Candidate Manifestos 2008 - Young Hackney

Candidate Manifestos 2008 - Young Hackney

Hackney Youth Parliament ElectionsCandidate Manifestos 2008

Hackney Youth Parliament ElectionsWant to influence change? If you’re aged between 11-19 and live,work or go to school in Hackney, you can vote in theHackney Youth Parliament (HYP) elections.Between 13-16 October young people across Hackney will be voting inthe HYP elections. You can vote at school, youth clubs or online.See the results unfold at an event in Hackney Town Hall’sAssembly Hall from 3-5.30pm, Thursday 16 October.All absolutelyFREEFor more information

IntroductionWelcome...Welcome to the candidate booklet for the Hackney YouthParliament Elections 2008.The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child acknowledges thatthose under 18 years of age have the ability and, therefore, the rightto be involved in decision-making. Over the next few years, every localauthority will be working with its partners to find out what works bestfor children and young people in its area and act on it. Hackney YouthParliament is our central body for young people’s involvement andgives young people in the borough the opportunity to meet withCouncillors and agencies working with and on behalf of youngpeople in order to discuss their aspirations, issues and concerns.These elections mark the end of an intense period of work for all thecandidates in bringing their manifestos to life and preparing to standfor election. All of the candidates should be congratulated for beingprepared to play an active role in their community and promote young people’s involvement in democracylocally, nationally and globally. All of the candidates listed are offering you their commitment to working toimprove the voice of young people in Hackney. As the Council’s Youth Participation Team we are alsocommitted to ensuring that young people can have meaningful opportunities to be involved and heard. Webelieve that involving young people in decision-making will result in a balanced, representative and democraticcommunity that ultimately benefits all residents. You can be assured that we’ll be working with the electedYouth Parliament members to support them to gain the skills, knowledge and confidence to carry out theirresponsibilities.Please read the manifestos enclosed and use your vote as it is important to elect those who can best representthe wider youth population. Remember, decisions are made by those who show up, so please vote.For further information on the Hackney Youth Parliament or Neighbourhood Forums please contact the YouthParticipation Team on 020 8986 0285.Michael ConnorsYouth Participation ManagerThis booklet has been produced by Hackney Council Youth Service.

Hackney Youth Parliament elections 2008Help make positive change for young people in HackneyIf you are aged between 11-19 and live, work or socialise in Hackney you can vote in the Hackney YouthParliament election. Between 13-16 October 08 voting will take place in schools and youth clubs across theborough. This is your chance to influence change.Frequently asked questionsWhat is the Hackney Youth Parliament (HYP)?The HYP aims to give a voice to young people aged 11-19 inHackney. It is made up of 25 members that have beenelected from the four area youth forums, the Young People’sDisability Forum and LGBT Forum. The HYP aims torepresent the views of young people in Hackney.What does the HYP do?The HYP’s collective voice has the power to influencechange on important decisions that affect the lives of youngpeople in Hackney. Members attend meetings and arelistened to by Hackney Council, the Police and otherservice providers.Can I be a candidate?Unfortunately you’ve missed the deadline to register as acandidate. However, if you are not already a member of anarea forum you can join that and stand for election next year.Are all candidates trained?Yes. All candidates are given training before the election.Training will cover:•How the election process works•How to run a campaign•How to write and give a speech•How to persuade people to vote (canvass).

Who decides who will be part of the HYP?You do! If you are between 11-19 years old and live, work,or socialise in the borough then you can vote.How can I vote?Registration for online voting closed on 18 September 08.Ballot voting will take place in secondary schools and youthcentres across the borough between Monday 13 andThursday 16 October. This will be via a paper vote unlessyou have already registered for online voting.When will the results be announced?The results will be announced at a high-profile event in theAssembly Hall of Hackney Town Hall, on Thursday 16October, between 3-5.30pm. The event will include a finale-count of the votes and other activities and informationrelating to democracy.How can I find out more?If you would like more information about the youth areaforums contact the following people:• 0797634224• North 07527385664• 07772227319• Stoke 07772227319If you would like more information about the HYP and the elections contact call 0777222319. For more information about the results event visit

Shoreditch Area Youth Forumwhat we do• Take action on local issues like more things to doand crime• Improve services for young people• Consultations with other young people• Plan events and put on workshops• Discussion and debate• Weekly meetingswhy you should get involvedWe want to be involved in something that makes ourcommunity safer, more enjoyable and gives youngpeople more things to do.why we do it* It’s an opportunity to meet other young people* Develop new skills and gain qualifications* Have new experiences* Good for your CV* Residentials and trips* Your chance to make a differenceYour nearest Youth Forum is ShoreditchCall or text: Michael or Mandy on 07772 227319for more info and details of the next meeting.Don’t be a waste!Join your Area Youth Forum

ShoreditchCandidate Manifestos

Shoreditch Youth ForumRhasan BrunnerHi, my name is Rhasan DavidBrunner. I am thirteen years oldand I grew up in Dalston, Hackney,in a mixed-race and cultural familywith my grandparents, my motherand my aunties.Living in Hackney I have met manyinteresting people from differentbackgrounds. And recently, Istarted to take an interest incommunity activities such as:• Writing for Hackney Todaynewspaper• VolunteeringI realised if I stood for election toHackney Youth Parliament I cando something good.One of the issues I’ll work on iscontributing to a continuingcampaign against bullying. Iwill make it a priority in schoolsto tackle it. It can be verydangerous when combined withgang activity. I want topromote anti-bullyingprogrammes and awareness ofhow bad it is for the youngpeople it affects.The second issue is to promotemore volunteering and communityactivities to young people. I amworking with HVA, a Hackneyvolunteering organisation, tocreate a magazine to show therange of cultural events andorganisations which young peoplecan access to pursue theirdifferent interests. I hope toencourage young people to takepart in them, to help them discovertheir potential, and to takeadvantage of the opportunities thatoffer them new skills and newexciting experiences.I will work hard to achieve my aims of promoting events and organisations, and tostop bullying, and to make a positive difference to young people in Hackney.

Athenia GeorgeMy name is Athenia George. I am16 years old. I have grown upwithin the area of Hackney, beeneducated within the area and Ibelieve it is my duty to givesomething back to the areawhere I was born and bred in.If I am chosen to represent thearea of Shoreditch I believe I willmake a vast difference.I aim to eradicate crime, not bymeans of cure but by means ofprevention. I aim to do this byproviding youth clubs in order toprovide activities for our youngpeople to do in order to keepthem off the street and within asafe, secure environment. Withinthese youth clubs will be free andconfidential advice for youngpeople on issues they may face,such as gun and knife crime,drugs, teenage pregnanciesand many other issues. Outingsto areas of attraction willalso take place as well astalent shows.I will ensure young, singlemothers have somewhere to goin order to meet individuals whomay be in similar situations tothemselves. At these meetings,young mothers will be able toreceive free, confidential adviceon how to care for their childand what to do if they wish tore-enter education.In conclusion, I wish to take this opportunity to thank you for taking the timeout to read this manifesto. I trust that you will consider my interest in makingthe area of Shoreditch a better place to live in.

Shoreditch Youth ForumMartin KakaireDear all, my name is Martin and weare here today for us, the youth, todecide on who we can trust toassist decisions made for youngpeople within Hackney. I feel veryconfident in doing so. I believe Icould help us all. We should notbe afraid to stand up for what weneed. I was born in this boroughso I can relate to the majority ofyouth in this borough. First of all,I think we shouldn’t be intimidatedwhenever we use our rights.Whenever we make suggestionsthey shouldn’t be ignored. Manypeople in Hackney try and dopositive things, but that doesn’tseem to get highlighted in our localgazette; instead the recent crazyperson/people to be feared is allthat’s in the light. I’m not saying it’sbad to update us, just address thesituation in a proper manner.Schools are another thing I wouldlike to tackle, not just schools, butthe school council programme. I’vebeen on one before and nothingkicked in until 3 years later. I’mnot sure whether we have any butthere should be people we canturn to with our suggestions foreverything we’re concerned about.If those people exist they need tobe shown more often. As peoplewe all make mistakes and I feel asthough we shouldn’t isolate exconvicts,but help them change. Iknow there are many people beingkilled today and it affects us all.What happened to the extra policeofficers they put on the streets?Did Hackney get any? Doesn’tseem so to me.As the people of tomorrow we are the future, we’re not promised tomorrow,so make the most of today, vote for me.

Abiola OyewumiHey, my name is Abiola. TheHackney Youth Parliament does notonly concern me, it concerns YOUtoo, because altogether WE are theYOUTH who make up HACKNEY. Ido want you to know that I’m a verydetermined young person that feelsvery strongly about the viewsconcerning Hackney today,especially the negative stereotypesof young people in this borough.I’ve lived in Hackney for almost mywhole life and want Hackney to be aplace where people like you and Ican be proud of and even for thenext generation to be proud of. Ibelieve that Hackney is full of manyundiscovered talents and, if youelect me to Hackney YouthParliament, I aim to do whatever Ican to make sure that young peoplehave more opportunities to showoff their amazing hidden talents byspeaking to the kind of people whocan make these things possible.Hackney needs more positivechanges within the community andI aim to make Hackney a safer,happier environment.I want to get you more involved inHYP because I believe that youngpeople in Hackney should worktogether. So, if elected, I plan onsetting up a Hackney YouthParliament email address so you’llbe able to email your opinionsand concerns and I’ll make surethese are heard in the HYPmeetings we’ll be having withthe Hackney councillors andHeads of Service.So for a happier Hackney… Vote Abi!

Shoreditch Youth ForumRona SkerrattHello people of Hackney.My name is Rona Skerratt. I’velived in Hackney all my life andnow I want to make change.I am standing for Hackney YouthParliament, not only to changemy life, but yours too.I believe strongly that no matterwhat race, religion or how ableyou are there’s more to you thanyou know, and there’s more toHackney than the press knows.The stereotype of Hackneyneeds to be changed! I think asa community we can changethis stereotype and we canshow the goodness of Hackneythat the press don’t see. I wantus to show everyone that we’renot all bad and we can achieve.I believe I can change this bygetting your views and listeningto them then taking them to thepress and I won’t stop till we’rethe front page for change and Iwill push ‘til we get it.Because if we get praised as acommunity it changes us asindividuals too. It changes ourviews on where we live and ifwe change that, we can achievea brighter future.I not only want to dothis for myself but to beable to say I helped thecommunity to changeand come together.If you vote for me I promise change.We need to get our message across so let’s start! Vote for me, Rona Skerratt.

Khadijah Peace Watkis-LewisI’ve lived in east London all mylife and so far I have noticedcertain faults. For young peopleliving in and around Hackneythere are a limited number ofproductive environments tosocialise in - youth clubs are finebut I, as a young person, wouldmuch rather do somethingconstructive with my friendswhich will be of benefit to mein later life.I feel the right environment forus as young people to socialisein would be a local and wellknownvenue, e.g. Ocean, RoundChapel or Hackney Town Hall.This enables young people tointeract withothers from different areas andschools. The kind of eventI propose would be eitherweekly/monthly social eventse.g. parties, movie nights orstructured talks on issuesconcerning young people. Theseevents will be designed to attractat least 60 - 100 young people inHackney. I would also like toinvolve some sort of extracurricularactivities such asdrama, events management,singing, music production etc.I believe if young people gaineda qualification/certificate forparticipating and passing thecourse the social events willattract more people and theycould use the certificate intheir c.v.If we identify what we need in order to succeed, we will... Trust me.

North East Area Youth Forumwhat we do• Take action on local issues like more things to doand crime• Improve services for young people• Consultations with other young people• Plan events and put on workshops• Discussion and debate• Weekly meetingswhy you should get involvedWe want to be involved in something that makes ourcommunity safer, more enjoyable and gives youngpeople more things to do.why we do it* It’s an opportunity to meet other young people* Develop new skills and gain qualifications* Have new experiences* Good for your CV* Residentials and trips* Your chance to make a differenceYour nearest Youth Forum is North EastCall or text: Nathan on 07976 342244 orCat 07527 385664 for more info and details ofthe next meeting.Don’t be a waste!Join your Area Youth Forum

North EastCandidate Manifestos

North East Youth ForumBianca BakerHi, my name is Bianca and I amrunning as a candidate because Ibelieve that young people’s voicesshould be heard.I am going to focus on key issuesthat relate to us young people,for example:• Stop and Search• Funding for young people• Improving on bad media aboutyoung peopleAims• I hope to resolve these issuesby working with professionalssuch as the police and localcouncillors as well as you,young people.• Make sure young people knowtheir rights regarding Stopand Search.• Find out what funding isavailable for young people andpledge for more fundingtowards schools, youth centresand community groups.• Put a stop to bad media againstyoung people and, instead,show us in a positive light.It’s time to face the music.There are gangs,there’s crime,there’s poverty butTHERE’S STILL HOPE FOR US.WHAT WILL YOU DO?I am going to focus on key issues that relate to us young people.

Kaadine HughesHello my name is Kaadine Hughes.I have lived and grown up inHackney all of my life. I care aboutwhere I live and the people who livehere too. Many disturbing reportsare being reported on the TV and inthe newspapers.One subject in particular isyouth crime. About a quarter ofHackney’s population are youngpeople under the age of 18 years.We are living as a nation wherefootballer’s wives, violence, drugabuse, under-age pregnancy,alcohol and earning a quick buckare something to aspire to. The‘ugly behaviour’, which was oncelooked down upon in our society,is sadly now admired.Everyone says they want to makechanges but it never seems tohappen. With the recent youthcrime toll and knife crime risingin London, and in East London,in particular, there needs to bemore young people gettinginvolved to create a positiveenvironment to move forwardand aspire too.If I get elected, I’m going toget more workshops and youthclubs and make sure they arepromoted properly.I am a regular guy, just another kid,but one with a passion to helpinspire our youth culture to live apositive way of life.I can be your voice.I will work and commit myselffully to listening to your needsand ideas. I can work closelywith youth projects and workclosely, not only with our localpolice, but within ourlocal authority.Vote for me, I am a can-do person and will make a difference.Although, these changes will not be easy, together we can make a difference.

North East Youth ForumAshley Samuel LouisHi, my name is Ashley, I am 13.I am standing because I feel as ayoung person I will be able toconnect with the Hackney youth.I also want to make you happy. Iwant every Hackney youth to enjoytheir young life.If I am elected hopefully I canprovide more workshops in and outof school about gun crime andhealthy eating, community trips,more environment groups, moreplay centres, free sexual healthadvice, Saturday schools, a skatingpark, a multi-sports ground,Hackney sports day, dance classes,a music studio, music workshops,art workshops, more disabledactivities, Hackney disabled sportsday, disabled therapy, hairdressingworkshops, nail care, massagecourses, make-up courses,language courses and designand technology.These workshops and courses areaimed at keeping the Hackney youthoff the streets. These workshopsare also aimed at keeping theHackney youth occupied withexciting fun things to do.I also want to help the boroughbecome a better place. I want achance to be able to give youngpeople advice about making theright decisions in life. Youngpeople need advice and help toguide them. Sometimes I wake upin the morning and ask myself,'why is it so easy to be bad andhard to be good?' If I am elected Iwill make it easier to be good!One love, one community, oneHackney - it's our time!One love, one community, one Hackney - it's our time!

Ify ObawyeMy name is Ify and I am here to talkabout my vision for where we live.We are the children of the presentand the adults of the future and Ibelieve that the area we live in isthe best. I mean, if Hackneywasn’t great we wouldn’t behosting the Olympics!But, there are a number ofthings that we can do to makeit even greater.I would like to make many positivechanges that can help reduceyouth crime and inspire youthharmony:• Activities during school breaks(sports, music, drama, dance, trips).• Events after school (music,homework and sports leagues).• Community youth meetings –about current concerns, ideas,sexual advice and drugsawareness.I am a youth, just like you, on amission, which I will complete,and my mission, just like you, isto make changes that I feelstrongly about, just like you.All this will take time to achievebut I’m here to make sure that wetake one step a day to realise ourdreams, so please don’t get mymessage twisted, I’m not here toadd a tick on my CV, I’m askingyou to be real!And I will hope that you take mymessage seriously, believing in theunited power of our vision andactions, and the ability that eachand every one of us can make apositive difference to the placewe live in!If Hackney wasn’t great we wouldn’t be hosting the Olympics!

North East Youth ForumMatthew OyetunjiMy name is Matthew Oyetunji and Iwould make a great member of theHackney Youth Parliament.Why?• As a youth born and bred inHackney, I understand the issuesthat young people in the area arefacing, including postcode warsand gun and knife crime. I wantto see positive change in ourenvironment, not only for us now,but for our younger brothersand sisters.• I have a good breadth ofexperience, working and trainingwith young people in Hackney.• Last year I participated in aleadership course and received asuccessful completion certificate.• I have trained and work as apeer mentor in my school,therefore, I have a goodunderstanding of how to helpyouth achieve their full potential.• I have a creative streak and canthink outside the box; this yearI was selected to submit a poemto Buckingham Palace.What do I want to see in Hackney?More:• Youth clubs.• Sport clubs.• Training courses, where youth canlearn interpersonal and life skills.• Summer Activities.• Commitment to long-termfunding of the above, as well asother worthy local projects.How?I will play an active role inpublicising the local youth agendaand in securing increased fundingto support local projects.Rome wasn’t built in a day. I believe through playing a key role in lobbying andpushing for small, meaningful changes, in time, the issues and barriers Hackneyyouth face can be resolved.

Stephanie Latica UgbomahMy name is Stephanie LaticaUgbomah. I want you to vote forme because aren’t you fed up ofseeing young people hangingaround the streets or in your localarea with nothing to do?If yes, then this is your time tomake a difference in yourcommunity. Most of those youngpeople could be given a chance tojoin youth clubs and carry outactivities they enjoy doing, suchas making music, playing games,going on trips, sports andcooking classes instead ofhanging on the streets. So comeon people, pick up your pensand put the mark on that paperand vote for me! The choice isyours. Make sure you make theright choice.I am currently working withpeople to try and improve someof the old youth clubs into hightechnology buildings. Come onpeople, we have been deprived fortoo long! By voting for me I canmake change happen. Would youlike to see your youth clubrevamped and more modernised?If yes, then you have to votefor me.The choice is yours.

North East Youth ForumIsmael ZakariHi my name is Ismael Zakari.I am from Hackney and I am 16years old.I put myself up as a candidatebecause I believe that I am veryresponsible and loyal and, by mebeing a young person, I can helpput other young people’s ideasinto action. I understand that it isvery annoying to have an idea onhow to improve activities and justhave them ignored. As a youngperson I have also been throughthat. I have experience in youthwork so I am well aware of whatmy responsibilities will be as amember of Hackney YouthParliament. I will be visitingschools and colleges to hear fromother young people about theirideas and suggestions on howactivities and services can beimproved in Hackney.I will be working on involvingyoung people in activities likesports, which include footballtraining, basketball, boxing,snooker and dance. If some ofthese activities do not appeal toyou I would like to hear yourideas on what activities youwould like me to put in place.With these activities I hope toencourage young people inHackney to socialise with eachother while enjoying themselves.I have a dream that every youngperson in Hackney will becomeunited and all the trouble withpost code wars will come toan end.Vote for me and we can all hope for a better future for Hackneyand all the young people living here. Thank you for your time.

Aged 13-19?log onto

Homerton Area Youth Forumwhat we do• Take action on local issues like more things to doand crime• Improve services for young people• Consultations with other young people• Plan events and put on workshops• Discussion and debate• Weekly meetingswhy you should get involvedWe want to be involved in something that makes ourcommunity safer, more enjoyable and gives youngpeople more things to do.why we do it* It’s an opportunity to meet other young people* Develop new skills and gain qualifications* Have new experiences* Good for your CV* Residentials and trips* Your chance to make a differenceYour nearest Youth Forum is HomertonCall or text: Cat 07527 385664 orNathan 07976 342244 for more info and detailsof the next meeting.Don’t be a waste!Join your Area Youth Forum

HomertonCandidate Manifestos

Homerton Youth ForumCynthia EdoMy name is Cynthia and thereason for me standing forelection is because I am tired ofhearing about and knowing youngpeople dying throughout Hackney.Young people “jam” on the street,which leads to them carryingweapons and sometimes evenusing them. Well, I want to have achance to make an impact allaround the borough. As a youngperson I believe that I can connectto young people and be a pathwayfor them to get their voices andtheir ideas heard. I want to workwith decision-makers so that wecan make long lasting changes,such as:• Introducing more placesfor youth to “jam” instead ofthe streets.• More jobs for youth to keepthem busy and it will be a wayfor them to make money in alegal way.• More community events that willhelp the youth get more sociableand friendly.It’s really crucial that we youngpeople get a chance to open ourmouths and speak our thoughts.When a young person lets theirthoughts out, it won’t only beheard by one person but by everyyoung person around the boroughand in newsletter and magazines.I strongly believe that I can makechanges if given the chance. Istrongly believe that I can alsomake Hackney a better place tolive in. I want to put a stop tothese killings and heartbreaks.Only with your help can we makeHackney a safer place.It’s really crucial that we young people get a chance to openour mouths and speak our thoughts.

Kelly-Louise EdwardsMy name is Kelly-Louise. I am 16years young and have lived inHackney all my life. Being a youngperson living in Hackney, I believeI can relate to other youngpeople’s experiences. I am a verypersuasive person who doesn’ttake no for an answer. I amdedicated and reliable so I will notlet you down! I care about theviews of other young people inHackney and my aim is to simplyfind out what young people inHackney want so that they too canplay a part in changing Hackney.I feel I have plenty of experienceto help me as I have been a YouthInspector, ensuring young peopleget the best out of the servicesthey use. I am also currentlypresenting a show called ‘OurEveryday Lives’ where we youngpeople get to discuss issuesthat really affect us. Over thelast few months I have beenworking on a project called theHubbz where a group of ushave been holding sessions atyouth clubs with young peopleto place a bid with the lotteryto refurbish 4 youth clubsturning them into modern,state-of-the-art youth Hubbz.Every young person deservesthe right to brilliant facilities!I am passionate about youngpeople getting the chance to beheard and make a difference! It’sabout what young people wantchanged!So let’s make a difference!And if I am elected into HYP that’s what I am fighting for!

Homerton Youth ForumLindsay JonesHi. My name is Lindsay Jonesand I am standing because I feelthat as a young person I will beable to connect with youngpeople and also be able tocommunicate with adults.It is important to let people knowwhat new ideas young peoplehave and get them heard.I think I would be a good HYPrepresentative because I have aloud voice and know how to putmy point across and make surethat I am listened to and heard.I will commit 110% to help makethe changes that young peoplewant to see happen in the area.I will organise meetings monthlywith heads of services to discussthe issues that the young peoplehave put across to me.I will also try to make myselfavailable to go out fortnightly tospeak to the young people on theestates of Homerton.It is important to let people know what new ideas young peoplehave and get them heard.

Kim PhamMy name is Kim and I amstanding because I want to make apositive change to Hackney.As a young person who is verycommitted to Hackney and haslived here all my life, I have gainedmany experiences that will helpme represent other young peopleand make sure the voices of youngpeople are heard. I know theexpectations and I will step up andgive up my time for you and willtry my hardest to make changessuch as:• Fighting negative media, whichcreates false stereotypes andmakes Hackney seem like abad place.• Help to establish and providemore sports activities foryoung people.• Improving facilities like youthclubs and centres to providemore things for young peopleto do.• Hold events for young people tohelp show your talents.• Create opportunities for disabledand ethnic minority youngpeople so that they can havethe same opportunities aseveryone else.In the past I have helped youthclubs and projects get funding,helped youth clubs improve theirservice as part of the YouthInspection Team, held educationalevents and much more to helpHackney’s young people.Now it’s your time to let your voice be heard because I’m here to listen,take your views on board and do my very best to make it happen!After all, young people are the future of Hackney!

Homerton Youth ForumAnita OpokuI am going to get straight to thepoint. Electing me would ensurethat you will have someone whowill speak for the young people ofHomerton.I am also the most suitableperson to be elected because Iunderstand what the youth ofHomerton want. Our worktogether can extend youth clubtimes, which will reduce theamount of young people hangingaround on the streets.Voting for me simply means thatthere will be drastic but positivechanges made in the Homertonarea, and I will raise issues andconcerns that you as the future ofthis area have about Homerton.My priorities are not to helpmyself but to make sure that yourviews are heard and respected bythe people who have the power tochange Homerton.I know as a young person myselfthat the majority of young peopleenjoy going out and socialising,so obviously your thoughts andideas will be needed. Forexample, maybe a sheltered placefor meeting up with friends?I believe that I am the person thatwill hear your points of viewabout Homerton, but won’t ignoreor neglect them.If you feel your voice is being ignored,take a stand and vote for me.

Jacob WilliamsI have a vision that:• Hackney will one day become wellknown as a place for good.• Hackney’s youth will be doingsomething they enjoy.• Hackney’s negative image fromthe media will begin to disappear.Sadly those visions count fornothing if there’s no one to helpthem come true.My name is Jacob Williams and Ihave been a proud Hackneyresident all my life. I, like many ofyou, have experienced the ups anddowns of Hackney and I know thatthe perception of youth in our area isusually false. Having worked on theYouth Charter I already know whatmany of us young people want.When the media and adultsstereotype us we tend to end upconforming. I want to be able tohelp Hackney’s young people havesomething they want to do. Well,just like you, I want a change.If you vote for me as the HomertonYouth MP, I promise to do mybest to:•Make sure there issomething for youthof every age, race, genderand ability to do whatinterests you.• Give youth a sense of pride thatthey come from Hackney• And finally, to make sure yourideas and voices are heardbecause you are the mostimportant people here.If you want your voices to be heard,then vote for me.Together we can all change things positively for ourselves,for our community and the future of Hackney.

Stoke Newington Area Youth Forumwhat we do• Take action on local issues like more things to doand crime• Improve services for young people• Consultations with other young people• Plan events and put on workshops• Discussion and debate• Weekly meetingswhy you should get involvedWe want to be involved in something that makes ourcommunity safer, more enjoyable and gives youngpeople more things to do.why we do it* It’s an opportunity to meet other young people* Develop new skills and gain qualifications* Have new experiences* Good for your CV* Residentials and trips* Your chance to make a differenceYour nearest Youth Forum is Stoke NewingtonCall or text: Mandy or Michael on 07772 227319for more info and details of the next meeting.Don’t be a waste!Join your Area Youth Forum

Stoke NewingtonCandidate Manifestos

Stoke Newington Youth ForumRemi AdekunleI’m not saying that all adults inour society are uneducated aboutthe needs of kids in Hackney, butit seems that most of them areoblivious to them. The media hasmanaged to obtain the power itneeds in order to dictate theirviews, which just isn’t right.My name is Remi Adekunle and Iam a 15 year old boy who haslived in Hackney all his life. I feelas though I’ve experienced a lotduring my time here so theconnection between youngpeople and I would be a mutualone. I’d be able to lend a helpinghand in discovering talentamongst the youth e.g. dancing,drawing etc. through co-ordinatingtalent shows and events so we canbe showcased. I will also try andintroduce mentoring typeworkshops for such things as sexand drugs and dealing with stressat home so that young peopledon’t feel as though they’reanother brick in the wall. I’m veryopen-minded and think that abigger interest needs to be takenin order for the plague which isstarting to spread throughout ourcommunity, knife crime, todecrease. As a wise man (orwoman) once said, ‘There is no Iin T.E.A.M (Together EverybodyAchieves More)’ so if we all payour dues and put in the workthat’s needed then we’ll certainlyachieve more.The youth of Hackney need their voice projected and heard,so please allow me to be your microphone…by voting for me!

Shamain DillonMy aim: Is to help changeprejudice, negative views andstereotypes of Hackney and youngpeople living in Hackney.How can this be done?This can be done by promotingpositive actions using the media,schools and youth services and byputting on award ceremonies tohighlight young people’sachievements in all aspects. Thisshould be pushed by the authoritieswho have the power to influencethe media.Also projects need to be led withyoung people as decision-makersso that they can play a part toshow that they are not all that theyhave been made out to be and toshow their positive potential.Focus: I think prevention is betterthan cure, so we should try to giveyoung people support when theyare doing ok and before they getinto trouble. My dad always says:“Prevention is better than cure!”Personal Development:I would set up youth projects thatdeal with personal development,which help to bring the best out ofus instead of just youth centreswhere you go and play sports andget bored.I would also create projects to teachyoung people about bullying, peerpressure and conflict resolution skills.Parents: There needs to be a way ofgetting parents to learn more aboutparenting skills to get the best outof their children.Volunteering: There should bevolunteering opportunities foryounger young people so that theycan be part of their community.Prevention is better than cure, so we should try to give young peoplesupport when they are doing ok.

Stoke Newington Youth ForumSimrian GujraI’d like to become a member of HYPbecause I feel I could representyoung people around Hackney well.Being in HYP will help me addresschallenges and changes that have tobe made for young people. If I wereto become a member of HYP therewould be three main changes I’d liketo make.The first would be challenging thestereotypes of young people acrossHackney. Currently, youths are seenas a statistic under knife crime.This is unfair. Young people aredoing great things within ourcommunity, however, this isn’tseen by all. For example, there aremany youth groups and forumswhich people have joined and thenhelped run. Many young peopleare doing vast amounts ofvoluntary work.Secondly, I want young people tobe rewarded for whatever they’reexcelling at. Whether it’s beinggreat at badminton, art, musicor maths, you should berecognised with, not onlycertificates, but an award. Thiscould be done through HackneyYouth Awards, a yearly eventrewarding youths for their effortacross the borough, being biggerand more known.And, finally, I’d like to achievepromotion for youth facilities.This is because not enough youngpeople know where local youthcentres, provisions and facilitiesare. However, they’re not promotedenough. So places which are freeand accessible for young peoplewill be recognised.These are changes I hope to achieve within a year if I were to be elected.Thank you for reading my statement.

Lillian JonesAbout me• I was born in Hackney and havelived here all my life. I go to alocal school. I’m proud ofHackney and its diversity.• I care passionately about theenvironment. I’m proud that myfamily haven’t had a car for 5years.• I’m not somebody who just talks.I get out and do things and wantto do that for all the young peoplein Hackney.My experience• I’ve been interviewed by nationalnewspapers about green issues.• I’ve campaigned (on differentissues) in London-wide, local andnational elections.What I would do• Campaign for an out-of-schoolfreephone hotline offeringinformation and answeringquestions about what you can doin your area, worries about whereyou live and to report things thatdon’t seem right.• Get the Council to explain clearlyand simply what the impact oftheir policies would be on youngpeople.The OlympicsThis is the most important thingthat’s happened in Hackney foryears. This mustn’t becomesomething that Hackney’s youthfeel isn’t for them. We need tostart now.• Hackney must work out ways inwhich young people (whethersporty or not) can get activelyinvolved in the build up.• Hackney should produce freeaerial photos of the site and ourborough so that people can seewhere they live in relation to it.• There should be a Routemastertouring Hackney with interactivegames, freebies and videos aboutHackney and the Games.This is the most important thing that’s happened in Hackney for years. This mustn’tbecome something that Hackney’s youth feel isn’t for them. We need to start now.

Stoke Newington Youth ForumHannah LashleyHi, my name is Hannah Lashley.I’m 16 years old. I live in Hackneyand I am part of Stoke NewingtonYouth Forum.I want to be a Hackney YouthParliament Representative because Ibelieve I can be the voice of youngpeople today.As part of my role, I will makesure more youth clubs are openwhere you can socialise and enjoyfun activities that young peoplewill have access to after schoolhours and during school breaks.This will make for a saferenvironment - to be indoors,rather than on the streets.I will also fight for a seasonal eventfor young people to show off anytalent that they have. This means,every few months, there will be anevent for young people to competeagainst each other in order tobecome the winner. This can rangefrom various categories like acting,dancing, singing, MC’ing, drawingand more. This will bringentertainment to everyone and itwill also show that Hackney youthhave a lot of positive things aboutthem, instead of the negativerepresentations in the media.One more thing I will do for you isset up a website where you can seeall my latest actions aroundHackney. This will allow you toshare your ideas and opinionsabout improving different things inyour area.So, as representing the voice of young people today, your vote will work with mebecause “Changes are happening and you’re a part of that”.

Omojolade OlusanyaBeing a teenager in Hackney, Iknow what it’s like to have adultsthinking that youth from theborough are up to no good and willamount to nothing. I want tochange that. I believe that I canserve as a medium between theadults and youth and help toimprove the connection between usso that we are heard, listened to.By engaging in the social,cultural and educational aspectsof the lives of Hackney’s youngpeople, I aim to change theview of adults on youth andtheir actions. I aim to improvethe standard of the currentsports facilities and youthclubs and make discountsavailable in borough gymsfor young people.I aim to introduce specialworkshops to help young peoplewith matters concerning physicalrelations, emotional stress andsocial status. Those workshopsthat do exist, I aim to analyse andimprove where necessary.Concerning education, I willtackle the issue of school truancyand see where young people needhelp in developing knowledge.Books that are absent fromborough libraries will be madeavailable as soon as possible.As an African I know that cultureis important. And in that aspect Iwill tackle the cultural absence inHackney and embrace allcultures as much aspossible.As your Hackneyrepresentative, I will make sure thatyour views are heard and listened toby the adults in power and showthat we care about what happensin our borough.I believe that I can serve as a medium between the adults and youth and help toimprove the connection between us so that we are heard, listened to.

Stoke Newington Youth ForumRachel PiperI love living in Hackney and I’m sureyou do too.But aren’t there a few things youwould change? Wouldn’t you likemore to do? Wouldn’t you likedecisions to be made with peoplelike you in mind?I believe that Stoke Newingtonneeds fun safe spaces for youngpeople to socialise with friends. Forexample, our parks need to bedesigned for today’s young people.Hackney is about to spend millionsof pounds on Clissold Park. At themoment I’m finding out how 11-19year olds want that money spent.If you vote for me I will push thepeople at the top to set up the sortof youth spaces you will want to use.Sadly, gun and knife crime is a bigproblem in Hackney. I think that bysetting up positive things for youngpeople to do the number ofstabbings/shootings could bebrought down as young people willhave somewhere safe to go.I also want to help Hackneycelebrate the achievements ofthose young people who aremaking a real difference in Hackney.I want people to see the positiveside of Hackney.I will talk to people like you and Iwill listen. I will find out what youthink needs changing. I believeyoung people’s views should betaken to the top. That’s my priority.This is all about what you want.What Stoke Newington wants.Love Hackney? Want to make it even better? Vote Rachel Piper

Patrice Redman-PinardMy name is Patrice, I’m 16 yearsold and I’ve been living in Hackneyall my life. Consequently, just like apatriotic wartime hero, I carry agreat sense of pride - HackneyPride!To me Hackney is not just aLondon borough, Hackney ishome. It’s a vibrant place that actslike a magnet attracting people ofdifferent races, religions andcultures into one place where theyare united despite their differencesand all share the same spirit,which makes up the unique bodyof Hackney.However, there are many problemswhich are affecting ourcommunity such as gang culture,gun and knife crime andeducation. This is why I’m callingyou to start becoming part of thesolution not the problem as theonly people who can helperadicate our problems is us, theHackney community!I’m confident that if I’m elected Ican act effectively as the voice ofyoung people, channeling yourviews and opinions, which is vital.When elected I aim to:• Introduce more drug, sex, gunand knife crime awarenessclasses in schools.• Ensure young people have abetter understanding of politics.• Introduce more youth clubs andholiday schemes to give youngpeople a social outlet, and finally,• I will strive to merge both theyoung and older communitytogether and set up regularcommunity meetings wherewe can make a moreconscious effort to sortout our problems.For 100% commitment and effort and an improved Hackney vote for me.

THE YOUTH CHARTERSupporting the active participation of young peopleThe Hackney Youth Charter supports the active involvement of children andyoung people in decision making.The Charter sets out clear standards and expectations around active youthparticipation. It is designed primarily as a guidance document for serviceproviders, but can also be used by young people.Copies of the Youth Charter are also available in poster and z card format foruse in youth settings.If you would like copies of the Youth Charteror would like to discuss any plans or seekassistance please do not hesitateto contact:Michael Connors –Youth Participation Manageron 020 8986 0285or 07772227319

The Youth Led Inspections Project wantsyoung people to help make their services better.With training and support, young people will inspect, examineand test out youth clubs and projects and help to make changes.YOU CHANGE3Your youth services3How managers listen to you3Other council servicesYOU GET3Training and qualifications3To inspect youth clubs and projects3To meet new peopleFor more information contact Louisa Riste on 020 8356 3786,email or 07972008927.

HackneyYOUTH OPPORTUNITY FUNDIf you’re aged between 13 and 19, live in Hackney and have an idea for an activity, or arealready involved in one that you believe deserves support, this is what you should do:• Get an adult to help you with your project idea• Once you have discussed and developed the idea, contact the Grants Officer for furtherinformation and to arrange a workshop session on project planning and making an application:London Borough of Hackney, Youth Opportunity & Capital Fund, Children & Young People’sServices, 205 Morning Lane E9 6JX or e-mail: can also go to for updates and to download the application form.

DEMOCRACY AMBASSADORSREPRESENT OTHERS, MAKE BIGCHANGES & MAKE YOURSELF & plan your own events..involved in decisions that affect Hackney’s go to local events and meet other young peopleHELP..generate provocative debate..spread the word about young people’s rightsAND MUCH MORECONTACT Mandy Richards Text ‘your name’ and ‘DEMOCRACY’To 07527385680 and you will get a call backOr email your details

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