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Since introducing the world’s first compacttrencher more than sixty years ago, theDitch Witch ® organization has never let upin its pursuit of better trencher technology.One of the company’s many innovations wasthe cupped digging tooth, a groundbreakingdesign that helps the digging chain trenchwith outstanding efficiency.The DuraTooth and DuraTooth C2X represent the company’s—and theindustry’s—most efficient and mostdurable cupped digging teeth to date.Only the Ditch Witch organizationdesigns and manufactures the entiredigging system, which includes thetrencher, chain, teeth, and sprockets.Only Ditch Witch digging systemcomponents are designed and speciallymanufactured to work together as asystem for optimal performance.ditchwitch.com/duratooth

FEATURES• The Ditch Witch organization’s premiumcupped digging tooth, the DuraTooth C2Xis the only tooth that has tungsten carbideon the front, back and cutting edge—up to 70 percent more tungsten carbidethan that of any tooth on the market.• Sophisticated manufacturing process ensuresa more efficient surface application of carbideand penetration into the tooth, resulting inlonger life and increased productivity.• In field tests, the DuraTooth C2X lasted twiceas long as other digging teeth in varioussoil conditions—a return on investmentthat no competing tooth can match.• DuraTooth C2X manufacturing processincludes a six-point inspection to ensurelong-lasting quality and value.• Designed for heavy-duty performancewith Ditch Witch 50K, 70/110K, and150/225K tensile-strength chains.To determine the right DuraTooth C2X for yourmachine, visit ditchwitch.com/duratooth.

The Ditch Witch organization provides superior parts, service,and customer support at more than 100 locations worldwide.To find the dealer nearest you, visit ditchwitch.com/find-a-dealerThe Charles Machine Works, Inc. Ditch Witch Worldwide Headquarters Perry, OK 73077-0066 U.S.A.TOll free 800 654 6481 PHONE 580 336 4402 Fax 580 336 3458 International Fax 580 572 3561For information about easy financing and to find the dealer nearest you, visit ditchwitch.com.groundbreaking equipment from the company that launched the industryCompact Utilit y | Trenchers | HDD | ElectronicSCERTIFIED QUALITYMANAGEMENT SYSTEMISO 9001:2000LFCMW250004-0111-1©2011 The Charles Machine Works, Inc.

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