SPECIFICATIONSHUNTINGNIGHTHUNTER XPField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief10x56 5561 39.4 oz 361 ft 17.0mm8x56 5568 36.5 oz 400 ft 16.3mm10x42 5421 25.7 oz 344 ft 16.5mm8x42 5428 25.7 oz 400 ft 18.5mmPREDATOR XTREMEField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief10x42 2581 25.8 oz 328 ft 16.0mm8x42 2481 25.7 oz 381 ft 18.5mm10x26 2361 10.6 oz 315 ft 9.0mm8x22 2341 9.32 oz 404 ft 9.5mmPREDATOR PROField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief12x40 242 24.7 oz 264 ft 15.6mm8x30 288 18 oz 394 ft 15mmMILITARY/MARINEField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief10x50 210 35 oz 328 ft 16mm8x30 280 17 oz 362 ft 15mmNATURE/BIRDWATCHINGPEREGRINE XPField of View Eye CloseItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Relief Focus10x44 814 30 oz 330 ft 20mm 6.5 ft8x44 804 29 oz 392 ft 21mm 6.5 ftMERLINField of View Eye CloseItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Relief Focus10x50 430 28 oz 288 ft 18mm 13 ft10x42 458 27 oz 300 ft 16mm 8 ft8x42 448 26 oz 348 ft 18.5mm 8 ft8x32 438 22 oz 336 ft 16.5mm 8 ftWILDLIFE PROField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief8x30 338 21 oz 360 ft 17mm10.5x28 328 12.9 oz 264 ft 13mm8.5x26 326 11.6 oz 333 ft 13mmSAFARI PROField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief8x30 444 18 oz 360 ft 15mm10x26 235 10 oz 328 ft 12.4mm8x22 231 7.6 oz 375 ft 12.7mmMARINECOMMANDER XPField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief7x50 C 395 40 oz 392 ft 18mm7x50 295 38 oz 392 ft 18mmCOMMANDER VField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief7x50 C 392 40 oz 392 ft 20mmMARINE/OBSERVERField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief7x50 575 36 oz 354 ft 20mm7x50 685 39 oz 368 ft 20mmNAVIGATOR PROField of ViewItem No. Weight @ 1000 yds Eye Relief7x30 C 353 20 oz 369 ft 17mm8x30 185 17 oz 362 ft 15mm1810-Year Limited Warranty30-Year Limited Warranty

ACCESSORIESSteiner Clic-Loc Body Harness SystemHarness allows for hands-free carrying of yourbinocular. Simply raise the binocular to your eyesfor quick viewing and return it to your chest whenyou’re done. Your binocular is securely attached tothe adjustable harness and can be removed with apress of the quick-release buckles.Marine Binocular Float StrapPadded in a visible yellow, long lasting waterproof jacket, the Float strapfloats all Steiner’s 7x50 binoculars and most others. Comfortable aroundyour neck and shoulders. 55mm wide.Item No. 768 - Yellow Steiner Float Strap for all loop fastening models.Item No. 769 - Yellow Clic-Lock Float Strap for Commander V & XP models.Item No. 984 for Merlin, Predator Xtreme, Peregrineand Nighthunter XP (Roof prism) Clic-Loc models.Item No. 986 for Nighthunter XP (Porro prism),8x30 Wildlife Pro and Commander Clic-Loc models.Color: BlackPremium Padded CasesSmallPadded black ballistic nylon holds all8x30 models. Also holds older 7x35and 6x30 Steiner binoculars.Item No. 605LargeHolds 10x50 and 7x50 short barrelmodels like Military/Marine, Police,Marine, Commander, and Tacticalseries. Also holds Commander modelswith compass.Item No. 606Other Steiner Binocular CasesPadded case for long barrel porromodels with 56mm and 50mmobjective lenses.Item no. 609 - blackProtective soft case for long barrelmodels with 40mm objective lenses.(12x40, 9x40, 10x40 porro models)Item no. 610 - black15/20x80 Tactical Gear BagFor 15x80 and 20x80 models (see separatecatalog or go to ballistic nylon with an attractivebrown exterior and durable buckle closingsystem. Includes quick-release buckledshoulder strap and smooth lined interiorcompartment with interior accessorypocket. Fits all Steiner 80mm binoculars.Item No. 978Standard Accessories included with Steiner binocularsRain-Guard and Objective CapsA rain-guard and objective caps are included withall Steiner Military/Marine, PeregrineXP, Merlin, Wildlife Pro, NighthunterXP, Predator Pro, and PredatorXtreme models (8x22 and 10x26Predator Xtreme include Neoprenerain guard, they do notinclude objective covers).Steiner Premium Padded CasesNearly all Steiner models include a deluxe premium performancecase to complement and protect your Steiner binocular. Mostcases also include a case strap. Certain models may not includea case. The Steiner websitewww.steiner-binoculars.comexplains the binoculars’inclusions in detail.Clic-Loc Neoprene StrapNighthunter XP, Peregrine XP, Merlin, Wildlife Proand 42mm Predator Xtreme models include asuper-comfortable neoprene neck strap that iscushioned so that the already lightweight binocularswill feel even lighter. The strap features theClic-Loc quick-release buckle system andcan be removed instantly for cleaningor replacement withharness system.19

MILITARY/MARINEThe original Steiner Military designwas developed and proven on thebattlefield. The Military/Marine is acivilian version of Steiner’s currentMilitary issue binoculars. They offerexceptional clarity and optical performanceand feature Steiner’s SportsAuto-Focus system for crisp, sharpimages near and far without constantadjustment. Simply set the focus oncefor your eyes at about 20 yards ormore, and you’re all set.10 x 50Professionals who want reliable performance pickthe Military/Marine. They are the choice of manyState and Federal Fish and Wildlife managementagencies for use in the field. Large 50mm objectivelenses and powerful 10x magnification makes this agood choice for western big game hunters whoneed both power and brightness.8 x 30Compact and versatile, the durable 8x30 fits easilyin a small pack or your truck’s center console. Theydeliver plenty of brightness and offer good balanceand comfort for longer viewing. Waterproof andshockproof and now NBR rubber armored for yearsof everyday use.Weight: 35 oz.Field of View: 328 ft. @ 1,000 yardsItem No. 210Weight: 17 ozField of View: 362 ft. @ 1,000 yardsItem No. 2809

COMMANDERSteiner is the world leader in marine opticsand the Commander models are the ultimatemarine binocular. Elite military units andprofessional mariners worldwide rely onSteiner's superior image quality and incrediblereliability. These binoculars deliver superblow light performance and the high depth offield automatic focus to give you a clear viewof everything from 20 yards to infinity —perfect for spotting buoys, markers andnavigational hazards.Commander XP reticle14

7 x 50COMMANDER XP with CompassThe Commander XP with high definition XP optics andwater shedding NANO Protection hydrophobic lenses arethe brightest and most technologically advanced marinebinoculars available. The integrated and stabilized compasssystem with ranging reticle makes the Commander XP oneof the most valuable navigation tools on any vessel. Thecompass is illuminated for night use. Each Commander XPis hand-built to be mil-spec waterproof and shock resistant.7 x 50COMMANDER XPIf a compass is not required, the non-compass 7x50 XPconfiguration provides a wide field of view, stable magnificationand HD optics that deliver over 96% peak lighttransmission which puts the XP at one of the brightestbinoculars available. The day-time performance isequally impressive, with sharp, color rich images withplenty of contrast.7 x 50COMMANDER V with CompassThe Commander V was the first binocular to integrateHD optical performance into a marine binocular.Delivering top performance and a number of Steinerinnovations such as automatic focusing and a reliable,high-performance compass with reticle. The CommanderV is mil-spec waterproof and utilizes Steiner’s robustNBR armoring. The Commander V is also availablewithout the built-in compass system. (Item No. 293).Weight: 40 oz.Field-of-view: 392 ft. @1,000 yardsItem No. 395Weight: 38 oz.Field-of-view: 392 ft. @1,000 yardsItem No. 295Weight: 40 oz.Field-of-view: 385 ft. @1,000 yardsItem No. 39215

MARINE &OBSERVERFocused on performance andlifelong durability, Steiner’s7x50 Observer with compassand Marine models offer fullfeaturedperformance, reliabledurability and exceptionalvalue. The Marine series isone of our most popular.Whether for pleasure orcommercial applications, anycaptain will find the 7x50Marine or Observer withcompass to be one of themost used navigational tools.167 x 50 MARINEFeaturing German optics and engineering at an outstandingvalue, the 7x50 Marine has fully multi-coated optics for excellentlow-light performance with over 90% peak light transmission.Black NBR rubber armoring provides a sure grip even whenwet. The long eye relief is sunglasses. Both models areguaranteed to be waterproof and shockproof.Weight: 36 oz.Field-of-view: 354 ft. @ 1000 yardsItem No. 5757 x 50 OBSERVER with CompassTough, dependable marine optics with the world's moststable and easy to read compass system. It offers superbperformance and the same compass found on the Commanderseries with range finding azimuth reticle and illumination.The Observer offers great value and is the best choice forviewing and navigating in all lighting conditions.Weight: 39 oz.Field-of-view: 368 ft. @ 1000 yardsItem No. 685

NAVIGATOR PROCoastal cruisers prefer the comfortable and compactNavigator Pro for their lighter weight and ability tocut through the haze. Special lens coating cut throughUV light and haze for all day glassing comfort.7 x 30 Navigator Pro with CompassThe compact Navigator Pro with built-in compass features a versatile,lightweight design that makes it suitable for any marine activity. The7x30 Navigator Pro is ideal for all types of watercraft including sportfishing boats, smaller fresh water boats, coastal sailboats and powerboats.The compass offers electronic illumination and a rangefindingreticle integrated in the right viewing field.Weight: 20 oz.Field-of-view: 369 ft. @ 1000 yardsItem No. 3538 x 30 NavigatorThe world's smallest, fully featured marine binocular, the 8x30Navigator packs a lot of features into its compact design. Brilliantanti-haze optics block glare for cool, high contrast images in brightsunshine. Designed like the bigger 7x50s, the 8x30 Navigator hasbeen adopted for use as a smaller viewing or "back-up" companionbinocular.Weight: 17 oz.Field-of-view: 362 ft. @ 1000 yardsItem No. 18517

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