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Classical MusicSpecialists in fine old violins, violas, cellos,double basses and their bowsVisit On The Wild SideA Flexible Approach To MusicFounded in 1998, the English PhilharmonicOrchestra (EPO) gives concerts and appearsat festivals across the country, especiallytowns in the north of England from Beverleyto Berwick and Newcastle to Carlisle. Anindependent professional orchestra, EPO isthe brain-child of Annamarie McCool andDavid Haslam who both used to be membersof the Northern Symphony Orchestra.EPO’s artistic director and conductor, David,told Aspire: “Annamarie and I started the EPObecause we felt there was a gap in the market for aprofessional orchestra that offered more flexibility,was less traditional towards classical music and filledimportant musical niches. Our first concerts wereValentine and Candlelit Christmas Concerts acrossthe north east; we still do these concerts today, 14years later. This year, we have Christmas CandlelitConcerts taking place at Hexham Abbey, BeverleyMinster in Yorkshire, St. Cuthbert’s Church in Carlisleand St. George’s in Jesmond, Newcastle from 14th to17th December.”EPO features 50 musicians and performs at festivals,charity events with North East Proms Against Cancer(NEPAC)) and outdoor concerts, sometimes with a‘Last Night of the Proms’ component. David added:“At the moment, we’re preparing for a Midday Promin Chiswick, London and in October we have a NEPACLast Night of the Proms concert at New Castle CityHall. This event will raise much-needed funds forcancer research and will have an all-English/Jubileethemed programme. Another aspect of our workis to promote concerts in smaller towns and inareas where there would be little or no professionalorchestral provision. We have successfully providedconcerts in churches and in other beautiful buildingsand settings in the region, as well as taking part infestivals by providing large-scale orchestral concertswhich can act as a focus for other events.For all their events, the EPO can use the full orchestraor smaller groups of musicians, all the way down to16. In fact, Annamaria and David are also foundingmembers of the Newcastle Quartets, professionalmusicians who can be hired to perform the highestquality music for those special occasions and events,including conferences, presentations, weddings,launches and parties at venues across the UK.Whatever you want live music for, whether it’s theceremony and maybe for the drinks reception at yourwedding or as a special birthday or anniversary giftfor a loved one, Newcastle Quartets can provide it.For further details, and David, who both studied at the RoyalAcademy of Music in London, also provide musiciansand co-ordinate music at parties and events all overthe country via AM Live Music. Offering a first-classservice, using musical performers of the higheststandards, AM Live Music can provide string quartets,classical guitarists, harpists, classical ensembles andmuch more. Visit for furtherdetails.English Philharmonic OrchestraT: 0191 2854200 | W: | E: info@amlivemusic.comGet the perfectstringed instrumentfrom Turner ViolinsEstablished since 1988, Turner Violinsare specialists in fine old violins, violas,cellos, double basses and their bows. Attheir showrooms and practice rooms inNottingham and Birmingham, TurnerViolins have a room within each showroomdedicated to a specific instrument, meaningyou can choose from over 200 old and newviolins, and an extensive range of violas,cellos, basses and bows.Liz Turner from Turner Violins told Aspire:“My husband Steve started Turner Violins;he is an internationally-known expert on oldviolins and other stringed instruments, and inparticular bows, with over 30 years’ experience.Old violins are really fascinating but incrediblytricky for the unwary, there are lots of labelswhich are fakes and a lot of very good copies,often by good makers of even better makersand thousands of inferior fakes, many of whichnowadays are Chinese or Eastern European.Fakes are often not too hard to suss out, buttaking an old, un-labelled violin or cello andworking out its origin and age and sometimeseven the name of its maker, based only on thetype of varnish used, the shape of the f-holesor corners and other small but significantdetails, takes years of studying thousands ofinstruments. But this is what you need to valuean instrument.”Turner Violins Nottingham showroomis located in Lily Grove in Beeston, in anEdwardian Co-op property with beautifuloriginal features which complement theinstruments that line the shelves, all ofwhich have been set up in the workshop. InBirmingham, the Turner Violins showroom onGibb Street is known as the Custard Factory, anold Lloyds bank building, again with beautifulEdwardian features.Liz added: “Our huge range of stock enablescustomers to try a range of differentinstruments depending on the level thatthey’re at; we have something for beginnersright through to professional musicians. Ouronsite experienced and qualified restorers alsoknow how to get the best out of your violin.Many people believe that a violin is ready toplay as soon as they buy it, it’s not. It takesan expert to shape and fit the soundpost orbridge to get the instrument perfect for you;each instrument should be as individual asthe person playing it. As well as improving thesound of your instrument, our restorers canalso assess any problems of damage and quotefor restoration. We offer a free annual check-upand clean to players who have bought theirinstruments from us, so that we may helpprevent any faults developing and adviseon the best course of action if there are anyapparent problems requiring special attentionin the workshop.”Nottingham Opening Times: Monday to Friday9am – 6pm, Saturday 9am – 5pmBirmingham Opening Times: Monday toSaturday 9am – 5:30pmVisit for moreinfo or call 0115 943 0333 (Beeston) or0121 772 7708 (Birmingham)8 ASPIREASPIRE 9

CareNew Directions Puts People with LearningDisabilities at the Heart of their ServicesTo find out more please contact New Directions’Head Office: 01788 573318Email: Charity No. 1005302A Little TenderLovin’ CareEstablished for over 60 years, New Directions RugbyLtd. is a vibrant charity offering a wide range of social,housing, health and wellbeing services to peoplewith a learning disability. We are based in the heartof the Warwickshire community where we providededicated, high quality support to learning disabledpeople and their carers.At New Directions we look at the individual’s needsand wishes not just the disability and encourage ourcustomers to get the most out of life. We listen to thevoices of people with learning disabilities by working inpartnership with them to actively develop our services, sothat we can empower them to transform their lives.Our reliable, highly trained staff team supply individuallytailored support 1-24 hours, available when and whereour customers need it. We are registered with the CareQuality Commission and are a Warwickshire CountyCouncil and Northamptonshire Council approvedsupplier.Our services include:• Holiday Breaks/ Short Stay/ RespiteThis could be a chance to take a holiday, make newfriends, try new things, and gain independence skills. Ourlatest purpose built home Milner House has all groundfloor bedrooms all of which have an en-suite wet room.• Supported Living and Home CareWe can provide person centred support in our customers’homes that is chosen and controlled by them decidingwhen and where they want it. We provide support forour customers to run their own home the way theywant, supporting them to maintain and develop theirindependence and skills.• Community Choices Network is our FlexibleOpportunities/ Activities ServiceWe design our daily activities around what people wantto do, introducing them to new opportunities, newfriends and encouraging them to take advantage of ourhealth and wellbeing programme. We provide differentactivities such as drama, singing, dancing, horse riding,cooking, swimming, getting green fingered on ourallotment, arts and crafts and are actively looking for newactivities our customers will enjoy in the local community.• Transition SupportWe can make the transition from adolescence toadulthood more exciting and fulfilling with advice andsupport that make it easier to become independent andchoose their individual life path.• Residential ServicesWe have attractive, comfortable homes providing 24 hourcare and support where people are fully involved in thedecisions of the home.As well as a healthy diet andregular exercise, progress inmodern medicine continuesto help us live longer; in factmore and more of us can nowexpect to live in to our 80’sand 90’s, leaving a wholegeneration to become heavilydependent on others.Whether old or young, if you have mobilitydifficulties just getting to the shops and back can bea difficult task. Relying on other people just to getthrough the day can leave you feeling out of controland often, like you’ve lost your independence.There are numerous mobility companies out therewho can provide advice about mobility aids thatmay help your day-to-day life run a little easierand give you back some of the independence youmay have lost. From scooters and walking sticks tostairlifts and bathroom hoists, there are thousandsof products specially designed to help you throughthe day.Instead of struggling to complete a never ending listof domestic tasks around the home, or reluctantlyasking a friend or family member for help, lettingsomeone else take responsibility will free up moretime for enjoying other activities. Home helperscan not only give you the extra medical help youFounded by David Powell in 2001, Verve Life Ltd isan independent company that provides safe, caringresidential services for children and young peoplewith learning difficulties. Verve Life owns adult homesin London, as well as two children’s homes in the EastMidlands: one in Coventry, Warwickshire and anotherin Enderby, Leicestershire.Caring for children from 12-years-old to 18-years-old, Verve Lifein Enderby caters for a maximum of four children with learningdisabilities and/or autism. The home offers long-term, shorttermor respite care and support 24-hours a day, seven days aweek, 365 days a year. Aspire are so impressed with the facilitiesand care on offer here, we’ve awarded Verve Life Enderby with aCertificate of Recognition for Youth Care & Support.This four bedroomed, 19th Century refurbished propertyis located in the quiet and picturesque village of Enderbyin Leicestershire, close to Fosse Park shopping centre andexcellent local leisure facilities including sports halls andswimming pools. All four bedrooms (on the first floor) allowadequate space for private activities and the storage ofpersonal possessions and each resident has a lockable storagechest for treasured items.Outside there is a large brick barn, attached to the house andaccessible via the back door, which offers ample space foroutdoor games in inclement weather and vocational activities.require, but can also give you the support you needaround the home and also when getting out andabout. So, there’s no need to struggle alone.Instead of struggling to complete a never ending listof domestic tasks around the home, or reluctantlyasking a friend or family member for help, lettingsomeone else take responsibility will free up moretime for enjoying other activities. Home helperscan not only give you the extra medical help yourequire, but can also give you the support you needaround the home and also when getting out andabout. So, there’s no need to struggle alone.Many people, understandably, are reluctant to giveup their own homes in order to enter residentialcare, so employing the services of a home carer maybe a better option and can help you or your lovedone regain their lost independence.It’s not just the elderly and disabled that need a littletender loving care. Around two per cent of the UKpopulation have learning difficulties but there isstill much misunderstanding amongst the generalpopulation surrounding children and adults withlearning difficulties and challenging behaviour( The term learningdisability refers to a group of disorders that affecta broad range of academic and functional skills,including the ability to speak, listen, read, write,spell, reason and organise information.Mencap (the voice of learning disability) say thata learning disability occurs when the brain is stilldeveloping - before, during or soon after birth.Verve Life EnderbyAwarded Certificate of RecognitionA sensory garden is in the process of being constructed toprovide an outdoor space to encourage and aid development.The garden offers the space for games and other leisureactivities and there is a greenhouse which can be used, undersupervision, by those interested in cultivating plants.Verve Life Enderby registered manager, Peter Harrhy, said: “Aswell as activities onsite, there’s provision to take residents outto enjoy off site activities, such as swimming and bowling.We’ve just spent the last week doing different daily activities,such as laser quest and go karting, with one company, whichour residents have loved. We’re in a great location here, with somuch within easy reach, from leisure activities to SEN schools –the local area is well provided.”Aspire Sales manager, Stacey Wragg, who nominated VerveLife Enderby for our Certificate of Recognition for Youth Care& Support said: “Finding high quality residential care for yourchild can be daunting but I would highly recommend parentsvisit Verve Life Enderby to see for themselves the high qualityof care and provision on offer; Verve Life Enderby is staffed andequipped to provide social and living support to those whohave moderate to severe learning difficulties and with 1:1 staffto resident ratio, parents can rest assured their child is welltaken care of.”Verve Life Enderby currently has twovacancies. For more information, please call0116 2752617 or visit birth, things can happen to the centralnervous system that can cause a learning disability,whilst a learning disability can occur if the motherhas an accident or illness while she is pregnant, or ifthe unborn baby develops certain genes. A personcan also be born with a learning disability if he orshe does not get enough oxygen during childbirth,or is born too early, and after birth, a learningdisability can be caused by early childhood illnesses.Despite common misconceptions, a learningdisability is not indicative of low intelligence.People with learning disabilities sometimes havedifficulty achieving at their intellectual level becauseof a deficit in one or more of the ways the brainprocesses information. It’s for this reason that theyneed specialist education and care to enable themto reach their full potential.If your child has learning difficulties, specialistschools, which are often independent, not onlyprovide the very best care, but also enable yourchild to reach their full potential in comfortableand safe surroundings. These schools are perfectlyequipped to provide the best education, as eachchild’s needs are treated on an individual basis. Theright environment will not only encourage yourchild to learn but will develop their social skills togive them the best possible start in life.For more information, or support,please visit ASPIREASPIRE 11

The National Home Improvement ShowAn Eco-friendly HouseOliver Heath, spokesperson for The National HomeImprovement Show and presenter of BBC’s Changing Rooms,is a huge eco homes champion. He believes that it is importantto think long term when creating a green home in order tosave your household running costs: “If designed with care,eco homes can be beautiful, healthy, nurturing and efficientspaces to live in. Eco materials and products will help cut youruse of basic resources like gas, water and electricity, cut youryearly bills and also help keep your home lovely and warm thiswinter and for many winters to come.”Top tips for an eco-home:1. Draft ExcludersDraught excluders around doors, windows and opening suchas letter boxes will eliminate cold drafts and help to insulatethe house avoiding heat loss and save warm air. This meansthat less energy is needed to heat the home which could savehouseholds £55 per year (Energy Saving Trust). Draft excludersshould be placed in the around doors, windows, loft hatches,letter boxes, and even key holes. They can be bought fromDIY and hardware stores and make for a satisfying and easyDIY job.2. Chimney BalloonDo you have a disused fireplace? A cheap and effectivesolution to stop warm air being sucked up the chimney breastand out of the house is a chimney balloon. This device willalso prevent draughts coming back down the chimney intothe house saving you money on heating your home. Fittingone will make an immediate and noticeable improvementto the warmth of that room and can easily be removed bydeflating the balloon if you want to use the fireplace.3. Heat Recovery VentilationGood ventilation is essential in moisture heavy rooms suchas bathrooms and kitchens, to reduce the build up of dampwhich can lead to the growth of mould, but can often leadto cold drafts unless the right product is specified. A heatrecovery fan can be up to 80 per cent efficient, extracting thewarmth from stale air and using this to preheat fresh air beingdrawn in; helping to reduce moisture and providing warmfresh air. They are continual running but can cost as little as £4a year to run.4. WindowsGet your windows cleaned every four to six weeks tomaximise the amount of light coming into the home. Thiswill maximise natural light and reduce the need to turn onelectricity hungry lighting – another energy saver! Givingyour windowsills a lick of light reflecting paint will also reflectnatural light back into your property reducing the need forartificial light. Thick curtains over windows will also reduceheat loss at night but make sure these are pulled well back inthe day and don’t cover radiators.5. RadiatorsUsing a metal radiator reflector will reflects the heat otherwiselost through the wall at the back of the radiator back and pushit forward into the room. Also it’s worth fitting thermostaticradiator valves to control the temperature in each room. Bothitems cost little, are easy to fit, will improve comfort and helpcut your bills over the winter.6. Standby SwitchWe waste between £50 - £86 a year by leaving appliancessuch as stereos, TVs and satellite systems on standby. This is 16per cent of household electricity being frittered away (EnergySaving Trust). A standby switch will turn off all appliances thatare plugged in, at the touch of a single button and will reduceenergy otherwise wasted.For more information on The NationalHome Improvement Show (28th – 30thSeptember), exhibitors, seminarschedules and tickets, orcall the ticket hotline on 0844 581 0802 .Tickets are £8 if booked in advance and £12on door. Children under 16 go FREE.Décor InspirationsAwarded Certificate of RecognitionOfficially launching on 1st November,Décor Inspirations is a new venturefor mum and keen artist, June Palin.Over the years while working fulltimeand raising a family, June stillfound time and pleasure creating herown interior design ideas throughouther home. From decorating roomsshe went on to experimenting onfurniture and came up with newideas.“It wasn’t until we bought our currenthouse that I really indulged in my passionfor art and interior design,” June explained.“I am keen on recycling and have recycledquite a lot of furniture in my house,including a fireplace that I managed tosave from being thrown out. I have a keeneye and imagination, whether walkinginto a room or when I see an old piece offurniture; I see its potential.“I work for someone that has a holidayhome and often thought that saleswould improve if we could have decentphotographs of inside the property forthe website. While it was a lovely Victorianproperty, the décor inside did not do itjustice. I convinced him to let me decoratehis house and as a result, his lettings haveincreased.”June experiments with furniture to createindividual, one-off pieces. Some of herfurniture is sourced from charity shopsand car boot sales, as she believes stronglythat recycling old furniture enables you toget the best of both worlds: the sturdinessof old furniture with the look of modernfurniture.Aspire have awarded June a Certificateof Recognition for Design & Innovationfor her work, recycling, restoring andmodernising furniture, as well as her eyefor design. June said: “I am delighted andfeel proud to receive this Certificate ofRecognition and would like to pass mythanks to the team at Aspire for putting meforward for this award.”Tel: 01651 842546 | Email: jpalindecor@ymail.comFacebook: Décor InspirationsNorthamptonshire’s specialists in listed and period buildings01604 833500E.G Est 1964Swingler & SonsRoofing SpecialistsKnowledge, experience andexpertise covering:• Northampton • Kettering • Corby• Daventry • Wellingborough• Period Buildings• Listed Buildings• Domestic & CommercialSpecialists in:• Leadwork• Clay & Concrete Tiles• Slates Natural and man made• Roofing• Guttering• Chimney Re-builds• Masonry• Timberwork & treatmentFully covered for public liability insuranceIf you are looking for professional roofers in and around the Northampton and theWarwickshire area, then please don't hesitate to get in touch today.Visit & PracticalSpecialising inHAND PAINTED FURNITURE& ACCESSORIES FOR YOURHOME AND GARDEN• Made to measure curtain tracks andcurtain poles• Roller blinds - venetian blinds - verticalblinds - black out blinds - roman blinds• Bay window specialists• Remote controlled powered track polesand blinds• High quality materials used duringmanufacture• Pelmets made to your design or choosefrom a vast range of styles• Design and fitting service availableFor a free, no obligationquotation, call now on01455 556615 or07715 753937We have a range of homeaccessories chosen for theirpracticality and style. We stockGarden Trading, Cox and Cox, BiggieBest, Parlane and Polie Pottery...15% discounton your firstonline orderby quoting“ASPIRE1” atthe checkoutWest Barn Country InteriorsWest Barn Tiffield Road GaytonNorthamptonshire NN7 3HHTel: 01604 858328Mob: 07920 ASPIREASPIRE 13

Special OccasionsOh Happy Day…We celebrate many happy eventsthroughout our lifetime: our firstbirthday and all the others thatfollow, our first day at school,passing our exams, graduatinguniversity, our wedding day,moving into our first home, thebirth of our children and then alltheir happy occasions.An excellent way to mark these specialoccasions for the lady in your life is withflowers. It’s wonderful to receive flowerson any given day, but they’re especiallywelcome on birthdays, Mother’s Day,Valentine’s Day, and of course, youranniversary! Just make sure you don’tassume a cheap bunch from the localgarage will suffice; a beautiful bouquet orhamper is the only way to go!If the lady in your life isn’t a fan of freshflowers and prefers to see them in theground ‘where they belong’, why not treather to a lovely piece of jewellery instead.They say ‘diamonds are a girls’ best friend’,so buying your loved one a bit of bling issure to put a smile on her face. Why notgo one step further and have an item ofjewellery especially made for her. Thereare numerous companies that can helpyou custom design something that’s asindividual as your girlfriend or wife; youcould even treat your mum!Supposedly, the biggest day of yourlife is your wedding day; it’s one of thebiggest commitments you will ever maketo another human being – ‘for better orworse, for richer or poorer, in sickness andin health, ‘til death do us part’. There’s somuch to plan and so much to consider soit’s vital that you not only allow yourselfenough time to plan it properly, down tothe last detail, but that you also enlist theservices of reputable and recommendedsuppliers.If you have to organise a special occasionbetween now and Christmas and want itto stand out, you’ll find all the inspirationyou need within this feature.pressurised to conform to this vision if it’snot want you really want. With a myriadof exciting alternatives out there, there’ssomething to suit every taste, no matterhow wacky or weird.Wedding Cakes have been tiered sincemedieval times when guests wererequired to bring a cake to the reception.These cakes were stacked in levels on atable and if the Bride and Groom couldkiss over the top of the stack, it wasconsidered good luck. Since then, tieredcakes have become the ‘norm’ but morerecently, couples have been breakingaway from this tradition and have startedto use cupcakes, arranged in tiers, as theirwedding cake. This is ideal if there are alarge number of children in attendance.ChristeningsIt’s the same with Christenings; these nolonger have to be religious ceremoniesheld in church. Naming Ceremoniesare becoming increasingly popular forthose people that don’t want to committheir newborn to any particular faith.Naming Ceremonies are also ideal forolder children, especially stepchildren oradopted children, to officially welcomethem into the family.Birthday PartiesBirthday parties are the most personalof all parties, especially those milestonebirthdays such as 18, 21, 30, 40, 50 and 65.Birthday parties are the perfect excuse tolet loose and really delve into your wildestfantasies, whether it be a magic party orpole dancing lessons – let your imaginerun wild.Birthday cakes are an area in whichyour creativity can truly run riot! Fromsimple, plainly decorated circular cakes tochildren’s favourites of trains and animalsthere’s a cake out there to suit all tastes. Ifyou’re celebrating a milestone birthday,why not go all out and get the biggest,craziest cake you can think of. Whateverstyle of cake you choose, make sure youchoose something your guests will betalking about for years to come!W&M SMITHWe stock a huge range offlorists’ sundries including:• Smithers Oasis®• Glassware of all shapes and sizes• Large selection of silk, latex,parchment and dried flowers• Bridal accessories• Ribbons• Baskets and much moreNO ACCESS FOR CHILDRENAll major credit cards accepted.Come along and wander atyour leisure in the Pightle Barn,Blacksmiths Lane, MiddlewoodGreen, Stowmarket IP14 5EUMonday & Thursday 10am - 7pmTuesday, Wednesday& Friday 10am - 5pmOpen 10am - 4pm selected Saturday& Sunday (ring to check)Tel: 01449 711014 | Fax: 01449 711815Email: wensmith@lineone.netWeb: perfecthair ExtensionsA lady Toastmaster is a bitdifferent. Just as traditionaland distinctive as my malecolleagues, I nevertheless bringa slightly different approach -without losing any authority orprofessionalism.I am a member, and Past President,of one of the largest ToastmasterAssociations in the UK.I am happy to meet you before you make a decision, as I believe that you needto have confidence in me; and I enjoy being part of the planning process – notjust putting in an appearance on the day. Because I have a wide experience ofweddings I can offer tips, advice and suggestions based on that experience.Finally, I have letters and testimonials from couples just like you, who reallyfelt that having me as their Toastmaster made their day extra special. Perhaps Icould be part of your special day? Take a look at my website and give me a call– I’d love to hear from you!Contact Jane Burridge on 01276 858420Email: at Candy Heads we strive to offer you a fully personalised service: We cut,colour and style your extensions, so you can find your perfect match. We usethe revolutionary micro - ring and micro-fusion hair extension systems, provento be the most popular hair extension method with many famous celebrities.We use the best quality hair, provided by Glamorous Lengths and are proud to beexpertly trained by London’s prestigious Belle Hair.WeddingsThe image that springs to mind is a big,fairy-tale wedding in a church with ahandsome groom and a big white dress,but a wedding is a very personal thing;a very personal public declaration ofyour love for one another, so don’t feelAfter really letting your inner most desiresbecome reality, you’ll want to captureevery moment, so it’s vital to enlist theservices of a top quality photographerand events team to ensure your guestsremember your party, for all the rightreasons.1 Charnwood Drive, Leicester ForestEast, Leicester LE3 3HLCall now for an appointment on0116 239 262814 ASPIREASPIRE 15

Special OccasionsA professional team of craftsmen offering a completesampling service to the fashion industry.Services:• Pattern Making• Grading• Toiles• Sample Making• Cut, Make & Trim• Bespoke made to measure servicefor private clientsSampling Unit, Unit 4,Tavistock Road, London N4 1UPTel: 020 8800 0911 | Email: Fun Casino Company, 52 NorthdownRoad, Newhaven, East Sussex BN9 9JETel: 01273 517785Email: ultimate Beatles experienceTel: 0845 873 2992 or 07984 643 Casino's are fast becoming one of themost popular forms of entertainment. A FunCasino can be held at just about any venue,no matter how big or small. Not only is itan excellent way to entertain your guests,it's also a great way to raise money for yourchosen charity or club.Whatever the occasion, whether for intimateprivate functions to the biggest corporateevents, "Fortunes Fun Casino Company"will give you a night to remember. Ourguarantee to you of High Quality Equipment,Superb Customer Care and Excellent Valuefor Money is assured.Beatlemania are regarded as one ofthe world’s leading tribute acts and areavailable for all kinds of events throughoutthe U.K. and overseas with their superbshow that’s full of all the hits and history ofthe fab four!Previous corporate clients include Virgin,Microsoft, British Airways, Mercedes-Benzand Rolls Royce and the band have alsoperformed at private engagements formany of the rich and famous includingDavid and Victoria Beckham, Sir RichardBranson, Gordon Ramsay, Tiger Woods andWayne and Coleen Rooney.CALL US NOW OR VISIT THE WEBSITE FORMORE DETAILS/AVAILABILITY ETC.Here at Porosol Print we havebeen specialising in handmadegreeting cards for more than 15years...We have a range of• Birthday Cards• Occasion Cards• Special Occasion Cards• Valentine's, Mother's Day, Easter,Father's Day and ChristmasAll cards are designed in house,new designs introduced monthly.Traditional and contemporarydesigns to suit most tastes.We supply direct to retailers andgreetings card agents.For more informationPhone 0115 930 7977Email: Video Productions coverall aspects of filming nationally. We areextremely passionate about the art ofwedding filmmaking and our standardshave brought us commissions from BBCSKY as well as our work being used on otherTV stations.It naturally follows that our equipmentis true broadcast quality and with ourknowledge of wedding filmmaking andattention to detail we can offer to producefor you a film that you will enjoy watchingagain and again. It is only after the eventwhen the suits have been returned, thedress stored away, the flowers wiltedyour DVD brings it all back to life evokingmemories of your magical day.Tel: 01646 651 555Mob: 07798 863 on videos HUNT TOASTMASTER LTD.Fellow & Founder of theAssociation of the UK School of Professional Toastmasters,Past President of AUKSPT, ITGB & FPT &.Past Director of The UK School of Professional Toastmasters Limited.Experienced presentation, expertise and style are at your command fulfilling youraspirations and expectations for your event. Liaison and consultation, with clientsand venue Banqueting Managers are priority factors as are advice on correct protocol,etiquette and precedence.Wedding styles (English, Indian, Jewish, Civil Partnerships etc).Corporate Functions (Company dinners/presentations, Law Society etc).Civic Ceremonial expertise for Mayoral functions.Ladies’ Nights.Indeed all functions requiring an element of formality.Whenever Champagne is present, Graham would be delighted to perform with his sabre,the art of Sabrage, in his capacity as a Chevalier Maitre-Sabreur of the Order of The GoldenSabre.Friendly formality at its best in cities & hotels to village halls. Graham’s tutorage oftoastmasters comes after nearly forty years teaching up to University entrance in schoolsin Europe and the Far East. Over 200 toastmasters trained at Graham’s former school nowwork successfully in the UK and beyond.Tel 01502 500317Email: WYLIEPROFESSIONAL TOASTMASTERWhatever theevent, WeddingBreakfast, CivicReception, LiveryDinner, FormalDinner,Banquet,Ladies Nightor Life PartnerReception, youdeserve the best.David as yourProfessionalToastmaster adds dignity, eleganceand style. The key to successful hostingis careful planning and exceptionalcommunication, talents that David hasin abundance. Jobs can seem endless toyou with people to greet, speeches to bemade and announcements to take place,to name but a few. Before you know it,the moment has passed and you have notbeen able to relax and enjoy yourselves.Choose your Toastmaster Carefully. Doeshe have a good personality? What is hisappearance like? Get to know and trusthim and you will feel confident that youare in safe hands. He will do everythingpossible to deliver the perfect day.Contact David to discuss your requirementsTel: 01322 274632Mobile: 07768 448999Email: LloydMember of the the Association of the UKSchool of Professional ToastmastersWaiting to serve youon your special dayIs smart red coat and shoes well shinedI will ensure your peace of mindWe’ll meet before to plan your daySo all goes smoothly without delayAnd with my cheerful friendly smileMy duties I’ll complete in styleSo for a happy stress free dayGet in touch without delayTel: 07872 114235Email: am a professional, qualified cake maker and cake decorator with City and Guildstraining. I am also a fully qualified sugarcraft and cake decoration teacher, with over16 years teaching experience, for 8 to 80-year-old students.My cakes are rich fruit, rich chocolate, sponge or carrot cake, which are highlydecorated with details of handcrafted sugar flowers which are my speciality.I can design occasion cakes or work from customer detail. I can offer wedding cakes,christening cakes, birthday and anniversary cakes. View the gallery pages to seeexamples of the different styles of cakes I can create for each occasion.I can offer advice and help with your cake’s design. All cake stands, pillars and basesare supplied for the wedding day with your cake(s) being delivered to your chosenvenue, giving bride and groom a worry-free day regarding their celebration cake.I will offer to deliver cakes to a 50-mile radius of my home.Gillians Celebration CakesTelephone: 01697 371478 | Email: petemarr@aol.comWeb: ASPIREASPIRE 17

Corporate HospitalityHome I.T SolutionsAHappy &MotivatedWorkForceWhether your business is a globalconglomerate, an international empire, anationwide enterprise, a regional organisationor a single-person operation, a businessconference is the perfect way to discuss variousideas and initiatives, as well as passing on vitalinformation to members of staff in order foryour business to thrive.If you’re bringing all of your staff together for a meetingor a conference, finding the right venue is a must.Conferences can vary in size, from small meetings witha hand full of people to much large gatherings thatmay include hundreds of people. They can also takeplace almost anywhere. The location of your conferenceobviously depends on the number of people who will beattending. Some companies have their own small meetingrooms within their office that can be used for smallconferences, but a large conference with many attendeeswill usually take place in a much large venue. There arenumerous places you can hire for the day in and aroundthe Aspire region.It’s a sad fact, but many employees find business meetingsand conferences a tad boring, so remember these handytips in order to make your conference a success…• Provide attendees with an agenda• Stick to an agreed time limit and don’t get hung up ontiny details – give speakers an allotted time to speak, orwhy not introduce a specific object - a mug or a ball – forspeakers to hold whilst talking• Have a decision-making process in place so the itemsdiscussed are accomplished• If you simply need to update colleagues on an on-goingmatter, why not send an email instead• Don't be afraid of serving snacks or non-alcoholicbeveragesAlthough we are officially out of recession, some of theeffects are long lasting. After suffering the stress of shorttime, redundancies and financial worries during thelast three years, many employees may still be lackingmotivation or feeling the stress of working overtime inorder to cover for redundancies.One way to give your staff a much needed morale boost iswith a corporate activity day, which may help employeesfocus better and gain self-confidence. By organising a day’steam building, away from your day-to-day environment,you may even be rewarded by their extra loyalty.We may be enjoying the very last blast of summer, butwith only 16 weeks until Christmas, now is the time to startplanning your Christmas party. As the days turn colderand the festive season gets ever closer, more and morevenues start getting booked up. If you’re planning a staffChristmas party, you need to think about booking it now.Whether you’re looking for a full traditional Christmasdinner with all the trimmings or something a little morecontemporary, Leicester and Northampton offer a wealthof restaurants, all serving tasty food, as well as moreadventurous activities.Alternatively, why not treat your staff to a truly uniqueChristmas party, by ditching the traditional turkeydinner with all the trimmings, for a day out to remember.Experience days are the very best way to get all of yourstaff together for some team building and let them reallyhave fun and when it comes to choosing an activity there’san abundance of choice, from the adrenaline fuelledrush of quad biking or paintballing, to the relaxing calmof a round of golf, there’s something for every taste andbudget.Offering private hire/taxi airport transfersand personal travel to and from Leicesterand Leicestershire area. Also we canoffer travel and admission package dealsto Drayton Manor Park and WarwickCastle so you can enjoy some of Britain'sgreatest attractions.We have a fleet of 4, 6 and 8 seater luxuryvehicles ready to take you to desireddestination in comfort and style.These prices only available online notthrough telephone booking!East Midlands From £21Birmingham From £38Luton From £65Heathrow from £85Stansted from £85Manchester From £85Gatwick From £115Also offering personal travel to theMidlands-based theme parks andattractions INCLUDINGPlease see online for pricesTelephone Enquires0116 2100176 or 07585• A Hidden Gem in the Centre ofNottingham• Free Onsite Parking for up to 100cars• Free wireless internet• Conference rooms for 4 to 400• Bespoke Events and all types offunctions catered for• Competitive rates both day and24 hour delegates catered for(accommodation and dinner at anearby hotel for 24 hour delegates)• Weddings, Licensed for CivilCeremonies25 Goldsmith Street,Nottingham, NG1 5LBTel: 0115 947 3829Email: SolutionsFor AllTRIED &TESTEDBY ASPIREIncreased affordability hasincreased our accessibility tocomputers and the internet overthe last two decades. Today overhalf of all UK households have atleast one computer, but with all thistechnology comes the need for theskills to install and maintain ourApple or Window desktop computersand laptops.Whether you’re a family, retired coupleor business, ensuring your computer notonly runs as it should, but is also safe fromviruses and potential hackers is vital. Ifyou don’t have the skills yourself, there areplenty of companies out there, equippedwith the knowledge and expertise.From simple installations to weird errormessages, and from slow computersto broken power cords, computermaintenance is vital for the continuedhealth of your computer. There arenumerous courses across the Aspireregion that will not only teach you thebasics of using a computer, but they’ll alsoteach you the basic of looking after andmaintain your computer’s health.Although computer maintenance is notrocket science, it is always best to employthe services of a professional, somethingwith the knowledge and skills, backed upby excellent recommendations from pastsatisfied customers.IT Support The Way YOU Want It,From Stretton IT ServicesCatering for all your IT needs, from repairs tomaintenance for homes, businesses and dentalpractices, Stretton IT Services, based in Oadby,Leicestershire provides an excellent service witha friendly smile. Talking a jargon-free languageyou can understand, Stretton IT can help whetheryou have a problem with your home desktop PC,laptop power socket or need a data network foryour business.The brain-child of civil engineer, HarbinderBhogal, Stretton IT provides fast and efficientIT support for families and businesses acrossLeicestershire and Northamptonshire. Harbindertold Aspire: “Stretton IT Services has evolvedfrom a training and development company Istarted with a business partner 13 years ago inChesterfield. This company provided trainingcourses for NHS employees to train them insoftware and basic IT skills. It was very popularand we held over 3,000 courses nationally.However, two years ago, I decided to breakaway from this company and focus on the workI was getting locally through word-of-mouthrecommendations and Stretton IT Services wasborn.”Providing help with Apple or Windows products,as well as solutions to problems with the internet,routers, printers, scanners and cameras, StrettonIT can do anything and everything to do withyour computer, at your home or remotely.Harbinder said: “The majority of my work, I’d say90%, is referrals from satisfied customers whoWe all know that many of the bestbargains can be found on the Internet butwhen it comes to something as importantas the data on our computers, whichcan be very special photos of birthdays,weddings and other milestones, it’sadvisable to hire the services of a local,someone who can keep a regular checkon your computer to make sure there’s noreoccurrence of problems or viruses.There are many benefits to be had fromenlisting the help of a local expert, ratherthan an internet-based company or alarge multinational company:• Simply by choosing to shop or employthe services of local companies, you canhelp them to flourish. You may find thereare also added benefits to choosing local,including receiving a more personalisedservice that may be tailored to your needs.• Spending your money with localbusinesses keeps your money in the localeconomy, resulting in more jobs beingcreated locally and more funding for localservices being raised through tax revenue.Supporting local businesses also aidscommunity development.So, if you’re looking for some help withyour Apple or Windows computer, Aspirewould like to recommend Stretton ITServices, who recently took over lookingafter all of Aspire’s IT needs…are happy to recommend me to their friends andfamily. I’m happy to help domestic customerswith simple problems, such as broken screens,faulty power leads or even virus removal. I ampassionate about helping home users to use theirinternet-connected safely, whether they want toinstall parental filters for their children, or theywant to ensure internet banking is safe. I also offerback-up solutions to ensure personal data, suchas photos and videos, are never lost in the eventof a hard drive malfunction.“I’m also geared up to help businesses of anysize, from a one-man band to businesses with50 or so computers. As well as maintenance andmanaging networks and servers, I can also boltdown computers to ensure users can only use theinternet on them outside of work hours. I’m alsohappy to provide advice for start-up businessesto ensure they buy the right equipment now, sothey don’t have to buy new IT equipment as theirbusiness expands. I offer a full range of businessIT services, from new network and systeminstallations to managed support and disasterrecovery services.”Whether you’re a domestic or business customer,Stretton IT has the practical knowledge andexpertise built up over many years working inthis sector to solve your frustrating computerproblems. Put simply, Stretton IT is the helplineyou wished you had in the first place! Call0116 2714616 or visit formore information.18 ASPIREASPIRE 19

Holidays & LeisureEnjoy A GREAT British HolidayJackson CaravansLast year, more British familiesswapped their annual foreign breakfor a traditional family holiday athome. In order to save cash and theplanet, many opted for a nostalgicholiday on the coast or relaxing breakin Britain’s rolling countryside.Skegness has been a popular holiday destination forthose living in the Aspire region for many years now,as it can offer an exciting day out, a fun weekend ora cheap and cheerful week-long break. There’s alsosomething to suit all ages, from young children toteenagers, parents to grandparents.For free fun, grab your buckets and spades and headon down to Skeggy’s Blue Flag beach. Here, you canenjoy building sandcastles, beach games, such asFrisbee and cricket, or get your feet wet with somepaddling. If you’ve got a few pounds to spare why nothead to the amusement arcades for pool, air hockey,teddy grabs and loads more fun games.Fantasy Island is the place to head for hair-raisingrides and a memorable day out and no trip to theLincolnshire coast would be complete without avisit. Situated in Ingoldmells, it’s a magical worldoffering a huge selection of rides suitable for youngerchildren, including the Safari Land Train and the PonyExpress, as well as extreme thrill rides, such as VolcanicEruption and the Beast, which are ideal for older kids.As England’s largest county, Yorkshire offers a plethoraof activities, both indoors and out, sure to keep oldand young alike entertained. Yorkshire is a big andbeautiful county that reaches into no less than threeNational Parks - the Yorkshire Dales, North York Moorsand the Peak District, making it the ideal place forwalking, cycling, horse riding, birdwatching, fishingand just generally enjoying the great British outdoors.There’s a lot to love about Yorkshire’s 45 miles ofcoastline; the bracing sea air, dramatic cliffs andharbour towns have a charm like no other place inBritain. Combining all of these perfectly, Whitby hasample attractions for all to enjoy. The ominous Abbeyin Whitby is simply not to be missed. The view of themist hovering over Whitby’s Abbey is rumoured tohave inspired Bram Stoker to write Dracula and thereis a museum to discover more about this celebratedwriter. For truly mouth-watering fish and chips, TheMagpie Café is hard to beat and usually has a queue ofhungry diners waiting outside every day during highseason.Steeped in history and heritage, York should be yournumber one choice for a city getaway. The Medievalcounty capital is home to 30 impressive museumsand galleries, the most popular being the JorvikViking Centre. Recreating life in York 1,000 years ago,the Centre stands on what was once the houses andworkshops of the Viking-age city of Jorvik, and hasbeen lovingly recreated to give visitors a glimpse atwhat life was like in the past. As a living museum, youcan expect to see working craftsmen in costume andsmell the vile stench of the cesspit, and with 40,000artefacts to see, you’ll need a whole day to discoverit all.If Britain’s charms have captured your heart and youwant to share that nostalgic British holiday with yourfamily for years to come then why not think aboutinvesting in a holiday home-from-home. Allowingyou to relax in luxury accommodation anytime youfeel like it, there are many caravan parks dedicated tostatic holiday homes, so you can surround yourselfwith peace, tranquillity and likeminded souls. Insteadof saving all year for that special summer holiday,you can invest in your future holidays and reap therewards year after year, or whenever you feel like abreak.Our Eastbourne holiday apartments enableyou to enjoy what is one of the most delightfulseaside resorts in the UK whilst staying inluxurious self-catering accommodation. Allself-catering, waterside properties are equallysuited for both corporate clients and families onholiday, offering both harbour and promenadeviews, as well as being close to Eastbournetown centre.These luxury holiday lets are decorated andfurnished to a high standard and, as proof ofthis, they have earned a minimum grading of4Keys/Highly Commended.Eastbourne is probably the country's finestexample of a planned Victorian seasideresort. With an enviable climate, clean, safebeaches and great entertainment, it is one ofthe sunniest resorts on the south coast andreally has something to offer everyone for atraditional seaside holiday.Eastbourne Apartments is part of the Best of Sussex andBest of Brighton and Sussex CottagesTel: 01273 308779 | Fax: 01273 390211Email: and second-hand vans for sale• 10% discount on all new vans• 15 minutes from the sea• No connection chargesTelephone: 01754 76391092 Burgh Road, Skegness, LincolnshireAn Ace Time At Ace York©VisitBritain / Daniel BosworthConveniently located near York Railway Station and situatedin Micklegate, the oldest part of York, Ace York is a citycentre, four-star hostel catering for backpackers and budgettravellers from across the globe. It’s not hard to see whyso many people flock to York; with a history dating backto Viking Times, exquisite architecture, a tangle of quaintcobbled streets and the iconic York Minster, York offers awealth of sights and sounds for holidaymakers.A grand Georgian townhouse built in 1752, Ace York boasts arange of double, twin, family and Dormitory rooms from £16 pernight. The double rooms all overlook the famous York wall builtin 1192 and boast safes, televisions and their own original 18thCentury fireplaces. The twin rooms offer views of Micklegateand benefit from en-suite bathrooms, televisions, safes andhospitality trays, whilst the family rooms boast original oakbeams and fireplaces, as well as views of the city walls. Finally, theAce York dorms range from having four to fourteen beds and allhave en-suite bathrooms, except the four-bed dormitory. Thesedorms rooms have under bed storage lockers and individualreading lights, as well as views of either the walls of York, theCathedral or Micklegate itself.The building itself also boasts a number of impressive features,including: stone-flagged entrance hall, a grand sweepingstaircase, panelled rooms, vaulted cellar and a fabulousRococo ceiling featuring Shakespeare’s head. In 2009, Ace Yorkunderwent a £2million refurbishment programme to restore andupdate the building in line with its traditional Georgian Heritagebut with a modern edge, making it your perfect accommodationfor a trip to York. One of the highlights of this restoration workwas the installation of a brand new self-catering kitchen, whichall guests have access to, allowing guests to cook their own mealsshould they wish.With air-conditioning throughout, its own oak-beamed basementgames room, TV lounge, sauna, and outside seating area. AceYork also boasts a relaxed and sociable bar, serving excellentfood and a secure and friendly environment. Clean, fresh sheetsprovided for your ease and comfort; towels can be hired for £1with a £5 deposit. The hostel boasts coin-operated washing &drying machines and there’s no curfew, allowing you to enjoy thebest of York nightlife!Ace York owner, Brian Taylor, told Aspire: “We welcome a widevariety of guests here to Ace York, from travellers, couples andlocals to party groups, sports groups, schools and universitiesfrom all across the globe. As an all-round friendly hostel, wewelcome people of all ages and are more than well-equipped tooffer the facilities for children to enjoy themselves, whether it bewatching a film in our brand new cinema lounge, which shows afilm every night, or enjoying some TV or games in our commonlounge area.”For more information, please visit call 01904 627720.Ace York can also be found on Facebook22 ASPIREASPIRE 23

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