PCLinuxOS Magazine - From: ibiblio.org


PCLinuxOS Magazine - From: ibiblio.org

PCLinuxO S M agazineAnnounce m e nt:PCLinuxO S 0 .9 3aRe le ase dTe xs tar announce d on Augus t21, 2006 th e availability fordow nload or online orde ring ofPCLinuxOS 0.9 3a Fu lEditionak a Big Daddy.Th e fu le dition com e s w ith Ke rne l2.6.16.27, KDE 3.5.3, Ope nOffice , Fire fox, Th unde rbird and Nvu. Digik am , Gim p and Gq vie wfor your digitalph oto ne e ds . Am arok , Audacity and Audio Cre atorfor your digitalm us ic ne e ds . Fros tw ire , bittorre ntand gftp for filetrans fe rs and p2p file s h aring. Mplaye r and Kaffe ine for vide ovie w ing. (libdvdcs s 2 re q uire d for dvd e ncrypte d playback ). Kope teand Xch atfor online ch atting. Blogging and podcas ts oftw are als oinclude d. PCLinuxOS Big Daddy is th e fu lm onty!PCLinuxO S 0 .9 3a Big D addyPCLinuxOS 0.9 3a - Fu lEdition ak a Big Daddy is now available .Th is is our fu lve rs ion ofth e PCLinuxOS Dis tribution.Inte rne tSuiteInte rne t, Em ail, ins tantm e s s aging, and m ore ! PCLinuxOSinclude s Th e Moz i la Fire fox W e b Brow s e r and Th unde rbird Em ailClie nt. Kope te Ins tantMe s s e nge r a low s your to ch atw ith frie ndson Yah oo, MSN and AIM.Com ple te Ope n Office SuitePCLinuxOS com e s w ith a com ple te Ope n Office s uite for w ordproce s s ing, s pre ads h e e ts , draw ings and s lide pre s e ntations .DigitalPh otosDigik am is a pre -ins ta le d ph oto m anagm e ntprogram th ata low syou to dow nload, organiz e , e dit, and s h are your e ntire ph otoco le ction. Eas ily conne ctyour digitalcam e ra to your com pute rand im porta lofyour picture s w ith a fe w m ous e -click s . In additionto Digik am , PCLinuxOS als o include s th e pow e rfulGIMP im agee ditor.DigitalMus icManage your favorite tune s w ith Am arok , an a l-in-one m us icplaye r builtinto PCLinuxOS. Burn and rip your favorite m us ic w ithAudio Cre ator. File s h are th rough Fros tw ire .W e b Publis h ing ToolsPCLinuxOS include s Nvu, a pow e rful, e as y-to-us e w e b de s ignprogram th atis ope n-s ource . Anyone can cre ate w e b page s now ,e ve n th os e w ith no te ch nicale xpe rtis e or k now le dge ofH TML.PCLinuxOS a low s you to try itin Live m ode w ith outtouch ing yourcurre nts ys te m . Ifyou lik e PCLinuxOS you can e as ily ins ta littoyour com pute r us ing th e e as y to us e Ins ta lation program . Afte rins ta ling PCLinuxOS to your com pute r, you can acce s s anadditional5000 program s and librarie s from our fre e s oftw arere pos itory.Ifyou are tire d ofW indow s cons tantly cras h ing a lth e tim e , th eblue s cre e ns ofde ath , th e nas ty virus e s /trojans , cons tantpopups, and s luggis h pe rform ance th e n PCLinuxOS is for you.Sw itch to PCLinuxOS today!!!Th e curre ntlis tofprogram s on th e Fu lEdition ofPCLinuxOS0.9 3a can be found ath ttp://w w w .pclinuxos .com //page .ph p?13l.Re ad ab out PCLinuxO S 0 .9 3a Junior on page 23.1

PCLinuxO S M agazineTh e Linux com m unity, in general, is fiercelyprotective and supportive of new ly arrived im m igrantslik e m yself. Th ere is plenty of guidance available. Th eIRC ch annels in particular are a ready source of h elpand encouragem ent. From m y reading, it is clear th atm ost Linux users experim ent w ith a num ber of"flavours" untilth ey settle on th e one w ith th e best"taste" for th em . As th eir m onik er declares,PCLinuxO S is "radica ly sim ple." Th is w as preciselyth e k ind of distribution I needed.h ttp://w w w .pclinuxos.comh ttp://w w w .m ypclinuxos.comirc.efnet.ca/#pclinuxosFor your convenience, I h ave included link s at th ebeginning of m y article to encourage th ose w h o w antto go ah ead and read w h at th e forum users say. Youm ay also w ant to tak e a m om ent to join th e IRCch annelfor som e discussion and to ask applicableq uestions.PCLinuxO S w as devised and is m aintained by a sm a l,dedicated, extrem ely h ard-w ork ing team led byTexstar. Th is very adaptable flavour is intended to beas easy as possible for som eone tota ly new to Linux,but not necessarily new to com puters.Balance of Ve rsatility & CapabilityPCLinuxO S offers th e flexibility of being both aLive CD, and includes a lnecessary com ponentsfor a fu linsta lation. As a Live CD version it canboot directly from a CD drive w ith out anyinsta lation to th e h ard disk . But m oreim portantly, it includes an easy to use insta lerth at a low s you to fu ly insta lit w h en you areready. O f course, as w ith m any m ajordistributions, th ere are exce lent guides on th ew ebsite for h elping you use th e insta ler. As ifth ese ch aracteristics w ere not enough , th e systemcan be rem astered to suit th e user's needs anddesires, as w itnessed by th e various offspringincluding: PCLinuxO S 9 2, M iniM e, Kid-Safe,and Supergam er.Re m aste rs of PCLinuxO SPCLinuxO S Kid-Safe - A deligh t for bothch ildren of a lages and th eir parents, th is Live CDa low s ch ildren to surf th e w eb in safely, play funand educationalgam es w h ile th eir parents canrelax in th e k now ledge th at th eir ch ildren can dono h arm to th eir existing system . Th e big benefit3

PCLinuxO S M agazineis th at ch ildren are also reasonably protected on th ew eb by Dansguardian.Th is version includes a w onderland of jo ly gam es,som e of w h ich I h ave played. Th ey h ave am usinggraph ics and effects th at offer an undiluted joy oflearning. Th ere are also insta led gam es to suit a lagesin th is system ;Patience, m y favorite, is also in th ere!Alth ough Tuxtype is designed for young people, it isan exce lent tester of one's typing sk i ls and can h elpch ildren gain typing sk i ls in a fun w ay.Th e one draw back is th at th is particular specialistversion is not currently insta lable. You h ave to run itfrom th e CD or DVD drive, w h ich is a bit slow butcertainly effective. An insta lable rem aster is in th ew ork s and w i lsoon be available.PCLinuxO S Supergam er - Th is is for dedicatedgam ers and includes public dom ain dem os of som e ofth e fam ous 3D gam es. H ere's a paste from th e w ik i:• Doom 3 and Quak e 4 - Th e playable dem os!• Enem y territory - W olfenstein: Enem y Territory• Neverba l- Th is rea ly is a great gam e. Go play it!• Ch rom ium B.S.U.- Fast paced, arcade-style, topscroling space sh ooter.• Battle Z one capture Flag - Th e 3D tank battlegam e.• Nexuiz - A fast-paced free-as-speech ego sh ooterw ith exce lent graph ics• Supertux - SuperM a.. uh m , Tux! Does Tux doplum bing as w e l?• PlanetPenguin Racer and Tuxk art - Penguin funfor everybody. Go Tux!• UFO : Alien Invasion - A strategy gam e featuringtacticalcom bat against h ostile aliens! And,• Cube, Battle for W esnoth , Foobi liards, pinba land m any m ore.Apart from a lof th ese, th e Supergam er versionincludes m any of th e gam es also found in m ost Linuxdistributions. O f course, to render th e m ost splendidgraph ics it does req uire a h igh -end com puter w ithplenty of pow er. Th is version is fu ly insta lable, soyou can try it out as a Live CD and th en later insta litto your system .PCLinuxO S Am aroK - A co laboration of Am arokand M agnatunes, am ong oth ers, th is boots and goesstraigh t on-line, ready to stream m usic for th e user.Som e track s h ave already been set up for th e user toplay. Th is version is also fu ly insta lable.I encourage you to read about each of th ese in detailon th e w ebsite and fo low th e link s to dow nload th eISO im ages.4

PCLinuxO S M agazinePe rsonalGratificationM y ow n experience w ith PCLinuxO S h as been a joyfrom th e beginning. Know ing a little about Linux, Istarted to use it seriously beginning in Septem ber,2005. W h en I discovered PCLinuxO S in M arch , 2006,m y k now ledge and use began to reach th e stratosph ere.It w as so easy to use day-to-day.To k eep th ings sim ple and ensure you start off q uick ly,PCLinuxO S abounds in pre-insta led applications. Anew user's deligh t is finding th at after th e insta lationth ere are num erous usefulprogram s – a lready to run.Even w ith out both ering to read th e instructions, it w asintuitive to use and so easy to insta l. Configuring isalso easy and I h ave already created m y firstpersonalized Live CD.Pe rsonalizing Your PCTh e PCLinuxO S ControlCenter (PCC), is acom preh ensive utility th at enables any user to fu lyconfigure th e system . It includes essentialtools suchas th e Synaptic softw are insta ler and updater.Keeping th e system up-to-date is a sim ple m atter ofch eck ing th e rem em ber box w h en a m essage panelappears th e first tim e it is used. Th en just click"Reload". Th ree m ouse click s later and your entiresystem is updated. Also included is th e KDE ControlCenter, w h ich a low s you to enh ance practica ly anyaspect of your desk top. You gain controloverback grounds, buttons, color and font options andm ore. M ore im portantly, a lof th ese can be adjusted tosuit your needs w ith a few click s of th e m ouse.For a donation of $20 you can gain access to PASS, afast dow nload repository of program s and files,updated regularly by th e developers. You get your ow nuser-encoded sources.lst to add to Synaptic –and Texstar (th e lead developer) gets to eat once in aw h ile.ConclusionO vera l, PCLinuxO S offers m any benefits forsom eone getting started w ith Linux. Besides beingflexible and easy to use, offering both a fu linsta landLive CD, it includes m any program s I k now you w i lneed for day-to-day use. If you are considering tryingLinux, PCLinuxO S offers you an idealstarting point.J. A le n is an e nth us ias tic h obbyis tcom pute r us e r ofs om e ye ars 's tanding and in no w ay an e xpe rt. H e e njoys contributing h ise xpe rie nce s w ith Linux to e ncourage oth e rs .Copyrigh t2006 J. A le n, publis h e d by re a lylinux.com w ithpe rm is s ion. Re produce d h e re by pe rm is s ion ofth e auth or.Linux is a re gis te re d trade m ark ofLinus Torvalds . A loth e rtrade m ark s or re gis te re d trade m ark s in th is article be long to th e irre s pe ctive ow ne rs .5

PCLinuxO S M agazineTh is is BO GUS!!!Th en I cam e to th e PCLinuxO S forum s w h ere th epeople are alw ays h elpfuland friendly. (W h y is th at sodifferent from th e oth er forum s?) I found th e solution:rem ove th e USB flash drive! Also, w h ile I w as atw ork , I h ad a friend dow nload and burn th e "BigDaddy" CD. Th en w h en I got h om e th at nigh t, Iinsta led 0.9 2, crank ed up th e Internet and off I w ent.Th at w as coolfor a few m inutes and th en I w anted tosee if Big Daddy w ould w ork as w e l. I alw ays h ad th e0.9 2 CD if it failed.It did not fail. It detected our m uch -discussed w irelessadapter and connected to th e Internet w ith only tw ocom m ands (setting th e ESSID and dh client). It h as itsow n Linux driver for an adapter th at m ade people say,"You can't use Linux." I em ailed Texstar righ t aw ay.Th is is w h at I w as search ing for: th is w as W OW ! Th isis better th an W indow s lik e a ldistros say th ey are.Th is is cool.I feelrelief, except it's better th an relief. I'm rea lyim pressed. Th e distro th at I h ad previously dism issedand said "W e l, I' ljust use it cause it's th e only oneth at w ork s," turns out to be th e BEST LINUXDISTRO I'VE USED. Yeah , it's th e only one th atw ork s;th at m eans it's th e one th at w ork s on verydifficult h ardw are th at th e oth er distros reserve forpeople w h o th ey th ink sh ould be satisfied eith er w ith acrippled (i.e., standard) M S W indow s system or acrippled Linux system .Now , I h ave h ad a couple problem s since last nigh t.Th e sound w on't com e on and th e printer sti lis notrecognized (it's a De l/Lexm ark -- I k new th at w ouldh appen and it's ok ay). H ow ever, th ose are m anageableproblem s. Reinsta ling an operating system untilit"gets th ings righ t," is an unm anageable, h uge problem .An operating system th at w on't let m e use m ycom puter is an unm anageable, h uge problem .PCLinuxO S solved th ose problem s.And as for th e cartoonish , h om e-m ade desk top?Gone!I love th e new desk top. O ne of m y "big projects" th at Iplanned on h aving to do w as to tota ly m ess w ith th edesk top to get it th e w ay I w ant it. I'm surprised to sayI actua ly lik e th e desk top on th e new PCLinuxO Sbetter th an any of th e oth ers I've tried. It's rea ly coollooking.Now I can dealw ith th e realstuff, lik e insta ling th esoftw are I w ant (m ost of w h ich I've already done in afew seconds), and oh yeah , using th e com puter.H O O RAY FO R PCLINUXO S! H O O RAY FO RLINUX!10

PCLinuxO S M agazineGam ing w ithSupe rGam e r-1by Tim RobinsonDis claim e r: Som e ofth e conte ntofth e Supe rgam e r-1 DVD m aybe uns uitable for younge r us e rs . Th is article doe s notcontains cre e ns h ots ofs uch m ate rial.Supergam er is a rem aster of PCLinuxO S,optim ized for gam ing. It includes video driversfor 3D acceleration and w as origina ly based onPCLinuxO S version p.9 1. Darin, th e developer,states th at Supergam er is com patible w ith PCLinuxO Sand you m ay use th e norm alPCLinuxO S servers viaSynaptic to update it. Supergam er com es as a LiveDVD, m eaning it w i lrun com pletely from your DVDdrive, w ith out m odifying your h ard drive in anym anner. H ow ever, as w ith PCLinuxO S, it can beinsta led to your h ard drive once you determ ine th at11

PCLinuxO S M agazineth is is w h at you w ish . Th ere is a w ide range of gam es,both fu lversions and dem os for you to enjoy. Th eyinclude:• 3D: Am erica's Arm y, Cube, Doom 3, Enem yTerritory, Legends, Nexiuz, Privateer, Quak e 4,Soldier of Fortune, UFO : Alien Invasion, UT2004,W esnoth• Arcade: BzFlag, Ch rom ium , 3D Pinba l, FrozenBubble, Neverba l, Neverput, Penguin Racer,Supertux, Tuxk art• Cards: Pysol• Strategy: Foobi lardsO th er included softw are:• Kernel: 2.6.13am d64op-sm p sq uash 3 w ithsource and stripped source insta led• O ffice: O penO ffice 2• M isc: Xorg 6.8.2, gcc 3.3.1, Firefox 1.0.7, andk de 3.4.3.Screensh ots: In addition to screensh ots included inth is article, th ere is a large ga lery available ath ttp://w w w .tuxm ach ines.org/ga lery/supgam 1/desk top.Th e im pressive w a lpaper and related artw ork w asconceived by Darin's w ife. You first m eet th e th em egraph ics during boot up. Th e icons and overa lcolorsch em e m atch th e w a lpaper th rough out. Th e loginscreen also is sligh tly different to th e standardPCLinuxO S distribution.Darin says h e created th e Supergam er because ofreq uests on th e PCLinuxO S forum for a gam ingversion. H e started w ith a basic PCLinuxO S base andadded to it, based on suggestions from forumm em bers. Apparently, it w as a good direction;Th eSupergam er is constantly gaining support and interest.Som e of th e m ore com m on Linux gam es are th ere.Th ey a lplay as designed, and at good speed, evenfrom th e live DVD.12

PCLinuxO S M agazineEven gam es such as Doom 3 and Quak e4 (dem osincluded on th e DVD), w h ich m ak e h eavy dem ands onth e system , play w e l. Delays are rare even th ough th esoftw are accesses th e DVD. Screens tend to get dark eras th e q uality setting is raised, but th is is a function ofth e gam e softw are, and not due to PCLinuxO SSupergam er.Quak e4 suffered th e sam e dark atm osph ere at h igh erq ualities. Th e screen sh ots are dark er th an th e scenesappeared during play. Both gam es play w e l, evenw h en running from th e live DVD.Soldier of Fortune is a sligh tly older gam e, so th egraph ics are not up to current levels, but it plays w e l,and m ak es relatively low dem ands on th e system .In th e th ird screen sh ot below , you see w h at h appens ifyou sh oot your dri linstructor in th e h ead w h ileplaying Am erica's Arm y. You go to Leavenw orth , andsit. Noth ing h appens, you're just th ere.If you lik e on line play, you'lenjoy Legends. Th eenvironm ent is interesting and th e scenery is attractive.H ere are som e screen sh ots from Cube and Nexiuz:13

PCLinuxO S M agazineI've covered only part of th e w ide range of gam es andoth er softw are included in th e Supergam er DVD. Th edow nload is 3.6 gigabytes, but if you h ave th ebandw idth , it's definitely w orth a look . Th ere is atorrent available h ere: Supergam er Torrent. If you can'tdealw ith a 3.6 gigabyte dow nload, w h y not visit O n-disk .com and purch ase a DVD ready to use, for a verym odest fee (doing so, also sends Texstar, PCLinuxO S'screator, a sm a ldonation).Th ere is an active board on th e PCLinuxO S Forum fordiscussions, q uestions, or req uests.Mak e PCLinuxO S Be autiful!In line w ith anoth e r MyPCLinuxOS.com proje ct, PCLinuxOS Magaz ine is proud toannounce PCLinuxOS Be autification Proje cth e ade d by gryph e n. Th e proje ctisan e ffortto bring an ove ra l"com ple te " fe e lto th e de faultde s k top. Ge tinvolve dw ith th e proje ctnow , and m ak e e ve ry one ofyour ide as and graph ics count! Vis ith ttp://w w w .m ypclinuxos .com /inde x.ph p?topic=272.0.14

PCLinuxO S M agazineTinyM eby KDulcim erTinyM e is th e latest PCLinuxO S effort intendedto create a com petitor to distributions such asPuppy and Feath er Linux. It is targeted atcom puters th at h ave little m em ory and/or a slowprocessor, w h ile m aintaining com patibility w ith th ePCLinuxO S repositories.Th e inspiration for TinyM e began w ith .9 3a M iniM e.M any applications h ave been rem oved to create aslim m er and m ore efficient operating system forcom puters w ith m inim alh ardw are resources. W e h aveadded th e Fluxbox desk top w ith a black th em e, alongw ith basic applications for file brow sing, w riting, e-m ail, and w eb brow sing. Efforts to reduce th e size ofth e ISO to 100-150M B are ongoing.Alth ough th e latest insta lm ent in th e PCLinuxO Sfam ily is not intended for th e new Linux user, TinyM esh ould provide new life and speed to old com putersand w i linspire m ore projects.15

PCLinuxO S M agazinew as so excited, I w ent straigh t to w ork building th efirst release.Since th at tim e, I've com e to rea ly appreciatePCLinuxO S. Not only th e O S itself, but th ecom m unity as w e l. And w h at better w ay to h elpspread th e good new s about PCLinuxO S th an th roughth e Kid-Safe LiveCD! After a l, ch ildren are our future.W ith th e current release of th e Kid-Safe LiveCD (0.25-beta), I feelth at th e look and feelof th is system h asrea ly tak en sh ape. But th ere is sti lso m uch to do...and for m e to learn. I'm w ork ing now on learningm ore about KDE and it's k iosk features, as w e lasRPM pack aging. I h ope to be able to produce eith er asingle RPM , or a com bination of RPM 's, th at can beapplied to th e latest M iniM e release of PCLinuxO Sw h ich w i lput into place a lth e req uired com ponentsto create th e Kid-Safe LiveCD. I'd lik e to m ak e it assim ple as possible for anyone to create th eir ow ncustom ized version of th is system .Current inform ation about th is project can be found onm y h om e page ath ttp://be lsouth pw p2.net/w /i/w izard_ rb/k id-safe/.O nce th e RPM 's are ready, th e project's h om e pagew i lbe m oved to SourceForge at h ttp://k idsafe.sourceforge.net/.Th is w i la low th ose interestedin contributing to th e project easy access to th esources.Fina ly, I'd lik e to th ank everyone for th eir support andinterest in th is project. Th e w orld can be a very cruelplace for ch ildren... especia ly th ese days. Th e onlyw ay to m ak e th is w orld a safer, friendlier place is forparents to m ak e th eir responsibility of raising th eirch ildren th eir num ber one priority. O nly w ith a greateffort w i lw e be able to produce a new generation ofyoung adults and future parents w h o w i lnurture th egood th at is w ith in a lof us, and defeat th e evilth atsurrounds us. If m y efforts in creating a safe,w h olesom e environm ent for k ids to learn aboutcom puters can play a part in th is great struggle, w e l...it's th e greatest rew ard anyone could ask for.17

PCLinuxO S M agazineIn betw een th e body tags is th e content and th e h tm lcode th at is going to m ak e th e page display th e w ay w edesire. So far w e h ave a h eading tag, paragraph tagand img tag. Th e only realform atting th at w e h avedone at th is point in th e creation of th is page is tobreak th e lines, te lth e paragraph s w h ere to start andend, as w e las te ling th e im age w h ere to display andh ow far to k eep th e text aw ay from th e im age. As yousee in th e im age source code, th ere are q uotationsaround th e num bers, th ey m ust be th ere. If you h appento forget a q uotation it can cause th e page to renderincorrectly.To ach ieve a h igh er levelof form atting on th is w ebpage w e are now going to specify th e font size, color,and type as w e las body m argins and paragraphm argins.Do nots pe cify th e font-s iz e in pt, or oth e rabs olute le ngth units . Th e y re nde rincons is te ntly acros s platform s and can'tbere s iz e d by a w e b brow s e r.Before w e go any furth er, w e need to create th e w ebpage as seen from above. O pen a plain text editor suchas Kate, and copy th e code as seen from above. Nextopen your h om e directory and create a folder and ca lit w ebsite. Save th e w eb page you just coded into Kateinto th e directory. To do th at click on File-Save As, aw indow w i lopen. In Location type index.html,In th e Filter m ak e sure it is set as A lFiles. O pen yourFirefox w eb brow ser, go to th e folder and click onindex.html you w i lsee th e w eb page you created.Your w eb page sh ould look lik e th e figure below .H TM Lpreviously specified th e font size, color andoth er attributes in th e font tag. Th e font tag used tolook lik e font size="2" color="#000000"19

PCLinuxO S M agazineface="veranda". Now coding a w eb page h asch anged. Today m ost sites use Cascading Style Sh eets(CSS). Th ere are tw o types of style sh eets: internaland external. An internalstyle sh eet w ork s th e best ifyou are only going to use th at style on one page. Anexternalstyle sh eet gives m ore flexibility w h en youare going to apply th e style across th e w h ole w eb site.Th is a low s a person to ch ange th e look and feelof th ew eb site by ch anging one style sh eet.Th is is w h at an Internalstyle sh eet look s lik e:Internal Style SheetExampleWelcome to Jerry-Lee's WebSiteI am a twelve year old German Shepardthat does not bark. I have big browneyes and really know how to beg. I have a good life, sleep on the sofain the play room. Have lots to eatand I am happy. It really is a dogslife!I know you will come back soon Jerry-Lee. For our docum ent w e are going to link an externalstyle sh eet. Th e style sh eet is link ed to th e w eb pageby coding a link betw een th e tw o h eader tags. Th estyle sh eet for th is w eb page is ca led jerry.css.Th e link is .Rem em ber to put th e link betw een th e tw o h eader tagsin th e docum ent.To create a style sh eet a lyou need is a text editor.O pen th e editor and save an em pty docum ent asjerry.css. As I plan to put a back ground dow n th eleft side of th e W eb page I w i ladd th e im age to th eback ground in th e style sh eet. Th e code w i llook lik eth is:/* Created by Rodney Adkins20

PCLinuxO S M agazine*/body{background-image:url(bone.jpg);background-repeat:repeat-y;margin-bottom:15px;margin-left:65px;margin-right:20px;margin-top;2px;font-family:Verdana, Geneva, Arial,sans-serif;font-size:90%;color:#000000;}p {margin-left:100px;margin-right:80px;font-family:Verdana, Geneva, Arial,sans-serif;font-size:90%;color:#000000;line-height:150%;}h2{text-align:middle;font-family:Verdana, Geneva, Arial,sans-serif;font-size:medium;color:#740000;line-height:150%;}img{margin-left:1px;}Notice in th e coding for th e back ground, th e codingh as repeat y. If I w anted th e im age over th e w h olepage I could h ave coded repeat x as w e lor justrepeat. Th e m argins are w h ere I ch oose to put th em .I h ave m argins for th e left, righ t, top and bottom of th epage. Also I stipulated th e text size for th e page to be9 0% of th e size th e person usua ly view s w eb pages at.If th ey w ant to increase th e size of th e font th ey sti lcan. Font sizes to ch oose from are, xxsmall,xsmall, small, medium, large, xlarge.You can also do th e size in percentage. Try differentsizes, font styles and colors in th e CSS and see th ech anges you can m ak e to th e w eb page. Alter th em argins too.Brow s e rs w ork ve ry s im ply;ifth e y do notre cogniz e a tag th e y w i lignore it. Ifth ish appe ns m ak e s ure th e tag is s pe le dcorre ctly, m ak e s ure th e re are no e xtrach aracte rs in th e tag. Lik e th e tag , a brow s e r m ay h avedifficulty in re cogniz ing a

PCLinuxO S M agazineStyle sh eets are lik e H TM Lin coding. You h ave anopening ({) tag and a (}) closing tag. Note th epunctuation in th e style sh eet, if anyth ing is w rong th ebrow ser w i lignore it. Study th e style sh eet and seeh ow it is constructed. Th e W eb site at th is point look slik e th e figure below .Adding a footer to a docum ent is a nice addition.Unlik e th e body and h eader, th e footer is not a m ark edelem ent in H TM L. Th is does not m ean th at th edocum ent does not need one. It can include th econtact inform ation, auth ors nam e, com pany nam eand copyrigh t. Add th e fo low ing code to th e H TM Ldocum ent.Jerry-LeeDoghouse Way, Dogpound, BC, CanadaBAR KS1Adding a footer to th e H TM Ldocum ent req uires usto add som e coding to th e CSS docum ent. Add th efo low ing code to th e CSS docum ent.address{text-align: middle;text-align:middle;font-family:Verdana, Geneva, Arial,sans-serif;font-size:medium;color:#740000;line-height:100%;font-style:italic}W ith th e addition to th e CSS and H TM Ldocum entyour W eb page sh ould look lik e th e one in th e figureon th e next page.H e adings s h ould ge ts m a le r as th e topicbe com e s brok e n dow n and m ore s pe cific.22

PCLinuxO S M agazineIn th e next issue w e w i ldiscuss link ing docum ents,link ing internaldocum ents and m oving around adocum ent using jum ps.So far th e docum ent h as used h eading tag, paragraphtag and im g tag. Th e form atting th at h as been done atth is point in th e creation of th is page is to break th elines, te lth e paragraph s w h ere to start and end, asw e las te ling th e im age w h ere to display and h ow farto k eep th e text aw ay from th e im age. Th e docum entnow h as specified font sizes and m argins for th edocum ents. Th e docum ent h as also h ad a back groundand a footer added to it.To be continue d ne xt issue .PCLinuxO S 0 .9 3a JuniorTe xs tar announce d th e re le as e ofPCLinuxOS 0.9 3a Junior onAugus t9 , 2006PCLinuxOS 0.9 3a Junior w as th e ne xts te p up from MiniMe .Junioir com e s w ith jus tth e bas ic de s k top a low ing fu lus e rcus tom iz ation.PCLinuxOS 0.9 3a Junior is a s e lfbooting Live CD w ith advance dh ardw are de te ction. In addition to running Junior in Live CDm ode , you can als o ins ta litto your com pute r. Eas y to fo lowins tructions are include d on th e Live CD as w e las a ch atch anne lfor ins tanth e lp.Junior com e s w ith a s e tofpre -s e le cte d program s for W e bBrow s ing, Em ail, Ins tantMe s s aging, Blogging, IRC ch at, Mus ic,Graph ics , Vide o (additionals oftw are re q uire d for e ncrypte d DVDplayback and proprie tary form ats ), DigitalCam e ra, Gam e s , Ftp,Bittorre nttrans fe r, CD/DVD burning and m ore .Ifyou are firs ttim e Linux us e r or s om e one m igrating fromW indow s th e n PCLinuxOS 0.9 3a Junior is a gre atw ay to ge ts tarte d us ing Linux. Afte r ins ta ling PCLinuxOS to your com pute r,you can acce s s an additional5000 program s and librarie s fromour fre e s oftw are re pos itory.Th e curre ntlis tofprogram s on Junior can be found ath ttp://w w w .pclinuxos .com //page .ph p?12l.23

PCLinuxO S M agazineGe t GM ailto W ork inYour Brow se rby KDulcim erMany people h ere h ave a GM ailaccount andlik e to ch eck it via th e W eb. H ow ever, GM ailonly officia ly fu ly supports InternetExplorer, M ozi la, Safari, and Firefox. M any oth ersh ere prefer O pera (w h ich I use) or som e oth er brow serlik e Konq ueror. In th ese brow sers, som e of th e GM ailfeatures do not w ork or GM aildoes not w ork at a l.H ere, I'lte lyou h ow to get GM ailrunning to th e bestof your brow ser's ability.D illoGo to V--> O ptions--> Netw ork --> ch ange user agentto M ozi la 4.0. Th is w i lnot fu ly enable GM ail, but itw i lm ak e it usable.O pe raGo to m ail.google.com , th en open Tools--> QuickPreferences--> Edit site preferences--> Netw ork -->ch ange Brow ser Identification to "M ask as M ozi la?.Now log in and proceed as norm al.FlockFlock needs no tw eak ing;GM ailw ork s perfectly.K onq ue rorIn Konq ueror, go to Settings--> Configure Konq ueror--> Brow ser Identification--> set dom ain tom ail.google.com , th en set Konq ueror to identify itself24

PCLinuxO S M agazineas M ozi la on W indow s.e link sElink s w ork s surprisingly w e lw ith Gm ail. I couldn'tfind any tw eak s to m ak e it w ork better.Epiph any, W rite lyEpiph any runs off th e Firefox engine and req uires notw eak ing.Th e sam e is true for W ritely.Adde ndum b y dave cs:H ow to m ak e itEVEN BETTER in Fire fox (Th is s h ouldw ork for Flock , too).Add th e fo low ing extensions:1.Greasem onk ey2.Google Notebook3.GM ailM anager (if you h ave m ore th an one account)4.GM ailSpace.Note th at you get Google Notebook by typing inh ttp://w w w .google.com /notebook and you findGreasem onk ey at h ttp://greasem onk ey.m ozdev.org.O nce you h ave added Greasem onk ey, you can try th efo low ing Greasem onk ey scripts:1.GM ailCleanup2.GM ailUnlabeled3.GM ailConversation Preview4.H ide GM ailRigh t Side Ads5.Secure GM ail6.M ailto Com pose in GM ailTh e last of th ese is great, it m ak es any e-m ailaddresslink in your brow ser th row up a GM ailcom posew indow rath er th an starting Th underbird or KM ail.H ave you se e n th is m an?W h o is h e ?Is h e a Black or a W h ite H at?W h atis Linux to h im ?Find outm ore athttp://www.tuxmachines.org/node/30Are you a h appy PCLinuxOS us e r?W ouldyou h e lp m ak e PCLinuxOS be tte r?Cons ide r aDONATIONhttp://www.pclinuxos.com/page.php?1Adve rtis e m e nt:24

PCLinuxO S M agazineSugge stions and Tipsfor Ne w bie sby V.C. H eirm anI've been using th e PCLinuxO S distribution sinceM ay 2006. Th ere w ere obstacles along th e w ay,of course, but noth ing th at couldn't be solvedw ith som e h elp from th e PCLinuxO S m ain forum , orby just experim enting. Th ere w ere m any instances,h ow ever, w h en I w ish ed I h ad a person sitting next tom e th at I could ask basic q uestions. Since th is is aluxury not a lof us h ave, I decided to w rite th is articlew ith som e suggestions, and to sh are som e of m ynew bie experiences w ith you. It's now h ere near asgood as h aving your personalnerd, but I h ope it ish elpful.Lik e m any new bies, I often forget to use th e searchfunction before getting frustrated or ask ing q uestionsonline. I h ave since realized th at 85% of th e th ings Iw ant to k now are answ ered already in one of th eforum s or W ik is. M ak ing an effort to search (it m aytak e a few tries) is a tim esaver for yourself and for th ecom m unity. Rem em ber to use appropriate and sensiblesearch term s.Adjusting your com puter, operating system andprogram s can m ak e a lth e difference betw een asuperb, fun, efficient com puting experience andagonizing drudgery. Som e exam ples:Tw eak ing Firefox rea ly m ak es it m uch neater, faster,25

PCLinuxO S M agazinem ore secure and convenient. If you spend a lot of tim esurfing you w i lnotice a m ark ed positive differencew ith an appropriate setup. To accom plish th is, Irecom m end upgrading Firefox first, since not a lof th eaddons w ork w ith older versions th at m ay com e w ithyour distribution. Th e best addons in m y opinion arem ost of th e top ten extensions onh ttps://addons.m ozi la.org/firefox/. I alw ays includeSession M anager 0.4.3 (w h ich w i ladd som e greatfunctionality), th e Black Japan th em e (very easy onth e eyes yet great legibility) and rem ove th e Googleand oth er com m ercialsearch engines and replace th emw ith th e lik es of W ik i, Rotten Tom atoes and oth ersuch engines. Th e Scroogle engine w i la low you tosearch as efficiently as Google, w ith out th e m ajordraw back s.Th e Th underbird m ailclient is am azing, but beingrath er new to m ailclients I often h ave trouble settingth em up (th e configuration for th e outgoing andincom ing m ailservers, etc). If you h ave trouble w ithth is ask your provider for h elp, as h aving a pow erfulm ailclient rea ly im proves th e q uality of com puting,especia ly w h en com pared to certain online m ailservices. If you k now h ow , it is a th ree m inute set up.O nce you h ave it w ork ing, go th rough th e settings andw rite th em dow n on paper (k eeping th em on your PCis useless if your PC ends up fried) as you are lik ely toneed th em again one day. Th is goes for a lyouressentialsettings and tw eak s.As a person w h o lik es order, I rea ly do m y best tok eep m y desk top as clean and functionalas possible.Th at m eans I alw ays m ak e an "InitialIcons" folder inth e corner of m y desk top and dum p a lth e icons Irarely use into th is folder. Th is includes th e BeginnersM anualicon, th e Donate icon, th e secondary H om eicon and m ore. If ever I need or m iss th em , I canalw ays find th em th ere or even put th em back w h ereth ey w ere. Th e idea is to h ave as few icons as possiblecluttering up your desk top, and th e ones you do h avesh ould link to program s and directories you accessm ost often.PCLinuxO S com es w ith m any great and clear iconsinsta led. I lik e using a nice picture of a h ard drive onm y desk top ca led "A lDrives," w h ich is link ed to"A lM edia" as I need to access th is often. Also, I findth e igloo icon for H om e (folder) very cute butam biguous, so I replace it w ith th e little h ouse iconinstead. M any oth er icons are also usefulfor M P3players, specific program s and folders, etc. Th ese typeof th ings m ay seem very m inor, but I find th ey end upsaving you w ork w ith th e m ouse and tim e too.Additiona ly, people new to PCLinuxO S w i lfind th eprocess of search ing for locations and program s a loteasier if you m ak e it visual. If you're not sure h ow toreplace icons, ch eck th e m anualor W ik i. It's rea ly26

PCLinuxO S M agazinevery easy and q uick .If you intend to buy h ardw are (especia ly printers, CDwriters and M P3 Players), alw ays ch eck th e lists onth e Internet to see if it is Linux com patible. Ch eck outth is site w h ich h as a list of PCLinuxO S-com patibleh ardw are: h ttp://w w w .th eloveoflinux.com /h w db/.It pays to sh op around. For every piece of h ardw areth ere is alw ays at least one or tw o m anufacturers th atoffer great q uality, price, and support Linux too. Th eSandisk Sansa E 270 6 Gb "I Pod Nano" clone is agood exam ple. I h ave used both and th e Sandisk isbetter in alm ost every w ay th an th e Nano, and a bitch eaper. It w ork s straigh t aw ay w ith PCLinuxO S. Inth is exam ple, by sh opping around you w ould end upw ith a player th at h as 2 Gigabytes m ore storage space,m uch longer battery life/h ours of playback , a superiorscreen, expandable m em ory and oth er im provedfeatures. Th e conventionalch oice is not alw ays th ebest one;th is goes for h ardw are as w e las operatingsystem s.I found th ere are m any usefulapplications and h elpfulprogram s included in PCLinuxO S. Even so, it's easyto assum e th ey're not th ere or even m iss th emaltogeth er. Spend som e tim e each boot up ch eck ingout one or tw o of th em . I found th at nearly everyth ingI needed w as th ere, righ t under m y nose, but I sti lh adth is W indow s m indset of "Gre at... I ne e d a program , Igue ss I be tte r go find fre e w are , dow nload it, insta litor alte rnative ly pay out a truck load of m one y forcom m e rcialsoftw are ." A particular exam ple in m ycase w ould be Km ix (if you need a sm a lvolum econtrolin your system tray), particularly usefulif youare w atch ing videos on line and don't w ant th e w h oleneigh borh ood to enjoy th em too because th e volum e isnot set righ t. Also th ere are one or tw o applicationsth at w i lh elp you fix your M P3 ID tags and nam esq uick ly.Linux m ay be solid as a rock , but back ing up isessentialh ere also. Rem em ber, if you are new to anO S (no m atter w h ich ) ch ances are very good you w i lm ess it up at various tim es;you w i lactua ly learn agreat dealfrom th is, so no need to w orry about it,(providing you back ed up of course, preferably on aseparate ph ysicaldrive). Back up th e th ings th at areirreplaceable to you. In m y case th ese include pictures,m usic, settings and docum ents. Idea ly you could h avea program running in th e back ground th atautom atica ly m ak es duplicates of certain directoriesat set tim e intervals (I am sti llook ing for one ofth ese). Anoth er option w ould be to m ak e your ow nIm age/Live CD w ith a lyour settings;see th e W ik i forth is.In th e sam e vein, m ak e sure you don't log in as Root27

PCLinuxO S M agazineunless you rea ly need to and ch ange your Rootpassw ord w h en you first insta l.I persona ly tried q uite a few distros before I foundth at for m e PCLinuxO S w as th e very best. Resultsm ay differ for you, ch eck out w w w .distrow atch .com ,do a live-cd distro test, th ink about your needs andh ardw are, and try a couple. Distros I th ough t h ad realm erit w ere Puppy - especia ly on older/slow er rigs,M andriva, Kubuntu and a couple m ore. But th ere isalso th e old adage of "if it w ork s, don't fix it!" By th atI m ean th at if you find a distro th at runs great on yourh ardw are and does everyth ing you w ant it to th en stickw ith it. Try as m any live CDs as you lik e, but testth ose CDs a lot and th ink long and h ard before youoverw rite your m ain distro. O f course h aving anoth erPC for testing purposes solves th is problem , but th atoption is not available to everyone. It's often th edetails th at you don't see at first th at m ak e a greatdistro. In m y opinion th is is one of th e areas w h erePCLinuxO S truly sh ines.I found th e file system , directory structure, andpartitioning th at Linux em ploys to be totalm um bojum bo at first, but it h elps to th ink of th e directorystructure as a fam ily tree. It also h elps to figure outw h at Linux ca ls your h ard disk s: h da, h db, h d... (notC: or D: as in W indow s). You w i lfind th ere is usua lym ore th an one w ay to navigate to a certain (deeper)directory and th is can get confusing. Again, w ritingth ings dow n, em ploying q uick access icons, andreading is th e w ay to go. Look up "Var," "H om e,""Lost and Found," "/", "Root" and oth ers in th e onlinetutorials and W ik is, and rea ly m ak e an effort tovisualize w h at th ey are, w h at belongs in th em , andh ow to navigate to th em . Th en w rite it a ldow n.Som etim es you w i lget stuck . A couple of days ago, Irem oved som e directories I th ough t could beredundant. O ops! O n th e next reboot, th e graph icalenvironm ent w ouldn't load and I w as left w ith acom m and line only. I tried to correct th is problemw ith th e Live CD, but got frustrated and decided toreinsta l. Th at w as a good ch oice in th is case.Everyth ing w ork s even better now and I took th eopportunity to repartition and reform at m y secondarydrive using th e native Linux file system . Th ings seemspeedier now . So, som etim es reinsta ling is q uick erand easier (especia ly since th e PCLinuxO S insta lprocedure is ligh tning fast w h en com pared to th eW indow s eq uivalent) th an troublesh ooting certainproblem s. Th e dow nside is you w i lprobably need toredo your settings alth ough th e PCLinuxO S W ik iexplains h ow to avoid th at!Above a lenjoy! It's truly a joy to use an operatingsystem th at is legal, stable, free, com plete and abovea la labor of love! If ever you get stuck or frustrated,28

PCLinuxO S M agazinerem em ber th ere are m any people on th e boards andelsew h ere w i ling to advise. As you can probably te lfrom th is article I am no Linux w h iz-k id, butPCLinuxO S puts a sm ile on m y face every tim e I useit;I h ope you h ave th e sam e experience.And one m ore th ing, donating to Tex & th e team is th erigh t th ing to do. Th ey've put a lot of w ork intodeveloping a fabulous distribution and th ecom m unity's financialsupport m ak es it a lpossible. Ifyou h aven't sent in a contribution yet, I w ouldencourage you to do so. Even if just to say, "Th ank s!"PCLinuxO S MiniMe 0 .9 3aPCLinuxOS MiniMe 0.9 3a is th e m inim alve rs ion ofour LiveCD for th os e w h o jus tw anta bas ic de s k top w ith outth e bloata low ing for fu lus e r cus tom iz ation. Sim ply putth e CD intoyour CD or DVD drive and run itin live m ode w ith oute ve rtouch ing anyth ing on your com pute r. In addition to th e LiveCD m ode you can als o s ave your ch ange s to a us b k e y dis k .PCLinuxOS MiniMe can be ins ta le d to your com pute r bys im ply click ing on th e ins ta licon on th e de s k top and us ingth e e as y to fo low ins tructions provide d you lik e PCLinuxOSand itruns w e lon your com pute r.Afte r h ard drive ins ta lation, you can acce s s ove r 5000program s to fu ly cus tom iz e your de s k top th e w ay YO U w ant.Surfing Anonym ouslyby Tim Robins onRe ce ntly I ne e de d to vis ita s ite anonym ous ly. Th atis , w ith outth ats itebe ing able to ide ntify m y IP addre s s . Th e re are s e rvice s outth e re th atpe rform th is function, butfor inte ractive w e b s ite s th e y ch arge an annualfe e . IfI h ad th e m one y for th at, I'd s e nd itto Te x firs t. So...I ins ta le d Tor (in th e re pos itorie s ) and als o Privoxy (als o availableth rough Synaptic. Vis itth is page : h ttp://tor.e ff.org/docs /tor-docunix.htm l.e n and fo low th e ins tructions th e re . Ope n Privoxy's "config"file (look in /e tc/privoxy/or /us r/local/e tc/) and add th e lineforward-socks4a / localhost:9050 .to th e top ofth e config file . Don'tforge tto add th e dotatth e e nd. I h adto copy th atfile into /h om e /m e for Tor to us e it.Th e n vis ith ttps ://addons .m oz i la.org/fire fox/2275/and ins ta lth eTorbutton Plugin, re s tartFire fox and you w i lnow h ave a s ingle clickw ay to activate /de activate Tor w h e n in Fire fox. To us e it, Tor m us tbes tarte d in a te rm inalw indow ("tor -f" w ith outth e q uote s ) and Privoxyals o ("privoxy" w ith outth e q uote s as Root). Th e Torbutton w i lbe inth e bottom righ tcorne r ofFire fox.Now , w h e n you ne e d to be anonym ous , jus tclick th e button be forevis iting th e s ite . Turn itoffw h e n notne e de d, as itdoe s s low yourconne ction s pe e d notice ably. A s im ple , fre e s olution. Th ank you, Te x forh aving jus tw h atI ne e de d alre ady th e re in th e re pos itorie s .29

PCLinuxO S M agazineXorg.conf R e pairby DevnetIf you're lik e m e, you ch ange th ings constantly inyour Linux desk top. I'm alw ays entering andtw eak ing .conf files to see w h at I can do andw h ere th e lim its of th ings m igh t be. In m y attem ptyesterday to get m y EXACT m onitor supported inPCLinuxO S, I h osed m y xorg.conf file, w h ich isw h ere a lth e Xsession settings (or Xw indow s session)are stored (lik e m ouse, k eyboard, m onitor, andgraph ics driver settings). Since I h osed th is up, m ygraph icaluser interface and w indow m anager w ouldnot start. So I w as dropped to login via th e sh e l. Th ism igh t be daunting for som e new users in Linux so Ifigured I'd w rite up th is sh ort h ow -to th at w ould getth em back on th eir feet.First, don't be intim idated by th e sh e l. It's m orepow erfulth an a cmd line in w indow s and you'lh avecom plete controlof your com puter from th e confinesof th is aw esom e tool. Plus, you're about 15-20 secondsaw ay from h aving your desk top back up and runningby executing only a few com m ands.In order to fix your xorg.conf file, it's im portantth at you becom e root;so login as root and let's fixyour xorg.conf file in four com m ands.Editor's note : If you h ave an alw ays-on Inte rne tconne ction, it m igh t be w ise to disconne ct th at cablefrom your com pute r w h ile you pe rform th e se ste ps.First, let's get to th e righ t directory to w ork w ithxorg.conf:[root@lostmain ~] cd /etc/X11Next, let's rem ove a lxorg.conf files and anyback ups (usua ly saved as xorg.conf.old orxorg.conf.bak) w ith th e next com m and:30

PCLinuxO S M agazine[root@lostmain X11] rm -f xorg.conf*Th e -f flag forces th e deleting of th e files w ith outprom pting and th e * m eans th at w e'ldelete any fileth at starts w ith xorg.conf. Th at m eansxorg.conf.bak and xorg.conf.old w i lbedeleted righ t along w ith our originalxorg.conf fileas w e l. Now let's fix th is by using th e sh e lPCLinuxO S ControlCenter. Th at's righ t, you don'th ave to h ave KDE fired up and running to access th ePCLinuxO S ControlCenter;you can do it righ t h ere:[root@lostmain X11] pccNow go into h ardw are and configure th e display.W h en ch oosing a m onitor, th e q uick est and easiestw ay to get back into a GUI is to use a "Generic"setting. I ch ose Generic 1280X1024 @ 76 for m ySam sung Syncm aster 710N 17" LCD screen. Next up,If you h ave th e ATI or Nvidia driver insta led, it w i lask you if you'd lik e to use it (ch oose yes). It w i lth enask if you'd lik e to ch ange any options;th e default isusua ly O K. Now it w i ltak e you in to test th econfiguration. If you see th e rainbow test screen,you're set. If not, you'lh ave to ch ange th ings(norm a ly resolution) untilyou're able to see it. Th etest screen w i lask you if you'd lik e to use th e settingsit's using to test th e screen;h it yes (it m igh t be "O K",I'm going from m em ory h ere) and you'lbe droppedrigh t back to th e sh e l.Now w e could start k dm /xdm and an Xsession h ere,but it's m uch easier for new users to sim ply reboot so:[root@lostmain X11] rebootNext tim e you start up th ings sh ould be back tonorm al. Isn't it nice to be able to h ave q uickresolutions to m any Linux problem s via th ePCLinuxO S ControlCenter?W h at a great tool!Th at w as one of th e m ain reasons I ch ose PCLinuxO Sover oth er desk tops. It h as th e PCLinuxO S ControlCenter available for m e to configure sam ba,groupw are, LDAP, Printers, etc. Pretty m uch anyth ingI need to configure in Linux is ready and w aiting form e in th is fantastic controlcenter. It usua ly puts newusers at ease as w e l, since th ey're used to th e controlpanelin W indow s. I k now w h en I w as first introducedto Linux I noted th at th ere w as not a centralplacew h ere I could controla lth ings Linux (alth ough /etcin Slack w are is h andy ). Plus, if you're m issinganyth ing, send a q uick w ord to th e developers andch ances are you'lsee it included very soon. So getused to th at PCLinuxO S ControlCenter! Rem em berth at you can ca lit via th e sh e lusing th e pcccom m and. H opefu ly, th is little tip h as been h elpfultoyou.31

PCLinuxO S M agazineD ISCLAIMER1. A lth e conte nts ofPCLinuxOS Magaz ine (h ttp://m ag.MyPCLinuxOS.com ), are inte nde d for ge ne ralinform ation and/or us eonly. Such conte nts do notcons titute advice and s h ould notbe re lie d upon in m ak ing (or re fraining from m ak ing) any de cis ion.Any s pe cific advice or re plie s to q ue rie s in any partofth e m agaz ine is /are th e pe rs onalopinion(s ) ofs uche xpe rts /cons ultants /pe rs ons and are nots ubs cribe d to by PCLinuxOS Magaz ine .2. Th e inform ation in PCLinuxOS Magaz ine (h ttp://m ag.MyPCLinuxOS.com ), is provide d on an "AS IS" bas is , and a lw arrantie s e xpre s s e d or im plie d, ofany k ind, re garding any m atte r pe rtaining to any inform ation, advice or re plie s , aredis claim e d and e xclude d.3. PCLinuxOS Magaz ine (h ttp://m ag.MyPCLinuxOS.com ), and its as s ociate s s h a lnotbe liable , atany tim e for dam age s(including, w ith outlim itation, dam age s for los s ofany k ind) aris ing in contract, tort, or oth e rw is e from th e us e of, or inability tous e , th e m agaz ine or any ofits conte nts , or from any action tak e n (or re fraine d from be ing tak e n) as a re s ultofus ing th em agaz ine or any s uch conte nts or for failure ofpe rform ance , e rror, om is s ion, inte rruption, de le tion, de fe ct, de lay in ope ration ortrans m is s ion, com pute r virus , com m unications line failure , th e ftor de s truction or unauth oriz e d acce s s to, alte ration of, or us eof, inform ation containe d in th e m agaz ine .4. No re pre s e ntation, w arrantie s , or guarante e s w h ats oe ve r are m ade as to th e accuracy, ade q uacy, re liability, com ple te ne s s ,s uitability, or applicability ofth e inform ation to a particular s ituation.5. Ce rtain link s on th e m agaz ine le ad to re s ource s locate d on oth e r s e rve rs m aintaine d by th ird partie s ove r w h om PCLinuxOSMagaz ine (h ttp://m ag.MyPCLinuxOS.com ) h as no controlor conne ction, bus ine s s or oth e rw is e . Th e s e s ite s are e xte rnaltoPCLinuxOS Magaz ine (h ttp://m ag.MyPCLinuxOS.com ) and by vis iting th e s e , you are doing s o ofyour ow n accord and as s um ea lre s pons ibility for s uch action.Mate rialSub m itte d b y U se rsA m ajority ofs e ctions in th e m agaz ine contain m ate rials s ubm itte d by us e rs . PCLinuxOS Magaz ine(h ttp://m ag.MyPCLinuxOS.com ) acce pts no re s pons ibility for th e conte nt, accuracy, and conform ity to applicable law s ofs uchm ate rial.Entire Agre e m e ntTh e s e ite m s cons titute th e e ntire agre e m e ntbe tw e e n th e partie s w ith re s pe ctto th e s ubje ctm atte r h e re of, and s upe rs e de sand re place s a lprior or conte m porane ous unde rs tandings or agre e m e nts , w ritte n or oral, re garding s uch s ubje ctm atte r.32

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