Attain: The Science of Cravings

Attain: The Science of Cravings

250 lb.Woman120 lb.Woman

68Percentage of adultsin the United Stateswho struggle withbeing overweight

What Does Extra Weight Mean?• Stress on body systems• Stress manifests itself in illness anddisease• More likely to develop:– Coronary heart disease– Type 2 diabetes– High blood pressure– Stroke– Cancer

12Number of years aperson with a healthyweight may live longerthan an obese person

Unhappy With Your Weight?• Struggle with self-esteem• Struggle to keep up with your children• No longer feel like yourself• Suffer from depression• Avoid swimming• Feel discriminated against• Feel like just a spectator in life

Sedentary Lifestyle

• Why do weeat?• Why do we getcravings?• How can wecontrol thosecravings?

Cravings Today

Two Sources of Cravings• Stomach• Brain–Hormoneswhich triggerfeelings ofhunger

Food Is Satisfying• Physicalfulfillment• Emotionalfulfillment

Cravings Can Be Devastating• Mental focus• Willpower• Unhealthy foodchoices

What If You Could…• Control your eating habits• Influence your body’s natural mechanismsof fullness• Never struggle with hunger cravingsagain• Effectively manage and lose weight


CraveBlocker• Natural power• Patent-pending• Stop cravings atthe source

StomachBrainAttain Gives You Dual-SatisfactionOat- & Barley-Sourced BetaGlucanMilk-SourcedWhey ProteinInulin Fiber(from Chicory Root)Potato ProteinExtract

StomachOat- & Barley-SourcedBeta GlucanBeta glucan: Naturally derived from oat bran and barley fiber, betaglucan swells in your stomach and slows the stomach’s emptyingprocess, which prolongs the energy absorption from food – andreduces fat absorption. It creates a lasting physical feeling of fullness.Inulin Fiber(from Chicory Root)Inulin: Derived from the chicory root or Jerusalem artichoke, thissoluble fiber expands in the stomach and slows its emptyingprocess, helping you feel more full longer.

CCK(cholecystokinin)A peptide hormone our bodies releasewhen we eat – CCK travels through ourbloodstream and targets various organs,including the brain, shutting downhunger cravings and giving us a feelingof total satisfaction

BrainWhey proteinisolateWhey protein isolate: A highly purified natural dairy protein,it fights cravings in the brain by promoting the release ofcholecystokinin (CCK), the hormone that tells your brain toturn off hunger cravings.Potato enzymeextractPotato enzyme extract: A naturally occurring enzyme found inwhite potatoes, this enzyme has been clinically proven toincrease CCK levels, satisfying your brain and controlling youremotional and mental cravings.

pi2 Enzyme• Found in skin of whitepotatoes• Destroyed when cooked• Enzyme is the key to ourCraveBlocker formula• 3 raw potatoes worth inevery serving

Fad DietsStarvationDeprivationDiets with AttainBalanced NutritionFight Hunger Cravings

Crave Zones and Satisfaction ShadowsCaloriesShort SatisfactionShadowShort SatisfactionShadow500TypicalDay withoutAttainBreakfast Snack Lunch Snack Dinner SnackDonut Potato Chips Buttered Popcorn7:00 10:00 Noon 3:00 6:002,571Calories

Crave Zones and Satisfaction ShadowsCalories500SmarterChoiceswith AttainLong SatisfactionShadowLong SatisfactionShadowBreakfast Attain Shake Lunch Attain Bar Dinner7:00 10:00 Noon 3:00 6:001,784Calories

787Number of caloriesavoided by using AttainBars and Shakes

Feel More Full…Longer• Blind satiety test• Attain Sweet & Salty NutBars vs. Nature Valley®Sweet & Salty Peanut Bars• Participants ate each baron a different day• Ranked resulting feelingsof fullness andsatisfaction

Feel More Full…Longer• Blind satiety test3X• Attain Sweet & Salty NutBars vs. Nature Valley®Sweet & Salty Peanut BarsMore• Participants ate each baron a different daySatisfied• Ranked resulting feelingsof fullness andsatisfactionAfter 3 hrs

Attain with CraveBlocker• Naturally reduces hunger cravings withpatent-pending CraveBlocker• Blocks cravings by naturally suppressingthe hunger signals that come from yourstomach and brain• Helps you feel more full for longer toeliminate Crave Zones

Eat BetterEat LessLose Weight

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