Dove Tales May - Peace Lutheran Church, Fort Myers ...

Dove Tales May - Peace Lutheran Church, Fort Myers ...

Page 1 May 201215840 McGregor Blvd., Fort Myers, FL 33908 (239)437-2599 Lutheran Church Monthly Newsletter Come Share God’s Love May 2012Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaimtill all the world adore his sacred name.Come, Christians, follow where our captain trod,our king victorious, Christ, the Son of God.All newborn servants of the crucified bear on theirbrows the seal of him who died.O Lord, once lifted on the glorious tree,as thou hast promised, draw us all to thee.So shall our song of triumph ever be: praise to the Crucified for victory!

Page 2 May 2012Dear Friends in Christ,Grace and peace be with you.The Parish Nurse program is an important part of our ministry. A parish nurseoffers a ministry of presence and healing at the intersection oflife issues and faith. Healing was a dynamic component of Jesus’ ministry—touching people lives with a sense of the presence of God. One evangelist sharedthat “…when Jesus went out He saw a great multitude; and He was moved withcompassion for them, and healed their sick.” (Matthew 14.14)I am writing to share that Ethel Baldwin will retire September 9, 2012 as ourParish Nurse. Ethel has blessed the congregation and community with her ministry.She has touched many with the promise of Christ. The leaders of the congregation and I willwork with her, the Coordinator of the Parish Nurse program of Lee Memorial Health System andthe Caring Connection to build on her ministry. We hope that Ethel will be able to introduce thenew parish nurse to the congregation later this summer.When one gets ill, some blame God or wrestle with what “they did to deserve” a medical crisis intheir lives or that of their loved one. A parish nurse, as part of the ministry team, has tools towork in the health and faith lives of people. The pioneer of the program was Pr GrangerWestberg, a Lutheran pastor who served in Illinois. An International Parish Nurse program hasdeveloped. Their website states, “Through Westberg's work and the parish nurse movement,people in congregations are coming to a new understanding of health and the importance of beinggood stewards of their health and the health of the community.”Peace has been blessed by the support of the Parish Nurse program of Lee Memorial HealthSystem. Its local development can be traced to its executive director who envisioned the need tounderstand faith and health in the lives of people. Peace was blessed by the leadership of theprogram which resulted in a grant from the Blue Foundation of Florida early in our ministry toestablish the parish nurse program in our congregation and our community. There are about twodozen congregations that have partnered with Lee Memorial Health System for the parish nurseprogram.Ethel’s kind words “Have a glorious day!” have lifted many of our lives. We are thankful for herministry as our Parish Nurse.In Christ,Pr Walter+

Page 3 May 2012April Leadership Council ReportDuring the first quarter of this year an average of 438 people worshiped atPeace each week. This is the largest weekly average ever at Peace. Theold record, set in 2009, was 429. This reverses the downward trend wesaw the past two years. Some possible reasons for the increase are the addition of theSaturday evening service, improved landscaping to make the building more visible andattractive, improved economic environment, warmer weather than January and February lastyear. Whatever the reasons, we give thanks to God for each and everyone who finds a homeat Peace for a few weeks, months, or a life time.On March 27 th Pr Walter, Pr Connie, and I met with around a dozen associate members todiscuss how Peace fits into their lives and how we can help them make the most of their time inFlorida. An important point that came out of this discussion is that because snow birds have alimited amount of time in Florida and want to use it efficiently, they want to have plans in placebefore heading south. To meet this need, the Leadership Council has set a goal of having acomplete high season schedule in place by mid-November. Associate members alsoappreciate Mission Servant week but would like opportunities to serve each week. Snow birdsare also looking for small groups that last only four weeks. This would make the commitment toparticipate easier. The Leadership Council is making use of these and other suggestions as wemake our plans for next year.The Worship and Music committee reports that more than 675 hours were volunteered to makepossible 17 worship services and three concerts in March. With the busiest time of the year behindus, the committee is now deep into making plans for next year. Some events will be familiar,and some will be new. The committee has also submitted a draft of its charter. The charterspells out the purpose of the committee, its organization, its responsibilities, and what othergroups it works with. The Finance and Marketing committees have previously submitted theircharters. Other committees have agreed to have theirs ready for the May council meeting.The Marketing committee has been working with the provider of our existing sound board to seewhat it would take to capture audio recordings during worship and convert these recordings toMP3s for posting as podcasts on the internet. Because of copyright restrictions on many of thehymns we use, it is not possible to record the entire service, so the goal for now is to make sermonsavailable. This is a good first step and can be expanded in the future as appropriate.The committee has also recommended and the council approved “Come Share God’s Love” asPeace’s tagline. This tagline will be present on all Peace publications along with the usualcontact information, website, QR code, etc.Each of our committees welcomes anyone who would like to help. At this time we areespecially looking for someone with HR experience to join the Mutual Ministry team. We arealso looking for someone to join the Audit committee. If you are interested in helping us out ineither of these areas, please contact me.Come Share God’s Love,Forrest JensenLeadership Council President

Page 4 May 2012Peace Lutheran Church Day Camp 2012Come Share God’s Love!June 25-29, 20129am-3pmRegistration Now OpenGrades K-5Fun for all.It is that time of year when Peace teams up with a gifted crew from Luther Springs and holds aweek-long adventure of fun, God’s love, fun, Bible stories, fun, Singing, fun, Crafts, fun, specialsurprises, fun and more fun! This year the theme of day camp centers around the parables ofJesus. Come and be part of the story. Be sure to call the office (239) 437-2599, pick up aregistration form in the Narthex, or print a registration from do it...with limited spots available, we would not want you to miss the fun!Applications are now being accepted to join in theDiakonia program. What is “Diakonia? A two-yearprocess of spiritual formation and theologicaleducation or anyone wishing, in good faith, to studythese teachings. This process occurs in three basicways: By thorough grounding in the classic churchleadershipdisciplines of practical systematic,historical and Biblical theology. By identifying particular skills and aptitudes inministry, and encouraging their use in the localparish. By providing spiritual growth through worship,retreats, and a supportive community of fellowstudents, mentors and instructors.Please see Pr Walter or Karen Coleman for moreinformation if you are considering this path.Our Overseas Coupon Program isgoing very well. We have sent4 boxes with coupons valued atover $5000.00. Thank you!Since this program is growing wecould use more help. We need toask those of you who are bringingin coupons to cut them outbefore you bring them tochurch. We also need someone tohelp pack the coupons for mailing.It costs $5.00 to mail each box somonetary donations would also beappreciated.To volunteer or askquestions please callRuth Baker239-466-6436.

Page 5 May 2012Woodworks at PeacePr Walter asked Jack Ruff to gather together people who might beinterested in woodworking to form a small group. He had a project ortwo and needed some people who liked to make sawdust. Six people,Bob Adams, Tom Jones, Marty Spillman, Warren Teigen, Robert Hartman,and Ken Wehr, responded. We met a few times and visited Bob Adams’shop to learn about tools that fit in a condo garage. Pastor Walter’sproject suggestion was a prayer kneeler for use during holy week. Therequirements were: single, light, foldable, and made in the “Mission Style”to match the other church furniture. Simple, right? Find a design to bemodified in the Mission Style, find wood, find a shop and find people whohad time and most important the skills tomeet the project deadline. Bob Adamsstepped forward and offered his shop, thecherry wood, his furniture making skills,and his time. It was time to stand back andwatch the sawdust fly time. Bob was on it!With Bob’s dedication and bag of skills, the wood was transformed into abeautiful kneeler. (Ready for use on Maundy Thursday!) The kneeler can be seenin the sanctuary and many have already knelt in prayer. The next project isalready on the drawing board. We are looking forward to getting a good cut onnext season! Happy sawdust making this summer.Jack RuffTri-Church LuncheonEvery quarter the pastors andstaffs from Peace, Faith, and StColumbkille get together toshare a meal, fellowship,planning, and prayer.Peace was host to the Aprilluncheon. Marv & Wenda Ruchwere gracious servers.Prayer was around the baptismalfont this day as we gave thanksfor a wonderful high season ofgrowth and thanksgiving ofnew life in Easter.

Page 6 May 2012I have come that they may have life, and that they may have it more abundantly.-John 10:10Mother Teresa on silence… Wecannot put ourselves directly inthe presence of God if we do notpractice internal and externalsilence .In silence we will findnew energy and true unity.Silence gives us a new outlook.Blood pressure screening is the 1st Sunday of every month.Thanks to Sarah Muermann and Ruther Baker for assisting with thescreening in April. We screened 12 people; 4 were new.11 people were screened @ Iona Gardens; 3 were new.Grief Support will be held on Monday, May 28, 2012 @ 10 AM.Communion Visiting Ministers for May 2012 are: Sandra Christ and Sue Grogger.Please let me know if you are interested in participating in this ministry.SHINGLES VACCINE NOW AVAILABLE FOR THOSE 50 AND OLDER!!Recently, the shingles vaccine was licensed for individuals as young as 50! If you had thechickenpox or were exposed to the virus, you are at risk for Shingles. The best protectionagainst shingles is the Shingles vaccine. Call for an appointment (239-337-4848)Cost is $225.00; which can be paid in cash, check or charge. A receipt will be provided for yourinsurance company. If you have a secondary insurance, you may want to check with them onyour coverage prior to getting the injection. VNA does not bill Medicare or a third party.Safe Summer Driving TipsAs the weather heats up and daylight lasts long into the evening, may people will welcome theFlorida summer by hitting the highway for along-anticipated vacation. In the coming monthsmotorists will find themselves faced with distractions, traffic congestion, construction zones andimpatient drivers. These hazards can and do lead to dangerous driving, resulting in crashes thatcould be life altering or even fatal.The Lee County Sheriff’s Office suggests every driver brush up on their driving skills by followingthese safety tips:Concentrate on driving, not on passengers, cellular phones, or other distractions.Obey speed limits.YOUR HEALTH IS IN YOUR HANDS!Keep them clean.5 Five Things You Can Do To Prevent Infection1. Clean your hands 2. Make sure healthcare providers clean their hands.3. Cover your mouth and nose. 4. If you are sick, avoid contact with others.5. Get vaccinated (An explanation of each is on the bulletin board for your information.)Printed information is located on the bulletin board for your viewing.Maintain a safe following distance from the vehicle ahead.Continued on page 12...Ethel BaldwinParish Nurse

Page 7 May 2012A note from RicHappy North to you all. To the rest of us, we are the conquerors ofweather. And warmth. And if evolution is correct, we should allhave gills by September.This month we shall chat about travel. Well, driving. Well, short trips. Well,long trips. Well, how much travel can you do without an incident? This pastHoly Week held a major surprise for me that allowed me to get to know I-75, TheBRIDGE on 275 and that little burb, Largo. Largo in music, is a term for slower ratherthan fast. THAT IS NOT how the interstate runs. And it runs fast. Too fast. Way too fast.I don't know your personal belief in how you are protected on the road. One pastor Iserved with in Cincinnati asked for the angels to go ahead of him and find him a parkingspot. My grandfather always prayed for journey mercies. One friend prayed for angels tobe stationed at each corner of the vehicle. Others just say it is as it was meant to be.In the past year, I have had a dear friend survive a roll over on that same interstate.Relatively no worse for the wear. I have had 3 friends lay their bikes down. 2 right hereat the end of Iona and walked away and one is still in the Veterans Hospitalin Tampa. And I have had someone blow out a front tire at 65 MPH and yet drivesafely over to the shoulder with no harm done. The other cars seemed to clear the wayfor that safe move from the center lane to the shoulder. My experience with front tireblowouts are not that kind.I do not remember my baptism. I was rather a young lad at the time. It is my understandingI was cute then too but I just have to take their word for that. I do know thatas part of that event, I was entrusted to God's care with a promise to be taught in theways God would have me go.And go we have. Sometimes only a mile and sometimes to places far away. Yes, I stilldesire to return to Sydney for a longer stay. But then, I would love to hit the Dakotasand head west to Yellowstone and see that little rut known as the Grand Canyon. Andyet, I despise the trip to Wally World on 41.I do know that wherever I go, I do not go alone. If you don't like Angels, then call itProvidence. Or call it serendipitous events. Or call it chance. Today's stuff, MP3 players,computers, DVRs, iPads et all serve to keep us alone and isolated. Angelsor luck or providence might not cover it all...SO—Keep your friends. Makenew ones. Talk, don't just text your friends. Listen to their words. Laughand cry with them. We are community people. And I am so glad that Godand I-75 led me to PLC!Ric JaeggiDirector of Music,Organist and ChoirDirectorOne last thing. I just want to thank the multitude of musicians that havecome through the doors of PLC this last month. Brass, Elizabeth Spang,Michelle A Giesel, Mark Sanders and our own Sanctuary Choir. What aprivilege to share God honoring music making with them all and thus withyou.In joint Ministry through Music,_~RicP.S. did I see you at the 5 th Sunday Hymn Sing?

Page 8 May 2012Sunshine Socials’ Royal Ending…It was truly a record year for the Sunshine Socials Small (Large) Groupthis year. It all came to a close with a beautiful brunch enjoyed bynearly 70 people,at the Royal PalmYacht Club nestled on theCaloosahatchee River in DowntownFort Myers on April 22.Many of the planned events weresold out and others had the bestattendance ever. It was an excitingseason of gathering for socialevents, enjoyinglocal fare, andmeeting new people.Thank you to all whowere a part of it. Forthose who were not,we look forward toyou joining in the funnext season!Thank you to all thatdonated flowers,food baskets, time,and talents to makethe Easter Season atruly blessed time atPeace Lutheran andthroughout ourcommunity.

Page 9 May 2012Lift highthe cross,the love of Christproclaimtill all the worldadore hissacred name.Easter2012

Page 10 May 2012Making a lasting contribution to the Legacy Fund of PeaceLutheran isn't just for wealthy people. Peace members every daymake a tremendous difference by leaving gifts to the Fund intheir estate plans.Sometimes this is accomplished by changing the beneficiary onan old insurance policy, an IRA, or a 401 (k) retirement plan. Onother occasions it may be more appropriate to name the LegacyFund of Peace Lutheran Church in a will or trust.Our progress in reaching the $25,000 matching funds gift is that we now are at $16,000.As you consider how you will translate your faith and values into a continuing gift for the Fund,remember that every dollar that is given to the Legacy Fund will be matched one for one!What will be your story of faith?Peace Lutheran has been a big part of our lives here in south Ft. Myers. The friends we have made,the many opportunities to serve, our faith has grown.The Legacy Fund Committee is ready to help you.Please feel free to contact any member of the Committee; Pastor Walter Still, Dave or Pat Miller,Mike or Marge McCoy, Dick or Ruth Jean Unger, Eldon Bohrofen, or Frank Warner.Make it Simple Stewardship UpdateWe are so thankful for the many wonderfulpeople that God sent to be a part of PeaceLutheran Church this winter. The manyministries of our church were filled withpeople led by the Spirit being equipped as disciples ofJesus Christ. God uses our lives to share the message oflove to our world.Stewardship is an important part of our discipleship—sharing our time, talent and treasures. During the first threemonths of 2012 our budgeted income was $160,000. Theofferings were $130,700, so there is a shortfall of $29,300between the budget and offerings. Our budgeted expenseswere $130,000 and actual expenses were $104,000. Theleadership is working to control expenses and deal with theseasonal dynamics of our church.We know that summer is a challenging time for the churchfinances and we appreciate all those people that helpthrough sending an offering or use the auto-debit programof Simply Giving.Thank you for helpingwith the April issue ofDove Tales…Marian CarrawayMarlene ClearyBecky PeacockKen BakerKaren RobinsWe appreciate yourtime and talents!

Page 11 May 2012Nine months and counting…Meetings have been held, committees have beenformed and plans are underway for the10 th Anniversary of the Organizationof Peace Lutheran Church.A brief overview of some of the plans being made for this celebration are as follows:1. There will be a big celebratory dinner Saturday, January 19, 2013, at theCrowne Plaza Hotel- Bell Tower Shops. For planning purposes only, if you have interest inattending this dinner, please contact the church. Invitations will be mailed out at a laterdate. Reservations can then be made by sending your check to church for the number ofpeople in your party attending the dinner.2. Sunday, January 20, 2013, Peace will be having a special worship service with BishopBenoway presiding.3. A committee is working on the history of Peace along with accumulating pictures andoral interviews for a short program at the dinner.4. There will be numerous events throughout the year-long celebration including invitations toformer pastors who were instrumental in getting Peace started.5. One of the biggest tasks will be to develop a pictorial directory. Photos will be taken beforeand after services, so bring your smile.The Anniversary Committee continues to plan events and encourages you to be part of thisexciting team. Look for continued updates in Dove Tales as the planning moves forward.If anyone has any information about Peace they would like to share,or if you have any questions, please contactMarge McCoy, Chair, at thAnniversaryWe all have much to be thankful for!

Page 12 May 2012LEADERSHIP COUNCILCHAIR:Forrest Jensen –Property(239) 464‐2759forrestj@hotmail.comVICE‐CHAIR:David Miller ‐Mutual Ministry(239) 418‐0031degmiller@comcast.netSECRETARY:Peter Ekstrom ‐Stewardship(239) 768‐0068pe_promo@sbcglobal.netRobert Cline – Service(239) 466‐4104clinepapa@gmail.comOUR MISSION: To equip disciples of Jesus Christ for ministry and mission. When youparticipate in any of the following activities, you are fulfilling one of the Marks of Discipleship. PRAY DAILY“Then Jesus told them a parable about their need to pray always and not to lose heart.” -Luke18:1 WORSHIP WEEKLY“So God blessed the seventh day and hallowed it, because on it God rested from all the work thathe had done in creation.” -Genesis 2:3READ YOUR BIBLE DAILY“One does not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.”-Matthew 4:4SERVE IN & BEYOND CONGREGATION“The Spirit of the Lord is upon me, to bring good news to the poor.” -Luke 4:18NURTURING RELATIONSHIPS“Always be ready to make your defense to anyone who demands from you an accounting for thehope that is in you; yet do it with gentleness and reverence.” -1Peter 3:15b-16GIVING A TITHE & BEYOND“Give and it will be given to you. A good measure, pressed down, shaken together, running over,will be put into your lap; for the measure you give will be the measure you get back.”-Luke 6:38Lizz King ‐Worship & Music(239) 691‐2164LizzPJKing@aol.comGrant Ellingson –Welcoming(239) 791‐9880grantsteven@mail.comVictoria Chrisanson ‐(239) 540‐9693 Markengpvcfreedom@gmail.comStan Bielejeski ‐Finance & Ins.(239) 558‐5679stanbielejeski@gmail.comVirginia Stacy ‐Fellowship(239) 693‐2408vmstacy@embarqmail.comPASTOR: Walter Sll(239) 437‐2599pastorwalter@peacemyers.comOUR MISSION: To equip disciples ofJesus Christ for ministry and mission.Continued from page 6 - When entering a roadway or changing lanes, allow other drivers tomaintain speed. Drive in the right lane, pass on the left. Signal several hundred feet before turning or changing lanes. Stop at stop signs and red lights; don’t run yellow lights. Don’t block intersections. Respect pedestrian right-of ways in cross walks. Look a few blocks ahead to detect and avoid dangerous situationsbefore they happen. Allow plenty of time to arrive at your destination by planning for thepossibility of traffic tie-ups, fender-benders, bad weather, etc. Avoid road rage by keeping your emotions in check. Get plenty of rest before driving. Falling asleep at the wheel is arecipe for disaster.-Have a safe and wonderful summer!!!

Page 13 May 2012Dear Friends in Christ,Please hold in prayer, thesepeople for whom prayershave been requested.PaulMickey AdamsBruce PepperRichard SchonekerRachelKevin & Shirley KorekJanice WhitakerFamily of Richard JohnsonFamily of Chris WilliamsKay CurdesPaulaJordanThank you for all the prayers for RichellieSue Grogger for health and healingMary HaenShellyRobert & Elizabeth HarrRon ThompsonTJ TaylorLouisJudy OdenwellerSteve Mijokovic and Carolyn MijokovicCole grandson of Gary and Karen RobinsThose attending Synod AssemblyThe desperate and lonely3/30/12Dear Forrest & Peace Council Members,I just wanted to tell all of you how much myfriends & I enjoyed the dedication of the organservice on Friday, March 16. I am so glad I madethe drive down from St Petersburg.Thanks to all of the members who donated themoney to purchase the new organ & all the peopleinvolved in the production that evening. Theongoing support by council and the members to thenumerous missions & success of them tells andspeaks and shows how caring of a church PeaceLutheran really is-to the glory of God& thecommunity. I personally really miss worshiping atPeace and being an active member.Ric & Elizabeth’s performance werewonderful & a joy to listen to that evening. Icannot imagine how many hours go into practicingto achieve that level of performance.I am currently searching for a new churchhome here in my area. But I will tell you-PeaceLutheran Church is a hard act to follow! Thebreathtaking beautiful sanctuary, the friendlycongregation members, the numerous studies &groups you can join, the excellent choir and all ofthe other behind the scenes support people ismaking my job hard. I so miss the Sunday WorshipService & all Pastor has to do to see that is comesoff without a hitch. I am so grateful to be a part of iteven though I am in St. Pete. Your council supportis so vital to all of us. Thank you for your time!!Sincerely,Pat Summons

Page 14 May 2012

Page 15 May 2012Dear Pastor Walter &Members of the Congregation ,Happy “May”Birthday!05/02 Donn Carsrud05/07 Margaret Tinnes05/07 Melissa Jackson05/10 Al Bennett05/12 Gloria Bunge05/12 John Lowry05/13 JoAnn Deffinbaugh05/13 Ethel Baldwin05/14 Pat Miller05/15 Ned Metzner05/16 Everett Rude05/16 Lorna May Huebner05/20 Paul Arnfelt05/20 Judy Hintzman05/22 Jenny Merline05/25 Carson Deffinbaugh05/25 Jon Hintzman05/26 Neil Solberg05/27 Virginia Boland05/27 Marian Zaudtke05/28 John Weygandt05/28 Albert Verda05/29 Paul SteeleThank you to everyone for yourkind words and prayers during oursurgeries & recoveries. We receivedthe beautiful prayer shawl and willuse it as a reminder of God’s loveand presence in our lives during ourrecovery and always. We are gratefulfor all the love & kindness in ourtime of need. Thank you Very muchand may peace be with you all ,always.Love,Kristina & Jeffery ThinschmidtWe sincerely thank the members and iends of Peace for theirmany prayers, cards and memorial giſts to Peace in memor ofmy mother, E. Genevieve Broms, who recently went on to herheavenly home. Your iendship and caring issincerely appreciated.Darlene and Frank WarerOur birthday list comes frominformation our members haveprovided to the church office.Please fill out the Welcome Flyer toupdate, add, or change yourinformation!

Page 16 May 201215840 McGregor Blvd.Fort Myers, FL 33908Come Share God’s Love!Current ResidentorStay in the know:www.peaceftmyers.comand click on the calendar link.2012-2013 Peace Concert SeriesJuly 29 - Last Sunday in July Concert/5 th Sunday Hymn SingOctober 21 - Ric Jaeggi In Concert atSt. ColumbkilleNovember 18 - Lee VanAsten & FriendsDecember 9 - Advent Choral PresentationFebruary 10 - Barbary Coast Dixieland BandFebruary 24 - Lenten Choral PresentationMarch 15 - Rodney L Barbour Organ ConcertBe sure to mark your calendars and plan forthese exciting, artistic musical programs!Peace Lutheranchurch15840 McGregor Blvd.Fort Myers, FL 33908PHONE: 239-437-2599FAX: 239-437-3647E-MAIL: peace@peaceftmyers.compastorwalter@peaceftmyers.comPEACE WEB SITE:www.peaceftmyers.comWEB RESOURCES: Florida-BahamasSynod, ELCA Florida Happeningswww.fbsynod.orgEvangelical Lutheran Church in AmericaNational News www.elca.orgSTAFF:Pastor Walter StillKaren Coleman, DeaconPr Connie Olson, Seasonal Visiting PastorRic Jaeggi, Director of Music: Organist andChoir DirectorEthel Baldwin, Parish NurseSusan Mitchell, Secretary/Office Manager/Publications

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