Porschenews 04/08 The new Panamera is coming.

Porschenews 04/08 The new Panamera is coming.

Porschenews 04/08 The new Panamera is coming.


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PorscheNews <strong>04</strong>/<strong>08</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>coming</strong>.<br />

4 doors, 4 seats-redefined. <strong>The</strong> 4th dimension. It makes<br />

the quartet complete. After 911, Boxster/Cayman and<br />

Cayenne follows the 4th series: a Gran Tour<strong>is</strong>mo in the<br />

premium class. <strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong>.<br />

MICA (P) 103/11/20<strong>08</strong><br />

<strong>The</strong> Cayenne S Transsyberia<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> special Cayenne model<br />

<strong>The</strong> Transsyberia Rally<br />

First six places for Porsche<br />

Porsche Motorsports<br />

Looking back at the ALMS 20<strong>08</strong> season

Further topics:<br />

Porsche Design Driver’s Selection<br />

Exclusive gift ideas.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Porsche 961<br />

For the first time, all-wheel drive in Le Mans.<br />

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia<br />

Porsche racing comes to Singapore.<br />

Round 9 to 12 in Singapore, Shanghai and Bahrain.<br />

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia makes h<strong>is</strong>tory with<br />

first flight.<br />

Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia<br />

First batch of students completes training.<br />

Porsche News in Singapore<br />

Keep yourself up-to-date with the latest <strong>new</strong>s and<br />

events in Singapore.<br />

Dear Porsche Enthusiast,<br />

Rarely has a <strong>new</strong> car been so eagerly awaited.<br />

Rarely has there been so much speculation<br />

beforehand. Now we are pleased to lift the secret<br />

and tell you more about the <strong>Panamera</strong> idea, deriving<br />

from a successful family environment and to show<br />

you the first pictures of the <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong>.<br />

However first read about the success that the<br />

Porsche Cayenne has claimed th<strong>is</strong> year in the<br />

Transsyberia Rally – one of the most demanding<br />

motorsport adventures in the world. Once again,<br />

the Porsche Cayenne proved itself in th<strong>is</strong> competition<br />

with all first six places gained by Porsche! <strong>The</strong> genes<br />

of the competition vehicle are used directly in the<br />

special Cayenne S Transsyberia model.<br />

Furthermore, we will report on the final rounds of<br />

the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia that happened in<br />

Singapore, Shanghai and Bahrain. Th<strong>is</strong> also includes<br />

a story on the exciting and exclusive side events that<br />

led up to the debut of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia<br />

in Singapore and the first-ever air transportation of<br />

the 911 GT3 Cup Cars.<br />

Also read about Porsche After Sales which made<br />

h<strong>is</strong>tory with the first batch of graduates from the<br />

Porsche Training and Recruitment Center Asia.<br />

And we will inform you of the latest Porsche <strong>new</strong>s<br />

and happenings in Singapore.<br />

As an eventful 20<strong>08</strong> has drawn to a close and an<br />

exciting <strong>new</strong> year awaits, we would like to take the<br />

opportunity to w<strong>is</strong>h you a very happy and prosperous<br />

New Year!<br />

Karsono Kwee<br />

Executive Chairman

Off-road with a Porsche?<br />

Th<strong>is</strong> <strong>is</strong> a concept we’ve been<br />

pursuing for over 40 years.<br />

Porsche <strong>is</strong> motorsport, notching up more than<br />

28,000 race victories in the past six decades. For<br />

the most part th<strong>is</strong> has been on asphalt, but also<br />

on gravel, snow, sand and mud. But we wanted to<br />

do more. <strong>The</strong> result: the first Porsche with all-wheel<br />

drive. In 1984 the 911 Carrera 4x4 won the infamous<br />

Par<strong>is</strong>-Dakar Rally. <strong>The</strong> 959 achieved the same in<br />

1986 with a double victory. And to th<strong>is</strong> very day the<br />

success on the world’s rally courses continues: now<br />

the Cayenne <strong>is</strong> also proving its motorsport genes<br />

with its successes.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Transsyberia Rally <strong>is</strong> one of the most demanding<br />

motorsport adventures in the world. And yet the<br />

course <strong>is</strong> actually very simple, starting from Moscow<br />

always heading east for 14 days. Th<strong>is</strong> year was no<br />

exception with 14 days full of tension, despair, team<br />

spirit and laughs.<br />

But it was also 14 days in which the two core<br />

principles of Porsche customer sports clearly came<br />

to the forefront: on the one hand, we support<br />

customers who are motorsport enthusiasts. On<br />

the other, from the most diverse races, we use the<br />

lessons learned in our standard production vehicles.<br />

From th<strong>is</strong> concept, the Cayenne S Transsyberia was<br />

developed as an addition to the Cayenne model range.<br />

A special model adopting numerous features from the<br />

vehicle that competed in the Transsyberia Rally 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

Where should a sports car drive?<br />

In front. No matter where.<br />

<strong>The</strong> heart of the Cayenne S Transsyberia stems from<br />

the Cayenne GTS. <strong>The</strong> 4.8-litre V8 naturally aspirated<br />

engine with direct fuel injection (DFI) and VarioCam<br />

Plus offers greater performance than the Cayenne S.<br />

In addition, the reworked naturally aspirated system<br />

and modifications to the engine electronics deliver<br />

higher performance while simultaneously achieving<br />

higher efficiency.<br />

Engine outputs are 298 kW (405 hp) at 6,500 rpm<br />

and a maximum torque of 500 Nm at 3,500 rpm.<br />

Acceleration from 0 to 100 km/h with manual<br />

transm<strong>is</strong>sion takes only 6.1 s.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sporty 6-speed manual transm<strong>is</strong>sion reliably<br />

implements the power of the engine. <strong>The</strong> shortened<br />

axle ratio compared to the Cayenne S <strong>is</strong> standard.<br />

It increases the agility of the Cayenne S Transsyberia<br />

further still. <strong>The</strong> equally standard sports exhaust<br />

system delivers rich sound.<br />

Off-road the Cayenne S Transsyberia <strong>is</strong> as a sporty<br />

and reliable companion.<br />

<strong>The</strong> standard Porsche Traction Management (PTM)<br />

cons<strong>is</strong>ts of permanent all-wheel drive, which, in basic<br />

mode, d<strong>is</strong>tributes 62% of the engine power to the

<strong>The</strong> Cayenne S Transsyberia<br />

rear wheels and 38% to the front wheels. <strong>The</strong><br />

d<strong>is</strong>tribution ratio can be varied via a controlled<br />

centre differential lock depending on the driving<br />

situation. You can lock the centre differential lock<br />

to 100% for the most difficult terrain.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re are very few things you can<br />

immediately recognize under a layer<br />

of mud.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cayenne series models already stand for powerful<br />

dynamics. Th<strong>is</strong> was pursued further with the<br />

Cayenne S Transsyberia, most obvious in its colour<br />

concept with elements in the respective contrasting<br />

colour. Th<strong>is</strong> <strong>is</strong> remin<strong>is</strong>cent of our long motorsport<br />

tradition, and, upon request, th<strong>is</strong> gives the special<br />

model that eye-catching look of the competition<br />

vehicle.<br />

Four colour variations are available: Black/Orange,<br />

Crystal Silver Metallic/Orange, Meteor Grey Metallic/<br />

Crystal Silver Metallic and Black/Meteor Grey Metallic.<br />

Elements in the contrasting colour: the exterior<br />

mirrors, the lateral fins of the front air intake grill,<br />

the lateral decorative inscriptions, the top part of<br />

the roof spoiler and the 18-inch Cayenne S II wheels.<br />

It’s enough if the track <strong>is</strong> tough.<br />

<strong>The</strong> interior also emphas<strong>is</strong>es the proximity of the<br />

Cayenne S Transsyberia to the competition vehicle.<br />

<strong>The</strong> sports seats with a comfort memory package<br />

are standard. <strong>The</strong>y offer firm cornering support and<br />

their seat centres are made of non-slip Alcantara.<br />

<strong>The</strong> contrasting colour concept continues in the<br />

interior with the trim, belts, instrument dials and<br />

the edges of the floor mats. <strong>The</strong> “Sport” series<br />

aluminium package <strong>is</strong> standard with the colour<br />

variations Meteor Grey Metallic/Crystal Silver<br />

Metallic and Black/Meteor Grey Metallic.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cayenne S Transsyberia appears more direct<br />

and more eye-catching. But that’s how it <strong>is</strong> if you not<br />

only grow up on the road, but also off-road. n<br />

Cayenne S Transsyberia: Fuel consumption in l/100 km 1) : urban 22.6*/20.6**; non-urban 10.9*/10.2**; total 15.1*/13.9**; CO 2 em<strong>is</strong>sions in g/km 1) : 361*/332**<br />

1) <strong>The</strong> data were determined according to the 80/1268/EEC measuring procedure (version valid at time of printing) with standard equipment. <strong>The</strong> information does not refer<br />

to a single vehicle and <strong>is</strong> not a part of the offer; rather it serves solely for the purpose of compar<strong>is</strong>on between the various vehicle types. You can receive further information<br />

on the individual vehicles from your Porsche Centre/dealer.<br />

* Manual transm<strong>is</strong>sion. ** Tiptronic S.

<strong>The</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> Transsyberia Rally<br />

From Moscow to Mongolia:<br />

<strong>The</strong> 20<strong>08</strong> Transsyberia Rally.<br />

7,000 kilometres in 14 days – the Transsyberia Rally<br />

<strong>is</strong> one of the toughest challenges in Rally sports.<br />

Always heading east: from the metropol<strong>is</strong> of Moscow<br />

through the Siberian steppes to the Gobi Desert. Here<br />

arriving <strong>is</strong> all that counts – if at all possible in first<br />

place.<br />

14 stages and 12 special tests<br />

in 14 days.<br />

<strong>The</strong> route led through Siberia, over the Urals and into<br />

the expanses of Mongolia. Fourteen daily stages<br />

through daunting terrain used all the abilities and skills<br />

of the participants and their vehicles. <strong>The</strong> special tests<br />

led through forests, water ditches and mud holes.<br />

Mud instead of asphalt.<br />

After crossing the border into Mongolia, the first note<br />

in the road book read: “End of asphalt”. And indeed<br />

asphalt was nowhere to be found until shortly before<br />

the destination city of Ulaanbaatar. After entering the<br />

country, the route led through barren steppe country<br />

and over steep, rocky dirt roads and hot stages in<br />

desert sand.<br />

And each day brought <strong>new</strong> surpr<strong>is</strong>es: the stretch for<br />

a sand test appeared to be in good condition at<br />

first – until a stormy front put the paths under water<br />

within minutes, making them soggy and impassable.<br />

And the rest of the route right up to the end<br />

destination provided the participants with <strong>new</strong> and<br />

exciting challenges again and again.<br />

<strong>The</strong> toughest challenges for man<br />

and vehicle.<br />

After 14 days, 14 stages, 12 special tests and<br />

7,000 kilometres, 21 of the 34 teams that started<br />

arrived in the Mongolian capital city of Ulaanbaatar.<br />

<strong>The</strong>re the winners were announced. Twelve teams<br />

arrived at the destination with the Cayenne S<br />

Transsyberia and achieved great success: not only<br />

first place was gained by a team in the Porsche<br />

Cayenne S Transsyberia – the Porsche customer<br />

teams achieved all the first six places. Behind Team<br />

France (1 st place), also driving<br />

to success with the Cayenne S Transsyberia were<br />

Team Iberica, Team Porsche Germany 1, Team<br />

Portuguese, Porsche Russia Team 1 and Team<br />

Porsche Germany 2. No less impressive <strong>is</strong> the fact<br />

that all stage victories of the Transsyberia Rally<br />

were driven by a team in the Porsche Cayenne S<br />

Transsyberia. n<br />

You will find more information in our web special at:<br />


<strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>coming</strong><br />

Ideas are like children.<br />

<strong>The</strong>y need a family environment.<br />

We have very clear ideas about how we develop and produce our vehicles, because they have to fulfill the high<br />

demands we place on ourselves. It’s all about quality, environmental protection and safety. And of course<br />

fascination. <strong>The</strong> result? Extraordinary sports cars that embody the passion of Porsche engineers. Originating<br />

from an idea, realized at Porsche. D<strong>is</strong>cover a few of our best ideas to date in th<strong>is</strong> article, including the latest:<br />

a redefinition of the topic 4 doors, 4 seats. <strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong>.<br />

Only three digits can describe th<strong>is</strong><br />

feeling. <strong>The</strong> 911 idea.<br />

Icons, legends, the benchmark. <strong>The</strong> 911. With each<br />

<strong>new</strong> generation it’s a bit ahead of its time. Yet it<br />

remains timeless. At the same time, we’ve never<br />

really changed its core, because we continue to<br />

be convinced of its concept.<br />

Can a sports car be a roadster?<br />

Yes. If it’s a Porsche.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Boxster idea.<br />

<strong>The</strong> basic idea came from the Porsche family. Over<br />

50 years ago, Ferry Porsche had already developed<br />

a concept that had made the 550 Spyder into one<br />

of the most successful race cars of its time: mid-<br />

mounted engine, light-weight construction, low<br />

centre of gravity.<br />

Such good features are a gift, but converting good<br />

features into top performance <strong>is</strong> hard work. <strong>The</strong> result:<br />

like hardly any other vehicle, the Boxster stands for<br />

the sporty interpretation of open driving.<br />

In every family there’s someone<br />

who’s different. <strong>The</strong> Cayman idea.<br />

As an exception, we have allowed ourselves to<br />

be guided by what’s wild inside of us. And by our<br />

experience. <strong>The</strong> result: the Cayman. A sports coupé<br />

on the other side of conform<strong>is</strong>m, because it unites<br />

contradictions. A striking design and a high level of<br />

day-to-day usability, for example. A vehicle that clearly<br />

and directly stands for the sports car experience.<br />

After all, it’s instantly Porsche.<br />

Outside traditional categories.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Cayenne idea.<br />

Only he who tries the impossible again and again<br />

will achieve the possible. No idea <strong>is</strong> too crazy for us.<br />

<strong>The</strong> result: the Cayenne. A vehicle just like th<strong>is</strong> never<br />

ex<strong>is</strong>ted before. Some describe the Cayenne as an all-<br />

terrain vehicle. Others as a sport utility vehicle (SUV).<br />

Actually, it doesn’t fit into any category. Most<br />

importantly, it’s typically Porsche.

<strong>The</strong> 4 th dimension.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> idea.<br />

It makes the quartet complete. After 911, Boxster/<br />

Cayman and Cayenne follows the 4 th series: a Gran<br />

Tur<strong>is</strong>mo in the premium class.<br />

<strong>The</strong> idea: a redefinition of the 4 doors, 4 seats<br />

concept. <strong>The</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> will have a generous offering<br />

of interior space, and at the same time the dynamic<br />

look of a sports car: its body <strong>is</strong> flat and broad. And<br />

just as breathtaking as its performance.<br />

Its comfort – with all its sportiness – <strong>is</strong> high. Typical<br />

Porsche character<strong>is</strong>tics such as performance and<br />

driving dynamics on the one hand as well as long-<br />

d<strong>is</strong>tance comfort and day-to-day usability on the other<br />

hand ensure that the <strong>Panamera</strong> does justice to its<br />

roots: after all, its name <strong>is</strong> derived from the legendary<br />

Carrera Panamericana long-d<strong>is</strong>tance race.<br />

Nothing <strong>is</strong> stronger than an idea whose time has<br />

come.<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>coming</strong>.<br />

Seldom has a Porsche been so impatiently anticipated.<br />

But all th<strong>is</strong> waiting has come to an end: the <strong>new</strong><br />

<strong>Panamera</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>coming</strong>.<br />

Stay tuned to the <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> – we will be happy<br />

to keep you up-to-date.<br />

Simply send us the enclosed response card. And look<br />

forward to the 4 th dimension of sports car driving. n<br />

You will find more information in our web special at:<br />

www.porsche.com<br />

Please tear off<br />

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paid by<br />

Porsche<br />

Singapore 729648<br />

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Eurokars Centre<br />

Stuttgart Auto Pte. Ltd.<br />

Response<br />

<strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>coming</strong>.

<strong>The</strong> <strong>new</strong> <strong>Panamera</strong> <strong>is</strong> <strong>coming</strong>.<br />

Thank you very much for your interest in the <strong>new</strong><br />

<strong>Panamera</strong>. So that we can ass<strong>is</strong>t you in the best<br />

possible way, we ask that you answer the following<br />

questions. In th<strong>is</strong> way, we can send you information on<br />

your chosen topics. We will of course treat any<br />

information you provide in the strictest confidence.<br />

First name/Surname<br />

Street/House Number<br />

Postcode/City<br />

You are also welcome to contact me in the future in the following way:<br />

By telephone<br />

By mobile phone<br />

By e-mail<br />

1. I was born on:<br />

Day/Month/Year<br />

2. I am planning my next vehicle purchase for:<br />

Month Year<br />

3. I am currently driving:<br />

Manufacturer Model c New c Used<br />

Manufacturer Model c New c Used<br />

4. I would like to be contacted by a salesman from the<br />

c responsible Porsche Centre c Porsche Centre<br />

at the phone number indicated above.<br />

Date Signature<br />

We look forward to your response.<br />

You can send th<strong>is</strong> card back to us by fax to the<br />

following number: +65 6363 3911<br />

(please enter name)<br />

5. Please keep me up-to-date about Porsche in the future: c Yes c No<br />

I would like to use the advantages of Porsche Customer Support. I therefore give my consent that my data entered here will be stored in a<br />

central database managed by Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG and will be merged with other data – to the extent that they ex<strong>is</strong>t – from the Porsche<br />

group. <strong>The</strong> data (including phone number and e-mail – if not desired, please cross out th<strong>is</strong> parenthetical clause) will be exclusively used by the<br />

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Porsche Asia Pacific and the responsible Porsche Centre as well as the so-ordered service providers for purposes<br />

of market and opinion research and for information about products and services of the Porsche Group. My once given consent can be revoked<br />

at any time – a brief message will suffice.<br />

Confidential data: Please seal th<strong>is</strong> response card below.<br />

Please tear off<br />

PDDS Gift Ideas.<br />

Porsche Key USB stick<br />

Folding memory stick based on the design of the<br />

<strong>new</strong> Porsche vehicle key. 2GB storage capacity.<br />

Compatible with various operating systems and<br />

the <strong>new</strong> PCM/CDR-30. Black with chrome detail.<br />

Dimensions: 53.5 x 38 x 19.5 mm.<br />

WAP <strong>04</strong>0 712 19<br />

Handbag<br />

With detachable clear interior bag for cosmetics.<br />

Ideal for air travel. Zipped interior compartment<br />

and additional compartments. Textured cowhide.<br />

Available in dark brown with beige lining or cream<br />

with dark brown lining. Dimensions: 44 x 16 x 26 cm<br />

WAP 030 110 19 (dark brown)<br />

WAP 030 120 19 (cream)<br />

Purse with Swarovski crystals<br />

PDDS Gift Ideas<br />

Note compartment, coin pouch and three credit-<br />

card slots. Ring with Swarovski crystals. Embossed<br />

Porsche logo on the front. Made from grey/bronze<br />

patent leather. Dimensions: 10.5 x 8 cm.<br />

WAP 030 107 19

<strong>The</strong> Porsche 961<br />

With all-wheel drive in Le Mans:<br />

the Porsche 961.<br />

<strong>The</strong> successes of the Par<strong>is</strong>-Dakar Rally in 1986<br />

motivated the Porsche engineers to develop a <strong>new</strong><br />

super sports car. For the first time ever, an<br />

all-wheel drive Porsche was to enter the high-calibre<br />

Le Mans race.<br />

Zuffenhausen in the spring of 1986: after the<br />

Porsche 959 had already come in first, second<br />

and sixth in January at the Par<strong>is</strong>-Dakar Rally, the<br />

We<strong>is</strong>sach engineers worked under high pressure<br />

on another version of the super sports car. Beside<br />

the series versions of the 959 introduced in 1985,<br />

Porsche also wanted to prove the versatility of the<br />

technological showpiece fitted with all-wheel drive<br />

and bi-turbo progressive supercharging on the race<br />

circuit. <strong>The</strong> name of the race car project real<strong>is</strong>ed<br />

from February to May 1986 under the direction of<br />

Roland Ku maul: Porsche type 961. With th<strong>is</strong> car,<br />

t Group photo of the Porsche types 959 Par<strong>is</strong>-Dakar, 959 Coupe and Porsche 961 (1986)<br />

Porsche wanted to have an all-wheel drive race car<br />

at the starting line for the first time in the h<strong>is</strong>tory of<br />

the 24-hour Le Mans Race.<br />

At the starting line with over 600 hp.<br />

<strong>The</strong> race car was prepared according to the rules<br />

of the IMSA-GTX category, since up until the start<br />

of the race on 31 May 1986 the 200 series vehicles<br />

of the 959 required for the homologation in<br />

Group B had not yet been completed. All the same,<br />

only relatively few interventions were necessary to<br />

turn the road-approved Porsche 959 into a true-blue<br />

Le Mans race car. For example, the transm<strong>is</strong>sion<br />

and brake callipers corresponded to that of the<br />

standard version of the 959. Special attention was<br />

paid to the aerodynamics of the weight-optim<strong>is</strong>ed<br />

plastic body, which was completely designed for<br />

Porsche type 961 in Le Mans 1987<br />

maximum downforce. <strong>The</strong> engine performance was<br />

optim<strong>is</strong>ed with a focus on reliability to a steady 640<br />

hp with 7800/min – almost 200 hp more than the<br />

standard version.<br />

Success in white.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Porsche 961 was piloted by the race car<br />

drivers Ren Metge and Claude Ballot-Lena for the<br />

24 hours of the 1986 Le Mans. Since no sponsor<br />

could be acquired at such short notice, the 961<br />

went to the starting line in the traditional German<br />

racing colour “white”. After a nearly error-free<br />

race, the unusual Porsche placed seventh in the<br />

overall ranking among the technically superior<br />

Group C race cars and won in the IMSA-GTX class<br />

category. After being raced again at a sprint in<br />

Daytona in October of 1986, the Porsche 961<br />

also completed the Stuttgart factory team in 1987<br />

at the 24-hour Le Mans race. However, th<strong>is</strong> was<br />

less fortunate than before. Now painted in<br />

the colours of the sponsor Rothman, the 961<br />

prematurely left the race after 17 hours due to a<br />

driver error. Nonetheless, th<strong>is</strong> race was a success<br />

for Porsche. In addition to the overall victory by<br />

the Porsche 962, the 961 – used as a “rolling<br />

development laboratory” – delivered numerous<br />

findings for serial construction. n

American Le Mans Series<br />

Results of the American Le Mans Series 20<strong>08</strong>:<br />

Porsche takes all championship titles.<br />

<strong>The</strong> American Le Mans Series fin<strong>is</strong>hed dramatically in<br />

the final race at Laguna Seca, CA. Porsche’s string of<br />

successes in recent years continued unabated: driver,<br />

team and the manufacturers’ championship in LMP2<br />

and in the GT2 class are all in the bag.<br />

Successful season kick-off in Florida.<br />

<strong>The</strong> American Le Mans Series (ALMS) <strong>is</strong> modelled<br />

on the classic 24-hour race of Le Mans. <strong>The</strong><br />

championship <strong>is</strong> decided over 11 races during the<br />

season in various classes. Th<strong>is</strong> season began with<br />

a triumph for Porsche: the RS Spyder came out as<br />

overall winner in the legendary 12 hours of Sebring,<br />

making th<strong>is</strong> the 18 th victory overall in th<strong>is</strong> traditional<br />

long d<strong>is</strong>tance race.<br />

Five victories for the Porsche<br />

RS Spyder and victory in the<br />

efficiency rating.<br />

Altogether, the RS Spyder was able to chalk up five<br />

wins in the American Le Mans Series. Th<strong>is</strong> was not<br />

least due to technological advances: for example,<br />

direct fuel injection (DFI) was introduced during the<br />

season. Thanks to th<strong>is</strong>, the performance of the<br />

RS Spyder jumped from 478 hp to 503 hp, while at<br />

the same time cutting consumption. Consequently,<br />

among the prototypes in the penultimate race of<br />

ALMS 20<strong>08</strong>, Porsche took the chequered flag at the<br />

“Petit Le Mans” in the “Green Challenge”, a special<br />

rating for the most fuel efficient car. Th<strong>is</strong> technology<br />

<strong>is</strong> also used in the series: for example, the <strong>new</strong> 911<br />

and Cayenne models likew<strong>is</strong>e have engines with<br />

direct fuel injection (DFI).<br />

t Porsche RS Spyder in Sebring, USA (ALMS season 20<strong>08</strong>)<br />

s Porsche GT3 RSR and RS Spyder in Salt Lake City, USA (ALMS season 20<strong>08</strong>)<br />

Season ends with all championship<br />

titles won by Porsche.<br />

In 20<strong>08</strong>, Porsche was once again the most<br />

successful manufacturer in the American Le Mans<br />

Series. At the season’s finale in Laguna Seca,<br />

Porsche secured the manufacturer title in the<br />

prototype class LMP2 and also in the GT2 sports<br />

car class, and thereby took all titles it was eligible<br />

for. In the final race, third place for Timo Bernhard<br />

and Romain Dumas in the Porsche RS Spyder was<br />

sufficient to take the manufacturer title. Timo<br />

Bernhard summed up the exhausting season as<br />

follows: “That was the toughest season of my<br />

career. We succeeded in winning every title only<br />

because we cons<strong>is</strong>tently scored points in every<br />

race.”<br />

Porsche triumphs in Europe, too.<br />

<strong>The</strong> European Le Mans series also offers first rate<br />

motor sport with full starting fields featuring the world’s<br />

fastest LMP1, LMP2, GT1 and GT2 sports cars.<br />

For the first time in the 20<strong>08</strong> season, the three<br />

RS Spyders complemented the line-up of the ex<strong>is</strong>ting<br />

911 GT3 RSR customer teams in the European<br />

Le Mans series. <strong>The</strong> debut itself was a complete<br />

success. Van Merksteijn Motorsport, Team Essex<br />

and Horag took the first three places in the team<br />

rating with class victories in all five races, and<br />

the title for Porsche in the manufacturer rating in<br />

the LMP2 class. Among the 911 GT3 RSR teams,<br />

Felbermayer-Proton took second place in the<br />

championship in the close-to-production GT2<br />

class with Porsche factory drivers Marc Lieb and<br />

Alex Dav<strong>is</strong>ion.<br />

Porsche, along with all the winners, <strong>is</strong> delighted with<br />

th<strong>is</strong> triumphant season and would like to thank the<br />

teams and partners. n

Porsche Racing Comes to Singapore<br />

Porsche Racing Comes to Singapore.<br />

Singapore put itself firmly on the motorsport<br />

map with the recent Porsche SC Global Carrera<br />

Cup Asia – Singapore 20<strong>08</strong> race leading up to<br />

the sensational first ever Formula One night race<br />

around the Marina Bay street circuit.<br />

<strong>The</strong> electrifying build up had the whole of the<br />

nation feeling the need for speed with a myriad<br />

of activities, contests and d<strong>is</strong>plays to give local<br />

fans and motorsport enthusiasts a taste for the<br />

extraordinary excitement of the Porsche Carrera<br />

Cup Asia.<br />

L<strong>is</strong>teners got to know more about the Porsche<br />

Carrera Cup Asia series and about the Singapore<br />

related teams and drivers through interviews on<br />

radio’s Class95 Morning Show with Glenn Ong in the<br />

weeks leading up to the race.<br />

Lucky radio contests winners were able to get a<br />

first hand appreciation of being behind the wheel<br />

through a simulator challenge where they tested<br />

their virtual racing mettle against some of the series<br />

drivers in Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars.<br />

Members of the Singaporean media and the radio<br />

contest winners went wheel-to-wheel with 20<strong>04</strong><br />

PCCA Champion, SC Global Racing’s Matthew<br />

t Melvin Choo, Matthew Marsh and Ringo Chong (from left to right) at the slot car<br />

challenge at Bug<strong>is</strong> Junction Shopping Mall on September 20, 20<strong>08</strong><br />

s In the fast lane – Greg and brother Gerald (left and in the middle) racing at<br />

Bug<strong>is</strong> Junction on September 25, 20<strong>08</strong><br />

Marsh, along with Ringo Chong, and Team Porsche<br />

Club Singapore racers Greg and Gerald Teo. Lucky<br />

winner Muhammad Far<strong>is</strong> Bin Abdul Mutalib walked<br />

away with two, 3-day grandstand tickets for the<br />

20<strong>08</strong> FORMULA 1 SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.<br />

Another exhilarating challenge saw 15 contest<br />

winners plus members of the local media pit their<br />

wits against some of the top drivers in the Porsche<br />

SC Global Carrera Cup Asia – Singapore 20<strong>08</strong> Slot<br />

Car Challenge on 20 and 25 September. <strong>The</strong>se<br />

events held at Bug<strong>is</strong> Junction Mall attracted a big<br />

crowd and the contenders who emerged as the<br />

champions could take home a pair of grandstand<br />

tickets as well as an Adidas gift voucher, while the<br />

s <strong>The</strong> Prime Society at Dempsey Hill in Singapore – host of the PCCA<br />

Welcome Dinner<br />

winner of the second event could also walk away<br />

with a custom<strong>is</strong>ed Mobil 1 race helmet.<br />

To mark th<strong>is</strong> exciting grand PCCA Singapore debut<br />

in style, more than 200 special guests including<br />

PCCA drivers and teams, representatives of the<br />

series partners, Porsche Asia Pacific as well as the<br />

motorsport department of Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG<br />

attended a dinner party hosted by <strong>The</strong> Prime Society,<br />

Dempsey Road on 25 September.<br />

After welcome speeches by Chr<strong>is</strong>ter Ekberg,<br />

Managing Director of Porsche Asia Pacific Pte Ltd<br />

and Ingrid Prasatya, Founder and Director of <strong>The</strong><br />

Prime Society, guests tucked into a delicious feast<br />

prepared by guest chef Damon Amos, from Br<strong>is</strong>bane’s<br />

award-winning steakhouse, Cha Cha Char’s. Everyone<br />

t Gourmet brunch served at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel InterContinental<br />

also enjoyed the live jazz entertainment and special<br />

drinks that were created exclusively for th<strong>is</strong> event.<br />

A perfect start to the following race weekend from<br />

26 to 28 September in Singapore.<br />

Meanwhile fans were able to get up close to the<br />

real deal – a stunning quartet of Porsches including<br />

a 911 Carrera S Cabriolet, a Boxster, a Cayman S<br />

and a Cayenne GTS on d<strong>is</strong>play at the lobby area<br />

of the Hotel InterContinental from 25 September to<br />

1 October.<br />

In preparation to an exciting race day, the PCCA<br />

organ<strong>is</strong>ation welcomed over 500 guests including<br />

PCCA drivers and team members, sponsors and<br />

special guests such as Wolfgang Duerheimer,<br />

Executive Vice President Research & Development<br />

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Karsono Kwee, Executive<br />

Chairman of Porsche Centre Singapore and Simon<br />

Cheong, Chairman and CEO of event title partner<br />

SC Global Developments to enjoy a relaxed brunch<br />

at the Grand Ballroom of the Hotel InterContinental.<br />

Later that evening more than 100,000 spectators<br />

lined the streets of the Marina Bay Circuit for th<strong>is</strong><br />

highly anticipated Round 9 contest. Read more<br />

about the results of th<strong>is</strong> race and the season finals<br />

on the following pages. n<br />

t Special guests: Karsono Kwee, Simon Cheong, Chr<strong>is</strong>ter Ekberg,<br />

Dr Andreas Offermann and Wolfgang Duerheimer (from left to right)

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia<br />

s <strong>The</strong> Porsche SC Global Carrera Cup Asia – Singapore 20<strong>08</strong> blasting off the grid<br />

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia –<br />

A Thrilling End to 20<strong>08</strong>.<br />

When racing resumed in the fall, it was with a<br />

moment the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, its teams<br />

and drivers will never forget, as they took their place<br />

in motorsport h<strong>is</strong>tory at the 20<strong>08</strong> Formula 1<br />

SingTel Singapore Grand Prix.<br />

With an event title sponsor on board, Singapore<br />

leading luxury residential property developer SC<br />

Global Developments, 19 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup cars<br />

took to the grid for Porsche Asia Pacific’s first ever<br />

“home” race on the streets of Singapore.<br />

Not only were the eyes of the world on Singapore as<br />

it hosted its first ever Formula One Grand Prix, but<br />

the brand <strong>new</strong> Marina Bay street circuit represented<br />

a level playing field for all the drivers.<br />

Resplendent in <strong>new</strong> Noble Group livery, Sugden<br />

took Singapore’s first Porsche pole position, while<br />

O’Young, just a tenth of a second slower, lined up<br />

beside him. Class B pole-sitter was Hammam.<br />

<strong>The</strong> drama began from the moment the lights<br />

went out at the beginning of the 12-lap race when<br />

Sugden was judged to have jumped the start. <strong>The</strong><br />

GruppeM racer was not aware he had been handed<br />

a penalty until after the chequered flag and so it<br />

was O’Young, who ran second the entire race, who<br />

became the eventual winner. Although he didn’t<br />

have the sat<strong>is</strong>faction of crossing the line first, the<br />

points earned for the win crucially strengthened<br />

Team Jebsen’s position at the front of the charge<br />

to the title.<br />

In their home event, the Singapore drivers put on a<br />

strong showing in Class B, with Choo winning the<br />

category from Hammam and Team Porsche Club<br />

Singapore Racing guest driver Tan Ian Mao.<br />

As the 20<strong>08</strong> season neared its conclusion, anyone<br />

who thought a clear champion would emerge could<br />

not have been wider off the mark. A spectacular<br />

Round 10 in Shanghai, the third time the 20<strong>08</strong><br />

series appeared on the FIA Formula One World<br />

Championship support programme, brought the four<br />

Class A title contenders even closer together.<br />

Sugden took pole position ahead of Jones, beating<br />

the Australian by just three one-hundredths of a<br />

second. O’Young qualified fourth. In Class B, it was<br />

category leader Choo who took pole, ahead of rivals<br />

Hammam and Ma.<br />

As race day dawned, little did the drivers know that<br />

the Class A championship standings were about to be<br />

completely reshuffled.<br />

Although Sugden and Jones took the front row of the<br />

grid, it was Menzel who roared into the lead after the<br />

pair touched, with the Briton spinning and dropping<br />

down the order. As Menzel headed off to take victory,<br />

Jones, who had sustained some car damage in th<strong>is</strong><br />

start incident, soldiered on to take second, with Lee<br />

taking the final podium place.<br />

Sugden had clawed h<strong>is</strong> way back through the field to<br />

fin<strong>is</strong>h fourth, keeping him in championship contention.<br />

However, d<strong>is</strong>aster had struck O’Young when<br />

t Chr<strong>is</strong>tian Jones, Marchy Lee and Chr<strong>is</strong>tian Menzel (from left to right) celebrating<br />

their victories in Shanghai<br />

s Part of the Marina Bay Street Circuit – the Anderson bridge<br />

suspension problems forced a pit stop, instantly<br />

wiping out h<strong>is</strong> hard-earned points lead.<br />

<strong>The</strong> four Class A drivers were now separated by<br />

just seven points.<br />

In Class B, Hammam took the victory after pole-<br />

sitter Choo retired, followed across the line by<br />

Tresidder and Ma. Despite h<strong>is</strong> retirement, Choo<br />

retained h<strong>is</strong> place atop the Class B leaderboard,<br />

but as in Class A, the title was far from decided.<br />

As the series prepared for its Middle East debut<br />

and the championship-deciding double header, a<br />

mere seven points separated the four Class A title<br />

aspirants: Jones, who came so close to taking the<br />

title in 2007, out to prove h<strong>is</strong> sportscar credentials;<br />

O’Young in the hunt for a second title; Menzel,<br />

respected in Europe and determined to make h<strong>is</strong>

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia<br />

mark in Asia; and Sugden, defending champion. <strong>The</strong><br />

stage was set for a truly remarkable season-closer.<br />

For its Middle East debut just three weeks after<br />

racing in Shanghai, the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia<br />

needed to transport the cars from Singapore<br />

to Bahrain in double-quick time. With the help of<br />

Singapore Airlines Cargo, the 19 race cars became<br />

the first fleet of Carrera Cup cars to be transported<br />

by air.<br />

<strong>The</strong> weekend’s qualifying session offered further<br />

proof that the championship would come down to<br />

the wire in the very last race, when all four Class A<br />

championship-contenders reserved the first two rows<br />

of the grid for the start of Round 11. On pole was<br />

Menzel, joined in the front row by O’Young. Jones<br />

and Sugden compr<strong>is</strong>ed the second row, while Marsh<br />

matched h<strong>is</strong> best qualifying position of the season to<br />

start from fifth on the grid. In Class B, it was class-<br />

leader Choo who took pole, extending h<strong>is</strong> lead over<br />

Hammam with the one extra point earned.<br />

t Season final at the Bahrain International Circuit<br />

Round 11 got off to what Sugden described as a<br />

more well-behaved start than he had anticipated given<br />

the intensity of the situation. Menzel got away well, but<br />

by the end of the lap, O’Young had pulled alongside<br />

of him and seconds later, made a crucial overtaking<br />

maneuver to grab the lead. While Menzel stayed<br />

close, O’Young stayed out front to take the victory.<br />

O’Young’s win vaulted him to the top of the points<br />

standings, with Jones, who fin<strong>is</strong>hed fourth in the race,<br />

now second. However, with Sugden fin<strong>is</strong>hing third,<br />

all four original contenders were all still in with a shot<br />

at the title, separated by just eight points. With just<br />

a few short hours until the final round of the season,<br />

tension filled the air.<br />

Choo won Class B ahead of Hammam and Kim and,<br />

with the win, Choo’s buffer stood at six points.<br />

On pole for the final round – and for the championship<br />

– O’Young lost the lead to Menzel on the first corner<br />

of the first lap. Behind the pair, Jones continued to<br />

push in third, with Sugden and Lee running fourth and<br />

fifth respectively.<br />

As Menzel and O’Young pulled out a gap at the front,<br />

the battle for the final podium place was heating up.<br />

At first it looked to be Jones, but the Australian’s<br />

hopes were sadly dashed as Sugden and Lee both<br />

got by him.<br />

Secure in the knowledge a second place fin<strong>is</strong>h would<br />

clinch the title for him and Team Jebsen, O’Young<br />

was taking no chances. So it was Sugden and Lee,<br />

fighting for third, who provided the best racing of the<br />

weekend. <strong>The</strong> two went head-to-head, racing hard<br />

but fair, right to the chequered flag, with Sugden<br />

roaring into third place on the fin<strong>is</strong>h line. Jones’<br />

championship fate was sealed.<br />

Class B was no less dramatic. Choo was forced out<br />

of the race early. With h<strong>is</strong> retirement, the title was<br />

Hammam’s for the taking and the Malaysian fin<strong>is</strong>hed<br />

the championship ahead of both Choo and Tresidder.<br />

With the champions crowned, the celebrations got<br />

underway and all involved were able to reflect on<br />

a fantastic season, one which will certainly not be<br />

forgotten. n<br />

Final Standings Overall<br />

s PCCA 20<strong>08</strong> overall Champion – Darryl O’ Young of Team Jebsen from Hong Kong<br />

s Championship Dinner at the Awali Ballroom at Sheraton Bahraion Hotel<br />

Place Car No. Driver Team Points<br />

1 55 Darryl O’YOUNG Team Jebsen 196<br />

2 99 Chr<strong>is</strong>tian MENZEL Team StarChase 194<br />

3 88 Tim SUGDEN GruppeM Racing 186<br />

Final Standings Class B<br />

1 51 Tunku HAMMAM – 203<br />

2 69 Melvin CHOO Kwok Ming CorumThunderAsia Racing 189<br />

3 23 Paul TRESIDDER Pelorus Property Group/Assetz 174

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Makes H<strong>is</strong>tory<br />

Porsche Carrera Cup Asia Makes H<strong>is</strong>tory<br />

with First Flight.<br />

As the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia continues to<br />

expand its motorsport horizons further yet, the<br />

first-ever air transportation of the impressive fleet<br />

of 19 Porsche 911 GT3 Cup racing cars took place<br />

on November 2. Singapore Airlines Cargo flew the<br />

valuable freight to the Middle East for the season<br />

grand finale at the Bahrain International Circuit,<br />

the first time ever that racecars from a Carrera<br />

Cup series have been transported by air anywhere<br />

in the world.<br />

On November 2, the cars departed Singapore’s<br />

Changi International Airport on a chartered<br />

Singapore Airlines Cargo Boeing 747-400 freighter,<br />

and arrived the following day in plenty of time for the<br />

season finale which was held on November 7 and 8.<br />

Though the race cars are usually transported by<br />

sea freight, the tight turnaround time of less than<br />

t <strong>The</strong> 911 GT3 Cup cars ready for boarding<br />

three weeks from the Formula One support event<br />

in Shanghai to the season-closer and the d<strong>is</strong>tance<br />

to the Middle East, meant that the Porsche Carrera<br />

Cup Asia took to the air for the first time in its<br />

h<strong>is</strong>tory.<br />

Singapore Airlines Cargo was pleased to play an<br />

important part of the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia<br />

organ<strong>is</strong>ation.<br />

“For the first time in the h<strong>is</strong>tory of the Porsche<br />

Carrera Cup Asia, race cars were transported by air<br />

to Bahrain after the race in Shanghai,” Mr. Tan Tiow<br />

Kor, Senior Vice President, Sales and Marketing for<br />

Singapore Airlines Cargo said. “<strong>The</strong> Porsche brand<br />

<strong>is</strong> world-renowned for its technical and service<br />

excellence, and we are very pleased to know, that<br />

in selecting Singapore Airlines Cargo to transport<br />

their race cars, we have met Porsche’s exacting<br />

service requirements. We are proud of th<strong>is</strong><br />

association and look forward to grow our<br />

partnership with Porsche.”<br />

On November 1st, the cars arrived by sea from<br />

Shanghai and were unloaded at Changi Airport in<br />

Singapore. Each of the 19 cars had to be prepared<br />

for the flight to ensure that they fully complied with<br />

aviation safety regulations. All fuel was emptied<br />

from the cars, and batteries d<strong>is</strong>connected.<br />

<strong>The</strong> following day, once prepared, the cars were<br />

loaded through the front and side of the plane - with<br />

five double-decked car racks and the remaining nine<br />

cars and equipment on a single level – and checked<br />

to ensure they were all safely secured. Two<br />

operations executives from series partner Racing<br />

Log<strong>is</strong>tics International (RLI) traveled with the cargo<br />

to ensure all went well in-flight.<br />

After the 7.5-hour direct flight to Bahrain, the cars<br />

were unloaded onto trucks, transported by road,<br />

and arrived in their paddock at the track at 4 a.m.<br />

on November 3rd.<br />

Awaiting the cars in the paddock were the crack<br />

team of engineers and mechanics from Malaysia’s<br />

EKS Motorsport, who ensured all 19 cars will be<br />

in pr<strong>is</strong>tine race condition for when the teams and<br />

drivers arrive at the track.<br />

t Arrival at the Bahrain International Circuit<br />

s <strong>The</strong> PCCA race cars entering the cabinet<br />

<strong>The</strong> 19 cars amounted to approximately 22 tonnes<br />

of cargo, while another 28 tonnes were allocated<br />

for spare parts and equipment.<br />

“For so many cars, it’s relatively light because<br />

each car <strong>is</strong> so light,” Dr. Henrik Dreier, Porsche<br />

Asia Pacific’s Regional Manager Marketing said.<br />

“In the Porsche Carrera Cup Asia, we have a fully-<br />

comprehensive ‘Arrive and Drive’ concept. Our<br />

spare parts are centrally managed as are all the<br />

log<strong>is</strong>tics, including transportation of cars, parts and<br />

equipment. Th<strong>is</strong> allows us to maxim<strong>is</strong>e efficiency<br />

and costs.”<br />

<strong>The</strong> Porsche Carrera Cup Asia drivers bid their cars<br />

farewell in Shanghai and were then set to see them<br />

again more than 6,800 kilometres and just two<br />

weeks later, shining, in perfect technical condition<br />

and ready to race at the Bahrain International<br />

Circuit. Porsche just gave “arrive and drive” a whole<br />

<strong>new</strong> meaning! n

Porsche After Sales<br />

First batch of students completes training<br />

at the Porsche Training and Recruitment<br />

Center Asia.<br />

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Porsche Asia Pacific,<br />

PGA Cars, the official Porsche importer in the<br />

Philippines, and Don Bosco Technical Institute<br />

were proud to launch the Porsche Training and<br />

Recruitment Center Asia (PTRCA) on 2 April 20<strong>08</strong>,<br />

offering a six-month training programme on Porsche<br />

Service Mechatronics. Upon completion of the<br />

programme, trainees, most of whom are less-<br />

privileged youths, will graduate with a world-class<br />

technical training and are assured employment<br />

abroad at selected Porsche Centres worldwide.<br />

Now, PTRCA <strong>is</strong> proud to present its first batch of<br />

16 graduates.<br />

t <strong>The</strong> first batch of 16 graduates of PTRCA<br />

To get the programme off the ground, training<br />

prem<strong>is</strong>es were set-up at at Porsche Centre<br />

Philippines. <strong>The</strong> training room <strong>is</strong> equipped with<br />

modern audio v<strong>is</strong>ual presentation technology and can<br />

be converted into a practical engine training room to<br />

facilitate for a better learning experience. <strong>The</strong> PTRCA<br />

<strong>is</strong> also equipped with up-to-date diagnostic equipment<br />

and <strong>is</strong> fully author<strong>is</strong>ed to carry out all maintenance<br />

and repair works in accordance to international<br />

manufacturer standards. In addition to that,<br />

Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG, Porsche Asia Pacific<br />

and PGA Cars also donated a <strong>new</strong> Porsche Training<br />

s Gaining theoretical knowledge <strong>is</strong> one part of the programme<br />

classroom to the Don Bosco Technical Institute which<br />

will be used as an engine testing room.<br />

In an effort to supplement their technical know-<br />

how, Berlitz, an internationally renowned language<br />

institution establ<strong>is</strong>hed 130 years ago, was engaged<br />

to teach them Engl<strong>is</strong>h, communication skills and<br />

intercultural training. <strong>The</strong> scholars also honed their<br />

computer skills and familiar<strong>is</strong>ed themselves with the<br />

Porsche After Sales related systems and Internet<br />

tools.<br />

Aside from the comprehensive course equipping<br />

the scholars with theory and practical knowledge,<br />

PTRCA also aims to inculcate in their scholars the<br />

importance of teamwork. One such example was<br />

seen in the team building activity “float race” where<br />

these scholars had to come together and design,<br />

plan the build-up, delegate tasks and finally erect a<br />

bamboo raft for an exciting team competition.<br />

With the well-rounded training and education received,<br />

graduates can look forward to using their <strong>new</strong>ly-<br />

found skills their advantage when they leave PTRCA.<br />

In fact, Reynaldo Labasan Cornejo Jr, a graduate<br />

from the first batch of the programme, has been<br />

s Team building activity “float race”<br />

s Hands-on demonstration on a real boxer engine<br />

employed by Al Nobooda Automobiles in Dubai. When<br />

asked about h<strong>is</strong> <strong>new</strong> appointment, he <strong>is</strong> ecstatic<br />

about the opportunity and thanked h<strong>is</strong> instructors for<br />

making a positive impact on him and preparing him<br />

for h<strong>is</strong> <strong>new</strong> post.<br />

<strong>The</strong> inauguration of PTRCA signifies Porsche’s<br />

commitment to providing customers with only the<br />

finest vehicles in the world, backed by its superior<br />

and excellent After Sales service. As of now, the 2nd<br />

batch of scholars has already started their six-month<br />

technical training and they can certainly look forward<br />

to more challenges and opportunities ahead. n

Porsche in Singapore<br />

Back to School for the <strong>new</strong> 911.<br />

In order to herald the <strong>new</strong>, Porsche Centre<br />

Singapore first paid tribute to the past at the recent<br />

exclusive launch of the <strong>new</strong> Porsche 911 Carrera<br />

and Carrera S held at Anglo Chinese School (Barker).<br />

Widely regarded throughout the automobile industry<br />

to be both a design icon and a technological<br />

benchmark, the 911 <strong>is</strong> an outstanding symbol of<br />

Porsche’s long h<strong>is</strong>tory of motoring excellence.<br />

In celebration of th<strong>is</strong> great heritage, guests at<br />

the event were treated to the striking sight of a<br />

breathtaking collection of 911 models from the past<br />

45 years on d<strong>is</strong>play below the ACS clock tower.<br />

A fascinating retrospective photo exhibition featuring<br />

prints of Porsche owners and their cars over the<br />

years was also on showcase bringing to life the<br />

launch theme of “<strong>The</strong> 911 Class Reunion”.<br />

Meanwhile <strong>new</strong> memories were being created as<br />

guests enjoyed having their pictures taken with the<br />

line up of heritage and recent 911 models as a<br />

lasting memento of the occasion.<br />

When it was time for the much anticipated reveal,<br />

dramatic lighting and sound effects created a buzz<br />

t Guests taking a closer look at the <strong>new</strong> 911<br />

s <strong>The</strong> 911 Class Reunion at the Anglo Chinese School<br />

of excitement then guests were dazzled by a stunning<br />

d<strong>is</strong>play of agility by a pair of acrobats. Demonstrating<br />

the <strong>new</strong> Porsche Doppelkupplung (PDK), Porsche’s<br />

double-clutch gearbox, one showcased the smooth<br />

transition of seven forward gears while comparing<br />

it against the other with conventional automatic<br />

transm<strong>is</strong>sion. A fire dancer enthralled the audience<br />

with her languid dance movements to highlight the<br />

<strong>new</strong> Direct Fuel Injection engine.<br />

After th<strong>is</strong> stunning v<strong>is</strong>ual feast, the highly anticipated<br />

<strong>new</strong> models were unveiled for the guests to enjoy for<br />

the rest of the evening. It was a “Class Reunion” truly<br />

befitting Porsche’s long tradition of excellence and<br />

innovation. n<br />

When the Ultimate Roadster Meets<br />

Stunning Coupé.<br />

More powerful and with striking <strong>new</strong> looks, the<br />

limited edition Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2<br />

and Cayman S Sport were d<strong>is</strong>played in their full<br />

glory at an exclusive preview hosted by Porsche<br />

Centre Singapore recently.<br />

Porsche owners and enthusiasts viewed these<br />

limited edition models along with a sumptuous local<br />

buffet. Both of these special <strong>new</strong> models develop<br />

303 hp from 3.4 litres, 8 hp more than the respective<br />

S models; and come with a wide range of exclusive<br />

equipment highlighted by the striking design of<br />

the cars.<br />

<strong>The</strong> Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 sets <strong>new</strong><br />

standards for the production colour Carrara White.<br />

A long time mainstay in Porsche’s colour range, it<br />

now receives additional emphas<strong>is</strong> in the <strong>new</strong> Boxster.<br />

<strong>The</strong> star-spoke rims on the 19-inch SportDesign<br />

wheels featured as standard, the side air intakes,<br />

the centre console and the dials on the three round<br />

instruments are also fin<strong>is</strong>hed in white. Sporting<br />

grey stripes extend lengthw<strong>is</strong>e along the body<br />

accentuating the brilliant white fin<strong>is</strong>h of the car in<br />

the same soph<strong>is</strong>ticated style as the red rear lights.<br />

Complementing perfectly, the colours of the roof and<br />

leather upholstery featured as standard are timeless<br />

and classical throughout in Stone Grey and Black.<br />

t Cayman S Sport<br />

s Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2<br />

Boasting more bold and vibrant colour, the<br />

Cayman S Sport comes as standard in the GT3<br />

colours Orange and Green, proudly bearing its model<br />

designation on the side. Further colours available<br />

on th<strong>is</strong> special model are Black, Indian Red, Speed<br />

Yellow and Carrara White, as well as Arctic Silver<br />

Metallic available at extra cost.<br />

As on the GT3, black rims, exterior mirrors and<br />

air intake grills form a sporting contrast also<br />

complementing the black interior design package<br />

and circular instruments without the usual binnacle<br />

on top. Over and above the 303 hp flat-six power<br />

unit, Porsche Active Suspension Management (PASM)<br />

<strong>is</strong> featured as standard, lowering the entire car by<br />

ten millimetres, and five-millimetre spacers beneath<br />

the 19-inch SportDesign wheels provide an<br />

impressive touch of power and performance.<br />

Only 700 units of the Cayman S Sport and 500 units<br />

of the Boxster S Porsche Design Edition 2 will be<br />

produced, making it an even more special thrill for<br />

guests to be privy to th<strong>is</strong> special showcase. n

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