2013 MEDIA KIT - Bassmaster.com


2013 MEDIA KIT - Bassmaster.com


{2013 AD SPECIFICATIONSTrim Size: 7.875” x 10.5” / Perfect Bound / Inserts jog to the footAd No BleedAd Size Width x Depth Ad Size Width x DepthFull Page Spread 15.25” x 10” 1/3 Page Horizontal 7” x 3.25”Full Page 7” x 9.75” 1/3 Page Square 4.625” x 5”2/3 Page Vertical 4.625” x 10” 1/4 Page Horizontal 7” x 2.375”1/2 Page Island 4.625” x 7.375” 1/4 Page Square 3.375” x 5”1/2 Page Horizontal Spread 15.25” x 5” 1/6 Page Horizontal 4.625” x 2.5”1/2 Page Horizontal 7” x 4.875” 1/6 Page Vertical 2.125” x 5”1/3 Page Vertical 2.125” x 10” 1/6 Page Square 3.375” x 3.25”Ad with BleedAd Size Bleed Ad Trim Size Ad w/Bleed Live Area (Keep all type within this area)Full Page Spread 15.75” x 10.5” 16” x 10.75” 15” x 9.75” total area + .75” gutterFull Page 7.875” x 10.5” 8.125” x 10.75” 7.125” x 9.75”1/2 Page Horizontal Spread 15.75” x 5.375” 16.5” x 5.5” 15” x 4.875” total area + .75” gutter1/2 Page Horizontal 7.875” x 5.25” 8.125” x 5.5” 7” x 4.875”1/3 Page Vertical 2.625” x 10.5” 2.75” x 10.75” 2.125” x 9.75”2/3 Page Vertical 5.125” x 10.5” 5.25” x 10.75” 4.625” x 9.75”Fractional bleed ads: 1/8” trimmed for balance as needed, anything outside of the live area can be trimmed.Digital Ad Guidelines:• CMYK• 300 dpi• Hi-res PDF files with images and fonts embedded• Contain crop marks and bleeds, with crop marks OUTSIDE bleed areas• Preflight all PDFs• B.A.S.S. no longer accepts: Quark files, tiffs, jpegs, font filesB.A.S.S. FTP Instructions• To access the B.A.S.S. FTP site, please copy the following Web address into your Web browser address bar:http://www.drivehq.com/Dropbox/Dropbox.aspx?DropboxID=45042692• Please fill out the required information (name, phone number, email address and a short message).• Click on the “+ add” icon and then browse for the ad material file(s) that you would like to upload.• Click on the green Upload button.• After the file is finished uploading, close out of the browser window.• To make sure that we know your file has been sent, please send an email to:Torrance Johnson, tjohnson@bassmaster.com, stating that your ad has been posted.Ship To:B.A.S.S. Publications3500 Blue Lake Dr., Suite 330Birmingham, AL 35243Attn: Torrance JohnsonPhone: (205) 313-0920Email: tjohnson@bassmaster.com

}}}}{}}}}}}2013 EDITORIAL CALENDARJANUARYWinter Power Fishing• Shallow Cranking the Cold• 5 Plastic Techniques You Must Know• Blade Baits for Reaction• Day on the Lake with J. Todd Tucker• Destination WinterFEBRUARYUnderstanding Bass• Bass IQ: How Smart Are They?• Vision Quest: How Do Bass See?• Spooked: How Noise Affects Fish• Day on the Lake with Tommy Martin2013 CLASSIC PREVIEW ISSUEBassmaster Classic[Special commemorative issue and souvenir program for the BassmasterClassic and the Bassmaster Tournament Trails. Distributed to all 520,000B.A.S.S. members and to attendees at the Classic and Elite tournaments.]• Advertorial: Gear Guide (Fish More in 2013)• How to Fish the Classic Waters• Pundit Picks to Win the Classic• Hot Trends and Techniques from the Trail• Early Spring TacticsMARCHSPRING BREAKS• Best Baits for the Spawn• Going Weightless• Day on the Lake with Billy McCaghren• Destination Spring}MAY100 BEST BASS LAKES• Bassmaster’s 100 Best Bass Lakes• 10 Best Baits for Postspawn• Day on the Lake with James HallJUNEKNOW YOUR BAITFISH• When Baitfish Become Structure• Match the Hatch• Day on the Lake with Clay Dyer• Destination SummerJULY/AUGUSTSUMMER TACTICS• Day on the Lake with Keith Combs• Keeping Fish Alive• Punching GrassSEPTEMBER/OCTOBERFALL FISHING• Day on the Lake with Brandon Palaniuk• Beating Tough Fall Conditions• Destination Fall• Best Baits for AutumnNOVEMBERANGLER OF THE YEAR• Angler of the Year Coverage• Crazy Crankin’• Day on the Lake with Britt MeyersAPRILCLASSIC RECAP• Bassmaster Classic Winner• Winning Patterns of the Classic• Day on the Lake with Grant GoldbeckDECEMBERChristmas Buyer’s Guide(Best of ICAST)• Top 50 Items from ICAST• Holiday Shopper’s Guide• Day on the Lake with Jonathon VanDam

{GEOGRAPHIC DATA JUNE 2012 ISSUEANALYSIS BY ABCD COUNTY SIZE JUNE 2012 ISSUESource: Audit Bureau of Circulations, six months ending June 30, 2012.3500 Blue Lake DriveSuite 330Birmingham, AL 35243(205) 313-0900Bassmaster.com

{2013 NATIONAL ADVERTISING RATESNational Advertising RatesSize B/W 2-Color 4-ColorTabloid Page $11,890 $13,080 $14,740Tabloid 1/2 $8,810 $9,690 $10,920Tabloid 1/3 $6,900 $7,580 $8,520Magazine Page $8,810 $9,690 $10,920Magazine 2/3 $6,610 $7,270 $8,190Magazine 1/2 $5,730 $6,300 $7,100Magazine 1/3 $3,960 $4,360 $4,910Magazine 1/4 $3,080 $3,390 $3,820Magazine 1/6 $2,200 $2,420 $2,970Cover RatesFrequency DiscountsCover 2 Tabloid Page $15,280 3 X 3%Cover 3 Tabloid Page $15,280 6 X 6%Cover 4 Tabloid Page $16,370 9 X 9%All orders are noncancelableafter closing date. No penaltyfor ads that bleed.12 X 12%Showcase & Marketplace Advertising RatesMarketplaceColumn WidthMarketplaceMeasurementShowcase FixedFormat RatesRateNet CostLess Agency Discount (15%)1 Column Wide 1 5/8”2 Columns Wide 3 3/8”Color 1/4 page magazine(3.125” x 4”)$1,380 $1,116.053 Columns Wide 5 1/8”4 Columns Wide 6 7/8”Marketplace RatesRate PerInchNet Cost Per Inch*Per Inch Rate B/W $135 $108.80Per Inch Rate 4-C $225 $181.05Space available by column inch.One column inch minimum.*Includes a 15% discount, provided camerareadymaterials are submitted. No cashdiscount allowed on billing for early payment.First-time advertising fees due in advance.2013 Advertising Due DatesJan Feb March April May June July August Sept Oct Nov DecAd Closing Date 12/05/12 12/27/12 01/28/13 02/25/13 04/01/13 04/29/13 05/24/13 06/28/13 07/29/13 08/30/13 09/30/13 10/28/13Ad Material Due Date 12/07/12 01/02/13 01/30/13 02/27/13 04/03/13 05/01/13 05/29/13 07/02/13 07/31/13 09/04/13 10/02/13 10/30/13Begin Mailing 12/27/12 01/19/13 02/16/13 03/16/13 04/20/13 05/18/13 06/15/13 07/20/13 08/17/13 09/21/13 10/19/13 11/16/13Estimated In Home 01/11/13 01/31/13 02/28/13 03/28/13 05/02/13 05/31/13 06/27/13 08/01/13 08/29/13 10/03/13 10/31/13 11/29/133500 Blue Lake DriveSuite 330Birmingham, AL 35243(205) 313-0900Bassmaster.com

}}}}{}}}}}}}}2013 EDITORIAL CALENDARJANUARY Trophy BassProduct Focus: Boats & Engines• What’s Hot in Hull Designs• Engine Tuning for Dummies• Making Boat Batteries LastFEBRUARY Classic Preview IssueProduct Focus: Electronics• Interpreting Sonar• How Electronic Fish Attractors Work• Digital Mapping• Handicapping the Classic• Wintertime Tactics for Grand Lake• Things to Do & See in TulsaMARCH Elite Series PreviewProduct Focus: Reels• Cast Farther, Cast Better — Tuning Reels• All About Reel Bearings• Reel Maintenance Tips• Elite Series Pros to Watch in 2013APRIL Classic CoverageProduct Focus: Rods• Advanced Guide Placement• Picking the Perfect Rod Action• How the Classic was Won• Winning Patterns from Grand LakeMAY Spring FishingProduct Focus: Jerkbaits• Superdeep Jerkbaiting• Hard Jerkbaits vs. Soft Jerkbaits• Advanced Patterns for Postspawn BassJUNE Summer FishingProduct Focus: Line• Troubleshooting Line Problems• Six Knots You Must Know• Night Tournament TacticsJULY Youth FishingProduct Focus: Crankbaits• Advanced Applications for Lipless Cranks• Building the Complete Crankbait Collection• Cranking in Grassy Lakes• Carhartt College Series ReportsAUGUST ConservationProduct Focus: Wire Baits• Build Your Own Spinnerbaits• Picking Blades and Skirts• The Future of FishingSEPTEMBER ICast ReportsProduct Focus: Jigs• Jig Trailers for Every Season• Jigheads — Beyond the Basics• Hottest Trends from the Tackle Trade ShowOCTOBER Fall FishingProduct Focus: Topwaters• Tuning Topwaters• When to Use Which Style of Surface Baits• Following Baitfish to Fall HotspotsNOVEMBER Winter FishingProduct Focus: Tow Vehicles• Trailering Tactics• Buying the Right Tow Vehicle• Structure Fishing in WinterDECEMBER Holiday Buyers GuideProduct Focus: Hooks• Matching Hooks to Plastics• Tricks with Trebles• Gifts for the Serious Bass Angler


{2013 DIGITAL OPPORTUNITIESBassmaster.com MetricsCurrently Averaging• 521,000 monthly unique visitors• 15MM monthly pageviewsConsumption in 2012 vs. 2011• 24% increase in pageviews• 22% increase in unique visitorsThe Bassmaster Classic Februarycoverage had a huge impact ontraffic:• 27.6 million pageviews(increase of 41% over Feb ’11)• 743,000 unique visitors(increase of 17% over Feb ’11)Bassmaster.com stepped up itsgame in March with the launchof the Video Channel; video playsenjoy unprecedented growth:• 4 million video playsJanuary-June 2012• Increase of +308% in June ‘12over June ‘11*Sources: Omniture SiteCatalyst, July 2011– July 2012; Brightcove June 2011-2012.Home Page and Channel Main Roadblocks• Weekly (home page) and monthly (channel main) sponsorshipsAd units: 924x50/250, 300x250, 924x56, 728 x 90Live Event PackagesOwnership of Elite event tournament content including the event home page, attendanceinformation, leaderboard and results, live weigh-in video streams and TV tune-in pagesAd units: 728x90, 300x250, :15 prerollTournament Specific SponsorshipsOwnership of tournament main pages and related content of the following series:• Opens• Federation• College B.A.S.S.Ad units: 728x90, 300x250 and :15 preroll where availableICAST 2013Coverage of the latest gear being showcased at the world’s leading fishing trade show (includeslive blogs, articles, photo galleries and video)• Timing: July, AugustAd units: 728x90, 300x250/300x600, :15 prerollVideo ChannelThe channel gives users access to coverage of the tournaments and past years’ Elite Series andBassmaster Classic television shows, as well as video franchises unique to the site. Opportunitiesinclude:• The Livewell• Bass Fishing 101• Monthly and quarterly sponsorshipsAd units: 728x90, 300x250, :15 prerollGear ChannelEditorial features highlighting the latest rods, reels, line, hard baits, soft baits, pro’s gear, boats,trailers, clothing and eyewearOpportunities include:• 5 Favorite “__________ “- pros and editors share their five favorite rods, reels, lakes, etc.• Gear Review – a three-time weekly editorial review of the latest gear on the market• Gear Basics – focuses on one product category and highlights everything you need to know• Monthly & quarterly sponsorshipsAd Units include: 728x90, 300x250How-To/Tips ChannelEditorial coverage of seasons, techniques, conditions, water types, structures and coverOpportunities include:• Master Series – advice from the masters on their signature technique via video andphoto galleries• 20 Questions with “__________ “- profiles anglers, manufacturers and industry leaderson a variety of topics• Monthly and quarterly sponsorshipsAd Units include: 728x90, 300x250Social Media• Facebook sweepstakes, polls and voting via the Wildfire application• Facebook and Twitter promotional packages3500 Blue Lake DriveSuite 330Birmingham, AL 35243(205) 313-0900Bassmaster.comNewsletter Sponsorships• Weekly editorial e-newsletter to more than 400,000Ad Unit: 160x600

{2013 TELEVISION OPPORTUNITIESESPN2 / ESPN CLASSICThe Bassmasters airs on ESPN2 and ESPN Classic.It is the only outdoor programming on the ESPN Networks.Over 40 hours of programming includes•The Elite Tournament Series•The Bassmaster ClassicAudience average•110K (Elite Series)•150K (Classic coverage)Ad packages available. See your representative for details.OUTDOOR CHANNELThe Bassmasters re-airs on the Outdoor Channel;each episode airs three times a week.Voted “Fan Favorite” by viewersAirs Q2 and Q3 (78 total airings)Audience average•75K WeeklyAd packages available. See your representative for details.3500 Blue Lake DriveSuite 330Birmingham, AL 35243(205) 313-0900Bassmaster.com

{BASSMASTER EVENT SCHEDULECentralNorthernSouthernBassmaster ClassicFeb 22-24 Grand Lake Tulsa, OKBassmaster Elite SeriesMar 14-17 Sabine River System Orange, TXMar 21-24 Falcon Lake Zapata, TXApr 18-21 Bull Shoals Lake Bull Shoals, ARMay 2-5 West Point Lake La Grange, GAMay 9-12 Alabama River Montgomery, ALJun 20-23 Mississippi River La Crosse, WIAug 8-11 St. Lawrence River Waddington, NYAug 22-25 Detroit River Detroit, MIOct 2-5 Toyota Trucks All-Star Week TBADec 5-7 Wild Card TBABassmaster OpensApr 25-27 Red River Shreveport, LASept 19-21 Arkansas River Muskogee, OKOct 17-19 Ross Barnett Reservoir Ridgeland, MSJun 13-15 James River Richmond, VAAug 1-3 Oneida Lake Syracuse, NYSep 12-14 Lake Erie Sandusky, OHJan 31-Feb 2 Lake Toho Kissimmee, FLApr 4-6 Douglas Lake Dandridge, TNMay 16-18 Lake Logan Martin Pell City, ALCollege B.A.S.S.Jan 4 & 5 Harris Chain of Lakes Tavares, FLMar 8 & 9 Amistad Reservoir Del Rio, TXApr 6 & 7 Clear Lake Clear Lake, CAApr 12 & 13 Sontee Cooper Manning, SCMay 23 & 24 Mississippi River Ft. Madison, IAJun 14 & 15 Pickwick Lake Florence, ALJuly 18 & 20 Championship TBAB.A.S.S. Federation Nation3500 Blue Lake DriveSuite 330Birmingham, AL 35243(205) 313-0900Bassmaster.comApr 10-12 Clear Lake CaliforniaApr 24-26 Douglas Lake Dandridge, TNJun 5-7 Sam Rayburn Lufkin, TXJuly 24-26 TBA TBAAug 28-30 Lake Francis Case Chamberlain, SDSept 18-20 Sebago Lake Point Sebago, METBA National Championship TBA

{B.A.S.S. CONTACTSOffice Mobile E-mailJoe HigginsVice President, Sales205-313-0918 561-703-5530 jhiggins@bassmaster.comAngie ThompsonSouthwest Sales501-372-6544 501-416-4810 athompson@bassmaster.comDeborah SmartSoutheast Sales-------------- 860-839-5245 dsmart@bassmaster.comJohn SkraboWestern Sales205-313-0939 706-464-5121 jskrabo@bassmaster.comMike EdisonNortheast Sales646-588-5057 201-819-1510 medison@saintsmarketing.coChris BorkMid-Atlantic Sales205-313-0961 901-229-4797 cbork@bassmaster.comSteve PetersenMid-West SalesTeresa LuxDirector, Sales &Sponsorship SupportChris BrownSponsor RelationsManagerCindy McKeeAdvertising OperationsManagerLaura RushSales DevelopmentManager, Digital &Television-------------- 248-935-2918 spetersen@bassmaster.com205-313-0963 -------------- tlux@bassmaster.com205-313-0962 cbrown@bassmaster.com205-313-0926 -------------- cmckee@bassmaster.com205-313-0934 -------------- lrush@bassmaster.comLaura HallDirector, Research205-313-0956 --------------lhall@bassmaster.com

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