April 2012 - Watlington Parish Council

April 2012 - Watlington Parish Council

April 2012 - Watlington Parish Council

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The Minister WritesThroughout Lent the Methodist Church has been lookingat what it means to be Methodist in the 21st Century. Notbecause we don’t know that we are Methodists, but there isalways more to discover if we take time to understand andreflect upon our distinctive identity. Over the weeks we havelooked at our history and beliefs as well as what we do andour future together.Every story has a past, a present and a future. From the past we learn of our historyand heritage – it can be important not just to continue to do the things we do – but tounderstand why we do them, what their significance is. Especially if you identify somethingyou no longer want to do.From the present it can sometimes be hard to gain a perspective upon which to look at it,but through conversation and reflection a purposeful understanding of what is happeningaround us is important. If like me you wake up in the morning to the radio, I know it helpsme place the world around me in some kind of context – a bigger picture – and that sort ofrootedness is helpful.Looking into the future can be daunting – but it is important to have vision and be able todream dreams.The story of Jesus too has a past and a present and a future – particularly if when readinga particular part of a Gospel you can imagine yourself there as one of the characters inthe story. And as we walk with Jesus towards the Cross we know where the story leads,and can see the future of it clearly ahead of us. As followers of Jesus we look towards thatEaster morning and all that it brings to us.But Jesus’ story can live in us too – and then it might have a different resonance. It will stillhave a past, perhaps one that begins in darkness until Jesus provides some much neededlight. It might begin with Jesus calling us into his service, like he called so many especiallyhis first disciples. Perhaps in the present we are unsure of where Jesus is with us?Perhaps we feel we are walking alone rather than by his side? But we can be assured thathe is leading us into our future… John Wesley following a deep experience of faith wasassured that God did love him, and that he was indeed a child of God. And however weexperience that story in our lives, that is the story of Easter – that God loves us, so muchthat he sent Jesus to us to be part of our stories, even today.Have a very blessed EasterAdam.4

Churchwarden’s bitHow do you pray?It’s a difficult question, because everybody prays differently. One Bishop,when asked for how long he prayed every day, answered “Oh about 10minutes”. Then he saw the disappointment on the questioners face, andadded, “But it takes me a good hour to get there!” Sometimes my prayers feel like that.During Lent, I am trying to give our Lord space, to really listen for Him Like most of us,I have a ‘shopping list’ that I bring every day. It’s grown quite long over the years, and ifasked to pray for somebody, I am very faithful in trying to keep my promise. However, itdoesn’t give our Lord much time to speak!A dear friend once told me that if a job isworth doing, it’s even worth doing badly. Ihave found this true in prayer and exercise.Even if we don’t excel, it’s truly better to tryto pray than not to pray at all. It definitelygives a sense of peace and belonging. Sonow I am praying on consecutive days oneday with my shopping list, the next daywaiting for Godot! Well that’s how it feelssometimes. I have to admit to myselfthough that perhaps Our Lord, who afterall does have a whole universe to keepHis eyes on, may not always have a wordjust for me. Amazingly though, as I havepersevered, with a Christian Radio stationplaying softly in the background. Words docome! Words of encouragement, words oflove, words of admonishment! It’s worththe wait.Our weekly prayer group is a great resourcein sustaining my prayer life. We are told inthe Bible that when two or more people askfor anything in the name of Christ, then wealso have the Holy Spirit there to help us.(Matthew 18: 19-20) This is a wonderfulreassurance, and stops us from thinking wedo anything through our own power. Wehave had some wonderful results throughour weekly prayer group, but it wouldn’twork without the Holy Spirit.Prayer is an important part of our visionfor St. Leonards. It always has been.Any new Service, project or plan is verymuch prayed over. This doesn’t alwaysguarantee success, as we are falliblehumans, but it certainly helps us step outin faith. Sometimes we learn more fromour ‘desert experiences’ than from oursuccess. So we move on in prayer andfaith and hope to get more right than weget wrong.Over the past year we have felt promptedto go out more into the community, so wehave had Pub Services, a regular monthlyService of Praise at Sanctuary Care Home,and just recently a bi monthly Mumsand Toddlers Group started up. We arecontinuing to pray that we are ‘hearing’right.5

As we pass through this special time of Lent and through to Easter and beyond, we haveso many exciting dates ahead of us and many opportunities to come together in faithand fellowship. However underpinning all of this is faithful prayer. So if sometimes youwonder “What are those folks at St. Leonards up to now” Rest assured, we have prayedabout it!ValREMEMBERING A LOVED ONE; CELEBRATING AN EVENT.Do you have special dates during the year when you remember a familymember, or celebrate a special anniversary? I’m sure we all do.If you would like a flower arrangement to be done in St. Leonard’s Churchto mark such an occasion, please ring Eleanor Holden on 01491 613885.The idea is that you make a donation to pay for the flowers and, if possible,the flower arranger will use the flowers, or colour scheme, you request. The person oroccasion being remembered can be announced in the Service, mentioned in the pewsheets and included in prayers - or it can be anonymous.The only times the Church does not have flowers are during Lent (leading up to Easter),and during Advent (leading up to Christmas).I look forward to hearing from you. Eleanor Holden. tomholden@tiscali.co.ukTel: 01491 613885<strong>2012</strong>, ‘An English Love Story’Performed by M.N.Hopwoodat St Leonard’s Church <strong>Watlington</strong>on Thursday <strong>April</strong> 19th starts at7.00pmTickets at the door ( £5)For a preview – see his delightful website - www.mnhopwood.comM.N Hopwood is the co-founder of the fair trading Independent Music and Artsorganisation called Montpatry Press whose roots are firmly grounded in sustainabilityand fairness, ‘seeking to make music and art with love and through personalcommunication’. His album ‘And to this Last’ will be released across the UK inAutumn.“In the style of the troubadour I am journeying through England, sharing my music,my love story, and hearing other peoples love stories in return. It is a journey ofexploration, sharing and communication. On these journeys I perform music from mynew album ‘And to this Last’ and discuss the importance of love stories and what ourlove stories might mean, gathering together a collection of English love stories fromthe rural communities of England.”6

Easter is one of those timeswhen bullet points help us recall…A happy meal with 12 good friends• Then, one is told he will hear a cock crow 3 times and deny hisbest friend, and another will betray him for money• A miscarriage of justice with no proper trial and condemned to hang on a cross untildeath• A mother naturally caring for her son, requesting water, but he receives only vinegar• An old friend carefully covers the body of Christ laying it to rest in a sepulchre orsmall cave• Two days later, the body has disappeared, completely to everyone’s surprise.• Mary Magdalene one of his best friends sees him, but he has somehow changed andat first, she doesn’t recognise him. Only his voice gives him away.• One of his 12 friends, Thomas, says until he sees him he won’t believe he is alive.• A little while later on the road to Emmaus two men are joined by Jesus and they invitehim to stay for a meal. It was the way he prepared the bread that made them realizewho sat at their table.• A promise kept that our sins would be forgiven• We may not always recognise our best friends but we know they are there when weneed themNow please go and enjoy an Easter Egg or two and have a good brisk walk !Happy EasterOzanna DuffyMAUNDY THURSDAY PASSOVER MEAL:At St. Leonard’s Church at 7.00pm. A chance to get together over a mealand Service celebrating the Passion of Christ.For more information or to sign up for this event. Please contact ChrissieBell on 07808061324 or e.mail: clb@o2email.co.uk All are welcomeThe Good Friday Liturgy” will take place at 12 noon at St.Leonard’s Church7

CHRISTOPHER’S SILVER ANNCHRISTOPHER’S SILVER ANNIVERSARYCHRISTOPHER’S SILVER ANNIVERSARYThis year sees the 25 th anniversary of my This year sees the 25th anniversary becoming of Vicar my of <strong>Watlington</strong> with Thisbecoming year seesVicar theof 25<strong>Watlington</strong> th anniversary Pyrton with and Pyrtonof Shirburn my and the 15 th year of andbecomingShirburn Vicarand the of15th <strong>Watlington</strong> my year taking of my with on taking the added responsibilities Pyrton and Shirburn and the 15 year of on the added responsibilities of of the the parishes parishes of of Swyncombe and my taking on the added responsibilities Swyncombe and Britwell and Britwell the formation and the formation of the of the parishes of Swyncombe and of the Benefice of Icknield. Benefice of Icknield. Britwell and the formation of the Benefice of Icknield. These anniversaries are going to be These anniversaries are going to be markedmarked with a church service at St with These a church anniversaries service at St are Leonard’s going to Churchbe <strong>Watlington</strong> marked with on Sunday a church <strong>April</strong> serviceLeonard’s29th at <strong>2012</strong> St Church at , <strong>Watlington</strong> on Sunday 11.00am Leonard’s followed Church by a , bring <strong>Watlington</strong> 11.00amand share on followed lunch. Sunday by <strong>April</strong> a bring 29 th <strong>2012</strong> and share at lunc11.00am All are welcome. followed by a bring and share lunch. All are welcome. The Bishop of Dorchester will be the guesThe Bishop of DorchesterThe Bishop of Dorchester will be the guest preacher service at the will be the guest preacher at the serviceservice It is my special wish that the It collection is my special at the service wish that will the be collection at tdonated It is my for special the restoration wish that donated of the St Paul’s collection for Church the restoration the in Mothibistad service of will St Paul’s be Churdonated in South for Africa’s the restoration Northern Cape. South of St The Paul’s Africa’s four Church churches Northern in for Mothibistad Cape. which The four in chuI have South responsibility Africa’s Northern are linked Cape. have with The responsibility St Paul’s four churches Church are and for linked it which with I St Pauwould have bring responsibility me a great deal are linked of pleasure would with bring to St share Paul’s me this a Church great anniversary deal and of it pleasurwith them would through bring a me special a great gift dealanniversary offering. pleasure with to them share through this a speciChristopher anniversary Idris Evans with them through a special gift offering. RectorChristopher Idris Evans Christopher Idris Evans Rector Rector WOMENS WORLDDAY OF PRAYERSupported by theBenefices of Icknield,Ewelme and theMethodist Church.This took place on Friday2nd March in a fullCatholic Church of StEdmund Campion.8WOMENS WORLD DAY OF PRAYER At St.Edmund Campion Catholic Church

Let Justice Prevailprepared by Christian women in Malaysia.The service was written by the Christian Women of Malaysia, basedaround the words of Habakkuk, with life experiences from women inMalaysia, a worker from Tenaganita, a suffragette, and a worker from the Ford factory inDagenham in 1968 – all people who made a difference for women in the workplace, and whoworked so that justice will prevail. Their witness was powerful, and reminded us all to do whateach of us can to help those less fortunate.The service next year will take place in St Mary’s Church at Pyrton.Mary Lock.THE PASSOVER SEDER MEALSt. Edmund Campion Catholic ChurchMonday - 2nd <strong>April</strong> <strong>2012</strong> 7.45pmFather Egan extends his invitation once again to the <strong>Parish</strong>ionersof <strong>Watlington</strong> to join him in celebrating a Seder mealat St.Edmund CampionIf you would like to attend please contact Mary Lock 612792Maralyn Rampton, evening praise congregation shares her experience from this year’s event.Each year the Womens World Day of Prayer (WWDP) ends with the hymn “The day thou gavestLord is ended”, the third verse reads: As o’er each continent and island, the dawn leadson another day, the voice of prayer is never silent, nor dies the strain of praise away.A reminder that there are Christians all around the world praying to and praising the Lord theirGod,.It gave us a small insight of their concerns for injustice in their country and we were able,through this service, to add our voices to their prayers for mercy and healing. The Malaysianscherish peace, and welcome is important to them, so they extended greetings of peace andwelcome to us as their sisters and brothers in the name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.- Yes men are welcome too.This annual event reminds me of my Christian sisters in other countries, whose hardships aredifferent to mine, but their joy is in the Lord, maker of heaven and earth just as mine is, andit’s good to be able to join them in their prayers. It also gives an opportunity to catch up withold, and make new friends from different villages and denominations as we come together forthis time of prayer and friendship.Next year Christian women in France will have prepared a service on the theme ‘I was astranger and you welcomed me’. This makes me think, when I meet a stranger in a churchmeeting how welcoming am I and do they feel welcomed by me and my Church?9

News from PyrtonBy the time you read this, I hope we will have celebratedanother successful Daffodil Sunday. Hopefully, despitethe warm weather in February, there were still daffodilsin flower. It was a great pleasure to welcome the congregation of <strong>Watlington</strong> MethodistChurch to our Benefice Service in this their bicentennial year and we were delighted thatRev Adam Stevenson was able to be our guest preacher. Few people will have known thatJohn Wesley had such interesting connections to our parish.Although we were sorry that the Surrey Puppet Team could not come to Pyrton this year,we were pleased to welcome the magician, Yohannis Castro instead. Adults and childrenalike were amazed by his magic tricks.We will be holding our usual Easter services on Good Friday and Easter Sunday but thisyear the Family Church will be meeting on Saturday 14th <strong>April</strong> at 4pm in the Village Hall tobuild Easter Gardens before the Village Service on the 15th at 10am.May 19th brings the annual Pyrton and Shirburn Fete to the Old Shirburn Rectory (pleasesee the advertisement on the inside front cover for more details) – the event not to miss.Following our successful application to English Heritage, St Mary’s church will be receivinga substantial grant from the Heritage Lottery Fund. By the beginning of <strong>April</strong> a projectarchitect will have been appointed to oversee the repairs to the external flint walls.Hopefully work can start in May / June to the West wall and bell tower. Once we haveaccurate costings for the whole project, we will know how much money needs to be raisedlocally in addition to the grant.On Thursday <strong>April</strong> 26th the PCC will be holding the Annual Parochial Church Meetingin the Village Hall at 8pm. Please come along to give us your views. This meeting willbe followed by a Fete planning meeting at 7.45pm and a Jubillee planning meeting at8.15pm. Plans are being made for afternoon and evening entertainment at a Tea Partyand Barbeque at the Old Court House on Sunday June 3rd. Your views on the detailedarrangements are needed.On Sunday May 13th there is a special Benefice Service in Shirburn Church. The Bishopof Oxford will be preaching at the service. It is hoped that this event can be the start of afund raising campaign to fund some essential repairs.On Friday March 2nd the Village Hall hosted its annual Race Night, which was wellsupported by villagers from Pyrton and Clare. Thank you to all those business whosponsored a race and to all the villagers who bought horses. The profits will be used to10

continue the improvement in the facilities the Hall provides.We now have small tables and chairs suitable for children aged 2 – 8 years and the DVD/ Bluray player with sound system and the large screen are making the Hall an even morepopular venue for Children’s parties.Pub Nights will continue in <strong>April</strong> and May on the first Friday of the month. There is a Pizzaevening on Good Friday (<strong>April</strong> 6th) and a Curry Night on May 4th. Food costs £5 but youcan come along for just a drink and a chat if you prefer.Jenny LockwoodVENUE:DATE:TIME:<strong>Watlington</strong> Gardening Club<strong>Watlington</strong> Town Hallfirst Wednesday of every month7.45pmTalks vary from practical tips to plant hunting in the wild, slides and with free tea andcoffee at the end of the meeting. Come along and join us. Visitors and guests are alwayswelcome for a small charge. Annual Membership £12.For further information please contact Cheryl Barnes, Chairman on 01491 614928 or emailcrbarnes2000@btinternet.comNEXT MEETINGS:4 <strong>April</strong>: Carol Gubier will talk about “Fuschia Growing through the Seasons”2 May: John Graham will talk about “Making Woodland Gardens”6 June: Janet Cropley will talk about “Summer Flowering Bulbs”July is our members Summer Social.A COACH TRIP IS PLANNED for June to Cottesbrooke Hall, Northampton for their PlantFinders Fair and to see the garden. Details will be available at our meetings or contact ourChairman.Ridgeway U3AVENUE: Sports Pavilion, <strong>Watlington</strong> Recreation GroundDATE:3rd Tuesday of every monthTIME: 2.30pm.Details on how to join - Jacky Wagstaff: jackywag@yahoo.com or 01491 63175 Retiredand semi-retired visitors welcomed (£2.50)NEXT MEETINGS:17th <strong>April</strong>: Susanne Carr gives members some Highlights of the National Gallery.11

ALPHA MARRIAGE PREPARATION COURSE.The Marriage Preparation Course was developed by Nicky and SilaLee, co-authors of The Marriage Book and The Parenting Book.They have been married for over thirty years, have four childrenand are on the staff at Holy Trinity Brompton - the London churchthat started the Alpha course. They started The Marriage PreparationCourse in 1985 and The Marriage Course in 1996, and thecourses continue to spread with thousands of courses now runningaround the world.They have spoken to thousands on the subject of marriage and are theco-authors of The Marriage Book which has sold over 150,000 copiesCOURSE STARTS AT ST. LEONARDS ON Tuesday the 1stMay for 5weeks. And consists of an intimate supper for each couple at 18.45, then aDVD presentation starting at 19.30. FOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASECONTACT CHRISSIE BELL ON clb@o2email.co.uk or ring 07595238139,MUSTARD SEEDS“If you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can sayto this mountain, ˜Move from here to there” and it will move.Nothing will be impossible for you”MUMS AND TODDLERS COFFEE MORNING: Please joinus every 1st and 3rd Monday of the month at St. LeonardsStarting at 9.45 am with coffee and snacks for all. Thisseason we are studying “The Parenting Course£. By Nickyand Sila Lee. All are welcome to come along especially Grandmas and Aunts, as weneed help with the little ones while our Mums watch the DVD. DVD presentation starts at10.15amFOR MORE INFORMATION PLEASE CONTACT: Val Kearney on valkearney@aol.comTel: 01491 614543EASTER SUNDAY SERVICE:St Leonards 10.00amAll are welcome to our celebration of the Risen Christ on Easter Sunday.As we celebrate the children will be entertained to an EASTER EGGHUNT in the Church yard, supervised, safe and family fun. What acelebration!12

This story began at Christmas…What an appropriate place to begin. Our first Christmas in theUK, my first Celebration of the Eucharist in the Church of England.Bruce and I were warmly welcomed at St Botolph’s Church,in Swyncombe on Christmas morning. The start of a new phaseof ministry for God’s Kingdom, here in the Benefice of Icknield.The few small hitches – such as the portable mike trailing on thefloor behind my ‘dignified’ introit! – were overcome and all weretruly joyous in celebrating the Feast.During January there was a more gentle introduction to each of the other churches. Each, Ifound, has its own special character. The kind welcome at all was extremely friendly. I trulyfeel that God’s People in Icknield have accepted their new South African priest withouthesitation.There was some hesitation on my part when arriving at Pyrton one snowy Sunday to takea Family Service with Baptism, to find the water pipes frozen. How do we do without water?Try melting snow over a candle? No – a helpful member of the congregation dasheshome for a thermos of hot water and Lauren Sophie is suitably baptised. Mustard Seeds(group for Mums & Tots) is a great joy for me to attend. St Leonard’s is abuzz every secondMonday with God’s house being used for the enjoyment of children, while their Mumsshare experiences and fellowship.I have really enjoyed the great variety of styles of worship. Formal Sung Mattins from theBook of Common Prayer (1662), with plainsong chant which I last sang as a pupil at StMary’s School Choir in Johannesburg – I shall not say when! Informal Evening Praise atSt Leonard’s – what a blessing to share in praising God with my own brother and sister-inlaw.Christmas Home Communions with Tony Williamson, Village Service at Britwell andcalling the Banns of Marriage. (Of which I have only read, never done.) Officiating at myfirst Funeral Service in the Church of England – so different from South Africa – and gettingto know that family.It has been three months of ‘firsts’ in so many things, but altogether a joy and delight to beserving God in Icknield. With love & many blessings, Lucy.THE GREAT SIMEON WOOD CONCERTSAT 19th May - St.Leonard’s ChurchCheck out this wonderful websitewww.simeonwood.com13

METHODIST CHURCH SERVICES FOR APRIL AND MAY1st <strong>April</strong> Mr Simeon Mitchell5th <strong>April</strong> Maundy Thursday Service (7.30pm)6th <strong>April</strong> Good Friday Service (7.30pm at Chalgrove)8th <strong>April</strong> Revd..Adam Stevenson (Holy Communion)15th <strong>April</strong> Mrs Heidi Cottrell22nd <strong>April</strong> Mr Graham Pitman (<strong>Watlington</strong> 200 Service)29th <strong>April</strong> Miss Judith Atkinson6th May Revd..Heather Carter13th May Revd. Adam Stevenson – Ecumenical Christian Aid Service20th May Ms Nicole Sims24th May Wesley Day service (7.30pm Revd. Dr. Martin Wellings)27th May Revd. charlotte Collins (<strong>Watlington</strong> 200 Service)New Probus Club in <strong>Watlington</strong>– a chance to joinThe opportunity exists for retired and semi retired professional and businessmen to becomemembers of a the new South Oxfordshire Probus Club which has recently beenformed. The focus for membership of the club is based upon the villages and rural areasto the north and east of Wallingford and to the south of Oxford.Through a programme of monthly lunches, talks, social and recreational activities thenew club provides the opportunity for the promotion of fellowship and friendship.Anyone interested in becoming a member of the club should email Richard Paintersoxprobus@gmail.com including their personal details and brief synopsis on how theymeet the criteria to become a member of the club.15

VISIT TO SOUTH AFRICAI have just returned from a very fruitful trip to our Link <strong>Parish</strong>in the black township of Mothibistad and its tribal outstationsin South Africa’s Northern Cape on the edge of the KalahariDesert and reasonably near to the Botswana border.It was a privilege to be amongst these wonderful people – toshare in their sufferings but also to be inspired by their warmthand vibrancy.St Paul’s Church in Mothibistad has many organisations that have been working verystrongly together in the last two years to transform their run-down church into a church thatwill serve the needs of the whole community. The church recently hosted the Mothers UnionDiocesan Conference with 1000 people attending!St Paul’s is an HIV/Aids friendly Church and through its Valley of Hope project, supportedby generous donors here in our community, it gives support to the most vulnerable of thoseinfected or affected by this modern day plague. I’ve held abandoned babies in my arms,seen the sadness in the eyes of elderly mothers who have seen ALL their daughters wipedout by the disease.Yet I have also seen the vibrancy of African Christian worship, the generosity of those whogive of what little they have, the determination to fight against all the odds that seem to bestacked against them.This Link gives our own community a priceless opportunity to learn so much from our friendsin South Africa – if we have the humility to listen to them and to learn from them.Indeed it is the hope of Fr David Tue, the new parish priest at St Paul’s, and myself that theLink between our two communities can be broadened by encouraging similar organisationsto develop their own links – a youth to youth; a choir to choir; a mothers to mothers.A broadening of our link will be a further reminderthat we are part of the one human family and–in Christian terms – brothers and sistersin Christ.Christopher Idris Evans RectorMy son Nicholas Evans and his girlfriend PaulaAhvonen will run the Helsinki City Half-Marathonfor the Charity on Saturday May 5th!Please support them by donating on their CharityGiving page. www.valleyofhopecharity.org18

Bishop John &Archdeacon Kareninvite you to a celebration Eucharist to markThe Centenary of the Diocese of Kimberley and KurumanAt Dorchester Abbey On Sunday <strong>April</strong> 15th at 3p.m.The Preacher at Dorchester Abbey will be :The Rt Revd Oswald Swartz – the Bishop ofKimberley & Kuruman who is flying in from S.Africa to preach at this service.Tickets are available from the Oxford Diocesan office on a first come first served basisEmail: barbara.weatherill@oxford.anglican.org or telephone 01865 20826619

AlsoChurch FeteBlitz EveningExhibitionsDancingTorchlight-­processionDecorate yourhouse & GardenGardenmorial\me20

ST LEONARDS CHURCH ExTENSIONFirstly, January’s public consultation showed strong support for the aims and options forbuilding an extension to St Leonard’s Church. Secondly, SODC’s Planning Officer hasexpressed cautious support, too, in his pre-application guidance.The PCC has therefore decided to proceed with a planning application for ‘Option B’,the proposal which has a lower ridge height and shallower pitch for the roof. This optionminimises the impact on the fabric of the church, and also on the church’s immediateneighbours.Having a kitchenette and accessible toilets will make an immediate difference to the waysin which the church can be used, and to the numbers of people who can use it. We arealready looking forward to new types of services taking place, to different groups meeting atthe church for a variety of activities, and to occasions when we can all gather for communityevents and celebrations.Whilst we are excited and encouraged by these developments, we are all too aware that theplanning application cannot be considered a foregone conclusion. So if you would like tosee the parish church as a place that can be used by anyone and everyone in <strong>Watlington</strong>, dowrite to SODC to say so. Every letter counts!The address is: The Planning Department, South Oxfordshire District<strong>Council</strong>, Benson Lane, Crowmarsh Gifford, Wallingford, OX10 8NJ, oryou can email planning@southoxon.gov.uk. You will need to includereference to St Leonard’s Church in <strong>Watlington</strong>, and the name of the caseofficer concerned, Tom Wyatt. The PCC’s Project Development GroupANNUAL PAROCHIAL CHURCH MEETINGSt. Leonard’s Church <strong>Watlington</strong>Will take place on Sunday 22nd <strong>April</strong> after the morning ServiceAfter which Everyone is invited to a Bring and Share Meal<strong>Watlington</strong> WIVenue : <strong>Watlington</strong> Town HallDate : on second Wednesday of the monthTime: 7.30-10.30pmIf you are new to <strong>Watlington</strong> and would like to make new friends, or perhaps you live herealready, but have not yet joined any club or organisation, do come along to meet us. We arenot just about jam and cakes! We also try to expand our knowledge by having interestingspeakers who give us an insight into other people’s worldsNEXT MEETINGS :<strong>April</strong>: The Grand Tour – Simon Jones21

How Traidcraft makes a differenceI met Dipali and Shanti in their village, Kolaghat, a dusty two hours’ drive outside Kolkatain India. It used to be a community with very few paid jobs. But 17 years ago these sistersjoined with three friends to set up a self-help embroidery and clothing cooperative. It nowprovides a vital income for 40 women.West Bengal has a tradition of fine embroidery, all of it in the past for family weddings. Thesisters heard about Sasha, an extraordinary women’s community enterprise in Kolkata.They went to ask for advice and support in marketing their designs. There’s now a thrivingbusiness relationship between Sasha and the village.The women have been able to plough back their profits into building a light and airyworkshop with treadle sewing machines, a lending library and a simple kitchen. ThroughSasha, their beautiful designs are now sold to the USA and Europe, but also to the growingIndian market. The Kolaghat cooperative has transformed life in the village.Traidcraft buys from projects like this all over the world. It was started in 1979 as a FairTrade organization to help people in developing countries build a better future for theircommunities through creating their own enterprises.The Fair Trade concept is simple: to open up reliable markets in richer countries like theUK for the products of farmers and craftspeople. Through fair trade, they not only supporttheir own families, but can also transform local working conditions and fund vital healthcare and education. The only catch is that we consumers must be prepared to pay a FAIRprice for their goods.We have been selling Traidcraft food and crafts in <strong>Watlington</strong> for 20 years. There area variety of goods to buy at the Drop In on the High Street on weekday mornings, andcatalogues from which you can order a wider selection. We buy the goods at a smalldiscount to cover expenses. Any profits are donated to other charities – including AgeConcern, Merlin, the community of Mothibistad in South Africa and Traidcraft Exchange,which helps developing enterprises with such things as designs and marketing.Our next event on the High Street will be a stall on Saturday 21st <strong>April</strong> at the St George’sDay Fair.On the first Saturday of each of the summer months we will have a stall on the High Street.There will be extra opening times through the autumn leading up to Christmas.Traidcraft’s support means a lot to Dipali and Shanti. They have the flair and dynamism tocreate beautiful things, but they need partnership with people like us if they are to succeed.Maggie Barton22

Dorothy Ackerman & Margaret Ashby provide Tea at SwyncombeFor Care Home Resident as part of Anna & Pauline’s work with Gardening ClubShanti & Dipali –India23

The slogan for Christian Aid Week <strong>2012</strong> is ‘Let’s give the tools to help people in povertyout of poverty’. Christian Aid is an ecumenical charity which works to bring an end topoverty around the world – tackling its root causes as well as its effects. 100,000 volunteersfrom thousands of churches act together in the largest house-to-house collection in Britain.Money raised helps people of all faiths and none. Christian Aid is currently working through507 local organisations in 47 countries, providing urgent, practical and effective assistance,giving communities the tools and the skills to find their own solutions to poverty.In Sierra Leone, one of the hungriest countries in the world, Christian Aid partner theMethodist Church of Sierra Leone has been working in the town of Gbap. Local farmersreceive tools and learn simple food production techniques. As a result of the communitycoming together, food production has increased, the children no longer going to schoolhungry and the people of Gbap come together to take their future into their own hands.<strong>Watlington</strong> will support the work of Christian Aid by collecting on the mornings of Friday11th and Saturday 12th May. If you are able to help on either day, please contact JudyCrockett 01491 612801. There will be a combined service for the Methodist Church andSt. Leonard’s on Sunday 13th May at 11 a.m. at the Methodist Church led by Rev. AdamStevenson.Judy CrockettThames Valley Policenon-emergency tel no is: 101Contacts: Neighbourhood Specialist officers : PC IanKent & PCSO Diane Greenwoodemail ThameNHPT@thamesvalley.pnn.police.uk. Website: . www.thamesvalley.police.ukTo report offences you can contact PCSO Diane Greenwood through the <strong>Watlington</strong> <strong>Parish</strong><strong>Council</strong> or email her at: diane.greenwood@thamesvalley.pnn.police.ukIf you want any advice or would like to contact the neighbourhood team you can call thenon emergency number or Valley Police to report crimes or for any urgent matters. Alternativelyyou can visit the force website at www.thamesvalley.police.uk to view informationon your neighbourhood.NEXT “HAVE YOUR SAY” MEETINGS:These meetings are an ideal opportunity for local residents to speak to local police officersand PCSOs no appointment is necessary, just turn up. and speak to your local officers25

PC Ian Kent at the<strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Council</strong> officesWed 25 <strong>April</strong> 7pm – 9pmThurs 31 May 7pm – 9pmPCSO Diane Greenwoodin the Neighbourhood Policing VanSat 21 <strong>April</strong> 4pm – 5pmoutside Cuxham Village hallFri 27 <strong>April</strong> 6pm – 7pmoutside Pyrton Village hallSat 19 May 4pm – 5pmoutside St Mary MagdalenChurch, Stoke TalmageFri 25 May 6pm – 7pmin Blenheim Road,Shirburn,We can all help to achieve cleaner neighbourhood. - By Diane GreenwoodDOG WALKERS – MUST CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR DOGS – OR THEY WILL FACE AFINE.This includes: Pavements / footpaths/Playing fields / Parks /Grass Verges.Nobody likes the smell of dog pooh – or cleaning it up if you inadvertently stand in it andthen trail it into your home. Please think about the children and partially sighted peoplewho often don’t see it.Whist the majority of dog walkers are responsible and do pick up after their pets, a smallnumber of people choose to ignore the rules. You can help to stamp out dog fouling inyour neighbourhood by reporting offences to your local PCSO or <strong>Parish</strong> <strong>Council</strong>. Whenreporting an offence of dog fouling, think about the following:• Do you know the dog owner?• Do they usually walk the dog at a certain time?• Where are they allowing the dog to foul?• If the dog owner is using a vehicle, what is the registration number?In order to maintain high standards of street cleanliness, PCSO’s are acting on behalf ofSouth Oxfordshire District <strong>Council</strong> to advise and educate, however if people persist in theirbehaviour they will be able to issue Fixed Penalty Notices of £80. If people refuse to pay,they can be prosecuted with a maximum fine of £1000.Within the <strong>Watlington</strong> Neighbourhood, dog faeces can be disposed of in the designateddog waste bins. If a dog waste bin is not available, dog faeces should be sealed well in abag and disposed of at home and placed in your household waste, as a last resort disposethe sealed bag in a litter bin.Some dog owners think that they can get away with not picking up after their pet if nooneofficial is around, but as more and more people come forward to report dog fouling offences,irresponsible dog owners may start to think twice about their actions.26

SPECIAL SERVICES IN MAYIn May there are three out of the ordinary services, which you might like to note and putin your diaries now – and two of them are on the same day!SUNDAY MAY 13th – 11.00am CHRISTIAN AID SERVICEThis year the Methodist Church in <strong>Watlington</strong> is hosting the annual Christian Aid Serviceand the congregation of St Leonard’s Church will be attending this service. The servicebegins at 11.00am but refreshments will be served from 10.30am. Please support thework of Christian Aid as it begins its week of campaigning and fund-raising for those sodesperately in need of help all over the world.SUNDAY MAY 13th – 3.30pm SHIRBURN CHURCH SERVICEAt the invitation of The Churches Conservation Trust, The Bishop of Dorchester willbe attending a special service at the redundant church of All Saints in Shirburn. Thisis an open invitation to anyone to attend this act of worship in a church that only veryoccasionally is used for services.SUNDAY MAY 20th – 6.00pm WORSHIP AMONGST THE ANIMALSThe Annual Rogation Service takes place once again in the barn at the Red Lion Farm inBritwell Salome. This delightful service is held with adults, children AND farm animals inthe congregation! Please dress informally but appropriately for the weather on the day!Enjoy the wonders of this service.WILL YOU HELP?I think that if a vote was taken among the people of our <strong>Parish</strong>es a hugemajority would vote yes to keeping our beautiful Churches alive and thrivingforever.Most people love to have their Church’s present and future secured. They arenot necessarily regular Church goers, but most would describe themselves as Cof E.Our Churches need help, if you would like to secure our Church’s future you may considereither a small monthly donation/even a £1.00 a week over a year is really helpful.Or, you may consider leaving your local Church a small legacy by way of your will. It’s reallyeasy to make a legacy. You don’t need to incur any expenses as there as Christian Aid localsolicitors who will help you for next to nothing. It’s not difficult.There is a common misconception that because the Church of England is big it musttherefore be rich. Owning and maintaining ancient Churches is hugely expensive. To keepour beautiful Churches we need to make some small financial effort to ensure their future.If you would like to find out more about a planned donation or how easy it is to leave a legacy,please contact Val Kearney, or Mike Gardner, our Church wardens at St. Leonards. Anyconversation would of course be in complete confidence.Contact details are on the back page of this magazine.27

Services in St Leonard’s <strong>Watlington</strong>, St Mary’s Pyrton, The Methodist<strong>April</strong> 1 (Palm Sunday)10.0am Procession and Eucharist with Hymns St Mary`s Church, Pyrton10.0am Procession and Sung Eucharist St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>10.0am Procession and Sung Eucharist St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe10.0am Procession and Said Eucharist St Nicholas` Church, Britwell Salome11.00am Family WorshipThe Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong><strong>April</strong> 5th (Maundy Thursday7.00pm Communion within a Meal7.30pm Service8.00pm Eucharist of The Last SupperSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe<strong>April</strong> 6th (Good Friday)10.00am The Liturgy with Communion St Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe12 noon The Liturgy without Communion St Mary’s Church, Pyrton12 noon The Liturgy without Communion St Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>7.30pm ServiceThe Methodist Church, Chalgrove<strong>April</strong> 8 (Easter Day)8.30am Said Eucharist9.30am Eucharist with Hymns10.00am Eucharist with Hymns10.00am Sung Eucharist10.00am Sung Eucharist11.00am Family Worship<strong>April</strong> 15 (Easter 2)10.00am Easter Garden Village Service10.0am Sung Eucharist10.0am Sung Eucharist11.00am Family Worship<strong>April</strong> 22nd (Easter 3)10.0am Mattins10.0am Sung Eucharist10.0am Sung Eucharist7.00pm Evening PraiseSt Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeSt Nicholas` Church, Britwell SalomeSt Mary’s Church, PyrtonSt Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeSt Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Mary`s Church, PyrtonSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeThe Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Mary`s Church, PyrtonSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>28

Church, St Botolph’s Swyncombe & St Nicholas’ Britwell Salome<strong>April</strong> 29th (Easter 4)11.00am Rector’s Anniversary Serviceand Bring and Share Lunch11.00am Family WorshipMay 6 (Easter 5)10.0am Eucharist with Hymns10.0am Sung Eucharist10.0am Sung Eucharist10.0am Said Eucharist11.00am Family WorshipSt Leonard’s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Mary`s Church, PyrtonSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeSt Nicholas` Church, Britwell SalomeThe Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>May 13 (Easter 6)8.30am Said EucharistSt Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe10.0am Sung EucharistSt Botolph`s Church, Swyncombe10.0am Village ServiceSt Mary`s Church, Pyrton11.00am Joint Churches Christian Aid Service The Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>3.30pm Special Service with Bishop of Dorchester All Saints Church, Shirburn7.0pm Evening Praise St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>May 17th (Ascension Day)7.00pm Eucharist with Hymns8.00pm Eucharist with HymnsMay 20th (Easter 7)8.30am Said Eucharist10.0am Sung Eucharist10.0am Sung Eucharist11.00am Family Worship6.00pm Benefice ROGATION ServiceMay 27th (Pentecost)10.0am Mattins10.0am Sung Eucharist10.0am Sung Eucharist11.00am Family Worship7.00pm Evening PraiseSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph’s Church, SwyncombeSt Mary`s Church, PyrtonSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeThe Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>Red Lion Farm, Britwell SalomeSt Mary`s Church, PyrtonSt Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Botolph`s Church, SwyncombeThe Methodist Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>St Leonard`s Church, <strong>Watlington</strong>29

NEWS FROM THE REGISTERSHOLY BAPTISMWe extend all good wishes to LAUREN SOPHIE GRAY who was baptised at St Mary’sChurch, Pyrton on February 12th <strong>2012</strong>WEDDINGS and baptisms in the church of EnglandIf you wish to get married or would like information on baptism in St Leonard’s, <strong>Watlington</strong>or St Mary’s, Pyrton please contact The Revd Christopher Evans, 612494REST IN PEACEWe offer our sympathy and the assurance of our thoughts and prayers to the families andfriends of the following people who died recently:Valerie Dowell who died on January 12th <strong>2012</strong>Gwen Glanville who died on January 19th <strong>2012</strong>Nellie Stevens who died on January 19th <strong>2012</strong>Robert James Brooks who died on February 1st <strong>2012</strong>Sue Sadleir who died February 3rd <strong>2012</strong>Bessie Young who died on February 28th <strong>2012</strong>Cecilia Leighton who died on March 8th <strong>2012</strong>BAPTISMS AND WEDDINGS IN THE METHODIST CHURCHIf you wish to be baptised or married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd.Adam Stevenson 01865 714163 e-mail: adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.ukThe Family of the late Robert Brooks would like to thankCanon Tony Williamson for a lovely Service, Everyone whowas there at Roberts funeral, and to all who sent flowersand Donations which went to the ChurchBLESSINGSMay the Blessings of GodSurround youTo keep you safe todayMay the Comfort of AngelsGuide youAnd help you along the wayMay the Words of FriendsReassure youIn kindness as they speakMay Love & Joy & LaughterBe YoursEvery Single Day of the Week30

FatFox 0412_Layout 1 14/03/<strong>2012</strong> 13:01 Page 1Prix Fixe;2 coursesfor £12 &3 courses for £15Available Monday toThursday lunch anddinner and Fridaylunch time.13 Shirburn Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxfordshire OX49 5BUTel: 01491 613040 info@thefatfoxinn.co.ukThe Fat Fox Inn can be found in the historic markettown of <strong>Watlington</strong>, we have a friendly pub, elegantdining room and nine cosy bedrooms.Dedicated to serving quality drinks and delicious,fresh food by a friendly, professional team .Come and celebrate our first anniversaryon 18th <strong>April</strong>.Live acoustic music, a very special menu &canapés. Call to reserve a table.Further details on Facebook,‘<strong>Watlington</strong> Fox’Open for lunch every day 12-3Dinner: Mon-Thur 6:30-9:30, Fri & Sat 7-10, Sun 7-9www.thefatfoxinn.co.uk34

EXTREMEC L E A NCarpet, upholstery, curtains, leather, rugsand household cleaning.Spot & Stain removal. Fully Insured.Paul Brooker:07866 01844 376934 35474436

Contemporary & Traditional KitchensWe are an independent family run home, kitchen living design studio& retailer. We tailor our projects to any budget range to get the bestcomplete package we can offer you.• Complimentary CAD Design Service• Replacement Kitchen Doors• Worktop & Granite Replacement• Electrical / Plumbing / Installation• Kitchen Appliances• Steam Oven Cooking Demos• Over 30 Years Experience• Trade & Contract Kitchens• RIGID KITCHEN CABINETRY GUARENTEE • RIGID KITCHENCABINETRYGUARENTEE•YEARSRIGID KITCHEN CABINETRY GUARENTEEEaster Sunday8 <strong>April</strong>Eggsquisitehand crafted Easter chocolateHAND MADE IN WATLINGTONMeet theEaster chicksat our shop on<strong>Watlington</strong>High Street6 High Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxon OX49 5PR014 91 612 4 6 2Ladies and GentsPersonalisedHair and skincareNew hair colour rangeAll La Biosthetiqueproductst. 01491 612644 www.hairbyjames.com9 Shirburn Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxon OX49 5BU38

Microsoft textbox, size 8.89cm x 5.83cm (same ALL PLUMBINGALL PLUMBING size as previous & HEATINGHEATING advert.)+ GAS FIRE/BOILER NEEDSRepairs & InstallationsBottle picture inserted into text box.Peter OsborneFine WinesYour local familyrun wine merchant,established forover 30 yearsWorldwide selectionof exclusive qualitywinesLEE BECKETT01491014916142336142330777307773168120168120Is the man to call forIs the man to call forNo call outNochargecall outchargeWatcombe Manor Farm, InghamLane, <strong>Watlington</strong> OX49 5EB.TEL: 01491 612311E-mail: info@peterosbornewine.co.ukWebsite: www.peterosbornewine.co.ukOpening hours:Mon/Fri: 9.30am-6pm-Sat: 9.30am-5pmronnieroper@onetel.com40

Wild Thyme bus card.ai 13/7/07 9:38:5ThymWild Thyme bus card.ai 13/7/07 9:38:5Wild Thyme bus card.ai 13/7/07 9:38:5ThymeChristmasFlowerLouise Nisbetworkshop6 High Street,<strong>Watlington</strong>Oxfordshire OX49 5PRTel. 01491 613775email shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.ukmonday 17th Nov. &wednesday 19th Nov.watlington town hallFrom 10am - 4pmCome and have a funfilled day with a deliciouslunch and lots of goodiesto take home!hampden house business centreserviced offices | virtual offices | meeting roomsonly £65.00 per personTailor-madeVirtual officeservices to helpyour businessmake the rightimpression6 High Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>Oxfordshire OX49 5PRThymeLouise NisbetThyme6 High Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>Oxfordshire OX49 5PRTel. 01491 613775Louise Nisbetemail shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.uk6 High Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>For delightfulOxfordshire OX49 5PRTel. 01491 613775email shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.ukflowersLouise Nisbet& gifts.Tel. 01491 613775email shop@wildthyme-florists.co.ukwww.wildthyme-florists.co.ukTo book a viewing:E-mail to us: Talk to us: Visit us online:chris@jennings.co.uk 01865 893 200 www.hampden-house.co.ukJenningsa home for your business41

01844 35474442

Are you lookingfor an income?Join our thriving team!We’re working with an exciting‘Investors in People’ Award winningCompany and growing an amazing‘Health and Well-being’ business.Hairdresser AvailableAll aspects including colour.Great rates-Wedding ServicesAlso availableIncluding Beauty & Make-upWeekend/evening appointmentsCall Louise –07927 198148Work from home, part time or fulltime. Excellent pay and rewards.No previous experience necessary,full training and support provided.Contact Hazel Loutsis on0118 321 8916Contact during office hoursCommunity office01491 61386743

BRITWELL SALOME FARM SHOPOur own free- range Pork and properly hungbeef. Lots more local foods including bread,milk, cheese and beer.01491 612070just off the B4009 behind The Goose at Britwell SalomeBRITWELL Opening hours SALOMEFARM SHOPTuesday our own free-range - Friday pork8.30 and properly a.m. - 6 p.m hung beeflots more local foods includingbread, milk, interesting jarsSaturday and sweet things9 a.m. Tuesday—Friday, - 5 p.m.8.30 Sunday a.m.—6 p.m.9Saturday,a.m. - 129 a.m.—5noon.p.m.01491 612070plenty plenty of parking of parkingjust off the B4009 behindThe Goose at Britwell SalomeM. J. GEEMARKET GARDENERREADY NOWPANSIES PansiesPOLYSVIOLAS PolyanthusPRIMROSESWINTER Sweet BASKETS peas andTUBS AND PLANTSCYCLAMENSbroad& WALLbeanFLOWERSplantsCABBAGESCompost & CanesPERENNIALS & HERBSTel: 01491 612479DEVELOPMENTSSmall works & Maintenance DeptAll types of work undertakenDecor • Gardens • Fencing • PatiosWalls • Extensions • RepairsN.H.B.C. rEGNorman: 01491 838662 - Lee: 01235 818850TAXI SERVICEDavid Byers of NettlebedAny Time or DistanceSpacious Air-conditioned Estate CarTel: 01491 641159Mob: 07767 77853844

Hambleden Valley / Watlingon <strong>Parish</strong> News 91x122mmDRAPES DESIGN CO.Colefax & Fowler, Osborne & Little,Jane Churchill, Designers Guild, ArthurSanderson, Zoffany, Malabar, AndrewMartin, Nina Campbell, Nobilis-Fontan,Pierre Frey, Greengate Upholstery andVaughan LightingJane ChurchillPRODUCING FINE CURTAINS &FURNISHINGS, UPHOLSTERY &LOOSECOVERS, RE-UPHOLSTERY,FABRICS, CARPETS, WALLPAPER,LIGHTING & PAINTSPlease call in or phone for more information:40 Couching St, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxon ox49 5qqPhone: 01491 612273 Fax: 01491 613039Email: designers@drapes.co.uk1<strong>2012</strong>_hv-wp_91x122.indd 1 10/1/12 12:31<strong>Watlington</strong> & District Nursing HomeAfraid to talk about care?Let us help youWe know from experience consideringcare options can be overwhelming. This iswhy we get to know you and your familyand make sure your experience is tailoredespecially to your specific needs.With our dedicated teams on hand 24hours a day, <strong>Watlington</strong> & District NursingHome offers the highest standards of carefor all its residents including thoseneeding re-ablement care following ahospital stay, nursing, respite, dementiaand palliative care.To discuss your plans for now and thefuture, please call 01491 613400www.sanctuary-care.co.uk<strong>Watlington</strong> & District Nursing HomeHill Road, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxfordshire OX49 5AEEmail: care@sanctuary-housing.co.ukSanctuary Care Limited is a subsidiary of Sanctuary Housing Association, an exempt charityDedicated to care45

Mail HandlingTelephone Answering and Call ForwardingMeeting RoomFull Reception ServiceOffices on Flexible Terms41, Couching Street, <strong>Watlington</strong>, Oxfordshire01491 613311info@chilternbusinesscentre.co.ukwww.chilternbusinesscentre.co.uk“You take care of your businessWe look after your office”48

JP CARAVANCARETel. 01844 281042 Mob. 07505 772110 jpcaravancare@live.co.ukMobile Caravan & Motorhome servicing and repair in Oxfordshire &BuckinghamshireJP Caravancare is pleased to offer the following ServicesFull Annual Service Habitation Service Chassis Safety Service Damp TestingPreventative Damp Oversealing Floor Delamination Repairs General RepairsEmergency Call Out Pre Purchase Checks Motor Movers supplied & Fitted Accessories FittedFull Service, Repair and Damp reports are suppliedWe can tailor our services to suit You and remember “We Come To You”Devey Tree CareTree Surgery & GardenMaintenance ServicesWe offer a variety of services for yourtrees and gardens, from hedge cutting totree removal.Fully insured with £5M public liability coverAll jobs considered and all quotations are free of charge.Telephone:Call Owain Devey NCH Arb on07922736451 01844281101 orowain.devey@hotmail.co.uk www.deveytreecare.co.uk51


Church ofEnglandMINISTRY TEAMThe RectorAssociate PriestAssociate PriestAssistant PriestAssistant PriestChurch WardensSt. Leonard’sSt. Leonard’sSt. Mary’sSt Leonards<strong>Watlington</strong>St Mary’s PyrtonAll Saints ShirburnThe Rev ChristopherIdris Evans. The Rectory,Hill Road, <strong>Watlington</strong>OX49 5AFThe Rev Angie PatersonThe Rev Adam ClaytonCanon Tony WilliamsonRevd Lucy AustinMike GardnerVal KearneyJenny LockwoodHow to Contact(Day off Monday)01491 612494cievans@aol.com01491 614033Angie.paterson@btinternet.com01491 612210adam@ajbc.fsnet.co.uk01491 612143tony_williamson@lineone.net07906 684987luciea48@gmail.com01491 612111mike.gardner@pharm.ox.ac.uk01491 614543valkearney@aol.com01491 613240Jennifer.lockwood@btinternet.comMethodist ChurchRev’d Adam J StevensonMr Phil CrockettLittlefield, ChristmasCommon, OX49 4HRMrs Ann Caffari16Ashridge, Chinnor,OX39 4JU(Day off Friday)01865 714163adam.stevenson@oxfordmethodists.org.uk01491 61280101844 353732WEDDINGS IN THE METHODIST CHURCHIf you wish to be married in the Methodist Church, please contact the Revd. Adam Stevenson54

FOR ALLTYPES OFBRICKWORKPAV I N GFENCINGNeil Chesham07752 54019801628 47156630 YEARSEXPERIENCEwww.neilchesham.com56

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