FEB 2012 - Federación Española de Baloncesto


FEB 2012 - Federación Española de Baloncesto

Making dreamscome trueFEB 2012

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Letter fromthe President

THE BEST TEAM2012 has been yet another outstandingyear for Spanish basketball. Not only for themany successes achieved by our teams but alsofor the extraordinary media exposure earnedthrough projects we have developed beyond thecourts.From the massive World Cup 2014 logopresentation to the inauguration of the groundbreakingCasa de España in Dakar the Spanishbasketball brand, of which we should all beproud, has enjoyed maximum visibility, awarenessand impact this year.We especially remember the excitingopening of Espacio 2014 that in addition to becomingthe headquarters of the World Cup affordsus a unique opportunity to recover and displaythe historical heritage of Spanish basketball.Very special thanks are in order to FIBA andPedro Ferrandiz for all of the efforts they havemade in the past and the help that allowed thisdream to become a reality.Our competitions and national teamshave reached their goals, especially the historicmedal win in London. TV viewing figuresthroughout the summer Olympics were spectacular:the nearly 30 million viewers and the finalaverage audience (5.4 million with a share of45%) have increased the return on investment forour sponsors and reaffirmed an exceptional partnershipwith TVE as the official media outle.All of this has been the product of teamwork, commitment and involvement of all ofthose who form a part of this organization — indispensabletravel companions with whom weshare ideas, dreams and challenges: regional federations,institutions, sponsors, clubs, players,coaches, referees and the media. With all of yourparticipation we have created an image of qualityand values that spread optimism and enthusiasm,and as a result we have reached our maximumvalue.My thanks to the staff of the FEB, withoutwhose efforts, often anonymous, we could nothave achieved this.We are proud to have continued to shapeour way of working and have generated asense of belonging and emotional ties that haveallowed us to be, once again, the best team.José Luis Sáez RegaladoPresident of the Spanish Basketball Federation@JLSaezR7 Letter from the President

14 Milestonesof 2012

9 14 Milestones of 2012

The 2014 World Cup takes shape110 14 Milestones of 2012The 2014 World Cup kicked into gear on January 25th, at a multitudinousevent in Madrid attended by almost 1,000 people, includingex-players, epic coaches and representatives from theworld of business, politics and sports. The spectacular presentationof the championship logotype was followed months later bythe launch of Roadshow Spain 2014, as well as other promotionalactivities for this event

The Great Olympic Silver in London211 14 Milestones of 2012Once again, our Men’s National Team played a crucial role duringthe summer. In London, our Men’s Team kept the world insuspense until the very last seconds of the Olympic final againstthe United States. It was the most beautiful silver medal in ourhistory, with an average TV share that set an authentic record: awhopping 5.5 million television viewers and an audience shareof 44.9%

Medal Number 100312 14 Milestones of 2012The gold medal won by the U16 girls’ team – the same day thatthe U20 boys won the bronze – marked the 100th medal in thehistory of Spanish basketball. During the summer of 2012, Spanishteams got up on the podium a total of seven times, bringingthe overall count up to 105 medals, 65 of which were won duringthe past ten unforgettable years

Another brilliant year for the Women’s Team413 14 Milestones of 2012A historic final in the Euroleague between two Spanish teams, asummer with 4 more medals, the consolidation of our women’sbasketball program as the number-one power in Europe in termsof preparation, and the qualifying of the National Team for theEuroBasket this summer in France, round off another brilliantyear for our women’s team

The innovate “Espacio 2014” in Alcobendas514 14 Milestones of 2012The new and modern “Espacio 2014” opened its doors in Septemberin Alcobendas. This space not only became the operationalheadquarters of the 2014 World Cup, but also of the 2014Foro As (forum) and the FEB Museum, a spectacular interactivespace that brings together the archival and sentimental history ofSpanish basketball

A Team of partners that continues to expand615 14 Milestones of 2012Important companies such as Endesa and RTVE have joined ourpyramid of sponsors, which also includes companies like San Miguel0,0; Bankia, Li Ning, Adecco, Pokerstars, Molten, Samsung,Halcón Viajes and SEUR; rooted in the FEB’s total commitmentand the 2014 World Cup global project. Additionally, the supportof large companies for 2013 is guaranteed, thanks to agreementswith industry leaders like Nike and Caser

Exceptional Broadcasting by RTVE(Spanish Radio and Television Corporation)716 14 Milestones of 2012We have reached a historic agreement with this public broadcastingnetwork to cede the rights to the most important games ofthe national teams, the Leagues, Adecco Cups, Women’s teamsand grassroots tournaments. This agreement includes the weeklyprogram Zona 2014 (2014 Zone) which will bring our fans closerto the competitions and their protagonists

Perpetuation of a successfulmanagement strategy817 14 Milestones of 2012The reelection of José Luis Sáez as President of the FEB foranother four-year period (until 2016) passed by a large majorityof votes at the Assembly, thus guaranteeing the continuation ofan innovative management system and across-the-board successin sports, financial and social spheres

Budget increaseand financial stability918 14 Milestones of 2012A model for financial stability with equitable results, solid balancesand budgetary growth has been secured – despite the externalatmosphere of economic crisis – resulting in a decreaseddependency on public subsidies. This was made possible thanksto our human resources, and the technology and materials availableto us

Juan Carlos Navarro’s Spain Vs USA1019 14 Milestones of 2012The best possible game, played by the two leading teams in thebasketball world, took place on July 24th at Barcelona’s PalauSant Jordi in front of more than 16,000 spectators. The icing onthe cake was that this game marked team captain Juan CarlosNavarro’s 200th wearing the Spain jersey

The large map of Spanish Basketball 1120 14 Milestones of 2012The Adecco and Women’s Leagues took FEB club basketballleagues to almost 60 cities all over Spain, with a total of 11 millioninhabitants. They mobilized 59 teams, almost 700 athletes,more than 200 coaches and hundreds of journalists and mediaoutlets. And, at the base of the pyramid, the EBA (Amateur SpanishBasketball) League

The 25 th Spanish MiniBasket Championship1221 14 Milestones of 2012San Fernando (Cadiz) hosted the 25th edition of the Spanish MinibasketChampionship for regional teams. This is the first nationaltournament experience for our youngest players, in whichall of the biggest stars in Spanish basketball once participatedbefore continuing to climb the grassroots pyramid represented –year after year – by the Spanish Championships for clubs and allcategories of regional teams

The implementation of new formats 1322 14 Milestones of 2012The Adecco Corporate B3 League of 3x3 basketball represents oursupport of new playing formats as a means of attracting the largestpossible number of players. This initiative was broadened to includethe organization of the U18 3x3 World Cup in Alcobendas andprograms like Plaza 2014 and the summer Pro Tour: basketball atits most playful

The pioneering Casa España in Dakar1423 14 Milestones of 2012The Casa España was inaugurated in Dakar at the beginning ofDecember as the culmination of another intense year in the developmentof our social projects. This building houses the comprehensive(health, sports and education) International CooperationProgram that is providing 214 girls and boys with schoolingin its first year. This program lies within the framework of thelarger global project of the 2014 World Cup and its collaborationwith basketball on other continents

Basketball“The FEB Method has been consolidatedas a model of coherence, planning andsupport for capturing talent and fosteringits development, with the goal of achievingthe maximum degree of competitiveness”Angel PalmiSports director

25 Basketball

26 Basketball

27 Basketball13 NATIONAL TEAMS AND 7 MEDALSMen’s National Team / Olympic Games (London)*U20 Men’s / EuroBasket (Slovenia)U16 Femenina / EuroBasket (Hungary)U20 Femenina / EuroBasket (Hungary)U17 Femenina / World Cup (Holand)U18 3x3 Femenina / World Cup (Alcobendas)U18 3x3 Mixto / World Cup (Alcobendas)Selección Femenina / preEuroBasketU17 Masculina / World Cup (Lithuania)U16 Masculina / EuroBasket (Latvia/Lithuania)U18 Femenina / EuroBasket (Romania)U18 Men’s / EuroBasket (Latvia/Lithuania)U18 3x3 Men’s / World Cup (Alcobendas)SILVERBRONZEGOLDGOLDSILVERSILVERBRONZEQUALIFIED*The sixt final played in the last 7 years

28 BasketballCOEXISTING WITH SPAINMen’s National team training campWomen’s National team training campWomen’s National team training campU16 girl’s training campU15 girl’s training campU13 girl’s training campU12 girl’s training campU13 boys’s training campU12 girl’s training campU20 girl’s training campU18 girl’s training campU14 girl’s training campU16 boys’s training campU15 boys’s training campU14 boys’s training campU17 girl’s training campU20 boys’s training campU18 boys’s training campMadridMurciaÁvilaGuadalajaraGuadalajaraGuadalajaraGuadalajaraGuadalajaraGuadalajaraGironaCastelldefelsCastelldefelsCastelldefelsCastelldefelsCastelldefelsPintoPintoPinto

INTERNATIONAL LEADERSHIPFirst in the Official European combinedranking1 SPAIN2 Russia3 France4 Lithuania5 Turkey29 BasketballSecond in the World in FIBA’s official combinedranking1 The United States2 SPAIN3 Russia4 Australia5 FranceBest in Europe in women’s grassrootsprograms1 SPAIN2 France3 Russia4 Serbia5 Belgium

More Eñemanía (catchword for Spanish Basketballfanaticism) in the NBAMARC GASOL (Memphis Grizzlies)Named All Star30 BasketballPAU GASOL (Los Angeles Lakers)Statistics of a StarSERGE IBAKA (Oklahoma City Thunder)Just steps away from the Championship Ring

JOSÉ MANUEL CALDERÓN (Toronto Raptors)The pace of the triple double31 BasketballRICKY RUBIO (Minnesota Timberwolves)The most media-hyped debutVICTOR CLAVER (Portland Trail Blazers)Also among the best playersRUDY FERNÁNDEZ (Denver Nuggets)Coming back to compete

Stars with international impact32 BasketballJUAN CARLOS NAVARROThe best player in the World outside of theNBA according to the NBA general managersROS CASARES - RIVAS ECÓPOLISHistoric Spanish Final of the Women’sEuroleagueALBA TORRENSNamed best female player in EuropeNIKOLA MIROTICNamed best young player of the year in theEuroleague

Competitions all around SpainADECCO LEAGUES (GOLD AND SILVER)25 teams in 25 cities with a total population of 5.5 million inhabitantsMore than 300 players and 100 coachesWOMEN’S LEAGUE + WOMEN’S 2 ND LEAGUE35 teams in 34 cities with a total population of 8 million inhabitantsMore than 450 players and 140 coachesEBA (SPANISH AMATEUR BASKETBALL LEAGUE)62 teams from 57 cities and 17 autonomous communitiesMore than 850 players and almost 200 coachesPRINCE’S CUPSan Cristóbal de la LagunaQUEEN’S CUPArganda del Rey33 BasketballWOMEN’S SUPERCUPSalamancaADECCO SILVER CUPAndorra la VellaFINAL PHASE WOMEN’S 2 LEAGUEHuelvaFINAL PHASE WOMEN’S DIVISION 1Vitoria / Ciudad Real / Girona / Puerto de Santa MaríaPREEUROPEAN WOMEN’S TOURNAMENTSpain - Bulgaria MurciaSpain - Germany ÁvilaSpain - Sweden AlcobendasSpain - Romania Arganda del Rey

More basketballthan ever407.728 licenses (+ 4.167)34 BasketballLeading sport in Spain in women’s licenses:142.923 (+ 6.675)More than 4.000 clubsMore than 30.000 coachesAlmost 12.000 referees

35 Basketball

Talent scouting36 Basketball192club teams114regional teams3.672male and female players900gamesBoys’ junior club Spanish championship ZaragozaGirls’ junior club Spanish championship ZaragozaU15 boys’ club Spanish championship Marín / Villagarcía de ArousaU15 girls’ club Spanish championship Barbastro / MonzónBoys’ club Spanish championship VecindarioGirls’ club Spanish championship LanzaroteU15 boys’ regional teams’ Spanish championship ValladolidU15 girls’ regional teams’ Spanish championship ValladolidBoys’ regional teams’ Spanish championship ValladolidGirls’ regional teams’ Spanish championship ValladolidBoys’ regional team Minibasket Spanish championship San FernandoGirls’ regional team Minibasket Spanish championship San Fernando

Basketball initiationRicky Rubio Basketball Camp Collel (Girona)José Manuel Calderón Basketball Camp CáceresAmaya Valdemoro Basketball Camp Águilas (Murcia)Boys’ and girls’ training camp GuadalajaraBAM boys’ tournament FranceWomen’s Friendship Tournament FranceTraining, consulting and supportCOACHESHead Coaching Course ZaragozaMaster in StrategiesMaster in TrainingMaster in CoachingMaster in ManagementMaster’s Course for Centers MadridTraining Courses for instructors Castilla y León / Andalucía37 BasketballREFEREESXXII Conference on streamlining criteria MadridInteractive Beginner’s Guide for RefereesEncouragement of female refereesTraining manual for Table OfficialsReferees’ Club / web-meeting licensesMEDECINE-HEALTH PROGRAMBiomedical areaDoping area

Corporate:management andstructure“We have applied the maximum level ofrigor and standards in our search to findthe necessary resources to maintain ourfinancial stability and budgetary balance,thereby allowing us to avoid the negativeeffects of the economic crisis”Luis GiménezFinancial and Secretary General

39 Company: management ans structure

Structural Growth40 Company: management ans structureApproximately100employees, professionals andpermanent collaboratorsMore than150National team coachesREGIONAL FEDERATIONSAndalusian Basketball FederationBasketball Federation of AragonBasketball Federation of AsturiasBasketball Federation of the Balearic IslandsCanarian Basketball FederationBasketball Federation of CantabriaBasketball Federation of Castile-La ManchaBasketball Federation of Castile-LeonCatalan Basketball FederationBasketball Federation of CeutaBasketball Federation of ExtremaduraGalician Basketball FederationBasketball Federation of MadridBasketball Federation of MelillaBasketball Federation of the Region of MurciaBasketball Federation of NavarraBasketball Federation of RiojaBasque Basketball FederationBasketball Federation of the Community of ValenciaLEVELSClubsPlayersCoachesReferees

Principal financial movements201117.9 million € in revenue207,988 € surplusSound financial statusFEB resources of 1.3 million €FEB real estate holdingsAnnual account audits without restrictions for theeighth consecutive year41 Company: management ans structure2012Budget of 23.3 million € in earnings and expenditures(including 4.3 million Euros for the organization,legacy and promotion of the 2014 World Cup), witha reasonable expectation for compliance

FEB201242 Company: management ans structure86%Private incomePublicity and image / Dues andlicenses / Competition fees / TVrights / Merchandising / 2014 WorldCup / Other14%CSD SubsidiesFEB Foundation 20142011Income of 1.4 million €Equitable resultsSelf-financing of programs2012Budget for income and expenditures of 758.000 €

An international benchmarkFEB has the highest number of representativesin FIBA and FIBA Europe ofany European Federation12REPRESENTATIVESON COMMISIONSFIBA EUROPESpain 7Serbia 5Italy 5Germany 4France 4Macedonia 4Russia 4Turkey 4Bulgaria 3Croatia 3Greeece 3Poland 2Czech Republic 2Lithuania 143 Company: management ans structureFIBAAustralia 8Spain 5Germany 5Serbia 5The United States 4France 4Argentina 3Brazil 3Russia 3Turkey 2IT for international management and servicesof regional federations (FF.AA)INTERFEB global information management systemVIRTUAL CLASSROOMS for training coaches, referees, players...WEB SERVICES Statistics and resultsJosé Luis SáezFIBA CENTRAL BOARD MEMBERMEMBER OF THE BOARD AND THE EXECUTIVECOMITTEE OF FIBA EUROPECLUB ZED quality service for sending (SMS) text messagesCONSULTING AND SUPPORT for FF.AA. and club developments

CorporateSocialResponsability“We continue to turn basketball into a greattool for social transformation, integrationand the transmission of values, both withinand outside our borders”Alfonso SeoaneDirector of the 2014 FEB Foundation

45 Corporate Social Responsability

International CooperationCASA ESPAÑAComprehensive Socio-Educational Center, also for the promotion of BasketballDakar (Senegal)46 Corporate Social ResponsabilityUNITED THOUGH BASKETBALLasketball promotion in MoroccoTangier / Chaouen / Larache / TetuánBASKET FOR AFRICADelivery of a basketball court and athletic equipmentBrazzaville (Republic of the Congo)Supply of medical materials and education of medical personnelat the Center for Sports MedicineAbidjan (Ivory Coast)AFROBASKETSupply of materials for AfroBasketAntananarivo (Madagascar)International technical cooperationConsulting IRT Sports School Tangier Tangier (Morocco)Coaching Courses in Africa Morocco / Senegal / Republic of the CongoCoaching Courses in the Americas Argentina / Costa RicaCoaching Clinics in Oceania Australia / New ZealandReferee Courses in Africa Morocco / SenegalBiomedical Seminars Dakar (Senegal)Seminars on competition management Morocco / Senegal

47 Corporate Social Responsability

Casa España (Spain House)DakarSchooling for 214 girls and boys48 Corporate Social Responsability2 floors7 classroomsCafeteriaInfirmaryKitchen2 multipurpose roomsAnnex (guardhouse)Basketball courtsAdministration room

49 Corporate Social Responsability

Health ProgramsPUT A CORK TO THE BOTELLÓN(DRINKING ON THE STREETS)Fight against alcoholismCommunity of MadridTAKE CARE OF YOUR BODY,TAKE CARE OF YOUR MINDAgainst gender violenceBilbao50 Corporate Social ResponsabilityIntegration ProgramsINMIGRATION WORLD CUPCommunity of MadridBASKETBALL WITHOUT BORDERSAlternative activities for theincarceratedÁvila / Zuera / Las Palmas deGran Canaria / LogroñoTraining ProgramsBASKET INTEGRAAgainst school absenteeismMadridBASKET, THE ALTERNATIVECourses on basketball refereeingand the hospitality industry inprisonsMadridBASKETBALL AND LEADERSHIPSeminars for business peopleLas Palmas de Gran Canaria /Logroño14 WOMEN’S MASTER’S DEGREE PROGRAMSocial and work related educationfor female players as wellas ex-playersTHE WAY OF SPORTSSeminars for parents andeducatorsValladolid / Lleida / Sevilla /Valencia / Alcázar de San Juan /Logroño / Andorra / Arganda delRey / Málaga / Pamplona / SanSebastián / Santiago de Compostela/ Ourense / ZaragozaPromotional ProgramsLEGENDS OF SOLIDARITYSpanish National Veterans’ TeamHuesca / Santander

51 Corporate Social Responsability

Promotion“Basketball belongs to the people, eventhose who have never played. This is whyour goal is to conquer the streets; to makeit even greater and give it even more value”Juan UserosPromotion DIrector

53 Promotion

Ñ-12 Tour: preformance and social sensitivityGAMESCITYSpain - Great Britain ValladolidSpain - France Madrid *Spain - TunisiaSalamancaSpain - Australia Granada *Spain - Australia Málaga *Spain - Argentina A CoruñaSpain - The United States Barcelona ** With campaigns promoting free tickets for the unemployed54 Promotion

55 Promotion

FEB Museumin Alcobendas (Madrid)More than 50.000 archivaldocuments (written, graphic and images)56 PromotionThe greatest trophies from thehistory of Spanish basketballImportant memorabilia:uniforms, medals, stamps, models, albums...Multimedia room: videogames andantique games, regulation baskets...2014 Stories

57 Promotion

3x3 U18 World Cup in AlcobendasThe international championship withthe highest number of participating countries: 3932 men’s teams24 women’s team8 mixed teamsMore than 225 players58 PromotionThree-point competitions, dunk contests and two-ball contests6 courts for the competition / 4 courts for the fansAFRICAAMERICAASIAEUROPEOCEANIATunisiaAngolaBrazilCanadaThe UnitedStatesBelizeVenezuelaChinaChina-TaipeiJordanKazakhstanSingaporeHong KongSri LankaSPAINEstoniaFranceItalyLithuaniaPolandSwitzerlandTurkeyHollandBulgariaGermanyHungaryLatviaSerbiaRussiaSlovakiaSloveniaIsraelCzech RepublicEnglandRomaniaAndorraAustraliaNew ZelandGuam

59 Promotion

Plaza 2014: 3x3 basketball on the street12 citiesMore than 7.000 kids of all ages10 3x3 courts installed in emblematic locationsCórdoba / Cáceres / Logroño / Zaragoza / Madrid / Pamplona / Jaén / A Coruña / Barcelona/ Castelldefels / Almería / Terrassa60 Promotion

ProTour: 3x3 summer circuit3 cities on the Catalan coast and more than 1,000 participantsMore than 1.000 participantsBarcelona (2) / Badalona (2) / Calafell61 Promotion

Adecco Corporate B3 League:a sinergy between basketball and business12 cities211 teams from 150 companies all over Spain1.833 players and 2.626 games played6 months of competitionThe Final Phase played by 29 teams in Madrid’s Plaza de EspañaChampions travel to the Olympic Games in London with the Men’sNational Team62 PromotionMadrid / Barcelona / Bilbao / Zaragoza / Logroño / A Coruña / Valladolid / Málaga / Sevilla/ Pamplona/ Las Palmas de Gran Canaria

Spanish Nights in the NBAGAMESWizards - TimberwolvesWizards - RaptorsWizards - ThunderWizzards - NuggetsNets - TimberwolvesWizards - RaptorsWizards - LakersTimberwolves - LakersWizards - Trail BlazersCITYWashington DCWashington DCWashington DCWashington DCNewark New JerseyWashington DCWashington DCMinneapolisWashington DC63 Promotion

World Cup2014“The World Cup is already taking shapeas a different event and an unbeatableplatform for re-launching the SpainBrand”Miguel de la VillaDirector of the 2014 World Cup

65 World Cup 2014

PresentationsPresentation of the new World Cup designation and official logo MadridReception and gala event closing the Olympic Games LondonInstitutional presentation of the venue SevilleOfficial Presentation before the FIBA Central Board Rio de JaneiroPresence at the Forum on International Sporting Events Santiago de Chile66 World Cup 2014

67 World Cup 2014

The Seventh Venue. Espacio 2014 in AlcobendasInauguration of the World Cup 2014 HeadquartersMeeting Center for CompaniesBasketball History Museum2014 Global Conference for Coaches68 World Cup 2014

69 World Cup 2014

Organizational developmentTechnical visits to offices Madrid / Barcelona / Seville / Granada / Las Palmas de Gran CanariaAgreements with FIBA regarding the development of organizational areasLodging, transportation, ticketing strategies...Constitution and management of the ConsortiumSuperior Council of Sports, Ministry of Finance and FEB70 World Cup 2014

71 World Cup 2014

New PartnersEndesa72 World Cup 2014IberiaSan Miguel 0;0

73 World Cup 2014

RoadShow 2014: the traveling museum74 World Cup 2014Interactive gamesImages of the early years of Spanish basketball history and its greatest victoriesThe EuroBasket Cup, the World Cup and the Olympic MedalsReplicas of the original baskets created by James NaismithOriginal shirts and shoes from the greatest achievements of the Spanish National TeamThe first Spain jersey worn by Pau Gasol4 adjacent basketball courts for playing 3x3An inflatable castle in the shape of a basketball court with basketsClinics taught by local and international basketball legendsThree-point and dunk contestsAlcobendas / Valladolid / Madrid / Granada / Málaga / Barcelona / Leganés / Salamanca/ A Coruña / Seville / Getafe

75 World Cup 2014

Program for associated citiesInstitutional collaboration agreements for the promotion in Spain of the 2014 WorldCup and BasketballCollaboration agreements with Regional Federations76 World Cup 2014Internacional promotionCollaboration agreements for the promotion of the 2014 World Cup and Basketball inother countries and on other continentsFIBA Africa / FIBA Oceania / FIBA Americas

77 World Cup 2014

Foro AS 2014Roundtable debateProfesional SportsMiguel CardenalSecretary of State for Athletics78 World Cup 2014The demanding natureof high-level sportsAnna TarrésEx manager of the National Synchronized Swimming teamThe role of companiesin the sports industryAlfonso LópezCommunications Director of EndesaJavier Herrero de VelardeMarketing Director of Grupo Mahou-San MiguelFélix MuñozCommunications and Marketing expert

79 World Cup 2014

The value ofthe FEB Brand“One of the objectives of the FEB is to optimizethe potential of the Spain Brand, sharingthe values that basketball representswith society at large”Kiko MartínCommunications and Competition Director

81 The value of the FEB Brand

82 The value of the FEB Brand

Audience 30 millionacumulated during the Ñ-12 Tour and the Olympic Gamesaverage of 1.267.285 viewers83 The value of the FEB Brand18% of shareduring the Ñ-12 Tour

Spain - U.S.A.84 The value of the FEB BrandThe final game of the Olympic Gamesin August 12 th between Spain and the U.S.A.registered a total of:5.400.400 viewers44,9% of share9.218.000 people viewed with the game at some point6.503.000 viewers during the “golden minute” (peak)52,7% of shareThis data makes this final the most watchedbasketball game in history

85 The value of the FEB Brand

86 The value of the FEB BrandThe overall team value increases, providing a leader.Pau Gasol as the main reference

Image analysisRecolection information data: November / December of 2011Presentation of March 2012The Spanish National Team increased its notoriety.More than 90% of people know of their achievements.This knowledge is very homogeneous, both by age and by gender as well as for geographic areasAll the players analyzed in this study increased their level of popularityand appreciationIt is the most valued Spanish Team by women87 The value of the FEB BrandTHE SPANISH NATIONAL TEAM2011 2012Notoriety 86% 93%Overall rating 7,8 8,2

88 The value of the FEB BrandThe Spanish National Team is the Spanish teamwith the highest rating in their categoryTheir rating is not only higher than any team butalso higher than 99% of the athletes in the individualcategoryNone of the actual players of the Spanish NationalTeam holds a higher rating than the group as awhole

The most valuable athletic teamThe Spanish National Team is the Spanish team that gets the highestrating in terms of:PROXIMITY 7 ATTENTION7 REABILITY 7,7NATURALNESS 7,4 ROL MODEL 8 LIKEABLE 7,581% of the population ranks them over 7only a 3% do it under 589 The value of the FEB Brand

90 The value of the FEB BrandThe closest sectors to the Spanish National team,acording to the population, are tremendously associatedwith brands that hace been linked to the SpanishNational Federation for a long period of time.

Brand imageOur corporate identity reflects the collectiveeffort, the passion for its colors and the drive ofa great teamWe reach everyone. Our brand is SpanishBasketball: we are Brand Spain91 The value of the FEB BrandThis is a continually evolving brand

Leaders in communicationswith RTVE as a partnerLive games from the Gold Adecco League and the Women’s League on TeledeporteWeekly program ZONA 2014 (2014 ZONE)Héroes de oro (Golden Heroes) documentary, on laSexta, about EuroBasket 201192 The value of the FEB BrandMomentos estelares de la Selección Española de baloncesto (Shining moments ofthe Spanish National Team) with Lunwerg Publishing HouseFEBTV10 weekly games broadcast in TDT quality30,000 unique users a monthSOCIAL NETWORKSSpecific development for the creation of projects for social networks:more than 50,000 users on Facebook and TwitterWWW.FEB.ESMore than 30 million page viewed, making it the leader in sports federationsMaximun mediaexposure

93 The value of the FEB Brand

We build ourteam by sharingour passion withour partners“We work together with our partners to builda relationship model based on sharing objectivesand generating benefits and return oninvestments thanks to our visibility, bond andvalues. This commitment makes it possible forus to achieve all of our goals”Pascual MartínezStrategy and Development Director

95 The value of the FEB Brand

Principles ofFEB Sponsorship96 The value of the FEB BrandWe value what the FEB, its brands and its productsstand for.Being associated with the FEB adds quality to anycompany

We seek out top tier brands for added value inmeeting the Federation’s fundamental goal:promoting basketballWe work together on specifically tailored projects.The proposals are rooted in the products and valuesof the FEB but are developed in accordance to eachclient’s needs97 El The valor value de of la the Marca FEB FEB BrandWe put the spotlight on client services andrelationships before, during and after negotiationsWe are continually looking for proactive ways toimprove our relationships. Receiving client sponsorshipmeans increased values for the FEBWe achieve results that exceed expectations.We do not make promises that we cannot keep

2012 SponsorsIn keeping with these principles, throughout 2013 we have managed to maintain thesupport of the large companies that believe in our products, achieving the desiredreturns in the vast majority of cases.INSTITUTIONAL PARTNERS98 The value of the FEB BrandCOMMERCIAL PARTNERSMEDIA PARTNERSPONSORS

INSTITUTIONAL COLLABORATORSUPPLIERS99 The value of the FEB BrandCOLLABORATORS2013 will be a time for redoubling our commitment to our partners, renewing ourrelationships with important companies like San Miguel 0,0, Adecco and Iberia, andwelcoming new top tier companies to our team, thereby making our objectives for thepromotion of basketball even more attainable.

365 daysof events“We transmit our passion for basketballthrough activities; and during 2012, we didjust that, sharing our intense love for this sportthrough a range of various events”Francisco BarrancoEvent Director

101 The value of the FEB Brand

Activities in all areas92 The value of the FEB BrandNational competitions for clubsCompetitions and games for regional teamsGrass roots competitions and Spanish ChampionshipsTraining camps for regional teamsPresentation of the National TeamsPresentation of the National Teams’ uniformsTraining sessions for coaches and refereesSocial projects on a national levelInternational social projectsPromotional activitiesInstitutional eventsPublic Relations eventsPress ConferencesDebate forumsCompany GatheringsSigning of collaboration agreements

103 The value of the FEB Brand

Awardsand recognitions104 The value of the FEB BrandSpanish Sports Journalism Association Award for the SpanishNational Basketball TeamsII Prize for Work and Athletics from the Anastasio de GraciaFoundationVI Prize for International Solidarity in Sports from theAthletics and Culture Foundation – Foundation for YouthAthletics of the Superior Athletics CouncilAthletics Award from the Foreign Correspondents’ Press Association(ACPE) for the Men’s National TeamFEB Award for the Spanish National Basketball Teams“Protagonist” Award for José Luis Sáez from ABC Radio SevilleCity of Seville Medal for José Luis Sáez

National Athletics Award for Juan Carlos Navarro“Most Promising” Award for Laura Gil from As NewspaperThe Alcalá Basketball Foundation’s Quijote Awards for AmayaValdemoro, Pau Gasol and Carlos JiménezSpecial “We Live Basketball” Award for Angel Palmi from thedistrict of San Blas-Canillejas105 The value of the FEB Brand

14 big objectivesfor 2013

107 14 big objectives for 2013

108 14 big objectives for 2013

1 Together with Spanish basketball stakeholders,and in particular the Regional Associations, ourgoal is to keep passionately building the largestand greatest service-oriented company, by focusingon innovation and the permanent incorporationof new technologies as tools for growth andpromotion2 Maintain fiscal balance with a flexible andoperative expenses structure that ensures financialstability and good fiscal health, focused on thecarrying out of all projected activities, both strategicand related to sports, including those gearedtowards the development and promotion of the2014 World Cup3 Believe in our competitions: establish newglobal development programs that provide themwith maximum stability in terms of athletics, andthat increase their value as a basis for reinforcingtheir structural growth and that of participatingclubs4 Invest in scouting and training of our players,coaches and referees; streamlining procedures andwork criteria, consolidating the Spanish Championshipsand developing present and future projectslike the creation of new Training Centers,while improving those already in existence109 14 big objectives for 2013

110 14 big objectives for 2013

5 Compete at the highest level on the courtagainst every rival in every championship, fosteringthe role of our athletes in order to maintainour leadership role in Europe and our position assecond in the world in the official FIBA rankings6 Keep increasing the presence and importance ofWomen in basketball, with special initiatives gearedtowards the Women’s Leagues and grassroots efforts, aswell as their progressive incorporation onto the coachingstaff of all categories of national and regional teams7 Win-over the street with continued reinforcementof our decisive support of new competitiveformats and participation in things like 3x3basketball, which allows us to be involved in themass enjoyment of this sport, and keep believingin the dream of “a basketball in every home”8 Increase our social commitments in terms ofboth quantity and quality, keeping the 2014 FEBFoundation programs alive, creating new projectsand, in particular, promoting those having todo with International Cooperation, linked to theSocial Plan of the 2014 World Cup, such as theCasa España (Spain House) in Dakar9 Bolster the organization of the 2014 WorldCup, guaranteeing its financial backing and carryingout the promotional activities that arelinked to this event, both in the host cities andother related locations in Spain, as well as in therest of the world111 14 big objectives for 2013

112 14 big objectives for 2013

10 Continue to serve as an international reference forour sports program and management model, maintainingour presence in governing bodies and ourcurrent status as the European country with the mostrepresentatives on the FIBA and FIBA Europe commissions11 Reinforce brand identification with the values thathave made it a leading point of reference for Spanish,European and World sports, and increase its notorietyand the media presence associated with the SpainBrand: we want to be newsworthy 365 days of theyear12 Secure our commitment to our partners, renewingour relationships with the important companiesthat already form part of our team andincorporating new top tier companies into the partnership,in order to help us meet our objectives forthe growth of basketball all over the world13 Transform Espacio 2014 (2014 Space) inAlcobendas – the heart of our history – into a focalpoint for activities that brings together the“basketball people” that came before us, as wellas R+D and basketball promotion projects andtheir synergy with the world of business14 Continue to reinforce a structure that is basedon the collaboration of experienced professionalsas a means to keep achieving large goals,while fostering, creating and developing projectsthat strengthen and provide continuity to our extraordinarypresent113 14 big objectives for 2013

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