Saddletowne and Martindale Rider's Guide FREE ... - Calgary Transit

Saddletowne and Martindale Rider's Guide FREE ... - Calgary Transit

Calgary Transit is pleased to announce the opening of the new 2.9 kilometreextension of the Northeast LRT on Monday Aug. 27, 2012. This CTrainextension provides two new stations – Martindale and Saddletowne.As well, there are new and revised bus routes to serve the communities ofMartindale, Taradale, Saddle Ridge and Skyview Ranch. The new stationsplace the LRT within a short walk or cycling trip for most residents of thesecommunities. Access to the LRT by local bus routes will be shorter – up to15 minutes compared to some of the current routes – and provide improvedconnections to local businesses, shopping, neighbourhood schools and thenew Genesis Wellness Centre. Limited Park and Ride opportunities are alsoavailable at the Saddletowne Station for those who require this service.Calgary Transit staff will be available at the following locations to answeryour questions and provide individual route schedules.McKnight Westwinds CTrain StationTuesday, Aug. 213–7 p.m.Genesis Centre (7555 Falconridge Blvd. N.E.)Wednesday, Aug. 224–8 p.m.McKnight Westwinds CTrain StationThursday, Aug. 233–7 p.m.NE CTrain Extension Opening EventSaddletowne CTrain StationSaturday, Aug. 2511 a.m. – 2 p.m.

Saddletowne, Martindaleand McKnight-WestwindsBus routes and destinationsto Calgary International Airportto Skyview RanchSaddlecrest BvSaddlecrestGardenSaddlebrookDrNORTH36 StMCKNIGHT -WESTWINDS21, 55, 71, 85,95, 100Metis Tr64 AvWestwinds Dr54 AvWESTWINDSMcKnight BvMetis TrMARTINDALE60, 61, 8595445100100MartindaleGa100WestwindsCorner2155Westwinds DrMartindale BvMARTINDALE52 StSADDLETOWNE23, 60, 61, 66, 71, 85,159, 176, 44580 Av445Martha’s WyMartin Crossing DrCASTLERIDGEMartindale Bv64 AvCastleridge DrCastleridge BV50 Av6061Saddletree Dr23661766061SaddleridgeDrMartindale Dr8588 AvMartindale D r60 StSaddlehorn Dr61Falconridge BvGenesis Centrefor CommunityWellness71Falconridge DrFalconridge Bv2366176SaddlelandDr60FALCONRIDGESadddletowne CiF alshire Dr215515961TARADALETararidge DrSADDLERIDGETaravista D rTaracove Rd68 St80 Av64 AvCORAL SPRINGSTaradale DrCoral Spings Bv36 StSaddle RidgeTowne Centre159Falton DrSaddlebrook Li2155Saddlemont Bv6061Taradale DrSaddlebrook Ci159Saddlebrook Dr71Coral K eys DrCoral Shores DrMcKnight Bv47 St52 StLEGENDRoute 21 / 55 Route 85Route 159Route 60 / 61Route 95Route 445Route 71Route 100Route 23 / 66 / 176CTrain LineBus TerminalCTrain StationIntersecting RoutePark and RideLocation of Interest2 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

Getting around your communityWalk and cycle times to Saddletowne and Martindale CTrain stationsIn addition to taking the bus, residents surrounding Saddletowne and Martindale CTrain stations have the benefit ofconveniently walking or cycling to the CTrain stations and bus terminals. At most, residents will have an enjoyable30-minute walking or 15-minute cycling travel time. Walking and cycling reduces our impact on the environment andpromotes a healthier lifestyle. Calgary Transit provides bike lockers at most CTrain stations, and bike racks are available at allstations at no cost. For more information, go to LineCTrain StationSaddlecrest BvNORTH

Martindale CTrain Stationand Bus StopsNORTHMartindale Bv NE60Martindale Station -inboundMartha’sHaven Pr NEKiss & RideMartin Crossing Dr NEKiss & RideMartindale Station -outbound618585Martin CrossingParkMartindale Bv NECrossingPark SchoolBus Route Numbers60 – Taradale60 – Taradale61 – MartindaleMartindale85 – Martin Crossing85 – Martin Crossing4 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

Saddletowne CTrain Station, Bus Terminaland Park and Ride60 St NETransitOnlyAccessSaddleridge Dr NESaddletowne Ci NEPark and Ride121 StallsAccess CalgaryTaxiBikeRacksBikeStorageKiss & Ride Kiss & RideSaddletowne Station718523, 66, 176NORTH80 Av NE159CTShort-Term10 StallsCT6160445BikeRacksTransitOnlyAccessSaddletowne Ci NEParking StallsStallsShort-termAccessibleAccess CalgaryTaxiKiss & RideCT VehiclesTOTAL= 117= 10= 4= 3= 1= 4= 2= 141Bus Route Numbers23 – Foothills Industrial23 – Foothills Industrial61 – MartindaleMartindale60 – Taradale – Taradale66 – Blackfoot Express 159 – Saddlebrook66 – Blackfoot Express 159 – Saddlebrook71 – 71 Taracove – Taracove 445 – Skyview 445 – Ranch Skyview Ranch85 – 85 Martin – Martin Crossing CrossingSaddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 5

New routesMore options and quicker travel times Effective Aug. 27, 2012Current route New options Revision details5960618571 - Taracove159 - Saddlebrook60 - Taradale61 - Martindale71 - Taracove85 - Martin Crossing159 - Saddlebrook60 - Taradale61 - Martindale71 - Taracove85 - Martin Crossing159 - Saddlebrook60 - Taradale61 - Martindale85 - Martin Crossing159 - SaddlebrookRoute 59 discontinuedRoute 59 replaced by routes 71 and 159Revised to connect to Saddletowne andMartindale bus terminals and CTrain stations.Service on 80th Avenue, Taradale Drive and toMcKnight-Westwinds CTrain Station replaced byroutes 159, 71 and 85 respectively.Revised to connect to Saddletowne andMartindale bus terminals and CTrain stations.Service on 80th Avenue, Taradale Drive and toMcKnight-Westwinds CTrain Station replaced byroutes 159, 71 and 85 respectively.Revised to connect to Saddletowne, Martindale andMcKnight-Westwinds bus terminals and CTrain stations.Service in the community of Saddle Ridge replaced byroutes 159 and 60/61.445 445 - Skyview RanchRevised to connect the community of Skyview Ranchwith Saddletowne bus terminal and CTrain Station.23, 66 , 17623 - Foothills Industrial66 - Blackfoot Express176 - 52nd Street ExpressRevised to connect to Saddletowne bus terminal andCTrain Station.Please see individual maps for details.Routes 21, 55, 95, 100 and 555 remain the same.6 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

New route New name New route details71 71 - TaracoveNew service connecting the community of Taradale toSaddletowne and McKnight-Westwinds bus terminaland CTrain stations.159 159 - SaddlebrookNew counter-clockwise service replacingRoute 59 Saddlecrest.Service connecting the community of Saddle Ridge toSaddletowne bus terminal and CTrain Station.Please see individual maps for details.Current and new bus travel times to a CTrain stationThe new bus routes have been improved to provide a faster connection to a CTrain station by up to 15 minutes.Travel time in minutesCurrentNewCurrentrouteMcKnight-WestwindsCTrain StationNewRouteMcKnight-WestwindsCTrain StationMartindaleCTrain StationSaddletowneCTrain StationAverage traveltime savings60 25 60 -- 10 15 10 – 1561 25 61 -- 10 15 10 – 1571 20 -- 15 New service85 25 85 10 10 10 1559 30 159 -- -- 15 15445 35 445 -- -- 20 10Please see individual maps for details.School serviceFor information regarding special school routes and schedules, please visit or contact your school forroute and schedule information.Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 7

Route 85 // Martin Crossing10 minutes to the closest CTrain stationConnecting to Saddletowne, Martindale and McKnight-Westwinds CTrain stationsFrequency of service in minutesThe frequencies and operating times listed below areapproximate (please see Operating times on page 19for more details). Check or PocketSchedules for actual scheduled times.Weekday Saturday SundayAM Peak Midday PM Peak Evening Day Evening Day15 15 15 30 30 30 30Route 85NWSWNORTHNESEMARTINDALE60, 61, 856061SADDLETOWNE23, 60, 61, 66, 71, 85,159, 176, 445Martindale BvMARTINDALESaddleridgeDr80 Av4456160 St159C2366176S a d dletowne Ci6171Saddlemont Bv159TARADALESADDLERIDGE80 AvTaravista D rMetis Tr64 AvMCKNIGHT -WESTWINDS21, 55, 71, 85,95, 100Westwinds DrAMartindaleGa1002155WESTWINDSBCastleridge BvMartin Crossing Dr606164 AvCastleridge DrMartindale BvCASTLERIDGEMartindale DrFalconridge BvLEGENDRouteCTrain LineBus TerminalCTrain StationA Time PointIntersecting RoutePark and RideSaddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 11

Route 159 // Saddlebrook15 minutes to the closest CTrain stationConnecting to Saddletowne CTrain StationFrequency of service in minutesThe frequencies and operating times listed below areapproximate (please see Operating times on page 19for more details). Check or PocketSchedules for actual scheduled times.Weekday Saturday SundayAM Peak Midday PM Peak Evening Day Evening Day15 30 15 30 30 30 30Route 159NORTHNWSWNESESADDLE RIDGE88 Av60 StSaddlebrookLiSaddlecrest BvSaddlecrestGdBSaddlebrookDrSaddlebrookCiLEGENDSaddleridgeSADDLETOWNEDr23, 60, 61, 66, 71, 85,159, 176, 445 80 AvRouteCTrain LineBus TerminalMARTINDALESaddlehorn Dr8544561Martindale DrA2366176SaddlelandDrS adddletown e Ci606171Taravista DrTARADALESaddlemont Bv80 Av6061Saddlebrook DrACTrain StationTime PointIntersecting RoutePark and RideFalconridge Bv12 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

Route 445 // Skyview Ranch20 minutes to the closest CTrain stationConnecting to Saddletowne CTrain StationFrequency of service in minutesThe frequencies and operating times listed below areapproximate (please see Operating times on page 19for more details). Check or PocketSchedules for actual scheduled times.Weekday Saturday SundayAM Peak Midday PM Peak Evening Day Evening Day25 -- 25 -- -- -- --Route 445NORTHNWSWNESE100CountryHills BvMetis Tr128 AvB CSkyviewRanch CrSkyviewSprings RdSkyviewRanch WySkyviewRanch RdSkyviewShores MrSKYVIEW RANCHSkyviewRanch StSkyviewPoint RdSkyviewRanch DrMetis Tr36 StSaddletree DrSADDLE RIDGELEGENDRouteCTrain LineBus TerminalCTrain StationA Time PointIntersecting RoutePark and Ride36 St80 Av40 St10080 AvMartha’s WyMartindale Bv52 StSADDLETOWNE23, 60, 61, 66, 71, 85,159, 176, 4456061MARTINDALE60Saddlehorn SaddlelandDrDr61 60SaddleridgeDr8561Martindale Dr60 StA2366176S a ddletowne Ci6171159Saddlemont BvTaravis t a DrFalconridge Bv80 AvTARADALESaddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 13

CTrain map and frequencies Effective Aug. 27, 2012Frequency of service in minutesThe frequencies and operating times listed below areapproximate (please see Operating times on page 19for more details). Check or PocketSchedules for actual scheduled times.Weekday Saturday SundayAM Peak Midday PM Peak Evening Day Evening Day4 – 7 10 4 – 7 10 – 15 10 – 15 10 – 15 10 – 15CrowfootDalhousieSaddletowneOpening August 27, 2012MartindaleOpeningAugust 27, 2012BrentwoodUniversityBanff TrailLionsParkSAIT / ACAD /JubileeMcKnight - WestwindsRundleWhitehornSunnysideBridgeland /MemorialBarlow /Max BellMarlborough7th Street SW4th Street SW1st Street SWCity HallCalgary ZooFranklinWest CTrain LineExtension10th Street SW8th Street SW6th Street SW3rd Street SWCentre StreetVictoria Park / StampedeLegendErlton / StampedeREDCTrain Line Route 201Crowfoot / Somerset - Bridlewood39th Avenue SEChinookBLUECTrain Line Route 202Saddletowne / City CentreHeritageSouthlandCTrain Line Extension7th Avenue Free Fare ZoneCTrain Transfer PointsAndersonCanyon MeadowsFish Creek - LacombeNORTHShawnessySomerset - Bridlewood14 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

Transit faresTransit fares are the same for the bus and the CTrain.There are a number of ways to pay for your trip.Fare options (subject to change)A valid ticket, monthly pass, day pass, transfer or exact cashfare is required to ride Calgary Transit buses or CTrains.Fare Options Adult YouthFare Options15 years oldand overGrades 1–12 and/or6–14 years oldSingle ticket/cash $2.75 $1.75Book of 10 tickets $27.50 $17.50Monthly passes $94.00 $57.50Day passes $8.25 $5.25Children (agesfiveand under)Free (when accompanied by afare-paying customer)Where to buy your transit ticketsThere are a number of locations to purchase transit tickets,ticket books and monthly passes. For your convenience,here are some of the city-wide vendors:- Calgary Co-op- Canada Safeway- Mac’s Convenience Stores- Shoppers Drug MartVisit for a full list of vendors.Senior Citizens’ Transit PassAvailable only from Calgary Transit Customer Service Centre.Annual fee $55.00GIS (Guaranteed Income Supplement) recipients $15.00Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 15

Public Art at Saddletowneand Martindale CTrain stationsIt would be hard to miss the public art thatbegins at the new Martindale LRT stationand takes riders on a journey down thecorridor towards the Saddletowne station.Artist David Dahlquist (in collaborationwith his studio, RDG Dahlquist Art Studio)is responsible for the more than 162metres of mixed media mural which,through a variety of materials, symbolsand the use of ambient lighting, creates anengaging, culturally and contextually richexperience for CTrain users.The mural is a sculptural installation that weaves togetherthe physical and symbolic connections of rivers to the citythrough which they flow. Rivers represent a dynamiccross-cultural connection, complete with metaphors oftime, flow, current, nature, past, present and future.The story of the Bow and Elbow rivers, for instance, isthat of the people and life in Calgary, including the originalFirst Nations inhabitants. The installation combines manydifferent materials – glazed terra cotta, pattern-cut metal,and LED lighting – to create a unique and meaningful“river” that speaks to the community, the site and thehistory of our people.City of Calgary’s Public Art ProgramImplemented in 2004, the Public ArtPolicy guides the evolution of a distinctand vibrant artistic character for the city’spublic places.The City of Calgary Public Art Programworks with City departments to acquiregreat public art that impacts Calgary’surban landscape and transforms the wayCalgarians see, think and experience thecity around them.Learn more at on Facebook at significant aspect of this public art project is the degreeto which the community was engaged. Two workshopswere hosted by the artist, one at a neighbourhoodelementary school and one at the Genesis Centre forCommunity Wellness. These workshops solicited hands-oninvolvement and saw participants generate a wide varietyof symbols, cultural artifacts related to Calgary’s history,patterns and motifs that were then “offered to the river.”Each one of these visual symbols has been incorporatedinto the final design and appears to float along thecourse of the river. As a result, the artwork became atruly collaborative effort, reflective of the community’scontributions and spirit.David Dahlquist is an internationally-recognized publicartist and teacher. He has completed more than 50 largescalepublic commissions for a range of private, public, andinstitutional clients. David is a storyteller whose work isabout creating meaningful experiences for the public. Formore information about David, RDG Dahlquist Art Studioand their work, visit Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

(TOP)Daytime conceptrendering provided byDavid Dahlquist.(BOTTOM)Nighttime conceptrendering provided byDavid Dahlquist.Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 17

Transit information sourcesCalgary Transit websiteAt, we provide trip planning, informationabout schedules, individual route maps, fares, accessibletransportation, customer services and upcoming events.Trip planningCalgary Transit Trip PlannerCalgary Transit Trip Planner will provide you with acomplete itinerary of your trip, including where to catchyour bus or train, transfer connections and a completeschedule for departure and arrival.To plan your trip using Calgary Transit Trip Planner, go tocalgarytransit.comGoogle TransitYou can also plan your trip using Google Transit. Go is an interactive telephone information system thatprovides the most current schedule information for yourbus stop. Call 403-974-4000 and enter your four-digitstop number (located at the bottom of the sign at yourbus zone), to obtain the departure times of the next threebuses. You can also obtain future schedule times or generaltransit information.TeletextText the four-digit bus stop number to 74000 on yourmobile device and you will receive a message back with thenext departure times of the bus for that location. Registeronline at to receive enhanced servicewith added convenience and flexibility. Standard textmessaging and data rates apply.TwitterTwitter is a rich resource of instantly updated information.It is easy to stay updated on a wide variety of topics. Jointoday and follow: @calgarytransitTransit email alertsRegister for Transit email alerts and receive informationregarding your specific route, emergency route detours andCTrain updates. For more information, visit map and pocket schedulesThe transit system map shows all Calgary Transit bus andCTrain routes.A pocket schedule for each individual route shows a route’sfrequency and travel time. The schedule also list bus stoplocation, a route map, the four-digit Teleride number andother helpful information.The transit system map and pocket schedules areavailable from the Calgary Transit Customer Service Centre224 Seventh Ave. S.W.Customer ServiceThe Customer Service Centre (224 Seventh Ave. S.W.)is open weekdays from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. You canpurchase passes or tickets, obtain printed transit maps,route schedules and other brochures, or receive helpplanning your transit trip. The Lost Property Office is alsolocated here (telephone: 403-268-1600).Customer Service representatives can be reached at403-262-1000 (6 a.m. to 9 p.m. weekdays, and 8 6 p.m. on weekends and holidays). Customer Servicerepresentatives can assist you in finding the bus orCTrain route you need, tell you where your bus zoneor stop is located and where to transfer for connectingtransit services.18 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide

Park and RideCalgary Transit provides Park and Ride lots at mostCTrain stations and several locations on main line busroutes, for transit customers who wish to park theirvehicles and take transit.Free parking is available on a first-come, first-served basis.Half of the stalls at CTrain Park and Ride locations havebeen designated for reserve parking. Reserved parkingguarantees customers a parking space from 2 a.m. to 10a.m. on weekdays. After 10 a.m. the reserved parking areasare available for general parking.For more information regarding Park and Ride locations andreserved parking, visit CalgaryAccess Calgary is responsible for assessing eligibility,co-ordinating the bookings, scheduling and dispatchingshared-ride, door-to-door transportation services forCalgarians with disabilities. For more information aboutAccess Calgary call 403-537-7770 or visit Transit Control Centre personnel will provideinstructions and send emergency help immediately. CalgaryTransit bus operators also have radio-equipment they use inan emergency to notify the appropriate personnel.Operating timesThe approximate operating times for transit service isshown below. For more detailed schedule information,check the Web, pick up a Pocket Schedule, or call CustomerService at 403-262-1000.WeekdayAM Peak Midday PM Peak Evening06:30 – 08:30 08:30 – 16:00 16:00 – 18:00Saturday18:00 –end of serviceSundayDay Evening All day06:00 – 18:0018:00 –end of service06:00 –end of serviceSafety and security measuresPeace officers patrol Calgary Transit facilities 24 hours a day.They protect transit customers, employees and property,promote public safety and awareness, and enforce bylawsand provincial statutes on all Calgary Transit property, busesand CTrains.An extensive network of closed-circuit cameras existthroughout the transit system. They monitor the stations,platforms, escalators, halls and stairs. These cameras areunder 24-hour surveillance by Calgary Transit personnel.All CTrain cars, platforms and stations are equipped withHELP phones that are activated by pressing a red HELPbutton. In case of emergency, use the HELP phone andSaddletowne and Martindale Rider’s Guide 19

Two new CTrain sopening in your neighCalgary Transit:Your safety and securityCalgary Transit operates a safe system and is committed to thesafety and security of its customers and staff. The following keymessages are important to remember and follow at all CTrainstations and when crossing the CTrain tracks.Two new CTrain stations areopening in your neighbourhoodCalgary Transit will be opening the new Martindale andSaddletowne CTrain stations on August 27, 2012.To ensure safety around the CTrain, follow the tips below.For your CTrain safety:R YOURCrossingsPlatformsRAIN SAFETY1 2 3Be alert! Always stop,look and listen.Always look for and obeyall signs and signals.Only use designatedcrossings.Stand behind the yellowline on platforms.Listen for stationannouncements.Never walk or playon the tracks.SecurityHELP phones are availableat all stations.All platforms are equippedwith security cameras.Transit peace officers canhelp you if you needassistance.20 Saddletowne and Martindale Rider’s GuideCalgary Transit will be opening the newSaddletowne CTrain stations on A

calgary transit mission statementTo provide safe, accessible and courteouspublic transportation services in responseto the needs of our customers.project BackgroundIn November 2007, City Council approved an extensionfrom McKnight-Westwinds CTrain Station to the communityof Saddle Ridge. The extension of the northeast CTrain line(Blue line) increases the ability and connectivity of northeastresidents to access downtown and key destinationsthroughout Calgary, while reducing travel times.Opening for service on Monday, Aug. 27, 2012, thedesign of Saddletowne and Martindale stations, feederbus network and Park and Ride lot are the results ofcollaborative efforts of many stakeholders, includingcommunity associations, transit customers, TransportationInfrastructure, Calgary Transit staff and area aldermen.Thank you to everyone who participated in theplanning process to bring enhanced transit serviceto the citizens of Calgary.Transit schedulesand information:Want to know more? Visit calgarytransit.comfor more info, or call our Customer Service at403-262-1000 or Teleride at 403-974-4000(plus four-digit stop number).

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