Curriculum Vitae James King Strategos International Chief ...

Curriculum Vitae James King Strategos International Chief ...

Training, Consulting, and Product DistributionCurriculum VitaeJames KingStrategos InternationalChief Combatives Instructorwww.stategosinternational.comToll Free: 1-88-low-lightEmail:

JAMES KINGjim@strategosintl.comMr. King 's experience comes from the U.S. Army, combatives instruction directed towards militarypersonnel, law enforcement training, corporate and executive security. He departed the U.S. Army in '92following a successful tour with the U.S. Army 75th Ranger Regiment. Mr. King has pursued the study ofClose Quarter Combatives & Survival Strategies extensively interacting with foreign Special Forces groups.AREAS OF DEMONSTRATED EXPERTISE• Executive Management• Protection & Survivability• Practical Close Quarter Fighting• Strategic Planning & Problem Solving• Human Biomechanics & Psychology• Threat Analysis, Awareness & Management• Communications & Public Relations• Personal Security & Countermeasures• Administration & Systems Management• Applied Engineering DisciplinesPROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCEFight-Right International, LLC 2003-2004Owner, Chief Instructor: Close Quarter Combatives & Survival Strategies, Personal Protection &Security Countermeasures. Demonstrate and teach solid principles and adaptive applications of thehighly efficient Russian System fighting method to active duty special operations and regular militarysoldiers; officers in law enforcement and related disciplines; and members of other government,professional, and civilian occupations. Additional instruction in personal and team security andresponse to multi-level threats in diverse hostile environments. Recently requested to join a specializedteam of instructors who nationally teach law enforcement officers and rapid response operatorsadvanced methods of security, criminal restraint, and threat management.Direct Energy/Republic Power (Divisions of Centrica, PLC, based in the United Kingdom) 2002-2003Director of Distributor Services for Eastern Canada and the United States. Directly responsible for theevaluation, implementation, and executive management of all operations and processes integral to theIntermediate Field Sales Support Channel for Eastern Canada and the United States, encompassing unit salessubmissions, contract processing and quality control, agent identity, payroll investigations, and distributor/agentinventories. Primary contact for establishing new intermediate support channel processes for all new marketsand smoothly transitioning newly acquired businesses into the Centrica Distributor Services support model.Formulated and implemented the Distributor Services Information and Processes Disaster Recovery Plan.Hand-selected as Primary Market Entry Contact Team Leader to establish the physical support operationspresence at each new market opening in the United States and as Primary Market Entry Advisor for newmarkets in Canada.Alternative Energy Solutions, LLC 1999-2002Vice President of Operations for Canada and the United States. Personally conceptualized, implemented,and managed a revolutionary Processing, Payroll Investigation, and Inventory Support Business Model (lateradopted as the corporate template for the Intermediate Field Sales Support Channel following the acquisition ofAES by Centrica PLC in 2002). Evaluated, reorganized, and implemented effective physical security proceduresand countermeasures related to the physical premises, personnel and property, contract control, and businessoperations.

U. S. Army 1986--1992A Company, 2 nd Ranger Battalion, 75 th Ranger Regiment, Ft Lewis, WA 1986-1987Airborne Ranger Infantryman. Integrated and refined command leadership qualities characteristicto overcome all obstacles for optimum mission accomplishment. Versed to precision in all advancedcombat skills peculiar to an elite Ranger-commando. Given additional field duty as personal protectionfor Company First Sergeant during specific missions. Consistently qualified Expert and used with highproficiency various NATO & WARSAW pact weapons. Thorough comprehension of physicalcharacteristics, tactical use, and countermeasures of Nuclear, Biological and Chemical agents. EarnedHonor Graduate for superior leadership at the highly arduous and selective U.S. Army Ranger School.Required Security Clearance: SECRET.E Company, 109 th Military Intelligence Battalion (LRSC), Airborne, Ft Lewis, WA 1987-1989Long Range Reconnaissance Patrol Leader; Combat Skills Instructor. Directly responsible forpersonal welfare, training, and mission effectiveness of an elite five-man deep reconnaissance team.Specifically selected to lead a covert surveillance team for reconnaissance and harassment operationswith various methods of infiltration/insertion into hostile territories. Comprehensively trained insurveillance and counter-tracking security methods. Additional duty as battlefield medic. RequiredSecurity Clearance: SECRET.Headquarters Company, 4/23 rd Infantry Battalion (Mechanized), Ft Lewis, WA 1989-1990Battalion Assistant Logistics Supervisor; Combat Skills Instructor. Second in command toBattalion Logistics Noncommissioned Officer for accurate planning, projection, budgeting, anddocumentation of all funds and materials usage for a heavy mechanized infantry unit with a physicalinventory valued over $20 million dollars. Directly responsible for battlefield security of the forwardsupply point in combat operations. Designated Instructor to train soldiers in all facets of combatsurvivability skills. Required Security Clearance: General.A Company, 3 rd Military Intelligence Battalion (Aerial Exploitation), Camp Humphreys, ROK 1990-1991Battalion Airfield Perimeter Security Advisor; Chief Combat Skills Instructor; Battalion WeaponsArmorer; Classified Avionics Inertial Navigation Technician. Command-selected to serve as BattalionAirfield Perimeter Security Advisor. As such, planned and coordinated area defenses to includepermanent fortifications, weapons emplacements, security measures and countermeasures, andemergency action drills. Identified as Chief Combat Skills Instructor for all combat survivability skillsfor the entire Battalion. Tasked to inspect and ensure the combat efficiency of all Battalion weaponsassets and their physical security. Secondary responsibilities: Supervised the maintenance andoperation of over $900,000 dollars in test equipment to ensure the positive function of classifiedAvionics Inertial Navigational Systems vital to the military intelligence aerial exploitation capabilitiesrelated to monitoring the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Close liaison with civilian counterpart in defensecontracting. Required Security Clearance: SECRET.D Company (AMC), 82 nd Airborne Division, Ft Bragg, NC 1991-1992Field Leadership/Combat Skills Instructor; Maintenance Production Supervisor. Responsible for training20 technicians in field leadership and combat skills as well as efficient workplace interaction, repair production,and accurate documentation. Responsible for planning, coordinating and maintaining accurate records for sevenelectronic repair sections. Required Security Clearance: SECRET.

Additional Work Experience:Sterling Christian High School 1996--1997Teacher, Secondary Education: American & World History, Religious Studies; Athletics Coach,Varsity Soccer. Designed, planned, and evaluated all lectures and assignments for seven differentcore history and religious studies courses.Dowell Schlumberger 1994--1995Service Technician. Performed field duties specific to oil and gas well cementing and fracturestimulation. Specifically selected to oversee the field operations and systematic hydraulic, pneumatic,electrical, and mechanical maintenance of the Programmable Optimum Density Blender, the mostcomplex, demanding fracture stimulation service vehicle ultimately responsible for the successfulcompletion of each well stimulation assignment.EDUCATION:RUSSIAN SYSTEM (Russian Martial Art), Toronto, Canada & Moscow, Russia, 1999-Present;Trained extensively under the two highest practioners, Vladimir Vasiliev (Canada) and GeneralMikhail Ryabko (Russia), in unarmed combat against single and multiple adversaries; the expert useand defense against conventional, unconventional, and improvised weapons; accurate threatassessment, awareness and management; practical personal and executive protection; humanbiomechanics, physiology and psychology; positive physical restraint and pain compliance methods;and advanced work in and with various modes of transportation. Additional instruction in ExecutiveProtection in Moscow, Russia, under Major Konstantin Komarov, an officer in the Russian MainIntelligence Administration and professional bodyguard. Advanced Survival and Combat SurvivabilityTraining with elite Russian Special Forces and anti-terrorist units in Russia in 2001, 2002 and 2003.Wayne State University, Detroit, MI; 1997-1999; Credits toward a Master of Arts Degree inLinguistics; dual concentrations in Syntax and the Arabic Language; Associate Member of Eta SigmaPhi, a National Honorary Classics Fraternity (offered membership for high excellence in ClassicalLatin).Great Lakes Maritime Academy, Traverse City, MI; 1993-1994; Applied Marine Engineering andAdvanced Mathematical Reasoning.Bob Jones University, Greenville, SC; Graduated in September 1985; Bachelor of Arts Degree inReligious Studies/Philosophy, Minor in English.

Additional Schools and Training:Russian Martial Arts/Executive Protection/Anti-Terrorist CountermeasuresCertified Instructor Russian System (All Components)Advanced Combative Fighting Skills Training (Russia) 2000, 2001, 2002 & 2003Advanced Survival and Combat Skills Training with select Spetsialnogo Naznachyeniya[SPETSNAZ-Russian Special Operations] and Anti-Terrorist Units (Russia) 2001, 2002 & 2003Executive Protection Training (Russia) 2002, 2003CivilianValid Commercial Driver’s License w/HAZMAT, air brakes, and semi-trailer endorsementsUS DOT/MARAD Basic/Advanced Marine Firefighting Certification, 1993Hazardous Materials Awareness Certification, 1992Emergency Management Course Certification (FEMA)U.S. Army, 1986-1992Primary Leadership Development Course, 1988, Honor GraduateBasic/Advanced Leadership Training (Infantry), 1986US Army Parachutist School, 1986West German Parachutist School, 1987US Army Administration School, 1989, Distinguished Honor GraduateUS Army Special Avionics School, 1990, Distinguished Honor Graduate

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