IOT Amplifier • L-3 IOT 60T - L-3 Communications

IOT Amplifier • L-3 IOT 60T - L-3 Communications

IOT Amplifier • L-3 IOT 60T - L-3 Communications


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L-3 <strong>IOT</strong> <strong>60T</strong>UHF-TV Transmitter Tube & Trolley<strong>IOT</strong> —Mechanical Outline <strong>IOT</strong>Mounting PositionWeight (approx.)Trolley Assembly —Mechanical Outline <strong>IOT</strong>Electromagnet VoltageElectromagnet CurrentRF InputRF OutputNet Weight of Tuning Cavities(approx.)See backCollector end down50 lbSee back5–7 V22–27 AType N3 1 / 8 ″ 50-Ω coaxial line110 lb<strong>IOT</strong> <strong>Amplifier</strong> • L-3 <strong>IOT</strong> <strong>60T</strong>The Inductive Output <strong>Amplifier</strong> is a high-efficiency tube operating in the UHF-TV frequencyrange of 470 to 810 MHz. The amplifier can be used in digital transmitters and in analogtransmitters requiring combined vision/aural service, vision only service, and aural onlyservice.Ratings Min. Max. UnitsHeater Voltage 5 7 VHeater Current (operating) 20 30 AHeater Current (surge) - - - 60 AHeater Warm-Up Time 300 - - - secBeam Voltage 22 32 kVBeam Current (mean) - - - 2.5 AQuiescent Current 0.4 0.6 ABody Current - - - 50 mASolenoid Current 22 26 ACollector Dissipation - - - 40 kWLoad VSWR - - - 1.5:1 - - -Bias Voltage (ref. to cathode) -50 -150 VGrid Current - - - ±150 mAIon Pump Current (beam on) - - - 20 µAIon Pump Voltage (ref. to cathode) 3 4 kVDrive Power for Visual Service Peak Sync. - - - 450 WInstantaneous Peak Output Power - - - 76 kWPeak Sync.Vision Only Output Power - - - 64 kWAural Only Output Power - - - 30 kWPeak Sync.Vision Output Power Common Mode - - - 44 kWAural Output Power Common Mode - - - 4.4 kWPeak/Average Output Power (8VSB) - - - 85/20 KW/kWPeak/Average Input Power (8VSB) - - - 950/160 WMechanical SpecificationsNet Weight of Magnet Assembly (approx.) 250 lbCooling:Maximum Inlet Pressure60 psiMaximum Inlet Water Temperature 55°CMaximum Outlet Water Temperature 75°CMin. Collector Flow (RO or DI water) 14.5 gpmCollector Pressure Drop40 psiMinimum Body Flow (RO or DI water) 1.3 gpmAir Flow to Input and Output Cavities 90 cfmAir Pressure at Intake 5″Maximum Air Temperature at Intake 60°CTube Protection:A photoresistor-type arc detector is fitted to each of the primary and secondary outputcavities. The beam voltage must be removed within 100 ms of an arc being detected.

<strong>IOT</strong> <strong>Amplifier</strong> • L-3 <strong>IOT</strong> <strong>60T</strong>L-3 <strong>IOT</strong> <strong>60T</strong>UHF-TV Transmitter Tube & TrolleyOutline DrawingsFocus Coil ConnectionsPin ElementA Focus Coil PositiveB Lid SwitchBC Focus Coil NegativeD Lid SwitchNote: Pins B and D are connectedwithin the circuit assembly for useas an interlock circuit.Lid Switch Interlock ConnectionsPin ElementA Lid SwitchAB Not ConnectedB CC Lid SwitchArc Detector ConnectionsACDHeater Terminalwith Clamp31.33Ion PumpConnection3.452.296.6Cathode LeadTerminal PostM6Ion PumpMagnetØ1.634Ø3.66Ø5.125.0 Ø5.13Ø9.077/16-24 UNS-2B68.1130.1210.61Output Coupler3 1 /8″ EIA36.3513.28Ø7.7614.503 /8″ 37° JIC ParkerThreaded 9 /16″-18(2 places)1.575<strong>IOT</strong> OutlineImperial Flex Fittingsfor 3 /4″ O.D. Tube(Note: There aretwo water fittings;the center fittingis the inlet.)7.1016.2217.7920.00Front View of Trolley Assembly4.37Flexible Conduit Inlet(Ø1.031 or Ø1.315)53.352.7628.8425.382.76Lid SwitchInterlockFocus CoilConnector25.59Out InCoolant20.00Side View of Trolley Assembly1.575Collector Connection(accepts cable terminationwith Ø.250 hole)Earth ConnectionThreaded M821.2211.21Top View of Trolley Assembly1.7L-3 Electron Devices1035 Westminster DriveWilliamsport, PA 17701570.326.3561800.861.1848Fax: 570.326.2903 e-mail: marketing@electrondevices.comCharacteristics and operating conditions are based upon performance tests. These values may change as the result of furtherdata or product refinement. L-3 Electron Devices should be consulted before using this information for product design.Rev. B 8/04www.L-3Com.com/edd

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