June/July 2013 - Anshe Emet Synagogue


June/July 2013 - Anshe Emet Synagogue

From RabbiMichael SiegelSenior RabbiThe Norman AsherRabbinic Chairmsiegel@AnsheEmet.orgAnshe Emet Bulletin • Vol. LXXXV, No. 10, June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 • www.AnsheEmet.orgOn a Friday night in May ourcongregation celebrated thegraduation ceremony of the Josephand Belle Braun Religious School.The graduates took part in ourShabbat Service and shared theirexperience this past year. Eachspoke movingly about what is thepinnacle of that graduation year: atrip to Israel with Ta’am Yisrael. Atthe end of the service each of theparents addressed their childrenin the most moving of ways,acknowledging the way that theirJewish education has impactedtheir lives. It was my honor to leadthe parents in the blessing over ofour children and the She’hechiyanu.As we recited the words togetherI thought of Rabbi Philip Langhand how very proud he would have been at that moment.Rabbi Langh served as the spiritual leader of the Anshe EmesSynagogue, as it was called then, from 1920 to 1929. Amongst hisother accomplishments he created our congregation’s religiousschool. The reason that Rabbi Langh came to mind is that I havehad the occasion to meet his daughter Judy and hear moreabout his Rabbinate as well as welcome his grandson Chip toour congregation. Together they have chosen to continue hiseducational legacy in our day.Born in Hungry in 1895, Langh came to this country andultimately attended the Jewish Theological Seminary. In thoseyears, Solomon Schechter led the Seminary and transformedit into one of the great centers of Jewish learning. But Dr.Schechter’s vision went well beyond the corridors of J.T.S.extending to congregations throughout the country throughan organization called the United Synagogue. Rabbi Langh wasa true pioneer in the field of synagogue development and wasthe first Mid-West Director of the United Synagogue. It was inRabbi Langh’s belief in the power of adult education promptedhim to author books on the subject and inspire other Rabbisaround the country to follow his lead. Without knowing it, hisphilosophy has influenced my own rabbinate.See Rabbi Siegel, page 6Annual Meeting Information ... see page 4Celebrations/Events................................................. 2Annual Meeting Information..................................... 4Worship................................................................ 5-6Adult Programming................................................... 7Youth/Family Programming..................................... 10Special June/July Double Issue!Rabbi Philip Langh: Celebrating an Educational LegacyInside your June/July Bulletinthis position that Rabbi Langh helped to organize a fledglingmovement, but it also gave him the opportunity to bring hispassion for Jewish education;, the arts and culture to the fore.He so impressed the community with his energy and innovativespirit that he was asked to serve as Rabbi of the small AnsheEmes congregation on Patterson Street. Here he was able toput into practice his belief that a synagogue needed to be muchmore than a place to hold services. Rabbi Langh understoodat a very early time the potential that the synagogue had to bean educational center for Jews of all ages in this exciting andchallenging place called America. The religious school was thefirst of many educational innovations that Rabbi Langh broughtto Anshe Emes.By 1929 the congregation had grown to 200 family units and adecision was made to purchase the synagogue that had housedTemple Sholom as they moved to their new quarters on LakeShore Drive. It was a challenging time for the congregation withthe stock market crash and a decision was made to bring RabbiSolomon Goldman to the congregation. Rabbi Langh, ever thepioneer, moved and settled on the West Coast eventually headingup the Herzl Congregation in Seattle. What he found there wasa small Jewish community that was struggling to be understoodby its Christian neighbors. Here too, Rabbi Langh relied on AdultEducation to strengthen the people that he served. Here is anewspaper clipping from 1934:Launching a series of seven lectures tracing 4,000 years of Jewishcontributions to civilization, Rabbi Philip A. Langh will begin hissecond experiment in adult education in Seattle Tuesday at HerzlSynagogue when he talks on “Rediscovering the Old Testament.”“I think the lectures presented will better fortify the Jew to meet theattacks of his maligners and, at the same time, will aid in fosteringgoodwill between Christian and Jew,” Rabbi Langh said.Learn.................................................................... 8-9June-July 2013 Pullout Calendar.........................11-14Community........................................................15, 18Sustaining Fund Donors......................................16-17Support.................................................................. 19

Celebrations/EventsAt the YADLag B’OmerBBQ on Sunday,April 28SAFRAI is comingto Anshe Emet!Young and Old Mastersof Israeli ArtShow & Sale from theSafrai Gallery in JerusalemWednesday, October 23- Sunday, October 27Among the featured artists is Itzchak Fleisheker, bornin Ukraine in 1957. Before emigrating to Israel in 1990,where he lives currently in Haifa, he specialized in monumentalartworks and large wall paintings.His work is characterized by the use of textural elementssuch as sand and plaster mixed with paint and appliedwith coarse brushes. Subjects range from still lifes tolandscapes, all rendered in the brilliant colors inspired bythe light in Israel.[ Mazel Tov to our B'nai Mitzvah [Jacqueline FertelJune 1, 2013Daughter ofCorey and RebeccaFertelAndrea BenatarJune 8, 2013Daughter ofSandra Abbo andDaniel BenatarJordan ShapiroJune 8, 2013Daughter ofScott and AllisonShapiroMichael S. Siegel, Senior RabbiThe Norman Asher Rabbinic ChairAlberto Mizrahi, HazzanThe Arnold H. Kaplan, M.D. Cantorial ChairAbe FriedmanRabbiMatthew FuttermanRabbi, Senior EducatorDavid RussoRabbiDebby LewisRitual DirectorHarold C. Hirshman, PresidentBarbara B. Haworth, Executive DirectorRaquel Johnson, Malkin Family Program DirectorAmy Karp, Membership DirectorMarla Krupman, Development DirectorSaralyn Peritz, Director of Finance and AdministrationEthan ShifrinJune 9, 2013Son of Bonnie andOrrin ShifrinEden EphraimJune 15, 2013Daughter ofEliot and BonnieEphraimJerry Mayeroff, Editor, Anshe Emet Bulletin3751 North Broadway, Chicago, IL 60613-4104Phone: 773-281-1423; www.AnsheEmet.org2June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

From OurPresidentHarold C. HirshmanJusticeWhen I was a kid I came across a phrasein the Torah which made very littlesense to me. It was: Justice, Justice thoushalt pursue. I immediately imaginedtwo guys named justice running downthe street with the cops after them.Somehow I did not think this was whatthe Torah had in mind. I ask someonelearned in Hebrew why there weretwo justices and he said as a matter ofHebrew grammar the second Justicewas simply there as an emphatic andthe King James version of the Bibletranslates the Hebrew Tzedek Tzedektirdof as: You shall surely pursue justice.But I remained unsatisfied.I was trying a case in Little Rock and Iheard the judge tell the jury, as they always do, there are two sides tothe story, keep an open mind until you have heard all the evidence.It occurred to me that maybe this is what the phrase was intendedto mean. I told the jury, “the Bible says Justice Justice though shaltpursue.” But don’t we all know what Justice is. We just hear a set offacts and we can easily determine who is right and who is wrong.Our gut or some other internal organ gives us an instant answer.But I told the jury I think it’s not that easy. It’s too easy to close ourears and our minds and cling to the first version of a set of facts thatwe hear. If we did that we wouldn’t be pursuing justice, we wouldbe ignoring the warning that justice is not so simple to obtain, thatit has a degree of elusiveness and that we should be careful of ourown preconceptions if we are trying to do justice. Telling this to ajury is one thing: they are being asked to come to a verdict in a courtof law – an obvious context to think about justice. And for me asan advocate my job is made a bit easier because I have a role. I ama paid story teller for one side. I cannot make up things but I canpresent them in the best light for my side. I have to be careful to putthe advocates role to the side in my every day life.I have come to believe that this pursuit of justice is central to beinga Jew, and is a sign post to guide us as we walk along, though life,every day. In my mind the pursuit of justice principle is inextricablybound up with two other maxims, one from Hillel and one fromSocrates. Hillel’s maxim is his famous answer that Judaism is simplytreating your neighbor as yourself; Socrates - the command hereceived from the Delphic oracle to know himself. It is easy to repeatthese two pithy phrases but when examined closely they are closerto riddles than to answers. From what vantage point can you knowyourself? The same mind that is doing the knowing is the only onewe have. And what exactly does it mean to treat someone likeyourself? So these principles are helpers or guideposts but wherethey point requires an application, for me, of the fundamentalinjunction to pursue justice.With our children and our life partners, we must do them justiceas well. What does that mean? I suppose it means that saying,“its my way or the highway,” is not an appropriate response whenyour child makes a proposal you consider to be beyond the pale. Itcertainly means hearing out your family members and holding backthe initial impulse, be it anger or impatience, to make sure that youare not simply a prisoner of your gut reaction. As I look at life, I amleft with the problem of what the just act, what the just response isand what happens when my conception of Justice is at odds withsomeone else’s. You may wonder by now, “why is he writing this inthe Bulletin?” The answer is simple. I am starting on my fourth andlast year as President. It’s remarkable how many issues arise whichrequire an exercise of restraint and an attempt to pursue a just result.All I can say to you is that I have tried as your president to followthe principle of Tzedek Tzedek tirdof. I am deeply appreciative of theopportunity to work to do justice for our community which you haveafforded me. Thank you.From OurExecutiveDirectorBarbara B. Haworthbhaworth@AnsheEmet.orgWinding down the fiscal year…with your help!As our fiscal year draws to a close, I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to all of you for all you havedone for the synagogue this year. It is truly a privilege to watch so many of you engage in worship, study,chesed, and just “being part of the community”. Anshe Emet is a wonderfully complex institution full of manymoving parts to keep it going.This is the time of the year when we are winding down the synagogue fiscal year and simultaneously making plansfor the next year. It is also the time of year when it is imperative that we finish collecting all dues and fees owed byour members for the last fiscal year so that we can, literally, pay our bills through our year end on June 30.This year the High Holy Days coincide with Labor Day which means our work regarding membership renewalsand ticketing has to be done early. By the time you read this, your bill for the last fiscal year should be paidin full so that we can embark on your membership renewal in the most expedient fashion. Outstanding billswill delay the High Holy Day ticketing process for you and will cause the staff to spend additional time in analready challenging process.Your membership renewal packet should have been received by now and we anticipate beginning the ticketingprocess this month. Since we cannot send tickets out to anyone who has an outstanding balance, won’t youhelp us by paying your outstanding bills now? You can call Ade Ogbara at 773-868-5124 and arrange paymentover the phone with your credit card. If you need to discuss financial assistance, please call Amy Karp 773-868-5139. We really do need your help to get your financial arrangements for this year completed as soon as possible.It has been a joy to be here this year as your Executive Director and I want to thank you for making me part of the community. As always, I amavailable to you to discuss this or any aspect of your membership at Anshe Emet Synagogue.Barbara B. HaworthJune-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 3

The 140 th AnnualMeeting of theAnshe Emet SynagogueThursday, June 13, 2013, 7:00 p.m.Annual Meeting Chairs: Lois Hauselman and Susan WeiningerNominating Committee Chair: Gary Wigoda• Election and Installation of Board Members and Officers• Presentation of Milton Brown Distinguished Service Award to Jordana Kafka and Seymour Turner• Hear about present and future synagogue programs• Light refreshments will be servedMeet this year’srecipients of theMilton BrownDistinguishedService AwardJordana KafkaReport of the Nominating CommitteeThe following nominations for Trustees and Officers were presented by the Nominating Committee and approved by theBoard of Trustees. These nominations will be presented to the congregation as stated in the By-laws for their election toserve for a one-year or two-year term.OfficersFor a one-year term, expiring 2014President:.................................................................................................................... Harold HirshmanFor a two-year term, expiring 2015Vice President:........................................................................................................... Matthew SeidnerOfficers remaining in Office until their terms expire in 2014:Executive Vice President:..............................................................................................Penny TurnerVice President:.................................................................................................................Evan KleebergVice President:...........................................................................................................Jeffrey McCollumVice President:............................................................................................................ Susan SchonfeldVice President:............................................................................................................Susan WeiningerTreasurer...................................................................................................................................Steven SilkSecretary..............................................................................................................................Lynne SchatzTrusteesFor a two-year term, expiring 2015Bruce Adams Irene Caminer Jordana KafkaEthan Kahn Fraeda Porton Carole SchecterGary WigodaSeymour TurnerTrustees remaining in office until their terms expire in 2014Fern Baker Howard Cohen Art FriedsonLowell Kraff Alan Mesh Jon NortonOfficers and Trustees retiring from the Boardwith our sincerest gratitudeJosh BraunSamantha DeKoven4June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

WorshipRabbi Abe’s Summer Reading ListFrom RabbiAbe Friedmanafriedman@AnsheEmet.orgIn the past year, I read three grippingbut very different books that considerthe place – in history and in the present– of Hasidic Judaism. One novel, onebiography, and one that nearly defiesclassification at all, these books offerfascinating glimpses into a world thatcan seem foreign and familiar all atonce.I am Forbidden, by AnoukMarkovits, (Hogarth, 2012)Markovits’ first English-language novelopens just a few years before theShoah burns across Europe, and followsthe fortunes and misfortunes of twowomen – sisters by fate, if not by birth– as they move with the Satmar community from Romania to Parisand ultimately New York. Buffeted by the storms of the twentiethcentury as well as by their own inner stirrings, Atara and Milawrestle with the question of whether history must become destiny.Markovits’ writing conveys a sense of beauty mixed with pain as herheroines wind their way toward the novel’s shocking conclusion.The Rebbe: The Life and Afterlife of MenachemMendel Schneerson, by Samuel Heilman andMenahem Friedman, (Princeton Univ. Press, 2010)In this biography, Heilman and Friedman, two of the leadingsociologists studying Orthodox Judaism today, set their sights on afigure who is at once ubiquitous and enigmatic: Menachem MendelSchneerson, the seventh and final Rebbe of Lubavitch. While hisimage and name are instantly recognizable the world over, thanksto the efforts of his Chabad “shluchim” (messengers), much of theRebbe’s background remained cloaked in shadow. In this landmarkwork, Heilman and Friedman painstakingly trace the story of a manwho began his life in Russia before the Soviet Revolution, workedwest across Europe mere steps ahead of the Nazis, and against all oddsbuilt an empire in America that exceeded even the wildest dreamsof his predecessors. There can be no question that the LubavitcherRebbe forever changed the face of Judaism in America – and perhapsthe world – and The Rebbe gives a striking portrayal of who this manwas in life and how his image lives on past his death.Nine Gates to the Hasidic Mysteries, by Jiri Langer,(Jason Aronson, 1993)What would possess an otherwise urbane, middle-class Jewishteenager to flee Prague in search of enlightenment at the court of theRebbe of Belz? And when he returns, years later, how does he squarethe mystical, timeless rhythms of Belz with the bustle of interwarPrague? The closest we may ever come to an answer lies in Langer’sNine Gates, a book that is not quite academic scholarship, not quitesacred legend, but instead carves its own unique place somewhere inbetween. Reading Nine Gates is almost like reading sacred text, a workthat carries us to a realm that bridges this world and the one that liesbeyond. “All you, then, who wish to live, enter this gate with me, forthere you shall read all this…”Crossing the River, by Dr. Shalom Eilati, (Universityof Alabama Press, 2009)On a personal note, I just received news that my cousin ShalomEilati’s stirring memoir, Crossing the River, is about to be released inpaperback. A bestseller in Israel in the 1990s (the present edition wastranslated from the Hebrew by Vern Lenz), Eilati’s story of his escapefrom the Kovno Ghetto, hiding with non-Jews in the Lithuaniancountryside, and eventual emigration to mid-1940s Palestine ismixed with his late-in-life reflections on the life that he rebuilt as thefledgling State of Israel was building itself.Anshe Emet Live!A community-wide musical serviceLast Anshe Emet Liveof the season!Friday, June 21, 7:30 p.m.Oneg Shabbat to followCome join your friends and make new ones as we celebrate Shabbat in an interactivecommunity service. This event is open to the entire Jewish community.For more information, please contactRaquel Johnson at 773-868-5119 or e-mail rjohnson@AnsheEmet.org.Funded bySustaining FundContributionsJune-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 5

WorshipTorah Reading Honor RollWe would like to thank the following congregants who havehonored us by chanting Torah for our community during the monthof April (this does not include our Bar/Bat Mitzvah students).Rachel Berkowitz, Jacob Cytryn, Jared Green, Barbara Gressel, ZackHarris, Sarah Hirsen, Beth Horwitz, Dan Karp, Larisa Kenen, JeremyMann, Naomi Margolis, Gary Porton, Michael Rachlis, Tamar Rubin,Lynne Schatz, David Schwartz, Steve Silk, Jonathan Simon, AdamSimon, Scooter Simon, Yedida Soloff, Rabbi Daniel Vaisrub, AliciaVinocur, Simone Wallk, and Gary Wigoda.Shachar/Machar/Kadima readers include: David Alperin, DalyaElnecave, Yael Handelman, Ari Handelman, Josh Lazar, Carl Lyons,Avi Nathan, Lizzie Norton, and Gabe Silk.Thanks to These People for Honoring TheirMinyan CommitmentThe morning minyan meets Monday through Friday at 7:00 a.m.;Sundays and national holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years,Memorial Day, etc.), at 8:30 a.m. We need your participation to ensurethe vitality of this project. We thank these people for honoring theircommitment to our morning minyan program during April.Sella and David Alperin; Frank and Marjorie Alschuler; Elisa Aranoff;Sara and Chuck Aron; Michael Bellows; Jill Benchell; Zack Blumberg;Alana and Chika Chandler; Isaac Cohen; Steve Durchslag; CoreyFeldman; Robert Feldstein; Art Friedson; Cynthia Goldberg; JackGoldberg; Gail Golden; Barry Gross; Daniel Hernandez; Sarah Hirsen;Madison Hobfoll; Joy Horwich; Bruce Kaminsky; Grant, Mark and JoriKovel; David Lerner; Liz Lippow; Jane Lippow; Deborah Mizrahi; BillNelson; Shelly Parker; Fraeda and Gary Porton; Michael, Ben, JeannetteRachlis; John Ragir; Esther Rosenbloom; Ricardo Rosenkranz; SusanRosenstein; Heidi Roth; Cindy Rudman; Ed Salomon; Pam and ScooterSimon; Marilyn, Adam, Noah, Gail and Ella Simon; Maya, Maria andLuba Tkachuk; Abe Trieger; Ilya Valkovsky; Gabi and Mimi Wallk; Yayaand Liz Weiner; David Weininger; Louis (Skip) Weiss; Gary Wigoda; LizXilas; Tali and Gus.Rose Crown Minyan Notes ...The Rose Crown Minyan is atraditional, lay-led, egalitarianminyan within the Anshe EmetSynagogue community. RCM is awelcoming community with anemphasis on spiritually satisfyingparticipatory davening that seeksto foster personal and communal growth through outstandingservices, Jewish learning, social interaction and support for all lifecycleevents.Special EventJoin us for a BBQ on Sunday, July 14 at 4:00 p.m. Watch foradditional details in our E-newsletter.New Rose Crown Email AddressThe Rose Crown Minyan has a new email address! Allcommunications can now be sent to: rosecrown@ansheemet.orgSubscribe to the Rose Crown Happenings E-newsletter:RoseCrown-subscribe@yahoogroups.comFor more information on Rose Crown Minyan, visitwww.rosecrownminyan.org.Anshe Emet Programming is generously supported byThe Arthur and Perle Malkin Center for Jewish LifeFunded bySustaining FundContributionsRabbi Siegel ... from page 1While in Seattle, Rabbi Langh worked hard to improve interfaithrelations. He was a regular speaker for Christian groups and provedto be an important representative of the Jewish people. Using hiseducational skills Rabbi Langh introduced Judaism and the Jewishpeople to the wider public. While sensitive to the challenges of beinga Jew in America he was quick to challenge his community to havethe courage of their convictions. Consider this admonition: “I heartilyendorse any efforts to dissuade Jewish children from participatingin Christmas plays in the public schools. Many Jewish parents do notrealize that Christmas celebrates not a national holiday, but is theobservance of the principal religious holiday of Christianity. Jewishchildren have no right to take part in the celebration.” While todayRabbis would think nothing of issues; such a statement the Jewishworld was a very different place in the 1930s. Rabbi Phillip Langhdied in 1946 in Oakland, California.Rabbi Langh left Anshe Emet 84 years ago and as our religious schoolgraduation made clear, part of his legacy remains. It is wonderfulto welcome a grandson back to our community after all this time aswell. I am happy to announce that the family has chosen to continuethe Langh legacy through the creation of a Rabbinic continuingeducation fund in his name. The funding will allow me to study atthe Shalom Hartman Institute in Jerusalem and share my learningwith the congregation. What better way to honor a person then tosupport Jewish education, Rabbi Langh’s passion and life’s work foranother generation. Many thanks to the family.Zecher Tzadik L’Vracha: the memory of the righteous is a blessing.6June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

Adult ProgrammingThe Sisterhood of Anshe EmetMovie Night Review!Thank you to Lori Glen for arranging and scheduling the screeningof Medurat Hashevet (Campfire) on April 14. Thank you to Rabbi Abefor leading the discussion following the movie. We had a wonderfulturnout and a lively discussion. We hope this will be the beginningof future Sisterhood movie nights.College ConnectionPlease send updates on your college student’s name, school address,email and year in school to lisaannlieberman@yahoo.com.ProgramsBook Club: We will resume our discussions in September after oursummer hiatus. Contact Gail Kahn or Judy Metzger for details atgmkahn820@aol.com or hgmet1@aol.com.Torah Fund: The aim of the Torah Fund is to provide every individualwith the opportunity to participate in the preservation, promotion,and joy of Conservative/Masorti Judaism through active giving to theTorah Fund Campaign of Women’s League for Conservative Judaism.Leave a message at 773-868-5143.Chesed Committee: Contact Paulette Freed at pfreed3180@yahoo.com or leave a message on the Sisterhood voicemail 773-868-5143.Monday Night Mah Jongg: Mah Jongg will be on summer vacation.For more information email Helene Greenwald at hgreenwa@gmail.com or leave a message in the Sisterhood mailbox at 773-868-5143.Night Ministry: The Night Ministry volunteer group continues itsmonthly shopping, cooking, and serving routine alongside the NightMinistry Youth Outreach Team. If you would like to be included onthe e-mail list, please contact Janine Landow-Esser at janine.landowesser@quarles.com.Night Ministry is always in need of hotel-sizedtoiletries and new white socks.Gift Shop: The Gift Shop will be open by appointment only. ContactEileen Kavin at kavinstein@aol.com or 773-793-5170 to make anappointment.Gesher Program: Adult Bar/Bat Mitzvah program taught by DebbyLewis culminating in a Shabbat morning B’nai Mitzvah. For moreinformation contact Debby Lewis at 773-868-5113 or dlewis@ansheemet.org or consult the adult education section of the AnsheEmet Bulletin or online at: http://www.ansheemet.org/?page_id=667Check for upcoming notices and events at www.AnsheEmet.org; lookfor Sisterhood under Programs.Elizabeth Cline, Communications Co-ChairKnow someone new to the neighborhood?If you know someone new to the Chicago Jewishcommunity, who you believe would be interested in findingout about Anshe Emet Synagogue, please contact AmyKarp at 773-868-5139 so we can speak to them aboutall of the wonderful religious, spiritual, educational andcommunal opportunities the synagogue has to offer.YAD NotesAnshe Emet’s Young AdultDivision (YAD) providesyoung Jewish adults withopportunities to meet, pray,play, learn and give back in a community setting. If you are in your20s or 30s, coupled or single, consider being part of our community.YAD has had a busy first half of 2013. We have celebrated togetherTu B’Shevat (with fruit and vegetative tasting and tree housebuilding), Purim (with an amazing party), Passover (with HomeHospitality for the Passover seders and Matza Pizza making duringchol hamoed), and Lag B’omer (with a BBQ and games). We havealso come together twice each month--on the First and ThirdFriday night--to celebrate Shabbat. Nearly every month, a groupfrom our community has met at a local coffee shop for the YADBook Club and others from our community have met at a local barto study the weekly Torah portion. Each month, a group from ourcommunity has spend a Sunday volunteering to help those in needthrough our community service program, YAD Volunteers. And,nearly every week, a group from YAD has gathering in the AnsheEmet gymnasium for YAD Sports. In addition, we have participatedin modern dance classes, kosher cooking classes, discussiongroups, and more. Through all our programs, we have builtconnections to Judaism and to each other and worked to create avibrant, welcoming community.As the weather gets warmer, we hope you will join us thissummer for YAD Shabbat, YAD Volunteers, YAD Sports, YADBook Club, YAD Torah on Tap, or some of our special summerprogramming, including YAD’s Movie Night Under the Stars,Israeli cooking, a picnic Shabbat lunch, learning for Tisha B’Av,and more. To find out more about YAD’s summer programming,please join our Facebook group or email us yad@ansheeemet.organd join our e-newsletter.Thank you for all your support of the YAD community.Jordana KafkaAttention Actors, Designers, Playwrights!Be a part of Anshe EmetSynagogue’s Theatre ProjectTuesday, June 11, 2013, 6:30 p.m.A note from John Ragir: Rabbi Siegel and I recently met to discussthe idea of forming a theatre group that would ultimately occupy asmall theater space in the Synagogue’s long-range expansion plans.In preparation for that possibility, we are looking for congregants andothers who might be interested in organizing an on-going theatregroup on Tuesday evenings. We are looking for actors, designers andplaywrights. Volunteers need not be active at Anshe Emet.The program would include acting and improv classes, and lecturesby guest theater artists. Suggested projects include: table reading ofplays, both published and in-progress; Harold Hirshman suggestedwe do a chamber reading of “The Tenth Man” by Paddy Chayefsky;a reading of the classic play “The Dybbuk,” by S. Ansky and/or “TheGolem,” by H. Lievick. We are also interested doing readings of newplays from playwrights who are active in the group.For more information, contact John Ragir at john@livebaittheater.orgJune-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 7

LearnA special message from the rabbis ...Dear Friends,We have just been informed that Leah Conley, principal of the Joseph and Belle Braun Anshe Emet Religious School has accepteda position as Director of Early Childhood Services at Congregation Neveh Shalom in Portland, Oregon. Under Leah’s leadership ourschool has grown and developed in a variety of different ways. Moreover, Leah and her family have become so important to the AnsheEmet family. We accept Leah’s resignation with obvious sadness and a deep sense of gratitude for all that she has done for our AnsheEmet community. It is good to know that Leah, Josh, Elliot and Amelia will be closer to family in Portland. Please join us in wishingLeah and her family the very best in their new home and community.In partnership with the synagogue board we will appoint an interim director/principal as we embark on a search for our new religiousschool principal. Please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns.With best wishes,Rabbi Michael S. SiegelSenior RabbiRabbi Matt FuttermanSenior EducatorThe “Shin Shinim” are coming! The “Shin Shinim” are Coming!July 4, 1976 was a day I shallnever forget. It was the Americanbicentennial and throughout theUnited States celebrations were heldas the culmination of a full year ofpreparations for that special day.Along with hundreds of campers andstaff members from Camp Ramahin the Berkshires I marched in thetiny town of Dover Plains, New Yorkdressed in red, white and blue outfits incelebration of the great achievementsFromof our still very young nation. TheRabbi Mattonly float in the parade was a modelFuttermanof Jerusalem constructed by the Israelishlihim (emissaries) who came toSenior Educatorcamp for the summer and who weremfutterman@AnsheEmet.org as anxious to establish meaningfulrelationships with the camp’s non-Jewish neighbors as they were with the camp’s Jewish population.I am reminded of that summer as I consider how we are celebratingthe 65th birthday of the State of Israel this year. Some of uscelebrated here in Chicago at the wonderfully successful SolidarityDay sponsored by the JUF at Ravinia. Some of us came to hear thereports of Anshe Emet’s eighth grade students who spent the yearstudying about Israel – many of whom visited Israel as participantsin the annual “Taam Israel (Taste of Israel)” trip held in the winter.Some will join Rabbi Siegel’s December mission to Israel and somesupported the recent Israel Jazz Festival.In the coming year we will add a new dimension to our relationshipwith Israel by sponsoring and hosting two “Shin Shinim” for a yearof service to our community at Anshe Emet. “Shin Shin” stands for“Shnat Sherut” (“a year of service”) – a program organized by theJewish Agency for Israel that brings the cream of Israeli youth intoDiaspora communities for a year before they begin their militaryservice at home. Anshe Emet Synagogue will partner with theBernard Zell Anshe Emet Day School in bringing two recent highschool graduates from Israel to live and work as volunteer teachers,educators and youth leaders. Their involvement in our communitywill not only allow our young people to establish a more intimaterelationship with Israel but allow all of our members to deepen theirties to the Jewish state.The Israel Education Fund established last year in honor of RabbiSiegel’s 30th anniversary at Anshe Emet will help underwrite the costof this program. However, we are looking for at least 6 families withchildren involved either with BZAEDS or with the Braun ReligiousSchool and high school to take turns hosting our Israeli guests duringthe coming year.If you would like to be a host family please contact me atmfutterman@ansheemet.org and let me know of your interest inthe program. Together with our friends at BZAEDS we will work tomake the best possible matches between our families and our Israeliguests.If America was young at 200 (and will still be young when wecelebrate her 237th birthday this July) then Israel should be likenedto a toddler. But this is a toddler whose brief history has been full ofturbulent moments on the one hand and remarkable achievementson the other. And because Israel continues to pull at us as ourancestral if not actual homeland we continue to engage in new andvital ways of exploring our connections with her. Hosting our “ShinShinim” is but one of the new and exciting ways we hope will enablethe members of our community to grow their love for Israel in this65th birthday year.Let us always find ways of celebrating Israel together.B’ahavat Yisrael / With love of Israel,8June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

LearnSaying GoodbyeIt is really hard for me to say goodbyeto Anshe Emet. One of the things I haveloved most about my job here is that Iget to see families grow through life. TaliaCanter was in 5th grade when I startedhere and now she teaches lessons in theSenior Kindergarten classroom, drivesher sister to Religious School, and begsto babysit my daughter. Two years ago,when Jacob Haase dropped off his sister,Arielle, for Religious School I freaked out.Jacob was driving! Jacob was 11 when Istarted here. Just last week we honoredMatt Dulberg as part of our 8th gradeCommencement ceremony. Matt was themadrikh this year for that class and did aFromLeah ConleyPrincipal, Joseph andBelle Braun Anshe EmetReligious Schoollconley@AnsheEmet.orgphenomenal job. He was in 4th grade on my first day at Anshe Emet.So many “I remember when…” moments and they feel great. Havingthose moments makes this the best job in the world.But saying goodbye to Anshe Emet is so much harder for me than justsaying goodbye to this school, which believe me is plenty hard. Thisbuilding is my Chicago home. My children were born here and thiscommunity took care of my family in our hardships and celebratedour joys with us. My son, Elliot loves Shalom Shabbat services and hesings himself to sleep at night with Ein Keloheinu. He wakes up askingwhen the next time he will get to see Max will be. I have had amazingconversations on the bus home from Anshe Emet with Suzanna,a woman who attends HaZaK regularly. Every time I see her in thehalls of this building we hug and she asks me about my children. Iam grateful for the many hours of learning in my Melton class withamazing Anshe Emet members and every year on Pesach I will thinkabout how Susan Weininger celebrates with a Pharoah piñata.I have also been blessed to have several amazing mentors in my timehere who have taught me so much. Penny Turner has been a gift. Shehas been my guide both personally and professionally. She has givenme confidence and friendship. Thank you, Penny.Dani Lazar, Eileen Kavin, Laura Kordon, Sara Salzman, and JonZidel have been my partners and heroes to me. I am lucky in thiscommunity to be acknowledged for the great work that gets done,but that work is largely successful due to these people and their rolein the process. I am thankful for your friendship.The professional staff and clergy at Anshe Emet are wonderful. Ihave learned a tremendous amount from working with such capablepeople. In particular, Rabbi Futterman has been to me everythingthat defines the word mentor. I am the educator I am today becauseof him. I know there are many more to thank. Please know I amgrateful to every one who I have known here over the years.In Hebrew, when parting ways, we say L’Hitraot, not goodbye.L’Hitraot means see you later. I know I will be here on frequent visitsand will stay connected to the many people here who have changedmy life. If you didn’t already, you now have a friend in Portland.L’Hitraot,HaZaK Programfor Retired AdultsHokhmah (Wisdom) • Ziknah (Maturity)• Kadimah (Looking ahead)HaZaK is an Anshe Emet daytime program for mature adults withactive minds. We offer discussions on a variety of Jewish-relatedtopics with Rabbi Siegel, Hazzan Mizrahi, Rabbi Futterman, RabbiFriedman, Elie Berkman, and others.HaZaK meets at Anshe Emet Synagogue every Monday, from 1:00 –2:30 p.m. Here's the upcoming HaZak schedule:June 3 - Elie BerkmanJuly 1 - TBDJune 10 - Rabbi Matt Futterman July 8 - TBDJune 17 - Rabbi Michael Siegel July 15 - TBDJune 24- Rabbi Abe Friedman July 22 - TBDJuly 29 - TBDWatch for updates on summer speakers in Shabbat Today.Lakeshore Mercaz: Center for Jewish Older AdultsAt the Crossroads -Different Cultures in One Land:Summer 2013 Film SeriesExploring the intersections between Jewishand other ethnic and religious communitiesThe Little Traitor (2007)Tuesday, June 11, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.Based on the book by Israeli writer Amos Oz, themovie is set in Palestine in 1947 during the Britishoccupation just a few months before Israel becomesa state. It examines the complicated relationshipbetween a militant 12- year old and a British officer.Arranged (2008)Tuesday, July 9, 1:00 - 4:00 p.m.This movie portrays the developing friendshipbetween two young women, an Orthodox Jew anda Muslim, who meet as new teachers at a Brooklynschool and navigate the similarities and tensions intheir personal and professional lives.As she did for last summer’s Lakeshore Mercaz filmseries, Paula Perkins will lead discussions followingboth films. She holds a Master’s degree in Liberal Studies from DePaulUniversity where she is now an adjunct faculty member.Both programs will be at Temple Sholom of Chicago, 3480 NorthLake Shore Drive, Chicago.These programs are free and open to the community. For moreinformation, call Lauren Crawford, 773-508-1079.The Lakeshore Mercaz: Center for Jewish Older Adults is a collaborativeeffort among Anshe Emet Synagogue, Anshe Sholom B’nai Israel, CJESeniorLife, Emanuel Congregation and Temple Sholom of ChicagoJune-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 9

Youth/Family ProgrammingThanks for a great year!This has been an exciting year for ouryouth community, and there are somany people to thank for all of thetime and energy that they have put into our programming.From RabbiDavid RussoYouth Programmingdrusso@AnsheEmet.orgLet me begin with Heidi Zimmerman.Two years ago, when there was avacancy in the Youth Director position,Heidi stepped in to temporarily runyouth programming while she was bothworking and in graduate school. Shestayed on to run the Shachar-Machar(K-5th grade) programming for the pasttwo years. Heidi has brought her energyand sensitivity to every event that shehas planned for the past two and ahalf years. Lauren Vandersluis has, forthe past two years, been running ourKadima (6th-8th) programming. Laurenis incredibly creative and fun, and has particularly brought her love ofcooking and food to so many elements of the programming that shehas planned for the past two years.Both Lauren and Heidi are moving on professionally from AnsheEmet, but we still hope to see them around. Lauren and Heidi,thank you so much for your incredible work in building our youthcommunity, we deeply appreciate everything that you’ve done forus. Steven Philp, our extraordinary USY advisor, will be stayingon this coming year to continue working with and guiding ourteenagers.To Heidi, Lauren, and Steven: thank you so much for caring aboutevery child and teenager who walked into the halls of Anshe Emet.We are excited to welcome, beginning this summer, Shelli Adermanas our Shachar/Machar and Kadima advisor! Shelli is hilarious,incredibly organized, and fun to be around. We are really lookingforward to her taking on the already great base that we have for ouryouth programming.Thanks to the entire SHMUSY board for your incredible dedicationto our youth community. And thank you to the unbelievable parentvolunteers, and specifically Samantha DeKoven, for supportingeverything that we do.Lastly, I’d like to thank Karen Martin, who arranges so many logisticsfor our youth programming. Karen works incredibly hard to makeeverything run as smoothly as possible, and she always does it with asmile. Thanks Karen for everything that you do!Thank you everyone for a great year! Please be in touch with methroughout the summer, and I can’t wait to see you over the next fewweeks or months through the summer!Anshe EmetYoung FamiliesJune/July HappeningsMaxine Segal Handelman, Young Families CoordinatorAnshe Emet has lots happening for families with children 8 andyounger!• The Anshe Emet Young Families Friday Night Kabbalat Shabbatservice and dinner will be June 7, 2013 at 5:45 p.m. In addition toour long-standing Young Families Service, we also hold a servicefor older siblings (children in first grade and above) that will runconcurrently to our Young Families service. BOTH services beginat 5:45 p.m. and are followed directly by ONE community dinner.Please follow this link, http://conta.cc/17U6khV, to register yourfamily for dinner by Tuesday, May 28. Please note: There will be noservice and dinner in July, due to the July 4th holiday weekend.• Shalom Shabbat, the well-loved service for children 4 and under andtheir parents, meets every Shabbat this month at 10:00 a.m. (eventhe 5th Shabbat). Shachar, for children in grades K-2, meets on thesecond and fourth Shabbat of every month at 11:00 a.m. If your childis interested in reading a Torah excerpt in Hebrew or English, pleasecontact Max at sigal@aol.com. June dates are the 8th and the 22nd.July dates are the 13th and 27th. Shachar Tefillah Yoga, with RabbiHeather Altman, will meet the first and third Shabbat of the month,at 11:00 a.m. June dates are the 1st and 15th. July dates are 6th and20th. Dress in comfortable clothes.• Five Shabbatot in the month of June means ... Shabbatapalooza!Please join us on Shabbat, June 29 at 11:00 a.m. for a rockin’ greattime. Kids K-6th grade and their adults are invited to read Torah.Please contact Debby Lewis dlewis@ansheemet.org foryour assignment.Don’t miss anything! Join our list serv by e-mailingAEYF-subscribe@yahoogroups.com to get the latest wordon what’s happening for your family.Anshe Emet Programming is generously supported byThe Arthur and Perle Malkin Center for Jewish LifeFunded bySustaining FundContributionsHere’s your special two-sidedJune-July pull-out calendar!10June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

June 2013Sivan-Tammuz 5773ThursdayFridaySaturdayLook on reverse side forJuly, 2013 Calendar23 Sivan8:30 a.m. Tefilla Yoga9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceJacqueline Fertel becomes a Bat MitzvahTorah: Numbers 13:1 - 15:41 (Sh’lach)Haftarah: Joshua 2:1 - 2:249:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Shachar Tefilla Yoga; Family Torah Service1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha128 Sivan7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:00 p.m. Shireinu Rehearsal7:00 p.m. Melton Class7:30 p.m. Al Anon5 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:00 p.m. Shireinu Rehearsal7:00 p.m. Melton Class7:00 p.m. Anshe Emet SynagogueAnnual Meeting7:30 p.m. Al Anon12 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:00 p.m. Shireinu Rehearsal7:30 p.m. Al Anon136 7 82029 Sivan7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel5:45 p.m. Young Families Servicefollowed by Dinner7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service7:15 p.m. YAD Service, followed byDinner4 8:06 p.m.6 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel6:30 p.m. Lakeview Minyan7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service4 8:09 p.m.13 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel12:00 p.m. Loop Lunch & Learn7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service7:30 p.m. Anshe Emet Live!30 Sivan Rosh Chodesh Tammuz9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceAndrea Benatar becomes a Bat MitzvahJordan Shapiro becomes a Bat MitzvahTorah: Numbers 16:1 - 18:32 (Korach); Numbers 28:9-15Haftarah: Isaiah 66:1 - 66:249:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan 10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Shachar/Machar/Kadima1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha2:00 p.m. Shabbat is Awesome!14 15217 Tammuz9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceEden Ephraim becomes a Bat MitzvahTorah: Numbers 19:1 - 22:1 (Chukat)Haftarah: Judges 11:1 - 11:339:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Machar/Kadima/Shachar Tefilla Yoga1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha14 Tammuz9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceTorah: Numbers 22:2 - 25:9 (Balak)Haftarah: Micah 5:6 - 6:89:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan, Seeskin/Epstein Auf Ruf10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Shachar/Machar/Kadima1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha22June 20134 8:12 p.m.19 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:00 p.m. Resolve7:00 p.m. Shireinu Rehearsal7:30 p.m. Al Anon272820 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel6:45 p.m. Mishkan7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service21 Tammuz9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceTorah: Numbers 25:10 - 30:1 (Pinchas)Haftarah: Jeremiah 1:1 - 2:39:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha294 8:13 p.m.Pride Street Festivalwww.AnsheEmet.org June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 577311

July 2013Tammuz-Av 5773ThursdayFridaySaturday26 TammuzIndependence DayOffice Closed8:30 a.m. Morning Minyan4527 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service7:15 p.m. YAD Service, followed byDinner28 Tammuz9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Combined Shabbat Morning ServiceTarkoff/Siegel Auf RufTorah: Numbers 30:2 - 36:13 (Matot-Masei )Haftarah: Jeremiah 2:4 - 28; 3:410:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Shachar Tefilla Yoga1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha64 Av7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:30 p.m. Al Anon11 Av7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:30 p.m. Al Anon18 Av7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan6:30 p.m. YAD Sports Night7:00 p.m. Resolve7:30 p.m. Al Anon11184 8:12 p.m.5 Av7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service4 8:09 p.m.12 Av7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service124 8:05 p.m.19 Av7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan8:45 a.m. Parsha Class w/Rabbi Siegel7:00 p.m. Shabbat Evening Service6 Av Shabbat Chazon9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceTorah: Deuteronomy 1:1 - 3:22 (Devarim)Haftarah: Isaiah 1:1 - 1:279:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Shachar/Machar/Kadima1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha13 Av Shabbat Nachamu9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceTorah: Deuteronomy 3:23 - 7:11 (Vaetchanan)Haftarah: Isaiah 40:1 - 40:269:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Machar/Kadima/Shachar Tefilla Yoga1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha20 Av9:00 a.m. Parashat Hashavuah9:30 a.m. Shabbat Morning ServiceTorah: Deuteronomy 7:12 - 11:25 (Eikev)Haftarah: Isaiah 49:14 - 51:39:30 a.m. Rose Crown Minyan10:00 a.m. Shalom Shabbat11:00 a.m. Shachar/Machar/Kadima1:15 p.m. Shabbat Mincha1319 2025 2627July 20134 7:59 p.m.Look on reverse side forJune, 2013 CalendarBabysitting for children 18months and older is available inroom 104 every Shabbat morningfrom 9:30-12:30 as a free service ofAnshe Emet Synagogue.www.AnsheEmet.org June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 577313

SundayMondayTuesdayWednesdayJune 2013Babysitting for children18 months and older isavailable in room 104every Shabbat morningfrom 9:30-12:30 as a freeservice of Anshe EmetSynagogue.24 Sivan8:30 a.m. Morning Minyan10:00 a.m. Mollie Dubin English Class1:00 p.m. Kadima Goes to Wrigley2 3 4 525 Sivan7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan1:00 p.m. HaZaK7:00 p.m. Beyond Borders26 Sivan7:007:45 a.m. a.m. Text Morning on Tuesday MinyanwithRabbi Friedman10:30 a.m. Zemer Emet7:00 p.m. SHMUSY Lounge Night27 Sivan7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan1 TammuzRosh Chodesh Tammuz8:30 a.m. Morning Minyan10:00 a.m. JBC Naming10:00 a.m. Mollie Dubin English Class11:15 a.m. JBC Naming Reception9 10 11 122 Tammuz7:001:00 a.m. p.m. Morning HaZaKMinyan7:00 p.m. Beyond Borders3 Tammuz6:50 a.m. Morning Minyan7:45 a.m. Text on Tuesday withRabbi Friedman10:30 a.m. Zemer Emet4 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning MinyanBuilding closes at 6:00 p.m.8 Tammuz8:30 a.m. Morning MinyanBuilding closes after morning minyan16 179 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan1:00 p.m. HaZaK7:00 p.m. Israeli Film Night10 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan7:45 a.m. Text on Tuesday withRabbi Friedman1811 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning MinyanBuilding closes at 6:00 p.m.1915 Tammuz8:30 a.m. Morning Minyan9:30 a.m. Mollie Dubin English ClassBuilding closes at 11:00 a.m.22 Tammuz8:30 a.m. Morning Minyan9:30 a.m. Mollie Dubin English ClassBuilding closes at 11:00 a.m.Annual Pride Parade233016 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan1:00 p.m. HaZaK2417 TammuzFast of the 17th of Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning Minyan2518 Tammuz7:00 a.m. Morning MinyanBuilding closes at 6:00 p.m.2614June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

FromAmy KarpCommunityMembership Directorakarp@AnsheEmet.orgbe sent at the end of the summer.The weather is finally warmer as Chicago is in full bloom. Soon,religious school and BZAEDS will be on break and the buildingwill be quieter ... or will it? For me, summer is a time toprepare for the busiest season ... High Holy Days! Over the lastseveral months, I have worked at cleaning out the databaseand updating the data as best I can. However, my informationis only as good as the source from which it comes. I ask of youthe following:• As the Membership renewal forms arrive in your homes, pleasetake a few minutes to ensure that all the information is filled outcompletely so any changes can be logged into the database.• Emails change (a lot) and addresses and phones change ( alittle) ... please make sure our office is aware of these changes byreturning your renewal forms!!• High Holy Days are very early this year so it may affect thenumber of additional tickets you are seeking. If you arerequesting extra tickets for the High Holy Days, please indicatethis information on the renewal form so the proper tickets can• It is a new fiscal year and with it comes the disclaimer: I am unable to release tickets withoutthe returned renewal information, and at least either a partial payment, or the arrangement ofa CURRENT payment plan. Payment plans must be reestablished each year.• If you need financial assistance, I am here to help you but please don’t assume that if youhad adjustments in the past that they are automatically in place again. A new form must becompleted each year.We value your membership and wish to make this renewal process as easy as possible forboth our congregants and our staff. If you have questions, comments or concerns, pleasefeel free to contact me.Upcoming Happenings:Wednesday, July 17, 6:30 p.m. Our newest social group for those of us in the 45-65 rangewill be meeting at Millennium Park for a night of Rogers and Hammerstein music. We willbe meeting on the lawn so bring a blanket and treats as we relax under the stars.Friday, August 16, 6:00 p.m. New Member and ProspectiveMember BBQ. All congregants are welcome to join for dinnerto meet and greet our newest and prospective members beforeAnshe Emet Live Services. Details to follow!New Member SpotlightName: Cheryl Kaplan Zachariah and BrianZachariahHometowns: Cheryl - East Brunswick, NJand Ames, IA (moved around a lot); Brian -Louisville, KYFavorite family tradition: Lighting ShabbatcandlesFavorite Jewish word: Utezoy (not sure ofspelling)Best Purim costume: Went as the Beatles with another coupleHamentaschen or Latkes: Cheryl - hamentaschen, Brian - latkesFavorite Sport Team? Brian - Louisville Cardinals; Cheryl - Lookingglass Theatre, don’tfollow sports!If you could invite someone (dead or alive) to your Shabbat table…who would it beand why? Cheryl - my grandparents, so they can meet Brian and Roland. I miss them.Brian - Winston Churchill so we can smoke cigars and talk about politics.Our Sincerest Condolences to ...The family of May Stern, beloved mother ofRobert (Carolyn) Stern and loving grandmotherof David, on her recent passing.The family of Frances A. Nelson, loving motherof Dr. William (Leslie) Nelson; devoted sisterof Bebe (Tonney) Hirsh, step-grandmother ofMelissa Neff and Gregory Neff, on her recentpassing.The family of Janet Lopin, cherished motherof Sheila Lopin Goode (Howard P. Patinkin) andMelynda Lopin; proud grandmother of Andrea(Christopher) Barber and Steven (Ann) Goode,and dearest great-grandmother of Jack Barber,Juliana and Ellis Goode; sister of Sarah Rubens,on her recent passing.The family of Lucile M. Katz, loving motherof Dr. Richard M. (Martha Lessman) Katz andMarianne (Marc Perper) Katz Perper; adoredgrandmother of Julia (Willie Choi) Katz, MeredithKatz, Laurel and Stephanie Perper, on her recentpassing.The family of Hattie Jane “Sis” Albert,devoted mother of Andy (Mona) Albert andCarol (Stewart) Balkin; loving grandmother ofAmy (Lance) Rantala, Ben (Kristin) Albert, Laura(Scott) Friedman, Alexander (Hallie) Balkin,Amy Balkin (Daniel Logeman), Karen Balkin(Inder Bhoovaraghan), Bill (Michelle) Brody,Andrew Brody, Liz (Tim) Leary; and fond greatgrandmotherof Charlie, Will, Hallie, Edie, EllaShae, Aroha, Sammy, Olivia and Matthew, on herrecent passing.The family of Sophie Roth, loving motherof Diane (Barry) Cohn and Larry Roth, sister ofMarcella (Mashie) Crown, doting Grandmotherof Jeremy, Michael, Matthew Roth, devoted auntto Debby (Gabor Tarjan) Lewis and other niecesand nephews, on her recent passing.The family of Shirley Blank, beloved mother ofJudith Blank, on her recent passing.May their memory be a blessingSiman Tov U’mazal Tov:Heartfelt congratulations to ...Mary Guidone and Matthew Weil on the birthof their son, Noah Daniel Weil.Misheberach listinformationIf you would like to have a name placedon the misheberach (prayer for healing)list, please contact Antoinette Nunez at773-868-5120 or anunez@AnsheEmet.org.Names will be kept on the list for twoweeks only, unless otherwise requested.June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 15

Support2012-2013 Tree of Life CircleTremendous thanks to the following 2012-13 Tree of Life donors who made generous leadership gifts of $10,000 and more to helpsupport the most basic needs of the Anshe Emet Synagogue community.Julie & James CoffmanMelanee & Adam CooperLaurence GellerJeff Grinspoon & Jon FoleyRuth & David KahnShifra KarkomiCaryn & Lowell KraffLori and Ross LaserElaine & Donald LevinsonJoan & Avner PoratKimberly & Arnold RubinHilary & Samuel SallersonJamie & David SchwartzPenne & John SilvermanPam & Scooter SimonJudith & Howard TullmanThere is still time for your name to be added to this donor recognition list this year. Please make a gift by June 30, 2013 by callingDevelopment Director, Marla Krupman at 773-868-5123 or visiting www.ansheemet.org to make a gift on line andclick on the blue button to Donate Now!2012-2013 Sustaining FundThank you to the following 2012-13 Sustaining Fund donors whomade generous gifts of up to $10,000 helping to make our AnsheEmet Synagogue the welcoming community that it is. Thereis still time for your name to be added to this growing donorrecognition list this year. Please make a gift by June 30, 2013 bycalling Development Director, Marla Krupman at 773-868-5123 orvisiting www.AnsheEmet.org to make a gift on line and click on theblue button to Donate Now!94%80%60%Goal:$515,000Donald AblinLawrence AbrahamDr. & Mrs. Irving AbrahamsonLauri Alpern and Richard FeingoldFrank and Marjorie AlschulerHeather Altman and Jeff BlockPerry AnderMichael and Elisa AranoffMrs. Raymond ArbetmanMichael and Helen ArkesGayle Arlen andCorey ZimmermanCharles and Sara AronBarry and Andrea AshDouglas AxelradElesabeth BachertaWade and Rebecca BaconDoris BaerEdward and Ellen BakalEdward and Fern BakerGlenn S. BalasBarry and Marlene BalikMr. & Mrs. Justin BearakEve Becker and Bruce AdamsStanley and Susan BedowsMiles and Helene BeermannDr. Benita Elaine BellEdwin and Nina BellElisheva Beller and Paul WiederMichael BellowsNeil and Jill BenchellDale Berger-Daar andStephen DaarKevin BergMeta BergerMiles and Sally BergerLauren BerkowitzPaul l. BerkowitzSteven and Elizabeth BerkeAlan BerryKenneth and Annette BerryLois BerryJulius BinderSuzi BirzJudith L. BlankJodi Block and Barry MalkinJulian BlumenthalShane Borkowsky andMatthew LandlerGabriella Boros and Eric BergsonLois BrazenVickie BrodersenTrudy Isbitz BrodskyFrances BronnerMatthew and Deborah BrownMichael and Diane BrownRobert and Ilene BrownAvi and Leah BuchbinderBrian and Irene CaminerCathy Cassell-Serxner andBrant SerxnerFrank CastanedaSteven and Beth CatlettLorie Chaiten and Harold HirshmanSusan Spier Chapman andTerry ChapmanJessica Choplin and Debra StarkSydney and Binnie ChoslovskyWilliam and Wendy ChoslovskyFrances ChukermanElaine CiznerBruce and Lisa CohenElliot CohenHoward and Jerilyn CohenMichael and Sandra CohenLeah and Josh ConleyEdward and Ruth CopelandDon and Marla CoquilletteArie and Ida Crown FoundationAriel and Denise DavidEmma DavidsonSteven and Sandy DavidsonTom and Samantha DeKovenDennis and Karen DeleeRosanne DiamondReni Dickman and Aaron NesselMichael and Beth DorfmanJerry and Inez DrazinJason and Meredith DubnerMargaret DugganMichael and Lori DulbergStephen DurchslagPaul and Sally EdelsbergCharlene EilianBurton EisenbergArthur and Rochelle ElsteinEliot and Gayle EphraimLindsey EpsteinMilton and Sydney EsbittBurt and Marion FainmanGerald and Edie FalkBarbara FeigMs. Lois FeinbergSidney and Rhoda FeldmanLarry and Marilyn FieldsDonna Filippo andRalph WeichselbaumEtlya FisherJessica FisherLinda Schottenstein FisherJudi Fishman andStuart NudelmanNorman FishmanJoel and Delilah FlaumStuart and Adrienne FolerBill and Zehava FrankelPaulette FreedTerri and Michael FreemanCindy FriedmanMr. & Mrs. Corey FriedmanIrwin and Adrienne FriedmanWilliam and Linda FriendCarolyn Friend-Weiner and JamesWeiner40%20%Stanley and Ruth FriedellZoya FuchsRabbi & Mrs. Matthew FuttermanDerek and Amy GaleDennis and Daryl GalinskyJim GaryStephen and Terri GeifmanDonald and Lee GellerZoya GenadiynikGeorge and Dorann GerstmanIsak and Nancy GersonBetsy GidwitzHoward and Jacqueline GilbertPat GillmanMonica GinsburgContinued on next page16 June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 www.AnsheEmet.org

SupportNoah GinsburgBabette C. GlazierSusanne GlinkRobert and Hedwig GolantMichelle Riese Goldberg and AlanGoldbergLisa Goldberg and Michael CohenDaniel and Marna GoldwinDavid and Florence GoldsmithBrian and Leila GoldingLisa GoldbergMarvin and Adele GoldsmithNorman and Barbara GoldSusan GoldsteinSeymour and Cynthia GoldbergDebra Goldstein and David CohenWilliam and Judy GoldbergJoel and Arla GombergJay and Karen GoodgoldBelle Gordon and Alan MeshJason GordonLaurie Gordon-Shaw and DavidShawMarla GordonSylvia G. GordonDavid and Gail GotskindMarc and Amy GouldStuart and Andy GrassJared and Barbi GreenRichard GreeneHelene Greenwald andTimothy BishopBarbara Gressel and Gary WigodaSam and Roslyn GrodzinBarry and Merle GrossRuth Koloms Gross andPhillip GrossMarlyn GrossmanRichard and Andrea GrosternDeborah GutfeldLindsay Hagy and Paul ElsbergSusan Haken and Alan DavisJacob and Maxine HandelmanPhyllis HandelsmanAlan HarrisJoyce HarrisMichael and Bonnie HarrisJay and Catherine HauslerBarbara and Gordon HaworthRobert and Diane HeilbronnerJoel and Jennifer HermanAllen and Karen HilderIvan and Lucille HimmelLindy Hirschsohn andChris CoetzeeRonald and Sarah HirsenAndrew HirtSherri HlavacekGlenn and Michelle HollandCharles HollebEarl and Anna HoltzmanJanice Honigberg and JohnHedgesSusan Horn and Donald HonchellJeanne Horowitz andMatthew HuffHerbert and Joy HorwichAdena HorwitzStephen and Dina IsaacsAriel and Shira IsenbergJudy IsenbergRaquel JohnsonAvi and Jami JosefsonRosalyn Kagan andLewis GreenbaumDonna KahanEthan and Cathy KahnPaula R. KahnRonald and Gail KahnPerry and Elena KamelLoretta KaminskyFreddrika KammerGil and Elaine KanterJosh and Barbara KantrowBarry and Sherry KaplanIvan and Janet KaplanDon A. KarchmerLarry and Tina KarchmarMarc and Lynn KarlanMark and Linda KarnoAmy and Dan KarpBernard KatzDavid and Karie KatzHarriette KavinMr. & Mrs. Dan KenenSynde KeywellAlex KhmelnitskiySandra KirmeyerEvan and Amy KleebergCheryl Klehr and Abraham TriegerYolanda Knight andDavid MayrowetzSuzy KoenigNancy Kohn and Arthur S. FriedsonMr. & Mrs. Richard KohnJill and Mark KolkerBruce and Noreen KolmanThomas and Susan KoltunLawrence and Marlene KosovaManus KraffRobert and Sharon KrakowskyNancy Krasa and Robert SchwartzRebecca Krasner andAbe FriedmanAnne KreegerBenjamin KrumstokMarla Krupman and Dan BernsteinCarol Landman-Feingold andWilliam FeingoldJanine Landow-Esser and JeffreyEsserDaniel Lange and Geoff RiceElly LaserJules LaserJulie Lasin and Cary LatimerRoz LaxJay and Danielle LazarMr. & Mrs. Ron LazarusJason Leib and Lori RosenDafna Lender andJonathan SchwartzJeffrey and Elise LennardMoish and Mae LenowAndrea Muchin Leon andMichael LeonShelby and Michal LernerIda LevinaHoward and Beryl LevinNorman LevinRobert and Bonita LevinBeryl LevineSaralyn LevineKathleen LevitinDebby Lewis and Gabor TarjanIrving LewisJay and Ellen LewkowitzBen and Miriam LichsteinRoselind LindauElizabeth Lippow andKeith AlperinJane LippowArkady and Elena LisovichStephanie and Jeremy LissPaula Litt and Irv FaberAriel and Rachael LitvinAvram and Karen LothanAnn and Michael LubanNed and Joan LufranoBenjamin and Carol MackoffSusanna MaltsmanElizabeth Marcus and Ira BelcoveNaomi MargolisTamara and Jeffrey MargolisBella MarkovitchScott and Sharon MarkmanStanford and Doris MarksAmir and Margaret MarouniLoui Marver-SombergRachel Masory and RobertSpignerBeatrice C. MayerJeffrey McCollumSam and Alice MeiselsMarla Mendelson andStephen WolffBarbara MillerGary MillerMr. Michael MillerSteve and Pamela MischelHazzan Alberto and DeborahMizrahiNorah Moak and MatthewMeadowsMyra MoglowskySuzanne Muchin and David BrownBrian and Marsha NagorskyMichelle Naidich and Frank MillerHerbert NelsonWilliam and Leslie NelsonRonald and Susan NickJonathan and Christine NortonCarolyn NotkoffSally NusinsonMartha Frish Okabe andRobert OkabeRachel OleinickDavid and Barbara OrthMr. and Mrs. Jeff ParkerSheldon ParkerDr. Martin PearlmanSaralyn Peritz andHowie ShidlowskySharon Perlman and David HaaseKenneth and Stephani PerlmutterBertha PerlowMichael and Paula PerlsteinMarianne Katz Perper andMarc PerperAl and Barbara PhillipsAmi and Miriam PissetzkyMr. & Mrs. Larry PlawskyFraeda and Gary PortonElizabeth and Ross PosnerSteven PotokerLinda Projansky andMichael BlackstoneGloria Pruzan and Eli PickGigi Pritzker Pucker andMichael PuckerMr. & Mrs. James RaisherMark and Giselle RatainPhillip and Jeanne RavidDebbie Rechter-Lawson andFred LawsonRebecca ReyesJason and Saundra RiceLaura Richman and David CholstJack RodgonMr. & Mrs. Dan RoffmanAlan and Sharon RosenLaurie Roston Rosen andRobert RosenEsther RosenbloomJane RosenbloomHoward and Honey RosenfeldRicardo and Laura RosenkranzRichard and Susan RosensteinJulie Ross and HowardOppenheimerMark and Ayala RothmannJudge Ilana RovnerAri and Kimberly RubenfeldTamar Rubin and Adam ParkerDavid and Rebecca RussoBiff Ruttenberg FoundationNorman and Rita SackarEdward and Annette SalomonJudith Levin and Gerald SalzmanNeal and Sara SalzmanHoward and Elizabeth SamuelsLora Kreeger SanbergLes and Joanne SandlowRobert and Jane SarnoffBradley and Debbie SaulBernard and Rosanne SawyerHarriet SchabRalph and Lynne SchatzCarole Schecter and Steven MayerMona Reisman Schoen andWilliam SchoenAlvin and Susan SchonfeldBob SchwartzDavid and Marim SchwartzDavid I. SchwartzEsther Joy SchwartzIan and Susan SchwartzJacque SchwartzMarc and Katie SchwartzNeil and Adrienne SchwartzRenee SchwartzRon and Robyn SchwartzShira and Andrew SchwarzZach SeeskinBarre Seid FoundationMatthew and Jennifer SeidnerAudrey Selin and Robert WeismanBrenda ShapiroLinda Rae SherRabbi & Mrs. Michael SiegelSeymour and Lois SiegelSteven Silk and Linda WeilGretchen Silver and Warren LaskiMarc and Marcy SimonMarilyn SimonHelen SimonsRicca SloneLaura SmithCharles and Carol SmolerGerald and Lynne SobelJeffrey and Helen SobelBarbara SokolskyDavid and Laraine SpectorThelma SpillMarta Steele and Stuart CohenJill Stein and Phil DunnLowell SteinRenee D. Stein and John PomeranzEugene and Ruth SternGregory and Cheron SternPhillip and Leslie SternMelissa Sterne andRichard KosmacherDavid and Carol StoneHoward and Ferne StoneAllan and Bonnie SweetRobert and Jill TanzMichael and Sheryl TarkoffJennifer Tescher and Jonathan EigMs. Luba TkachukMaya TkachukSeymour and Penny TurnerPaul TurskyValery TvishorGenrietta VilenskayaSteve and Evy VogelJudy WalderPaul and Laura WalderCharlotte WallkFred and Michelle WeberDebra Wechter and Carl PietrzakMichael and Susan WeiningerCheryl Weissman andWeston HanscomThomas and Linda WhiteAl and Barbara WinickJeffrey and Carolyn WinickStephen and Bonnie WiseDan Wolf and Mitchell KaufmanLisa Freeman Wolfe andBrian WolfeLawrence and Stacey WolinPeter and Elizabeth XilasMarshall and Andrea YablonBerta ZelechonokAlan and Jeanette ZemskyLois Zoller and Jim MillsJune-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 17

CommunityJune Member AnniversariesNorman & Jacqueline Patinkin, 64 yearsEdwin & Nina Bell, 59 yearsHoward & Ferne Stone, 57 yearsLes & Joanne Sandlow, 56 yearsJoseph & Gloria Marcus, 53 yearsRonald & Marilynn Grais, 48 yearsHarold & Judith Duckler, 46 yearsRonald & Susan Nick, 46 yearsRalph & Lynne Schatz, 45 yearsDavid & Jill Stein, 43 yearsSam & Alice Meisels, 43 yearsHoward & Sandy Nagelberg, 42 yearsAlbert & Suzanne Friedman, 42 yearsRobert & Donna Weinstein, 41 yearsRobert & Jill Tanz, 41 yearsJeffrey Esser & Janine Landow-Esser, 39 yearsMichael & Joan Moriarty, 39 yearsMarc & Marcy Simon, 39 yearsMichael Siegel & Sandra Weinstein, 38 yearsMark & Giselle Ratain, 33 yearsEarl & Anna Holtzman, 30 yearsBruce & Marci Kaminsky, 30 yearsDavid & Marim Schwartz, 28 yearsAdam & Melanee Cooper, 28 yearsJeffrey & Ellen Sadur, 27 yearsRichard & Susan Rosenstein, 27 yearsBruce & Beth Shaffer, 27 yearsLowell Kraff & Caryn Orlin-Kraff, 26 yearsAlan Davis & Susan Haken, 26 yearsJuly Member AnniversariesHerbert & Joy Horwich, 58 yearsFrank & Marjorie Alschuler, 53 yearsAl & Barbara Winick, 51 yearsHoward & Marilyn Altman, 48 yearsBurt & Marion Fainman, 43 yearsMark & Peggy Goldberg, 43 yearsMichael & Helen Arkes, 42 yearsBarry & Marlene Balik, 40 yearsGregory & Lilya Zigelman, 39 yearsSteven & Susan Holtz, 35 yearsWeston Hanscom & Cheryl Weissman, 31 yearsBill & Zehava Frankel, 30 yearsPhillip Gross & Ruth Koloms Gross, 29 yearsRichard & Carole Ettelson, 29 yearsJohn & Sharon Ragir, 28 yearsWilliam Feingold & Carole Landman Feingold,25 yearsBruce & Lori Fogelson, 25 yearsOphir & Elisa Trigalo, 23 yearsBrian & Adenia Linker, 22 yearsWilliam & Linda Friend, 21 yearsLois Zoller & Jim Mills, 21 yearsMarc & Theresa Kahan, 20 yearsJoshua & Bleusette Randall, 19 yearsDenise & Bryan Thomas, 18 yearsCorey & Rebecca Fertel, 18 yearsRobert & Linda Kissel, 17 yearsDavid & Deborah Koller, 17 yearsJames & Julie Coffman, 16 yearsMichael & Janet Siegel, 15 yearsStuart Cohen & Marta Steele, 15 yearsBen & Susan Harris, 15 yearsPeter Fenves & Susannah Gottlieb, 15 yearsJonathan & Carolyn Aberman, 14 yearsEduardo Frajman & Marla Clayman, 14 yearsPhilippe Lavie & Carol Lavie, 14 yearsEyal & Jessica Altman, 14 yearsSteven Meier & Miriam Klevan, 14 yearsShelli Aderman & Narda Alcorn, 13 yearsDavid & Laura Feinberg, 13 yearsBarbara Perlman & Oren Orkin, 13 yearsEvan & Lindsay Stein, 13 yearsLewis Check & Marsha Mackenzie, 13 yearsAvi & Jami Josefson, 12 yearsDavid & Pam Simon, 25 yearsBruce & Lisa Cohen, 24 yearsElizabeth & Ross Posner, 21 yearsFred Lawson & Debbie Rechter-Lawson, 20yearsAndrew Block & Julie Nerenberg, 18 yearsJonathan Pizer & Brad Lippitz, 18 yearsRalph Weichselbaum & Donna Filippo, 15 yearsScott & Christine Freeman, 14 yearsDaniel & Karin Appelbaum, 14 yearsDavid & Gail Gotskind, 13 yearsJeff & Ileene Singer, 13 yearsEric & Rivka Leder, 12 yearsDavid & Julie Fisher, 12 yearsAndrew Hyman & Maria Sanchez-Canas, 11yearsDon & Ellyn Robinson, 12 yearsAriel & Melissa Tesher, 12 yearsBrian & Marsha Nagorsky, 12 yearsRachel & Gary Axelrod, 12 yearsRon & Julie Levitt, 11 yearsAbe Friedman & Rebecca Krasner, 10 yearsEli Lifshen & Mila Cohen, 10 yearsHowie Shidlowsky & Saralyn Peritz, 10 yearsTyler & Jeannine Vradenburg, 9 yearsAri Frede & Gail Stern, 9 yearsDaniel & Michelle White, 7 yearsMax & Jennifer Puchtel, 7 yearsHal Weitzman & Lorna Campbell, 6 yearsLeah & Josh Conley, 6 yearsDavid & Lesley Matsa, 6 yearsJason Polakow & Sarah Blink, 5 yearsRyan & Amy Sulkin, 4 yearsMitchell & Jenny Goltz, 4 yearsMarc & Elise Kleinberg, 4 yearsJeff Parker & Zipporah Porton, 3 yearsHerbert Lippitz & Francine Scully-Lippitz, 3yearsMicah & Sarah Herman, 2 yearsAmir & Margaret Marouni, 1 yearJeremy & Emily Adler, 1 yearCimin & Ed Cohen, 1 yearJordan & Alexandra Light, 1 yearMichael & Lauren Weisbaum, 1 yearBrian & Leila Golding, 10 yearsDavid Frank & Tamara Sokolec, 10 yearsChad & Nina Cyrenne, 9 yearsShai & Allison Hoffman, 8 yearsLee & Deborah Merovitz, 8 yearsAriel & Shira Isenberg, 7 yearsBenjamin & Erica Fleischer, 6 yearsJeremy Mann & Suzan Sultan, 6 yearsDaniel & Mara Schack, 5 yearsReesa & Seth Schreier, 3 yearsJeremy & Shelby Cantor, 3 yearsMichael & Stefanie Bregman, 2 yearsDaniel Glassenberg & Karen Moss, 2 yearsMisheberach list informationIf you would like to have a name placed on the misheberach (prayer for healing) list, please contact Antoinette Nunez at 773-868-5120 oranunez@AnsheEmet.org. Names will be kept on the list for two weeks only, unless otherwise requested.18June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773www.AnsheEmet.org

SupportWe appreciate your thoughtfulness.Your contribution to Anshe Emet not only supports the many activities and services of our synagogue, but is also a thoughtful way to commemorate specialoccasions, life cycle events, or to remember a loved one. Contributions to specific programs offset budget allocations to that progam.Contributions may be made by calling 773-868-5152, online at www.ansheemet.org/donations/ or you may mail in your contributions to Anshe Emet Synagogue,3751 N. Broadway, Chicago IL 60613. All donations will be listed in the Anshe Emet Bulletin. We ask for a minimum contribution of $18 per tribute for an honoree/recipient to be sent a commemoration card from the synagogue. Contributions listed are those received from March 1-March 31, 2013.Donations received after that date will be listed in the June bulletin.GENERAL DONATIONSSynagogue FundMichael R. BurkeBradley RoseIn Honor of:Jonathan Levin and Daya Yablon’sengagement: Ruth ZabanBrian Zaban’s birthday: Ruth ZabanIn Memory of:Phoebe Gallanter: Terri and StephenGeifmanMaryane Golant: Robert and HedwigGolantArthur Malkin: Judd D. MalkinIrving Solomon: Nina Solomon MagowanSustaining FundRabbi Heather Altman & Mr. Jeffrey BlockMr. & Mrs. Edward BakerMr. Kevin BergDr. Etlya FisherMr. Norman FishmanMr. Arthur Friedson & Ms. Nancy KohnMr. Jason GordonMr. & Mrs. Ariel IsenbergMrs. Loretta KaminskyMs. Roz LaxMs. Ida LevinaMrs. & Dr. Ann LubanMs. Myra MoglowskyMr. Jeff Parker & Ms. Zipporah PortonMs. & Mr. Emily RaisherMr. & Mrs. William SchoenMr. & Mrs. Ian SchwartzMs. Thelma SpillMr. & Mrs. Seymour TurnerMr. & Mrs. Paul WalderYahrzeit:HYMAN ARBETMAN: Sylvia ArbetmanPHYLLIS BARON: Myrna GoldstickHAZEL DOBRICK: Sanda WolffEFIM FAIBYSHEV: Inessa BorisovaPHOEBE GALLANTER: Terri and StephenGeifmanISADORE GENTNER: Susan and RichardRosensteinMAX GENTNER: Susan and Richard RosensteinREUBEN GENTNER: Susan and RichardRosensteinMARYANE GOLANT: Robert and Hedwig GolantJACOB GOLDENBERG: Cynthia GoldbergSOL GOLDSTEIN: Avram GoldsteinPFC. IRVING GOODGOLD: Karen and JayGoodgoldDORA GOTTFRIED: Karen and Jay GoodgoldLEON GREENE: Mr. Richard GreeneBORIS GURVITS: Dora GurvitsRAE HERST: Howard and Judy TullmanCHARLES HYMAN: Myrna GoldstickETTA HYMAN: Myrna GoldstickHENRY N. HYMAN: Myrna GoldstickMONDEL KHMELNITSKAYA: AleksandrKhmelnitskiyARTHUR MALKIN: The Malkin FamilyDAVE PURE: Susan and Richard RosensteinMICKEY PURE: Susan and Richard RosensteinIRWIN REID: Marlene Reid and LawrenceKosovaEDITH RIFKIN: Susan and Richard RosensteinALBERT ROSENFIELD: Marilyn FieldsMARY ROSS: Howard Oppenheimer and JulieRoss OppenheimerJACK RUBENS: Miles and Helene BeermannROY SARNOFF: Robert and Jane SarnoffBERNARD SCOTT: Barbara Gressel and GaryWigodaDAVID SHER: Linda Sher SalzmanLILLIAN L. SINAY: Dr. Barbara and Mr. BrentBrotine, Mr. and Mrs. Barry Brotine, Mr. BruceBrotineJOYCE SLOANE: Cheryl SloaneIRVING SOLOMON: Nina Solomon MagowanMURIEL KRIVIT SPIER: Susan Spier Chapmanand FamilyJASON RICHARD STERN: Adrienne and IrwinFriedmanADELAINE TYSON: The Tyson FamilySOL WEINER: Lisabeth C. WeinerDAVID S. WEXLER: Madelin M. WexlerKiddush Luncheon Fund:Mr. & Mrs. William PekinMs. Millie ReyCelebrate with a gift to theKiddush Luncheon Fund!Whether you are celebrating a special occasionlike a new baby, a wedding engagement,anniversary, birthday or commemorating theloss of a loved one for Yahrzeit – share your lifecycle events with the congregation by making agift to the Kiddush Luncheon Fund.Contact Karen Martin for details at KMartin@AnsheEmet.org or773-868-5152. Any gift amount is welcome; sponsorships of $500 or morewill be specially acknowledged in the weekly Shabbat bulletin.Kiddush LuncheonSponsors:Ms. Karyn HobfollYoung Adult DivisionIn Memory of:Wilson King: Rhonda GordonEDUCATION DONATIONSThe Feinberg EducationFundIn Honor of:Micha Leo Steinberg: Sandra KantzThe Joseph And BelleBraun Religious SchoolFundRabbi Abe FriedmanCLERGY DISCRETIONARYFUNDSRabbi Siegel’sIn Honor of:The officiating of her wedding to EricFlagel: Dena S. FlagelSydney Maayan’s baby naming: DanielSchackIn Memory of:Irwin Reid: Dr. Marlene Reid and Dr.Lawrence KosovaMary Ross: Howard Oppenheimer and JulieRoss OppenheimerHazzan Mizrahi’sIn Memory of:Belina Donio Mizrahi: Hazzan Alberto andDeborah MizrahiRabbi Friedman’sDaniel and Yael NewmanRabbi Russo’sMiriam and Michael RudolphIn Honor of:Gabby Wallk’s Bat Mitzvah: Bonnie SteinKammerTree of Life CircleWe gratefully acknowledge the following donors to the Tree of LifeCircle who committed annual Sustaining Fund gifts of $10,000 ormore in this 2012-13 fiscal year:Julie & James CoffmanMelanee & Adam CooperLaurence GellerJeff Grinspoon & Jon FoleyRuth & David KahnShifra KarkomiCaryn & Lowell KraffLori and Ross LaserElaine & Donald LevinsonJoan & Avner PoratKimberly & Arnold RubinHilary & Samuel SallersonJamie & David SchwartzPenne & John SilvermanPam & Scooter SimonJudith & Howard TullmanThis list is still in formation. If you have any questions or wish tomake a tax-deductible gift, please contact Development Director,Marla Krupman, at 773-868-5123 or visit www.ansheemet.org.Every gift matters.June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773 19

Anshe Emet ConfidentialAnshe Assistance Emet Program Confidential designed toAssistance help members Program through designed tough tohelp financial members times through toughfinancial If you are Anshe times Emet member experiencing financialIfhardship,you are anweAnshemay beEmetablememberto be of assistanceexperiencingto youfinancialduringhardship,these difficultwe maytimes.beThereable toarebenumerousof assistancecommunityto you duringresourcestheseto whichdifficultwe cantimes.directThereyou,areasnumerouswell as somecommunityavailable fundsresourcesheretoat Anshewhich weEmetcantodirecthelp congregantsyou, as well asinsomeneed.available funds hereat If you Anshe are Emet a congregant to help congregants needing assistance in need. with:If • you Foodare a congregant needing assistance with:• Food Shelter (rent, utilities)• Shelter Emergency (rent, medical utilities) expenses• Emergency Jewish day school medical tuition expenses• Jewish Summer day Camp school fees tuition• Summer Study in Israel Camp or fees Jewish educational program expenses• Please Study contact in Israel the or Jewish Assistance educational Program program Coordinator expenses directlyPleaseat assistance@AnsheEmet.orgcontact the Assistance Programor at 773-868-5133Coordinatorfordirectlyfurtheratinformationassistance@AnsheEmet.org or at 773-868-5133 for furtherinformationPlease note that all inquiries and any information exchange willPleasebe completelynote thatconfidentialall inquiries and any information exchange willbe Look completely for a link to confidentiala downloadable application form atLookwww.ansheemet.org/About_Us/AES_Financial_Assistance/.for a link to a downloadable application form atwww.ansheemet.org/About_Us/AES_Financial_Assistance/.If you are not currentlyreceiving If you are "Shabbat not currently Today,"our receiving weekly "Shabbat e-mail, and Today," wouldour like weekly to receive e-mail, it, please and would callAshley like to Glas receive at 773-868-5114it, please callAshley and provide Glas at your 773-868-5114e-mailand provide address. your e-mailaddress.Follow Rabbi FriedmanFollow and Rabbi Rabbi Siegel Friedman onand Facebook! Rabbi Siegel onFacebook!Want to know what the clergy is up to? Now you can followWantRabbitoFriedmanknow whatandtheRabbiclergySiegelis uponto?Facebook.Now you can followRabbi Friedman and is at Rabbi http://www.facebook.com/rabbiabeSiegel on Facebook.Rabbi Friedman Siegel is at is at http://www.facebook.com/rabbiabeRabbihttp://www.facebook.com/Rabbi.Michael.SiegelSiegel is athttp://www.facebook.com/Rabbi.Michael.SiegelAnd look for the Synagogue page atAndwww.facebook.com/ansheemetlook for the Synagogue page atwww.facebook.com/ansheemetSIEVERTELECTRICSolutions for all yourelectrical needs708-771-1600www.sievertelectric.com©2013Support these Advertisers!773-477-03003107 N. BroadwayFree Parking in RearAnshe Emet MemberSara Feigenholtz12th DistrictState Representative773-296-4141sara@staterepsara.comwww.staterepsara.comTIGERSBODY SHOPComplete Auto RebuildersAll Work Guaranteed Since 19523604 N. Lincoln Ave.773-935-2131GOLDMANFUNERAL GROUPIrwin GoldmanAnshe Emet SynagogueFuneral Plan Provider195 North Buffalo Grove RoadBuffalo Grove, Illinois 600898851 Skokie BoulevardSkokie, Ilinois 60077(847) 478-1600 www.goldmanfuneralgroup.comMary J. Hayes, D.D.S., M.S.Joanne R. Oppenheim, D.D.S.Marilia Montero, D.D.S.Specialists inPediatric Dentistry737 N. Michigan Ave.Suite 1330, Chicago, ILPediatric Dental Health Associates (312) 266-8198Acceptance of Advertising Froma Politician or Political CandidateDoes Not Constitute Endorsementof That Politician or Candidate.TENNEY & BENTLEY, LLCFOR AD INFO CALL Jeff Dunham 1-800-950-9952 WWW.4LPi.COMATTORNEYS AT LAWSINCE 1947Karen Rottier, Ph.DPediatric NeuropsychologistSpecializing in the assessment of learning differencesand ADHD/ADD in childrenInfo & Appts 773.883.5374www.MidwestNeuropsychology.com“Proudly servicingAnshe Emet since 1992”“Relax. We’re on it.”630-925-1800SHOULDN’T YOUR BUSINESS BE HERE?For information on advertising,please call our church representativeJEFF DUNHAM at 1-800-950-9952 Ext. 2572www.SeekAndFind.comSIGMUND J. CHAVIS, J.D., LL.M.111 W. WASHINGTON STREET TELEPHONE: 312.407.7800SUITE 1900 DIRECT LINE 312.807.4872CHICAGO, ILLINOIS 60602 FACSIMILE: 312.807.4858E-MAIL: schavis@tenbenlaw.comB 1C 01-1181ANSHE EMET SYNAGOGUE, CHICAGO, IL05-15-2013 14:15:09

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Vol. LXXXV, No. 10June-July 2013 / Sivan-Tammuz-Av 5773ANSHE EMET SYNAGOGUE3751 North BroadwayChicago, IL 60613-4104Phone: 773-281-1423Fax: 773-281-2183www.AnsheEmet.orgAffiliated with theUnited Synagogue of Conservative JudaismLulav and Etrog SaleGet the etrogim while they smell delicious!Anshe Emet USY sells the best smelling-etrogim and the freshestlulavim, the highest-rated Sukkot supplies in all of Chicagoland. Sodon’t miss out on this insane deal of $50 for a lulav-etrog combo.Proceeds benefit USY’s Tzedakah Fund Tikkun Olam. You must pickup your order at the synagogue; and if you want to receive yourlulav and etrog for Sukkot, and not for Hanukkah, please submityour order by Friday, August 9, 2013.Purchase your lulav-etrog combo athttp://bit.ly/MwpIsh or scan the QR code atright with your smartphone to be directed tothe purchase form.If you have questions, please contact KarenMartin at kmartin@ansheemet.org or773-868-5152.Special June/July Double IssueAnshe Emet Annual Meeting Information ... see page 4

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