Part 2 - Miller Publishing Corporation

Part 2 - Miller Publishing Corporation

SMPage 16 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueBENNETT LUMBER Thrives With Customer-Focused MissionBy Terry MillerPrinceton, Idaho–Since opening itsdoors 73 years ago, Bennett LumberProducts, located here, has been anindustry leader in building and retainingrelationships with their customers, andanticipating their needs. As a result,Bennett Lumber is able to inventory lumbersomewhat more heavily than othersmight simply because Bennett knowsfrom season-to-season and year-to-yearwhat its longterm customers will purchase.Jim Vandegrift, sales manager atBennett Lumber, said, “We have noproblem maintaining that inventory at themill in order to ensure we meet the(Left) Bennett LumberSales Manager JimVandegrift is picturedwith a 1x8 board of RedCedar.Bennett Lumberʼs highly recognizeable paperwrap protects all the companyʼs productsin transport. Pictured are Bennettʼs sales team of Jim Vandegrift and BobJahns.needs of our valued customers.”Bennett Lumberʼs primary customersare wholesalers and distributors, whoVandegrift said he is greatly looking forwardto seeing in Chicago at the NAWLATraders Market ® .“Weʼre carrying a slightly larger inventorythan normal to assist our wholesaleand our distributor partners who not onlydo just-in-time shipments, but just-pasttime,”explained Vandegrift. “We havechosen to carry heavier inventoriesrather than push that material into themarket in order to have material for ourcustomers over an extended period oftime, rather than just running out.”DimensionStudsSince 1951 we've been making quality forest products usedby distributors, dealers, builders, remodelers, and do-it-yourselfers.For over fifty years we have followed the same principles: take care of the land and it willtake care of you; strive for excellence and efficiency in manufacturing; and treat all suppliersand customers the way you would like to be treated.For sales call: 1-800-331-0831www.swansongroupinc.comTo these customers, Bennett offers awide array of products, which sell to all50 states, as well as into the export market.Vandegrift stated, “Certain parts ofour market area favor Fir/Larch, such asthe intermountain region, while othersprefer White Fir, or Ponderosa Pine. Ifyou want good, clean, bright Ponderosastock, buy it in the Inland Northwest.“We were down a little this year in Cedardecking, just because of overproductionfrom some of our competitors. Thatstymied the pricing structure so at thatpoint, we chose to gear more of our productioninto the Cedar boards, asopposed to 5/4 Cedar decking.”Structural PanelsThe Bennett Lumber sales team of Jim Vandegrift and Bob Jahns are pictured infront of Ponderosa Pine Selects.Vandegrift added that the pricing structurethis year has not afforded them flexibilityto produce any 2x12 lumber thisyear in White Fir or Fir/Larch but Bennetthas offered 2x4 through 2x10 products.Bennett produces predominantly 6/4Ponderosa Pine in Shop and Mouldingfor the window and door manufacturers,some 4/4 in Selects through No. 4Common in 1x4 through 1x12, and occasionallysome 5/4 Shop.Bennett Lumber introduced its ImperialCedar product last spring, and it isgeared toward customers who utilize No.3 and Better. Imperial is shipped in thesame Bennett paperwrap as the rest ofthe companyʼs products. “We take agreat deal of pride in the Bennett logo,and Imperial is in the same wrap that wedo everything in,” Vandegrift said.Historically, Bennett Lumber has producedsignificant amounts of patterns,and today they continue to do so.Vandegrift noted, “Our value-added patternproducts in both Pine and Cedarserve our customers well. We do all standard1-and-2-sided patterns and weʼredoing more and more of that as peopleare utilizing mill direct as opposed to puttingit into a remanner to have patternproduced. Itʼs more cost effective, andmore efficient in the shipments.”Vandegrift compares Bennett Lumber toa “one-stop” custom shop. We donʼtstock pattern material, itʼs freshly run.We custom run it for the customer with aminimum volume of 5,000 board feet sothe customer doesnʼt have to purchase afull truckload.”Bennett Lumber delivers half packs inCedar, and delivers up to full packs inother wood species. “This flexibility helpsour customers manage their inventories,and makes shipping easier,” he said.Shipments overseas has slowed downfor Bennett Lumber over the past year.“Like everybody else, weʼve seen a littlebit of pullback in the export market,”explained Vandegrift. “The Mexican marketcontinues to be good for us inPonderosa Pine; Pakistan, China andVietnam have all slowed down for us.However, we are still moving wood, butnot at the volume we did in the past.”Bennett operates two shifts in its milland planer facility. “Bennett has survivedthrough the years,” said Vandegrift,“because weʼre a small, family-ownedbusiness in which our communicationsare so good – all the way from FrankBennett, our president, to the guy thatpulls the dry chain in the planer. Weʼreable to change fairly quickly to thedemands of the marketplace.”Key personnel, in addition to Vandegrift,includes: Frank Bennett, president andson of founder Guy Bennett; BrettBennett, vice president; Bob Jahns,sales assistant; Jan Dimke, secretarytreasurer;and Mitch Dimke, generalmanager of the Clarkston mill.Bennett Lumber is a member of theNorth American Wholesale LumberAssociation.For more information, visit online and at the NAWLATraders Market, booth 419.•MEMBERPlease Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 419

October 2012 Advertorial Page 17Irving Forest Products Awarded Efficiency Maine Grant For Innovative Power Generation, Energy Efficiency ProjectsAugusta, Maine– EfficiencyMaine has awarded Irving ForestProducts a $471,000 incentive toinstall a kiln moisture control systemthat will save the companynearly 15% of their annual energyexpense – 3.2 million kilowatthours a year – or enough energyto power 530 homes a year.“The incentives from EfficiencyMaine will allow the mill to takeadvantage of low-cost energy thatwe otherwise would not be able toaccess because of high up-frontcosts,” says Division ManagerSusan Coulombe. “By reducingthe amount of electricity purchasedon the grid, the project willallow Irving to remain more competitive,and reinvest thoseresources in its people and operations.”The mill currently employs235 people.This is the second incentiveaward that Irving has won througha competitive program runthrough Efficiency Maine whereprojects are ranked on the basis ofcost effectiveness and projectreadiness. The first award was a$706,543 incentive for a steamturbine that reduced Irvingʼsdependence on grid-suppliedelectricity by 4.2 Million kWh.“Both projects will allow the mill tobe at 100% capacity,” addedCoulombe, “and thatʼs somethingthatʼs extremely rare in the forestproducts industry today.”“By reducing the demand for electricityby 6.5 million kilowatt hoursa year, Irving doesnʼt merely lowerits operating costs, but it lowersthe cost of electricity for all Maineratepayers,” says Ian Burnes,Business Program Manager atEfficiency Maine.Efficiency Maine issued an RFPfor its new Competitive Programlast September, inviting Mainebusinesses to compete for fundingof large electrical energy efficiencyand distributed generation projects.Funding levels ranged from$100,000 to $500,000 per facility,up to 50% of the total projectcosts. The next round of fundingwill begin in early February withapplications due in late March. Formore information, visit: ABOUT THE PROJECT:Kiln Moisture ControlIrving Forest Products currentlyhas no way to monitor the moistureof its wood as it dries. Irvinguses a static time-based dryingschedule that does not account forwood product variables such asage, seasonality and size. Thecompany identified a need tochange its wood product dryingprocesses to improve customersatisfaction, system efficiency andoverall costs.Installation of new controls willallow Irving to monitorthe moisture levels oflumber and automatethe drying schedule.These changes wouldreduce energy consumptionby allowingthe companyʼs kilns,fans, and boilers tooperate more efficiently.By operating moreefficient kilns, Irvingwill also be able toreduce the amount offuel burned in the boilerand cut greenhousegases.Steam TurbineThe Dixfield mill generatessteam using three biomass-fedboilers. These boilersprovide both process steam topower sawmill operations as wellas heating for the complex.pressures and temperatures.•Prior to the project, the boilersʼhigh-pressure steam output usedto power sawmill equipment wasinefficient. The new backpressureturbine generator alters the steampressure to the required processPlease Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 823

Page 18 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueTRI-PRO TM FOREST Makes Capital Improvements as Markets WarrantOldtown, Idaho—Tri-Pro TM Cedar hasremained a consistent and steady supplierof value-added products since theirinception in 1987. In 2007 they saw aunique opportunity to purchase a mill inOrofino, Idaho and provide more specialtyproductsfrom thespecies mixthat is nativeto the area,b e i n gWesternRed Cedar,Douglas Fir,Larch, WhiteFir andPonderosaPine. Thisyear Tri-Proadded a 40-hour planerwork shift atthis facility toproducespecialtyproducts.“We have aTri-Procrew inTM Forestʼs President SteveLintonOrofino ofabout 45 people that are cross-trained torun the various machine centers to manufactureour specialty products for ourvalued customers,” President SteveLinton noted.The sawmill is one of the few operationsleft that can still breakdown the logs asbig as 60-inches in diameter in the Inlandand Pacific Northwest. “This facility can notonly provide everything a small log mill canprovide, but an array of products that differentiateus from the pack,” said SalesManager Terry Baker. “We are making timbersup to 32-feet long withdimensions upto 24”x24” usedin high-endinterior applicationsand assmall as 4”x4”timbers, forexterior uses.“While Tri-Prodoes not exportdirectly, we arevery in tunewith the worldʼsappetite forNorth Americanwood products,”saidLinton. “Wehave hostedtrade delegationsfromacross theglobe. Our largelog mill has thecapability of providing a wide variety ofwidths and thicknesses for export to theindustrial market that a small log operationcannot do. These high grade specialtyproducts can be used for furniture, cabi-Introducing a new brand of Western Red CedarSince 1984Focusing on Higher StandardsdFocusing on the consumerTel: 604-946-2910WWW.PWWW.CAA full line of Cedar Trim, Finish,Decking, Siding and Accessoriessoriesnetry, table tops, window and doors, etc.,”said Lance Hubener, who also handlessales and traffic. “Moreover we produce1x4-1x12, 2x4-2x12, 6ʼ-20ʼ, kiln dried,S1S2E and S4S boards and dimension(No. 2, 3, and 4 Com., Select Structural,Standard andBetter, No. 2and BetterIndustrials andlow grade) withS4S capabilitiesup to 6x12.“This companyhas tremendousflexibilityand canrespond veryquickly to marketdemands.We do somecustom cuttingat the mill inOrofino and,In 2007 Tri-Pro TM Cedar saw a unique opportunity to purchase a millin Orofino, Idaho, which enabled them to provide more specialtyproducts from the species mix that is native to the area, beingWestern Red Cedar, Douglas Fir, Larch, White Fir and PonderosaPine.provide somecustom manufacturingat ourOld Town facilities,”saidCluster.Tri-Pro providesspecialpackaging at the customerʼs request alongwith bar coding, export prep and containerloading. The company ships highly mixedtruckloads and can move products by theBN or UP railroad. “We market our productsCome see us atBooth #629By Terry Millerthrough wholesalers and wholesale distributorsand as a result, we are a member ofthe North American Wholesale LumberAssociation (NAWLA). We are also membersof the Inland Lumber Producers (ILP).Between the two plants the team consistsof about1 0 0employees.Thistime lastyear wew e r eworkingonly about70 peoplebetweenthe twoplants,”Lintonexplained.Other keypersonnelare MikeBoeck,resourcemanager,Ron Cluster is Tri-ProJim Wells,TMʼs vicepresident.p l a n tmanager in Orofino, Mike Davis, plant coordinatorand shipping at Oldtown, and KarenPhillips, administration.In terms of machinery, Tri-Proʼs Oldtownfacility has everything. “This is where wemanufacture the high-end specialties suchas boards, fascia, decking, sidings and allthe specialty patterns from 4-inches wide to12-inches wide,” said Linton. “We producebevel siding inboth plain andrabbeted fromour state-ofthe-artequipment.In plainbevel we offer11/16-inchthick in 6-inchand 8-inchwidths, as wellas 3/4 and 7/8-inch thick in 6-,8-and 10-inchwidths. Therabbeted bevelis manufacturedin all thesame dimensionsas abovealong with 5/4-Sales manager Terry Baker inch in 6, 8, 10and 12-inchwidths,” saidVice President Ron Cluster.“The slight improvements we have seen inbusiness this year have allowed us to bringsome projects that would have otherwiseb e e nshelved,to thetable,”Lintonexplained.“ F o rexample,w einstalled an e wweightscale ato u rOldtownfacility andupgradedthe planerLance Hubener heads up sales atTri-Pro TM .mill inOrifino.W e ʼ v ealso madeadditionalimprovementsto our rolling stock at both facilities.Our claim to fame has been and always willbe the specialties, which we are known for.We feel it is important for us to keep ourcurrent and future customers supplied withhigh quality Cedar products from a consistentproducer that they can count on tokeep doing it and doing it right. And with thelarge log mill we are able to do a wideassortment of specialty products from allthe species we produce.”For more information about Tri-Pro ForestProducts visit or call(208) 437-2412.•PLEASE VISIT US ATNAWLA BOOTH NO. 807

October 2012 Page 19 T W Understanding the unique demands of thewood building products market, EPEX Trimfrom Bitterroot Valley Forest Products is asuperior offering of trim products designedto exceed expectations for performanceand aesthetics. With unparalleledprotection against rot, fungus, mold,mildew, and even termites, EPEX Trimstands apart from other trim products for itsmulti-phase protection process that coversall four sides of the substrate and ensuresthe ultimate in defense against the naturalenvironment. Merging the expertise of theLonza FrameGuard® Total treatmentsystem with the coatings knowledge ofSherwin-Williams, EPEX Trim has a 30-yearlimited warranty and is engineered to last.The FrameGuard ® Total treatment wasdeveloped by Lonza, an internationalcorporation and leading supplier to thelife science, pharmaceutical and healthcare industries.Lonza Wood Protection provides the broadest range ofindustrial wood treatments in the world, and licenses theproduction of such respected brands of building prod -ucts as Wolmanized ® Outdoor ® wood and Dricon ® fireretardant treated wood.EPEX Trim is proudly manufactured using a line of waterbasedfactory-applied primers from Sherwin-Williams,designed for lasting protection and exceptionalaesthetics across the range of environmental and end-useconditions. Providing coatings that protect and beautifyfor over 146 years, Sherwin-Williams has been at theforefront of developing innovative technologies for thebuilding products industry.At Bitterroot Valley Forest Products, our mission since 1977 hasbeen to provide the finest-quality specialty wood products onthe market. We continue that tradition with a leading range ofproducts - from our WWPA patterns to custom and uniquetrademarked products and our premium treated trim offerings.Driven to produce the most consistent products available, Bitterroot Valley ForestProducts remains focused on sustainable solutions through the development of longerlasting products developed to have less environmental impact.Focused on providing the best solutions for theindustry, EPEX Trim is produced using a uniqueprocess that ensures long lasting durability andbeauty. We combine the lasting wood protectionof FrameGuard® Total treatment from Lonza withan advanced-technology water-based primer fromSherwin-Williams, then use a proprietary factory-applicationprocess that ensures full and consistentcoverage on all four sides of the substrate.Our products are trusted to protect and beautify statement residential and commercialprojects across North America. Our signature Montana Hewn Timber Siding warmsthe walls of a major resturant chain, while Bitterroot Valley Forest Products’ trademarkedMontana Ghost Wood Line and Timber Sidings have been used throughout theinterior and exterior of structures throughout the resort developments of Breckenridge,Aspen, Park City, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina.EPEX Trim provides superior performance and aesthetics, backed by a 30-year limitedwarranty. For more information on the range of EPEX Trim products, installation, orwarranty details, please contact Bitterroot Valley Forest Products at 877-626-1505 orvisit us at

Page 20 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueNEIMAN’S Invites A New Mill To Its Family Of OperationsThe Neiman family, owners of Neiman Enterprises, Inc., has recently acquiredthe stud mill in Montrose, Colo., which was formerly known as IntermountainResources, Inc.Hulet, Wyoming—The Neiman Family,owners of Neiman Enterprises, Inc., hasrecently acquired the stud mill inMontrose, Colo., that was formerly knownas Intermountain Resources, Inc. Thisfacility will do business as MontroseForest Products, LLC and will continue tooperate as a stud mill with similar productofferings as it has in the past. Jim D.Neiman, CEO of Neiman Enterprises,said, “The Family is excited to enter anew market within the wood productsindustry and are focused on being a longtermand consistent supplier of high qualitybuilding products.” Montrose ForestProducts, LLC aims to continue to be apreferred supplier of premium ESLP 2x4and 2x6 studs to many areas of the coun- BC CONNECT is the new integrated 1-stoponline portal with everything you need tomanage your EWP business in one place andinstant accessto your entiredesign andbusinessmanagementplatform.Your teamandprofitcentersconnect to business tools and cloud-basedapplications, for an integrated system tomanage a more robust, more profitableengineered wood business.The 3 & Better Blue Stain material is pulled as a medium to heavy blue, whereover 50% of each piece is blue stain. Neiman's newest Weinig Moulder installed in August of 2011.try. All sales for Montrose ForestProducts, LLC will be handled by thesales office in Hulett, Wyo.Montrose Forest Productsʼ primary productwill be a Premium ESLP stud, in both2x4 and 2x6. The product mix will include8ʼ, 9ʼ, and 10ʼ PET as well as a full 8ʼ, 9ʼ,and 10ʼ double end trim studs. Someshort length studs will also be available;the availability and length structure of thatoffering will be evaluated based on marketsand recoveries from the mill. Allstuds are end-waxed and end-brandedwith the Montrose name and ready fordistribution. “We are impressed with thequality of product and loyal following thatthe Montrose stud has, and have nodoubt that the hard working employees ofthat plant have been a vital part of thatproductsʼ success,” explained Neiman.Prior to the acquisition, IntermountainResources had been operating under areceivership since May of 2010, andwhile operating under this receivershipwas able to acquire logs and processthem. The millʼs capacity for one eighthourshift per day nets a total annual productionof 55 million board feet. BC CONNECT is packed with new features suchas a cut optimization module for less waste andlower job pack cost; an inventory module withmoney-saving perpetual inventory management;a project management module to manage designcost-effectively, and more. BC CONNECT cangive you a competitive advantage over dealersthat don’t have the software to optimize design,manage inventory tightly or streamline staffing.The BC CONNECT platform is available at nocost if you sell Boise Cascade EWP. Scan the QRcode or click to view a shortvideo, or call your Boise Cascade Area Manager,or Boise Cascade EWP Software at 800-405-5969.However, the ability to keep a steady flowof logs coming into the mill proved to bedifficult. “One of our largest obstacles willbe the availability of timber contracts, wewill need to work closely with the ForestService to ensure a consistent source oflogs,” Neiman stressed. Neimanʼs intentionis to maintain the current level of production,and if timber contracts are madeavailable assess the possibility of futureproduction expansion. “We will also beevaluating optimizing upgrades thatcould be made in both the mill and planerfacilities to increase the quality andefficiency of production.”Neiman Enterprises, Inc. is a leading,high quality producer of Ponderosa Pineboards, pattern, decking, and industrial(shop) lumber. Neiman operates fourfacilities in the Black Hills; Devils TowerForest Products in Hulett, Wyoming andRushmore Forest Products in Hill City,South Dakota, Spearfish Forest Productsand Heartland Pellets both located inSpearfish, South Dakota. The three millsproduce a total of 200 million board feetper year with approximately 185 millionboard feet of boards, 1x4 through 1x12.All three mills are currently pullinggrades of 2 & Better, 3 Common, 4Common as well as our 3 & Better BlueStain. The 3 & Better Blue Stain materialis pulled as a medium to heavy blue,where over 50% of each piece is bluestain. This product has been sought afterto be run as a rustic pattern, with aunique appearance for interior applications.It has also gained popularity inparts of the manufacturing sector lookingfor a higher quality fiber for boxes, crates,and pallets. The blue stain is produced intrees that have been hit by the MountainPine Beetle. The trees that areprocessed for lumber are green-needledand the lumber produced has the sameproperties as bright lumber.Neiman Enterprises operates twoWienig Hydromat Moulders, one atRushmore Forest Products and one atSpearfish Forest Products. The two facilitiesproduce nearly 30 million board feetper year of pattern. Both moulder facilitieshave several custom capabilitiesincluding, but not limited to, end matching,sub-bundle, end-cap, and multiplepackage sizes. With two facilities runningmatching profiles that include bothWWPA and NELMA patterns, along withsome custom profiles, NeimanEnterprises offers the flexibility to switchbetween mills depending on the customersʼneeds and lead times. Both facilitiespride themselves on producing ahigh quality, consistent product thatexceeds our customersʼ needs andexpectations.Neiman Enterprises is committed tobeing their customersʼ preferred supplierof wood products. They take pride in theprompt and courteous customer servicethey provide, and making the buyingexperience as easy as possible. With theaddition of Montrose Forest Products, theNeiman Family and the Sales Team areexcited for the new possibilities that lieahead, and look forward to working tofind practical solutions to their customersʼneeds. Feel free to stop by the booth atNAWLA and visit with their sales staffabout being your provider of high qualitywood products.•Great products are only the beginning. © 2012 Boise Cascade Wood Products, L.L.C. BOISE CASCADE, the TREE-IN-A-CIRCLE symbol, BC CONNECTand “Great products are only the beginning” are trademarks of Boise Cascade, L.L.C. or its affiliates.Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 604

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Page 22 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueMILL SERVICES Continues To Increase Eastern White Pine Fingerjointing MarketshareThe new scanning and optimizing equipment increases efficiency andmaximizes recovery at Mill Services Inc., located in Cobleskill, N.Y.Cobleskill, N.Y.–The superior quality ofEastern White Pine (EWP), indigenous tothe Northeast region of the United States,continues to play the leading role in theongoing expansion in personnel andequipment of Mill Services Inc., locatedhere.Jamie Place, co-owner of Mill Servicesalong with Dan Holt, said, “We believe thatEastern White Pine is just a tremendousspecies, and obviously it has a long-storiedhistory in the New England area. Its durabilityand workability are proven throughoutthis region where homes continue to standstrong that were built with Eastern WhitePine in excess of 200 years ago.“At Mill Services, there has never been atime in which weʼve made a higher quality,better Eastern White Pine product thanright now.”Thatʼs a big statement, but one that Placecan back up with figures to prove his point.Mill Services has continuously flourishedsince Place and Holt bought the facility in2007. At that time, 38 employees staffedthe operations. Today, current personnelfluctuate between 62 and 70 and work oneshift, plus a “hybrid” shift that manufactureson Saturdays. Mill Services added six toeight employees last year and are on trackto do the same this year.“Weʼve been able to add personnel andequipment simply because weʼve gottenbusier,” noted Place.Mill Servicesʼ target market consists primarilyof wholesale distribution companiesand ships predominantly in the Northeastquarter of the U.S. No doubt they purchasefrom Mill Services because theyrecognize the attention to detail the companypours into its products, and especiallyits fingerjointing.“Fingerjointing has been around a longtime in the millwork business,” said Place.“Itʼs in all kinds of applications and thereality is that fingerjointing and themachinery associated with it has gottenbetter, as well as the manufacturingprocess.”Mill Services manufacturesfingerjointingin 2-inchthrough 12-inchwidths on a dailybasis, and has thecapability to produce14, 16, 18-inch wide boards asspecialty items.Place noted thatfingerjointing is 100percent clearbefore itʼs primed.“Itʼs defect-free,” hesaid. “Itʼs squareedged,no knots.Put one or twocoats of primer on itand itʼs ready to benailed up and painted.”Mill Services processes inthe neighborhood of 40,000to 50,000 board feet of EWPdaily, depending on width. Tomeet demand and fulfill customerexpectations, “Weʼveadded an awful lot of equipmentto increase efficiencyand most importantly, to increase quality,”Place commented. “In the last fewmonths, weʼve facilitated some major renovations,adding a new Weinig optimizingMill Services maximizes yield with a new Rose Re-Rip.line to, in theory, double the volume thatwe can optimize. Weʼve also added a newWeinig Moulder in the last year to increaseour milling capacity and to provide a betterproduct.”Mill Services also added a planer in frontof its optimizing line and the planer “allowsus to buy more varied material from moremills,” Place explained. “We can buyrough lumber, sized lumber, wide lumber–awide variety– and we can mill it andsize it to exactly what we want, prior to itgoing into our scanning and optimizingline. Thatʼs a huge advantage. The betterthe product that we start with, the moreuniform and superior the product we willachieve out of the other end of the mill.Plus, we do it with more efficiency.”Mill Services also produces most traditionalNELMA patterns. “Although that isnot our main thrust because our equipmentis busy with fingerjoint,” Place said.“We do some custom milling for some customersand probably will always continueto do so as we have the time to do it. Thelast couple of years, one thing weʼve beenable to do is make panels up to 16-feetlong and 50-inches wide.”New sanding equipment, purchased withinthe last year, has made this new serviceavailable at Mill Services. “We donʼt producelarge volumes of panels but the additionof this product is exciting and serves amarket for us,” said Place, who added,“We have also added another ConceptionFinger Jointer, which allows us to doubleour fingerjointing capacity.”Mill Services primes with multiple coats4/4 and 5/4, 2-inch through 12-inch widthsat its priming plant. “We do a wide varietyof coatings, including one or two coats,”commented Place. “For some customerswe just use straight oil coatings, and forothers, we do a premier product, which isa latex over an oil coating. We have atremendous amount of flexibility in ourpriming.”Place added, “I think people have come tothe realization that White Pine hasremained strong, is a terrific specie and ithas actually grown in demand. There is noreason to shop overseas when the bestproduct is growing right here and employingpeople right here. At Mill Services, ourgoal is to meet the customerʼs demand,provide a better and trouble-free product.”Mill Services Inc. is a member of theNortheastern Lumber ManufacturersAssociation.For more information on Mill Services,visit online at www.millservicesinc.comor phone 603-654-8509.•A Weinig moulder helps Mill Services provide asuperior finish.

October 2012 Page 23When quality, reliability andperformance matter,buy your Western Red Cedar from these producers.WRCLA MEMBERSEnyeart Cedar ProductsGilbert Smith Forest ProductsHaida Forest ProductsIdaho Forest GroupInterforMary's River Lumber CompanyMid-Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.North Enderby TimberOrePac Building ProductsPower Wood Corp.Quadra Wood ProductsSawarne LumberShakertownSiskiyou Forest ProductsSkana Forest ProductsWest Bay Forest Products & ManufacturingWestern Forest ProductsAFFILIATE MANUFACTURERSBW Creative Wood IndustriesCedarshed IndustriesOutdoor Living TodaySynergy Pacific Engineered TimberWoodway & Arboria / LWOwww.realcedar.org1.866.778.9096

Page 24 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueQuality Products Remain Goal Of 164-Year-Old HANCOCK LUMBERCarl McKenzie, from U.S. Lumber, was Hancock Lumberʼs Bethel, Maine, Mill“Customer Of The Month” in June this year. McKenzie is pictured with theBethel crew after a presentation, meal and Q&A session between the companyʼsemployees and their customer.Casco, Maine–Looking at the EasternWhite Pine sawmill business five yearsago and comparing it to todayʼs market,the landscape has changed dramatically.Similar to the entire forest products industry,what worked for customers in the pastno longer does today. Heightened customerexpectations have paved the wayfor Hancock Lumber to evolve their lumbermanufacturing. Kevin Hynes, COO ofHancock Lumber commented, “Today ourbusiness and investments are built aroundbeing flexible for our customers and providingthem with the products and servicesthat they need to be successful in thismarket.”Hancockʼs Casco mill near completion of a new dry kiln that was scheduledto be operational mid-August. The expenditure shows commitmentfrom Hancock to build in drying capacity to continue to improve the consistencyin drying Eastern White Pine for their customers.Gone are the days where customersordered truckloads of random length,2,000 board foot packs of one, maybe twoproducts. Mixed loads abound with ordersconsisting of various package sizes,including random and pulled to length,with complimentary replenishment systemsmeeting “just-in-time” inventorydemands. Jack Bowen, VP of sawmillsales emphasizes Hancockʼs commitment:“Weʼve adapted to meet the changingneeds of our customers. Our flexibilityin providing diverse products, packagingand grades has been the key to servicingtheir markets.”Competition from other species andcountries including New Zealand, RadiataPine, PVC trim, and cement board sidingsadd pressure to produce better qualityEastern White Pine boards. From drying,milling, grading and packaging, allaspects that effect appearance and consistencyhave improved. “We have anincredible resource in Eastern WhitePine. Other products seem to come andgo but Eastern White Pine has, is and willbe here for the duration of time due to itswonderful qualities and our ability toshape this resource to the changingneeds of the marketplace,” Matt Duprey,VP of Sales states.Duprey continued to describe howHancockʼs Casco Planer Mill expansion/upgrade. The firmʼs investmentto automate all its controls, end stamping, tally system andextended sorting capacity, along with a value recovery station forclear fingerjoint blocks was driven by the millsʼ customer base needfor further increasing flexibility, accuracy and quality.Hancock Lumber operates with a verysimple business model, “We stay in frontof all our customers and constantly askthe question, ʻWhat can we do to makeyou and your customers more successful?ʼThen, we listen carefully and make ithappen.” Following this importantapproach has helped the Hancock organizationfocus its time, energy and capitalresources directly on these customerspecific initiatives. In the last five years,80 percent of Hancock Lumberʼs capitalimprovement projects has been gearedtowards being more flexible and making abetter product.Each of Hancockʼs three mills are nowset up with Weinig moulders and are ableto produce a wide variety of pattern products,with quick turnaround times. “It isvery common for our customers to rely onour flexibility in our pattern facilities torequest special orders and additions toexisting POʼs for pattern product that donot effect the delivery time,” Bowennoted. “We know how important it is forcustomers to get what they need, exact toorder. We know our customers are underpressure to perform as well and our collectivebusiness depends on doing whatwe say and delivering what they want.”Knowing how critical every board is toboth our success and our customersʼ,Hancock Lumber undertook a major initiativeto deliver on the promise andexpectation that “Every Board Counts”.“Our goal is to make every board meetour customersʼ expectations for quality.Delivering on this promise has meantbringing this concept home to everyemployee at Hancock Lumber. We need100 percent buy-in on this. So many individualemployees determine the finalproduct quality, everyone needs to bealigned and working together to make ithappen,” Hynes commented.Hancock Lumber has fully embraced theconcept of making every Eastern WhitePine board count. Customer visits to themills is a monthly practice now. MikeHalle, Finished Products Manager at theBethel operations, stated, “There is nobetter way for our employees to understandthe current reality and the needs ofour customers than hearing it directlyfrom them. Customer mill visits are one ofthe best things we have done to drivebusiness and our employees haveresponded.”Continuous evolution and processimprovement to produce better qualityboards will always be a core philosophyfor Hancock, enabling them to competesuccessfully in the global marketplace.“We have embraced the challenge togrow in this market. Exporting hasallowed us to grow as a flexible manufacturerwith a great product into many partsof the world where quality is really appreciated,”Hynes said.Established in 1848, Hancock LumberCompany is one of Americaʼs oldest andmost distinguished family-owned companies.Today, the company employs 200people in its Casco, Bethel and Pittsfieldmanufacturing facilities. Hancock alsooperates 10 retail locations across Maineand New Hampshire along with a landdivision that grows its own Pine trees andresponsibly manages 15,000 acres oftimberland. For more information•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 519

October 2012 Page 25www.Roseburg.comYour Single Source Wood Product ProducerMaking Wood BetterRoseburg is one of the largest and most integrated manufacturers oflumber, softwood plywood and engineered wood products in NorthAmerica. Our manufacturing facilities are state of the art, utilizing themost advanced technology to produce high quality wood products forthe building construction industry.Special opportunities available to NAWLA members on the followingproducts:LumberSoftwood PlywoodStuds, Green and KD (Douglas Industrial PanelsFir, Hemlock, White Fir)Duragard Medium DensityEngineered Wood ProductsOverlay (MDO)RFPI Joist Solid SawnPourMor Concrete FormingRFPI Joist LVLRigidFloor UnderlaymentRigidLamSheathingRigidRimReal Wood SidingRadiant BarrierFSC Certified ProductsCall today for more details.TF 800-245-1115www.Roseburg.comFEATURED PRODUCTRadiant Barrieris a uniquely constructed plywoodsheathing panel from Roseburgthat has a layer of highly reflectiveperforated aluminum foil laminatedesigned to block the majority of thesun’s radiant energy.Decorative | Construction | IndustrialW O O D P R O D U C T S

Page 26 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueANDERSEN PACIFIC FOREST PRODUCTS Timbers & Specialties: The Best Kept Secret On The B.C. CoastAndersen Pacific Forest Products Ltd. is a family-owned and operated sawmill located in Maple Ridge, B.C.Maple Ridge B.C.–Andersen PacificForest Products Ltd. is a familyownedand operated sawmill locatedhere.Since the 1960s, companies havemarketed timber from the BritishColumbia Coast and Interior todomestic and export customers, providinga full range of integrated forestservices.Andersen Pacific began operationsin 1993 with cutting clear VG lumberand temple timbers into Japan. TheIn 2009, Andersen Pacific evolved from a custom cut service mill into itsown lumber sales business.lumber was manufactured tomany clear finished productsin Japanese homes fromdoor and window components(shoji screens) to decorativebeams in century oldtemple reconstructions.Specialty VG lumber fromAndersen Pacific was alsoused for other high valuewood markets in Japan, likeceremonial and decorativeSince its inception, Andersen Pacific has gained a reputation for itsquality manufacturing of specialty lumber to Asia and North America.boxes, and fish cake boards. Theexperience and knowledge gainedfrom cutting specialty lumber inYellow Cedar, Spruce, Hemlock,Balsam and Douglas Fir for Japanwas used to begin cutting WRC VGclear products for North America in2001. A few years later, our DouglasFir timber program was added to theproduction line, serving the timberframe market. Since its inception,Andersen Pacific has gained a reputationfor the quality manufacturing ofspecialty lumber to Asia and NorthAmerica. In 2009, Andersen Pacificevolved from a custom cut servicemill into its own lumber sales business.From clear VG to specifiedhousing package tallies in timbers,Andersen Pacificʼs philosophy todeliver consistent quality lumber withon-time delivery is successfully servingthe changing requirements oftodayʼs building material business.As the North America lumber marketcontinues to recover, AndersenPacific aims to raise its profile as atimber and specialties manufactureroffering Coastal fiber from BritishColumbia.For more information on AndersenPacific and our related companies,please visit our website more information, sales contactsare: Archie Rafter or Sam Satosonoat 604-462-7316.•From clear VG to specified housing package talliesin timbers, Andersen Pacificʼs philosophy to deliverconsistent quality lumber with on-time deliveryis serving the changing requirements of todayʼsbuilding material business.As the North American lumber market recovers in2010, representatives for Andersen Pacific say thefirm aims to raise its profile as a timber and specialtiesmanufacturer offering Coastal fiber fromBritish Columbia.

October 2012 Advertorial Page 27COLLINS COS. Install “MegaMill” And Receives Maximum ResultsBy Wayne MillerThe Collins Cos.: The first name in FSC-certified forest products.Richwood, W. Va.—Purchased by TheCollins Companies seven years ago, theCollins Richwood Hardwood mill manufacturesRed Oak, Ash, Hard and Soft Maple,Poplar, Basswood and Cherry.Situated on 27 acres, the mill has a 20 millionboard feet annual capacity. Facilities include asawmill, dry kilns and a planing mill. Lumber isavailable in 4/4 through 12/4, rough or surfaced.Continuing to innovate equipment and operatingmethods, Collins latest installation to thislocation is its “MegaMill.”“The “MegaMill”, as coined by the crew, is acomplete lumber processing center,” GeneralManager Ernest Lake explained. “It includestwo tilt hoists, auto stick collection, a Lucidyneboard reading system, double-end trimmers,dry lumber stacker, Yates-American B-26planer, and a packaging station. One Tilt hoistfeeds product to be sold rough and the secondfeeds the planer and is used for surfacing.”According to Lake the idea and research forcreating the MegaMill was extensive, but oncethe plan was “in-motion”, completion of theproject was time-efficient. “This new buildingis 300 feet long by 80 feet wide. So we torethe old office down, moved into some temporarytrailers and started the process.Installation began in June of 2011. We movedinto the new office in December. Differentparts of this mill were started up in January2012 and by March everything was up, runningand online.”Lake continued, “Collins bought variouspieces of equipment. Some of it came from upNorth, some out of Pennsylvania, some fromout West, some from Oregon, and parts of itwere built new. Combined, this state-of-the-artlumber processing center gives us the abilityto put out a quality package of lumber that issecond to none.”As he explained how the lumber isprocessed, Lake noted that the grading stationis a highlight of the operation. “Ourgraders have a grading table and stationwhere they can readily see the lumber. Itʼs litup so that theyʼre not grading in the dark.Everything is double-end trimmed. It comesdown to an automatic stacker where itʼsstacked and side squeezed. Next itʼs endcoated and banded. And finally, itʼs stenciled,end tallied, tagged and ready to go.“Our sorting system, which can do up to 30sorts, gives us the ability to pull out specialtyitems for width, color or whatever else weneed to do,” he continued.“With a half million board feet of kiln capacity,we have 10 dry kilns. Six of the kilns werehere when we became a Collins mill and fournew ones have been added,” said Lake. Thefour new dry kilns are manufactured by SII DryKilns, located in Lexington, N.C. “We alsohave two Irvington-Moore kilns and two drykilns by BOLDesigns, Inc.”Collins sources timber within a 60 mile radiusfrom this location and has foresters on theground at this location. “We have threeforesters and one Procurement Manager thatoversees them. Basically they have all been inthe business for an extensive amount of time,”he said. The company contracts with loggingcrews.“This sawmill was built in 1965 and the equipmentin it has been modernized and upgraded.We have a Corley carriage with LewisControls, which was in there when the CollinsCompany bought it,” Lake added.“When CEO Eric Schooler first came herePictured is Steve White, sales manager at CollinsʼRichwood, W.Va., mill.also a NHLA Inspection Schoolgraduate and he ʻisʼ quality controlhere,” said Lake.As for logistics of the product,Lake said Collins uses contractcarrier trucks and containers. “Weload flatbed trucks for domesticorders and containers for export.”Collins exports containers from theport of Norfolk, Va.Operating at about 48 hours aweek, Collins employs approximately55 people at the Richwoodlocation. “We work four 10-hourshifts and one 8-hour shift,” LakeCollinsʼ “MegaMill” in Richwood has been guided by GeneralManager Ernest Lake.explained.Collins Richwood Hardwood millmarkets its products primarily towith the Collins Co., we installed a slabber.Then we bought another, smaller edger thatwas manufactured by Reckart Equipmentthat first fall in 2005. In the spring of ʼ06 weinstalled the new Brewco twin horizontalresaw in the mill, which totally transformedthe mill.”manufacturing distributors in the cabinet,moulding and millwork, furniture and flooringindustries. “About 25 percent of our productgoes to the industrial grade users such as thepallet and box manufacturers,” Lake noted.“We also market a small portion to wholesalers.”Among the many measures Collins takes to The Collins Cos., headquartered inensure a consistent, quality product, Lakesaid quality control is a sizable part of theprocess. “We have mill supervisors constantlychecking the thicknesses that come out ofthe mill. The inspectors watch it and if theysee a problem they converse with production.When it comes to the kilns, the kiln operatormonitors material as it dries, performstests and makes sure it dries properly. Whenit goes into the MegaMill to be loaded, theinspectors re-inspect it. Jimmy Thompson isPortland, Ore., is well known for their sustainableForest Stewardship Council certifiedhardwood and Softwood products. Perhaps aless likely known aspect of this family-ownedoperation is their dedication to the forest as arenewable resource.“We are the true tree huggers,” Lakeoffered. “We love trees. We love growingthem and we love harvesting them. Ourdesire is to manufacture a product that theentire world can use while taking extraordi-The First Thing You SeeAre The Timbers. . .Zip-O-Log Kiln-DriedIs What You Remember.Maximize stability and natural beauty inexposed timbers with Zip-O-Log Kiln-DriedTimbers:●●●Kiln dried to 19% or less moisture contentwhen measured at 1" needle depth.Minimizes twisting, cupping, checking, anddistracting pitch leaks.Timbers are shipped paper-wrapped to protectfrom marring and UV degradation.Zip-O-Log, the art of timbers.The grading station is the highlight of Collinsʼ operation. Thestation is well-lighted so they can easily and readily grade thelumber accurately.nary care of the forest.”The Collins Cos. was established in 1855.Today the firmʼs holdings also include threeforests totaling over 310,000 acres, each withan associated sawmill, including the 119,000acre Collins Pennsylvania forest with KaneHardwood sawmill; the 90,000 acre CollinsLakeview Forest in southern Oregon andnorthern California with Lakeview Sawmill(Fremont Sawmill); and the 96,000 acreCollins Almanor forest in northern Californiawith Chester Sawmill (Collins Pine).For more information•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 402For premium quality, kiln-dried timbers andunmatched service, call the Sales Team atZip-O-Log Mills:Mark Grube 541-393-3309Al Gedroez 541-393-3300Eugene, OregonFax

Page 28Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2011 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAPChris Beveridge, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; Lori Needham,Canadian National Railroad, Prince George, B.C.; Kent Beveridge, Skana ForestProducts Ltd.; and Kevin Gorski, NorSask Forest Products, Meadow Lake, Sask.Mickey Brown, Roseburg Forest Products Co., Roseburg, Ore.; Tom Merkert,Capital Forest Products Inc., Annapolis, Md.; Alden Robbins, Robbins LumberInc., Searsmont, Maine; and Robert Hoffman, Capital Forest Products Inc.Aaron Babcock, Tampa International, Tampa, Fla.; and Natalie Macias, FernandaVale Garcia, and Craig Larsen, Softwood Export Council, Portland, Ore.Michel Mizrach and Juan Carlos Quintana, Natural Trade Ltd., North Vancouver,B.C.; David Hanson, Snider Industries, Marshall, Texas; and Carlos Villavicencio,Natural Trade Ltd.Steve Killgore, Roseburg Forest Products Co., Roseburg, Ore.; Mark Huff andSarah Huff, Huff Lumber Co., Santa Fe Springs, Calif.; Kevin Childs and JamesZurcher, Gulf Coast Shelter Inc., Daphne, Ala.; and Mark McLean, Roseburg ForestProducts Co.Matt Pedrone, Cabot, Newburyport, Mass.; Mark Carter, Edmund A. Allen LumberCo., Momence, Ill.; and Jim Tittle, Cabot, Lemont, Ill.Cary Williams, Sherwood Lumber Corp., Portland, Ore.; Ahren Spilker, IdahoForest Group, Coeur dʼAlene, Idaho; and Jerry Lawson, Carl Diebold LumberCo., Troutdale, Ore.Rick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur dʼAlene, Idaho; Mark Dutton, VikingForest Products, Minneapolis, Minn.; Garth Williams, Idaho Forest Group; CraigHamanishi, INTL FCStone, Winnipeg, Manitoba; and Bruce McKean, INTL FC-Stone, Castle Rock, Colo.Tyson Palmer, Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd., Delta, B.C.; Jack Dalton, Mid-State Lumber Corp., Branchburg, N.J.; Dennis Wight, Pacific Western WoodWorks Ltd.; Jack Alley, OrePac Building Products, Wilsonville, Ore.; and JoePetree, OrePac Building Products, Tacoma, Wash.Mark Grube, Zip-O-Log Mills Inc., Eugene, Ore.; Bob Dewald, Reid andWright Inc., Broomfield, Colo.; and Mary Jo Nyblad, Boise Cascade LLC,Boise IdahoMike Betz, Pacific Western Lumber, Lakewood, Wash.; Rick Palmiter, Idaho ForestGroup, Coeur dʼAlene, Idaho; and Bill McGovern, Pacific Western LumberChris Retherford, Lazy S Lumber Inc./Columbia Cedar, Kettle Falls, Wash.;Robert LePage, C.J. Link Lumber Co., Warren, Mich.; and Ralph and MerrySchmidt and Tony Maben, Lazy S Lumber Inc./Columbia CedarArchie Rafter, Dean Fedoruk and Sam Satosono, Andersen Pacific Forest Products,Maple Ridge, B.C.; and Vince Bulic, Yaletown Lumber Industries Ltd., Burnaby,B.C.Chris Fitzgerald, Seaboard International, Nashua, N.H.; Dan Paige, Sandy NeckTraders, South Dennis, Mass.; and Win Smith, Limington Lumber, East Baldwin,MaineDillon Forbes, Coastal Plywood Co., Havana, Fla.; Nick Fitzgerald, UniversalForest Products Purchasing Inc., Union City, Ga.; and Tracy Smith and JimOlson, Coastal Forest Products, Chapman, Ala.Matt Yates, Capital Lumber Co., Tacoma, Wash.; Brad Flitton, Western ForestProducts Inc., Vancouver, B.C.; Guy Burrell, Western Forest Products Inc., Surrey,B.C.; Bill McGovern, Pacific Western Lumber, Lakewood, Wash.; and RussNixon, Western Forest Products Inc., Vancouver, B.C.Kevin Hynes, Hancock Lumber, Casco, Maine; Carl McKenzie, U.S. LumberGroup, Duluth, Ga.; Matt Duprey, Hancock Lumber, and Lawrence Newton, U.S.Lumber GroupCurtis Walker, Thomas Faris, and Kirk Nagy, The Waldun Group, Maple Ridge,B.C.Additional photos on page 30

October 2012 Page 29Sales, Service & SupportWe make every board count for our customers“At Hancock Lumber, we love a goodchallenge. Bring us your questions,ideas, current product issues, andwe will go to work to ensure thatevery board truly counts for you,your customers and your market.”Kevin HynesChief Operating OfficerHancock Lumber CompanyExceptional ServiceStarts Here: Complete market analysis Market growth for our customers On-site support, team selling Product consistency Logistics, scheduling and coordination Custom grades, textures and patternsVisit our booth at the2012 NAWLA Show! #519Jack BowenSawmill Sales(207) 627-6115Scan our QR Tag for more EveryBoard Counts specification standards,as well as product grades,textures, patterns & more! CLASS EASTERN WHITE PINE FROM MAINEMatt DupreySawmill Sales(207) 627-6113

Page 30Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2011 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAP- Continued from page 28Gunnar Brinck, Tumac Lumber Co., Clackamas, Ore.; Bruce Kulzer, Hood Distribution,Hattiesburg, Miss.; John Junod, Hood Distribution, North Billerica,Mass.; and Chris Macfarlane, Hood Distribution, Milton, Vt.Chris Bailey and Eric Schooler, Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.; and Mike Holm,Oregon-Canadian Forest Products, North Plains, Ore.Josh Dean, Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.; Bob Jank, XL Company, Lake Oswego,Ore.; and Alyson Kingsley, Wade Mosby and Kevin Paldino, Collins Cos.Dick Jones, The Teal-Jones Group, Surrey, B.C.; James OʼGrady, GoodfellowInc., Delson, Que.; Courtney Watkins, S&W Forest Products, Maple Ridge, B.C.;Tom Haker and Brendan Colyer, The Teal-Jones Group; and Mathieu Laflamme,Boscus Canada Inc., Pointe Claire, Que.; and Kelly Smith, The Teal-Jones GroupTerry Baker, Tri-Pro TM Forest Products, Oldtown, Idaho; Vincent Micale, WarrenTrask Co., Stoughton, Mass.; Ron Cluster, Tri-Pro Forest Products; and SteveFirko, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co., Philadelphia, Pa.Dan Paige, Sandy Neck Traders, South Dennis, Mass.; and Chuck Gaede, PeterCrowell and B Manning, Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., New London, N.H.B Manning, Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., New London, N.H.; Tom Merkert, CapitalForest Products Inc., Annapolis, Md.; Tonia Tibbetts, Robbins Lumber Inc.,Searsmont, Maine; Ken Bernstein, Mid-State Lumber Corp., Branchburg, N.J.;Peter Crowell, Durgin & Crowell Lumber Co., New London, N.H.; and RobertHoffman, Capital Forest Products Inc.Brock Lenon, Idaho Timber Corp., Boise, Idaho; Frank Peaslee, Plum Creek,Meridian, Idaho; and Dennis Badesheim and George Goates, Idaho Timber Corp.Karl Hallstrom, Zip-O-Log Mills Inc., Eugene, Ore.; Bob Dewald, Reid and WrightInc., Broomfield, Colo.; and Joe Honochick, Zip-O-Log Mills Inc.Bruce Jones, Rosboro, Springfield, Ore.; Erik Hopperstad, Weekes Forest Products,Fargo, N.D.; Doug Colson, Eastern Engineered Wood Products, Bethlehem,Pa.; and Jim Walsh and David Smith, RosboroBill McGrath, Brian Benson and Mike Stevens, Neiman Enterprises Inc., Hulett,Wyo.; and Dennis Wachs, Neiman Reed Lumber Co., Panorama City, Calif.Josh and Wendy Dean, Eric Schooler, Wade Mosby, Collins Cos. Inc., Portland,Ore.; and Jacques Vailancourt, ForesTel LLC, Portland, Ore.Rob Brown, Western Lumber Co., Medford, Ore.; and Glenda and Kevin Paldinoand Wendy Dean, Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.Clark Wiens, Bill Adams, and Jim Shalvoy, Cedar Creek, Broken Arrow, Okla.;and Jimmy Epperson, Cedar Creek, Statesville, N.C.Craig Larsen, Softwood Export Council, Portland, Ore.; and Marc Moore,NELMA, Cumberland, MaineTerry Baker, Tri-ProTM Forest Products, Oldtown, Idaho; Joan Musch, AmericanIntʼl. Forest Products, Portland, Ore.; Bruce Kulzer, Hood Distribution, Hattiesburg,Miss.; Ron Cluster, Tri-ProTM Forest Products; and Chris Macfarlane, HoodDistribution, Milton, Vt.Patrick Hanulak, PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Tallahassee, Fla.; CraigCombs, PPG Machine Applied Coatings, Medford, Ore.; and Doug Riordan, PPGMachine Applied Coatings, Des Moines, IowaBryan Lundstrom and Al Fortune, Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd., Aldergrove,B.C.Additional photos on page 32

October 2012 Advertorial Page 31ANTHONY FOREST PRODUCTS CO.: Building For The FutureCarol Stream, Ill.–Anthony Forest Productʼs new Coastal planer machine comes fromWashington state and is capable of running over 2,000 linear feet perminute.El Dorado, Ark.–Anthony Forest is investing to the futurewith its 25 million dollar expansion and modernization of theUrbana, Arkansas sawmill. Our Southern Pine sawmill islocated 15 miles southeast of El Dorado.The three-phase project started in the first quarter and willcontinue through the fourth quarter. Phase one was thebuilding of a new dual path continuous dry kiln and theretrofitting of an existing kiln to a dual path kiln. The newkiln is producing and the retrofit kiln was completed in mid-September.Phase two of our modernization is a new planer mill andbuilding which started up on July 5th. The new Coastalplaner machine comes from Washington state and is capableof running over 2000 linear feet per minute. After planing,all lumber is measured by an in-line moisture meter andthen is hammered to determine its MSR rating. The MSRrating is then sent electronically to the Comact GradeExpert grading machine where a visualgrade is identified and lumber is trimmedto length by a Baxley trim saw. Grademarks are applied by a Signode ink jetprinter and lumber is sorted in a 60 baysling sorter and then packaged in twostations.Phase three will concentrate on thesawmill. We will add a third Corley headrig with two new high-speed Baxleyedgers. Production from the sawmill istargeted to 150 million board feet a year.The sawmill modernization will start inmid-July.Our overall goal with the modernizationproject is to provide our customers withhigh quality Southern Pine lumber invisual and MSR grades. We will squeezemore value out of each log by focusingon highly efficient computerized machinecenters, cost cutting, just-in-time deliveryand exceptional customer service.“In lean times in the building industryyou have to become more efficient andwhen the market turns, we will do betterin leveraging those efficiencies,” statedAubra Anthony, CEO of Anthony ForestProducts. Our customers started seeinglumber from our new mill in July. Ourproduct mix offerings have expanded tooffer the customer more choices, higherquality and more value throughout thesupply chain.•The accumulation chain at Anthony Forest ProductsPictured is the grading machine at Anthony Forest Products in ElDorado, Ark.Anthonyʼs planer operations control roomComputerized scanning is a technology utilized at Anthony Forest.Pictured are new grade marks on boards.Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 619

Page 32Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2011 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAP- Continued from page 30Jeff Hardy, Cersosimo Lumber Co. Inc., Brattleboro, Vt.; and Andis Yu, ArtemisInternational Forest Products, Richmond, B.C.Gary Arthur and Robert Sandve, Haida Forest Products Ltd., Burnaby, B.C.; andRichard Paci, American Lumber Co., Walden, N.Y.Jean-Marc DuBois, Nordic Engineered Wood, Albany, N.Y.; and Jim Enright,Murphy Co., Eugene, Ore.Carlos Furtado, Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd., Richmond, B.C.; Mike McInnes,SourceWood Partners, Park City, Kansas; and Ryan Furtado, Western ForestProducts, Vancouver, B.C.Ted Ellis, Idaho Timber Corp., Boise, Idaho; Bob Jahns, Bennett Lumber ProductsInc., Princeton, Idaho; George Goates, Idaho Timber Corp., Boise, Idaho;and Bruce McKean, INTL FCStone, Denver, Colo.Keith Hess and Berny Power, Mill and Timber Products Ltd., Surrey, B.C.; andMike Chong, Probyn Group, New Westminster, B.C.Matt Campbell and Bob Maurer, Swanson Group, Glendale, Ore.; Keith Alsop,Olympic Industries Inc., North Vancouver, B.C.; and Kevin Daugherty, SwansonGroupJim Hassenstab and Brandon Rink, DMSi, Omaha, Neb.; Bethany West, CapitalLumber Co., Phoenix, Ariz.; and Monte Jensen, DMSiSteve Firko, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co., Philadelphia, Pa.;and Greg Kruse, Kruse Enterprises LLC, Albuquerque, N.M.Tom Haker, Jason Cedergreen and Brendan Colyer, The Teal-Jones Group, Surrey,B.C.; and Brian Helem, Power Wood Corp., Surrey, B.C.Bruce DeLaurier, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Kansas City, Mo.; Jeff Lalonde,Iron Mountain Trading Inc., Vernon, B.C.; and Roger Lambert, Diane Tutush andScott Lindsay, Skana Forest Products Ltd., Richmond, B.C.Dave Cunningham, Dave Heldoorn, Laurie Creech and Don Spiers, SimpsonLumber Co., Tacoma, Wash.; Ron Zega, International Beam, Virginia Beach, Va.;and Douglas Reed, Simpson Lumber Co.Dennis Badesheim, Brock Lenon and Chris McSwain, Idaho Timber Corp.,Boise, IdahoBuck Hutchison, Hutchison Lumber & Building Products, Adams City, Colo.;Jim Vandegrift, Bennett Lumber Products, Princeton, Idaho; Beth Banks andKris Lamke, Boise Cascade, Boise, Idaho; and Bob Jahns, Bennett LumberProductsDavid Cox, Richmond International Forest Products, Glen Allen, Va.; JenelleParker and Debra Wilton-Pinski, Boise Cascade Wood Products, Boise, Idaho;and Chris Vaughan and Scott Crenshaw, Richmond International Forest ProductsDarren Barker, Kyle Jones, Don Dorazio and Chad Findlay, West Bay ForestProducts, Vancouver, Wash.Mark Carter, Edmund A. Allen Lumber Co., Momence, Ill.; and Curtis Walker andThomas Faris, The Waldun Group, Maple Ridge, B.C.Christopher Webb and Donna Allen, Anthony Forest Products, El Dorado, Ark.;David Cox, Richmond International Forest Products, Glen Allen, Va.; and JamesZurcher and Kevin Childs, Gulf Coast Shelter Inc., Daphne, Ala.Additional photos on page 34

October 2012 Page 33Have Your Customers ChooseAny Color For Their Siding.Let Us Do The Rest.• Fade-Resistant, Nature Inspired Colors• Applied in Factory-Controlled ConditionsCabot Factory Finish • Saves Time and Eliminates Weather Delays• Available with 5-year, 15-year or 25-Year WarrantyTo Learn More, visit CabotFactoryFinish.comor call 1-800-US-STAIN

Page 34Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying Issue2011 NAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® PHOTO RECAP - Continued from page 32Jason Marks, Empire Building Materials, Missoula, Mont.; Bob Mai, PotlatchCorp., Spokane, Wash.; Aaron Babcock, Tampa International, Tampa, Fla.; BarbaraCouch and Matt Kelly, Potlatch Corp.; and John Pasqualetto, Jones WholesaleLumber Co., Lynwood, Calif.Tyson Palmer and Dennis Wight, Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd., Delta, B.C.;and Douglas Barton, J. Gibson McIlvain Co., White Marsh, Md.Terry Miller, The Softwood Forest Products Buyer, Memphis, Tenn.; Brett Johnson,Dakeryn Industries Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C.; and Jack Henderson,Bridgewell Resources, Tigard, Ore.; and Ray Stewart, Dakeryn Industries Ltd.,North Vancouver, B.C.Steve Weekes, Weekes Forest Products, St. Paul, Minn.; Joan Musch, AmericanInternational Forest Products, Portland, Ore.; Tom Le Vere, Weekes Forest Products;and Doug Chiasson, Irving Forest Products Inc., St. John, N.B.Mauricio Bravo, Weston Forest Products Inc., Mississauga, Ont.; Kris Lewis,C&D Lumber Co., Riddle, Ore.; and Leslie Southwick C&D Lumber Co.Ryan Furtado, Western Forest Products, Vancouver, B.C.; Scott Knutson andDick Gukeisen, Springer Midwest Inc., Sioux Falls, S.D.; and Carlos Furtado,Sawarne Lumber Co. Ltd.Berny Power, Jim Dunse and Keith Hess, Mill & Timber Products Ltd., Surrey,B.C.Tom Haker, The Teal-Jones Group, Surrey, B.C.; Richard Bartsch, Hy MarkWood Products Inc., Spangle, Wash.; Tere Jones and Dick Jones, The Teal-Jones GroupHatch Yagai, T&H Forest Industries Ltd., North Vancouver, B.C.; and Kirk Nagy,The Waldun Group, Maple Ridge, B.C.Mark Auxier, Patrick Lumber Co., Portland, Ore.; Linda Sabrowski, Sun MountainLumber Inc., Deer Lodge, Mont.; Rick Palmiter, Idaho Forest Group, Coeur dʼAlene,Idaho; and Christine Jones, Western Lumber Co., Wilsonville, Ore.Dale Bartsch, Hy Mark Wood Manufacturing Inc., Spangle, Wash.; Jeff Derbyand Ben Meachen, Western Forest Products Inc., Vancouver, B.C.; and EdwardVila, Universal Building Specialties, Lakeland, Fla.Andis Yu, Artemis International Forest Products, Richmond, B.C.; Alden Robbins,Robbins Lumber Inc., Searsmont, Maine; Joseph Galvin, Horstmeier LumberCo., Baltimore, Md.; Jim Robbins, Robbins Lumber Inc.; and David Galvin,Horstmeier Lumber Co.Jack Henderson and Jeremy Asher, Bridgewell Resources,Tigard, Ore.Patrick Burns, Patrick Lumber Co., Portland, Ore.; and GriffinAugustin, Kalesnikoff Lumber Co. Ltd., Castlegar, B.C.Steve Lindauer, Lake States Lumber Inc., Sparta, Wis.;and John Branstetter and Russ Vaagen, Vaagen Bros.Lumber Inc., Colville, Wash.John Flaherty, U.S. Glu-Lam, Inc., Oak Forest, Ill. andAmy Vitek, Filler King Co., Filler King Co., Homedale,IdahoNAWLA REGIONAL PHOTOS-Brian Hawrysh and Randi Walker, BC Wood, Vancouver, B.C.; and Ian McLean,Spruceland Millworks Inc., North Vancouver, B.C.Justin Chappell, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co., Bend, Ore.;Tricia Kilrain, Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co., ColoradoSprings, Colo.; and Lynne and Wayne Miller, The Softwood Forest ProductsBuyer, Memphis, Tenn.Dave Gillis, Goldwood Industries, Richmond, B.C.; Al Fortune, Mid Valley LumberSpecialties, Ltd., Aldergrove, B.C.; and Chris Beveridge, Skana Forest ProductsLtd., Richmond, B.C.

October 2012 Page 35

Page 36 Advertorial Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueRevolutionary BC CONNECT Design And Business Management Portal From BOISE CASCADE ENGINEERED WOOD PROUCTSOptimize inventoried lengths and batch jobs for cost-competitivejob packsHELP IN RUNNING A PROFITABLEENGINEERED WOOD BUSINESS:The new BC CONNECT online portalfrom Boise Cascade Engineered WoodProducts is a revolutionary hub of data,tools, processes and cloud-based applicationsthrough which dealers can more successfullymanage their business of engineeredwood products. BC CONNECTputs virtually everything a dealer needs tomanage EWP in one place and providesinstant access to an entire EWP design andbusiness management platform. This canhelp dealers achieve the desired end result:Plans with the least waste, for the mostcompetitive bids, that win the most jobs andearn the highest profits.MORE COST-EFFECTIVE DESIGN:BC CONNECT can assist dealers withWood Trade PublicationsServing the Forest Products Industry Since 1927With BC FRAMER ® , optimize design files against inventory on hand.more cost-effective design and a more efficient design department -- helping them make the bestuse of their design resources. BC CONNECT is a central design platform where all design workis done, with integrated whole-house design and automatic load distribution to improve speed andaccuracy of design and specification. BC CONNECT is mated to next-generation BCFRAMER®, which can enhance any designerʼs ability to optimize the use of engineered wood productsin residential structural design, and boost their productivity. BC CONNECT is a single-locationrepository of information that can reduce errors, eliminate re-drawing by different businessunits and save time and money. With best-in-industry file integration, a change made in one areawill automatically update across the board. And 3-D modeling lets builders “walk” through the entirestructure, view detail of how the job is to be framed, and catch and fix problems long before theycan occur.MORE PROFITABLE PROJECT MANAGEMENT:BC CONNECT can mean improved management of projects through the portal. BC CON-NECT knows each departmentʼs design queue and design resources and can apply them mostP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908(800) 844-1280or (901) 372-8280Fax: (901) 373-6180www.millerwoodtradepub.comMiller Wood Trade Publications proudly serves the Forest Productsindustry with the following publications and online directories:National Hardwood Magazine.....................................................www.nationalhardwoodmag.comImport/Export Wood Purchasing News.........................................www.woodpurchasingnews.comSoftwood Forest Products Buyer.....................................................-..........www.softwoodbuyer.comImported Wood Purchasing Guide.....................................--...www.importedwoodpurchasing.comForest Products Export Directory.........................................---.......www.forestproductsexport.comDimension & Wood Components Buyer’s Guide..............--.www.dimensionwoodcomponent.comHardwood Purchasing Handbook........................................--www.hardwoodpurchasinghdbk.comGreenbook’s Hardwood Marketing Directory..............................--.www.millerwoodtradepub.comGreenbook’s Softwood Marketing Directory...............................---..www.millerwoodtradepub.comForest Products Stock Exchange.......................................................www.forestproductsstockexc.comPlease visit us online for more information about our publicationsManage inventory to align with your design queueefficiently. Buildersʼ projects in queue canbe checked quickly and updated universally,and files and projects can be located fastwith the new project search engine.Building options management is streamlined,so jobs that used to take hours mayonly take minutes. Sales people can log in,prepare materials lists and quotes, evenfrom remote locations. Any project-relateddocument can be managed easily andquickly.OPTIMIZED CUTTING AND JOB PACKS:Any dealer can now optimize inventoriedlengths, batch jobs and generate the mostusable material, with minimum cut wastefor the most cost-competitive cut packs.BC CONNECT integrates design filesfrom BC FRAMER® and optimize themagainst inventory on hand, for most efficientuse of inventory. Dealers can now optimizejob packs for profitability whether they doautomated processing, pull/ship, or cut witha chainsaw.MORE PROFITABLY MANAGED INVEN-TORY:Dealers can manage the inventory profileso it better aligns with their design queue,workload and staffing. Stocking levels canbe managed automatically including levelsby stocking locations, automatically generatingreplenishment orders, receivingorders, emailing purchase orders andchecking and adjusting inventory. Dynamicinventory reporting helps manage productlevels. Reports go to Purchasing and a reconciliationreport compares actual to perpetual.All of this has the potential to helplower inventory costs and improve turnsand profitability.MORE COMPETITIVE PRICING ANDMORE PROFITABLE ESTIMATING:Formula-based estimating is quick, easyand accurate. Dealers can offer very competitivejob pack pricing because cutting isoptimized and waste virtually eliminated.And because they have access to alldimensions of the structure, they can estimatewall framing, headers, columns, roofsystems and other products to improve productivityof design personnel and helpincrease the order size.VALUABLE RESOURCES ANDSUPPORT:A new cloud-based Support Center withpersonalized “My Support” files conveysstatus on customer contacts. A ticket systemprovides help by trained professionals.And a record is provided of help ticket status– in queue or resolved. A comprehensivenew Resource Library of learningresources is available 24/7 with webinars,self-help videos, engineering presentations,product knowledge, marketing tools,support and much more, to help dealer personnelimprove their job knowledge andwork performance with less expense oftime and travel for training.IN THE FUTURE, ABILITY TO MANAGEEWP FINANCIAL PERFORMANCE:As databases populate with time, BCCONNECT will increasingly be able toprovide dealers with up-to-the-minute analytics,show where theyʼre losing time andmoney, and help them run more profitableengineered wood products businesses. BCCONNECT is a continuation of BoiseCascadeʼs drive to equip their dealers withrich value-added services designed to helpthem run profitable, successful buildingproducts operations.•Please Visit Us atNAWLA Booth No. 403

October 2012 Advertorial Page 37An electrical fire. Flooding. Vehicle accidents.Catastrophic weather. Robbery.Is your business prepared to handle anyof these scenarios? Since you canʼtdetermine when disaster will strike, it isimportant that you are prepared andknow what actions to take in the eventyou are faced with one.“If you are not prepared, you may makehasty decisions that may not be in thebest interest of your business and thosearound you,” explains LumbermenʼsUnderwriting Alliance President andCOO Mike North. “At LUA, we partnerwith our customers to provide a plannedapproach to recovery should the needever arise.”While developing such a plan can beDallas,Texas—Do you have a plan if this happens?monumental, many find it helpful to piecetogether disaster preparedness plansincluding lists of coordinated steps to followwhen faced with a catastrophe.Make sure each facility has a preventionplan containing several key elements,including a clear policy statement, welldefinedactivation authority, and amethod to distribute information regardingthe disaster. The plan should alsoprovide for training employees and ongoingreview and revisions of the writtenprocedures. The format and elements ofa disaster plan vary widely from the comprehensivedisaster plan of a multinationalcorporation with complex legal,insurance, information, and securityneeds to the brief disaster preventionand recovery guide for small organizationsor departments.Following is a brief checklist of initialsteps to take in the event disasterstrikes:Activate proper evacuation and safetyprocedures first.Activate the emergency alarm andnotify emergency services.Notify upper management of the typeof disaster.Start calling list of team membersassigned to disaster recovery.Assess damage.Photograph damaged materials andfacility.Implement procedures for protectingvital records in their predeterminedlocations.Label and remove damaged materialsor materials that are not damaged,depending on the volume of damageddocuments and/or the extent of damageto the facility housing the documents.Depending on the scale of the disaster,plans also need to incorporate decisionson clean up, ranging from repair torebuild. Which begs the question of howwill you generate revenue during thistime. It is important to consider whathappens after the initial loss is over.Now what?Do you have a plan if your plant goesdown?Can you use another facility?Do you have any arrangements with afriend or a competitor to help?Do you have Business Interruptioncoverage to help in this situation?When will you re-open?What will happen to your employees?Do you have them come to work?How will you pay them if there is norevenue?Who do you keep if you have to laypeople off?During the aftermath of such catastro-Can You Recover Quickly From A Loss?Clear space that can make it easier to stop the spread of a fire.phes, it is not uncommon to find damagedbusinesses that are fullyinsured for the value of their propertybut do not have insurance protectionon the earnings that thebusiness produces. According tothe Insurance Information Institute,most people would never consideringopening a business without buyinginsurance to cover damagefrom fire or windstorms. Too manybusiness owners, especially smallercompanies, fail to think abouthow they would manage if a fire orother disaster rendered their businesspremises unusable.A business that has to close downcompletely while the premises and/orequipment are being repaired maylose out to competitors, both in salesand employment. A quick resumptionof business after a disaster is essential.Business owners also need torealize that should they experience asmall property loss, it can often resultin a big business interruption claim.For example, an integral piece ofequipment could burn up causing a$100,000 property claim. Meanwhile,the entire mill might need to shutdown for one week while themachine is replaced, costing hundredsof thousands in loss of productionand sales. This can be avoided withthe additional protection provided bybusiness interruption coverage, including:• Protection of the income or profitand loss statement.• Replacement of the sales andincome of the firm.• Provisions for the firm to retain keyemployees.• Available funds to the firm to operatetemporarily while beingrestored.If you would like to see how your disasterrecovery plan measures up or formore information on business interrup-How would you tell your fire department how toattack this fire?tion insurance, visit or contactyour local LumbermenʼsUnderwriting Alliance sales representativefor a more detailed assessment ofyour Business Interruption needs.•

Page 38Wholesale/Wholesale Distributor Special Buying IssueNAWLA TRADERS MARKET ® EXHIBITORS AND BOOTH NUMBERSBOOTH # COMPANY BOOTH # COMPANY605 A&A Contrat Customs Brokers Ltd.306 Advanced Building Products700 Ainsworth734 ante-holtz GmbH532 Anglo American Cedar Products619 Anthony Forest Products636 Arrow Reload Systems Inc.808 Arauco202 Asia Building Materials Limited802 Atlas Trading International632 BNSF Railway104 Balfour Lumber Co.704 Benjamin Obdyke419 Bennett Lumber Products528 Biewer Lumber822 Binderholz Deutschland GmbH713 Bitterroot Valley Forest Products221 BPD/The Merchant Magazine118 BPWood307 BLG Cargo Logistics GmbH & Co.724 Blue Book Service, Inc.403 Boise Cascade706 C & D Lulmber Co.412 CM Maderera LTDA333 CMPC826 Cabot411 Calculated Structured Design Inc.611 Caliper209 Calvert Co., Inc.205 & 207 Cambium Group806 Canadian Forest Products736 Carrier Lumber Ltd.422 Cersosimo Lumber Co.406 Clearwood Manufacturing529 CMI-Craftmaster Manufacturing Inc.407 Coastal Plywood Company402 Collins Cos.501 Columbia Cedar527 Conifex Timber Inc.220 Contechem Inc.705 DMSi521 Diacon Technologies Ltd.533 Duckback Products600 Dunkley Lumber Ltd.218 Durgin & Crowell839 EACOM430 Eagle Plywood Specialties233 Eco Chemical, Inc.836 Elk Creek Forest Products723 Enduris Extrusions710 FIBERON425 Filler King728 Florida East Coast Railway204 Forest2Market709 Forest Products Distributors Inc.304 ForesTel, LLC711 Fraser Specialty Products300 Fraserview Cedar Products622 Gilbert Smith Forest Products105 Gorman Bros. Lumber825 Great Southern Wood Preserving610 GRK Fasteners421 Haida Forest Products Ltd.809 Hampton Lumber Sales519 Hancock Lumber315 Hardel Mutual Plywood Corp.322 Hoover Treated Wood Products819 Hy Mark Wood Mfg. Inc.804 ISIS Wood Products Solutions, Inc.729 Idaho Forest Group418 Idaho Timber638 Imperial Shake Co. Ltd.114 Integrity Composites518 INTERFOR624 INTL FCStone310 InterWrap Corp.823 Irving Forest Products404 Norman G. Jensen, Inc.820 KP Software Systems520 Kalesnikoff Lumber Co., Ltd.431 Klausner Trading USA117 Kleer Lumber733 Kop-Coat, Inc.415 LP Building Products318 LWO Corporation500 Lazy S Lumber Inc.815 Leslie Forest Products626 Lignum Forest Products722 Limington Lumber413 Lonza Wood Protection (formerly Arch Wood Prot.)805 Maibec Inc.433 MadWood Lumber409 Manke Lumber Co., Inc.818 Manning Diversified Forest Products Ltd.303 RoyOMartin414 Maryʼs River Lumber Co.424 Mason Forest Products623 Maze Nails405 McFarland Cascade718 McShan Lumber Co.537 Metsa Wood (formerly Finnforest USA)703 Mid Valley Lumber Specialties Ltd.838 Murphy Company427 National Nail Corp.604 Neiman Enterprises, Inc.423 Nordic Engineered Wood631 North Enderby Timber112 NELMA201 NAWLA327 Oregon-Canadian Forest Products803 Oregon Industrial Lumber Prds.522 Osmose, Inc.719 PPG Machine Applied Coatings730 Pacific Coast Cedar Products, Inc.336 Pacific Lumber Inspection Bureau8629 Pacific Western Wood Works Ltd.811 Pacific Wood Laminates, INc.301 Pacific Woodtech Corporation539 Partners Dimensional Services LLC325 Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutal Ins.628 Plum Creek323 Plycem USA, Inc.708 Porcupine Wood Products715 Potlatch Corp.219 Power Wood Corp.428 Probyn Group739 Progressive Rail Inc.232 Re-Transportation Co.525 Rhino Deck by Master Mark Plastics214 Rielly Lumber Inc.320 Robbins Lumber Co.634 Roland Boulanger & CIE LTEE612 Rosboro613 & 615 Roseburg Forest Products608 Ryan Forest Products720 Samuel Strapping Systems331 SaverSystems601 Sawarne Lumber Co.133 Selkirk Specialty Wood618 Seneca Sawmill Co.721 Serpentine Cedar Ltd.420 Shasta Green633 Sierra Pacific Industries432 Simpson Lumber Company408 Sinclar Group Forest Products614 Skana Forest Products530 Snavely Forest Products332 Snider Industries735 Sodra Timber AB106 Softwood Export Council701 Softwood Forest Products Buyer732 Southern Cross Forest Products625 Spruceland Millworks727 Starborn Industries714 Stimson Lumber Co.531 Sunbelt309 Sunset Moulding Co.738 Synergy Wood Products, Inc.313 Taupo Wood Solutions602 The Teal-Jones Group213 Terminal Forest Products Ltd.319 Teton West Lumber, Inc.810 Tiger Deck LLC813 Timber Holdings USA305 TimberTech712 Tolko Marketing & Sales212 TradeTec Computer Systems807 Tri-Pro TM Forest Products410 Tri-State Lumber Company621 C.M. Tucker Lumber Co.330 Ty-Lan Enterprises Inc.814 Union Pacific Railroad324 Vaagen Bros. Lumber702 Versatex Trimboards429 The Waldun Group321 Watkins Sawmills Ltd.620 Weaber Lumber302 West Bay Forest Products & Mfg.326 West Fraser Mills Ltd.400 Western Forest Products801 Western Wood Products Assn.812 Westervelt Lumber401 Westshore Specialties837 Weyerhaeuser523 WoodPro Software Inc.312 Woodtone426 Yakama Forest Products311 Zip-O-Logs Mills, Inc.

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