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Code of Conduct Review 2012 English - IFPMA

Code of Conduct Review 2012 English - IFPMA

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2 I N T E R F A R M ATranslated by Arabera Traduções | Héctor Hernán Martínez Baeza

CODE OF CONDUCT3PrefaceInterfarma’s Code of Conduct has been in effect since July 1, 2012. The document, whichwe now present with great satisfaction to authorities, society, the medical class andother health professionals, considers the results of an in-depth and detailed revisionthat began in 2007 and is not finished in this edition. It will always be a continuousprocess of improvement.The new text goes beyond that. In a pioneer fashion, it incorporates the terms of anunprecedented understanding that our entity reached with the Federal Council of Medicinesigned last February.Therefore, the provisions, now transformed into rules for the professionals at our 43affiliated companies, include the most rigorous ethical care, obligations and prohibitionsthat, in the mutual judgment of the CFM and Interfarma, should clearly andtransparently preside over good relationship practices among the medical class, healthcareprofessionals and the Pharmaceutical Industry.For us at Interfarma, the Code of Conduct is more than just a text. It is a documentthat governs our daily practice and our greater commitment with society and with thecountry: act ethically. Thus, only those companies that respect and follow the Code canbecome members of our entity. And, in the event of noncompliance with the rules, theCode itself establishes the mechanisms that lead to punishment.With this initiative, we hope to help patients, doctors, authorities and professionalstransform public health and the relations that exist therein in our Country in areas ofclarity, transparency, respect for laws and ethics.Theo Van der LooPresidente do Conselho DiretorAntônio BrittoPresidente Executivo

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