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Section PDF - SCampus - University of Southern California

Honor SocietiesSCampus 2012-1358Discovery ScholarsThe Discovery Scholarsprogram recognizesundergraduateswho have producedexceptional originalscholarship orcreative work at USCwhile compiling adistinguished overallacademic record.Students compete fora selected numberof annual DiscoveryScholar Prizes of$10,000, awardedat graduation forthe purpose of postbaccalaureatestudy.For more information,contact the Office ofUndergraduate Programsat (213) 740-1741or visit ScholarsDornsife Scholarsare students whoseacademic achievementsunderscore therelationship betweenexcellence in the coredisciplines of letters,arts and sciences (inthe humanities, socialsciences or sciences)and the aspirationto have a positiveimpact on the world.Only students whomajor in USC Dornsifeare eligible. DornsifeScholars will be namedin the spring semesterof their senior year.For more information,visit on one or more of the followingrequirements: area of study, grade pointaverage, university involvement, leadershipand community service. If you areinterested in any of the societies, youshould contact the society’s adviser orthe academic department.ALL UNIVERSITYAlpha Lambda DeltaNational freshman honor society.QualificationsYou become eligible for membershipby attaining a 3.5 GPA during either thefirst semester or the first year at USCwhile maintaining a full course of study(at least 12 units per semester). In yoursophomore year, you can serve as anactive member.AdviserKris Guzman, Assistant to the Director,Dornsife College Advising Office,(213) 740-2534, krguzman@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation based on academic record.Gamma Sigma AlphaRecognizes high academic achievementin the greek community.QualificationsYou must have an overall 3.5 GPA aftercompletion of your sophomore year(complete the fourth semester with 64units), or obtain a 3.5 or higher GPA inany semester during your junior orsenior year. You must be a member ingood standing of an NPC, NIC, NPHC,MGC, IGC, PFC or AGC chapter.ContactBeth Saul, Assistant Dean for StudentAffairs, Director, Fraternity and SororityLeadership Development,(213) 740-1195, saul@usc.eduGolden Key International HonourSocietyRecognizes scholastic achievement andexcellence in all undergraduate fieldsof study.QualificationsYou must complete at least 64 units ofcollege academic course work of whichat least 32 units have been taken atUSC. Your GPA for USC course workmust meet the minimum requirementof 3.7, and your cumulative GPA includingany transfer work must also be atleast 3.7.AdviserTo be determined.ApplicationsBy nomination only.Latino Honor SocietyRecognizes excellence in scholarshipand a demonstrated commitment to thebetterment of the Latino community.QualificationsYou must demonstrate leadership andcommunity service involvement, have aminimum 3.5 cumulative GPA and havecompleted at least three semesters (fulltime)at USC to apply for membership.Open to undergraduates only.AdvisersWilliam N. Vela, Director, El CentroChicano, wvela@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation or by submitting a requestfor the fall or spring semester. Call(213) 740-1480 for more information.Mortar BoardSenior honorary society that selects studentswho excel in leadership, serviceand scholarship.AdvisersHeather Larabee, Assistant Dean/Director,Campus Activities, (213) 740-5693,larabee@usc.eduWilliam McClure, Professor ofNeurobiology, (213) 740-6090,wmcclure@usc.eduApplicationsInterest forms are available in earlyFebruary on the Application Clearinghouseat of OmegaNational greek leadership honor society.QualificationsA minimum overall GPA at or abovethe all-greek average is required. Applicationsopen to juniors and seniors.However, sophomores may apply duringtheir spring semester. You must bea member in good standing of an NPC,NIC, NPHC, MGC, PFC, IGC or AGCchapter to qualify.ContactRay Carlos, Assistant Director, Fraternityand Sorority Leadership Development,(213) 740-2080, racarlos@usc.eduPhi Beta KappaPhi Beta Kappa is the oldest nationalhonor society, recognizing achievementin the liberal arts and sciences, primarilyin the Dornsife College of Letters, Artsand Sciences. The society was establishedin 1776.QualificationsJuniors: (1) 76 units at USC, (2) anoutstanding GPA and (3) 64 liberal artsunits out of the 76 above.Seniors: (1) 96 units at USC, (2) anoutstanding GPA and (3) 76 liberal artsunits out of the 96 above.Transfers: (1) 48 units at USC, (2)working toward 58 semester units atUSC, (3) taking a minimum of 10 unitscurrently, (4) an outstanding GPA and(5) 32 liberal arts units out of the 48above. The GPA qualifications for electionare determined annually by thefaculty board of the USC chapter of PhiBeta Kappa.AdviserJonathan Kuhn, Student ServicesAdviser, Thematic Option Program,(213) 740-2961, jonathak@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation only.Phi Kappa PhiOldest interdisciplinary university academichonor society. Selects memberswith excellent scholarship and integrityof character.QualificationsSeniors with at least 96 units and acumulative GPA of at least 3.85; juniorswith 80 units and a cumulative GPA of3.9; recipients of master’s degrees witha minimum GPA of 3.9; and doctoralcandidates in the top five percent of allgraduate students who have passed thequalifying examination are consideredfor membership. The GPA requirementmay vary depending upon class averages.ContactAcademic Recognition Programs,, and master’s students:by invitation only. Doctoral students:a letter of nomination is required fromthe dean of the academic unit (or if thatis not practical, from the chair or graduateadviser of the program) stating thatthe student ranks in the top five percentof the students in the program.Phi Sigma ThetaPhi Sigma Theta (PST) is a nationalhonor society dedicated to recognizingand rewarding academic achievementin undergraduates at institutions ofhigher learning. PST also encourages itsmembers to participate in communityservice, to take advantage of leadershipopportunities and to continue to excelscholastically. Our community servicefocus is mentoring and tutoring, whichwe do through an on-campus partnershipwith Teach 4 LA.QualificationsYou must have at least a 3.0 GPA andat least one semester’s worth of gradesavailable by transcript.AdviserMichael Burke, Box Office Manager,Financial and Business Services,(213) 740-4672, burkemj@usc.eduApplicationsEmailed to qualified applicantseach year. You can also apply bysending an email to for more information.

Academic ResourcesNational Residence Hall Honorary(NRHH)NRHH is the premiere honor societyfor the top one percent of residentialleaders, as governed by the NationalAssociation of College and UniversityResidence Halls, advocating for theinterests and welfare of residentialstudents, while also providing opportunitiesfor their personal growth anddevelopment. NRHH recognizes individualswho have contributed to theadvancement of college and universityhousing.QualificationsMembers are selected based on theirdemonstrated leadership, scholarshipand service. Membership is limitedto one percent of undergraduate andgraduate students living in universityownedhousing.AdviserViktor T. Kerney, Assistant Director,Student Leadership and Development,Office for Residential Education,(213) 740-2080Rho LambdaNational panhellenic recognition honorsociety.QualificationsMinimum GPA of 3.1 cumulative; onlyjuniors and seniors may apply. You mustbe a member, in good standing, of yoursorority for at least two full semestersbefore you are eligible to apply. Membershipis limited to 10 percent of thesorority population.ContactBeth Saul, Director, Fraternity andSorority Leadership Development,(213) 740-1195, saul@usc.eduARCHITECTURETau Sigma DeltaThe organization was established toprovide a national collegiate honorsociety open to students of all Americancolleges and universities with an accreditedprogram of architecture, landscapearchitecture or allied arts. Its primeobjective is to celebrate excellencein scholarship, to stimulate mentalachievement, and to award those studentswho attain high scholastic standingin architecture, landscape architectureand allied arts of design withmembership in an honor society. TheUSC Lambda Chapter was establishedin 1931.QualificationsStudents are offered membershipin the spring semester prior to theirgraduation. Membership is by invitationonly. Transfer students are eligible formembership. Students in each of thedegree programs are selected separatelybased on being in the top 20 percent oftheir degree programs. The candidatesmust have maintained B averages or 3.0GPAs on a 4.0 scale and be in the upper20 percent of their classes.AdvisersDouglas Noble, Associate Professor,(213) 740-4589, dnoble@usc.eduApplicationsInvitations given in spring.BUSINESSBeta Alpha PsiBeta Alpha Psi is a national scholasticand professional society for financialinformation professionals. The primaryobjective of the organization isto encourage and give recognition toscholastic and professional excellencein the business information field. Thisincludes promoting the study and practiceof accounting, finance and informationsystems; providing opportunitiesfor self-development and associationamong members and practicing professionals,and encouraging a sense of ethical,social and public responsibility.QualificationsThe minimum requirement is thatthe student be at sophomore standingand enrolled as a full-time student atUSC (12 units or more). A minimumgrade of B- or higher is required for allaccounting work. Students must have aminimum accounting GPA of 3.2 and acumulative GPA of 3.0.Transfer students must have a minimumcumulative transfer GPA of 3.5,accounting transfer GPA of 3.5 and aUSC cumulative GPA of 3.0. Financeand information systems majors musthave a minimum major GPA of 3.2 anda cumulative GPA of 3.0.AdviserRose Layton, Professor of ClinicalAccounting, (213) 740-5022,rlayton@marshall.usc.eduApplicationsApplications are available as of the firstfull week of each semester, LeventhalSchool of Accounting B-3B.Beta Gamma SigmaNational honor society for business students,on campus since 1923.QualificationsJuniors in the top 10 percent of theirclass, seniors in the top 10 percent,graduate students in the top 20 percent.AdviserUndergraduate – Kevin Rounsley,Associate Director, UndergraduateStudent Advising, (213) 740-0690,rounsley@marshall.usc.eduGraduate – Dawn Kohn, AssociateDirector, MBA Programs for Professionalsand Managers, (213) 740-0629,dawnkohn@marshall.usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation only.COLLEGE OF LETTERS, ARTSAND SCIENCESAlpha Kappa DeltaSociologyQualificationsTo qualify, you must be a graduate studentin sociology.AdviserLeland Saito, Associate ProfessorApplicationsApplications are available in KaprielianHall 352.Nu Rho PsiNeuroscienceThis honor society and club plansacademic and profession events forstudents interested in neuroscienceto meet each other, learn about futurecareer paths and explore the world ofneuroscience.Global ScholarsThe Global Scholarsprogram recognizesundergraduates whohave excelled in theirstudies both at homeand abroad, includingspending at least 10weeks outside theUnited States as partof their undergraduateexperience. Up to 10of these students willalso be selected toreceive a $10,000 prizeto be applied towardgraduate study.For more information,contact the Office ofUndergraduate Programsat (213) 740-1741or visit 2012-1359

Honor SocietiesSCampus 2012-1360Abhishek Mantri,Computer Sciencemajor,Mumbai, IndiaQualificationsIf you are a major or minor in neuroscience,you must have completed at leastthree semesters of college courses witha minimum cumulative GPA of 3.25and a neuroscience GPA of 3.5 in orderto be eligible to join Nu Rho Psi.Co-DirectorsIrving Biederman, Professor of Neuroscience,(213) 740-6094, bieder@usc.eduSarah Bottjer, Professor of Neurobiology,(213) 740-9183, bottjer@usc.eduAdviserMichael Quick, Vice Provost andProfessor of Biological Sciences,(213) 740-3551, mquick@usc.eduApplicationsApplications are availableby request at or at Delta EpsilonEconomicsOmicron Delta Epsilon(ODE) creates facultystudentinteraction in aninformal setting by organizing jointstudent/faculty panel discussions, speciallectures where students serve asdiscussants. Students, under facultyguidance, will submit papers to internationalconferences for participation andpublications. ODE was established byProfessor John Commons in the 1800s.Represented on a majority of campuses,it is one of the oldest international economicshonor societies. It meets everyyear during the Allied Social SciencesAnnual Meetings, where papers from itsannual essay contest are read.QualificationsYou must have a minimum GPA of 3.0and complete at least 12 upper-divisionunits in economics.AdviserNake Kamrany, Professor/SeniorLecturer, Economics, (213) 740-6997,kamrany@usc.eduApplicationsContact Professor Kamrany, ODEexecutive committee, at (213) 740-6997or the Department of Economics at(213) 740-8335.Phi Alpha ThetaHistoryQualificationsUndergraduate students must completeat least 12 semester hours inhistory (four courses). They mustalso have a GPA of at least 3.1 inhistory and a GPA of 3.0 or betteroverall. Membership is notlimited to history majors.AdviserContact the HistoryDepartment, SocialSciences Building 153.ApplicationsApplications are available inSocial Sciences Building 153.Phi SigmaBiological SciencesA national honor societyfor selected biologymajors (Alpha AlphaChapter at USC).Promotes researchand academicexcellence in thebiologicalsciences.QualificationsStudents with a GPA above 3.0 whohave interest in research and havecompleted core requirements for thefirst two years in biological sciencesare eligible. Major activities range frompresentation of papers by members andlectures by outside speakers to fieldtrips, laboratory demonstrations andjoint research projects.AdviserEric A. Webb, Assistant Professor ofMarine and Environmental Biology,(213) 740-7965, eawebb@usc.eduApplicationsContact Dr. Webb in Alan HancockFoundation (AHF) 331 or obtain applicationsfrom AHF 105.Pi Delta PhiFrenchQualificationsMust have a minimum GPA of 3.0 inFrench and 3.0 overall. Must have atleast junior status and have completedat least one semester of upper-divisionFrench.AdviserEdwin Hill, Assistant Professor, French,(213) 740-3700, students will be invited to join.Pi Sigma AlphaPolitical Science and InternationalRelationsQualificationsOpen to graduate and undergraduatestudents in the above majors who havecompleted at least three upper divisioncourses in the prospective discipline.Must have at least junior status witha minimum 3.5 overall GPA and a 3.5GPA in the major.AdviserPaul Kovich, Undergraduate Adviser,Political Science, (213) 740-3621,kovich@usc.eduApplicationsDeadline varies in fall and spring, availablein Von KleinSmid Center 327.Psi ChiPsychologyPsi Chi, the international honor societyin psychology, was founded in 1929for the purpose of encouraging andmaintaining excellence in scholarshipfor members in all fields, particularly inpsychology, and advancing the scienceof psychology. Membership is open tograduate and undergraduate men andwomen who meet the minimum qualificationsof scholarship and make thestudy of psychology one of their majorinterests.

Academic ResourcesOmicron Kappa UpsilonEstablished to promote and recognizescholarship and character and to encourageand develop a spirit of emulationamong students of dentistry.Steven and KathrynSample RenaissanceScholarsPsi Chi also hosts events throughout theacademic year that are open to all interestedstudents, including non-members.Qualifications(1) Completion of at least three semestersor five quarters of college coursework and nine semester hours or 14quarter hours of psychology; (2) Registrationfor major or minor standingin psychology or for a program psychologicalin nature that is equivalentto such standings; (3) Undergraduateswho are elected to Psi Chi must rankin the upper 35 percent of their classin general scholarship and, in thosefew instances where the cutoff for theupper 35 percent falls below a 3.0 GPA,must also have an overall cumulativeGPA of 3.0. Demonstration of superiorscholarship in psychology and earninga minimum GPA of 3.0 in psychologycourses are required; (4) In addition tothe above requirements, undergraduatetransfer students must have completedat least one psychology course at USCbefore applying; (5) Graduate studentsmust have an average grade of B or betterin all graduate courses, includingpsychology.ApplicationsFor an application to become a Psi Chimember, visit the Psychology Department,Seeley G. Mudd Building 501.AdvisersDavid Walsh, Associate Professor of Psychology,(213) 740-2275, dwalsh@usc.eduVivian Hsu-Tran, Adviser,(213) 740-6163, vhsu@usc.eduSigma Gamma EpsilonEarth SciencesNational honorary earth sciences societypromoting undergraduate activities inthe Department of Earth Sciences.QualificationsYou may qualify to join Sigma GammaEpsilon after completing at least twogeoscience courses with a minimum3.0 GPA.AdviserA. Joshua West, Assistant Professor,Earth Sciences, (213) 740-6736,joshwest@usc.eduApplicationsContact the faculty adviser.DENTISTRYDelta Delta SigmaFunctions as a peer group that providesboth social and academic support topre-dental and dental hygiene members.Helps develop and mold studentswith great experience, communicationskills and confidence to enter the dentalhealth field. Enhances the undergraduateexperience.QualificationsMembership is open to USC studentswho attend 75 percent of general meetings,attend one social event, pay dues,become HIPAA certified and completeone of the following: rotations in theUSC School of Dentistry; “Spread theSmile Campaigns” (SSC); or Ayudaclinics.AdviserSandra Bolivar, Assistant Dean,Admissions and Student Affairs,(213) 740-2841, bolivar@usc.eduQualificationsMembers are selected from the upper20 percent of the graduating class, who,in addition to scholarship, have demonstratedexemplary traits of characterand potential qualities for future professionalgrowth. Honorary and facultymembers can also be nominated.AdviserIrene M. Reyna, Administrative Coordinator,(213) 740-7633, irene@usc.eduApplicationsBy nomination only.EDUCATIONPhi Delta KappaPhi Delta Kappa International, theleading advocate for public education,promotes quality education for all asessential to a democratic way of life byproviding innovative programs, relevantresearch, visionary leadership and dedicatedservice.QualificationsMembership is open to professionaleducators and other individuals andinstitutions of good character who arecommitted to its purpose. Undergraduatestudents must be enrolled in anaccredited education program and applybefore student teaching.AdviserMelora Sundt, Vice Dean forAcademic Programs, (213) 821-2671,sundt@usc.eduApplicationsApplication is by nomination from goodstanding members or by self-nomination.Professional membership is alsoavailable. For more information, Pi MuIndustrial EngineeringQualificationsCriteria for election are: juniors in theupper one-fifth of their class; seniors inthe upper one-third of their class; master’sstudents who have completed atleast one-third of the courses requiredfor their degree and rank among the topUSC has created anacademic honor thatis awarded to selectundergraduate studentswho graduate with amajor and a minor(or two majors) inwidely separated fieldsof study. Recipients ofthis honor are knownas Steven and KathrynSample RenaissanceScholars.For more information,contact the Office ofUndergraduate Programsat (213) 740-1741or visit 2012-1361ApplicationsApplications available online under Resources.

Honor SocietiesSCampus 2012-1362International StudyProgramsThe DornsifeOffice of OverseasStudies administersmore than 50undergraduatesemester and yearlongprograms insub-Saharan Africa(Botswana, Kenyaand South Africa);the Americas (Brazil,Chile, Costa Rica,Nicaragua, and Turksand Caicos); Asia(China, India, Japan,South Korea andTaiwan); Oceania(Australia and NewZealand); Europe(Czech Republic,France, Germany,Greece, Ireland, Italy,Russia, Spain and theUnited Kingdom);and the Middle East(Egypt, Jordan andIsrael).Information aboutthese programs isavailable in theUSC Catalogue.10 students in all ISE master’s degreeprograms; and doctoral students recommendedby the department chair.AdviserKurt Palmer, Associate Professor ofEngineering Practice, Industrial andSystems Engineering, (213) 740-5960ApplicationsNew members are only invited to joinin the spring semester.Chi EpsilonCivil and environmental engineeringhonor society established in 1924 topromote scholarship, character, practicalityand sociability.QualificationsTo be eligible for membership, anundergraduate must rank scholasticallyin the upper one-third of his or her classin a curriculum leading to a baccalaureatedegree in civil engineering or in aclosely related curriculum.AdviserHenry M. Koffman, Professor of Civiland Environmental Engineering,(213) 740-0556, koffman@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation only. For more information,contact the Sonny Astani Departmentof Civil and EnvironmentalEngineering Student Affairs Office,Kaprielian Hall 214, or visit Kappa NuElectrical engineering honor society forstudents, faculty and practicing engineersin electrical engineering, computerengineering/computer science andbiomedical-electrical engineering.A GLIMPSE OF TROJAN HISTORYSharing Your Views“If you’d like to spend a weekend somewhereoff campus, discussing the political and intellectuallife of the university with otherstudents, staff and faculty members,you may want to participate in aFasten Conference. It’s a goodway to exchange ideas, get toknow other people, and do somerelaxing. For information, contactthe Chaplain’s Office.”– Handbook of USC 1974-75QualificationsStudents demonstrating “marked ability”– evidenced by scholarship, personalcharacter, useful voluntary services anddistinguished accomplishments – areelected primarily from the junior andsenior classes. Graduate students anddistinguished professionals demonstratingsimilar career success are also eligible.AdviserHossein Hashemi, Associate Professor ofElectrical Engineering/Electrophysics,(213) 740-3596, hosseinhl@usc.eduApplicationsContact the Electrical EngineeringDepartment at (213) 740-4700, PowellHall 604.Omega Chi EpsilonChemical EngineeringQualificationsTop one-fourth of junior class or topone-third of senior class.ApplicationsContact the Department of ChemicalEngineering at (213) 740-2225,Hedco Chemical Engineering 216.Omega RhoOperations ResearchTo recognize academic excellence inoperations research and encourage studyof operations research, management scienceand closely associated disciplines.QualificationsIf you would like to join this honorgroup, you must be in the top one-thirdof your class.AdviserMaged Dessouky, Professor ofIndustrial and Systems Engineering,(213) 740-4891, maged@usc.eduApplicationsBy nomination only during the springsemester.Pi Epsilon TauPetroleum Engineering in academiaand industryQualificationsAs a junior or senior, you must havea 3.3 GPA in petroleum, chemical ormechanical engineering (with petroleumengineering option) for at leastone semester at USC. As a graduatestudent, you must have a 3.5 GPA. Youmust also have exemplary character andadviser approval.AdviserKristian Jessen, Associate Professor,Petroleum Engineering, HED 311,(213) 740-2073, jessen@usc.eduApplicationsContact Petroleum Engineering at(213) 740-0322, Hedco ChemicalEngineering 316.Pi Tau SigmaMechanical EngineeringQualificationsPi Tau Sigma is open to students whoare in the top 30 percent of the seniorand the top 25 percent of the juniorclass. Students must officially commit tothe organization.AdvisersPaul Ronney, Professor of Aerospaceand Mechanical Engineering,(213) 740-0490, ronney@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation only.Sigma Gamma TauAerospace EngineeringTo recognize achievement and excellencein the aerospace field. Studentswho are in the upper third of the seniorclass, upper fourth of the junior classand upper fifth of the sophomore classare eligible.AdviserGeoffrey Spedding, Professor of Aerospaceand Mechanical Engineering,(213) 740-4132, geoff@usc.eduTau Beta PiTau Beta Pi is a national engineeringhonor society dedicated to promotinghonor, integrity, scholarship andexemplary character in the field ofengineering.QualificationsUndergraduate students whose scholarshipplaces them in the top eighth oftheir class in their next-to-last year orin the top fifth of their class in their lastcollege year are eligible for membershipconsideration.Engineering graduate studentswhose scholarship places them in thetop fifth of their graduate class or whosehigh-quality work is attested to by afaculty member may be elected tomembership.AdviserLarry G. Redekopp, Professor ofAerospace and Mechanical Engineering,(213) 740-5369, lg.redekopp@usc.eduGERONTOLOGYSigma Phi OmegaNational academic honor and professionalsociety in gerontology.QualificationsTo qualify for membership in SigmaPhi Omega, you must be in your secondterm of enrollment as an undergraduateor graduate student at USC and majoror minor in gerontology. As an undergraduate,you must have a minimumGPA of 3.3; as a graduate student, you

Academic Resourcesmust have at least a 3.5 GPA. Faculty,alumni, professional and honorary membershipsare also available.AdviserMaria Henke, Assistant Dean,(213) 740-5156, mhenke@usc.eduApplicationsContact department.LAWBlackstonians (Pre-law Honor Society)To recognize academic excellenceand educate students about using lawand the legal system for the moralimprovement of society. Founded atthe University of Southern Californiain 1923, the organization is a group ofdistinguished individuals committedto furthering the ideals of Sir WilliamBlackstone.QualificationsTo be eligible, you must have completedat least 32 units at the Universityof Southern California, but not morethan 118 units (transfer students maybe admitted if they have completed atleast 16 units at USC, have junior standingand a USC GPA of 3.5), and have atleast a 3.5 cumulative GPA.AdviserAlison Dundes Renteln, Professor ofPolitical Science, (213) 740-3248,arenteln@usc.eduApplicationsDeadlines vary each semester. Applicationsare available online at uscblackstonians.weebly.comand in the Departmentof Political Science in Von KleinSmidCenter 327.Order of the CoifA national honorary scholastic societythat encourages excellence in legaleducation.QualificationsMembership will be extended to agraduating law student whose cumulativegrade point average ranks in the top10 percent of all graduating students,provided that he or she has completedat least 75 percent (66 units) of lawstudies in graded courses.AdviserScott Altman, Vice Dean, GouldSchool of Law, (213) 740-2544,saltman@law.usc.eduApplicationsStudents are nominated by thelaw school.MEDICINEAlpha Epsilon Delta (Pre-med)This honor society aims to providemembers with exposure to variousaspects of medicine, stimulate an appreciationof the importance of premedicaleducation in the study of medicine,and promote cooperation and contactsbetween medical and premedical studentsand educators. It binds togetherstudents with similar interests throughparticipation in activities that benefithealth organizations, charities and thecommunity.QualificationsMembers must have a minimum 3.2GPA and be in their sophomore year orlater. Participation, character, personalityand attitude are also of importance.ApplicationsDeadline is approximately three weeksfrom the beginning of each semester.Email to inquireabout membership.Alpha Omega AlphaTo recognize and perpetuate excellencein the medical profession.QualificationsAs an undergraduate or graduate studentor a faculty member, you maybe elected to join this honor societybased on your distinguished academicachievement. Integrity, capacity forleadership, compassion and fairnessin dealing with colleagues are equallyimportant criteria for membership. Toqualify for membership, you must beenrolled in your last two years of medicalschool.AdviserPaul Holtom, Professor of Clinical Medicineand Orthopedics, (323) 409-6645,holtom@usc.eduApplicationsStudents are nominated.MUSICPi Kappa LambdaNational honor society for music students.USC’s Eta chapter was establishedin 1923 to recognize outstandingmusical achievement, academic scholarshipand service.QualificationsTo be considered for membership,juniors must be in the upper 10 percentof their class; seniors must be in theupper 20 percent. Graduating master’sstudents with a GPA of 3.75 or higher,and doctoral students with a GPA of3.6 or higher who have completed theirqualifying exams, are eligible.AdviserDebora Huffman, Associate Deanfor Doctoral Programs, ThorntonSchool of Music, (213) 740-2774,dhuffman@thornton.usc.eduApplicationsStudents are nominated by Pi KappaLambda officers and faculty of theThornton School of Music.OCCUPATIONAL THERAPYPi Theta EpsilonTo be invited to join Pi Theta Epsilon,you need to demon strate academicexcellence in occupational therapy as anundergraduate or graduate student, andcomplete the summer and fall semestersof the first year of the entry-levelprofessional program. Candidates fromthe top 35 percent of the class who alsohave at least a 3.2 GPA are invited toapply for membership.AdvisersJulie McLaughlin Gray, Associate Professorof Clinical Occupational Therapy,(323) 442-2877, jmgray@usc.eduMyka Winder, Assistant Professorof Clinical Occupational Therapy,(323) 442-3340, mpersson@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation only.UndergraduateResearch andAcademic ResourceOpportunitiesUSC offersundergraduates anacademic life full ofopportunities – toengage in researchwith faculty, studyabroad and learnby serving thecommunity. Tolearn more abouton- and off-campusopportunities, UndergraduateResearchGrace Ford SalvatoriHall 227(213) 740-1741Email: dglasgow@usc.eduSCampus 2012-1363

Honor SocietiesLanguage Centerthe Behavioral Sciences, (323) 442-1455,mwincor@usc.eduApplicationsBy nomination only.and have a cumulative GPA of 3.75.Membership dues and completion ofone philanthropic activity (four hours)are required each semester to maintain“active” status.SCampus 2012-1364PHARMACYPhi Lambda SigmaNational pharmacy leadership societydevoted to identifying, supporting andrecognizing the contributions of pharmacystudents to their colleges, classmates,campuses, communities and totheir chosen profession.QualificationsStudents must complete at least oneprofessional year of scholastic workapplicable toward a recognized pharmacydegree and have a cumulative GPAof at least 3.0. Prospective members arenominated on the basis of their demonstrationof dedication, service and leadershipin the advancement of pharmacy.AdviserMelvin Baron, Associate Professor ofClinical Pharmacy, (323) 442-2686,mbaron@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation only.Rho ChiPharmacyQualificationsMembership requires high attainmentin scholarship, character, personality andleadership. To qualify, you must completethree semesters of the professionalcurriculum, be among the upper 20 percentof your class and be approved bythe dean of the School of Pharmacy.AdviserMichael Z. Wincor, Associate Professorof Clinical Pharmacy, Psychiatry andPUBLIC POLICYPi Alpha AlphaPi Alpha Alpha is the National Societyfor Public Affairs and Administrationand is an affiliate of the AmericanSociety for Public Administration. Itspurposes are to: encourage and rewardscholarship and accomplishment amongstudents and practitioners of publicaffairs and administration; promote theadvancement of education and scholarshipin the art and science of publicaffairs and administration; and fosterintegrity and creative performance inthe conduct of governmental and relatedpublic service operation.QualificationsStudents in the Price School of PublicPolicy undergraduate, Master of PublicPolicy and Master of Public Administrationprograms who meet requirementsare eligible for membership. Applicationsfrom Executive Master of Leadership;Doctor of Policy, Planning, andDevelopment; and Ph.D. students withdemonstrated commitment to publicadministration and public affairs willalso be considered.AdviserCynthia Clayton, StudentServices Adviser, (213) 740-0525, dates are March 15 and October15. Contact Cynthia Clayton formore information.SOCIAL WORKPhi AlphaUSC’s Omicron Epsilon chapter of PhiAlpha, the national social work honorsociety, recognizes and promotes scholasticachievement among students andfaculty involved in the graduate socialwork program; recognizes, improvesand furthers the goals of social work inthe community, state, nation and world;stimulates interest in a career in socialwork; encourages continued study andresearch at the graduate level and inprofessional practice; and recognizesthose professional social workers andothers whose service, contributions andleadership are held in esteem. Scholarshipsare available for members andnon-members annually.QualificationsMembers must be social work graduatestudents who have completed at least12 units in the School of Social WorkAdvisersSuh Chen Hsiao, Director, StudentAffairs/Clinical Assistant Field Faculty,(213) 740-2014, andDawn Joosten, Clinical Assistant Professor,(213) 740-2711, joosten@usc.eduApplicationsBy invitation at the beginning of falland/or spring semester. Students canalso email for moreinformation.The Language CenterDan Bayer, Executive Director(213) 740-1188(213) 740-1142 (FAX)Taper Hall of Humanities 309Email: language@dornsife.usc.edulanguage.usc.eduThe Language Center is a supportcenter for the learning and teachingof languages and a gathering place forinteraction among cultures and languagespeakers. Whether students are pursuinglanguage learning for professionaland educational aspirations, as a contextfor understanding global affairs or tobetter understand their cultural heritage,the Language Center can help.The Language Center offers 60multimedia workstations and 14 videoviewing stations, as well as conversationrooms, international media and a varietyof language tests and educationalprograms.USC McNair ScholarsProgramRichard Andalon, Associate Dean andDirector(213) 740-8702(213) 740-9955 (FAX)Grace Ford Salvatori 315Email: randalon@usc.edumcnair.usc.eduThe USC McNair Scholars Program is afederally funded initiative sponsored bythe U.S. Department of Education thatcurrently operates at nearly 200 collegesand universities across the UnitedStates. The program provides graduateschool preparation, research trainingand funding opportunities to a selectgroup of students from first generation,low-income and historically underrepresentedbackgrounds. The primary

ScholarshipsStudent-AthletesHowever, there are many USCresources available to help you throughthe process. Many funding sourceshave application deadlines earlier thanuniversity admission and financial aiddeadlines, so begin your inquiries early,at least a year before you plan to begingraduate study.Many federal agencies, foundationsand corporations offer awards to students.The USC Graduate School,(213) 740-9033, can direct you to severalWeb resources on this topic. You mayalso call the Doheny Library ReferenceCenter at (213) 740-4039.Fellows also receive $1,600 each academicyear ($800 per semester) todevote time to their research projects.During their research projects, studentsgain insight into an academic career byworking closely with a faculty mentor.A loan repayment program is availableto help students overcome disincentivesto pursue an academic careercaused by undergraduate loan indebtedness.Fellows who enroll in a MellonapprovedPh.D. program within 39months of receiving their undergraduatedegree are eligible for up to $10,000 inundergraduate loan payments.MELLON MAYSUNDERGRADUATEFELLOWSHIP PROGRAMStudent-Athlete AcademicServicesSCampus 2012-1366The best applications have months andyears of planning behind them.The Office of Academic and InternationalFellowships can support youthroughout the process, providingassistance with information gathering,reviewing essays, mock interviews,application coordination and universityendorsements. Academic and InternationalFellowships will also connectyou with faculty experts on campus andothers who have been through the processto help you to strategize and determinewhich scholarships may best suityour needs. Scholarships include theChurchill Scholarship, Fulbright Grant,Gates Cambridge Scholarship, GillmanScholarship, Luce Scholarship, MarshallScholarship, Rhodes Scholarship, RotaryScholarship and Truman Scholarship.You may contact the office at anytime during your undergraduate orgraduate career if you are consideringone of these opportunities, or wouldlike to find out more information. Keepan eye out for on-campus fall and springinformation sessions.ADDITIONAL SOURCES OFFINANCIAL SUPPORT FORGRADUATE STUDYFinding financial support for graduatestudy frequently requires careful planningand considerable initiative.Martha Enciso, Assistant Coordinator(213) 740-9116Email: menciso@usc.eduBruce Zuckerman, Co-coordinator(213) 740-3405Ahmanson Center for BiologicalResearch (ACB), 327Email: bzuckerm@usc.eduMichael Jackson, Co-coordinator(213) 740-5240Student Union 201Email: Mellon Mays UndergraduateFellowship (MMUF) Program is thecenterpiece of the Andrew W. MellonFoundation’s initiative to increasediversity in the faculty ranks of collegesand universities. The University ofSouthern California’s MMUF programis a partnership between the DornsifeCollege of Letters, Arts and Sciences,the Office of the Provost, and the Divisionof Student Affairs.The Mellon Mays UndergraduateFellowship Program identifies, supportsand mentors highly qualified undergraduatestudents and encourages themto pursue a Ph.D. in fields in whichdiversity has not been historically present.In order to bring a wider range ofexperiences and perspectives to teachingand scholarship, the program alsostrives to increase the number of facultyfrom underrepresented groups.Students are chosen on the basis oftheir academic performance, potentialand interest in pursuing a Ph.D. ina Mellon-approved field (humanities,social sciences, physical sciences,computer science and mathematics).Fellowships are awarded each springsemester to sophomore and junior students.An award of $3,600 is providedfor two summers, enabling fellows todevote six weeks of full-time work to anacademic research project.Magdi El Shahawy, Associate AthleticDirector, Academic Services(213) 740-3801Heritage Hall B30Email: Academic Services(SAAS) provides the necessary supportto assist all student-athletes in reachingtheir full potential academically, personallyand professionally. Our programincludes academic advising, careerdevelopment, community service,tutorial programs and learning specialists,all of which are aimed at promotinga philosophy of individual responsibilityso as to encourage each student-athleteto value his or her educational experience.In providing such services, SAASgives student-athletes the opportunityto develop the skills needed to persisttoward graduation, become leaderswithin the community and lead successfuland productive lives.Writing Center(213) 740-3691Taper Hall 321Email: Writing Center provides any memberof the university community withone-on-one assistance for writing tasks.This tutoring is available for studentsat both the graduate and undergraduatelevels and for native as well as nonnativespeakers of English. In addition,the center offers grammar, style andskill workshops that address specificgrammatical and syntactic issues insmall-group tutorials.

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