreadyown the CD. Expect an audienceof females who loveCatie Curtis and whatever itis she loves.Believe it or not Johnsuccess of Spearhead bydonating members. He's thefirst of two Bay area jazz actsto arrive. Actually Junk beathim to town in July but theyreturn in August. Junk is jazzand funk, imagine that?Hunter is at the Zephyr on.August 15 and Junk is atSpanky's on August 21. Onthe country side of things andstill downtown I discoveredthe Derailers. Straight out ofAustin by way of Portlandand Bakersfield - the bandhas the suits, they have thebig beat, they have the hairand they have the voices.August 12 is the highlight ofa strong August Zephyr clubcalender. The next night theOld 97's play the Zephyr.Read all about them elsewherein this issue. DeannaCarter has the big hit recordwith the feminist title - Did IShave My Legs For This. Thewoman will play the SaltLake County Fair and getthis, Bam Davis is opening for. her. Taken directly from his"newsletter is this quote,"We're.busier than a oneleggedman at a butt kickingcontest," and our record stillisn't selling. The same nightfinds Kim Richey, a popsinger some have termed"alternative country" performingwithout an admissioncharge at the GallivanCenter. That's it for the countryfolks, but I forgot aboutwith bluegrass, but he tookthe form so far from traditionthat the bluegrass communitywon't claim him anymore.His music is psychedelic jazzwith traces of bluegrass. Parkat Smiths and pretend you aregrocery shopping, then sneakover to the Tower on August25.The Folk andBluegrass Festival is heldeach year at Deer Valley. TheFestival deserves a mentionbecause in spite of heavyBWE involvement CatieCurtis is scheduled. Do theBWE corporate executivesrealize that Curtis is an outspokenlover of... well, this isSLUG and we don't talkabout what Curtis loves, welove it too. This year the festivalfeatures a lot of bluegrassand the folk is light. ExceptGreg Brown live can't be consideredlight, but be there onAugust 17. Ska and straightedgeHari Krisnas together atBricks is one of the weirder"concerts" in recent memory.The Voodoo Glow Skulls arethe rightful headliner, butGoldfinger has the iargersales figures. Shelter has abrand new CD to sell. Of thethree I'll pick the headliner asmost entertaining. The lowkeylocals Blanch haveplanned a party to celebratethe release of their first CD.To say that the CD is the mostawaited local release in myOK COMPUTERcheck out these otherRadiohead releases"Pablo Honey" & "The Bends"Lydon is actually touringPsycho's Path and he is bringinghis music to Salt LakeCity. The concert monopolycoudn't manage a Sex Pistolsreunion appearance, but leaveit to the cutting edge to brin gLydon on his own. He playedall the instruments, wrotenearly all the songs and howhe plans to play all the instrumentslive is a big question .that his publicity people don'tanswer. Don 't spit on him,"a greatalbum,'s going tobe reallyinfluential"-melodymaker"epic...breathtakinglyambitious"-lime"obviously arecord thatwill growinto aclassic"-mojothis isn' t 1977.One more. : :~•• (0 •• 'available @ record stores everywhere13 SLUG

pUnk show is scheduledbefore I list all the radio shit.Lagwagon and No Use For AName have new CDs. Theyare of course touring themand they will play punk rockat Bricks on August 23. Allages can "circle 'ern up" asthey say. England appears atDV8 on August 20 with twobands trying to breakthrough to the Americanaudience. After all, if they doit is worth millions. TheSeahorses and the soon-to-begreatest band in the world ­Mansun are scheduled.Collective Soul and AbraMoore? Whatever. The newmillionaires of Sugar Rayreturn with the soon-to-bemillionaires of Smash Mouthand the ne w kids on theblock without a hit song onthe radio (Yet) Plexi onAugust 25. Be prepared for along month of radio ads andendless repetition of "Fly."Sheryl Crow with Wileo andMichael Penn? Whatever. DelAmitri with Cowboy Mouth?Whatever. Live? Whatever,but Luscious Jackson andJimmie's Chicken Shack arethe opening acts. Beat theroadblock and leave beforeLive. Oh yeah, an SST band,Oxbow is at Spanky's onAugust 30. Fucking heavyrock is expected. Thank youfor reading SLUGMagazine-LillithChristy,P.S. Late breakingdeadline news...The quartet of riotchicks who coinedthe phrase "smellthe magic" will behere September 1stor Znd. Yes kids it'sL7 with guestsShift:SLUG 14

\ or a year." SLUG: "Was Mark Rubin int~e band?" Miller: "No, I missed Mark,b\tt I'd known Mark from years andy~ars before actually... back when hewas only known as "Big Fat Elvis."SL~G: \ "How did he get that name?"Mil er: "I think he told people to call himtha i that's the impression I got." SLUG:"He told people to call him 'Big FatElvis'?" Miller: "Okay, maybe he didn't."SLUG: "I'll try that the next time he's 'around." Miller: "What if.. .I was just akid, I was fifteen... what if that's just aname that people called him and henever knew about it?" SLUG: "I'd justlike to antagonize him, that's why I'dcall him that." Miller: "I heard him on aNational Public Radio show, 'WorldCafe,' and he was talking about Dallas.He said some mean things aboutDallas."The Old 97's press kit states thatguitarist Ken Bethea and drummerPhilip Peeples had played together inthe Red Devils and Smeg Wentfields previousto joining the Old 97s. My brainwas locked into the Red Devils as a LosAngeles blues band made famous by theRolling Stones. I was wondering whenthe duo had played with the Red Devilsand how they arrived in Dallas. As isturns out there were two Red Devils.Bethea and Peeples were in the Denton,Texas band. The Denton Red Devils, asdescribed by Miller were"a total, lo-fi,indie rock, actually they called it shitrock, a weird rockabilly band."Rockabilly, shit rock, punk bluegrass,Sebadoh and Superchunk? How aboutthe Cervenkova connection? The Old97's met Cervenkova in Santa Monica.She came backstage after seeing themplay and Miller hit it off with her. Hewrote an entire Tammy Wynette/GeorgeJones duet and he was hopingCervenkova would sing the tune withhim, do a Knitters-type of song. Whenhe presented the song to her she said,"You know what, I don't feel comfortablesinging something that pretty. Doyou have a rock song?" I mentionedBloodshot Records at the beginning. Ialready knew the label had some distributionproblems and a curiously ineptsystem of mailing out "review" copies.. The entire label roster confuses gridwriters and Miller confirmed my feelingsabout the label. When people askthe band about Wreck Your Life sales figuresthe band replies, "Hell, we sold like15,000 and that was all mail order." ButMiller understands the "system" whichkeeps Bloodshot out of the stores. "It'snot like they don't spend 24 hours a daytrying to make it work. Their hearts aretotally in it. The majors ha ve such astrangle-hold on the way the wholemachine works."Miller plays roller hockey,Peeples owns a Dallas bike shop andBethea plays amateur baseball. A bandof jocks? Hardly, as Miller informed meHammond was off interviewing "old"people for his upcoming "History ofCentral Texas Short Line Railroads." Thebass guy is a railroad history buff .Now for the mu sic. The countryinfluences are more Johnny Cash andWayIon Jennings than Gram Parsons anda bunch of hippie country-rock bandsfrom the '70s. The Old 97's take punkrock, bluegrass and old fashioned country,blend in a few Social Distortioninfluences Ness stole from Johnny Cashand the shit-rock-rockabilly history ofthe lead guitarist and drummer. Theresult is post-punk, post-alternativecountry, post-neo-rockabilly mu sic forthe "hip" '90s consumer. The band willplay at the Zephyr Club on August 13.Elli Mae Morse17 SLUG

s 10 careers. She is a lady and any day. From the actions of theS Boy featuring Buddy Miller event security one would haveon uitar is the perfect band for thought Primus and Neil Younghe new musical direction. were playing. I was waiting forShe played a few oldies, some friends by the entrance andthe enditions of which brought some fucking United Concertstears to the eyes of many a moron threatened to drive meboomer and she engaged in a from the "venue" with his horselot of the trance rockif I didn't wait for "myheard onfriends" at the bottom of thehill. Bean burritos were sell­Wreckinging for $5, bottled waterBall.was $2 and for the price ofWrecking 1 • a cup of beer I could pur­. Ball is the ~\ ",,' chase a six pack ofreason: «,': Corona at the Utah StateBuddy Miller ",,-~....~ Liquor Store. Thereis in the band.•.;; was a booth advertis-Without his .. ing gyros for $5. Itability to playwas your choice ofspace guitar• beef or chicken.SpyBoy becomes aThis was indeed arhythm section withfirst. I don'ta famous singer., believe I've everEmmylou Harris at '-:,. consumed athe Zephyr Club was"chicken"the "Queen Of The.' gyro. I'veSilver Dollar" live and in ~"~.iiiiG# , " eaten a lotperson. "Backstage" atof lamb, butthis one was the alleywaychicken? I wonbehindthe Zephyr and theder what the Greeks"tour" buss. I spoke briefly think of this new developmentwith both Millers and I could in the history of the gyro? Newhave "touched". Emmylou...but this year to the annual Greekwhy?Festival menu is your choice of aTab Benoit was a disap­ chicken or beef gyro.pointment. Benoit needs to doI believe that theone of two things. At the begin­ "square, green, backstage" passesning of his second set he played were handed out to a third of thesome solo Chicago blues with the audience. Some individualscountry roots sticking out of the received "green" triangles.soil. That short set was the high­ Others were wearing "blue" cirlight.For the most part the rest cles, I heard of "orange" circlesof his performance was journey­ and I was supposed to receive aman . Here's a man who earned "blue" triangle V.J.P. pass. "Heyhis.chops playing inman, don't take the greenCajun/zydeco bands. He is a squares man, it's a bad tripbrilliant guitarist and he did man." Plastic "disco" medallionsshow a touch of that brilliance at and "blue" triangles were thethe Dead Goat. I believe that if only "passes" worth a shit. ATab Benoit took his history and "wristband" and a ticket stubused his obvious talent he could were required for entrance to the'create swamp blues that would "reserved" seating. Seating thatsurpass anything Eddie Shuler was most certainly notever recorded. (Every other "crit­ "reserved" because there wereic" in town is surely muttering, fifteen stinking hippies taking up"Eddie who"?) I enjoyed the my two seats . I was alone, but Ishow, but again, it was journey­ needed two seats. If I only hadman blues . The countless drunks one, where would my backpackthought it was killer, but I've sit? Standing or dancing in theseen a hell of a lot better. There aisles was not allowed, unlesswasn't a "backstage."the individual was engaged inH.O.R.D.E. What a fuck­ "politically correct hippie dancingmess. The Warped Tour was ing," they were smoking 20-yeardisorganized,but at least the old "pot" they'd found in theirtour personnel were cordial. Give mother's "cedar chest" and theyme a punk rocker over a hippie possessed a "red " pentagram.\\ GUTT£Rt40UT\ i\.1'i! \IGUT"E~MOU"H.".. ... ~. ... . ;..AVAILABLE AT'HEAVY METAL SHOP,SALT CITY CD'S, GRAY WHALECRANDALL AUDIO (OREM)10 SLUG

· J .Jall the usual goods:. USED CDs FROM $3.99. k T-SHIRrS imports & indiesstzc ers incense garden-fresh turnips__graywhale cdLAYTON - 852 WEST HILLFIELD ROAD, SUITE C • 4'7.'0'0LOG A N 1 2 7 2 E A S T 700 NOR T H 753 • 9 7 9 9o G DEN 4300 HARRISON BLVD. 17 399.0609S • L • C • 248 SOUTH 1300 EAST 583.9626S • L • C. - 201 SOUTH 1300 EAST, SUITE B • 583.3333S • L • C • 1 7 6 3 W EST 4 7 0 0 SOU T H 964 • 5 700


2 3 SLUG

Dreamscape'Unlimited-Ignorance,Submission, and DarkRealization.This is not just anotherloser band trying to jumpon to the industrial bandwagon,they are far above that!The band, (consisting of twomain members Dave Andrusand Jeremiah Savage),describe themselves as "thebattery acid on the skin ofright-wing society." Do I fallfor that? HELL YES!! Thisband is not only musicallyharsh they are also lyricallyingenious. With influencessuch as Skinny Puppy, NewOrder, and Joy Division, theyoffer the listener a technoindustrial"Enlightenment".Their latest CD,Ignorance, Submission, andDark Realization is sure toappeal to industrial fans,techno fans, electronic fans, oranyone who wants to drive astake into the heart ofOrganized Religion and/orGovernment. Oh ya, did I failto mention that these guysare from right here in HappyValley? Seems odd, huh?That a band from Utah tryingto do something different.Ignorance,Submission, and Dark 'Realization is said to be outRI!\L soon but as for now listento it and drop an E-Mailoff at their extremely explicitand highly offensive website.WWW.BIGUGLY.COM/DREAMSCAPE. This is one bandwith avery bright future, orshall I say a dark realization!-POPE XXX 'SLUG .24The Vegas BeatCar-21Candy-Ass RecordsThe Vegas Beatplayed at Mecca [oes in July. Ididn't attend the gig, but Ihave little doubt the bandroared. Whoever is bookingthese shows needs to get theinformation in the correcthands in a more timely matter.Your August shows arealready lost forever in thegreat SLUG shit pile ofmissed opportunities. Theband on the CD is MarciMartinez, known as thedrummer for Team Dreschand Calamity Jane on guitaris Amanda Kelley, whohelped create the Portlandqueer music scene; Sal playedbass on record and on thetour Tamala fromLongstocking is the bassist.The Vegas Beat supportedSleater-Kinney on their successfultour of the West coastin 1996.[ody Bleyle, TeamDresch, Hazel, Free to Fight,owns Candy-Ass Records.The address on the bio readsOlympia, WA. and when allthe information is combinedtogether The Vegas Beat is, revealed as three girls doingindie label, lo-fi, folk inspiredpunk rock. The CD is quitebrilliant in a jarring way with"She Got Away," "What'sYour Freedom" and "CottaKnow You" being thestrongest songs. The usualguitar noise and melodicvocals are intermixed withshort segments of pretty guitar.Most songs are of the girlto girl love song variety.Anyone interested alreadyknows where to pick up acopy and most of those interestedwere probably at theshow. Again, to whoever promotedthe show, get the wordout earlier and your showswill receive coverage. Keepup the good work. Salt Lakeisn't as boring with peoplelike you out there .-Mr. Puddle JumpErasureCowboyMaverick/Mute/WarnerBrothersDespite a wane inpopularity-as the newlytermed'electronica' iscurrently all the rage-synth .pop, that at" times dubious yetintricate musicmade popular in the 80's, hascontinued to thrive; especiallyhere in Utah.One of the genre's pioneersremains one of its mostenduring legends:Erasure. This remarkableduo, comprising synth guruVince Clarke and thedivinely voiced Andy Bell haslasted an amazing 11 years,putting out animpressive 10 albums and aneven more astounding 29 singlereleases (withnumber 30, "Rain," coming inJuly on import)!While one mightargue that so much of this'genre' sounds too artificialand is often interchangeable,it is indeed a remarkable featthat Erasure's 10th LP, theironically-entitled "Cowboy,"sounds so fresh after repeatedlistenings. After the disappointingsales of their brilliant1995self-titled release, the duo hasreturned to the basic formatthat put themon the map in the first place:the 3 minute pop gem . Thisconcept isexecuted perhaps best in theform of what is their greatestasset: themid-tempo ballad.I"Cowboy" is chock-full ofthem. "In My Arms," thealbum's lead single, is a greatexample: a hypnotic melodyand a beautiful, !hummable chorus intertwinemagnificently together. !.Credit in part is dueto this album's co-producers.Neil McLellan,producing the music withClarke, and Gareth Jones,producing the vocals withBell, in separate countriesnonetheless, have cultivatedsome of the bestsongs Erasure have written.This process of both memberworking separately and thenhearing the seamless result isas stunning as it is fascinating.(Many of "Cowboy"'seleven original songs' werefirst demoed by Clarke & Belin Dublin, then literallyswapped backSe forth , fromEngland to Spain, to finishedproduct.)Clarke's greateststrength on this album is howintriguingly he programs(being truly one of the genre'originals) analogue synthesizers,with just a little digitaltechnology thrown in, andcomes up with music that isboth rich in depth and warmsounding. Bell has rarelysounded so vibrant.Witness the transition on theominous & brilliant"Treasure" from hismysterious whispering, to thfull vocal; or the drama onthe killer "Don'tSay Your Love Is Killing Me"or the irony on "Boy" &"Save Me Darling"; and finally the longing & passion on"Love Affair."Although comprisedmainly of ballads, "Cowboy"is not without its dancetracks . On the contrary,"Rain" and especially theamazing "Don't Say YourLove Is Killing Me" measureup easily to their best classic"Sometimes," "Stop!""Chorus," etc.

Clarke has said that ished lower intestine dis­ -Billy Fish music stupid. What can I say?the title "Cowboy" stems par­ charge songs on the CD all The usual de tuned guitars,tially from the duo's the better for them. I hate this Skavoovie & the Epitones the vocalist lacking operaticfeeling like 'cowboys' riding garbage, but I believe I picked Fat Footin' training, current events asthe range of the ever-chang­ OMC as a hit a few months Moon Ska Records song topics, jazz deconstructingrecord back. It is so bizarre, this pre­ First there was the ed into "free rock 'n' roll"iitdustry. Credit Madonna scient power. However, it is punk ska, Cargo released the CD.then; with her flair for mar­ entirely possible that the disc but how legit is most of the (Germo) Phobic is a disc begketingand business will go no where. It could be sounds coming down the ging for some sort of extremefinesse, for snatching the duo that Texas as a group is too turnpike? Few, but rest listening experience. I suggestup after Elektra dumped ' damn old for the teeny-bop­ assured, since Skavoovie & one of those portable CDthem due to poor pers. Pitch the damn disc to ' company are most definitely players with special anti-skiprecord sales, and signing the AC format and another the exception! A big band by "memory." Take the in-linethem to her Maverick label. brain dead form of wasted any measure(lO very cool skates, the BMX bike or theSomeone's great Earth life. I can see the office cats!), they push out a big skateboard to the top of Citymarketing skill has enticingly workers now. It's lunch hour sound as well, with a horn Creek Canyon on a day whenincluded two US-only bonus in the strip mall and the lem­ section that would make a automobiles are allowed.tracks to the mings all have a copy of skank lover shiver with Place the disc in the player,first pressing of "Cowboy." White On Blonde clutched excitement. Not a band to plug in the headphones, maxFirst up, their phenomenal beside the Franklin Daytimer. rush through a tune, the cuts out the volume and punchversion of Blondie's Four ~ongs passed by in what off of this album are works of play. If you survive the tripclassic "Rapture," complete seemed like a week trapped art, laying down some prime down the canyon without anwith Vince Clarke rapping! inside an Eddie Bauer store. examples of rocksteady & ska automobile striking you or anLike the best of That's it Sharlene Spiteri, go alongside a sweeter big band encounter with U.s. Senatortheir prior cover versions, shriek elsewhere. sound. Orrin Hatch singing his latestErasure have captured the -Ifu C. Kayoff Half the songs are just instru­ "hit" song while peddling uporiginal's mental, flowing like wine to the canyon on a bicycle theninventiveness while still Submissives the listener's ear, continue the experience downupdating its sound. The.sec- An Anvil Will Wear Out making you really want to State Street until one of twoi ond bonus track, Burt Many a Hammer shake your rump! By the things occurs. The disc couldBacharach's "Magic Honest Don's time this review is printed, end, but it is more likely thatMoments," was oddly first These are some seri­ the band will have hit SLC & a wreck with "2002 Olympicused on the ill-fated "Lord Of ously twisted individuals made their mark on the few Road Construction" willIllusions" soundtrack. Never playing some fucked up lucky kids that get to enjoy interfere. Good luck, enjoyradically changing a classic, tunes! All of the their live showat the ska-fest Tanner's latest and hope theymore rather speed/hardcore cuts center on the west side of town. return to town very soon .reinterpreting it, somehow around the S&M antics of Barring any gunfights or -Kimmie Walsh"Magic Moments" fits perverse males that like to gang warfare, this will be aremarkably well on this dress up like little girls & be tasty show to have missed, Oxbow ·collection and is a great clos­ tortured by leather-clad Nazi my fellow lovers of ska. Serenade In Reding to the "Cowboy" album. bitches from hell. It wouldn't -Billy Fish SST Records-Dino seem so bad if the linear Dark & spooky likenotes weren't all too explicitan old Hitchcock film, thisTexas with lyrics & pictures of album gives me the creepsWhite On Blonde clients/ victims consuming like nothing I've heard in a, Mercury the urine & feces of these long time . The slide guitar isThe album has dominating woman they wor­ heavy, screaming out in purealready topped the UK album ship. I haven't seen these angst alongside the howlingchart. The sound is described much angry & grotesque of the male vocalist that is tooin a blurb on the rear of the imagery since viewing the similar to DAVID YOW of theadvance CD as, "distinctly JOHN ZORN import section JESUS LIZARD...I love it!siln, Texas and startlingly com­ at CELLOPHANE SQUARE fact, these guys sound somercial." Well! If Texas can in Seattle. My advice to the much like the Lizard & theremove the likes of Puff band would be either mastur­ MELVINS, I can't help butDaddy, Hanson, Robyn, bate or visit the local leather Tanner put this disc at the top of theNotorious Big and the Spice whore house before visiting (Germo) Phobic list for "Must Buy!" on the'girls from teeny-bopper bed­ the studio. Actually, what am Headhunter summer choice list. It's justrooms with "Say What You I thinking? That's probably As we all know so damn heavy! The songsWant," "DraWing Crazy exactly what they did in the Tanner will never make a aren't even structured, really,Patterns," or any of other pol- first place... dime from CD sales . It's the relying mainly on power &25 SLUG

I'! aggression, to blast the listenI .i right out of the listening seat.Oxbow really reminds mealso of the first time NEURO­SIS moved from speed punkto just plain mean & angrynoise from the depths of hell,which is where this youngband is just starting: from(good choice!). The gui­tar is the key tool, backed upby thundering drums, that! sink rusty nails into coffin ofI this wall of sound that is tooi huge to be ignored. Don'tf bother picking this puppy up: if you don't have the systemI to tum it up & capture thetrue experience of Oxbowthat it guarantees to deliverI·with enough volume. ThisI shit's for real!i -Billy FishI1r RL Burnsidei Sound Machine GrooveI HMGI Time now for somemotherfuckin' blues in thepages of SLUG. A lot of bluesI .i lovers were disgusted by RL's\ "A Ass Pocket A Whiskeyi That is as it should be. JonnyI Lang is the blues for the fools.I Burnside didn't start playingthe blues when Jon SpencerItook him on tour. This partie-SLUG 26ular recording was made in1979. Burnside was playingfucked-up blues all the wayback then. His band was theSound Machine and aBurnside appearance at thetime was a combination ofplugged-in and unplugged.Burnside made three tours ofEurope as a country bluesmanbefore most Americanshad ever heard of him. Thefirst Burnside recordings dateback to 1967. ArhoolieRecords issued one-half an LPthat year. All of this has goneway beyond those educatedin Utah public schools andthat is as it should be. Utah isvery similar to Mississippi. InMississippi the untutored arewhite and black. In Utah theuntutored are just plainwhite. I've spoken with someMississippi residents and I'vediscovered a certain affinitywith their manner of speak­ing. I am of the firm belief. that the only person able toimmediately understand therural Mississippi dialect is apublic schooled Utahn.Sound MachineGroove is a combination oftrance blues and simpleplugged-in Mississippi blues.It's the motherfuckin' blues. Ifthe reader doesn't understandwhat motherfuckin' bluesmeans then head on down toSalt City CDs where I foundthe disc . Ask the employeesto set y'all down wit a copyand educate yerself. "Yeahand I begged fer lick 'er?What the fuck? That myfriends is from one ofBurnside's "country" tunes.-BukkaMad CaddiesQuality Soft CoreHonest Den's Hardly UsedRecordingsSka fans will usuallyagree that the differencebetween a band's live show &their album is that they cansound fairly different. Mostska shows I've attended arefull-on energy blasters, withthe hom sections loud &heavy, & the group pushingan insatiable dance groove. Idon't dance much(at all), buthave been known to dig arock steady band that canplay it smooth & rough at thedrop of a hat. Mad Caddiesarea cool band to catch(1caught their act last time Iwas in Caly), but their latestvinyl endeavor falls short oftheir live performance &energy. I recognized many ofthe same songs on the albumas tunes they performed liveat the all ages show, but noneof them moved me 'to diggingthem further than one spln onthe turntable. It's a damnshame when a young & 'talentedband can't get the productionthey deserve in thestudio to live up to their truetalent & sound. In the end,save your money & catch thelive show!-Billy FishMonacoMusic For PleasurePolydorNo problem here. TheEvil Slug Boss told me tokeep it short. Instead of hanginghirriself Ian Curtis shouldhave taken a shotgun andblown the heads off PeterHook, Bernard Sumner andStephen Morris. Peter Hook isthe only one present inMonaco. Sumner's off withElectronica and who knowsor cares what happened toMorris. "What Do You WantFrom Me" opens the CD andI believe that if I were forcedto listen to any more of MusicFor Pleasure than that tired,synth pop derivative of asong I would experiencesupreme displeasure. I wouldstake out.a CD store andbecome a synth pop fan massmurderer. I've donated mycopy of Monaco to the"Exterminate An AgingEnglish Synth Pop Musician"charity. Reportedly the charityhas a John Travolta look-alikeassassin/stalker onretalner. If sufficient funds areraised...-Mark "Almon" JoyLutefiskBum in Hell Fuckers!Bong Load Custom RecordsI was lucky enoughto catch this cats open up forthe Breeders awhile back, &was blown away by their act,so finding their latest disc inmy box was a cool treat to follow up an amazing live performance.Imagine, if youwould, the vocals ofTHURSTON MOORE withthe jamming style of oldFLAMING LIPS, especially inthe trapkit section, & bustingyour nuts with every damnsong! A lot of psychedelicshad to have been consumedin the studio with this recording,'cause the shit is flyingeverywhere & coming downlike a rock to the'huge, baby! If the BEATLESstarted something in the studiowith RUBBER SOUL, thethe guitar sounds .ofLutefisk have finished the jobfloating in like a butterfly toland like a shot-down pterodactylin a fucked upGodzilla-m ovie. This albumis sheer genius with thepower of the studio, for distortlngthe live sound withtape delays & samples of, recorded & assorted shit, mixing up a stew of audio painthatkicks it right in the ass themore it's listened to. I'veheard this morsel at leasttwelve times in the last


month, & it still sounds newto ~y senses.Try a new shot of druggietunes & take a trip worth see­, ing again & again & again...I -Billy FishIHuman Waste ProjectIElectraluxIHollywood;: ' From the Disneyhome of the crazed bastards'going by the Insane ClownPossetitle comes Human,,Waste Project. The band was a'late,add tothe Zephyr club's"july calendar and as usual Ihope some of you idiots were'present. I'm writing thisbefore the show actually happenedand attempting toimagine how Human WasteProduct will go over with BigAss Truck. Eclectic bills are:always my favorites. Stir up,that Zephyr club audience.The CD is an advance totallyJacking any information onthe band. The vocalist isfe'male and she is very angrywith a little girl voice. Theband backing her is hardrocking with some tiny little:electronic effects (also presenton-some vocals) added..Electralux actually comes off'as,somewhat reminiscent ofSI.UG 28Drill. Maybe that same idiotwill be at the Zephyr toscream "show us your tits,"over and over again. Maybesomeone in the Zephyr willtake him outside and beat hishead in the gutter. "Youpoured it into me until Idrowned." What kind of lyricis that? The words appear in"Drugstore." The fourth song,"'Exit Wound," has a BlackSabbath with a female singeropening, the funksters are allhead banging at the Zephyrand whispering vulgar commentsto the singer as shebegs her penetrator not to go.How is Salt Lake City treatingyou so far Human WasteProject? Does it appear thatnumerous sexually repressedmales are in the bars? Is thisthe wrong city to sing, "holdme down, I think I'm ready"?What does one call moderncock rock coming from femininelips? Clit rock perhaps?Why hasn't K-Beerpicked up on Human WasteProject? Uncle Nasty wouldwet himself with these songs.. Oh, for a lyric sheet. "1 wakeand shudder to see I'm bleedingagain, again, again. Ferheck's sakes. I'm convinced,,I'm going to see the band. Imight report on the experiencenext month.-Grandma NastyJack DragUnisex HeadwaveHep-CatJust when I wasabout to go out of my bloodyhead over tired sounds fromnew bands, along came thislittle gem that made it allworth it, by golly!This album screams, "Fuck ,the mainstream!" as it divesinto uncharted waters withthe influence of old soundsthat fade in & out. Taking thewild sounds of a spectrumthat has the range fromTEEN-AGE FANCLUB toDINOSAUR JR., this album isa kicking rollercoaster thatgoes off all over the place!The lyrics & vocals are thefirst thing to tickle your fancy,rolling over your eardrumslike butter on a corncob, sodamn sweet! Slipping upbehind, like a dirty dog looking'to do some humping, theguitar slides in, crankingsome chords & crunch thatwould make the MC5 proud.Backed up by a drummer thatwould make KEITH MOONstand up from the grave torave, this band can kick it outlike nobody else I've heardsince the whole damn 60-70'srevival started up in this tiredretro-decade, The 90's willprobably end up beingknown as the decade of theinfluencedipunk, ska,disco ...ugh!), but at least someof the kids pushing the musicwill make anattempt to recreate oldsounds will new style, likethis tough trio. I dig this disc,& I'm sure most with a needfor the new will too!-Billy FishGreg GaringAlonePaladin/RevolutionAlone was released acouple of months ago. Ibelieve the gentleman worksout of Nashville. He supposedlyworked the streets andpaved the way for BR5-49.Don't stop reading, this isn'tanother report from NoDepression land. Garing is allfucked up. He's playingcountry music, sort of.Garing's country music issimilar to Guitar Wolf or ZenGuerrilla playing the blues.He has a plaintive nature similarto that of Gillian Welch,but this boy isn't some throwbackto Appalachia. He'sHank Williams, Roy Orbisonand Chris Issaks together inone head after about 20 hitsof acid chased with two dimebags of heroin and a fifth ofgin. If Emmylou Harrismoved country music into thetechno age with WreckingBall then Garing is the newtrip hop / trance countrymusic superstar. "Alone" isall funky groove withsquawking fiddle . "Dream ToReal" is as bleak as GillianWelch writing songs with 16Horsepower. Garing playsflute, mandolin, banjo, fiddle,guitar and acoustic piano onthe CD. Peter Rowan (Whatin the hell?) is playing mandolinand singing harmonyon "Where The BluegrassGrows." "Walk Away FromMe" is as trippy as anythingever recorded by Portishead."How The Road Unwinds"has more tributes to surf,garage, and classic rock 'n'roll road music per minutethan the casual listener cancomprehend. "Where TheBluegrass Grows" woulddrive a bluegrass purist completelycrazy and I'm beginningto understand why PeterRowan added his voice toKate MacLeod's ConstantEmotion work of melancholy.To date Alone sits in a recordshop bin unnoticed.Revolution is off promotingthe Cunninghams while thetreasure of their entire rosterhas escaped attention. Watchfor the CD to appear oncountless year ending best oflists and hope that some radioguy picks "How The RoadUnwinds" for airplay.-Ifu C KayoffAshtrayheadInvisibleInvisible Records hasAmy the publicist. Amy is themost energetic girl, she isI

"A SENSUAL FEAST"- THE FILM JOURNAL."AN EXQUISITE, EXTREMELYSEXY FILM" - VOGUE"TWO THUMBS WAY UP!SEDUCTIVE. ELEGANT. ABEAUTIFUL, HYPNOTIC FILM"- SISKEL & EBERT"SPELLBINDING. RAPTUROUS­LY PERVERSE. RICHLY SEN­SUAL, FILLED WITH AUDA­CIOUSLY BEAUTIFULIMAGERY."- NY TIMESCURT WARRENJOHN PRAll'CASEY FIFEwe've taken a step up1301 SOVTH 900 EAST4 3.70 0www.digitalpla.netr--k0 iThe association of writing and eroticism. Burning books. A spectacularlygruesome death and a desecrated corpse. It's a Peter Greenaway pictureall right· as stunning and inscrutable as ever. Place The Cook, the Thief,His Wife and Her Lover in an Asian setting, replace the books With calligraphy,and you've got The Pillow Book. Nagiko (Vivian Wu)·seeks to recreatewith her lovers a childhood ritual in which her father, a writer, would paint apoem on her face, and her mother would read to her from a Japanese eroticclassic called The Pillow Book, which recounts objects of sensuality. Shebegins by seeking lovers who are calligrapher-s and evolvesinto writing herown Pillow Book on the bodies of men, inclUding Jerome (Trainspotting'sEwan McGregor), with whom she falls in love, . Iconoclastic director PeterGreenaway (Prospero's Books , The Draugl1.t!>man's Contract, The Cook,The Thief, His Wife and Her Lover) has createdanother stunningly beautifulfilm that stretches new bounds . 1996, 35r:rim 126 minutes .. unrated butprobable R for sexuality and violence, in Eng Us~ :.Japanese , Mandarin, andCantonese with English subtitles. ..,. .v", . . .STARTS AUQUST 8TH•29 SLUG

obviously a caffeine addict ofsome sort and she is in closecompetition with AlternativeTentacles' Jennifer Fisher formy most favorite independentlabel publicist. Ms Fisherkeeps me in line, Amy makesme laugh. Ashtrayhead is asexual deviate with an arrayof electronic equipment. Hismusic fits in the industrialniche market the "mom andpop" CD shops cater to. Hismusic is quite entertaining,but his lyrics are more so.Here is an excerpt from"Home Movies." I do family, Ido Mummy Daddy, 99s fromMr Softee/It's a privatehobby, I do Mr Whippy onthe side/I do polaroids, I dopossible home movies/I dowhat goes on behind yourcurtains/Private situations inthe kitchen, in the bedroom."His CD contains songs withthe following titles; "GoodDoggy," "My PrivatePornostar," "Playmate,""Phone Call" and more. Hehas included remixes titled"Handyman-extended" and"Good Dubby," I'd say youcould dance to them allexcept...I don't believe that isAshtrayhead's mission. Takethe camcorder and a significantother. With the -remote inone hand and your..."equipment"in the other have the"significant" place the CD inthe "unit" and press play.-Nurse RuthFilm StarSuper Cottonmouth RecordsSouthern Californiareally is good for few things,especially new music, but canstill pump out a band or two& surprise me. Film Star, outof Santa Monica, is a strangecrossbreed of PAVEMENT &DINOSAUR JR., putting psychedelicguitar leads at theforefront, with a cool & sassyband that includes the cheesiestorgan out on the circuit,barring Paul Shaeffer's on theLetterman Show. There aresome bands you can just feelin their music that they loveto play live, & these fellas area prime example of a groupthat sounds like a jamming isa daily occurrence for them.The drummer is a blaze ofrhythm, smacking the headsso damn hard, I'd be surprisedif he wasn't punchingholes in his kit. I'm sure thereason for his amazing sticksis just to keep up with theblistering guitar work thatgoes off like an AK-47 at aredneck roundup, then slow& easy like a snake in thegrass. Hopefully with a littleluck & a whole lot of touringthis kids will get more exposure.&a bigger audience todig their groovy sounds thatare aching to be heard.-Billy FishAuntie ChristLife Could Be A DreamLookoutListen to the CDtwice without programmingor arising from the coach. Thesecret eleventh track containsthe entire album. AuntieChrist is Exene Cervenkova'snew entry as a punk rockentity. Girlfriend is back rulingthe cock rock alternativenation. Spit on the fuckersExene. Tell them what it waslike back in the day. "TheNothing Generation" is Exeneranting and raving about thefashionable state of the musicindustry and the "fans." Ibelieve she thinks they are allsheep. I was listening to LifeCould Be A Dream in thepresence of a brainwashedMTV sheep and the individualdidn't think much ofCervenkova's new album,actually neither did the EvilSLUG boss. Imagine that!Here are a few lyrics ."They're not into JohnnyThunders cause he's not onMTV,Stupid fucking kids,Wake up stupid fuckingsheep you're asleep & you'llfollow models & you'll followghosts & you'll swallow anythingthey shove down yourthroats." If anything LifeCould Be A Dream soundslike X from the Los Angelesdays with more edge andmore bounce. The first sixsongs are designed for an oldfashionedslam dance whichdoes not mean a circle ormosh pit. Auntie Christ hasthe format down perfectlyand the two-minute tunescause heart palpitations and astrong desire to jump around.The lyrics are political innature - crack, wild mustangs,strip mines, the futureis a war - there's two or threecynical love songs and.. .wellCervenkova covers all relevanttopics. "Not You," "ARat In The Tunnel Of Love,""The Future Is A War," and"With A Bullet" rent asunderall those ska-punk songs theradio has suddenly discovered.If I hear "Sold Out" onemore time .. .-ErnieGeezerBlack ScienceTVTI guess the Ozzfesttour is still visiting other portionsof the continent. Thegentleman responsible for thedisc of interest is on the roadwith his old mates. GeezerButler is back with the secondGeezer albumand the bandwill reportedly begin touringthis month. The newspaperreported recently that therid iculous radio station helpingto promote MichaelBritton has moved into amore ridiculous format.Geezer need not worrybecause the station neverplayed real metal anyway, butBritton's career is certainlyfinished for the third orfourth time. Black Science isan honest to goodness headbanger of a disc. Bass heavyis the description, go figurewith Butler heading the band.Clark Brown is the new"singer" with leather andmelody in his throat. Sciencefiction is a theme and portionsare tiring, "Mysterons"discusses "men in black," anda song titled "Area Code 51"?Geezer, for shame, but advertisingin comic books is partof the marketing plan. In thesue happy climate of theUnited States Geezer isexpected to fight off thousandsof parents suing torecovrr damages. Teenageboys will develop chronicneck pain after head-bangingcontinuously for about 49minutes.-Louie ChristyBlind PigsSao Paulo ChaosGrita!I don't have any ideawho reads this rag anymore.I've heard that Helen WolfSLUG 30

SELL YOUR MUSICwith custom postcards!Napoleon Blown Apartnew fromWONDEJIBOY"... the group's pinn acle thu s far ... itall sounds good ... " -Ye//()7J) Pills"... high-energy pop ...a gem of adisc..."-Goldmim" a damn good tim e" -GlassEye" a great lyrical sense of hum or. .."-The MusicPaperSpecial deal for Slug readers:Buy any Racer CD, get one free!Promote Record Releases &New Bands. Great for Record ing &Sound Studios. Perfect For Trade Shows &Promotions. FeatureMusical Accessories &Instruments. CD &Cassette Covers AlsoAvailable • Call Now For Information &Free Sample Kit!Modern Postcard1-800-959-8365(You must order direct from Racer and menti on this ad.)Visit Racer online or call 1-800-5-RACER-5for the latest from all our fine artists:Big UmbrellaCactus MotelGardenPuny X ~euburg &Men.Dennis PhelpsPotato EatersSplatter TrioWonderboyracer records ... because we loue the music.3' SLUG

doesn't read it. Ms. Wolf onlyreads grid these days. I readall the "street" rags. If thereare readers who enjoy punkrock then Grita! is a label ofmajor interest. The label islocated in New York City.Most of the music theyrelease comes from SouthAmerica. It's all punk rockand every Grita! CD I've everlistened to has been excellent.'.~~ The Blind Pigs aren't any different."Lost Youth " has the- sing-a-long chorus everypunk rocker loves. It's simple,~," 1-2-3-4, get ready, now ­"Fuck you." "In Love With A:;.:, Junkie" is as good as any­_.. thing the Queers have everdone. The Blind Pigs play" ' ~ pop punk with the pop por­.; tion mostly sugar-free. The~ band is as foul mouthed asanyone could ever desire.t'· They do the punk rock in~..'.Brazil and I believe the singerteaches English in publicschool as a day job. Shades of. '" the Duckie Boys. Interestinglyenough the Blind Pigs havewritten a song dedicated toJohnny Rotten and his SexPistols reunion tour. Mr..;.. Rotten will be in Salt LakeCity during the month ofAugust. Please check,the"Lame-assed Slug ConcertPreview Page" for more infor- '.mation. Fucking punk rock­.ers, listen to this Rotten, yousod, look what you started inf ~ ' South America. All you little! ' boyfriends who believe you! are hip to the greatest punki rock of the present: If youI don't own at least one Grita!! CD you are a poseur.! -Mr. Orange• IL SLUG 3.2Eric's TripLong Days Ride 'TillTomorrowSub PopThe se poor sapsbroke up last year on tour,calling it quits for whateverreasons, & few really criedover their' departure. This CDis a collection of varioustunes, both live & studio,thrown together to let SubPop pick the carcass of thenow defunct group for anyleftover scraps of income. Isaw these.people play a fewtimes in the Northwestawhile back, & I don't reallyremember anything too outstandingto remark on . Thetrouble with the kiddies fromPortland to Seattle is therepeat sound of whining &semi-angst that just seems tobe more over the shittyweather than anything heartfelt.How many times can youreally cry over a spilt Rainier?I'm not trying to diss on legitimatebands of emo-core likeSOME VELVETSIDEWALK&BUILT TO SPILL, which playthe same circuit, but Eric'sTrip just didn't do it for me,& this disc is a gentlereminder of that fact. Ifyou're going to boo-hoo oversomething, make it love ordrugs, but not losing your carkeys oryour friends finishing the lastbeer in the frig. Let WEEN orHALF JAPANESE do that &shed some comedy on thetopic in the process.Besides, that way you canlaugh with the band, not atthem!-Billy FishCoolboneBrass-HopHoll ywoodA New Orleans brassband is nothing new. A NewOrl ean s h f'1~

NowonRASPBERRY4844 Highland Dr.Salt Lake City801-278-4629saleat" . STARBOUND2985 w. 3500 South .We st Valley801-967-9797TOM TOM5 - Locations834 East 9400 SouthSandy801-572-1919302 South 500 WestBounti ful801-299-95 182058 Harrison Blvd.Ogden80Hl22-Q600809 South Bluff SI.SI. George801-674-2702927 South Main St.Cedar City801-865-12007S~~7S~~~7S~Grotefol J)eod 12e J)QeIl)cel)se & Boroers,Qhirts & wpestriesLi~ij LilT)ps BlijCk ~ ... rtlites & -&sters Beijded ~j~ & t!(Qrtoil)s·JewelrQ • ([gars ,Imported & ~atorol ([garettes • 'Vaditiol)al &IXotic lobocco Gear & %cessories • ~I)dles• 1\lear· J)etoxifQ & Vale's • Zippos, .Get a BUCR: 0 NINE T-ghirt Withpurchase of "28,Teeth" CDOn gale $8.99at TOM TOM MUgIC



I~ ,anything about thaton "Mr. Science" .Written •Grab your photon10lasers, your 3Dglasses, a can ofPIB, a yo-yo, andB1ood. three twinkies, thentravel with Hanzel[And Gretyl toa[place far, far away.I!GODFLESHLove And Hate InDubEaracheAfter beingaccused of recordingan album(SONGS OF LOVEAND HATE) thatsounded "human",Godflesh wi!(show on their latestrelease that the "human" soundwill be short-lived . J.ustinBroadrick (vocals/guitar) hastaken SONGS OF LOVE AND "HATE and remixed it into LOVEAND HATE IN DUB. Broadrick'sobjective for the new release was tomake it, "...more mechanized andalien sounding": The band'sobsession with incorporating hiphopinto their music is a majortheme of thisalbum. The resultbeing an industrial, danceable (ifyou must), romp into the extreme." ~~. .. ..HANZEL AND GRElYLTransmissions From UranusEnergyHanzel And Gretyl's, TRANS­MISSION FROM URANUS is abizarre, spacey look into the universeand beyond. The electronicand much manipulated sounds ofHanzel And Gretyl are ultra rhythmicand heavy in that "dancebeat"sort of way. Lyrically, thesongs read like the members of theband are all a bunch of NASAdrop-outs. "Contact globulus.Orbit incubus. Phaze out of phaze.Intergalactik". Uh, I didn't seeSLUG 36 ,Francisco's, Tracadero, and itsounds like these guys wouldn'twant to be doing anything else. Imust say this is one of the best livemetal recordings I've ever heard.The dual guitar attack of Holt andHunolt is just as razor sharp asever. These guys take to their guitarslike synchronized swimmersto water. Though no studio releasehas been planned, the band ispreparing for a tour of U.s. andEurope. From what I can gather, astudio album will be up in the airuntil it's recorded...or, not. It maynot be the real thing, but ANOTH­ER LESSON IN VIOLENCE isprobably the clos­Watch It BumVictoryWATCH IT BURN. With musiclike this, I could watch it burn allnight. Cast Iron Hike, one of thelatest additio.ns to the Victory rosterof talent, will be pleasing theears of fans on both sides of thehardcore/metal fence. Big fat guitars,"in 'yo damn face" groovingrhythms, and cleverly varied songstructures will have everyonepraising the gods of heavy. Thesongs were written about oppressingfactors the boys have run intoin their lives. WATCH IT BURNseems to be Cast Iron Hike's wayof breaking outest Salt Lake is , and saying noth- ,going to get to aning will stand inExodus show, sotheir way.enjoy.AMORPHISDECEASEDMy KanteleFearless UndeadRelapseMachinesYour favoriteEMBALMERFinnish, metal,There Was Bloodfolk band andEverywhere , .mine have record­Relapseed MYKANTELEZombies! AAAAGGHHH! The as a finishing touch (...finishingband Deceased pays homage to touch...they 're Finnish... spooky')George Romero's movies "Night to their last album, ELEGY. The EPOf The Living Dead", "Dawn Of contains an acoustic version ofThe Dead", and "Day Of The "My Kantele", which originallyDead" on their latest release, appeared on ELEGY. AmorphisFEARLESSUNDEADhave once again tapped into theirMACHINES. In ways Deceased is heritage, traditions, and philosophicalbeliefs for inspiration to writelike the zombies they sing about,they just won't die. This band has , two new tunes for the EP.been around for twelve years, subsistingon gigs they get up and TELE include covers of the songsAdditional highlights of MYKANdownthe east coast. In listening to "Levitation" by Hawkwind andFEARLESSUNDEAD"And I Hear You Call" byMACHINES, I get the impression Kingston Wall.these guys are really serious aboutthis stuff. Playing metal keepsthese guys going, so more powerto them. Trust me on this - Whenyou get done listening to FEAR­LESS UNDEAD MACHINES, youWILL feel like your brains havebeen sucked clean from your skull.Another nugget from Relapse isEmbalmer's, THERE WAS BLOODEVERYWHERE. This relativelylow-tech piece of macabre is actuallytheir '967" Ep,THERE WASBLOOD EVERYWHERE and their'93 demo, ROTTING REMAINSremastered onto disc. This rawpiece of meat will have you thankingyour lucky stars that the guysin Embalmer have music as an outlet.CAST IRON HIKE

'I, II!i,f..., LAk. City, Utah ""011 • (8lI1} 411&a1144219 W.Wv C J3 5 00 · S. # 5UT8412037 SI.UG

The Walers - Holy CowWednesday, August 6Yuri's World - ABC'sKlubEklektika - Ashbury PubDecomposers - Burt's TikiCartel - Dead GoatBarenaked Ladies - DV8Nebulus with Fade - lchabobsThe Smacks - O-Town TavernZina.Hamrnell on Trial - SpankysJohn Mayall - ZephyrThursday, August 7House of Cards - Burt's Tiki. Euphio Project - Dead GoatSolid Gold - Holy CowWaistDeep - IchabobsJesse Dayton, Swamp Donkeys­SpankysJohn Mayall - Zephyr, Friday, August 8Jesse Daltons - ABC'sDonner Party - Ashbury PubSturgeon General - Burt's TikiBackwash - Dead Goat' Society's Child -Tchabob's Tavern- , , ~ F a t Paw- Liquid Joe's.Strong Intention, Godspine ; 0­;.' . , " town Tavern" . Summer Jack with Cokleo­SpankysGamma Rays - ZephyrSaturday, August 9" , NEBULA - Ashbury Pub" Pagan Love Gods - Burt's TikiChocolate Hippie - Dead Goat, Abstrak - Grizzly'sBootie Quake - Holy CowMurphy's Law,HiFi &TheRoadbumers - IchabobsFat Paw - Liquid Joe'sSummer Jack, Porno Carpet - 0­Town TavernThe Muffs, The Groovie Ghoulieswith Chixdiggit - SpankysSunday, August 10Acoustic Goat - Dead GoatRandy Baldwin & Trial by Fire ­ZephyrMonday, August 11J, Nelson Ramsey - Ashbury PubAndrew Jr. Boy Jones - DeadGoatFabulous Thunderbirds - ZephyrTuesda~Augustl2Mary Tebbs & Friends - AshburyCream Abdul Babbar, No Less,Agents of Satan - O-Town TavernThe Derailers - Zephyr .Wednesday, August 13Cannibal Buffet - ABC'sKlub Eklektika - Ashbury Pub 'Unlucky Boys- Burt's TikiDiKayl& the Retreads- Dead GoatJeremy Toback, Chaser, ArtificialJoy Club - Holy CowCactus Tea with Seeds & Stems ­Ichabobs, Abstrak - Liquid Joe'sRandy Baldwin & Trial by Fire­SpankysOld 97's - ZephyrThursday, August 14Chola - Ashbury PubMountain Hippie - Dead GoatSolid Gold - Holy CowPsychic Machine with ParisGreen - SpankysGirth CD Release Party - ZephyrFriday, August 15Ditch Bank Oldes - ABC'sBack Wash - Ashbury PubPagan Love Gods - ZephyrRo Sham Bo - Dead GoatFat Paw - Holy CowAbstrak - Ichabob's TavernTwelve Speed, Soil - 0-TownTwistedead Fable,Moc Orange ­SpankysCharlie Hunter Quartet - ZephyrSaturday, August 16NEBULA - Ashbury Pub'Voodoo Glow Skulls,Goldfinger,Shelter-BricksSmak Daddy - Burt's Tiki LoungeHostage - Dead GoatStout, Driver II ; O-Town TavernBootie Quake - SpankysThe [ackmorrnons - ZephyrSunday, August 17Acoustic Goat - Dead GoatRoadside Ruins - ZephyrMonday, August 18Full Spectrum - Ashbury PubJoe Houston - Dead GoatJug or Not - O-Town TavernBeth Orton - ZephyrTuesday, August 19ASA Acoustic- Ashbury PubJohnny Rotten, OJ Bam Bam ­Bricks9 Spine Stickleback, Rot IronSmile 0-TownOzornatli - SpankysKing Trance - ZephyrWednesday, August 20Klub Eklektika - Ashbury PubSwamp Donkeys - Burt's TikiTanya& the Townsmen - Dead GoatSeahorses with Manson - DV8Star Motel with Marmalade Hill ­Ichabob'sPompeii Sneak with Side Show -SpankysPapa Kega - ZephyrThursday, August 21Chill - Ashbury PubDale Lee, Phil Miller, Bob Smith ­Burt's TikiJive Cats - Dead GoatSolid Gold - Holy CowGo Cart - Ichabob's TavernJunk with Brother Sage - SpankysBlack Uhuru- ZephyrFriday, August 22The Surfniks- ABC'sAtomic Deluxe - Ashbury PubSun Masons - Dead GoatElbo Finn-.Holy CowMotherload with Society's Child- Ichabob'sBrooklyn Steamer, Higher Power- O-TownPlo~, Verbena, I Could Never Hope- SpankysBlack Uhuru - ZephyrSaturday, August 23NEBULA - Ashbury PubSturgeon Gerieral - Burt's TikiSun Masons - Dead GoatBootie Quake - Holy CowInsomnia - Ichabob's TavernStone Fly, Mean People- O-TownTavern ;,; .Headshake - Spankys .. Office Party, Highwater Pants, ­ZephyrSunday, August 24Acoustic Goat - Ashbury PubShowdown 76, Belvadere - C}­Town TavernPatio Banton - ZephyrMonday, August 25James Shook - Ashbu lyPubHarry Lee& BackAlley BluesBand ­Dead Goat31 Knots - O-Town TavernTuesda~August26Mary Tebbs & Friends -'AshburySugar Ray - Holy Cow 'Subincision, Cop Killer - 0-TownKing Chicago - ZephyrWednesday, August 27Klub Eklektika - Ashbury PubScrotum Poles - Burt's Tiki "Mudd Puddle - Dead GoatPiper Down - lchabob's TavernCopkillers, Eastwood - SpankysRed Hot Blues - ZephyrThursday, August 28House of Cards - Ashbury PubDiKayl & the Retreads - DeadGoatEastwood with Fade - lchabob'sDeadbolt - O-Town Tavern .ZZYZX - SpankysSun Masons, We the Living­ZephyrFriday, August 29Dead Bolt with Swamp Cooler ~ABC'sSun Masons - Ashbury PubPagan Love Gods - Burt's TikiCartel - Dead GoatSwamp Donkeys withPornoCarpets - Ichabob's TavernInneffed, Unsound Mind - O~Town Tavern50 Lashes.HigherPower - SpankysSaturday, August 30NEBULA - Ashbury PubSun Masons - Burt's Tiki LoungeIrie Heights - Dead Goat 'Bootie Quake - Holy Cow 'Beatiful Losers.Cactus Tea ­Ichabob's TavernOxbow,Swamp Donkey - SpankysSalsa Bravo - Zephyr 'Sunday, August 31Acoustic Goat - Dead GoatSend, Pax, orEmail yourcalendar to SLUG801.487.9221Pax 801.487.1359E-Maildicks ®Slugmag.oomSLUG 38


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