Tricks for Cable Accessories Installation - TE Connectivity

Tricks for Cable Accessories Installation - TE Connectivity

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The Tyco Electronics Brand Raychem is one of the world leadingbrands in the power cable accessories market. We pioneeredheat-shrinkable terminations in the 1960’s, joints in the 1970’s andtransitions and insulated separable connectors in the 1980’s. Our aimis to make your job as a jointer as safe and comfortable as a toughjob can possibly be. Every successful instal lation depends on you.Because you are so important to us, we have prepared this booklet toshare with you some of the best ideas we have received from jointersall over the world. We include information on modern tools andtechniques available for the stripping of bonded semicon and easystrip cables as well as time-honoured practices for dealing with papercable.If you need additional assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us.http://energy.tycoelectronics.comTyco ElectronicsEnergy Division

1 2 3 4 5 6GeneralSetupCleanlinessCable JacketSolderless ConnectionCore Treatment

7 8 9 10Screen RemovalConductor ConnectionApplication of MasticShrinking

Note:It is possible that components or worksteps have been improved since youlast installed this product!Before starting a job and preparing thecables, we recommend that you checkto ensure that the kit you are going touse fits the cables. You can do this byreferring to the kit label and the title ofthe installation instructions.

INSTRUCTION1It is essential to read carefully theinstructions included in the kit and tofollow the steps in the correctsequence.

The cable should be supported or fixedand allowed sufficient space for working.In the ideal jointing set-up there issufficient cable length to allow the cableends to overlap.InstructiPlace a protective cover over loose dirtor sand, especially under the workingarea.

2onMake sure to protect the working areafrom rain, wind, moisture and dust.Use the recommended tool set, and layout the tools on a tray so that they arekept clean and easy to reach.

The bags in which the tubings are supplied are well suited for use asprotective covering over the cable jacket. This prevents the parkedtubing from becoming soiled.Make sure your hands are cleanbefore beginning work.

To ensure good bonding, clean anddegrease all parts that will come intocontact with adhesives or sealants.3Any materials that become soiled orcontaminated should not be used!All tubings to be parked andpositioned must be kept away fromdirt, grease and all other foreignsubstances.SCRAP

To ensure good bonding, after thecable ends have been stripped andcleaned the polymeric jackets mustbe abraded for about 250 mm fromthe cutback.

Use abrasive paper, a suitable file ora hacksaw blade to do the abrading.Be certain to clean off the cable jacketagain when you finish abrading!4

Steel Wire Armour (SWA)Support ringWire binderHose clampFor SWA cables asupport ring is requiredto maintain a constantpressure from the hoseclamp on the armourand on the joint case.Steel Tape Armour (STA)Lead sheathWire binderRollspringFor STA cables, coppermesh is required on topof the lead sheath underneaththe roll spring.Tighten the rollspringson the lead sheath andthe STA with a twistingaction.Corrugated Sheath (CS)For corrugated-sheathcables, contact plateson top of and underneaththe earth lead arealso required.Contact plate

Good electrical contact is needed in theevent of a short circuit. For this reason,armouring needs to be abraded witha wire brush, a file or the blade of ahacksaw and afterwards cleaned withsolvent in order to remove the oxide layer.5SOLVENT

Please observe local regulations for handling paper cablesat low temperatures.On plastic cables, make sure thesharp edge of the armour cut doesnot damage or cut into the corescreen.With paper cables, it is veryimportant not to overbend the cores.There is a danger that the paperlayers will break if you bend‐thecable too far.

To support the sensitive crotcharea, it is necessary to apply atemporary nylon tape on top ofthe belt papers or the fabric tapeat the sheath cut.6To shape the phases use onlytools without sharp edges,such as a wedge, a spacer or alength of core!

For round triple-extruded cables,use stripping tools as recommendedby the cable manufacturer. Ifnecessary, remove any remainingconductive particles with abrasivepaper.PVC tape to guide the cutFor “easy strip” cables, use a roundfile to cut radially through the corescreen until the dielectric justbe comes visible. Use a scoring toolas recommended in the tool list todo longitudinal stripping. To preventcuts in the cable dielectric, neveruse a knife.On graphite screened cables, protectthe remaining screen with PVCtape (sticky side on the outside!)and wash off the unwanted graphitescreen with a cable cleaner orsolvent recommended by the cablemanufacturer following any handlingprecautions given by the cleaner orsolvent manufacturer.For paper cables, tear off the screenor belt papers against a twinebinder, leaving an even straightedge. For screened cables alsoremove the first two paper layersexposed after removal of thescreen. Always secure the corepapers at the end with PVC tape.

HOW DO IGET A STRAIGHTSCREEN CUT?For screen removal, it isvery important to makecertain that no conductivematerial is left on theexposed cable dielectric,and that the remainingscreen cut (including conductivepaint) is straightwith no jagged edges.7

Note:When crimping connections itis absolutely necessary to useonly those dies, crimping toolsand the corresponding lugs andferrules recommended by thecrimp manufacturer.Crimping sequence for lugsOn cable lugs the insulationcutback should be the internallength of the tubing plus 5 mmto allow for expansion. Startcrimping at the top and proceeddown the tube towards thebottom end of the lug.Make sure to park thetubing before crimping!

Crimping sequencefor ferrulesShear-off sequencefor mechanical connectorsThe same procedure is requiredfor ferrules: here you start in themiddle and work on alternatesides towards the ends. Toensure uniform length on 3-corecables, complete the first indentson each core before finishingeach ferrule. Use a file to removeany rough edges which mayresult from the crimping.For connectors using morethan one shear bolt per entryside, tighten them alternatelyand shear them off startingwith outer bolts.Note:When a cordless impact wrenchis in use the tightning intervallsshould be in the range of2 seconds.8Do not remove grease from inside offerrules or lugs before installing.

On paper cables and tape screens,the yellow void filler should beapplied in the same direction (turn)as the last paper layer or metal foil.Special tip:Always make sure your hands areclean before applying yellow voidfiller at screen cuts, crotch areasand on the ferrules.Any materials that become soiledor contaminated should not beused!You can make things easier byremoving the tape from the releasepaper a little at a time.After the yellow void filler isapplied to an individual ferrule,centrally position the stresscontrol tubing over it.This prevents contactwith other mastics.

When applying mastic tape,always stretch it to about half itsoriginal width and apply each turnslightly overlapping the previousone.9A good way to avoid mastic stickingto your fingers is to coat your handswith a very thin film of silicone greaseafter you’ve cleaned them.

Lastly…After the shrinking procedure is completed as shown in the kitinstruction, allow the accessory to cool down before subjecting itto mechanical strain.Use a propane gas torch as recommended in the tool listfor shrinking heat-shrinkable components. Adjust the torchto obtain a soft blue flame with a yellow tip. Pencil-like blueflames should be avoided.

For terminations:If readjusting the core position, it is necessary to postheat. Additionalcomponents, such as conductive paint or PVC tape, must not beused for identification marking of track resistant outer tubings. Thereshould be no clamping or other materials on the termination itself.Keep the torch aimed inthe shrinking direction topreheat the material.Keep the flame movingcontinuously to preventscorching.In particular checkunderneath tubings or inother areas where the heatcannot be applied evenly.10After shrinking, each tubing and molded part should besmooth and free of wrinkles and “cold spots”.

Metric, British,US ConductorConversion ChartBritish StandardsC.S.A. ofConductorsq. inchNumber andDiameter ofStrands inch.001.0015.0020.003.0045.0050.ó1/.0361/.0443/.0293/.036ó1/.0467/.0291/.0837/.0361/.1037/.0441/.1287/.0521/.1607/.06419/.044ó1/.19219/.05219/.064.1019/.

American Wire GaugeMetricEquivalentMetric 2Cross-sectionalAreamm 2Metric 2AWGor MCM0.650.971.291.942.903.234.525.166.458.399.3512.9014.5219.3525.8138.7164.5296.77129.03161.25193.55258.06322.58387.00483.87645.000.751. AWG1817161514131211109876543211/02/03/04/0250 MCM3004005006007008001000

IT 1000-005 IT 1000-006IT 1000-007 IT 1000-008IT 1000-009 IT 1000-010 IT 1000-011IT 1000-019 FH-1630-S-TS 1IT 1000-023

Recommended Tools for Cable PreparationSet ContentProductDescription1 1x Hammer 300 g2 1x Screwdriver 3.5 mm3 1x Screwdriver 6.5 mm IT 1000-0054 1x Hacksaw5 1x Hacksaw junior6 1x Pipe Wrench, size 2507 1x Side cutter, size 1608 1x Pincers, size 180 IT 1000-0069 1x Combination Pliers, size 18010 1x Scissors, size 20011 1x Folding ruler, size 212 1x Wirebrush, size 413 1x Hook knife IT 1000-00714 1x Cable knife – B15 1x Sharpening stone, 125 x 50 mm16 1x File set, medium size17 1x Control mirror, 100 x 100 mm + Cover18 1x Spreader 3-way19 2x Core separator IT 1000-00820 54x Cleaning tissue21 1x Refillable AI-Container 0.4122 1x Stripping tool for bonded screens,round conductor23 1x Tool set with knife, allan key set IT 1000-009packed in a tool box24 1x Gas torch set FH-1630-S-TS 125 1x Scoring tool for easy strip screens IT 1000-01126 1x Diameter tape IT 1000-01027 1x Leather tool case IT 1000-01228 1x Cordless impact wrench IT 1000-02329 1x Installation tool for mech. connectors IT 1000-019

Energy Division – innovative and economical solutions for theelectrical power industry: cable accessories, connectors & fittings,insulators & insulation, surge arresters, switching equipment, lightingcontrols, Power Measurement and Control.All of the above information, including drawings, illustrations andgraphic designs, reflects our present understanding and is to the bestof our knowledge and belief correct andreliable. Users, however, shouldindependently evaluate the suitability of each product for the desiredapplication. Under no circumstances does this constitute an assuranceof anyparticular quality or performance. Such an assurance is onlyprovided in the context of our product specifications or explicitcontractual arrangements. Our liability for these products is set forthin our standard terms and conditions of sale. Raychem, TE Logo andTyco Electronics are trademarks.

Energy Division – innovative and economical solutions for theelectrical power industry: cable accessories, connectors & fittings,insulators & insulation, surge arresters, switching equipment,lighting controls, power measurement and control.Tyco Electronics Raychem GmbHEnergy DivisionFinsinger Feld 185521 Ottobrunn/Munich, Germany© Tyco Electronics EPP 0377 11/07Phone: +49-89-6089-0Fax: +49-89-6096345

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