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Methodology• Online survey among a total of 1,048 U.S. creative professionals• Data collected May 12-21, 2014 by Edelman Berland• Margin of error at the 95% confidence level is +/- 3.1%.CREATIVE PROsDefinition:- Work in a creative industry (list of disciplines included graphic designers, web designers,photographers, illustrators, etc.)- Employed, self-employed or freelanceSample n=1,048ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORT2

Summary of Key FindingsNew creatives are versatile and optimistic1. 96% of creatives are happy in their career and 88% believe that the creative industry’s best days areyet to come. [slide 7-8]2. 80% believe they must learn new tools and techniques and three quarters say that creatives mustnow work across multiple mediums and disciplines. [slide 9]3. An overwhelming majority (77%) of creatives believe change within the industry is happening rapidly,with two-thirds expecting their role to be significantly different within three years. [slide 10]ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORT3

Summary of Key Findings (cont.)Creatives on the rise, but under pressure4. 88% believe they have a strong influence on their organizations and clients, and 46% say they havesignificantly more impact than they did two years ago. [slide 11-12]5. 93% believe the value of their contributions is recognized by their companies or clients. [slide 12]6. Creatives have worries: the pressure to “create more, at a faster speed than ever” is the top concern.[slide 13]ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORT4

Summary of Key Findings (cont.)Creativity is going mobile7. 74% of creatives view mobile technology as transforming the face of creativity and design and7 in 10 creatives are developing content for mobile apps; 87% believe creating mobile contenthas had a positive impact on them. [slide 9 and 14]8. While creatives still rely on pen and paper for ideation (28%) and brainstorming (36%), nearly half(45%) use their mobile devices to capture inspiration on-the-go. [slide 15-16]9. 42% say they use mobile to create content anywhere. 30% of respondents would like to create morecontent on tablets, surpassing desktop computers. [slide 16-17]10. App development (20%) and 3D modeling (18%) will be the most in-demand skills over the next12 months. [slide 18]ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORT5

Summary of Key Findings (cont.)Shifting sources of motivation and inspiration11. When asked what motivates them most, over half of creatives rank doing great work (54%) andlearning new things (52%) higher than financial rewards (37%) or employer recognition (27%).[slide 19]12. Over twice as many creatives see digital sources, such as social media (36%), as the best sources ofinspiration, compared to more traditional sources like fashion or architecture. [slide 20]13. Creatives are also turning to professional online communities, noting inspiration (27%), collaborationand sharing (26%) as top reasons for participating. [slide 21]14. While still mostly trusting their gut (79%) to make creative decisions, creatives view the impact oftechnology and digital analytics positively: 75% note that technology gives them more control overtheir professional destiny and 70% feel empowered by analytics. [slide 9 and 22]ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORT6

96% of creatives are happy and fulfilled in their careersHOW HAPPY ARE YOU IN YOUR CAREER AS A CREATIVE?Unhappy4%21%Somewhat happy24%Extremelyhappy51%Very happyADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ11. How happy are you in your overall career as a creative? n=1,0487

Creatives are optimistic about the futureHOW DO YOU SEE THE FUTURE FOR CREATIVES?88% believe the creativeindustry's best days areyet to comeADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ7. How do you see the future for creatives? % of best days are ahead. n=1,0488

Creatives recognize the need to learnnew tools and mediumsCreatives are expected to learn new tools and techniques37%43%80%Creativity and design thinking are becoming more important to business38%39%77%Creatives will fall behind if they don't stay current with changes37%38%75%Creatives need to become skilled in more than one creative discipline33%37%70%Technology gives creatives more control of their professional destiny39%36%75%Creatives are increasingly working across mediums/disciplines39%36%75%Succeeding involves a fundamental change in approach to creativity40%32%72%Mobile is transforming the face of creativity and design43%31%74%Somewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ1. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements. n=1,0489

Creatives believe their roles are changing rapidlyWILL YOUR ROLE CHANGE IN THE NEXT?HOW FAST IS THE ROLE OF CREATIVES CHANGING?34%No44%12MONTHS3 YEARS56%66%Yes77% say rapidlyADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ35. On a 0 to 9 scale where 0 is NOT AT ALL DIFFERENT and 9 is EXTREMELY DIFFERENT how different do you think your role as a creative will be 12 months from now as well as 3 years from now? n=1,048Q2. How fast do you feel the role of creatives is changing? Top 2; n=1,04810

Creative teams enjoy strong levels of influence acrosscompanies and clientsLEVEL OF INFLUENCE OVER COMPANY OR CLIENTS2%88% have strong influenceover company or clients26%10%Very weakWeakStrongVery strong62%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ21/Q22. How would you rate the level of influence your creative team or department has over your company or your clients overall? n=1,04811

Creatives believe that their companyvalues their contributionARE YOU, AS A CREATIVE, HAVING MORE OR LESS IMPACTTODAY THAN YOU DID TWO YEARS AGO?HOW DO YOU FEEL YOUR COMPANY/CLIENTS PERCEIVETHE VALUE OF CREATIVES?9%7%93% of creativesfeel valued in theworkplace46%44%45%49%91% of creatives are having an impactin the workplaceSignificantly less impactSame impactSignificantly more impactAdding no valueAdding some valueAdding significant valueADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ19. Are you, as a creative, having more or less impact today than you did two years ago? n=1,048Q20. How do you feel your company/clients perceive the value of creatives? n=1,04812

Pressure to deliver content and ideas keeps creativesup at nightPressure to deliver creative ideas and content faster than everFinancial or job securityLosing inspiration and motivationNot meeting the expectations set for meBeing misunderstoodNot being original or difficulty differentiatingNot being trained sufficiently in new skillsLosing my artistic authenticity and selling outLosing respect of my peersNever making it in my profession13%13%21%20%19%18%33%32%28%25%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ37. What keeps you up at night as a creative? n=1,04813

7 in 10 creatives are creating content for mobile devicesDO YOU CREATE CONTENT FOR ANY OF THE FOLLOWING?IMPACT OF MOBILE CONTENT ON CREATIVEMobile websites42%AppsMobile adsNone of the above41%30%30%70% CREATE FOR MOBILE87%Positive8%Negative5%No impactADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ27. Do you create content for any of the following? n=1,048Q27A. What kind of impact has creating mobile content had on you as a creative? n=73414

Although creatives embrace new technologies,they still rely on pen and paperWHICH DEVICE IS YOUR GO-TO FOR EACH CREATIVE ACTIVITY?IdeaGenerationSeekingInspirationBrainstormingContentCreationCollaborationContentSharingDisplayingContentDesktop computer 18% 22% 14% 29% 23% 25% 29%Laptop computer 27% 31% 24% 33% 35% 36% 34%Tablet like an iPad 12% 13% 12% 9% 13% 14% 16%Tablet/touchpad 7% 6% 5% 6% 7% 6% 6%Smartphone 8% 12% 10% 6% 11% 14% 7%Pen and paper 28% 16% 36% 17% 12% 5% 8%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ27. Which of the devices listed is your go-to device for each of the following creative activities? n=1,04815

Nearly half of creatives use their mobile devices to captureinspiration and create content on-the-goHOW HAVE MOBILE DEVICES CHANGED YOUR CREATIVE PROCESS?I can capture inspiration in the moment and on the goI can create content anywhereMy work is now accessible to a broader audience42%41%45%I'm using mobile to collaborateI'm using mobile as a digital portfolioI'm using mobile devices to present creative concepts32%31%30%Created more output mediums which makes my job harder20%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ29. How have mobile devices changed your creative process? n=1,04816

Creatives want to create more on tabletsWHICH DEVICE WOULD YOU LIKE TO USE MORE FOR EACH CREATIVE ACTIVITY?IdeaGenerationSeekingInspirationBrainstormingContentCreationCollaborationContentSharingDisplayingContentDesktop computer 21% 22% 19% 25% 23% 25% 27%Laptop computer 31% 32% 29% 36% 32% 34% 37%Tablet like an iPad 31% 31% 29% 30% 33% 33% 33%Touchpad 16% 15% 14% 16% 15% 16% 16%Smartphone 19% 23% 21% 16% 23% 25% 18%Pen and paper 23% 17% 26% 19% 13% 11% 14%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ28. Which of the devices listed would you like to use more, in the future, for each of the following creative activities? n=1,04817

App development and 3D modeling expected to bemost in demand skillsWHICH CREATIVE SKILLS WILL BE MOST ‘IN-DEMAND’ OVER THE NEXT 12 MONTHS?App development3D ModelingGraphic designWeb designVisual effectsAnimationMotion graphicsDigital storytellingVideo editingIllustrationPhotography6%5%5%5%4%3%9%10%14%18%20%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ5. Which of these creative skills do you think will be most ‘in-demand’ over the next 12 months? n=1,04818

Creatives value doing great work and learning new thingsmore than financial rewardsWHAT MOTIVATES YOU AS A CREATIVE?I want to do great workDesire to learn new thingsSeeing my ideas brought to life in the real worldMastering new technologiesKnowing my work is having an impactFinancial rewardsKnowing my work is having an impact on causes/social issuesRecognition from peersReaching a broad audienceRecognition and advancement from my employer38%37%33%31%29%27%54%52%50%45%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ14. What are some of the things that motivate you as a creative? n=1,04819

Social media, websites and online advertising aretop sources of inspirationMOST INFLUENTIAL SOURCE OF CREATIVE SPARKS AND INSPIRATION FOR THE CREATIVE COMMUNITYSocial media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.)Websites/online advertisingVideo gamesFilmOnline creative communities (Behance, Dribbble, or others)TV advertisingCultural imports from other countriesStreet styleHigh fashionArchitecturePrint and magazine advertising26%25%22%19%18%17%15%15%14%33%36%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ12. Which of the following do you see as the most influential source of creative sparks and inspiration for the creative community? n=1,04820

Online creative communities deliver inspiration andfacilitate collaboration between creativesARE YOU A MEMBER OF AN ONLINE CREATIVE COMMUNITY?TOP REASONS FOR PARTICIPATING IN ONLINE CREATIVE COMMUNITYGetting inspiration27%Collaboration and sharing26%14%YesNO86%Learning new skillsNetworking/self-promotion10%23%Mentoring or teaching others9%14% ARE MEMBERS OF ACREATIVE COMMUNITYJob prospecting5%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ23. Are you a member of an online creative community? n=1,048Q24. What is the top reason you participate in an online creative community? n=14321

Creatives trust their gut, yet are increasinglyempowered by analyticsI primarily trust my creative gut38%41%79%I feel empowered byanalytics and metricsAnalytics and metrics create more work forcreatives39%19%58%70%Analytics and metrics can inspire greatcreativity37%20%57%30%Analytics and metrics make creative gamblesless risky38%16%54%Somewhat AgreeStrongly AgreeI feel threatened byanalytics and metricsADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ30. When it comes to creative work in the service of marketing, how much do you agree or disagree with each of the following statements? n=1,048Q31. Which of the statements below comes closest to how you feel about digital analytics and metrics (i.e., big data) as it relates to creativity? n=1,04822

© Copyright 2014 Adobe Systems Incorporated. All rights reserved.Appendix: Additional Findings

The creative industry is changing rapidlybelieve creative industry haschanged more in the past 5 yearsthan in the last 50ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ1. Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements… n=1,04824

Creatives are most inspired by learning new skillsand work of peersWHAT INSPIRES YOU IN THE CREATIVE PROCESS?Exposure to new skills and mediumsViewing the work of other creativesMoviesSocial mediaTravelPeers and colleaguesFine art (museums and galleries)BooksTrends in pop-cultureTVMentoring/teaching othersIndustry events and conferencesVolunteer/Pro Bono work7%11%24%22%21%21%19%18%18%17%17%31%37%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ13. What are some of the things that inspire you the most in your creative process? n=1,04826

Creatives most value being passionate about their workand creative freedomHOW IMPORTANT ARE EACH OF THE FOLLOWING TO YOU AS A CREATIVE?Being passionate about my workHaving complete creative freedomStaying true to my creative vision despite pressuresBeing proficient in multiple disciplinesBeing able to create from anywhereCollaborating effectively with othersHaving a unique signature styleMentoring or teaching othersHaving my work seen by a broad audienceLeveraging my talent to help advance a social causeBeing recognized by my peers as best in field31%36%36%42%37%43%34%38%36%35%34%53%41%38%31%36%28%35%28%28%24%24%84%77%74%73%73%71%69%66%64%59%58%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTVery ImportantQ15. How important are each of the following to you as a creative? n=1,048Extremely Important27

Over-designing or not knowing when to quitconsidered the “Cardinal Sins” of designWHAT DO YOU CONSIDER TO BE THE “CARDINAL SIN” OF DESIGN?Over-designing/not knowing when to quit24%Using trends/fads regardless of whether they solve a design problem19%Amateur video footage/editing/productionDisjointed look and feel across platforms (Web, mobile)CrowdsourcingBad stock photographyDesign density/lack of negative spaceBad typography (spacing, kerning, over use of fonts)Distracting motion graphics10%9%8%8%7%7%7%ADOBE | THE NEW CREATIVES REPORTQ16. What do you consider to be the “Cardinal sin” of design (i.e. the worst offense possible) in the digital age? N=1,04828

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