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© Sherwood Triart Photography© Michael Grecco© Michael GreccoTop Level OverviewBRAND PERSONALITY:BRAND CORE VALUES:Versatile, Helpful, Reliable, FunControl, Enabling, Precision

All-in-One, Go EverywhereTop Level OverviewColorMunki Photo enablesphotographers to easily, quickly andaffordably match colors from theirdisplays to their prints – in a uniquelysimplified approach.It’s the do everything, go everywheresolution that gives photographers theultimate color control for all their photoimages.Ideal for Wedding, Portrait and Nature Photographers –or any passionate advocate

Portable Top all-in-one Level Overview solution provides quick, easy, accurate display to print matchCalibrate• Simplified display to print match• Easy and advanced monitor profiling• ALL-NEW, super fast printer profiling –rapidlyscan test charts in under 1 minute• Sophisticated RGB and CMYK printer profilingtechnology - scan two charts with only 50patches each• Printer profile automated optimization by imagetype• Fast and accurate projector profiling• Capture the ambient light within a room for anew level of precision monitor calibration

Top Level OverviewCommunicate• Confidently transport your images with DigitalPouch> transports images with embedded profiles> verify ViewSafe conditions on receiver side - recognizes current monitor profile> receiver does not need ColorMunki software to view• Easily set profiles in photo and design applications with AppSetter

Top Level OverviewCreate• Automatically extract colorsfrom images• Quickly and accurately capturespectral color from any surface andutilize in image editing• Create and manage custom colorpalettes with unique PrintSafechecking capabilities

Top Level OverviewWhat Makes ColorMunki Photo Unique?• NEW All-in-One True Spectral Device• Monitor Profiling• Projector Profiling• Printer Profiling• Measure ambient light• Measure spot colors• Built-in white calibration tile• No cumbersome accessories• NEW Printer Profiling Technology• Iterative small test chart 50 + 50patches plus photo specific optimization• Scan chart in less than one minute• NEW Simplified Software Approach• Easy Monitor to Print Match• Automated printer profile AppSetter• NEW Digital Pouch• ViewSafe image transport• NEW Color Creation Tools• Extract color from images• Capture any color from any surface• PrintSafe color palette preview• EXTREMELY AFFORDABLE

Own Your ColorColormunki Design is an easy-touse,personal color creation andinspiration tool developedspecifically for the designer, providinga smart new level of freedom in colorselection, usage, specification andcontrol.For Freelance, Small to Mid-Size Agencies, Creatives in LargeAgencies and Corporate In-House Designers

Top Level OverviewCalibrate• Simplified calibration for display to print match• Projector calibration made easy• Check ambient lightCommunicate• Easily set profiles in design applications withAppSetter• Automatically synchronize color paletteswith Adobe & Quark apps• Seamlessly connect with fresh feeds from website

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ColorMunki – Differentiation to i1i1 solutions Top Level ideal Overview for higher end color production and multiple seat environmentsColorMunki Solutions• Based on small test-chart / large patch approach- frequent chart measurement or large number ofpatches better handled by i1• Cannot be upgraded to automation• Cannot add on additional functionality• Offers limited multiple seat license- 3 computers max, single site only /CMPhoto computerlicense is unlimited, CMDesign is limited to 3computers/• UV cut only• DOES NOT OFFER: Profile Editing, Scanner Profiling,Digital Camera Profiling, Process ControlColorMunki Photo is a color control solution offering asimplified approach to display and printer match, pluscreation toolsColorMunki Design is a color creation solution with colorcontrol as the underlying enabling technology

colormunki.comTop Level OverviewCOMMUNITY SITEPalette Building / Sharing• basic functionality PalettesapplicationPhoto Inspiration• search photo library for imageinspiration and extract primary colorsDynamic Search• search for colors by words• search for images by colorsCommunity Forum / Blogs• special sessions with pros• celebrity trend palettes• tutorials• webinars• color vision test• reference sitesProduct Portal• product info• related products• e-store

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