Suwanee Brochure final.indd - Suwanee, Georgia

Suwanee Brochure final.indd - Suwanee, Georgia

One of America’sBest Places to Live –Money magazine, 2007SuwaneegeorgiaPlay hard.Live well.Smile more!Award-winning Suwanee is afriendly, progressive communitycommitted to maintaining ahigh quality of life for its residents.

SUWANEE, GEORGIAPHOTO: M. MICHAEL FARRSuwaneeis well-known around the region for itsdistinctive parks, crowd-pleasing events,and attractive mixed-use developments.Our quality of life is outstanding.Suwanee’s youngest citizens are served by the GwinnettCounty Public Schools system, the largest – andwidely regarded as the finest – in the state. We havemore than 500 acres of parkland and miles of walkingand biking trails, much of which was preserved andcreated through a voter-approved open space initiative.Our emerging Town Center is an attractive community“front yard” where our residents and othersfrom throughout the metro area gather for events, toshop and eat, or simply to relax and play.Whether you’re passing through, spending a few days,or thinking about moving in, welcome to Suwanee,Georgia – a community where you can play hard…live well…and smile more.

Location, location, locationLong considered one of the most desirable places tolive in the vibrant Atlanta region, Suwanee in 2007was ranked by Money magazine as the number 10best place to live in the United States. Our residentshave access to a wide array of big-city cultural amenitiesand professional sporting events as well as greatoutdoor adventures provided by the north Georgiamountains and nearby lakes. Atlanta is a straight 30-mile shot down Interstate 85 and Hartsfi eld-JacksonInternational Airport, one of the world’s busiest, isabout 45 minutes away.Award-winning SuwaneeIn many ways, our community has created its owngood fortune through progressive visioning, innovativeplanning, and hard work. Named a Georgia Cityof Excellence in 2003, Suwanee is the only Georgiacommunity to be recognized by the Georgia MunicipalAssociation as a Trendsetter in a variety of areasfor three consecutive years. Suwanee has won morethan three dozen state and regional awards over thepast several years for excellence in community policing,community involvement, economic development,events, fi nancial reporting, parks, and planning.57575MapTo MariettaToBirminghamToMontgomery85Ò28575GA400AtlantaTo MaconPHOTO: M. MICHAEL FARRCity ofSuwanee2085Hartsfield-JacksonInternational AirportTo GainesvilleTo Augusta985To GreenvilleA well-trodden welcome matOver the past two decades, thousands of people havediscovered the charm of living in Suwanee. Accordingto the U.S. Census Bureau, the City’s population grew262 percent from 1990 to 2000, mushrooming froma population of 2,412 to 8,725. And, Census fi guresfor 2005-06 indicate that Suwanee remains the fastest-growingcity in Gwinnett County. Suwanee’s 2007population is estimated to be approximately 16,000. By2010, about 19,152 are expected to live in Suwaneewith that number growing to about 23,098 in 2020.Play hard . . . live well . . . smile more!WWW.SUWANEE.COM

SUWANEE, GEORGIAHome sweet homeHomebuyers from other parts of the country aregenerally pleasantly surprised by how far their housingdollar can stretch in Suwanee. The communityoffers a variety of housing options to fit an array oflifestyles.“Everything is nearbyand very convenient fora busy family. We love the newpark, the bike trails, and are very excitedabout the new restaurants coming totown. Best of all though is the communityspirit! We all take pride in our fair city andit truly shows!”— Janay Schutte,10-year Suwanee residentMany newer neighborhoods in Suwanee feature traditionalneighborhood designs, include multi-familyas well as single-family units, and are part of plannedmixed-use developments. Most of the neighborhoodscreated throughout the 1990s are conventional subdivisionswith moderate to luxury homes, amenities,and friendly neighborhoods. Suwanee also is fortunateto have many historic structures, including severalgrand Victorian and regional farm-style homes.The median home value for the Suwanee area is$248,000, but with options in all price ranges. Housingstock in the area has consistently demonstratedhealthy increases in value.

Educational excellenceLike Suwanee, the Gwinnett County Public Schoolssystem has managed its extraordinary growth effectively.Regarded as one of the fi nest programs in the Southeast,Gwinnett County schools is committed to beinga world-class educational system. At Suwanee’s NorthGwinnett High School, 96 percent of graduates plan toattend college or other postsecondary programs.“The growth and qualityof life in Suwanee arephenomenal but balanced.Suwanee is the center of so much thatis going right in Gwinnett. We love livingand working here!”— Dr. Bill Williams, DMD,Suwanee Dental Care2005 Gwinnett CountySmall Business Person of the YearSuwanee-area schools areamong the best of the best asdemonstrated by student testscores and school awards andhonors. North Gwinnett HighSchool was ranked numberone in Gwinnett County byNewsweek magazine two consecutiveyears.Play hard . . . live well . . . smile more!WWW.SUWANEE.COM

SUWANEE, GEORGIACome play with usThrough its award-winning open space initiative,Suwanee has taken “play” to a whole new level. In2002, Suwanee had 28 acres of City-owned parkland.Today, thanks to our bond-funded open spaceinitiative, Suwanee has about 300 acres of open spaceincluding four new parks with more on the way.Suwanee’s distinctive parks include:• PlayTown Suwanee – a literary-themed, communitybuiltsuper playground on Main Street• Suwanee Creek Greenway – a four-mile multipurposepathway, with multiple access points, that cutsthrough woods, wetlands, and wildlife habitats• Suwanee Creek Park – an 85-acre passive andnatural refuge that serves as the trailhead for theSuwanee Creek Greenway• Town Center Park – a 10-acre urban park that functionsas our community gathering place and featuresa 1,500 square foot performance stage andthe largest interactive fountain in Gwinnett CountyPHOTO: M. MICHAEL FARRThe City’s next new park will be created on 62 idyllicacres. Sims Lake Park is expected to open in late2008. Gwinnett County’s George Pierce Park, alsolocated in Suwanee, is a 304-acre active recreationalarea with numerous football, baseball, softball, andsoccer fields where area youth mix it up in a variety ofrecreational and competitive leagues.

Downtown Suwanee:The best of old and newWhen you visit downtown Suwanee, you mightwant to bring along a towel…picnic basket…readingglasses…appetite…dancing shoes…and sense of fun.Downtown Suwanee is a delightful juxtaposition of oldand new that includes two fabulous new parks, thepublic library, and a number of shops and restaurants.The new Town Center is becoming the heart of theSuwanee community and center of activity. A growingarray of shops, restaurants, services, and residencessurround Town Center Park. Suwanee’s new CityHall will be constructed at Town Center, too.In the Old Town area, historic homes, churches, andstorefronts date back as far as the 1870s. Currentlythe City is constructing a pedestrian tunnel that willconnect these two vibrant areas.PHOTO: ROBIN WALKER“Sitting in Town Centerunder a starlit nightlistening to music, lookingaround to see who is there, watchingchildren run and play, knowing theirparents can feel comfortable lettingthem, and relaxing after a hard workweek—this is just not something youcan get in every town.”— Pat Montgomery,11-year Suwanee residentEventful SuwaneeTown Center is home to most of Suwanee’s communityevents, including concerts, festivals, outdoormovies, and farmers market. From spring through thefall, the City hosts some 30 events as a means to buildand maintain a sense of close-knit community.Suwanee boasts more than125 restaurants and is locatedin the midst of GwinnettCounty’s best shopping.The Mall of Georgia andDiscover Mills are just upor down, respectively, oneinterstate exit from Suwanee. The 13,000-seat GwinnettArena, which plays host to some of the country’shottest performers and premier sporting events, is only10 minutes away.The Atlanta area is home to numerousoutstanding golf courses, and a fewof the very best are located in ornear Suwanee, including one ofonly fi ve “Bear’s Best” courses inthe country. And no other placearound the country serves uptennis like the Atlanta area,where most neighborhoodshave several teams for a varietyof age and ability levels.Play hard . . . live well . . . smile more!WWW.SUWANEE.COM

SUWANEE, GEORGIAService with a smileSuwanee functions under a Council-Manager form ofgovernment. City Council is comprised of six members,including the mayor. A professionally trained citymanager is responsible for day-to-day operations ofthe City.The City’s nearly 100 staff members strive to provideexemplary service on a consistent basis and tolive up to the staff motto to “exceed expectations.”Among the services provided by the City of Suwaneeare police protection, planning, inspections, communitydevelopment, street and sidewalk maintenance,community events, litter control, grounds maintenance,public works, codes enforcement, parks, anda limited water system.Suwanee’s state-certified police department pridesitself on its community policing philosophy. Officersare assigned as liaisons to each of Suwanee’s neighborhoods,where they work closely alongside homeownersto help maintain a high quality of life and proactivelyaddress areas of concern. Suwanee’s crimerate and calls for service have declined slightly overrecent years despite a continuing increase in populationand the number of businesses.PHOTO: GWINNETT DAILY POST“We have everyshopping, restaurant,and leisure activity weneed within a 30-minute drive. Andof course we love the people. The cityleaders have a fascinating and fresh planfor controlled growth that enhancesproperty values better than any othermetro community.”— Scott Snead,12-year Suwanee resident

Anything but business as usualSuwanee is a great “home” for businesses, too. Generally,the cost of doing business in Gwinnett Countyand Georgia is less than many other parts of the country.Georgia boasts low real estate costs, property taxrate, and energy costs, and the City of Suwanee offers100 percent Freeport tax exemption for manufacturersand distributors. Suwanee already is home toseveral progressive, high-tech national fi rms, includingDish Network, Echo Star, Hewlett-Packard, and MitsubishiElectric.Suwanee staff members are happy to work with businessesto ensure that they are aware of varied local,county, and state incentives.Be part of an economic powerhouseMuch of Suwanee’s vibrancy can be attributed to thedynamism and economic health of the metro Atlantaarea and Gwinnett County in particular. Hometo more than 757,000 people (with a labor forceof nearly 400,000), fast-growing Gwinnett Countyis consistently rated among the nation’s best in economicstrength. The county is one of the Southeast’s“I wouldn’t liveanywhere else in thegreater Atlanta area.We don’t get caught in traffi c going to thegrocery store, our kids have a ton of parksand greenspace to play in, we have one ofthe largest recreational soccer leagues in thecountry, and the whole town turns up allsummer long to celebrate at Town Centerconcerts and fund-raising events. We are acommunity that is family-oriented, connectedto our neighbors, and proud of where we live,work, and play.”— Terri Hintz, 13-year Suwanee residentleading high-tech hubs and also is a top research anddevelopment center.Currently the Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce is undertakinga fi ve-year strategic community and economicdevelopment plan designed to bring 65,400 new jobsand $5.8 billion in new net wealth to the county.Play hard . . . live well . . . smile more!WWW.SUWANEE.COM

Welcome to SuwaneeInevitably Suwanee will continue to grow. As it doesso, our community will work to maintain its smalltowncharm, its sense of community, and its openspaces. We welcome you to fi nd out more aboutSuwanee, our ongoing initiatives, and upcoming eventsat by the numbersPOPULATION1980 1,0261990 2,4122000 8,7252007 (est.) 16,1692010 (projected) 19,1522020 (projected) 23,0982030 (projected) 27,044NUMBER OF HOUSING UNITS5,820 (2007)HOUSEHOLD INCOMEAverage $100,324Median $87,825Median home value (30024 ZIP code, 2005) $245,000Figures provided are for 2006 and for three-mile radiusfrom Suwanee Town Center; provided by Claritas.AGEMedian age 32.8Average age 31.6EDUCATIONAL ATTAINMENTAlmost half (46%) of Suwanee residents (25 and older)have a bachelor’s or more advanced degree withmore than 75% having some college experience.93% of residents (2000 fi gures) have a high schooldiploma.LAND AREAAbout 11 square miles12,637 (three-mile radius, Claritas, 2006 estimate)At the one-of-a-kind SuwaneeSports Academy, with itsseven NBA-regulation courts,youth from around the area(and across the nation) gatherto train, compete, and achievein basketball and volleyball.

PHOTO: RICK DIAMONDPHOTO: M. MICHAEL FARRPHOTO: M. MICHAEL FARR“My family moved toSuwanee 13 years agoand it has been thebest move I have evermade in my life. Thisis a beautiful area. The people arefriendly and family-oriented. The localcity government and staff are veryresponsive to the citizens.”— Jerry Little,Suwanee resident and business ownerPlay hard . . . live well . . . smile more!WWW.SUWANEE.COM

SUWANEE DAM ROADThese builders, and the new neighborhoodsthey’re creating, help make Suwanee oneof the best small towns in the USA.I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IMOORE ROADMOORE ROADMCGINNIS FERRY RD.SETTLES BRIDGE ROADVillage GroveSingle Family & TownhomesTouchstone Homeswww.touchstonehomes.com770/904-3942770/614-6060PEACHTREE INDUSTRIAL BLVD.Olde Town SuwaneeSingle FamilyMainstreet Builderswww.oldetownsuwanee.com706/654-9228SUWANEE DAM ROADBUFORD HIGHWAYThree BridgesSingle Family & TownhomesThe Providence Groupwww.tpghomes.net678/932-9284StonecypherSingle Family & TownhomesRichport Propertieswww.richport.com770/723-9357Richport homes alsoavailable at Village GroveI I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I II I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I IMadison Park atSuwanee Town CenterTownhomesMadison Retail, LLCwww.madisonretailllc.com770/818-4130Highland StationSingle FamilyComstock Homeswww.comstockhomebuilding.com678/546-6199LAWRENCEVILLE-SUWANEE ROADI II II II II II II II I III I ISuwanee StationSingle Family & TownhomesHomeland Communitieswww.homelandcommunities.com678/714-0254678/714-0853I I I I I II I I I IMcGinnis ReserveSingle FamilyBowen Family Homes/Redmont Homeswww.bowenfamilyhomes.com678/546-3320 (Bowen)770/206-0415 (Redmont)SATELLITE BLVD.85373 Highway 23 (Buford Highway) • Suwanee, GA 30024770/945-8996 • 770/945-2792 (fax)www.suwanee.comOLD PEACHTREE RD.

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