Issue #195 August/September'10 - Earthstar

Issue #195 August/September'10 - Earthstar


EARTH STARCONTENTSAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010ON THE COVER22 Where Heaven and Earth Meet: The Barn Danceby James Twyman25 New Strategies for Optimizing Bone Strengthby Laurie Barclay, M.D.51 Humans vs. the Environmentby Mike Adams57 Mankind’s Alien Origins: The Evidenceby Zecharia SitchinPage 22Page 63Page 57FEATURES12 Down To Earth Astrologyby Tim Gunns16 Who Were the Ancient Maya?by Gina E. Jones30 How the Ultimate BP Gulf Disaster Could Kill Millionsby Amanda Fox32 The Major Exercise I Made for Over 30 Yearsby Dr. Joseph Mercola40 Emergency Survival KitsAssemble Your Own Short-Term Survival Kitby Matthew Stein50 Mystical StonesCarnelianby Robert Simmons & Naisha Ahsian48 Asparagus: Who Knew?by Vinod Patel60 The Hunt for the God Particleby Ian Sample63 A Rustic Zero Energy Homeby Beth BeaversDEPARTMENTS5 Up Front18 Book Reviews38 Calendar of Events46 Green LivingCover ArtNaturewalkby Jim WarrenFrom the wild & whimsical tothe sweet & sensuous, forover 30 years Jim Warren hasbeen painting his way into thehearts and minds of peoplethe world over. Already considereda "living legend of theart world", Jim is ever-growing& ever-changing. His versatilityranges from his unique portraitsfor celebrities, CEO'sand families, to his illustrationsfor books, movies andalbum covers. Most notablyJim won a Grammy award forhis artwork on Bob Seger's1981 album "Against theWind". His fine art oil paintingsare featured in some ofthe top galleries in the world.Jim's latest paintings and classicsare now being producedas high quality, limited editionGiclee canvas print. You canvisit his website at:www.jimwarren.comJim Warren4 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

Costner Cleanup Device Gets High Marks From BPIt was treated as an oddball twist inthe otherwise wrenching saga ofthe BP oil leak when KevinCostner stepped forward to promote adevice he said could work wonders incontaining the leak’s damage. But asHenry Fountain explains in the NewYork Times, the gadget in question—anoil-separating centrifuge—marks amajor breakthrough in leak cleanuptechnology. And BP, after trial runs withthe device, is ordering thirty-two moreof the Costner-endorsed centrifuges toaid the Gulf cleanup.The Waterworld actor has investedsome $20 million and spent the past fifteenyears in developing the centrifuges.He helped found a manufacturing company,Ocean Therapy Solutions, toadvance his brother’s research in oilspill cleanup technology. In testimonybefore Congress this month, Costnerwalked through the device’s operation—explaining how it spins oil-contaminatedwater at a rapid speed, so as to separateout the oil and capture it in a containmenttank:The device can purportedly take inthousands of gallons of oil-tainted waterand remove up to ninety-nine percent ofthe oil from it. BP posted to its YouTubepage a video of the news conference featuringCostner and BP Chief OperatingOfficer Doug Suttles announcing thenews.“Doug Suttles wasthe first guy to step up inthe oil industry,” Costnersaid at the presser, “andI’m really happy to saywhen he ordered thirtytwomachines, it’s a signalto the world, to the industry,where we need to be.”Suttles said the additionalmachines will be used tobuild four new deep-watersystems: on two bargesand two 280-foot supply boats.“We tested it in some of the toughestenvironments we could find, andactually what it’s done—it’s quiterobust,” Suttles said. “This is real technologywith real science behind it, andit’s passed all of those tests.” He addedthat Costner’s device has proved effectiveat processing 128,000 barrels ofwater a day, which “can make a real differenceto our leak response efforts.”In his congressional testimony,Costner recounted his struggle to effectivelymarket the centrifuge. Heexplained that although the machinesare quite effective, they can still leavetrace amounts of oil in the treated waterthat exceeds current environmentalregulations. Because of that regulatoryhurdle, he said, he had great difficultyBisephenol-A Found in Most Canned FoodAsmall study released in Junefound that forty-six out offifty cans tested had traces ofBisphenol-A—more commonlyreferred to as BPA. BPA is an additiveused to make shatter proof plastics, is aknown endocrine disruptor, and hasbeen found in everything from babybottles to SIGG canteens. With heightenedconcerns about young childrenand infants ingesting the chemical—endocrine disruptors can cause earlypuberty and developmental issues—and so many companies trading in BPAfor safer plastics, why is it still in ourcanned food?The study released on June 8thwas conducted by a coalition of consumerand food safety groups and testedthe levels of BPA present in foodheld in the containers. One can of DelMonte French Style Green Beans froma participant’s pantry had a whopping1,140 parts per billion. The metal containersused for canned foods are generallylined with a light layer of clearplastic which is the BPA culprit. Oncecanned, the chemical seeps into thefood inside, and then into our children’sbodies—and our own. BPA is aknown hormone disruptor and hasbeen linked to various health issues,including cancer, heart disease, thyroidissues and obesity.“We should not set a place forbisphenol-A at the dinner table,” saidElizabeth Hitchcock, a public healthEarth Star Up Frontgetting oil industry giants interestedwithout first having the approval of thefederal government.It’s true, as Fountain notes in theTimes,that innovation on spill technologyhas been hobbled in part by the reach offederal regulation—though Fountainalso notes that oil companies have electedto devote comparatively little moneyfor researching cleanup devices in theintensely competitive industry.Costner said that after the devicewas patented in 1993, he sought to overcomeoil-company jitters by offering toallow U.S. oil concerns to use it on atrial basis. He’d extended the same offerto the Japanese government in 1997, hesaid, but got no takers there either.—Yahoo! Newsadvocate forthe U.S.PublicInterestResearchGroup, at anews conferenceonCapitol Hill. Senator Diane Feinsteinof California is a huge supporter of theBPA ban noting, “It’s amazing to methat everybody doesn’t jump quick todo this.” Maryland, Connecticut,Wisconsin, Minnesota, andWashington have already restricted theuse of BPA in baby and infant productsand the US government is working ona bill to ban BPA from food packaging.—truthistreason.netwww.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 5

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CAN A PILL KEEP YOUR DNA YOUNG?The first drug targeting telomeres,now sold as a nutritionalsupplement, will soon face theharsh light of peer review.Telomeres — repeating DNAsequences at the ends of chromosomesthat become shorter with each cell division—havelong tantalized biologistsseeking to understand and control theaging process. When its telomeresbecome too short, a cell stops dividingand eventually dies. Stop that processand (just maybe) immortality beckons;hence the frenzy a decade ago when agroup of researchers claimed they hadfigured out how to slow that windingdown.Now a second round of frenzy isunder way. After years of research, thefirst telomere-targeting pills have hit themarket, while other treatments are enteringclinical trials.An enzyme called telomerase maintainstelomeres in our reproductive andstem cells but not in the rest of the body.In 2001, researchers at the biotech giantGeron Corporation isolated a moleculecalled TA-65 from the herb astragalus,which they said boosted telomeraseactivity (its effect has not yet been evaluatedin published, peer-reviewed studies).Geron licensed the product to T.A.Sciences in New York City fordevelopment as a nutritional supplement;unlike medications,supplements require no FDAapproval. A handful of physiciansbegan selling TA-65 pills in2007, and the company says thatclients taking it have reportedenhanced athletic, visual, andcognitive performance. To backup those claims, T.A. Sciencesplans to submit research demonstratingTA-65’s effects on bonedensity, immune function, andage-related biomarkers for peerreviewedpublication this year. Theresults should help early adopters decidewhether the supplement is worth its$8,000-per-year price tag. SierraSciences of Reno, Nevada, is also developingpossible pharmaceuticals to maintaintelomeres. “We now have thirty-fivechemicals sitting in our lab that turn onthe telomerase gene,” says CEO BillAndrews. The company hopes to havean approved drug within fifteen years.Geron, meanwhile, is pursuing aseparate telomere therapy aimed atfighting cancer. Although telomerase isnot present in most cells, it gets reactivatedin cancer cells, allowing them toEarth Star Up FrontTips of chromosomescontinue dividing. Blocking the enzymecauses the cancerous cells to die, so thecompany is working with a telomeraseinhibitor, imetelstat, that it hopes willkill tumor cells while leaving healthyones unharmed. The compound is currentlyin Phase I clinical trials, withPhase II testing slated to begin this year.The unsettling flip side is that telomerase-boostingtreatments aimed atslowing aging might also increase therisk of cancer. Some studies in micehave shown that elevated telomeraseactivity leaves the animals more susceptibleto skin tumors and breast cancer, somaybe there is no free lunch.—Discover MagazinePoland’s cooperative BPS banksays it’s the first in Europe toinstall a biometric ATM—allowing customers to withdraw cashsimply with the touch of a fingertip.The digit-scanning ATM, introducedin the Polish capital of Warsaw,runs on the latest in “finger vein” technology—anauthentication systemdeveloped by Japanese tech giantHitachi.The company says that an infraredlight is passed through the finger todetect a unique pattern of micro-veinsbeneath the surface—which is thenmatched with a pre-registered profileto verify an individual’s identity.“This is a substantially more reliabletechnique than using fingerprints,”Peter Jones, Hitachi’s head ofsecurity and solutions in Europe, toldCNN.Europe’s First Biometric ATM“Our tests indicate there is a one in amillion false acceptance rate—that’s asgood as iris scanning, which is generallyregarded as the most securemethod.”Unlike fingerprints, which leave atrace and can be potentially reproduced,finger veins are impossible toreplicate, according to Jones, becausethey are beneath the surface of theskin.“And before you ask, no—it doesn’twork with fingers that have beenchopped off,” he added.While the technology represents astep forward in reducing cases of identityfraud, Jones said that this is justone of many factors that have encouragedthe Polish bank to adopt it.“Here, banks have a responsibilityto perform various social functions likedispensing welfare checks and pensions.These cause long queues at thecashier and many people find it inconvenientand even debilitating.”BPS plans to install a biometricATM at every one of its branches bythe end of the year, where, says Jonesthey will also function as a collectionterminal for state benefits.Although it is a first for Europe,biometric cash points have beenembraced in other parts of the worldfor some years.According to Bloomberg, thetechnology became particularly popularin Japan after the passing of legislationin 2006 that made banks liable forwithdrawals by criminals using stolenor counterfeit bank cards.Jones says that there are now over80,000 biometric ATMs in Japan, currentlyused by more than fifteen millioncustomers. — AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 7

Earth Star Up FrontFor all the folks with cell phones.(This should be printed and keptin your car, purse, and wallet.Good information to have with you.)There are a few things that can be donein times of grave emergencies.Your mobile phone can actually bea life saver or an emergency tool for survival.Check out the things that youcan do with it:FIRST - EmergencyThe emergency number worldwidefor mobile is 112. If you find yourselfout of the coverage area of yourmobile network and there is an emergency,dial 112 and the mobile willsearch any existing network to establishthe emergency number for you,and interestingly, this number 112can be dialed even if the keypad islocked. Try it out.SECOND - Have you locked yourkeys in the car?Does your car have remote keylessentry? This may come in handy someday.Good reason to own a cell phone: Ifyou lock your keys in the car and thespare keys are at home, call someone athome on their cell phone from your cellphone. Hold your cell phone about afoot from your car door and have theperson at your home press the unlock5 THINGS YOU NEVER KNEW YOUR CELL PHONE COULD DObutton, holding it near the mobile phone FOURTH - How to disable a stolenon their end. Your car will unlock. Saves mobile phone?someone from having to drive your keys To check your Mobile phone’s serialto you. Distance is no object. You could number, key in the following digits onbe hundreds of miles away, and if you your phone: *#06#. A fifteen-digit codecan reach someone who has the other will appear on the screen. This number‘remote’ for your car, you can unlock is unique to your handset. Write it downthe doors (or the trunk).and keep it somewhere safe.If your phone gets stolen, you canphone your service provider and givethem this code. They will then be ableto block your handset so even if thethief changes the SIM card, yourphone will be totally useless. Youprobably won't get your phone back,but at least you know that whoeverstole it can't use/sell it either. If everybodydoes this, there would be nopoint in people stealing mobilephones.Note: it works fine! This has been triedout and it unlocked a car over a cellphone!THIRD - Hidden Battery PowerImagine your cell battery is very low. Toactivate, press the keys *3370#. Yourcell phone will restart with this reserveand the instrument will show a fifty percentincrease in battery. This reservewill get charged when you charge yourcell phone next time.FIFTH - Free Directory Service forCellsCell phone companies are charging us$1.00 to $1.75 or more for 411 informationcalls when they don’t have to. Mostof us do not carry a telephone directoryin our vehicle, which makes this situationeven more of a problem. When youneed to use the 411 information option,simply dial: (800)FREE411, or (800)373-3411 without incurring any chargeat all. Program this into your cell phonenow.EU VOTES AGAINST COMPULSORY GM FOOD LABELLINGCampaigners are angry at EU's decision to keep consumers“in the dark” over food from animals givengenetically modified (GM) feedConsumers will continue to be none the wiser aboutwhether they are eating food from animals raised on genetically-modifiedfeed after MEPs voted against introducing acompulsory label rule.There is currently no requirementon the food industry to labelmeat or dairy products producedusing GM animal feed, usuallymade from GM soya or maize.However, campaigners have arguedthat consumers should be given achoice about whether or not to buysuch produce.A recent poll commissioned byFriends of the Earth found that lessthan forty per cent of the public wasaware that GM was creeping onto their plates via importedGM cereals and protein crops fed to livestock in the UK.Almost ninety per cent of those surveyed wanted these productsto be clearly labelled.Genewatch director Dr Helen Wallace said consumersshould be “given a choice” and blamed the vote againstlabelling on lobbying from the foodindustry.“They want consumer decisionsto focus on the end product you seeon the shelf and not the widerissues,” she said.The vote against feed labellingcomes as the EU commission preparesto approve the import of sixnew GM maize varieties after lobbyingby biotech firms Syngentaand Monsanto. —The Ecologist8 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

Dangerous New Pesticide Coming to the Produce AisleThink strawberries are expensivenow? Wait until they start costingpeople their lives!California is about to sign off on aninsane plan that would allow farmers touse one of the world’s most dangerouschemicals as a pesticide on strawberryplants.It’s called methyl iodide, and evensome chemists won’t go near it. It’s sucha powerful and reliable carcinogen thatresearchers use it to induce cancer in labanimals.But go ahead, take a bite. Californiasays it’s OK—and never mind the fiveNobel-winning chemists and dozens ofother experts who’ve written a letterbegging the EPA to keep this poison outof strawberry fields, forever.Who do you believe—a roomful ofNobel winners and their trusted colleagues,or a bunch of politically motivatedbureaucrats?This toxic monster has been linkedto thyroid tumors, nerve damage, andbrain and lung problems. It’s also beenknown to cause miscarriages in lab animals—whenit's not being used to givethem cancer.No wonder it’s such a great pesticide—itcan destroy just about anything.The pests don’t stand achance... and neither do you if youget too close to this poison.Experts say a good breeze caneven send methyl iodide airborne...and if you think U.S. groundwater isbad now, wait until this junk startsseeping in.Think I'm exaggerating? I’mthe last person to give in to pesticidefears—because in many cases, thosefears have been either exaggeratedor completely unfounded.Just look at DDT, an innocentvictim of left-wing fearmongering.If it hadn’t been banned due to sometrumped-up nonsense over birdlife,we wouldn’t be having thesedebates over newer and more powerfulchemicals today... because wewouldn’t need them!But instead, the Frankenstein labsof the chemical industry have beenworking overtime, churning out new andmore frightening creations—and methylEarth Star Up Frontiodide is their crowning achievement.From poisoned fruit to contaminatedwater where you’d least expect it.—William Campbell Douglass II, M.D.Grow-Your-Own To Replace False TeethThe British institution of denturessitting in a glass of waterbeside the bed could be renderedobsolete by scientists who areconfident that people will soon be ableto replace lost teeth by growing newones.Instead of false teeth, a small ballof cells capable of growing into a newtooth will be implanted where themissing one used to be.The procedure needs only a localanaesthetic and the new tooth shouldbe fully formed within a few months ofthe cells being implanted.Paul Sharpe, a specialist in thefield of regenerative dentistry at theDental Institute of King’s College,London, says the new procedure hasdistinct advantages over false teeth thatrequire a metal post to be driven intothe jaw before being capped with aporcelain or plastic tooth.“The surgery today can be extensiveand you need to have good solidbone in the jaw and that is a majorproblem for some people,” ProfessorSharpe said.The method could be used on farmore patients because the ball of cellsthat grows into a tooth also producesbone that anchors to the jaw.The choice of growing a new toothis likely to appeal to patients. “Anyonewho has lost teeth will tell you that,given the chance, they would ratherhave their own teeth than false ones,”said Prof Sharpe. The average Britonover fifty has lost twelve teeth from aset of thirty-two.The procedure is fairly simple.Doctors take stem cells from thepatient. These are unique in their abilityto form any of the tissues that makeup the body. By carefully nurturing thestem cells in a laboratory, scientists cannudge the cells down a path that willmake them grow into a tooth. After acouple of weeks, the ball of cells,known as a bud, is ready to be implanted.Tests reveal what type of tooth—for example, a molar or an incisor—thebud will form.Using a local anaesthetic, thetooth bud is inserted through a smallincision into the gum. Within months,the cells will have matured into a fullyformedtooth, fused to the jawbone. Asthe tooth grows, it releases chemicalsthat encourage nerves and bloodvessels to link up with it.Tests have shown the technique towork in mice, where new teeth tookweeks to grow. “There’s no reason whyit shouldn’t work in humans, the principlesare the same,” said Prof Sharpe.His team has set up a company,Odontis, to exploit the technique, andhas won £400,000 from the NationalEndowment for Science, Technologyand the Arts and the Wellcome Trust.—The Guardian, UKwww.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 9

Earth Star Up FrontTesla Motors went public TinJuly with its stock priced higherthan originally planned, amidenthusiasm for the company’s sleekelectric vehicles and questions about itsability to turn a profit.Tesla’s $109,000 electric Roadstersports car has received great reviews andTesla is already taking orders for its$57,400 Model S sedan, which it plansto start building in 2012.The company is said to have raisedover $220 million in funding, includinginvestments from Daimler and Toyota,and has received a $465 million loanguarantee from the U.S. Department ofEnergy to build a factory.Bright electric future?Tesla’s fortunes in the next few yearshinge on the company's ability to transitionfrom selling a relatively small numberof Roadsters (it sold 126in the first quarter this year)to producing higher volumesof the Model S at its newlyacquired factory inCalifornia.Whether or not Teslamanages to become a worldclassauto giant as it hopes,the IPO reflects how electricvehicle technology is shakingup the auto market, both for start-upsand entrenched automakers.Tesla’s success so far also providesa road map for thousands of companiesseeking to commercialize green technologiesin established industries.In response to doubts over the company’sprospects, Musk told CNBCshortly after ringing the Nasdaq bell thatTesla has proven skeptics wrong before.He said the company is not profitablebecause it has been ramping up itsTesla Motors Goes Publicoperations to make the Model S.The purchase price is $101,500 forthe Tesla Roadster and $49,900 for thebasic Model S. —cnet.comUSDA Reports Food ShortagesSeveral recent headlines indicatethat food prices will continuetheir swift climb upward. Thesetroubling new reports show that agricultureproduction and stored grainsare critically low and experts are nowpredicting food shortages on a grandscale.Look at a few mainstream headlines:Drought threatens global ricesupply in the India Times; VA farmerssay heat taking toll on crops,Associated Press; Severe food shortagefollows lack of rainfall in Syria; and,finally, Corn prices bolt as USDAdownsizes crop estimates, which statesthat, “Commodity professionals werecaught off guard recently by a U.S.Department of Agriculture reportshowing one million fewer acres ofcorn planted this year than earlier projected,and almost three hundred millionfewer bushels of corn in storage.”And these articles don’t begin toaddress crops being damaged by thetoxic rain from the Gulf oil disaster.We are back to recession economicsand rapidly heading toward a deeper,longer “Third Depression.” With allrecent economic indicators setting newrecord lows and deficits at recordhighs, this ship is only going one wayfolks, down, down to Chinatown. ThisWTC-Building 7-style-controlleddemolitionof theU.S. economy haslong been engineeredby the borderlessbankstersand has been set inthe same way tocollapse at a freefallrate. With all ofthe manufacturedconfusion it may bedifficult to knowwhere best to invest your limitedassets, but it seems to be clear thatFood is on the march.There were several trend forecastersand financial firms predictingupwards of $200/barrel of oil beforethe Gulf oil gusher. The “analysts” saidthis would occur because of the perceptionof scarcity and a weakeningdollar. The oil disaster and the subsequentoutrage at Big Oil will surelytake care of selling the perception ofscarcity, while the Federal Reserve andCongress will surely take care ofweakening the dollar.We’ve seen this Beta test beforewhen oil prices reached their peak of$147 in 2008 sending the price of foodto the stratosphere. Food staples likerice nearly tripled in six months and attimes increased fifty percent in justtwo weeks, primarily because ofrecord oil prices and a weak dollar in2008. During this run-up on prices, bigbox stores like Sam’s Club and Costcowere rationing the number of bags ofrice customers could buy. You can betthat Food Crisis Beta 2010 will be farmore severe. —Activist Post10 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

With so much focus inrecent months on theGulf of Mexico oil disaster,the state of theeconomy, and theapparent ineptitude of the government insolving any of the nation’s most pressingproblems, there’s a growing need for somethingin which to believe and have faith in.And this need may become more apparent asJupiter squares Pluto on August 3rd.Conversely, religious or philosophicalfanaticism might also be in evidence.Personal transformation, perhaps througheducational or self-improvement pursuits,could become a higher priority for some.There is a heightened potential for conflictnow, and for deception over joint finances,so remain vigilant where money or investmentsare concerned. Be the epitome ofintegrity! Avoid coercion or contentiousbehavior, allow others to have their ownpoints of view. Values and principles couldfall by the wayside as the overzealous pursuegrandiose and unrealistic objectives.Also on the 3rd, Mars forms a precise oppositionto Jupiter, then moves into a potentiallyvolatile square to Pluto—which, remember,is also squaring Jupiter—a half hourlater, creating a t-square aspect pattern withPluto as the fulcrum or energetic balanceand outlet point. You’ll not want to bite offmore than you can chew or take too muchfor granted now. Indeed, the wise will exercisecaution in all activities. It would behelpful to examine material motives at thistime. Desires are powerfully aroused, andthe possibility exists for angry outbursts andaccidents. Remain calm and in control ofyour actions for several days around thisjuncture; using more force than necessary toachieve a desired result will almost certainlymeet with an equal amount of opposition.However, much constructive work may beAUGUST - SEPTEMBER 2010accomplished through cooperation withothers.Take care of business before having fun onthe 7th, when Venus opposes Uranus. Underthis planetary auspices financial surprisesmay be in the wind, so play it safe in moneymatters. Irresponsible, unwise or frivolousbehavior around this juncture could place astrain on key relationships, or resources.And when Venus quickly moves into a conjunctionwith Saturn on the 8th, sobering,restraining responsibilities may cut into yoursocial life in any case, forcing you to focuson more important issues. It’s possible that anew business partnership could be in theworks, or perhaps a relationship that hasserved or outlived its purpose may end.A new moon at 17°25' Leo occurs on August9th, inaugurating a new four-week cycle ofpersonal creativity. It may now be apparentthat a greater level of self-reliance, self-sufficiency,and independence from traditionalconstraints may be necessary in order tomake progress towards coveted objectives.On the 13th, Uranus retrogrades back intotropical Pisces for a final seven-monthsojourn, quickening your intuitive senses,and stirring the murky depths of the collectiveunconscious.Jupiter forms a precise opposition to Saturnon August 16th, reprising a similar alignmentfrom May 22nd, when it may seemespecially difficult to make professionalprogress, or you may feel that your ambitionsare being thwarted, either by a lack ofopportunity or simply bad timing. If you findyourself vacillating between optimism andcaution, you most assuredly won't be alone.While this is not an ideal influence underwhich to begin a new venture, it can be quitehelpful if you are in a position to expand acurrent business, as you would be more likelyto do so with a higher degree of caution.The challenge here is to strike a balancebetween these two opposing forces in orderto maximize the considerable potential forachievement that is, nonetheless, available.For Jupiter, when all is said and done, is stillthe planet most associated with good fortune!One’s ability to discern reality from illusionmay be impaired around the 20th, as the sunopposes Neptune, while Mercury is zodiacallymotionless and about to station retrograde.Be completely open in all relationships,and beware of deception, as things orpeople may not be all they seem. This is notthe most helpful background influence tohave reverberating through the ethers asVenus and Mars unite in conjunction later onthe 20th, in 14° Libra, when passions riseand love may bloom. If this should happen,enjoy the moment, but discard the rose-tintedspectacles. Spend wisely now.With Mercury turning retrograde on the20th, in 20° Virgo, you might wish to finalizeany pending agreements if possiblebefore this date. Otherwise it would be prudentto postpone important decisions orsignings until after Sept 12th, when Mercurywill once again be moving direct. Instead,review plans or ideas for a new project, or aplanned change in your work or career direction.Do your research first before makingyour move.Saturn squares Pluto on the 21st, for thethird of three such alignments during thepast nine-months. This aspect previouslyperfected on Nov. 15th, 2009, and Jan. 31st,2010. This rare square aspect sequencebetween these planetary heavyweights cancreate delays and frustrations in businessand career matters, which compel us to12 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

Down To Earth Astrologyreassess our allegiances, work methodologies,and priorities. Both challenges andopportunities, in terms of one’s career aspirations,may present themselves “out of theblue” so be ready to quickly assess them,and then act accordingly.When the sun enters meticulous Virgo onAugust 22nd for the next four weeks, one’sability to adapt to necessary changes isenhanced, while being methodical comesmore easily. Do creative work requiringattention to detail, as it will bring you agreater sense of satisfaction.A full moon culminates on the 24th, at01°26' Pisces, when emotions are more sensitive,and psychic perceptions are considerablyenhanced. Identify and eliminate theunnecessary in pursuit of your objectives, asthe energies that are freed up will help tospur you on towards achieving those goals.The sun trines Pluto on August 25th, whenefforts geared toward self-improvement arestrongly favored. An opportunity may ariseto express your unique creative abilitiesthrough business or career activities, so beenterprising. Carpé diem!When the sun and Mercury—currently inretrograde—align in conjunction at 10°54'Virgo on September 3rd, you’ll be moreinclined to want to express your thoughtsand views. Indeed, this is often a planetarytransit that coincides with importantannouncements. Be on the lookout for businessor educational opportunities, particularlyif it’s something that you might have missedout on the first time around. Attend to backloggedcommunications now.The new moon arrives early on the 8th, at15°41' Virgo, for a four-week cycle thatfavors nurturing your special skills andtalents. Use your intuition more to helpdetermine work, career or business moves.Redefine your ambitions to bring them inline with your ever-changing personal values.Jupiter, now retrograde, reenters the mysteriousrealm of tropical Pisces later on the8th (till Jan 22nd, 2011), when intuition isheightened, and compassion, generosity andconsideration towards others will be morereadily demonstrated. As the jovian giant isquite at home in Piscean waters it portendsa period in which self-sacrificing behaviorand kind-hearted actions will become morecommonplace, and many will be inspired toseek a closer connection with their spiritualnature. Jupiter was last in Pisces fromJanuary 17th to June 5th.Put your imagination to work for you whenMars trines Neptune on the 9th, when workwith creative visualization practices couldbe especially successful. Meditate on yourlife and goals, and act on your intuition.After Mercury stations Direct on September12th, at 05°22' Virgo, formerly sluggishmental processes over the past three weeksnow begin to accelerate and become moredependable. It’s celestially safe now togradually move ahead with plans, and tosign important documents, but only aftercareful consideration, as there’ll be a tendencyto want to rush matters over the nextseveral days, so avoid making hasty decisions.Tiny Pluto stations Direct on the 13th, at02°47' Capricorn, heightening all Plutonicthemes—such as power, sexuality, jointfinances, the elimination of waste, and controlissues—which are greatly emphasizedfor several days around this potent planetarystation. Might does not make right, butsome power-brokers may apply this philosophyanyway, now.Adding import to yesterday’s Pluto station,the red planet, Mars, enters Scorpio, Pluto’shome sign, on the 14th (till Oct 27) intensifyingemotions and desires, now and for thenext six weeks. However, this is one of thebest zodiacal positions for Mars but its highlycharged energies here need to be handledwell, and channeled into positive, creativeoutlets. Be sure to get plenty of physicalexercise during this period.Jupiter conjuncts Uranus at 28°42' Pisces onthe 18th—on Yom Kippur—while Marsalso sextiles Pluto, marking a potent juncturewhen the spirit of revolution abounds,and individualist tendencies are strong.Together, these aspects can inspire truegenius as intuition, judgement, and levelheaded actions combine well now. Improveefficiency wherever possible. New friendshipsand progressive connections can bemade. The Internet and news wires may beabuzz with reports on events of great magnitude.Sensitive people could receiveprophetic insights or visions of the future.When the sun opposes Jupiter, planet oflargesse, on the 21st, avoid squandering preciousresources on ill-considered investments.Act only after careful deliberation.An air of virtual invincibility—but morelikely, overconfidence—could inspire someto tackle projects that may be beyond theirpresent capabilities. Nonetheless, as the sunis also opposing Uranus today, a sense ofpowerlessness could inspire radicalchanges, decisions, or actions, so anticipatethe unexpected around this juncture. Besure to back-up important data files.The autumnal equinox arrives as the sunenters Libra on September 22nd (till Oct23). The sun’s transit through the sign ofinterpersonal relations engenders a heightenedawareness of one’s obligations withinkey relationships and partnerships. Also,with the sun now conjunct Saturn, constraintswithin alliances may become apparent,which could be impeding progresstowards personal or professional objectives.September’s full moon culminates on the23rd, at 00°15' Aries, and may herald theend of an affiliation or partnership. Even so,potential exists now for new, more stableand progressive associations. A sense offrustration could spark a conflict with anauthority figure around this juncture, asactions now may be prompted by emotions.Be sure to give others plenty of space, andkeep your passions under control.When the sun squares Pluto on the 25th, tryto identify and change behavior patterns orbusiness practices that are no longer workingfor you. Excessive pressures, from withinor without, could force you to make someradical changes in your life. However, avoidaggression or inflammatory actions.A sobering, sanity restoring conjunctionbetween the sun and Saturn perfects onSeptember 30th, at 07°44' Libra, when acareer or educational opportunity couldappear unannounced. Seek vocational guidance,if necessary. Be willing to take actionfor what you believe in. Forget petty frustrationsby focusing on your work orresponsibilities.Following is a general overview of how the planetarytrends for August/September, 2010 applyto each sun sign. If you know your rising sign(Ascendant), read that, too, for additional AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 13

Down To Earth AstrologyAries (March 20—April 19)Aries natives thrive when allowed to expressthemselves creatively, and take pride in theirsubsequent creations. This forecast period is one inwhich the cosmos conspires to support your inventive or artisticefforts. It’s likely, though, that you will need the support andassistance of others in order to ensure that your aspirationsbecome a reality. Indeed, some of your greatest challenges nowwill come about through your interactions and businessinvolvement with others, be they partners, friends or clients.You’re highly motivated to be successful in all of your personaland professional endeavors at this time. However, to guardagainst depleting your emotional energies to the point ofexhaustion, be sure to give yourself enough down time tounwind, and be patient with the other key players in your life.Quickly consolidate the gains you make, as progress could behampered by circumstances beyond your control.Taurus (April 19—May 20)Progress at work may be a case of stop and go duringAugust when, despite your best efforts, thechallenges you encounter could impede your forwardmovement. But in September, the tide turns, favoring yourbright ideas and innovation on the job, which enables you tobreathe new life into your vocational activities. Meanwhile,August’s Leo new moon in your solar fourth house on the 9thseeds a new cycle of emotional growth and development overthe next four weeks. Use this time to center yourself and workon reinforcing your emotional strength and intestinal fortitude.This is also a good time to refresh your domestic environment,and to be more nurturing towards your family and loved ones.There could be some tension with partners or colleagues tocontend with, and any attempt at a power play is not recommended.Instead, resolve any issues that may arise by patientlyand philosophically seeking the middle ground. You may benefitfrom the wisdom gained in successfully dealing with suchencounters.Gemini (May 20—June 21)Gather your thoughts and focus your mind oncreative ways to bring your bright new ideas tomarket. Impetus for an artistic project may haveslowed down or even stalled for want of adequate funding orsupport. All the more reason to use your ingenuity to seek newways to increase your personal finances. There could bechanges within the dynamic of a creative alliance, or in thedirection a planned enterprise was originally envisioned to take.Such developments might be an indication of previouslyunnoticed yet inherent flaws in your plan, or the timelyrevelation of a weak link within your group or social network.You might anticipate any such adjustments to occur duringyour ruling planet, Mercury’s retrograde period, from Aug 20thto Sept 12th, or perhaps around the full moon on Sept 23rd. TheVirgo new moon on Sept 8th is a harbinger of potentiallysweeping changes within your domestic environment in theweeks ahead, that will eventually provide a greater sense ofsecurity and emotional stability.Cancer (June 21—July22)The recent, or imminent, termination of apartnership, relationship, professional allianceor job may have upset the balance in your life, causing youto rethink your priorities and personal objectives. Althoughit might feel as though your future is uncertain and beyondyour control at present, your circumstances could turn on theproverbial dime during this forecast period, when a newopportunity to add to your income appears quite suddenlyand unexpectedly. Your greatest challenge now is to remainemotionally calm, centered, and strong, and to be on thelookout for important communications. It’s possible that youcould hear from a past employer, partner, or a friend withsome news that makes your heart sing, particularly duringMercury’s retrograde period, between Aug 20th and Sept12th. Life is fraught with challenges, and at this time cosmicpatterns conspire to encourage you to develop a higherdegree of inner strength and resourcefulness.Leo (July 22—August 23)It’s birthday time for Leos, and with yourpersonal New Year’s Day comes an opportunityto envision all that you wish to accomplish or achieve duringthis new twelve-month cycle. You’re encouraged to be moreself-reliant following the new moon in your sign on August9th, when your determination to broaden your horizons inexciting and stimulating ways could open the door to newopportunities for career or vocational advancement.However, in so doing, it may be necessary to temporarilycede a measure of control over your professional destiny,until you have proven your worth, value, or marketability—not an easy pill for proud Leos to swallow, but the eventualbenefits will overcome the initial gag reflex! DuringSeptember, you should see an increase in your cash flow. It’salso possible that money due to you for past work orservices will now be forthcoming.Virgo (August 23—September 23)After almost three challenging and extremelytough years, the ringed planet and karmictaskmaster, Saturn, has finally left your sign, asof late July, and moved on into Libra and your solar secondhouse. While you may not be quite ready to celebrate yourliberation from the shackles of Saturn’s constricting andconstraining grip on your life, you will however begin tonotice a discernable lightening of your personal andprofessional burdens in the weeks ahead as newopportunities to move forward with your life appear on thehorizon. With your sign’s ruler, Mercury, in Virgothroughout this forecast period, and retrograde from Aug20th to Sept 12th, communicate your thoughts, ideas andintentions to those in a position to help you further yourambitions. It’s possible, too, that you may hear from friendsor former associates who’ve not been in touch for quitesome time. By socializing more with friends and groups youcan restore a much-needed sense of balance to your life.Libra (September 23—October 23)Perhaps the biggest news for Scales-clanmembers at this time is the recent arrival ofserious Saturn in your sign—for the next 2-1/2years. Saturn’s presence in your solar first house confers asobering, constraining influence on your life; but it can14 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

also be a great asset in support of your efforts to get yourpersonal affairs in order. Action planet, Mars, joins Saturnin your sign for its first visit here in two years, boostingyour energy, drive and willpower for the duration of thisforecast period. With both planets also squaring Pluto,currently languishing at the bottom (nadir) of your solarchart, you are encouraged now to root out and eliminateany detrimental emotional patterns that may be inhibitingyour personal growth and development. You probablyalready know what they are in any case, so here’s yourchance to finally tackle them!Scorpio (October 23—November 22)With the recent arrival of Saturn in your solartwelfth house it’s time to finally set about laying theghosts of your past that continue to haunt you, underminingyour efforts to get ahead in life. Whether they’re memories,thought patterns, or inaccurate or misguided notions aboutyourself, this is the time to begin to weed them out of your subconscious,and make room for more appropriate, positive,uplifting and liberating beliefs. And to test your early progress,you may have the opportunity to embark on a new career pathduring August, following the Leo new moon in your solar tenthhouse on the 9th. If you feel up to the challenge and have confidencein your abilities, then you have nothing to lose by givingit your best shot. In September, you may be making boldnew plans for the future as you seek to regenerate yourprospects. Tune in to your dreams or meditations now forinsights, as they could be both plentiful, and prophetic.Sagittarius (November 21—December 21)You’re feeling ambitious and keen to broadenyour horizons in early August, when friendsand significant others may also support you inyour quest. You’re also highly motivated to add to yourincome, to further your progressive ambitions. Keep thosein a position to help you in the loop with your plans, anddon’t be shy about asking for advice, feedback, or areference if necessary. A chance to advance yourprofessional agenda could arrive in September, so be readyto grasp the opportunity, even if you have to make a fewchanges to your game plan or financial expectations, as itmay be too good an opportunity to pass up.Capricorn (December 21—January 19)The process of transforming your personal andcareer potential received a significant boost at theend of July when Saturn, your sign’s ruler, entered Libra andyour solar tenth house of worldly success—where it willremain for the next 2-1/2 years. This is, perhaps, the bestpossible position for the ringed planet, as it’s naturally athome in the zodiacal tenth house, while it functions optimallyin the sign of the Scales. Although it’s currently aligned insquare aspect with Pluto, which is now in Capricorn andconjunct your solar ascendant, this is encouraging you toredouble your efforts to achieve ever loftier professional andpersonal objectives. And with a good dose of self-belief andDown To Earth Astrologyperseverance, you can accomplish your goals. You’re keen tobroaden your horizons, especially in September, when a yento travel may take you to distant cllimes in search of newpossibilities.Aquarius (January 19—February 18)In a bid to escape the confinement of your presentenvironment and perhaps to break away from thepast, you consider the possibility of seeking more nurturingand stimulating surroundings. While this impulse may beoperating more as a background influence in your life, a morepressing desire right now might be to fill a void in yourpersonal life with a mate or partner who shares your interests.While Aquarians may be tagged as the loners of the zodiac,you also have a strong need for companionship with kindredspirits. It’s liberating to be able to dance to the beat of yourown drummer, but you also require a strong social componentwith which to interact along life’s path, in order to feel morefulfilled. September’s Virgo new moon in your solar eighthhouse heralds a time to begin eliminating the ghosts of thepast, to free up mental and emotional energies—unhelpfulthought patterns and feelings—that contribute to your senseof confinement, making room for a more positive anduplifting outlook on life.Pisces (February 18—March 20)You are seeking to transform your prospects forthe future, to bring them into alignment withwhat you feel to be your soul’s path in life. Yourvocational activities must enable you to employ your creativetalents in more staisfying ways, and progressive Pisceans willnow be looking for more meaningful work that reflects andfurthers your ambitions. Though your financial fortunes mayfluctuate between feast and famine, you feel that your creativeabilities can be employed to stabilize your cash flow,affording you a greater measure of independence. A newpartnership or working alliance can be forged in Septemberthat could prove helpful in your quest for self-fulfillment.Your best interests will also be served now by identifying andeliminating from your life those elements that would hinderyour inner growth and development.Tim Gunns is an astrological consultant,conference coordinator and producer,formerly program director of thenational Whole Life Expos, and iscurrently program director of theConscious Life Expo.Tim prepares personalized no-nonsense interpretations of NatalHoroscopes ($40), Future Forecast Transit Reports ($75 for 1 fullyear), and Relationship Compatibility Reports ($45). Shipping isfree. Send: Name (as you'd like it to appear on the chart), Date ofBirth, Time (as close as possible), Place of Birth (city/country,etc.) for each person, and your return address, phone# and checkto: Tim Gunns, c/o110 Hilltop Drive, Waynesville NC 28786.(828) 452-7885. Consultations by phone may also be AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 15

Who Werethe Ancient Maya?How does the end of their Calendar in 2012affect your life today?By Gina E. JonesRecently I have had many questions aboutlife and its purpose. Maybe you havehad some of the same questions yourself.Questions like—Who are we reallyand why are we here? Is humanity’s consciousnessshifting? Is time moving faster and faster,and if so, why? Is the world at a breaking point becauseof terrorism, environmental damage, wars, and nuclearweapons? Are we, as human beings, truly capable ofexperiencing the higher consciousness of unconditionallove? What does the end of the Mayan Sacred Calendarin 2012 really mean? Are these, in fact, the apocalyptic,end of time days prophesied in the Bible? How do I survivethese upcoming changes? And what is my role rightnow in this unfolding dimensional drama?In seeking answers to these questions, this is what Idiscovered. While time is flying faster towards the completionof the divine cosmic plan for Earth in 2012 asprophesied in the Mayan Calendar, efforts are escalatingto help humanity through the days ahead. Earth is undergoingchanges never seen before with the increasing frequencyof hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis and othercatastrophic disasters. To the currently “veiled” humanmind, there is no explanation. Unbeknown to the majorityof humans, they are scheduled to ascend with Earthinto the Fourth Dimension of Consciousness in the nextfive years. Unfortunately, most humans are not preparedto make this shift with the planet because of the pervasivefears perpetuated by the Forces of Darkness.Humanity’s blindness to the reality of their true existenceis, in fact, creating the very situations they fearmost.Wow! Now that was quite a discovery. What doesone do with such a revelation? I knew I had to go deeperinto the coded message that was left behind by theancient Maya many centuries ago for more clarity. Andnow I want to share this knowledge with you to help othersprepare for the turbulence that lies ahead. I want peopleto fasten their seatbelts to ensure they make it safelythrough the bumpy flight to the next dimension.The history of the Maya has, for the most part, beenshrouded in mystery and speculation. Most of theMayan texts were destroyed by the Catholic priests travelingwith the conquistadors all in the name ofChristianity. Four texts survived having made their wayto museums and libraries in Europe. What is currentlyknown about the Maya is to a large part based on theworks of several researchers and scholars, some ofwhom have spent more than twenty years in the Yucataninterpreting the various carvings and glyphs left by the16 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

Maya. While some researchers and scholars may disagreeon the specific date when the Mayan Calendaractually ends, they all agree that highly significantevents on a planetary scale have been and will continueup to that time.Researchers such as Dr. Jose Argüelles are convinced theMaya were not of the Earth; having traveled here fromanother part of the galaxy to leave the knowledge formankind to ascend to a higher dimension. Artifactsseem to allow room for this discussion as images suggesta quite different physical appearance from current-dayhumans. It is my belief that today there are off-planetbeings, ascended masters, intergalactic/interdimensionalcitizens, and angels who are still communicating with ustoday to help us write the final chapter our owncosmic history.For the last sixty years or so,many of these intelligent beingshave been allowed to incarnateon Earth from the higherdimensions. More than sixtymillion entities willinglyaccepted the mission andagreed to take form onEarth at this critical time toassist the transition into thenext paradigm. Each camein absolute love, intendingonly to be of service to others.Each also came fully knowingit must go through the Veil ofForgetting, separating its consciousnessfrom that of its higher self to createthe illusion that it is fully human, subjectto all the physical challenges and emotional vagaries ofthe space/time continuum.What most don’t appreciate, however, are the sacrificesthey made to exist in this lower, egoic realm. Sopotent and dense is the third dimension that more thanninety percent of the Wanderers have failed to reconnectwith the higher aspects of themselves and fully believethey are merely human beings.One can spot a Wanderer almost instantly. They aresalmon swimming upstream out of season, true strangersin a strange land. Wanderers are often plagued by allergiesand a gnawing feeling of malaise. As children theytypically display vivid imaginations and have makebelieveplaymates. They often find themselves outsidethe core of social cliques and are more apt to be lonersthan joiners. They develop a curiosity that may well getthem into hot water—questioning authority at everylevel, needing to understand before obeying. Wandererstend to have a highly developed rebellious side, intuitivelyrealizing that most of the rules they have to followare arbitrary and make little sense.If Wanderers accept religion at all, they tend to gravitatetoward Eastern philosophies, like Buddhism andTaoism, or the less orthodox versions of the classicalreligions into which they were born. They seem to knowinstinctively that, at some point, they will have to transcendtheir beliefs to fulfill the purpose for which theycame. As they awaken, their understanding of the AllThat Is, together with their consciousness, becomes progressivelyrefined. It is expressed as ever-purer forms ofunconditional love. They expand their ability to enterthese higher states of love by offering service to everyonewho requests it. They elected to incarnate onEarth to assist those who wish to move upto the next dimension. That is theirchosen path. Wanderers are here tohelp midwife the upcomingdimensional shift.Exactly what will happenon December 21, 2012still remains a mystery—thefinite cannot fully understandthe infinite—but itseems that we are receivingstronger and stronger clues.The Maya certainly placedgreat significance to this date.It is still five years away but ourworld is already experiencingunprecedented, extreme and rapidchanges. The number and magnitude of“natural” catastrophes appear to be increasingexponentially. Scientists have detected extreme anderratic behavior in our Sun that in turn is having strongeffects on our Earth’s atmosphere and measurableeffects on the other planets in our solar system as well.Could the strange rumblings at the center of our Galaxybe a cause of the weather and other changes we are experiencinghere on Earth today? Will these energetic burstsincrease in number and intensity as we approach theyear 2012? The Maya would answer “Yes”.The Maya said that mankind will enter a new era ofheightened consciousness. Perhaps on December 21 thevery physics of our world will change—a transformationthat will last until the dimensional shift.Remember, my friends, it’s not all about the destination.It’s about the journey there as well. So let’s enjoythis amazing ride on the flight of consciousness into thenext dimension!AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 17

Summer ReadingSummer ReadingAncient Egypt 39,000 BCEThe History, Technology, andPhilosophy of Civilization XBy Edward F. MalkowskiTraditional Egyptologists have long resisted thenotion that the architectural achievements of theAncient Egyptians required the existence of amuch more sophisticated technology thanwould have existed at that time. Yet, no recordsexist explaining how, why, or who built Egypt’smegalithic monuments and statues. The ancientEgyptians did, however, record that their civilizationresided in the shadow of a kingdom of “gods” whose reign endedmany thousands of years before their first dynasty. What was thisCivilization X that antiquity’s most accomplished people revered as gods?The recent discovery of a large stone at one of Egypt’s oldest ruins presentsphysical evidence that clearly and distinctly shows the markings of amachining process far beyond the capabilities of the Ancient Egyptians.Bear & Company. Paper, $24.00.The Barn DanceSomewhere between Heavenand Earth, there is a placewhere the magic never endsBy James F. TwymanOn November 27, 2005, two menbroke into Linda Twyman’s apartmentin Evanston, Illinois, and brutallyended her young life. Three and a halfyears later, guided by a series ofvisions and dreams, James Twymanwas mystically drawn to a barn deepin the Nevada wilderness whereHeaven and Earth collide and magicchanges lives. If you’ve ever wondered if we really can communicate withour loved ones who have passed to the other side, this book is youranswer. If you’ve ever thought that Heaven and Earth never meet, thenthis story will reveal a world you never imagined, a world where love neverends and life goes on forever.Hay House. paper, $14.95.ProcessMindA User’s Guide to Connecting with theMind of GodBy Arnold MindellIn Processmind Arnold Mindell, therapist andconflict resolution consultant, extends anddeepens known patterns behind the universe asevidenced in physics and connects them tobasic experiences found in psychology andmystical traditions. ProcessMind shows not onlyconnections between modern physics, psychology,and the “gods” of spiritual traditions, butalso describes practical methods to resolve problems in everyday life. Intwenty inspiring and interactive chapters, this book provides tested methodsthat actualize our deepest, unitive consciousness for ourselves, relationships,organizations, and our world.Quest Books. Paper, $17.95.The Lost Art ofEnochian MagicAngels, Invocations, and the SecretsRevealed to Dr. John DeeBy John DeSalvo, Ph.D.Foreword by Lon Milo DuQuetteIn The Lost Art of Enochian Magic John DeSalvotraces the history of magic, from the earliest civilizationsof the Akadians and Egyptians throughthe Greco-Roman period and up to the presenttime, to reveal how magic has penetrated andinfluenced our religious beliefs and practices today. Through hisunprecedented investigation into the angelic magic of Dr. John Dee,DeSalvo learned to properly reproduce the “Enochian calls,” which actlike mantras in opening higher realms and invoking angels. The bookincludes a CD of Enochian calls to demonstrate and guide the correctpronunciation needed to practice Enochian magic.Destiny Books. Paper, $16.95.Karma andReincarnationBy Barbara Y. Martinand Dimitri MoraitisThe law of cause and effect is one ofthe primary laws of the universe. Byincarnating in human form, we aregiven the opportunity to learn the manylessons of life. By facing and resolvingour karma, we make the greateststrides in our spiritual evolution. Thiseye-opening course clears up many misconceptions and thoroughlyinvestigates how karma and the reincarnation process work, how touse spiritual energy to help heal karmic conditions, and how to usepositive experiences from the past to your benefit.Science Was WrongStartling Truths About Cures,Theories, and Inventions they'dDeclared ImpossibleBy Stanton T. Friedmanand Kathleen MardenTarcher/penguin. Paper, $16.95Science Was Wrong is a fascinatingcollection of stories about the pioneerswho created or thought up the “impossible”cures, theories, and inventions“they” said couldn’t work. How manyhave suffered or died because curesweren’t accepted? How many inventionshave been quashed? How muchprogress was delayed or denied? You will end up shaking your head indisbelief and even disgust as you learn the answers.New Page Books. Paper, $16.99.18 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

Manual For LivingReality, A User’s Guide to theMeaning of LifeBy Seth David ChernoffA genuine user’s guide to the meaningof life, the award-winning book bytwo-time cancer survivor Seth DavidChernoff will change the way you seethe world. Its straightforward guidanceand practical wisdom will helpyou remain true to your path and purposein life. Find true fulfillment andlasting happiness, overcome your fearof death, learn how to fully experiencelife, reconnect with your inner truth, and discover your truepurpose. Chertoff recommends reading one chapter at a time as aguide to the current demands of your life.Spirit Scope Publishing. Paper, $15.95.Alchemical Medicine forthe 21st CenturySpagyrics for Detox, Healing, andLongevityBy Clare Goodrick-ClarkeSpagyrics is a branch of medicinal alchemythat enhances the healing propertiesalready existing in plants. Spagyric essencesharness the dynamic life force in plants thattriggers recovery from the energetic imbalanceof illness. Homeopathist ClareGoodrick-Clarke shows how the preparationof this alchemical medicine makes itpossible to capture the full therapeutic spectrum of plants, includingthe cosmic energies they have absorbed. Alchemical Medicine for the21st Century contains detailed indications for using these alchemicalpreparations to treat both physical and mental disorders.Healing Arts Press. Paper, $16.95.Practical SufismA Guide to the Spiritual PathBy Phillip GowinsPractical Sufism is respected Sufi representativePhillip Gowins’ gentle guide to findingand maintaining your spiritual path. FollowingGowins’ own journey through meeting hisspiritual teacher Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan andthe lessons he learned along the way,Practical Sufism offers insights into the ageoldspiritual concerns with attaining happiness,making commitments, and understandinglove and death, poignant to any level of spiritual practitionerin language easily followed by the novice. An uplifting and interactivework, this book provides meditative exercises, utilized by Sufi initiatesworld wide that bring the reader to a state of positive introspectionand life altering realization.Quest Books. Paper, $15.95.Summer ReadingSummer ReadingThe CosmologicalOrigins of Mythand SymbolFrom the Dogon and AncientEgypt to India, Tibet, and ChinaBy Laird ScrantonOutlining the most significant aspectsof cosmology found among theDogon, ancient Egyptians, and ancientBuddhists, including the striking physicaland cosmological parallelsbetween the Dogon granary and theBuddhist stupa, Laird Scranton identifiesthe signature attributes of a theoreticancient parent cosmology—aplanned instructional system that may well have spawned these greatancient creation traditions. Suggesting that cosmology may haveengendered civilization and not the other way around, Scrantonreveals how this plan of cosmology provides the missing link betweenour macroscopic universe and the microscopic world of atoms.Inspiration DeficitDisorderThe No-Pill Prescription to EndHigh Stress, Low Energy, andBad HabitsBy Jonathan Ellerby, Ph.D.In this practical, easy-to-read book,you’ll learn simple steps that havealready helped thousands of peoplefrom all walks of life discover theincredible energy and daily peace theywere born to experience. It’s not aboutgiving you other people’s answers; it’sabout helping you find your own, andhaving the tools to put them into action. Learn why an inspired lifeis critical to your health and happiness.Hay House. Paper, $14.95.The Eleven Eternal PrinciplesBy Carmen Harra, Ph.D.Inner Traditions. Paper, $18.95For the millions of spiritual seekers looking forachievable rules to live by in this lifetime, theconcept of healing personal karma to affectchange in global karma is especially timely. Dr.Harra’s message is uplifting, comforting, andall-inclusive at a time when many are strugglingwith the limiting and divisive strictures ofdogma and doctrine. The Eleven EternalPrinciples reveals simple, universal truths thatwill raise our consciousness, empower us tocreate a more harmonious and healthy world, and allow us to embracea new age of enlightenment.Crossing Press. Paper, $16.99.www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 19

Lost Technologiesof Ancient EgyptAdvanced Engineering in theTemples of the PharaohsBy Christopher DunnFrom the pyramids in the north to thetemples in the south, ancient artisans lefttheir marks all over Egypt, unique marksthat reveal craftsmanship we would behard pressed to duplicate today. Drawingtogether the results of more than 30 yearsof research and nine field study journeysto Egypt, Christopher Dunn presents astunning stone-by-stone analysis of keyEgyptian monuments. His modern-day engineering expertise provides aunique view into the sophisticated technology used to create thesefamous monuments in prehistoric times. Dunn’s research shows thatwhile absent from the archaeological record, highly refined tools, techniques,and even mega-machines must have been used in ancient Egypt.Includes more than 280 photographs.Bear & Company. Paper, $25.00.Twilight of the GodsThe Mayan Calendar and theReturn of the ExtrarrestrialsBy Erich von DanikenHigh up in the Bolivian Andes liesPumapunku, an ancient ruined city thatsimply could never have been constructedby its Stone Age inhabitants. “I documentprecisely what it was that left thefirst visitors breathless as they stoodbefore the mighty stone blocks some400 years ago, writes Erich von Dänikenin Twilight of the Gods.. “I will show youwhat archeologists discovered hundredsof years ago and demonstrate how much has been intentionallydestroyed over the centuries. And in December 2012, the gods willreturn from their long journey and appear again here on Earth. At leastthat is what the Mayan calendar would have us believe.” In his own inimitableway, Erich von Däniken picks these preconceptions and prejudicesapart with a clarity no other author could manage.New Page Books. Paper, $17.99.Embodying OsirisThe Secrets of AlchemicalTransformationBy Thom F. CavalliEmbodying Osiris is a Jungian explanation of thegreat myth of Osiris, ancient Egypt’s venerated Lordof the Underworld and devoted husband of Isis, themother goddess of wisdom and magic. This bookexamines the contemporary re-surfacing of Osiris asa psycho-spiritual model for the individual psyche.For Dr. Thom Cavalli, the gods did not in fact disappear but instead havebeen gradually re-emerging as psychological archetypes. Cavalli includesactual dream materials and clinical vignettes from his patients to amplify themyth’s content, revealing a means for real-life spiritual transformation.Quest Book. Paper, $15.95.The Future in the StarsThe Astrological Messagefor 2012 and BeyondBy Alison Chester-LambertRecently, Pluto made the headlines when wewere told he was no longer a planet. Pluto wasfound to have a whole family of newly discovereddwarf planets around him, and he was recategorisedto join this group. The astronomersnamed them Ceres, Charon, Makemake,Haumea, Eris and Sedna after deities from little-knownindigenous cultures. Alison Chester-Lambert has studied these choices and their influences on the human racein the 21st century. She draws meaning from their ancient myths and theevents surrounding their discovery with no complicated astrological jargon.Wild claims and poor astrology have fuelled a doomsday sensation regarding2012. Chester-Lambert’s in-depth analysis of the dwarf planets’ influenceallows her to set the record straight and to show us how to work withthe big changes and opportunities ahead.Findhorn Press. Paper,PsychomagicThe Transformative Power ofShamanic PsychotherapyBy Alejandro JodorowskyWhile living in Mexico, filmmaker AlejandroJodorowsky became familiar with the colorful andeffective cures provided by folk healers. He realizedthat it is easier for the unconscious to understandthe language of dreams than that of rationality.Illness can even be seen as a physical dreamthat reveals unresolved emotional and psychologicalproblems. Psychomagic presents the shamanic and genealogicalprinciples Jodorowsky discovered to create a healing therapy that coulduse the powers of dreams, art, and theater to empower individuals to healwounds that in some cases had traveled through generations.The Secret Historyof DreamingBy Robert MossInner Traditions. Paper, $24.95.Dreaming is vital to the human story. Itis essential to our survival and evolution,to creative endeavors in every field, and,quite simply, to getting us through ourdaily lives. All of us dream. Now RobertMoss shows us how dreams haveshaped world events and why deepeningour conscious engagement withdreaming is crucial for our future. Hetraces the strands of dreams througharchival records and well-known writings,weaving remarkable yet true accounts of historical figures whowere influenced by their dreams. In this wide-ranging, visionary book,Moss creates a new way to explore history and consciousness, combiningthe storytelling skills of a bestselling novelist with the researchacumen of a scholar of ancient history and the personal experience ofan active dreamer.New World Library. Paper, $15.95.20 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 21

Where Heaven and Earth Meet:The Barn DanceBy James F. TwymanWe all want to believe that there’s aplace between Heaven and Earthwhere the magic never ends, buthow many of us have ever get thechance to visit that sacred ground?In the summer of 2009, I had the opportunity to spendseveral days in the space “in-between,” and the resultwas a book I feel I was born to write: The Barn Dance.The story may begin in sorrow, but it concludes with thehope that life doesn’t end with death. It’s just the beginning.Three days after Thanksgiving in 2005, the woman Imarried when I was twenty-three, raised a child with andconsidered my best friend, was murdered in her apartmentoutside Chicago. Linda was the type of woman youcouldn’t help but love, and I wasn’t the only person whofelt that way. I always said that if you didn’t like her,then there’s something wrong with you, not her. In manyways she was the example of how to live a loving, serviceoriented life. Her senseless death was more than ablow, it was the type of shock I was afraid I would neverrecover from.“You’ll never get over this, but there will come a daywhen it’s no longer over you.” Those were the wordsspoken by my friend Neale Donald Walsch who flew toChicago the day after the tragedy to stand at my side.Three and a half years after Linda’s death, I realized hewas right. The clouds seemed to be parting, and eventhough I still missed her, the profound sadness seemed tohave lifted. The fact that this realization only lasted amatter of hours surprised me, though. An email camewith news I didn’t expect: “Someone just confessed toLinda’s murder.” I went from feeling healed to divingback into the thick of despair.The story centers around an experience my daughterand I had when we were traveling from Chicago back toOregon immediately after Linda’s funeral. While drivingalong a small highway in Nevada that hugged the side ofa terrifying cliff, we found ourselves caught in a blizzardand nearly went over the edge. Several years later, whenI first heard that someone was in custody for Linda’smurder, I felt compelled to return to that cliff, andthough the thought seemed alien and strange, I decidedto follow. I drove five hours to the remote highway andhiked to the bottom where I ultimately discovered aremarkable barn, a place where dreams came true.Imagine finding a place where the barriers separating thephysical and spiritual dimensions begin to blur, and yousuddenly find yourself dancing in a barn with peoplewho are not meant for this world. And imagine if in themidst of that amazing gathering you met the one personyou thought you would never see again, the person whoheld the key to the greatest lesson of your life. This iswhat I encountered in the wilderness of Nevada, and22 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

though it will seem impossible to some, to many more itwill be the answer to a prayer.Since then I’ve tried to find ways to help othersmake similar connections with their loved ones. In arecent scientific test called DreamDancing, over fiftypercent of the people involved had at least one connectionwith a loved one on the other side of the veil, anactual face-to-face conversation that they were able toverify at a later time. Over three hundred people participatedin the study, and I believe we’ve begun laying thegroundwork for a whole new exciting field. In the pastwe thought we needed mediums or psychics to help usmake contact with the other side, but now it seems to bepossible for almost anyone. Because of the success ofthe study we’ve decided to open it up to the general public,giving everyone the possibility to connect with lovedones they thought they lost. ( events I describe in The Barn Dance changedmy life, and the book is already touching thousands ofpeople in a similar way. The magical adventure I experiencedis something everyone can relate to becausewe’ve all lost people we love, tragically or otherwise.The experience of grief is the same, and so is the hopethat comes when we realize our loved ones never haveleft at all, but are still with us in a way that is intimateand real. That was what I learned from Linda, and nowit’s the only thing I want to share.People will ask about the adventure I wrote in TheBarn Dance,wondering if it’s a completely true story orsimply one man’s need to heal his heart through a fantasticand magical tale. I’ll answer that question evenbefore you begin reading: To me this story is completelytrue, but in a way most people will find surprising. Ifyou believe that we really do live in a magical universeand that dreams do come true, then you’ll probablybelieve every word you read. If not, then that’s fine aswell. As for me, I believe that there really is a barn in themiddle of a secluded forest where Heaven and Earthmeet, and where we really can stand side-by-side withour loved ones on the other side of the veil. I shouldknow, because I’ve been there.The Barn DanceAn Interview with James TwymanThe Barn Dance is James Twyman’s thirteenthbook, and his most personal todate. Though known internationally asThe Peace Troubadour and the author ofmany bestselling books like Emissary ofLight and The Moses Code, many became aware of himwhen the news of his former wife’s murder outsideChicago was reported around the country. Nearly fiveyears later, Twyman is releasing a book that not onlychronicles the tragedy, but dives into the mystery of lifeafter-death,and direct communication with loved oneson the other side of the veil.The book has already been called a triumph, and inthe few short weeks since its release, has inspired thousands.Neale Donald Walsch, the author of TheConversations with God series, said: “Once in everygeneration a book comes along that changes the way welook at life itself. This is one such book.” Now, in thisvery personal interview, Twyman explains why he feltinspired to tell such an intimate story, as well as how hethinks it will help people who are also suffering from theloss of a loved one.Q: First of all, it must have been a very difficult storyto tell. Clearly Linda meant a great deal to you and youfelt compelled to honor her memory through The BarnDance.JT: Linda did mean a tremendous amount to me. Shewas my first love and I never stopped trying to win herback. She was actually considering moving out toOregon to be with our daughter and I when she waskilled. You’re right when you say that I wanted to honorher with this story, but there’s also a deeper reason. Iwrote this book because I knew that everyone would beable to relate to it, regardless of whether they’ve suffereda similar type of loss or not. We’ve all had to saygoodbye to loved ones, and we’ve all had to experiencegrief in our lives. But the idea that there really is a magicalplace in-between Heaven and Earth is very deep inour subconscious. We all would love to meet someonewe’ve lost, someone who is on the other side of the veil,and The Barn Dance is a way for us to realize AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 23

There seems to be a large word of mouth campaignhappening around this book. Are you finding that peopleare passing the book on once they’ve read it?That’s been one of the most satisfying thing about theexperience so far, all the positive feedback I’ve been getting.I’ve received so many letters from people sayingthat they couldn’t put it down once they began reading,often from people who say they rarely finish books theybegin. They’re also passing it on once they’ve finishedreading, which is what any author wants. That’s how abook becomes a best seller, by touching an emotionalchord in people. I think of The Shack, an enormous bestsellerthat never really had any advertising. It was allthrough word of mouth. Of course I hope the same thinghappens here, mainly because I think that it’s a story thatwill both entertain and inspire. I didn’t want to write abook about life after death, I wanted to write one aboutmy experience, one that deeply impacted my life. And ifpeople relate to my experience, then it will be a bigsuccess.You mentioned The Shack, which was a huge success.Are there any correlations between that book and TheBarn Dance?No, I really don’t think there are. Both books begin withthe protagonist experiencing the murder of someonevery important to them, but I have to say that that’swhere the similarity ends. At the same time, The Shackchallenged the way people view God and our relationshipwith the Divine. In that sense, they have a similartheme. The Barn Dance is really challenging our ideasabout what happens when we cross over, and the possibilitythat we can have true, even face-to-face contactwith the loved ones we’ve lost. In my story I find a placewhere Heaven and Earth seem to blend together andpeople from the other side find their way back to thephysical world, even if it’s just to have a great party.Has anyone told you that you might be taking advantageof her death by writing this book?It’s something that I’ve tried to be aware of, even thoughI’m very secure in my reasons for releasing The BarnDance. First of all, this is a story that will inspire people,and one that they probably won’t be able to set down.That was my primary show that death isnot an end, but a beginning. But the other reason is definitelymore personal. I wanted to write a book thatwould honor the woman who changed my life and taughtme about love and how to be a good father. I also hopethat it will continue to bring attention to a case that isstill very much unsolved. That’s one of the reasons I’mvery interested in getting The Barn Dance into everybookstore in Chicago, as well as around the world.The story really develops when you find out that someonehas been arrested for her murder. Is that true?Yes, it’s very true. And yet at the same time, the policeare being very careful, which we all understand. One ofthe things I was really impressed with was how personallythe police and detectives were taking this case. Itwas almost as if Linda was their sister, as if the samething could have happened to someone they love.How much of this story is actually true? It’s one of themost magical books to be released in a long time, butthere are bound to be questions about whether this isfact or fiction.That’s a hard question to answer since the story takesplace at different times and on different dimensions. Tome it’s completely true, and I’m never going to backdown from that. What I can say for sure is that everydetail about Linda and my life with her is unexaggerated,and as far as the barn goes, that’s something peopleare going to be asking about for a very long time.If there’s only one lesson you hope people walk awaywith after reading this book, what would it be?I want people to believe in magic, and to know that lifeis not something that ends with the death of the body. Ofcourse most of us believe that already, at least mentally,but to have a tangible experience of that, even if it’sthrough a story like The Barn Dance, makes it very real.I really do believe that there’s a place between Heavenand Earth where the magic never ends. For me that wasin a secluded barn in the middle of a magical forest. Forthe rest of us, it could be anywhere and everywhere. Wejust have to open our eyes to see it.James F. Twyman is the New York Times bestselling author ofthirteen books including Emissary of Light and The MosesCode, as well as a filmmaker and Peace Troubadour who hastraveled to many countries during wars and conflicts to sharehis message of peace and perform The Peace Concert. He isalso the president of The Beloved Community, an inter-religiousspiritual organization dedicated to spreading the messageof peace found at the heart of every major religion, aswell as the founder of The Seminary of Spiritual Peacemaking,which has ordained over 500 peace ministers around theworld. EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

New Strategies forOptimizingBone StrengthBy Laurie Barclay, MDMainstream medicine focusesalmost exclusively on prescriptiondrugs to reduce the risk ofosteoporosis in aging men andwomen. What many people donot know is that the most popular class of prescriptionmedications used to treat osteoporosis, bisphosphonates,focus on limiting additional bone loss,rather than actually building more bone, in agingmen and women. This class of drugs is also associatedwith potentially serious side effects, includingheart arrhythmia.Exciting scientific research has discovered thepower of collagen for supporting optimal bone tensilestrength. New data suggest that a unique,patent-pending nutritional supplement consisting ofcollagen chelated to calcium, along with a newplum extract can help support strong, resilientbones.The Osteoporosis EpidemicToo often, osteoporosis is diagnosed late in its progressionresulting in rapidly declining bone integritythat leads not only to disfigurement but alsopainful and potentially lethal fractures. Today’s epidemicof osteoporosis causes up to half of allwomen over age fifty and one in four men in theUnited States to suffer disabling bone fractures.When an elderly person slips or loses their balance,it could mean the end of their life, since up to twentypercent of those who sustain a hip fracture diewithin one year. Since an estimated 250,000Americans suffer a hip fracture annually, brokenhips may lead to 50,000 deaths per year in the USalone.Sadly, very few doctors focus on preventing thissilent disease through lifestyle adjustment such asweight-bearing exercise, bioidentical hormonereplacement (if indicated), and broad-spectrumnutritional supplementation to feed and nurturehealthy bone. Instead, pharmaceutical companiespush bisphosphonate drugs (such as Fosamax® andActonel®) as a one-stop solution. These drugs workby reducing bone resorption, not by building newbone directly. Of interest, evidence suggests thesemedicines are associated with potentially seriousside effects. Few doctors understand that even whenthese drugs are used to reduce the risk of fracturesecondary to breast or prostate cancer metastasis tobone, it is critical that patients also take a full complementof bone-building minerals along with thesemedications for optimal benefit.www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 25

What You Need to Know: OptimizingBone Strength* Osteoporosis is a widespread condition associatedwith reduced bone mineral density (BMD) andstrength leading to bone fractures.* Risk factors for osteoporosis include femalesex, postmenopausal status, advanced age,Caucasian or Asian race, diabetes, metabolic syndrome,slim stature (underweight), sedentarylifestyle, and cigarette smoking.* Bisphosphonate drugs are widely prescribed forosteoporosis, but they may be associated with seriousside effects including osteonecrosis (bonedecay) of the jaw and atrial fibrillation (an irregularheart rhythm associated with stroke).* Optimal bone health requires not only preservationof bone mineral density, but also of bonestrength, which results from the dynamic structureof bone involving a matrix of collagen fibers reinforcedwith calcium, phosphorus, and other minerals.* Collagen calcium chelate has been shown inexperimental studies to support bone strength.* Dried plum extract has been shown in experimentalstudies and in clinical studies to improvebone structure and function, even in situations inwhich bone loss was thought to be irreversible.The Power of CollagenRecent advances in understanding normal bonestructure and function have revolutionized thenutritional approach to optimizing bone health.Researchers are now discovering the vital importanceof collagen for achieving optimal bone tensilestrength.Most people will be very surprised to know thatcollagen, a resilient type of protein molecule,makes upmost of thestructureof bone.T h espongymatrix ofcollagenfibers andcrystallinesalts withinbone iscrucial toabsorbingcompressionforcesto resiststress fractures,much as the tensile supports of steel bridgesprovide flexibility so that the bridge can withstandgale force winds and heavy traffic.Amazingly, the compressional strength of boneis even greater than that of reinforced concrete.Many fractures, however, result from twisting ortorsional forces, and neither bone nor concrete hasa very high degree of torsional strength. However,the dynamic collagen matrix within healthy boneallows it to better redistribute and deflect a varietyof forces, thereby reducing fracture risk.Like suspension cables on a bridge that sway toabsorb forces that might otherwise disrupt the mainstructure, collagen fibrils within bone are made upof strings of alternating collagen molecules andhydroxyapatite crystals that are connected by weakchemical bonds within the strings and betweenthem.Force applied to collagen fibrils in bone causessome of these weak bonds to break. This is actuallya beneficial action because by allowing stretchingwithin the collagen matrix to spread the pressureover a broader area, the result is a protectiveeffect on stronger bonds within the collagen moleculeitself. Without both collagen and minerals,bone becomes brittle and can be easily fractured,much as a bridge with a missing cable could snapunder the weight of one too many cars.Understanding Bone AnatomyDepending on their location within the skeleton andtheir function, bones can be classified as long (e.g.arm and leg bones), short (e.g. small wrist andankle bones), flat (e.g. ribs, skull), or irregular (e.g.spinal vertebrae). A long bone has an expanded portionat each end called an epiphysis, which forms ajoint with another bone, and a bone shaft, or diaphysis,between the epiphyses. Articular cartilage26 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

covers the ends of each epiphysisto form the joint surface, and therest of the bone is completelyencased in a tough coveringcalled the periosteum.The solid, strong, bony layerwithin the periosteum is calledcompact bone, which is resistantto bending. The compact bone inthe diaphysis forms a rigid tubewith bone marrow filling the hollowchamber, known as themedullary cavity, within the tube.Because the epiphyses are subjectedto the greatest forces ofcompression during weight-bearingactivities, the epiphyses aremade mostly from spongy orcancellous bone offering elasticstrength.A New Type of CalciumAs we have seen above, bonestrength and resilience dependson collagen fibers, as well as calcium,several trace minerals, andvitamins D and K2, which acttogether to generate a strong,complex matrix structure. Mostbone supplements recommendedby doctors contain only calcium,an inadequate nutritional strategyfor optimal bone health.Recently, scientists havedeveloped a new form of calciumthat molecularly binds collagen.Named KoAct, this uniqueform of collagen calcium chelateis designed to enhance collagensupport and turnover whileincreasing bone mineral densityand bone strength.Scientists at the prestigiousTokyo University found that supplementationwith collagen calciumchelate improved bonestrength to a greater extent thanthe same amounts of calcium andcollagen either given separatelyor together but in a non-chelatedform. Specific improvementswith collagen calcium chelatewere seen not only in bone mineraldensity but just as importantlyin femur (thigh bone) weight,bone collagen production, andbone flexibility and strength.In an experimental model ofosteoporosis, the test groupreceived a low-calcium diet forone week. In addition to theirlow-calcium diet, some of thetest group consumed a high-dosecollagen calcium chelate. Thecohort receiving high-dose collagencalcium chelate had anincrease in femur bone weight byan impressive nine-point-six percent,compared with the groupgiven the same amount of calciumin non-chelated form. Thetest group receiving the collagencalcium chelate had dosedependentincreases in bone mineraldensity, which were threepoint-fivepercent to eleven percenthigher than those seen in thegroup receiving the same amountof non-chelated calcium. Theinvestigators concluded that collagencalcium chelate had anadditive effect on bone mineraldensity, better than that of calciumalone or of a simple calciumand collagen mixture.Collagen calcium chelate wasalso associated with increases infemur bone strength, by aboutnine-point-nine percent to twenty-fivepercent, compared withthe group receiving the sameamount of calcium. Remarkably,the benefits of collagen calciumchelate were evident after onlyeight weeks of supplementation!www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 27

Given these encouraging results, a large clinicalstudy is planned for next year, in collaboration withthe US Army, to look at the effect of collagen calciumchelate on bone fractures in hard-trainingrecruits.Determining Bone Fracture RiskFor ease and efficiency of movement, bone must belightweight, yet strong enough to support far morethan its own weight. Although BMD (bone mineraldensity) is important, so is bone strength andresilience. The World Health Organization (WHO)has recently concluded that BMD, as measured bydual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, is not the singlebest predictor of fracture risk, because it misses asignificant proportion of individualswho have clinical or epidemiologicalrisk factors for osteoporosis.Various clinical factors associatedwith bone strength mustalso be considered when decidingwho is at risk for fracture andcould benefit from preventivesupplementation and/or treatment.Prescribing bisphosphonatesto younger postmenopausalwomen based on BMD alone maytherefore unnecessarily or prematurelyexpose them to the risks associated withthese drugs.To predict the ten-year risk of sustaining amajor osteoporotic fracture, the WHO has developeda clinical assessment tool known as FRAX(fracture risk assessment), using composite scoresthat rely both on BMD and on validated clinicalrisk factors for fracture. The test uses easily determinedclinical features, such as age, race, weight,and smoking history, to go above and beyond BMDand to evaluate bone strength.FRAX allows doctors to enter clinical informationonline, so that a computer program can calculatethe ten-year probability of hip fracture and theten-year probability of a major osteoporotic fracture(clinical spine, forearm, hip, or shoulder fracture)for any given individual, based on informationcollected from large population samples in Europe,North America, Asia, and Australia.Plum Extract Supports Bone HealthNew research has shown that plum extract can bean important component of an intelligent bonehealth program. In a study of fifty-eight postmenopausalwomen, those who were randomlyassigned to receive 100 grams of a concentratedplum product in their daily diet for three monthswere shown to have positive effects on bone. Thesewomen showed significantly increased serum levelsof biological markers that reflected greater ratesof bone formation.Laboratory studies also demonstrated that concentratedplum polyphenols down-regulate(decrease) cellular signals thatcause bone resorption.Plum polyphenols promotebone deposition by increasingosteoblast (bone-building cell)activity and function via theireffects on increasing certain cellsignalingcompounds and byenhancing expression of anenzyme that is involved in collagencross-linking.In an experimental model ofbone loss caused by surgicalremoval of the testicles, addingdried plum extract to the diet had similar effects toparathyroid hormone (PTH), which is involved inbone metabolism. The test group given concentratedplum extract had an eleven percent increase invertebral (spine) and femoral (thigh bone) bonemineral density compared with controls, whereasthose receiving PTH had increased bone mineraldensity by twenty-point-seven percent at the vertebraeand seventeen-point-nine percent at the femur.Other changes in bone volume and structure seenwith concentrated plum extract relative to controlswere similar to those seen with PTH.Even more compelling, experimental studiessuggest that bone changes previously thought to beirreversible can, to a great extent, be improved bydried plum extract. In an experimental model ofpostmenopausal osteoporosis, the test group thatalready had deterioration of bone structure had28 EARTH STAR JUNE / JULY

improvements, relative tocontrols, after two monthsof a diet containing driedplum extract. Femoraland tibial bone densitieswere restored and lumbarbone density wasincreased. Improved bonequality also resulted in asix-point-nine percentimprovement in overallyield and a six percent improvement in ultimateforce. The architectural microstructure of trabecularbone was also significantly improved in rats receivingdried plum extract compared with controls.Standardized plum extracts provide a convenientway to obtain plum’s beneficial bone-supportiveproperties—without the concentrated caloriesand sugar content.Adverse Effects of BisphosphonatesBisphosphonate drugs such as Fosamax® (alendronate),Actonel® (risendronate), Zometa® (zoledronicacid), and others are a mainstay of osteoporosistreatment. More than one-third of outpatientsseen for osteoporosis at >60 years of age aretreated with bisphosphonates.Unfortunately, these drugs are often poorly tolerated.Gastrointestinal symptoms are common,and bone and joint pain occur often.Bisphosphonates also have potentially seriousadverse effects. Osteonecrosis of the jaw (death anddecay of the jaw bone) is a serious, potentially disfiguringcomplication in women taking bisphosphonateswho have a tooth extraction. A study at theUniversity of Southern California, Los Angelesfound that use of alendronate pills for one year ormore increased the risk for jaw osteonecrosis aftera tooth extraction or was associated with denturerelatedulcers. Of 208 patients who had taken alendronate,70 mg once per week for one to ten years,nine (four percent) developed jaw bone osteonecrosis.None of more than 13,500 dental patients whohad not taken alendronate developed jaw boneosteonecrosis.Additionally, people treated with alendronate orzoledronic acid may have double the risk of seriousatrial fibrillation, or irregularheart rhythm causingthe heart to pump bloodless efficiently, potentiallyresulting in pulmonaryedema (fluid in the lungs),congestive heart failure,stroke, or death. A studyshowed that two-pointfiveto three percent ofpatients taking bisphosphonatesdeveloped atrial fibrillation and one to twopercent developed serious atrial fibrillation, withcomplications including hospitalization or death.Because bisphosphonate treatment may facilitatemanagement of bone metastases, patients withbreast or prostate cancer should consider treatmentin consultation with their physician. Individualswho use bisphosphonate medications under aphysician’s guidance can help reduce their risk ofosteonecrosis of the jaw by receiving a dentalexamination and undergoing any necessary dentalprocedures such as tooth extractions before initiatingdrug therapy. Additionally, individuals usingbisphosphonate therapy are advised to practicegood dental hygiene, stop smoking, limit alcoholconsumption, and avoid jaw trauma.If possible, individuals should avoid undergoingdental surgery during bisphosphonate treatment.Clinical Considerations for Bone HealthCollagen calcium chelate, magnesium, silicon,boron, dried plum extract, and vitamins D and K2work to synergistically support bone health.Individuals who may derive particular benefit fromsupplementation with these nutrients include thoseat risk of threats to bone strength, such as those witha family history of osteoporosis and advanced age.For optimal bone strength, a comprehensiveapproach using a variety of nutrients is essential.Collagen calcium chelate and concentrated plumextract are two powerful additions for men andwomen focused on having healthy bones that last alifetime!Reprinted with permission from Life Extension Magazine, AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 29

How The UltimateBP Gulf DisasterCould Kill MillionsDisturbing evidence is mounting thatsomething frightening is happening deepunder the waters of the Gulf ofMexico—something far worse than theBP oil gusher.Warnings were raised as long as a year before theDeepwater Horizon disaster that the area of seabed chosenby the BP geologists might be unstable, or worse,inherently dangerous,What makes the location that Transocean chosepotentially far riskier than other potential oil depositslocated at other regions of the Gulf? It can be summedup with two words: methane gas.The same methane that makes coal mining operationshazardous and leads to horrendous mining accidentsdeep under the earth also can present a high levelof danger to certain oil exploration ventures.Location of Deepwater Horizon oil rigwas criticizedMore than twelve months ago some geologists rang thewarning bell that the Deepwater Horizon exploratory rigBy Amanda Fox.might have been erected directly over a huge undergroundreservoir of methane.Documents from several years ago indicate that thesubterranean geologic formation may contain the presenceof a huge methane deposit.None other than the engineer who helped lead theteam to snuff the Gulf oil fires set by Saddam Hussein toslow the advance of American troops has stated that ahuge underground lake of methane gas—compressed bya pressure of 100,000 pounds per square inch (psi)—could be released by BP’s drilling effort to obtain the oildeposit.Current engineering technologycannot contain gas that is pressurizedto 100,000 psiBy some geologists’ estimates the methane could be amassive fifteen to twenty mile toxic and explosive bubbletrapped for eons under the Gulf sea floor. In theiropinion, the explosive destruction of the DeepwaterHorizon wellhead was an accident just waiting to happen.Yet the disaster that followed the loss of the rig pales30 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

y comparison to the apocalyptic disaster that maycome.A cascading catastropheAccording to worried geologists, the first signs that themethane may burst its way through the bottom of theocean would be fissures or cracks appearing on theocean floor near the damaged well head.Evidence of fissures opening up on the seabed havebeen captured by the robotic submersibles working torepair and contain the ruptured well. Smaller, independentplumes have also appeared outside the nearby radiusof the bore hole itself.According to some geological experts, BP’s operationsset into motion a series of events that may be irreversible.Step-by-step the drillingWhether you call it the BP oil spill, DeepwaterHorizon oil spill, or Gulf oil spill, it is the same by anyname and has the potential to devastating beyond whatwe have seen to this point. It is very easy to be alarmistor go too far speculating “what if” scenarios, but thereare some areas that can be rationally explored to gainsome perspective on what the continuingdestructive potential can be.Moving beyond that, there is somepotential for less looked at collateraldamage which is in some venuesbeing downplayed for obvious reasons.To make a statement that the BPGulf oil spill could kill millions is initself a bit loaded. Any type of disaster has that potentialin the ultimate worst case scenario so long as the populationin the area impacted supports that. With a disasterthe nature of this spill however, the impact cannot beknown, and will not be known until decades after thecleanup has stopped, meaning there is a legitimatechance the statement is correct. There are a few waysthat a million—possibly millions—could die due to thespill.The first and potentially most damaging scenariothat is gaining popular press is the interplay with a subterraneanmethane deposit. That is obviously significantbecause it is under extraordinarily high pressure by ourstandards of what would be considered safe to harvest ofabout 100,000psi. The problem, in the simplest terms, isthat the initial BP disaster created fissures, or cracks, inareas of the ocean floor over and adjacent to that lake ofmethane. Since that time there has been some expansionto those cracks which was wholly expected. Whether therate of expansion is what was expected is unknown as noreputable agency with the ability to truly gauge that isreporting it to the public.If—and that is a big word—but if those cracks continueto widen they may not be able to contain themethane pool which is under that high pressure discussedabove. If the methane cannot be contained thenthe cracks will obviously widen, but elongate as wellallowing other smaller releases mixed in with largerreleases of methane creating what is akin to a chain reactionof explosions that could potentially run the length ofthe methane deposit.Were that to happen, there is no man-made technologyto contain the result, and the swath of destruction istruly incalculable. You would be talking about tons—notpounds—TONS of pressure being released hurling suboceanic debris at speeds that could level everything andeveryone in its path when at critical mass. Beyond that,there would be tidal waves large enough to reach Floridaand drop buildings without batting an eye. They wouldmove too fast for any chance of a full evacuation. EvenGeorgia would be in danger under a worst case scenario.Then there is what feels shameful to call the smallerkillers when discussing the potential for death. Thereare going to be people that eat contaminatedfood. Sure everyoneshould know better, and certainlyeveryone is far too reputable to misrepresentwhere they got theirhaul—in fantasyland perhaps. In thereal world it is going to happen atsome point. Sooner or later someonewill poach for an easy haul, or thesafe zone for harvesting can shift and accidents happen.There are going to be people that die maybe years fromnow due to various forms of contamination. There is thepotential for an increased amount of deaths from hurricanesas the oil swept up into the eye wall of a stormmay actually help create larger more destructive storms.Then there is the spread of contaminants over a widerarea from that as well which impacts the ecosystem furtherashore and could potentially raise death tolls withstorm passage due to increased intensity.The bottom line is there is no way to tell with anhonestly objective point of view if the BP Gulf oil spillwill kill millions or a million, or a half million. Theimpact of the spill to the ecosystem alone is going to bedecades away from being assessed with half a shred ofvalidity. The thing is, the potential is there. It is nowherenear as remote a possibility as it was six months agosuch fury could be unleashed. The risk right now is stillregarded as a hair above negligible, but it is there and itcould be immensely destructive.www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 31

TheMajor Exercise MistakeI Made for fOver30 YearsBy Dr. Joseph MercolaArecent study shows that ten minutes ofbrisk exercise triggers metabolicchanges that last at least an hour. What’smore, the more fit you are, the more benefitsyou will get.Researchers measured biochemical changes in theblood of a variety of people. Metabolic changes thatbegan after ten minutes on a treadmill still were measurablesixty minutes after people cooled down.According to USA Today:“Checking a metabolite of fat breakdown, the teamfound people who were more fit—as measured by oxygenintake during exercise—appeared to be burning more fatthan the less fit ... The extremely fit —twenty-five BostonMarathon runners—had ten-fold increases in thatmetabolite after the race.”However, there’s more to exercise than what thisstudy presents.Knowing what type of exercise creates the greatestbeneficial biochemical changes can make a huge differencein your health.Dr. Mercola’s Comments:The science of exercise has come a long way over thepast decades. We’re constantly discovering new informationand details about how exercise creates the healthbenefits we typically associate with it, and more importantly,how we can exercise more efficiently and effectivelyto maximize results.In this article, I will discuss an uncommon exercisetechnique that can make a dramatic difference in yourhealth, and why.But first, the study summarized above essentiallyconfirms what I’ve been stating for years: that exerciseis a key player for controlling your blood sugar and normalizingyour insulin levels.I actually view exercise as a drug with regard tobeing properly prescribed and having proper dosage,And it’s one that you can readily substitute for some ofthe most common drugs used today for things like diabetes,heart disease and depression. All of these conditionswill improve with exercise and with the help of anexperienced natural health care clinician.Nearly one in four people in the US have type 2 diabetesor pre-diabetes and it is my experience that most32 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

of them could be reversed with the appropriate diet andexercise regimen—exercise being the crucial key.How Exercise Changes Your BiochemistryIn this study, the researchers measured the biochemicalchanges that occur during exercise, and found alterationsin more than twenty different metabolites. Someof these compounds help you burn calories and fat,while others help stabilize your blood sugar, amongother things.Essentially, being of a healthy weight and exercisingregularly creates a healthy feedback loop that optimizesand helps maintain healthy glucose and insulin levelsthrough optimization of insulin receptor sensitivity.And as I’ve explained on countless occasions, normalizingyour insulin levels is the most important factorfor optimizing your overall health and preventing diseaseof all kinds, from diabetes, to heart disease, to cancer,and everything in between.It runs neck and neck with vitamin D as the twomost important physical elements that you can do toimprove your health.This is also good news for those who are out ofshape or overweight, because although it may take a littlelonger for you to correct your biochemistry, this samepositive feedback loop will continue to create everincreasing health benefits as you persist and get fitterand leaner.Best of all, just ten minutes of BRISK exercise ledto beneficial biochemical changes that were still measurablean hour later. And this is where what I have to saynext comes into play.Increase Your Exercise Benefits by DitchingTraditional Aerobic CardioWalk into any gym and you’ll see most of the peoplecrowding around the aerobics equipment, but there’sactually a way to exercise that is FAR more effectivethan aerobic exercises like walking or running on atreadmill or elliptical machine for an hour, and it’s calledpeak fitness.Later, I will review all the types of exercise neededfor a truly comprehensive routine, but first I want toexplain just why peak fitness is so essential for yourhealth, and how you can benefit from this particularstyle of training in ways you cannot get from ANY othertype of exercise.I’ve been trying this out for a several months nowand in the first three months alone I dropped five percentbody fat without ever touching a treadmill.But boosting fat burning is just the beginning.The NEW Peak Fitness ProgramDr. Al Sears first introduced me to his PACE concept butI always found his material to general and non specificand no information on the use of this exercise for growthhormone. I really started to understand this when I metPhil Campbell at a fitness camp earlier this year inMexico. He wrote the book Ready Set Go which detailshow these exercises for super fast muscle fibers canincrease growth hormone.So that is the history and what we sought to do is toprovide the material in a digestible format, just like wedo with the medical news, to provide you with a simpleto comprehend guide that can explode you into fitnessand health. In addition the the peak cardio exercisespromoted by Sears and Campbell, we are seeking to promotea holistic approach to exercise.Peak fitness is a term I am coining to represent acomprehensive exercise program that includes far morethan typical cardio training. The major change is thatonce or twice a week you do peak exercises, in whichyou raise your heart rate up to your anaerobic thresholdfor twenty to thirty seconds, and then you recover forninety seconds.You would repeat this cycle for a total of eight repetitions.These cycles are preceded by a three minutewarm up and two minute cool down so the total timeinvestment is about twenty minutes.It has been my personal experience that using thisapproach is far more effective than traditional cardio forwww.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 33

a number of reasons that I will describe below. I wasable to use this to help me lose over ten pounds of bodyfat and get my percent body fat down to twelve percent,but my goal is single digits.The intensity is absolutely individual. For some itmay be as simple as fast walking alternating with slowwalking.You can improvise it into just about any type ofexercise, and you really don’t require a gym membershipor any equipment to do it. If you do have access toequipment, using an elliptical or recumbent bike workreally well.One of my favorites is to use a recumbent bike. It isextremely challenging, and I enjoy that! This is the oneI chose and am personally committed to, but the alternativesare almost limitless.They key is to push your heart rate into that trainingzone for thirty seconds and then recover slowly for ninetyseconds.We call it “peak fitness” because if you graph yourheart rate, you will see that it peaks eight times duringthe workout.Exercise to Increase Your Levels ofthe “Fitness Hormone”One of the major reasons I am so enthusiastic about peakfitness is that it can actually increase your growthhormone level.Yes, I realize that many athletes are injecting thisillegally to achieve fitness, but it is expensive andfraught with side effects.Peak fitness exercises, on the other hand, can actuallycause your growth hormoneto increase naturally,without any of the expenseor side effects.In order to better graspthe benefits of peak fitnessexercises, you first need tounderstand that you havethree different types ofmuscle fibers: slow, fast,and super-fast. And onlyONE of these muscles willimpact your production of avital hormone called HGH,or human growth hormone,which is KEY for strength,health and longevity.Currently, the vastmajority of people, includingmany athletes such as marathon runners, only trainusing their slow muscle fibers, which has the unfortunateeffect of actually causing the super fast fibers todecrease or atrophy.In fact, neither traditionally performed aerobic cardionor strength training will work anything but yourslow muscles. These are the red muscles, which arefilled with capillaries and mitochondria, and hence a lotof oxygen.Next you have the fast type of fiber which is also redmuscle, and oxygenates quickly, but is five times fasterthan the slow fibers. Power training, or plyometrics bursttypes of exercises will engage these fast muscles.The super-fast ones are the white muscle fibers.They contain far less blood and less densely packedmitochondria. These muscle fibers are what you usewhen you do anaerobic short burst exercises.High intensity burst cardio is the form of exercisethat will engage these super fast fibers. They’re ten timesfaster than slow fibers, and this is the key to producinggrowth hormone!Are You in Somatopause (Age RelatedGrowth Hormone Deficiency?)As you reach your thirties and beyond, you enter what’scalled “somatopause,” when your levels of HGH beginto drop off quite dramatically. This is part of what drivesyour aging process.It has been my experience that nearly everyone overthirty has dramatically abnormal levels of this importanthormone because they begin leading increasingly moresedentary life styles.34 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

Children and most animals in the wild do not runmarathons or lift weights, they move at high speeds forvery short periods of time and then rest. This is naturaland what optimizes the production of growth hormone.The higher your levels of growth hormone, thehealthier and stronger you’re going to be. And the longeryou can keep your body producing higher levels ofHGH, the longer you will experience robust health andstrength.Dr. Harvey Cushing discovered HGH in the form ofsomatotropin almost a hundred years ago. Manyindividuals choose to inject it, though it is a bannedsubstance in many professional sports.As I said earlier, I don’t recommend doing this as Ibelieve the health risks and cost are in no way justifiable.Ideally, you really want your body to produce it naturally,as injecting HGH does have side effects. And theway you produce it is by exercising your super-fastmuscle fibers.Benefits of Peak Fitness ExercisesOnce you regularly participate in these twenty minuteexcises about twice a week, most everyone notices thefollowing benefits:• Lowers your body fat• Dramatically improves muscle tone• Firms your skin and reduces wrinkles• Boosts your energy and sexual desire• Improves athletic speed and performance• Allows you to achieve your fitness goals much fasterHow to Properly Perform Peak FitnessExercises to Increase YourGrowth Hormone LevelsFirst of all, please remember that you can perform thiswith any type of exercise. While having access to a gymor exercise equipment will provide you with a largervariety of options, you don’t require either. You caneasily perform this by walking or running on flatground.You will certainly want to work your way up to thispoint, but ultimately you want to exercise vigorouslyenough so you reach your anaerobic threshold as this iswhere the “magic” happens that will trigger your growthhormone release.Whatever activity you choose, by the end of yourthirty second period you will want to reach these markers:It will be relatively hard to breathe and talk becauseyou are in oxygen debtYou will start to sweat profusely. Typically this isoccurs in the second or third repetition unless you havea thyroid issue and don’t sweat much normally.Your body temperature will riseLactic acid increases and you will feel a muscle“burn”If you are using cardio equipment like an ellipticalor bike, you don’t need to reach any “magical” speed.It’s highly individual, based on your current level of fitness.But you know you’re doing it right when you’reexerting yourself to the point of typically gasping forbreath, after a short burst of activity.An added boon is that you’ll save a tremendousamount of time because peak fitness will cut yourhour-long cardio workout down to a total of twenty minutesor so, including your recovery time, warm-up andcool down.The actual sprinting totals only four minutes!Here’s what a typical peak fitness routine might looklike using a recumbent bike:• Warm up for three minutes• Exercise as hard and fast as you can for thirty seconds.You should feel like you couldn’t possibly go onanother few seconds• Recover for ninety seconds• Repeat the high intensity exercise and recovery sevenmore timesBe mindful of your current fitness level and don’toverdo it when you first start out.If you are not in great shape and just starting thisyou may want to start with just two or three repetitions,and work your way up to eight, which is where themagic really starts to happen. You may need to startwith just walking and when you do your thirty secondbursts your legs would be moving as fast as possiblewithout running—and your arms would be pumpinghard and fast.If you can do a peak fitness workout twice a week,and follow the dietary recommendations I’ll go overnext, you will increase your production of growthhormone.Dietary Recommendations to MaximizeGrowth Hormone ReleaseTo maximize your growth hormone release you need to:• Get a good night’s sleep• Avoid a high fat meal prior to exercising• Drink plenty of waterwww.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 35

• Eat healthy carbs(think vegetables)and high quality protein• Optimize yourvitamin D levels• Avoid sugar, especiallyfructose• The last part isabsolutely crucial.If you consumesugar or fructose,especially withintwo hours post-exercise,you willincrease somatostatinwhich will in My Heart Rate for Complete Peak Workoutturn obliterate theproduction of growth hormone!This is yet another example of why gulping downsports drinks that are chockfull of high fructose cornsyrup can do your body more harm than good, and willjust shut down your body’s production of HGH andnegate many of the benefits from your exercise.Creating a Comprehensive Exercise PlanYou really do need a comprehensive approach to exercise,which is a major part of our peak fitness exerciseapproach.Ideally you want to have a variety of exercises andavoid doing the same ones all the time, as this will leadto a relative tolerance and you will not provide yourbody with the variety of stresses it needs to continuouslyadapt, improve, and grow stronger.There are four additional types that will turn yourpeak fitness regimen into a truly comprehensive exerciseplan:Aerobic: No, I didn’t say you had to quit straightaerobics altogether, (even though I did, and am reapinggreater results than before). Jogging, using an ellipticalmachine, and walking fast are all examples of aerobicexercise, which will increase the amount of oxygen inyour blood and increase endorphins, which act as naturalpainkillers. Aerobic exercise also activates yourimmune system, helps your heart pump blood more efficiently,and increases your stamina over time.Strength Training: Rounding out your exerciseprogram with a 1-set strength training routine willensure that you’rereally optimizing thepossible health benefitsof a regular exerciseprogram. Youneed enough repetitionsto exhaust yourmuscles. The weightshould be heavyenough that this canbe done in fewer than12 repetitions, yetlight enough to do aminimum of four repetitions.It is alsoimportant NOT toexercise the samemuscle groups everyday. They need at leasttwo days of rest to recover, repair and rebuild.Core Exercises: Your body has twenty-nine core muscleslocated mostly in your back, abdomen and pelvis.This group of muscles provides the foundation formovement throughout your entire body, and strengtheningthem can help protect and support your back, makeyour spine and body less prone to injury and help yougain greater balance and stability. Pilates and yoga aregreat for strengthening your core muscles, as are specificexercises you can learn from a personal trainer. Evenif a personal trainer is not in the cards for you right now,please watch these sample videos for examples ofhealthy exercise routines you can do with very littleequipment and in virtually any location. Focusing onyour breath and mindfulness along with increasing yourflexibility is an important element of total fitness.Stretching: My favorite types of stretches are activeisolated stretching (AIS) by Aaron Mattes. It’s an amazing way to getflexibility back into your system, and it’s completelydifferent from the traditional type of stretching.Dr. Mercola is the founder of theworld’s most visited naturalhealth web site, You canlearn the hazardous side effectsof OTC Remedies by getting aFREE copy of his latest specialreport The Dangers of Over theCounter Remedies by going to hisReport Page.36 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 37

CALENDARevents workshopsfestivals classesTop Photo9/5: Dave Alvin & the Guilty Women featureon Sunday, 9/5 at the 13th annual Rhythm& Roots Festival, Ninigret Park in Charlestown,R.I. Tickets & info: 1-888-855-6940.ONGOINGFood As Medicine Workshop, Sharon A.Kane, Instructor. Live Superfoods canrepair the intestinal damage associated withceliac, gluten intolerance, candida, IBS,leaky gut and food allergies. This 8-sessioncourse teaches simple techniques to createlow cost live food at home. Kombucha,kefir, gluten free bread, lacto-fermentedpickles. For complete info call Sharon A.Kane, (508) 881-5678 or Energysm for Healers. Relax andget a dose of the good stuff for yourself. Easymovements from qigong and hands-on healingwith Cerridwen. Third Saturdays 7:00pm-10:00pm. Aquarius Sanctuary, Littleton, MA.(978) 486-0248. $20. Call ahead.Reiki Certification, Boston and Wilton,NH. Libby Barnett, MSW. 26 years experience.Reiki Energy Medicine co-author.Notebook, pin, certificate awarded.Visa/MC accepted. CEU's. Call 1-888-REIKI-4-U or (603) 654-2787.Exquisite Energysm for Women. Center,ground, and open to the flow. A nourishing,feel-good event. Cerridwen guides easymovements from qigong and hands-on healing.Second Thursdays 7:30pm-9:30pm,Aquarius Sanctuary, Littleton, MA. (978)486-0248. $20. Call ahead.Buddhist Meditation Group with PegTravers, Ordained Priest, Buddha HeartUSA, Sunday evenings, Haverhill, MA,5:00pm-6:00pm. Learn and practice theancient arts of meditation, chanting,QiGong, Buddhist Yoga & Reiki. Call theCenter for Spiritual Development, HaverhillMA, (978)-372-5173 or online Circle with Kristine Malpica(of Imagine Studios) on third Friday of eachmonth. 7:00pm-8:30pm. Center for SpiritualDevelopment, 15 Kenoza Ave, Haverhill,MA. (978)-372-5173.Shamanic Drumming Circle, founded1993. Usually Second and Fourth Fridays ofevery month, 7:00pm. Quaker meeting-house,Cambridge. Open to all, but please call firstfor full details and directions. Terrence (978)-952-2704 or Emily (781)-641-3980.Ongoing Classes in ShamballaMultidimensional Healing and Healing Artoffered at the Natick Community OrganicFarm, by Joyce Cerutti. SMH may bethought of as an expansion of the energieswe know as Reiki. No prior attunementsnecessary. Healing Art classes offered forboth individuals and families, combiningenergy healing and art healing for greaterbenefit. Call for dates, times, and furtherinformation. Intuitive healing paintings alsoavailable. (508)-380-8273.Workshops for Pain Management andImproved Wellness. Offerings forBodyworkers, athletes, Personal Trainers,Coaches and general,or call Barry Bailey at (978)-897-011038 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

Earth Star Calendar10/9: Spiritual Art and Performance Event,Cambridge, MA.“The Mystical Talent and Art Show” -An evening’s presentation of original mystical art,poetry, story, and song by many local spiritualartists. Inspiration not to be missed! Admission $5-$10 sliding scale. Saturday, 7:00pm-9:30pm,Cambridge Swedenborg Chapel, 50 Quincy St,Harvard Square across from Sanders Theatre.Series info and art online: Macy Gray - The Sellout Benefit for MassEquality, anexclusive Boston area performance Thursday, Sept. 30, 8:00pm,at the Wilbur Theatre, 246 Tremont Street, Boston. Tickets online at or by calling: 1-(800)-745-3000.for information and brochure of currentofferings.The Labyrinth Ladies SpiritualEmpowerment Workshops, go for our latestprograms and walks or call (401)-847-6551for more information. Facilitator Trainings,site consultations, workshopsfor schools, hospitalsand businesses.Christ Church Unity -Experience the healingpower of music, prayerand meditation, every9/4: Blues guitarist and singer Marcia Ball performsat the 13th annual Rhythm & RootsFestival, Ninigret Park in Charlestown, R.I. For ticketsand information call: 1-888-855-6940.Wednesday at 7:00pm. Daily WordDiscusion Sundays at 10:00am. SundayService, 11:00am. Corner of Colchester &Chapel Streets, Brookline, MA 02466. Call(617) 232-4548 for more information orvisit: Energy Healing in Arlington. Johreihealing is available each Wednesdayevening from 7:00pm-9:00pm at 81Cleveland St. in Arlington, MA. Johrei purifiesthe spirit through the channeling ofdivine light, restores inner spiritual balanceand eases physical, mental, & emotional distress.There is no charge for Johrei. Pleasecall (781) 646-0614 for directions or informationon other area locations.10/17 & 11/12: Discovery Ensemble 2010-2011 Concert SeasonPrograms, Sunday, Oct. 17, 3:00pm and Friday, Nov. 12, 8:00pm, at the SandersTheatre, 45 Quincy Street, near Harvard Square in Cambridge, Mass. Ticketsavailble on line at or by calling: (617)-496-2222.The Deadline for listings in theOctober/November ‘10 issueis September AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 39

Emergency Survival KitsAssemble Your OwnShort-TermSurvival KitBy Matthew SteinBe prepared for emergencies or disasters by assembling a 72-hour emergency survivalkit. Use the following checklist and guidelines to stock up on enough food, water andother emergency supplies to foster peace of mind in turbulent times.The following is an excerpt from WhenTechnology Fails by Matthew Stein (ChelseaGreen, 2008). Covering everything frombuilding materials to spiritual healing.When Technology Fails will not only show you how tolive green in seemingly stable times, but how to live inthe face of potential disasters coming in the form ofsocial upheaval, economic meltdown or environmentalcatastrophe.Emergency preparedness isn’t about a bunch of survivalistscrawling around in the woods, preparing tofight off the starving hordes in some grim, post-9/11apocalyptic fantasy. In today’s world of terrorist acts,global warming and superstorms, we recognize thatmost of us will probably experience significant disruptionsin the flow of electricity and goods at some pointin our lives. Stocking up on a few extra supplies, learningsome new skills, and making a few emergency contingencyplans doesn’t take a lot of time or money, andit’s cheap insurance that can foster peace of mind in turbulenttimes.Disturbances such as floods, earthquakes, majorstorms or terrorist acts may disrupt the distribution ofelectricity, food, fuel, goods and services for significantperiods of time. In 1998, a severe ice storm in theNortheast knocked out power for periods ranging fromthree days to several weeks, and many of the survivorsof Japan’s Kobe quake did not receive food or potablewater until a week after the quake. Could you keep yourpipes from freezing if your power went out for severaldays during a winter’s cold snap?If a major hurricane or other natural disaster such asa severe earthquake were to strike your community,would you be well prepared? Before a magnitude 6.9earthquake struck Kobe, Japan, in 1995, Japanese engineersand politicians thought they were better prepared40 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

for earthquake disasters than any other country in theworld. Japan’s freeways and buildings are theoreticallydesigned to handle much stronger quakes than the onethat struck Kobe, yet most of Kobe’s downtown freewaysand tall buildings either fell down during the quakeor had to be torn down afterward because of structuraldamage. This disaster was a harsh blow for hundreds ofthousands of survivors who lost friends, family membersand most of their possessions. How well would you fareif you could not purchase any food, water or gasoline fora week? What about a month or longer?No one really knows what the future will bring. Youcan’t plan for all possible scenarios, but a wise personplans for several of the most likely possibilities andstores at least a few basic supplies for emergencies. Thisinformation will help you evaluate your own particularneeds and goals, andoffers guidance to helpyou plan for both shorttermand long-term situations.I suggest thateveryone should have atleast a 72-hour graband-runkit, plus a minimumof two weeks offood supplies on hand atall times. In the eventthat the world situationshould rapidly degrade— whether it is due to anuclear exchangebetween Pakistan andIndia, escalating violencein the MiddleEast, a well-coordinated, large-scale terrorist act, orsome other form of societal meltdown—use the informationhere to put together supplies to cover the basicsfor a year or longer. Once a crisis hits, don’t wait toolong to make this decision, because it won’t be longbefore stores are wiped clean of many of the suppliesyou will need.To help you organize your thoughts and guide youractions, ask yourself the following questions while makingyour emergency plans and building your backupsupplies and skills:• What natural hazards are there in my area? HaveI taken precautions to protect my home?• What is my potential for being caught in a significantearthquake, flood, hurricane or tornado?• How long do I anticipate that I might be withoutaccess to utilities and supplies?• If the electricity goes out for an extended periodof time, how will I cook, and how will I heat and lightmy home?• Do I have supplies and training to deal withmedical emergencies if medical help is unavailable?• If I must evacuate my home, do I have portableemergency supplies readily available to bring with me?• How many people do I wish to store suppliesfor? What about my friends, neighbors or relatives?• Do I have pets that I wish to feed and care for?• Do I have small children or infants with specialneeds?• Do I require prescription medications or arethere any addictions I wish to provide for if distributionsystems go down for a period of time?Planning for theShort TermThe following informationon short-term planning isdesigned to help you toprepare for emergencieswhen services are disruptedfor periods of up to oneweek. Everyone shouldhave enough food, waterand other emergency suppliesto last for at leastthree days (72-hour emergencykits), and preferablytwo or more weeks.I suggest making thesepreparations as soon as possible. It is hard to focus onthis task when skies are blue and nothing is threatening,but it is usually too late once a disaster strikes or is closeat hand. When the tourists come to our town in the HighSierras, just the threat of a major winter storm is enoughto send swarms of people to the local supermarkets,where they stock up on food. Once the highway overDonner Summit closes to trucks for one or two days,local market shelves are quickly stripped bare.Short-Term Preparedness Checklist• Store at least one 72-hour emergency survivalkit in or near your home and condensed versions in yourcars.• Determine a local meeting place with a largeopen area, such as a park or school, where your householdcan gather if you are separated and do not haveAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 41

www.learnreiki.orgMetaphysics & Mysticism Classes, Ph.D.Discuss Classes the teachings, will be meet held Rosicrucian every Wednesday students and learn of the about month the Rosicrucian 7:30 to Order 9:00 AMORC. pm(except the Classes fifth Wednesday); are open to second all and are Saturday held every and Thursday fourth from Sunday 7:30 pm 2:00 to 9:00 to pm 4:00 pm,and at every the second Johannes Saturday Kelpius of the month, Lodge 2:00 AMORC, pm to 4:00 pm. 13 Clevemont (Lodge Closed Avenue, for August)at the Johannes KelpiusAllston,LodgeMAAMORC,02134.13 ClevemontAll are welcome.Avenue, Allston, MA 02134.For further information call617-782-4333or visit: to your home during emergencies.• Make sure all capablemembers of your family know howand where to shut off the water, gasand electricity for your home in theevent of an emergency.• Stash spare keys to yourvehicles somewhere on the vehicleand an additional supply of keyssomewhere outside of your home(securely hidden).• Store at least a two-weeksupply of food for your household.• Store a combination ofwater, water treatment chemicalsand water-purifying filters to providefor your household for at leasta week.• Keep a survival manual ineach car with a first aid kit, spareclothing and a water filter, if not afull 72-hour kit.• Get proper first aid andCPR training for all capable membersof your family. See theAmerican Red Cross for first aidtraining and assistance with localemergency planning.• Arrange for an out-of-stateemergency contact to reach forcoordination and communication.After an emergency, it may be easierto call long distance than locally,or your family may be separatedand need an outside contact to communicatethrough.• Locate your nearest emergencyshelter (call your local RedCross for this information).Practice the route to the shelter ifit’s not conveniently located.• Make sure you have smokedetectors in your home. Changetheir batteries at least once eachyear.• Store your importantpapers in one easily accessiblelocation, preferably in a waterproofand flameproof box.• Discuss your emergencypreparedness plans with all mem-42 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

ers of your household. Keep the discussion light andpositive.72-Hour “Grab-and-Run” Survival KitsThese short-term emergency kits should be readilyaccessible and cover the basic daily needs of your familyfor a period of at least three days. Please note thatthree days is a minimal time period (in Kobe Japan, itwas nine days before many survivors received food andwater) and that you should have at least a two-week supplyof food stored in or around your home. You may purchaseready-made, 72-hour kits from various survivalsupply outlets, or you can put together your own. Largefamilies should probably divide up the stores betweenseveral easily grabbed small backpacks or plastic containers.One advantage to building your own kits is thatyou get to choose foods that you like. Remember that allfoods have some kind of shelf life. Rotate stores, anduse them or lose them. Bug-infested, rancid or rottenfood doesn’t do anyone any good. Consider placing allof the following items in your 72-hour survival kit:• Portable radio, preferably one that works withdead or no batteries, such as by a hand crank or combinationpowered with solar cells (available through survivaland surplus outlets).• First aid kit with first aid and survival handbooks.Include tea tree oil to help treat minor infectionsand fungal problems. Include 1 1/2-inch-wide clothadhesive first aid tape for taping heels and hot spotsbefore they blister, or for binding wounds, sprains, etc.Include at least one stretchy Ace bandage for wrappingsprained joints and wounds.• Water, water purification chemicals and/or purifyingfilter. Enough to provide 1 gallon per person perday. Retort (foil) pouches can handle freezing in a cartrunk, but most other water containers can’t handlefreezing without the potential for bursting. Three gallonsper person is heavy (24. lb), so I strongly suggest youinclude a water filter and water treatment chemicals. Isuggest pump-type backcountry filters, such as thosemade by Katadyn or MSR, that are rated to filter out allbacteria and have a carbon core to remove toxic chemicals.Also, supplement your filter(s) with purifyingiodine crystals (or other chemicals), such as a “PolarPure” water purification kit, to kill all viruses. Pump filtersthat are rated for virus removal have tiny pore sizesand tend to clog quickly (a clogged filter is worthless).Sports bottle-type purifying water filters are simple, reliable,compact and inexpensive, but clog easier andwon’t purify nearly as many gallons of water as thepump-type filters. A “SteriPEN” is a terrific gadget toinclude in your kit. This battery operated UV sterilizingpen is pocket sized and will effortlessly sterilize a quartor liter of clear water in seconds. Caution: TheSteriPEN does not work effectively on murky water,because visible particles in murky water can shieldpathogenic organisms from the sterilizing UV rays.• Waterproof and windproof matches in a waterproofcontainer, and a utility-type butane (large, withextended tip) lighter.• Colloidal silver generator. Make your own antiseptic/antibioticsolution for pennies a day that is effectiveagainst all known pathogenic bacteria. Also, colloidalsilver can be used to purify water. I always bringa colloidal silver generator with me whenever I travel.• Wool or pile blankets (avoid cotton), becausethey are warm when wet, or a sleeping bag. Also, a heatreflective,waterproof “space blanket.” Fiber-pile, mountaineering-qualitysleeping bags are great if you have thespace (avoid down sleeping bags, because they areworthless if wet).• Flashlight with spare batteries, or a solarrecharge flashlight. I highly recommend you purchase aheadlamp with LED bulbs. Headlamps leave your handsfree to carry things or work on things. LED bulbs use afraction of the power, are far more shock resistant, andlast far longer than traditional light bulbs, so your batterieslast many times longer.• Candles (useful for lighting fires with dampwood) and light sticks (emergency light when nothingelse works or explosive gases are present) AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 43

• Toiletries, including toilet paper, toothbrush,soap, razor, shampoo, sanitary napkins (also good forsevere bleeding wounds), a pack of dental floss (forsewing and tying things), sunscreen, extra eyeglasses,diapers and so on.• Food for three days per person, minimum. Usefoods you will eat and that store well, such as nuts, sportbars, canned vegetables, fruits, meats, dry cereals andmilitary-type preserved meals (available at surplus andsurvival stores).• A Swiss Army knife, Leatherman or other stainlesssteel multitool knife with scissors, can opener,blades, and screwdrivers.• Map, compass and whistle. When you are in aweakened state, or have a parched throat, a whistle maydraw someone’s attention and save your life. In smokeor fog, a compass may be the only thing pointing you inthe right direction. The dial on the compass should glowin the dark.• Compact sewing kit with extra heavy-dutythread. Should be strong enough to stitch a torn straponto your backpack (I never travel in the backcountrywithout a sewing kit).• Towel or dishcloth.• Knives, forks, spoons and so on. A camping“mess kit” is a compact set of utensils.• Tent and/or 50-foot roll of plastic sheeting forshelter.• Extra clothing, such as long underwear, hat,jacket, waterproof mittens, leather work gloves, raincoator poncho, sturdy boots, and so on. Remember that cottonis very cold when wet, but wool and specialty outdoorclothing (usually polyester) wick moisture and arewarm when wet.• Entertainment for kids and other special needs(prescription medicines, diapers, extra glasses, etc.).Deck(s) of cards, poker chips, etc.• Twenty-five kitchen-size garbage bags and limeor sewage treatment chemicals (powdered type preferred)for garbage and toilet sewage. A few large heavydutygarbage bags can double for raincoats, groundcloths, and shelter.• Fifty feet of heavy-duty nylon string or lightrope.• Record of bank numbers and important telephonenumbers.• Spare checks and cash. Many Katrina victimswere caught without any cash. Tip: Use a bank that haswidespread branch locations so its records won’t disappearin a severe local disaster, leaving you with no bankaccount access.• Optional items: A compact stove with fuel,such as one of the MSR multifuel stoves.First Aid KitsGet yourself a decent first aid kit. Each car should havea kit and your house should have one. Most preparedness/survivalsuppliers stock an assortment of first aid44 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

*NOTE: Check expiration dates and try to rotate stockevery year.kits, from simple to field surgical quality. Here are suggestionsfor a modest first aid kit:• Two Ace bandages• One box of adhesive bandages (at least 12Band-Aids) of varying sizes, with at least two 2-inch orlarger square bandages• Six butterfly bandages• One large roll of 2-inch cloth adhesive tape(may be torn or cut to smaller widths)• Several 4-by-4-inch, sterile, nonadhesivedressings• Three 3-inch-wide gauze rolls• Two triangular bandages• Triple antibiotic ointment*• Mouth shield for mouth-to-mouth resuscitation(precaution against AIDS, tuberculosis and hepatitis)• Three sterile applicator sticks, cotton tipped• Alcohol and/or 10 prepackaged alcoholsquares*• Instant cold pack/icepack• First aid manual• Thermometer• Safety pins and sterile needle• Scissors• Surgical rubber gloves (several pairs)• Pain-reliever tablets (aspirin, acetaminophen,etc.)• Laxative*• Antidiarrhea medication*• Syrup of ipecac (to induce vomiting)*Add the following items for a more advanced first aidkit:• Snakebite kit• Emergency suture kit• Splinting material (air splint, traction splint,hard splint, etc.)• Tourniquet• Thumb/finger splint• Burn gel and “second skin”• Echinacea, colloidal silver, spilanthes-usneaand grapefruit seed extract natural antibiotics and antifungal(internal and external)• Tea tree oil natural antifungal and antibiotic(external only)• Single-edged razor blades and surgical scalpelkit• Kelley hemostats• Surgical blunt tip and pointed scissors• Silver nitrate to cauterize bleeding (powderedgoldenseal herb also does a good job at stopping bleedingfrom wounds)• Prescription antibiotics and painkillers• Sterile threadWhen Technology Fails is a comprehensive guide to sustainableliving skills, and will give you the tools you need to fendfor yourself and your family in times of emergency or disaster.This excerpt is from Chapter 3, “Supplies and Preparations.”Reprinted with permission from When Technology Fails,published by Chelsea Green, AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 45

GREEN LIVING natural home and gardenThe Ultimate ReusableDry-cleaning BagSalvaged Steel Designer Pot RackNow you can say goodbye to those throw awayplastic bags you get from the dry cleaners. TheGreen Garmento 3-in-1 reusable garment bagis made from a breathable, non-woven polypropelyne, arecyclable material that does not trap harmful chemicalslike plastic does. The Green Garmento is the only reusabledrycleaning bag with a long side zipper so you can easilysee your garments before they leave the store. The outsideplastic ticket pocket will help you and your drycleanereasily identify your order. SPOT LIGHTThis Solar Spotlight will light up your trees,flowers and other nice spots in your garden.It stays bright up to 10 hours pernight. It charges by day and automatically turnson at night. No wiring needed. Comes withhardware and instructions for ground and wallinstallation.No wiring is needed. and drawers can very quicklybecome cluttered piles of pots and pans,and finding the right one to use for dinneris like a precarious game of culinary Jenga. Enterthis clever pot rack, a ceiling-and-wall-attachedsteel unit from Portland-based studio Merkled.The spindly wires are, in fact, super study pieces ofsalvaged steel from a local company, powder-coatedand strong enough to handle your collection ofLe Creuset. From: www.supermarkethq.comEnviro-chic Fall FashionsEarth Creations offersa complete line of claydyedwomen’s apparelin its fall 2010 collection. Anassortment of feel-good fashionabletops, tunics, outerwear,pants and accessories inrich and spicy eco-safe colorswith enviro-chic, versatiledesigns. Whether worn beltedwith boots or free-flowing withballet flats, the hemp andorganic cotton jersey CameoDress (MSRP: $65, right onmodel) adds stylish flair to fallwardrobes with peasant-stylesleeves, a scoop neck and anabove-the-knee cut. EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

GREEN LIVING natural home and gardenThe Parsons Bamboo Platform BedThe Parsons Bamboo PlatformBed and Poole Headboardtogether offer exceptionalquality, style and value. The bed ismade from sustainably harvestedbamboo with mitered corners,upholstered deck and substantialsquare legs. The Poole Headboardmounts on the wall and is upholsteredin ultra soft micro suede. Save$100 when you purchase the Bedand Headboard together. Fromwww.charlesprogers.comFOLDING PICNIC SETEating al fresco on a balmy summer dayis pretty much perfection, but luggingaround the dining supplies can be ahassle. This compact take on a picnic basketmakes taking food to-go an easy affair,unfolding to reveal two sets of silverware andplates, along with salt and pepper and theoh-so-essential corskscrew. Get yours atLA’s A+R. From, http://aplusrstore.comRemote Control PillowThe age-old “where the heck isthe TV remote?!” conundrumcan finally be solved with thisembroidered pillow that has a purpose-builtpocket sewn right on thefront. Tuck the controller in whenyou’'re done flipping for the night andyou’ll know exactly where to lookwhen it’s time to tune in again. Itcomes in a wide variety of color andstich combinations, designed by thelovely Michigan-based K Studio, Attic FanTheSolar Attic Fan is a simple and environmentally sensible solutionthat can save you money! Powered completely by free solar energy,this sleek and efficient vent is both compact and quiet. Fully operationalright from the box, it installs easily, with no electrical wiring, noexpensive electrician andno city permits needed.Operating at a whopping850 cfm, a single unit canfully vent up to 1200square feet. Place it whereveryou need improvedcirculation; attics, lofts,workshops, storage sheds,garages, even barns. 5-year warranty. Installationinstructions included.From, www.greenhome.comNatural Wood TilesThis wood-like floor covering isactually porcelain stoneware. Itgives the perfect look for residentialand public spaces with the addedbonus that it is also environmentallyfriendly. Stain and wear resistant, NaturalWood by Novabell comes in six variationsof the wood color: birch, maple,cherry, walnut, oak, white and black. Itsslip proof surface is available in sizes9"x35" and 6"x35" From Ceramic Tiles ofItaly, www.italiatiles.comwww.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 47

ASPARAARAGUS:Who Knew?By Vinod PatelSeveral years ago, a man came to see meseeking asparagus for a friend who had cancer.He gave me a photocopy of an articleentitled Asparagus for Cancer, printed inCancer News Journal, December 1979. Iwill share it here, just as it was shared with me:“I am a biochemist and have specialized in the relationof diet to health for over fifty years. Several yearsago, I learned of the discovery by Richard R. Vensal,D.D.S. that asparagus might cure cancer.Since then, I have worked with him on his project.We have accumulated a number of favorable case histories.Here are a few examples:Case No. 1, A man with an almost hopeless case ofHodgkin’s disease (cancer of the lymph glands) whowas completely incapacitated. Within one year of startingthe asparagus therapy, his doctors were unable todetect any signs of cancer, and he was back on a scheduleof strenuous exercise.Case No. 2, a successful businessman sixty-eight yearsold who suffered from cancer of the bladder for sixteenyears. After years of medical treatments, including radiationwithout improvement, he went on asparagus.Within three months, examinations revealed that hisbladder tumor had disappeared and that his kidneyswere normal.Case No. 3, a man who had lung cancer. On March 5th1971, he was put on the operating table where theyfound lung cancer so widely spread that it was inoperable.The surgeon sewed him up and declared his casehopeless. On April 5th he heard about the asparagustherapy and immediately started taking it. By August, X-ray pictures revealed that all signs of the cancer had disappeared.He is now back to his regular business routine.Case No. 4,a woman who was troubled for a number ofyears with skin cancer. She finally developed differentskin cancers which were diagnosed by the acting specialistas advanced. Within three months after starting onasparagus, her skin specialist said that her skin lookedfine and no more skin lesions. This woman reported thatthe asparagus therapy also cured her kidney disease,which started in 1949. She had over ten operations forkidney stones, and was receiving government disabilitypayments for an inoperable, terminal, kidney condition.She attributes the cure of this kidney trouble entirely tothe asparagus.I was not surprised at this result, as ‘The Elementsof Material Medical’, edited in 1854 by a Professor atthe University of Pennsylvania, stated that asparaguswas used as a popular remedy for kidney stones. Heeven referred to experiments, in 1739, on the power ofasparagus in dissolving stones. Note the dates! Wewould have other case histories but the medical establishmenthas interfered with our obtaining some of the48 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

ecords. I am therefore appealing to readers to spreadthis good news and help us to gather a large number ofcase histories that will overwhelm the medical skepticsabout this unbelievably simple and natural remedy. Forthe treatment, asparagus should be cooked before using,and therefore canned asparagus is just as good as fresh.Place the cooked asparagus in a blender and liquefyto make a puree, and store in the refrigerator.Give the patient 4 full tablespoons twicedaily, morning and evening. Patients usuallyshow some improvement in two to four weeks. Itcan be diluted with water and used as a cold orhot drink.This suggested dosage is based on presentexperience, but certainly larger amounts can dono harm and may be needed in some cases. As abiochemist, I am convinced of the old sayingthat ‘what cures can prevent’. Based on this theory,my wife and I have been using asparaguspuree as a beverage with our meals. We take 2tablespoons diluted in water to suit our tastewith breakfast and with dinner. I take mine hotand my wife prefers hers cold. For years wehave made it a practice to have blood surveystaken as part of our regular checkups.The last blood survey, taken by a medicaldoctor who specializes in the nutritionalapproach to health, showed substantial improvementsin all categories over the last one, and wecan attribute these improvements to nothing butthe asparagus drink. I have made an extensivestudy of all aspects of cancer, and all of the proposedcures. As a result, I am convinced thatasparagus fits in better with the latest theoriesabout cancer.Asparagus contains a good supply of protein calledhistones, which are believed to be active in controllingcell growth. For that reason, I believe asparagus can besaid to contain a substance that I call ‘cell growth normalizer’.That accounts for its action on cancer and inacting as a general body tonic.In any event, regardless of theory, asparagus used aswe suggest is a harmless substance.The FDA cannot preventyou from using it and it may do you much good. Ithas been reported by the US National Cancer Institutethat asparagus is the highest tested food containing glutathione,which is considered one of the body’s mostpotent anticarcinogens and antioxidants.”I started to do some research about cancer and on thisarticle, and here is something that I have found:A video by G. Edward Griffin: (55 minutes long).This is a video adaptation of a documentaryfilmstrip which explains the scientific rationalefor Laetrile therapy.It presents evidence that cancer, like scurvy orpellagra, is a deficiency disease. It is not causedby the presence of some mysterious virus or X-factor, but by the lack of an essential food factorwhich, increasingly, is deleted from the menusof modern man. The native diets of those cultureswhere cancer is rare is examined and foundto be two hundred times more rich in this substancethan the diet of industrialized society.The missing food factor is called amygdalin orvitamin B17, but in its concentrated and purifiedform developed specifically for cancer therapy,it is known as Laetrile. A theoretical model forthe biological action of Laetrile is presented.Included are dramatic case histories of terminalcancer patients who have recovered usingLaetrile therapy.In this video presentation, called World withoutCancer: The Story of Vitamin B17 by G. EdwardGriffin, founder of the Cancer Cure Foundation,and based upon his book by the same name, headdresses the following topics:• Two opposing views of cancer.• Pancreatic enzymes and food factors in thecontrol of cancer.• How the pharmaceutical cartel captured the medicalprofession.• How (and why) Sloan Kettering falsified research todiscredit Laetrile.• Is there a conspiracy to withhold a control for cancer?Please spread the news… the most unselfish act one canever do is paying forward all the kindness one hasreceived, even to the most undeserved person.www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 49

MYSTICAL STONESExcerpted from The Book of Stones,by Robert Simmons and Naisha AhsianCARNELIANKeywords: Courage, vitality,sexuality, confidence, actionElement: FireChakras: Root (1st), Sexual/Creative(2nd), Solar Plexus (3rd)Carnelian is anorange-colored varietyof Chalcedony, amineral in the Quartzfamily with a hardnessof 7. Its name is derived fromits resemblance in color to theKornel type of cherry. Carnelian’scolor can vary frompale orange to deepred-orange.Sometimes the materialis banded in varyingshades. Carnelian andall kinds ofChalcedony differfrom Jasper (anotherQuartz mineral) inthat the Quartz inChalcedony isarranged in fibrouslayers rather than thesugar-like grainsfound in Jasper. The finestCarnelians are found in India.although most ofthe stones on themarket come from Brazil andUruguay.In ancient times, Carnelian wasbelieved to give the wearer couragein battle and to help timid speakersbecome both eloquent and bold.This ancient lore about Carnelian isnot essentially’ different from contemporaryintuitive beliefs about it.which see it as a stone that supportsqualities ofleadership and courage.Carnelian activates the first, secondand third chakras. bringing aninflux oflife force, sexual and creativeenergies. and assertive will. Itis a powerful aid to those who wishto build confidence. courage, passionand power within themselves. Itis of great help to the gentle soulswho wish for good things but havedifficulty making them happen.Often. those who lean in the directionof spirituality do their innerwork from the heart chakra up.ignoring the untidy realms of physicalexistence associated with thefirst three chakras. This is an errorwhich can make one ineffectual andpassive in one’s life. Without thevitality of the physical energies, onecan neither enjoy life nor have muchpower over it. Carrying or wearingCarnelian can aid in awakening thevital energies of the three lowerchakras, increasing zest for livingand the willingness to takes the risksinherent in all strong actions.Carnelian blends its energieswell with all other varieties ofQuartz. Jasper and Chalcedony.Combining it with Rose Quartz,Blue Lace Agate. Blue Quartz andAmethyst can bring about the harmoniousactivation of all sevenchakras in the body. If extra groundingis needed. Smoky Quartz can beadded at the root chakra. For highervibrational activation to connect onewith the Soul Star and ethericchakras. a clear Quartz laser wandcan be employed. These all-Quartzstone combinations have a very easyenergy flow among them. If onewishes to go further, into moreintense energies, adding Moldaviteat the heart chakra,Phenacite at the third eye,and Danburite or Petalite atthe crown will bring all theenergies up to a higheroctave. And when one isusing such high-frequencystones, Carnelian’s ability tokeep one connected to thephysical selfis even moreimportant.One’s sexuality can alsoget a boost from Carnelian.These stones, along withZincite and Orange Calcite,are among the most powerful forenhancing the lusty desires of thebody, in conjunction with the playfulnessof creative consciousness.Under proper circumstances, withthe right partner, this path of passioncan lead to the house of ecstasy andDivine union.Additional information on stones and theirmetaphysical properties can also be foundat,, or by calling1-800-942-9423.50 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

Humans vs. the EnvironmentA Thought ExperimentBy Mike AdamsProtecting the environment isn’t a “liberal”idea; it’s everybody’s business. Liberal orconservative, Democrat or Republican, theenvironment provides life support for usall, and if we fail to recognize that, we aretruly doomed as a civilization.To help explain this, I’ve put together a simplethought experiment. It begins with three undeniabletruths about humans and the environment:Truth #1 - The Earth’s resources are limited.This should be self-evidence, but some people still don’tget it. The Earth’s resources — oil, forests, water, energy,and so on — are finite. They do not exist in infinitequantities. If they did, they would obviously be largerthan the Earth itself (and would, in fact, fill the universe).But they don’t fill the universe. They are containedwithin the boundaries of planet Earth, and thereforethey are limited.Of course, many of Earth’s resources can be eitherregenerated or recycled,but that only happens over time— usually a long time. In the case of oil, it’s hundredsof thousands of years. For fossil water it’s much thesame. The rate at which modern human civilization isusing up these resources is orders of magnitude fasterthan the rate at which they can be naturally regenerated.This holds true for oil, water, topsoil, forests and more.Truth #2 - Each person living in modern civilizationconsumes some amount of the Earth’slimited resources.This should also be self-evident: People consumeresources. When you drive your car, you’re obviouslyconsuming limited natural resources. When you buy acar, you’re consuming many other natural resources (allthe elements that went into making a car), too. This istrue even when you buy a solar panel.Every time you turn on a light switch, or open apackage of food, or swallow a piece of food, you areconsuming some amount of the Earth’s limitedresourcesThe sum of your consumption is called your “ AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 51

logical footprint,” and your ecological footprint is muchlarger than the immediate space you might call yourhome. The things you consume in your home require theresources of a much larger area far outside your home.A human child born in America today, for example,will consume 45,000 pounds of metal in their lifetime(through the products they purchase). That’s 45,000pounds of metal that must be mined, processed, transportedand manufactured into consumable products, andmetal mining is a very dirty business, by the way, evenif that metal goes into making clean energy devices suchas wind turbines.Truth #3 - Humans are altering the environmentYou can’t argue with this (although some people ridiculouslytry). Human activity is altering our environmentin a huge way, from the massive deforestation of theplanet to the release of gases into the atmosphere. We’vepoisoned the rivers, destroyed natural habitat, pollutedthe oceans (Gulf of Mexico, anyone?) and altered thechemical composition of the atmosphere. These areundeniable scientific truths. No sane person can reasonablyargue that human beings have not radically alteredthe environment of our planet over the last two hundredyears.If you visited North America two hundred yearsago, for example, you wouldn’t even have recognized itas the same continent dominated by human beingstoday. A few hundred years ago, North America wasteeming with life, with huge old-growth forests, pristinerivers and abundant plains. Today it is relatively dead,having been over-developed, over-paved and over-populationto a point so extreme that our ancestors wouldlargely consider it “dead”.Truth #4 - Humans really like to have babiesThis is also self-evidence: People like to procreate.Every family, it seems, wants children, and those childrenwant their own children, too. In general, humanbeings want to procreate without limitation. This, ofcourse, leads to an explosion in population growth.We’ve seen this explosion over the last two hundredyears as the Earth’s population has grown from less thanone billion people in 1800 to nearly seven billion today.Human beings do not consider their impact on theglobal population when they procreate. The decision tohave children is made privately, selfishly, without regardto the impact on the planet. One more child seems likeno big deal from the point of view of a couple that wishesfor another son or daughter, but multiplied by billions,these decisions to procreate en masse lead to overpopulation,which leads to over-consumption of theplanet’s limited resources.The Easter Island effectNow let’s work our little thought experiment. Given thefour simple truths described above, it is only a matter oftime before the continued procreation of human beingscollides with the reality of limited resources, causing acrisis of unsustainability.At some point, in other words, the continued expansionof human beings will destroy so much of the naturalenvironment (and use so many naturalresources) that there will not beenough resources available to supportthe continuation of the existing population.I call this the “Easter Island effect,” inreference to the way in which thenatives of Easter Island chopped downall their trees to build ever-larger monumentsto themselves, and in doing sothey destroyed their entire ecosystemand soon perished. The entire humancivilization is now pulling an EasterIsland on a global scale.Our two choicesGiven that the unlimited expansion ofthe human population must inevitablyuse up key resources required to sustainhuman life, it stands to reason that there52 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

are only two choices for how we human beings canchoose to deal with the situation:Choice #1 - We can acknowledge the ecological impactof human beings on our planet and make consciouschoices to live within the bounds of sustainable balancewith our planet (i.e. keeping our population size relativelystable by limiting runaway population growth,reducing our ecological footprint, respecting the naturalenvironment that supports life on our planet, etc.).Choice #2 - We can continue our mindless populationexpansion and resource exploitation while ignoring anylong-term consequences. This is the definition of stupidity,and yet it is precisely the path that modern humancivilization is now choosing. It also seems to be the chosenpath of “anti-environmentalists”—people who resistthe idea that we need to protect the environment at all.Sadly, human civilization has decided to go with choice#2. I believe the future of modern civilization is now set.Population expansion and resource depletion will sooncollide with the limitations of our planet and result in acataclysmic collapse of our civilization. We humanbeings are pulling off the Easter Island scenario, but withmore than just trees: We’re doing it with oil, water, soiland habitat. We are destroying the only planet that cankeep us alive, and there now appears to be no stoppingthis self-destructive tendency of the human species.I have personally seen no evidence that the currenthuman species is capable of long-term, sustainable balancewith any ecosystem. It lacks the intelligent foresightnecessary to anticipate such outcomes and makeadjustments well in advance of them coming true. Somepeople among us even argue against environmental protection,not realizing they are essentially arguing fortheir own self-destruction.Other who are more thoughtful argue only againstthe fear of a world government enforcing environmentalregulations at the expense of losing personal freedoms.This is a legitimate concern, and I happen to agree withthese concerns. “Protecting the environment” can all tooeasily become a slippery mantra for world dominationover individual freedom. The best way to avoid losingfreedom while saving our environment is through educationof the public that urges people to make betterdecisions without turning them into criminals if they failto make those decisions.Can humanity save itself?Saving human civilization from its own ignorance is noeasy task. It will require intelligent, forward-thinkingbusiness leaders who see the long-term picture and whogenuinely care about the future. Yet sadly, there is nosuch thing. Business leaders are, by definition, focusedon the next fiscal quarter, not the next century. They willALWAYS mortgage our collective future to increasetheir immediate profits.There is almost no such thing as a successful businessperson who is simultaneously an effective stewardof our planet’s natural resources. The simple act of generatingmore business–in any business—always resultsin more consumption because our entire economic systemis based on consumption. It’s even true about internetbusinesses, by the way. Every bit and byte you consumeover the internet has an indirect environmental costdue to the electricity consumption of the CPUs deliveringthat content to you as well as, more importantly, theenormous cooling demand in data centers that spend fortunesjust cooling all the computers running there.The fact that our economic activity is fundamentallybased on consumption rather than conservationdemonstrates why humanity is doomed to destroy itself.After seeing the failure of so many environmental summits,I’m convinced of it. I don’t see any possible waythat human beings will suddenly gain the intelligenceand foresight necessary to live in balance with our AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 53

“natural” cycle of human populationexpansion, then collapse, followed byexpansion and yet more collapse. It’svery similar to the way a virus invades ahuman body and multiplies until it killsthe very host that once gave it life. Interms of big-picture behavior, humansare much like a virus on our planet.This cycle of destruction and rebirthcould be balanced out, though, by a sufficientlyintelligent species gifted withsufficient foresight to see what’s comingand make early adjustments to avoid thepopulation collapse. Our current humanspecies, sadly, is not sufficiently intelligentto do so.ral world. Not without a crisis to teach everybody a fewlessons, anyway. But even the Gulf Coast disaster isn’tfundamentally changing the way business leaders thinkabout consumption. They think it’s just an “oil problem”not a global problem with the business models that driveour world into a self-destructive cycle of mindless consumption.What may be coming in the next few yearsWhen the population continues to expand and most ofthe world’s resources are wiped out, the human populationwill plunge into a time of great darkness. The lossof life will be immense—perhaps as much as a ninetypercent reduction in the planetary population.Ecosystems will fail, crops will fail and civilizationitself will be brought to its knees. It won’t take much tocrash the current global system. Once the power grid isdown for as little as five days, there’s almost no bringingcivilization back—at least not modern civilization as weknow it.Once the population is drastically reduced, the naturalenvironment will have a chance to recover. Plants andanimals will re-populate areas once lost to high-densityhuman populations. And once the abundance returns,humans will again have the abundance necessary to repopulate,too. Hopefully future generations of humanbeings will learn from our present mistakes and not pursuethe same path we did—the path of endless consumptionof the planet’s resources to the point ofdestruction.On a long time scale, you will likely see human populationrising, then crashing, then rising again from theashes of a collapsed civilization. This is the ebb and flowof the future of life on Earth. You might even call it aThe corporate greed machineI hadn’t really accepted this outcome as reality until justrecently. I’ve always maintained a more optimistic attitude,thinking that we could find innovative ways toreverse climate change, reduce consumption, educatepeople and invent new technologies to clean up the planetarymesses we’ve made. But I can now see that we’reup against corporate monsters that are relentlessly pushingfor our collective destruction.They’re destroying our seeds and genes (for profit,no less), our soils, rivers, oceans and lands. They’re corruptingour minds with pro-business propaganda and ourbodies with their chemicals poisons. And they absolutelywill not stop until every last exploitable resource onthe planet has been used up and sold to a consumer.When our world is dominated by Monsanto, DuPont, oilcompanies, pharmaceutical companies, weapons manufacturers,junk food giants and chemical companies,there’s not much hope for meaningful change that couldset humanity on a new course of conservation and protectionof life.Sadly, there is no stopping the great corporate greedmachine. It will keep rolling forward, aiming for moregrowth, more consumption and more exploitation untilthe very last drop of oil is squeezed out of the tar sandsand every last tree is slashed to make room for cattleranching.A profit-based economic model cannot coexist withenvironmental protection because the two concepts areopposites. Big Business depends on endless growth,expansion, exploitation and consumption. But the environmentcan only be protected by consuming less. Andthat’s not even in the vocabulary of today’s businessexecutives. The idea of consuming less is the antithesisof corporate profit and expansion.54 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola ad that urged youto “drink less Coke”?That’s why as long as corporations rule our world(and make no mistake, they already do), there is no savingthe environment. Ergo, there is no saving ourselvesfrom a complete civilization blowout that will eventuallysee the near-destruction of our natural world... withthe collapse of the human population to soon follow.The thought experiment - SimEarthImagine you’re playing a software game calledSimEarth. (Such a game actually exists, I believe, butI’m not referring to any real game. This is a fictionalexercise.)In this SimEarth game, you get 1 point for everyyear that one human being is alive on planet Earth. Thesimulation runs for one thousand years and begins in theyear we know as 1500 A.D.In the game, just as in the real world, the survival ofhuman beings depends on the people having access tofood, water, shelter, safety and other essentials. Whenthe game begins, you have a blank slate SimEarth planetwith enormous untapped resources of fossil oil, fossilwater, old-growth forests, abundant ocean life andincredible biodiversity on land and sea. The human populationis relatively small, perhaps only a few millionpeople.As the game progresses and the years tick by, youstart earning more and more points by allowing thehuman population to multiply. At one point, you turn onthe invention of the combustion engine coupled with thediscovery of oil, and then things really begin to accelerate:Food production suddenly multiplies, making foodresources incredibly cheap and abundant, leading to apopulation explosion.As the points keep racking up, you watch as yourSimEarth world becomes increasingly taken over byhumans. The old growth forests are cut down andreplaced with farm lands and cattle ranches. The onceabundantpopulations of wild animals are replaced byconcrete highways and housing developments. Fossilwater supplies drop sharply and oil drilling rigs pumpout a heavy portion of the planet’s remaining oilresources.Your points are really accelerating now as you watchthe human population blow past four billion people, thenfive, and then six. At that point, on-screen statisticsbegin to flash red, warning you that world’s oil, water,food, soil and ocean health are all reaching critical levelsof deficiency. Although you’re earning big pointsfrom all the human activity, the environmental cost ofsupporting all those people is now threatening the ecologicalstability of the planetary ecosystem.It is at this point you realize that, to beat the highscore, you need to keep your human population alive atsome level for the next 500 years, and yet the planet’sresources are running out, reaching depletion in just 50years or less. What should you do?You decide to just watch and see what happens.With your eyes fixated on the screen, the years tick past.Twenty-five years further into the simulation, the oilruns out, thrusting your simulated societies into an energycrisis. Without cheap, plentiful oil, food productiongrinds to a halt. Mass starvation takes hold in just oneyear, leading to disease andthe unleashing of a globalpandemic. Over the next fiveyears, the human populationsuffers a massive, catastrophicdie-off, plummeting to lessthan a billion people. Youronce-awesome score nowlooks pitiful: Human civilizationcrashed and you’ll neverwin the simulation now.Game over.This is the outcomefacing modern human civilization...and it’s no game.The possibility is very real.Unless something drastic isdone to find a balancebetween human consumption(which is directly tied to pop-www.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 55

ulation) and the natural environment that supports us all,our population is going to crash, too. It is a simple matterof biology.The population problem no one dares speak ofThere’s no way around this sobering thought:Population is the problem. There are too many peopleconsuming too much stuff. It cannot be sustained —especially not at the very high rates of consumption ourwestern world has grown used to.To solve this dilemma, you can either reduce thepopulation over time (through one-child policies, forexample) or reduce consumption (through a variety ofmeans), but you’ve got to do something. In no way do Isupport the idea of a one-child policy, by the way. I don’tsupport government intervention in our private lives, andI don’t support governments mandating personal limitson our carbon consumption. But then again, if somethingradical doesn’tchange, it’s fairlyobvious that thehuman population issimply going to keepexpanding until keyresources are alldried up. And that,of course, will resultin a devastatingcrash of the humanpopulation.So there youhave it: The price forour expansionistic,high-consumption lifestyles today is eventually going tobe the blowout of human civilization in the future, followedby a sharp population crash. The only thing thatcan really stop it is forced government population control,a global pandemic, or some other widespread disasterthat kills off a huge percentage of the world population.None of these seem particularly desirable.Or, perhaps, the world could be saved with a suddenburst of global education that teaches people to thinkabout the long-term consequences of their own actions,but I’m not betting on that happening anytime soon.Even really smart people in first-world nations still burnup oil and use up resources as if there were no consequences.Education alone cannot save human civilizationfrom destroying itself. Smart people are not necessarilyecologically-aware people. In fact, you could argue thatthe most highly-educated people on the planet are preciselythose who are consuming the greatest naturalresources. (Poor, uneducated populations don’t consumemuch for the simple reason that they cannot afford to.)There’s no way around it: We are on a track headedstraight for our own destruction. A planet-wide collapseis coming sometime this century.If you think I’m wrong, I’d like to hear from you. Ihope I’m wrong, and I’m looking for a reasoned argumentthat can offer a solution to our population problem— preferably without resorting to government-run populationcontrol initiatives or forced one-child policies.Seriously: How can the human species now saveitself from its own destruction? Even free energy technologiesaren’t the answer, as they don’t solve the problemsof running out of fossil water, topsoil, natural habitator rare earth metals used in industrial processes. Freeenergy will only cause the human population to explodeeven more rapidly, worsening the current problem ofover-population.I challenge every personreading this to dothe math. Run the numbersyourself. Look atthe limited resources onour planet and comparethem with the per-capitaconsumption facts associatedwith modern-dayconsumers. Then considerwhat happenswhen the populationkeeps expanding... andadd to that the desire forpoorer nations to“achieve” the consumption rates of first-world nationslike the USA.If you do the math, you’ll quickly see it doesn’t addup. The projects all come to a screeching halt in the nexthundred years (if not sooner). The population growthrates still under way lead to a literal dead end, given currentrates of consumption.This may not be a popular topic to write about. Mostpeople prefer to pretend this problem doesn’t exist(much like the U.S. national debt). But it is, in reality,the single largest problem facing the future of humancivilization: How do we find a way to live in balancewith our natural environment while sustaining a steadypopulation... without turning our world into a populationcontrol police state?I personally cannot think of any acceptable solutionto this problem that does not involve some sort of massivepopulation control measure... and that solution is,itself, unthinkable.56 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

Mankind’s Alien OriginsThe EvidenceBy Zecharia SitchinEver since Darwin’s offer of Evolution asthe explanation for life on Earth, the mostinteresting chapter—that dealing withhuman origins—has crashed against twoblocking walls as seawaves futilely strikinga rocky shoreline: For the ‘Believers’, the sanctity ofthe biblical assertion that God, not Evolution, createdMan; for the Scientific Purists, the inability to explainhow, in a slow evolutionary process that requires millionsand tens of millions of years, Man jumped from ahominid just learnt to walk to Thinking Man (Homosapiens)—us—practically overnight, some 300,000years ago. The more everearlier hominid fossils arefound, the greater the puzzle of the ‘Missing Link’ (asthe problem has come to be known).For more than thirty years now, since the publicationof The 12th Planet, I have done my best to show thatthere is no conflict between Bible and Science, Faith andKnowledge. The ‘Link’ is missing, I said, becausesomeone jumped the gun on Evolution and used sophisticatedgenetic engineering to upgrade a Homo erectusor Homo ergaster (as some prefer to call his Africancousin) by mixing his genes with their advanced genes.That ‘someone’ were the biblical Elohim (whom theSumerian called Anunnaki) who came to Earth fromtheir planet Nibiru, fashioned The Adam, then took theDaughters of Man as wives. That was possible, Iexplained, because life on their planet and on our planetAre you still there with me?There had to be a better way, isn’t there, not only toexplain all that without arguments—not just to say thatthe Crime Scene Investigation indicates a murder hadtaken place—but a way to produce the body and say:Voila!Ah, if only one of the Anunnaki were still around, achap or lass whose being one of them Nibiruans wouldbe unquestionable, who would roll up their sleeve andsay: Test my DNA, decipher my genome, see that I amnot of your planet! Find out the difference, discover thesecret of longevity, cure your cancers . . . If only!But, through the grace of Fate and the professionalismof dedicated archaeologists, such evidence—aphysical body of an Anunnaki—does exist. It is theskeletal remains of Nin.Puabi.It was in August 2002 that the British Museum inLondon revealed that unopened boxes languishing in itsbasement since Woolley’s time contained skulls from theRoyal Tombs of Ur. Seeking more information from theMuseum, I asked “whether there are plans to examinethe DNA in these skulls.” A polite reply informed methat “at present there are no plans to attempt DNA analysis,”however “further research is conducted by theDepartment of Scientific Research and the Departmentof the Ancient Near East, and it is hoped that the initialfindings may be made public early in 2003.”After further exchanges regarding the size of AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 57

(Shamash)(Ishtar)58 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

and headdresses, the Curator of the Museum’sDepartment of the Ancient Near East informed me that“a detailed reassessment of all the human bone collectedfrom Ur is currently underway.” The report, publishedin 2004, disclosed that the reassessment involved radiography(i.e. x-ray) tests by scientists at the NaturalHistory Museum in London. It stated that “in spite of thelong time since the skeletal remains were found, theconclusions \of the contemporary specialists can be confirmed.”The “contemporary specialists” in this casewere Sir Arthur Keith and his aides.Obtaining a copy of the report, I was astounded torealize that seventy years after Woolley’ s discoveries, aMuseum in London still possessed the intact skeletalremains of ‘Queen Puabi’ and ‘Prince Meskalaindug’!Is this really so? I asked. Indeed so, the BritishMuseum informed me on January 10, 2005: “The skeletonof Puabi is held in the Natural History Museum, alongsideothers from ’s excavations at Ur.”This was a bombshell discovery: The skeltalremains of a Nibiruan goddess (and of a demigod king),who were buried some 4,500 years ago—were unexpectedlyavailable, intact!One can debate who really built the Great Pyramids,disagree about the meaning of a Sumerian text, or dismissan embarassing find as a forgery; but here isirrefutable physical evidence whose provenance, dateand place of discovery etc. are beyond doubt. So, if myidentification of Puabi as an Anunnaki goddess andnot a ‘Queen’, and of Mes.kalam.dug as a demigodand not a Sumerian ‘Prince’—we have at our disposaltwo genomes of people fully or partly from anotherplanet!Persisting with my repeated questions aboutwhether DNA tests were or will be conducted, I wasreferred to the lead reassessment scientist, Dr. TheyaMollenson. By the time I could reach her, she retired.Attempts to find out more with the help of friends inLondon led nowhere. The need to deal with more pressingmatters kept the issue on a ‘back burner’—untilrecent news, that biologists were able to decipher andcompare Neanderthal DNA from 38,000 years ago withthat of modern man, struck as lightning: If so—why notdecipher and compare the DNA of an Anunnaki femalewho died a mere 4,500 years ago?In February 2009 I wrote about it to the NaturalHistory Museum in London. A polite response signed byDr. Margaret Clegg, Head of the Museum’s HumanRemains Unit, confirmed that their holdings includeboth “Nin Puabi, also listed as Queen Shubad, and KingMes-Kalam-dug.” Adding that “No DNA analysis hasever been conducted on these remains,” she explainedthat “the Museum does not routinely conduct DNAanalysis on remains in the collection, and there are noplans to do so in the near future.” This stance was reiteratedby the Museum in March 2010.Though Nin.Puabi’ s DNA is not purely Anunnakibecause her father Lugalbanda was only a demigod, herMitochondrial DNA that comes only from the mother ispure Anunnaki—leading through Ninsun and Bau to theOlden Mothers on Nibiru. If tested, her bones couldreveal the DNA and MtDNA differences that representour genetic Missing Link—that small but crucial groupof “alien genes” (223 of them?) that upgraded us fromwild hominids to Modem Man some 300,000 years ago.It is my fervent hope that by showing that theremains of NIN-Puabi are no “routine” matter, this bookwill convince the Museum to do the unusual and conductthe tests. They could provide vital explanation of theanswer given to Gilgamesh:When the gods created ManWide understanding they perfected for him;Wisdom they had given him;To him they had given Knowledge—Everlasting life they had not given him.What was it, genetically, that the ‘gods’ deliberatelyheld back from us?Maybe the Creator of All wished the Goddess WhoNever Left to stay so that we finally find the answer.Reprinted with permission from There Were GiantsUpon the Earth: Gods, Demigods, and Human Ancestry:The Evidence of Alien DNA, © 2010 by ZechariaSitchin, Bear & Company, a division of Inner TraditionsIncorcorporated, / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 59

The Hunt for theGod ParticleDurham, northern England, December2009. The largest meeting of particlephysicists in the country is underwayand James Wells, a leading theorist atCern, the European nuclear researchorganisation near Geneva, is beguiling his audience withan idea that has all the makings of the next great revolutionin science.Wells, a tall, softly-spoken forty-four-year-old fromTampa Bay, Florida, begins with an uncomfortablehome truth. Particle physicists have a problem, he says.They are an anthropocentric bunch, too preoccupiedwith the particles and forces that impinge on humanity.They have spent so much time unravelling mysteriessuch as the structure of atoms and why the sun shinesthat they have neglected other avenues of inquiry. Theyneed to broaden their horizons, Wells says. To thinkbeyond the world we see and touch.If that was the stick, next came the carrot. Ourknowledge of the cosmos tells us that the stuff aroundus, from plants and people to stars and planets, is madefrom just a handful of elementary particles. On top ofthese, there is a small number of forces that make naturerun smoothly, doing things like keeping planets in theirorbits and ensuring everyday objects don’t suddenly collapseinto a pile of atoms. But how do we know, asksBy Ian SampleWells, that there isn’t much more going on than this?Our knowledge of nature and how it works is based onobservations. What if we can’t see everything? Whatmight we be missing out on? There could be a “hiddenworld” out there, Wells says, where particles and forcesare busily at work, all around us, but beyond the realmof our senses.The phrase “hidden world” sounds like a sciencefictioncliche, but it simply means that there may bemore particles and forces at work in the world—and thecosmos at large—than those we see when we lookaround. They are so aloof, so hidden from our dailyexperience, that they go completely unnoticed.“It would be strange if we were so special that wecould feel and observe everything that is going on outthere,” says Wells, who is one of a growing number ofphysicists working on the hidden worlds idea. “We arelumps of clay swirling on a little blue marble in an overwhelmingvastness of universe. We have to envision thatthere is more going on. There really should be additionalparticles and forces,” he says.Six months after his Durham lecture, Wells is backin his office at Cern. For hundreds of scientists like him,June is turning out to be a hectic month. One of the mostimportant meetings in the academic calendar, theInternational Conference on High Energy Physics in60 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER

Paris, is only weeks away and this year is the first timethat physicists at Cern will unveil results from theirshiny new machine, the six billion dollar Large HadronCollider (LHC). People are furiously writing up papersand cross-checking data. Heads are down; blood pressureis up.While many of his colleagues are busy writing upresults from the LHC’s first few months of running,Wells is preparing another lecture, this time on using theLHC to find evidence for a hidden world. The LHC, itturns out, is perfectly placed to be the first instrument inhistory that could shed light on whether a hidden worldexists.The LHC is aptly named. The machine sits in a giantcircular tunnel with a five-mile diameter that crosses theFrench-Swiss border one hundred metres beneath theCern campus. Inside the machine, subatomic particles,protons, are whipped up to within a whisker of the speedof light and slammed together in head-on collisions.These orchestrated acts of violence recreate conditionsthat prevailed in the firstmoments of the big bang.Physicists have a lengthyshopping list of new phenomenathey want the LHC to find, butmost prominent is the Higgsboson, an elusive particle dreamtup in the 1960s that is believed togive mass to other particles. TheHiggs boson is a glittering prizein its own right, but to Wells andmany other physicists, it has an added appeal. The Higgsparticle should be influenced by what happens in thehidden world. As such, it could act as a kind of bridge orwindow into the unknown world.“The LHC will likely be the first collider in historyto be able to see the Higgs boson and so illuminate thisbridge,” Wells says. “We may be on the brink of discoveringnew worlds by means of it.”The idea of a hidden world might sound absurd, butphysicists have good reason to believe it exists. Evenwith today’s most advanced telescopes, astronomers cansee only four percent of what makes up our cosmicneighbourhood. The rest is invisible to us, revealingitself only by the effects it has on the galaxies we cansee. Around seventy percent of the unseen universe islabelled as “dark energy”, a mysterious force that drivesthe expansion of the universe, making galaxies raceaway from us. The remaining quarter is chalked up as“dark matter”, an obscure substance that clings to galaxiesand exerts an unmistakable gravitational pull onthem. The word “dark” means we cannot see it, but italso means scientists haven’t the faintest clue what it is.Last week, British scientists reported a new analysis thatsuggests dark matter and dark energy might not evenexist, though other researchers reject the findings.Charles Bennett at Johns Hopkins University inBaltimore has worked on both. “We unequivocally standby our results,” he says.As the Milky Way spins on its axis, our planet passesthrough vast stretches of dark matter—if it does exist—without us even noticing. And though dark matter ispart of the hidden world, it is only a part. “The likelyexistence of dark matter suggests that there is more stuffout there that we do not know than we do know,” saysWells.Ask physicists to speculate about a hidden world—and that is half the fun of theoretical physics—and thepossibilities of what might be lurking beyond the reachof our senses are endless. “Once you start consideringthese ideas actively, there’s no theoretical reason to ruleout a very interesting, dynamic and diverse dark or hiddenworld,” says Neal Weiner, aphysicist at New York University.“It leads to all sorts of conversationsabout the possibilities ofdark people and dark planets.Now that is extremely unlikely,but it’s something to think about.Once you open the box, it’s notobvious where it will end.”What is more likely, accordingto physicists working in the field,is that the hidden world is filled with a wispy fog of darkmatter and puny dark forces that are incapable of formingdark planets and more exotic objects like dark life.When normal planets form, cosmic matter has to cooldown and coalesce into enormous lumps of rock, but itcan only do this by losing heat. As far as we know, darkmatter doesn’t cool down: if it did, we would see theheat if gives off. It would glow.Other particles might flit in and out of existence inthe hidden world, just as they do in ours. Of all the particlesphysicists have found in nature—often in cosmicrays and particle colliders like the LHC—only a tinyfraction are stable enough to form long-lasting objects.The rest decay immediately, into lighter, more durableparticles.The uncertainty over what exists in the hidden worldhas done nothing to dampen physicists’ enthusiasm forthe idea. John March-Russell, a theoretical physicist atOxford University, says proof of a hidden world couldbecome the central plank of a scientific revolution thatrivals any in history. When Copernicus put the sun at AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 61

centre of the solar system in the 16th century, and whenCharles Darwin described evolution in the 19th century,they both knocked humans down a peg or two. The discoveryof a hidden world would force us to reassess ourplace once more. The cosmos as we know it—with all itsstars and planets—might turn out to be nothing morethan a mediocre microcosm of a far richer and morecomplicated universe.“Just as the Copernican revolution told us that theEarth isn’t special, the same could be true for everythingthat we’ve so far discovered,” says March-Russell. “Allof this stuff around us, the stuff of our reality, is it thedominant and most complex part of the universe? Itmight not be.”It’s a view that Weiner shares. “If evidence for a hiddenworld started showing up in experiments, you wouldunleash a huge amount of experimental creativity on theproblem. If we find dark forces it would be a sea-change.I don’t think it’s hyperbole to say it would be one of themost important discoveries in particle physics.”Frank Wilczek is a theoretical physicist atMassachusetts Institute of Technology and consideredone of the most brilliant minds in physics. At the age oftwenty-one, he developed a theory about the so-called“strong force” that holds the innards of atoms together.The work was so groundbreaking he was awarded theNobel prize in physics for it in 2004. Two years afterreceiving the award, Wilczek and his student at MIT,Brian Patt, coined the phrase “Higgs portal” in a theoreticalpaper that fleshed out how the Higgs boson couldbe used to study hidden worlds. Wilczek forgets howthey came by the name, but it means the same thing asthe “bridge” Wells described earlier. “The Higgs particleis special because it is more open to influence from thehidden world,” says Wilczek. “It might be that the Higgsdecays into particles that are invisible, in which case itwill look as though it has just disappeared.” This wouldnot leave physicists as stuck as it might seem. The LHCwould register that some energy—that wrapped up in theHiggs particle—had gone missing. The vanishing actcould be intriguing evidence, at least, that a hiddenworld is real.Another possibility is that the Higgs boson collapsesinto particles from the hidden world, which themselvesdecay back into real-world particles we are morefamiliar with. This would really give scientists at theLHC something to think about. Their detectors wouldflash with bursts of particles that seem to come out ofnowhere. The crucial point is that by studying how theHiggs boson behaves in the LHC, physicists should beable to build up a picture of the particles and perhapseven forces at work in the hidden world.One of the most compelling aspects of the hiddenworld idea is that it doesn’t require physicists to tear upall the work they have already done in describing howthe universe works. “Physics has advanced so far that it’snot easy to take things on in a way that is consistent withwhat we already know. The hidden world idea at leastpasses that test. It’s easy to add all of this stuff into ourexisting theoretical framework,” says Wilczek.So when is the LHC going to find this thing? Theshort answer is that nobody expects the Higgs boson tobe discovered any time soon. To find it physicists need acollider that has enough energy to make the particle, buthow much is enough is not clear. They then need to findthe telltale signature of the Higgs particle among thesubatomic detritus spewed out by collisions in themachine, which is a formidable task. The last major colliderat Cern, which shut down in 2000, came up emptyhandeddespite a lengthy search for the particle. Anotheratom smasher, the Tevatron at Fermilab near Chicago,has been hunting the Higgs particle for a while, but isdue to close within a year or so. Many physicists believethe LHC is guaranteed to find the Higgs boson, but notfor three or four years. In 1993, the American Nobelprizewinning physicist Leon Lederman gave the Higgsboson a nickname: the God particle, because he consideredit critical to our understanding of matter.Considering the wait, a more appropriate nicknamemight be the Godot particle.Finding the Higgs boson will end one of the greatesthunts in modern physics, but as that chapter closes, anew one will open. Wrapping up his talk in Durham inDecember last year, Wells issued a rallying call. TheHiggs particle could help them get over their anthropocentricways and open up vast new territories of hiddenworlds. “And that would only be the beginning,”says Wells.62 EARTH STAR AUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010

A Rustic Zero o Energy HomeBy Beth BeaversOn the edge of Eagle Mountain Lake,just northwest of Fort Worth, Texas, sitsgreen builder Don Ferrier’s latest masterpiece—azero energy home.Sandwiched between trees and shrubs,the house is a rustic, two bedroom home with a deepfront porch. The exterior siding and interior beams aremade of reclaimed barn wood, giving the home a classic,aged look. This house, which Ferrier calls the “zeroenergy casita,” looks like it has been here for years. Infact, it’s a brand new, eco-friendly home thanks to theinsulation, wind turbine and many other influential featuresthat leaves him with no energy bills.Ferrier is no stranger to green home building. His firstgreen building was an earth-sheltered home that he builtin 1982. By 1985, he was designing green homes andusing structural insulated panels (SIPs), which are energy-efficientbuilding panels that are made by sandwichingpieces of polystyrene between two pieces of orientedstrand board (OSB). He still uses these today tomake all of his buildings energy efficient.“I stumbled into it and I can’t take credit for being avisionary,” he says.“Once into building green we were totally on boardand passionate. I love it that we have made such a positivedifference in so many folks’ lives.”daughters and long-time construction supervisor, TomGrywatch. Ferrier went on to build the first LEED platinumhome in Texas, won the 2007 Green BuildingAdvocate of the Year award from the NationalAssociation of Home Builders and was named one ofthe “Godfathers of Green” by the Dallas BuilderAssociation. Ferrier Custom Homes only builds customhomes and the company is involved in the entireprocess. “Proper planning and design are essential tohigh performance building,” Ferrier says.When designing the zero energy casita, Ferrier’s numberone challenge was the hot Texas climate. Ferrierdesigned the casita to be air tight and well-insulated byusing SIPS and low emissivity (low-e) windows. FerrierIn 2004, he founded Ferrier Custom Homes with hiswww.earthstarmag.comAUGUST / SEPTEMBER 2010 EARTH STAR 63

also chose a galvanized metal roof (because its silvercolor will reflect up to seventy-three percent of heatfrom the sun), and installed a radiant barrier, TyvekHome Wrap, to keep heat and water out.Because the house is tightly sealed and well-insulated,it holds in heat extremely well. That’s an advantagein the winter, but during the summer it’s a potentialproblem. However, the large front porch is designed todelay the sun from hitting the windows until late in theday. A fifty-foot oak tree and forty-foot shrubs aroundthe house also help block the sun in summer and keepthe house cool. Because of the hot climate, Ferrier alsodecided to install a high performance air conditioner. Hechose an air conditioner with a 16 seasonal energy efficiencyratio (SEER), which measures the equipmentenergy efficiency during the cooling season. This ishigher than both the national requirement of 13, andEnergy Star standard 14.According to Energy Star, the average, non-EnergyStar home in North Texas experiences thirteen airchanges an hour, and the average Energy Star home hassix air changes an hour. Every time the air conditionerturns on in an hour indicates an air change. In contrast,the tightly insulated zero energy casita, experiences onlyone air change an hour. That improves the efficiency ofheating and cooling, but to be sure the home gets enoughfresh air, it also has a fresh air intake.Ferrier knows the importance of good air quality, soa HEPA air filtration system and central dehumidificationsystem were also installed. He was careful to useproducts without volatile organic compounds (VOC)and formaldehyde, so the interior was painted with loworno-VOC paint.But to be a zero energy home, it must contain a sourceof power. Wind energy was a natural choice for Texas,which has the most wind power potential of any state,according to the National Renewable EnergyLaboratory. To utilize this energy, a Skysteam wind generatorwas installed in the backyard of the casita.In addition to using recycled construction materials,eighty percent of the construction waste from the casitawas recycled. Tree trimmings were reused as mulch forflower beds and newly planted trees.You can visit the Zero Energy Casita website to learnmore about this green home. For more about greenbuilding concepts, including structural insulated panels(SIPs), efficient ventilation and home wind turbines,check out our Archive.64 EARTH STAR JAUGUST / SEPTEMBER

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