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GUITARAMPGenz Benz – el Diablo 100Rock ‘n Roll Work HorseBy Andre (RipWire)Distributor: Marshall MusicUpon laying my hands on this baby for the first time, I knewsomething sinister was lurking inside, waiting to beunleashed from its silent tomb only to spread its deafeningwrath over the yearning masses. I’m talking about the allnew GENZ BENZ el Diablo 100 tube head that has reachedour local shores with the devastating force of a directmeteor hit, and as the name implies, it’s hotter than hell.From the flick of the power switch itbecame clear to me that I was dealing withsomething that was in a league of its own,as the liquid blue glow of all four EL34 PowerTubes washed over the rugged, heavy-dutysteel chassis that makes up the bullet proofexterior of this Rock ‘n Roll work horse, andto add a little more comfort to the mix, the2 March/April 2005

Genz Benz – el Diablo 100GUITARAMPhead has been fitted with genius engineered“Edge Lift” handles for maximum controlwhen transporting.Ready for battle? Well, armed with a dualchannel tube preamp platform, and loadedwith no less than 12 extremely expressiveand warm tone variations, including an“Accutronics” long pan reverb unit, accessedby a rock solid 5 button footswitch, you’ll bemore than capable of standing your groundagainst any form of audience attack.Check this out! Whether you’re looking fora full, round, clean vintage response that canbe found in the “Warm channel”, orsomething even more sizzling like the classictube earthshaking High Gain of the “Hotchannel”, el DIABLO will provide withouthesitation. Also on board are the options ofDynamic or Compressed settings, whichinsures split second amp response witheverlasting sustain and a “Hot Channel TubeContour” setting that interacts with the tubepreamp and widens the tone variation evenmore.Unbelievable, I hear you say? Yeah well,I’m not done yet. The most impressivefeature of the GENZ BENZ is it’s “GlobalAttack” setting that allows you to boost arange of upper mid frequencies, leaving youwith an energising pick attack and a nastybite that will shred through any mix. Perfectfor a powerfull chorus lift or that everpopular solo break.So, there I was, hooking our friend up toits ever faithfull companion, the GB412G-FLEX 4x12” power cab, unaware of whatrepercussions where to follow but eager toboldly go where no guitarist had gone before……………when - KAPOW !I almost found myself flat on the ground,being blown away by the sheer, brute lowend punch that came rumbling from thebelly of the beast. Dunno how they did it ,but the rich tones and lock tight responsethat comes jolting out of the 4 exclusiveGBE1240-V75 loudspeakers is enough toleave any axe-slinging warrior addicted forlife. Just stand back and have a look at thehardware man. Metal – Metal – Metal! Fromthe carry bars, to the speaker grilles to theremovable casters, the FLEX spells heavy –duty, and is definitely designed to handlecontinuous touring, rigging, and powerchord jamming deep into the nextgeneration of hard-ass rockers.The Rear Panel features 50/100 Wattoutput selector, which introduces the elDIABLO alter ego, separate reverb jack,individual warm, hot and global effects loopsand dual speaker jacks with an impedanceselector switch and an amp calculator.The Front panel is obviously where most ofthe action takes place and on top of all thetone variations, each channel hosts its owngain and volume controls as well as 15dbbass, mid and treble tone shaping controlsand a standby switch.So…… if you ever dreamed of standingout above the rest in a world filled withwhiney little combo amps and speakers thatjust cannot take the punch, then you bestmake friends with el DIABLO by GENZBENZ.The prophecy has been fulfilled.May the good Lord have mercy on us all....Andre (RipWire)SpecificationsEl Diablo 100REAR PANEL FEATURES:• 50/100 Watt Output SelectorOffers The Tone and Feel of 2Different Amplifiers• Dual Speaker Jacks w/Impedance Selector Switch andImp. Calculator• Direct Output section: XLRFreq.Compensated w/GRND Lift;1/4" Line Out; 0db or -20dbSwitch• Effects Loops: Individual WARMCh.; HOT Ch. & Global (serial)Effects Loops• Reverb Cancel Jack: OptionalSingle Button Footswitch• Foot Switch: Din Plug Input for 5Button Footswitch (included)• Power Inlet/Fuse Holder Plug• 115/230 Voltage Selector SwitchFRONT PANEL FEATURES:• Tube Buffered Input Stage• WARM Tube Ch.: Clean orVintage Gain Sw.; Gain &Volume Preamp Controls• ±15db Bass, Mid, Treble ToneShaping; Reverb Level Control• Channel Selector Switch• HOT Tube Ch.: Classic or HighGain Sw.; Dynamic orCompressed Tube Texture; Gain& Volume Preamp Controls; TubeContour Control; ±15db Bass,Mid, Treble Tone shaping;Reverb Level Control• GLOBAL Section: Attack Sw.with Level Control; MasterReverb control; Master VolumeControlADDITIONAL FEATURES:• Two Independent TubeChannels• Six Triode Preamp Stages(3-12AX7 Tubes)• Two Power Tubes(ships w/Ruby Tube EL 34's)• EL34 or 6L6 Power TubeCapability• Rear Panel Bias Pot• Four Button Footswitch IncludedWARM Ch.: Full, round, pristineClean response cascading up topushed Vintage gain with warmupper mid break-up, rich bass andabundant sustain.HOT Ch.: Takes you from richClassic tube break-up to fullbodiedHigh Gain splendor. Theoption of a Dynamic orCompressed setting insures theamplifier responds to your everytouch; no squashed tone or harshbuzziness here.HOT Ch. TUBE CONTOUR:An additional “Tone Stack” thatinteracts with the tube preampand takes you from Texas tone toBritish zone and all points inbetween.GLOBAL ATTACK: Boosts a rangeof upper mid frequencies thatenhances pick attack and bite;extremely effective as a lead boostand cutting through the mix.March/April 20053

BASSAMPGenz Benz - GBE 600It’s Loud,butSweet…!By Martin (RipWire)Genz Benz - GBE 600IT”S LOUD! Tubes and solid-state FETfront-end pre amps - always a very nicetoy to have. With an output rated at 275watts RMS at 8 ohms, 425 watts RMS at4 ohms and 625 watts RMS at 2 ohms –its sound is not booming and undefined,but clean, with very little hiss orfeedback present. After playing on thisamp with a few different bass guitars,(active and passive) it became clear thatit REALLY does reproduce the actualsound of the instrument used. This isgreat, as the result of the jam is verytrue to the natural tonal quality of yourown bass, which is what any bass man(or bass woman) wants, am I right? Ithas cool features for the live giggingsituation like a built in tuner, which isalways handy on stage. So is the volumecontrol on the line out, which canmanipulate the volume of the signalgoing out, and the fact that this monsterhas wheels.In my opinion these are allfundamental tools for the workingbassist to achieve optimum performanceplaying live. I played around with the“channel switch” and “channel mix”functions, which are controlled by ahandy footswitch. This creates a niceblend of signal shaping, compression,and effects. This also brings the 5-bandequalizer into play. As far as the studiogoes, I’m confident that the signal yourengineer receives in the control room isnothing short of what your bass is tryingto tell the world out there.The one thing that really bothers meabout this amp is the fact that I don’town one; it took a while for the rest ofthe guys to convince me to unplug itand switch the damn thing off! SpecificationsGenz Benz - GBE 600• Active/Passive Input• Signal Mute Switch• Tuner Out• F.E.T./12AX7 Tube Pre-Amps• Tube Gain and Volume Controls• Channel Mix Switch• Input Status LED’s• Signal Shape Circuit with L.F. Extend, MidScoop, H.F. Attack, all Adjustable (Min.-Max.)and Footswitchable (Optional 4 ButtonFootswitch Available)• Active 5 Band Equalization Section with TwoShelving and Three Peaking Networks• Comprehensive Amplifier Status LED's• Master Volume Control• Unique "Soft-Limit" Circuit• XLR Direct Out with Pre/Post Sw.; Ground-Lift Sw.; Adjustable Level Control• Effects Loop• Speakon and 1/4" Speaker Outputs (2 each)• Dual Voltage 115/230V Toroid Transformer• Switchable High/Low Fan CoolingMartin (RipWire)4 March/April 2005

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