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the magazine of husqvarna uK // sPring 2011 magazine of Husqvarna UK // SPRING 2011SMS4: Britain’s sexiest learner legal ride?HAPPY HOLIDAYS: HUSKY ON THE Trails in SpainHusky-a-go-go: ALL That’s new from HusqvarnaHeadline Act: why Husqvarna are backing British enduro Husqvarna UK’s digital magazine, which is allabout... Husqvarna!Since the BMW purchase of Husqvarna in 2007our bikes have gone from strength to strength, sothat in 2010 we were able to celebrate our 78thworld title, the E1 Enduro World Championshipwon by Antoine Meo and the incredible TE250.While our bikes are proving themselves at thehighest level it’s still you, the rider buying ourbikes, that matters to us the most. And its oursincerest hope that our bikes give you maximumsatisfaction as we all enjoy this colourful world ofdirt biking.This magazine is about keeping you informedabout all things Husqvarna, we hope you enjoythis too.2contents04 Introducing Husky’s amazing 125s12 Five minutes with Juha Salminen05 Husqvarna, brought to you by BMW 13 Meet MPS Racing, BEC team06 What’s new for 201114 Five minutes with Mick Seward07 Kit: Get the Husky look15 Motocross models revealed08 Check Point: Jumping TE449’s16 Husky trails with Touratrail09 Enduro models revealed17 Trail Time with the TE63010 Husqvarna backs Sprint Enduro18 Check Point: Wynn winning at 45!11 Meet CH Racing, EWC team19 Husqvarna on the WebAntione Meo’s E1 World Championship winning TE250Courage Not Included, the magazine, is published byHusqvarna UK, Cranfields, 3 Church Road, Croydon,Surrey, CR0 1SG, Jonathan BentmanDesigner: Richard PagePhotographic credits: Jonathan Bentman,Husqvarna Press OfficeReproducing in whole or part any material in thispublication is forbidden without prior permission.While every care has been taking in the preparationof this publication the publishers cannot acceptliability for mistakes or misprints.

Check3World Championship #78!September 26, 2010: Noiretable, France 15:30hrs: Frenchman Antoine Meo secures Husqvarna their 78th world title, the 2010E1 enduro world championship, after a titanic battle against a fleet of works ‘Austrian machines’. Dozens of Husqvarna staff from thehead office in Varese, Italy had left work on the Friday night and driven overnight to the GP so as to join in the celebrations – and whatcelebrations they were, clearly no one in the EWC paddock celebrates their victories quite like Husqvarna! What surprised journaliststesting ex-MXGP rider Meo’s TE250 just days later was how tractable and rideable his bike was – not the uncompromising ultra-racerthey were expecting. And now Husqvarna make a Meo-replica so anyone can enjoy the world championship winning ride.

Details!17” wheels are supermoto spec1with Brembo braking and Pirelli‘Sport Demon’ tyres– MAKERS OF PROBABLY THE BEST 125s IN THE WORLDWhen you’re 17 years old style counts for a lot. As does credibility. You want to look good and you wantpeople to know you’re all-good. That can relate to your clothes, your music and most definitely your ride.SMS4URBAN COOL ATITS COOLESTA 125 street bike made by an Italianmanufacturer with 78 world championshipsto its name can only mean one thing:style and quality in equal measure. AndHusqvarna doesn’t disappoint.Urban 125 four-strokes have struggled forcredibility, but Husqvarna’s SMS4 showsthe rest how it’s done. This four-strokeis dripping with sophistication: watercooled,with a four-valve head for snappyperformance, Paioli and Sachs suspension(as found on so many competition enduros)for a top quality ride, and top spec Brembobrakes (as found in Formula One) forassured braking. And of course, killer looks.It begs the question: why buy a fake madein the Far East, when for a modest premiumyou can have the real deal? It’s a no brainer!TE125 – COUNTRY COOLMaybe you don’t live in town.Maybe you’re hearing the call(cool?) of the wild. Then the TE125could be for you. Very similar tothe SMS4, only with suspensionand wheels to suit off-road ridingthis is a 125 four-stroke that couldtake the young rider to the end ofthe road and beyond.3MEET TWO REAL RACERSFour-strokes are the future, but Husqvarnacan boast an incredibly successful historyof competition with two-strokes. TheSM125S and WRE125 are a celebration ofthat history. For the discerning young riderwho’s got an eye on competition, hereare two bikes he (or she) can commute onweekdays and, with minimal modification,race at the weekends.42NEWS FLASH1Hi-spec water-cooled fourvalvefour-stroke motor is the2highest spec four-stroke in the class3Paioli forks and Sachs shock arecompetition derivedTop quality top-to-bottom and4backed with a credible twoyearwarrantyAFFORDABLE INSURANCE FOR TEENAGERSAvailable until 30th June 2011, is a fantastic insurance offeron Husqvarna 125s.For riders aged 25 and older, TPO cover is available FREE, withTPF&T cover being available from an amazing £99.00! But mostimportantly, for younger riders who are typically forced to payhugely inflated premiums, for those aged 21-24, TPO comes inat just £149, rising to £349 for riders aged 17-20. TPF&T cover isalso available at reduced rates.4

newsMEO-MY-OHusqvarna enjoyed a very successful 2010 as the new modelshave started to reassert superiority in the race paddocks aroundthe world. On every continent Husqvarna motorcycles are againstarting to lead the way.Frenchman Antoine Meo’s 2010 E1 world enduro championshiphas arguably been the pinnacle of all these achievements. Andhe backed up his championship with a resounding E1 victoryin the tough International Six Days Enduro in Mexico. In factHusqvarna took two out of three main titles as SebastienGuillaume took his WR300 to top honours in the E3 class –proving while Husqvarnas are good for the short sprints, theyalso have the quality and durability for the long haul as well.You can experience the full-Meo effect through a very limitednumbers TE250 Meo Replica produced by the Husqvarna FactoryR&D team. Featuring a full titanium Leo Vinci exhaust system,Selle Dalla Valle seat, exclusive graphics, billet triple clamps,billet footrests, Kayaba sealed cartridge forks, alloy sump guard,carbon heat protector and alloy fuel cap you’ll have to be quickto snap up one of only 100 being made.HUSQVARNA:LOVING THOSE MULTI-CULTURAL BENEFITSHusqvarna is 107 years old, but arguably the most significant change in its incredible history took placein October 2007, when the Husqvarna motorcycle brand parted company with MV Agusta to becomepart of the globally successful BMW Group.Since the takeover in 2007, BMW have completely revitalised Husqvarna. A new factory was built inVarese to house production, design and administration as well as R&D (on a site purchased from MV).The world was impressed when just two years later the ultra-light TC250 motocrosser was launched,but that was clearly just the tip of the iceberg as since then we’ve seen so many new machines: theultra-light TE250 and TE310 derivative, the TC and TE 449/511s, the SMS 125 road bike, the TE and SMR630s, the CR50 and soon the CR65s... And there’s more to come yet, so much more.Husqvarna enjoy a richly successful racing tradition and a much-admired passion for engineering anddesign. Now they also enjoy the excellence in production and the financial security that only an industrygiant like BMW can bring. It was said at the time of the purchase in 2007: “now we can realise ourdreams”. And what wonderful dreams they are turning out to be!5HUSQVARNABACK IN MXGPYep, it’s official, Husqvarna areback in grand prix motocross,working with the Ricci Racingteam in MX2. Riding worksTC250s, Italian Alessandro Lupinand American Micheal Lieb willbe gunning for glory. Followtheir progress online throughHusqvarna’s Facebook andYouTube pages.

newsHUSKY TE250WINNING ALL OVER THEWORLD (and in the UK!)The bike that wrapped up the coveted E1 world endurocrown in 2010 simply can’t stop winning! The UK may onlyjust be shaking off the last of winter – we’re all still feelingdistinctly pre-season – but Husky racers have been busyalready.Finnish legend Juha Salminen has this year swappedto the E1 class in search of his eighth world endurotitle. His early season involves racing the Italian endurochampionship and would you believe it, at the first round inSardinia, he won!At round two at Lake Viverone, it was Salminen’s teammateMatti Seistola’s turn to take the win, again on theTE250, while Simone Albergoni took the win in the E2 classon his TE310...Stateside, FAR Husqvarna Racing’s Jason Thomas(from Wales!) figured it was high time he chipped in withHusqvarna’s winning streak and so took his American TXCvariant of the TC/TE250 to victory in the third round of theprestigious AMA GNCC.Finally, to show global solidarity, MPS Racing’sJack Rowland stormed to victory in the Expert E1 andExpert Overall at the first round of the British EnduroChampionship. Not to be outshone, team-mate RobertJohnson raced his TE250 to the Clubman E1 class win!HUSKY’S SUPER MINISEuropean junior racers have been struggling for top-endmachine choice over recent years, but Husqvarna have come totheir rescue. Last year saw the launch of the CR50 – probablythe ultimate auto racer with spec to match Husqvarna’s adultmachines from tip to toe. For 2011 Husqvarna have gone thenext rung up the ladder, with a super-CR65 – styled exactlylike the the TC449, this is a racer sure to set the hearts racing ofevery eight year old in the country. And their dads!6What would you do witha £600 budget? Customgraphics, carbon discguard and colour-coordinatedchain give thisItalian TE449 a nice twistMAKE IT YOURS!It’s one of the joys of ownership – personalising your bike to you.Be that with a change of handlebars, maybe the addition of handcraftedaccessories, or a swap to a low seat perhaps. Husqvarnaare recognising this through a ‘Make it Yours’ dealer promotionthat runs to May 31, 2011.Essentially Husqvarna are giving the purchasers of any fourstrokeenduro, or the TC449, the opportunity of adding up to£600 worth of parts and accessories to their bike, completelyfree of charge. Or simply take a £600 cashback offer! The offerextends to the Husqvarna clothing range and genuine spare parts.LOW RATE FINANCE YOUR SMRAlways looking to helpcustomers with the purchaseof new iron, Husqvarna UKhave negotiated a new lowcostfinance deal for SMR511s,the SMR630 and TE630. Withjust a 20% deposit the balancecan be spread over 24 or 36months at a great rate ofjust 2% APR. Check out thefull details with your localHusqvarna dealer.

KIT!As we all know these days, the bikes are just one part of thedirt bike experience. So to make sure you’re taking the holeshotin every sense here’s a range of Husqvarna accessories tomake sure you’re looking, as well as going, like a top performer1Husqvarna Sunglasses1Sunglasses are not an easy item to get right – look aroundany race paddock and you can find plenty of examples of overstatement.These ‘shades’, however, fall into the far more attractiveeffortless category, featuring classic, almost modest styling cues.Ideal for the man who doesn’t have to try too hard.£60.99Low seat (-35mm)2We’re not all born lofty and boy some dirt bikes can feel verylofty indeed if you’re short on inside leg measurement. Swap to thislow seat option and you’re more than an inch closer to terra firma.And even if you’re a taller sort, sometimes a lower seat can feel justthat bit better when it comes to railing those turns.£97.79352Husqvarna Racing Red Soft Shell Jacket3Ladies like to look good, even in a muddy field, and that’snot always easy given the nature of some dirt bike clothing. ButHusqvarna’s Racing Red jacket is a guaranteed lady-killer. The softshell technology means its a tactile delight, while the detailing in thezips, the logo’d armband and subtleties like the tri-colour hangerloopmeans she’ll want to wear it everywhere.£130.54144cc Conversion Kit4It’s just possible that you might find you’d like to upgrade yourCR125. You’ve got used to its brilliant handling, you love its superlighteverything, but maybe, just maybe, you want a bit more go.Those pesky TC250s keep giving you the slip. Well, Husqvarna’sown 144cc conversion kit could be just what you’re looking for.More power for your CR125, but with no other penalties. The kit iscomprehensive with all you need – cylinder, piston kit, cylinderhead, powervalves and gaskets. The CR125 will become a whole newbike – for a fraction of the cost.£721.0776The Legend Magnet5You don’t have to be blinged-to-the-max in the racepaddock to show your allegiance to one of dirt biking’s greatestmanufacturers. Now, every time you reach for the milk this snappywee fridge magnet will remind you of what you already know: ‘TheLegend goes on’.£2.824Husqvarna Racing Beanie6If you’re having a bad hair day or just plain aspire to lookinglike Husqvarna’s supremo racing team managers Fabrizio Azzalinand Mick Seward, then (grow a goatie, tease those sideburns and)wear one of these. It’s reversible, too – two hats for the price of one!£22.50

Check8AIR JUHASeptember 24, 2010: Noiretable, France 18:02hrs: The French GP, the final round of the EnduroWorld Championship gets underway with the Super Test on the Friday evening. The organisers haddevised a cunning rock section to fox the riders. Juha Salminen overcame the issue with brilliantsimplicity – he merely jumped his TE449 from end of the rocks clean over to the far side. Genius!

2011 Enduro3JOIN THE EVOLUTION!Husqvarna build consistently excellent bikes – you can’t win78 world titles based on a few one-off wonders. It’s aboutknowing what works and then in part sticking to that butdeveloping it as well. In short, the story of evolution.12TE250/310This is new generation Husky at its best. FrenchmanAntoine Meo showed exactly what the TE250 can dowhen he romped to the EWC E1 world title last year– and backed that up with the E1 win in the supertoughInternational Six Days Enduro (ISDE). The newgeneration, almost micro (22-kilo), fuel-injectedmotor is without peer. Launched in 2010, butupdated for 2011, in response to the feedback fromthe EWC race team, the TE250 has proven reliability,proven speed and proven quality.For 2011 Meo is moving over to the E2 categoryon the TE250’s bigger-brother, the TE310. Alreadyheralded by dirt bike magazines as that nearmythicalcombination of small bike manageabilityand big-bike power, there’s every chance Meo couldtake the highest honours again.4Details!1Top of the range Kayaba suspension is Japaneseengineering at its finest.9TE449/511The new for 2011 TE449 andTE511 bring a whole newtake on big-bore enduro.The engine is luxuriouslypowerful, the ergonomics area ground-up re-think, thestyling is mould-breaking.And, as ever, the quality isincomparable.WR125/250/300Two-strokes are still veryimportant to Husqvarna.Evolved literally over decades,the WR two-stroke familyare highly refined, highlycompetitive racers, as evidencedby Sebastien Guilluame’s E3victory in the grueling 2010 ISDEon his WR300.Nobody has made a 250/310F engine this small before. Nor2so powerful. The new generation fuel-injected DOHC fourvalvefour-stroke complete with variable engine mapping is theultimate racing motor. Just 22kg, including electric start!Every detail is carefully optimised. Even down to the3graphics on the tank/radiator shroud, which are integratedinto the mould, so they’ll never wear off.4Brembo brakes are leader in motorsport brakingtechnology. No upgrade needed, this is as good as it gets.

SPRINTthe new face of British enduro10The Husqvarna ACU British Sprint Enduro Championship is the UK’s newestand most dynamic national dirt bike championship. Adapted from the Sprintsconcept found in Australia, to a format that suits both the British enduroscene and also practices skills for those bound for European and Worldchampionships, the series has created a whole new buzz in British enduro. Andnot least because it has showcased the skills of an emerging wave of youthtalent.The brainchild of enduro-journalist Jonty Edmunds, Husqvarna UK decidedto take up the title sponsorship of the series in recognition of the energy andexcitement the series has created.Massimo Granata, General Manager, Husqvarna UK: “The format has reallycaught the people’s imagination. With all the action taking place in a small areait enables enduro to be brought closer to the public eye, it raises excitementlevels. The riders, too, often get to watch each other – something that neverhappens in a traditional enduro – so there’s a lot going on for everyone.“As well, the series encourages youth participation, with Under 23 and Under19 classes – it’s literally hot-housing young enduro talent. For this reasonalone we think the series is exceptional. But with the competition in the Eliteclass at a world class standard we can appreciate the championship is bothhighly professional and highly beneficial to British enduro. Why would we notwant to be involved?”WHAT IS SPRINT ENDURO?A British Championship, the series extends to ten rounds this year, arrangedover five weekends, around the country.The courses are typically about ten minutes long, cross-country (fields,forests, bogs, hills, literally anything goes), that’s repeated up to eight timesthroughout a day – against the clock. Riders start individually at 20-30second intervals. The winner is the rider with the fastest accumulated time.Dates remaining in 2011:Round 5 – Saturday, April 30 – Rogers Hill Raceway, DorsetRound 6 – Sunday, May 1 – Rogers Hill Raceway, DorsetRound 7 – Saturday, May 28 – Adstone, NorthamptonRound 8 – Sunday, May 29 – Adstone, NorthamptonRound 9 – Saturday, July 2 – Berwyn Leisure Park, ClwydRound 10 – Sunday, July 3 – Berwyn Leisure Park, ClwydWant to know more? Check out

meet...Team Husqvarna – CH RacingHusqvarna’s factory squad in World enduroTeam Husqvarna – CH Racing has increased its rider count for the Enduro World Championship 2011, now boastingseven riders, that’s two for every class, plus the young recruit Giacomo Redondi who will compete in the evergrowingWorld Championship Junior Class.Finnish Juha Salminen, seven-times world champion, and Matti Seistola will ride the TE 250 in E1 class, with theaim of renewing Antoine Meo’s World title. Meo himself moves to the E2 class on a TE 310 together with the superexperiencedSimone Albergoni. Sebastien Guillaume will again line up in E3 class, riding his hardy WR300, this yearjoined by Husqvarna’s test rider and former grand prix motocrosser Alex Salvini on the mighty TE511.These seven riders won’t ride just for Enduro World Championship honours, but for several national titles, too:Salvini, Redondi, Albergoni and Seistola will participate in the Italian Championship ; the French pair Meo andGuillaume in their home (French) championship; and Salminen in the Spanish Championship.DID YOU KNOW...That the rider of the 2011 Team Husqvarna – CH Racing teambetween them have won 96 world championship races. Andeight world championships. A formidable force indeed.left-right: Alex Salvini, Matti Seistola, Antoine Meo,Simone Albergoni, Sebastien Guilllaume, Juha Salminen,Giacomo Redondi11

SALMINEN– ON FIRE IN EWC 2011!As we publish this magazine the Enduro World Championship hassprung into life – and Husqvarna has forged into the lead. In E2,Antonine Meo took a double win at the opening Spanish GP, a perfectstart in his debut on the TE310. In E1, Juha Salminen matched Meowith another double win and with team-mate Matti Seistola secondboth days it was a perfect 1-2. A great start to the year.After the event, we spoke to Juha.A good event Juha!‘It’s been a great weekend! Also a tough weekend because the track wasreally bumpy and dusty, but winning both days is a great start to thechampionship. I felt really comfortable on the TE250 and didn’t have anyproblems on either day. I’m happy with everything, it’s a great start tothe championship.’12Could this be title number eight?‘Maybe, who knows, at least it’s a good start, there’s a long way to go.’It must feel great to be winning again after the last two, sometimestroubled, years?‘Yes, it was a good time to move on and take a bike that was ready, andto race again. I feel I can concentrate on the riding and the racing, and formyself. But the last two years were good as well, even if we missed outon wins. There was a lot of motivation to take on new projects and movethem forwards. With the TE449, it was unfortunate that I got injured.So again gunning for wins and championships this year.And after that?‘I don’t have any plan! I honestly don’t make plans for how many years Irace. I’m racing full-time and I’m concentrating on the racing now, that ismy priority.

JORDAN ROSEFormer British motocross championship riderRiding a Husqvarna TE449 in Championship E2Rob JohnsonRiding a Husqvarna TE250in Clubman E1Mick SewardTeam owner/managerJoe Deakin2010 Under 23 National Sprint Enduro ChampionRiding a Husqvarna TE250 is Experts E1 and Under 23Jack RowlandFormer British motocross championship riderRiding a Husqvarna TE250 in Experts E113meet...MPS RACINGHusqvarna’s factory squad in British enduroMick Seward’s MPS Racing team has been going six years now, competing in enduro events all over Europe. Withtwo British championships and two European championships to its name the team is recognised as professional andsuccessful – and as Husqvarna’s flagship team in the UK.They’ll be looking for further successes this year as the team concentrates on the much expanded UK programmeof national enduros and sprint enduros, competing across the range of national classes. The key emphasis this year isyouth, as the team’s rider selection reflects the increasing popularity of enduro with younger riders.You can follow the progress of MPS Racing at and Katy did next...Katy Bullock made quitean impact on the XFactor in 2010, notablysinging a Pixie Lott songdressed in trials riding kit– for a maximum fouryesses from the judges,including the notoriousSimon Cowell. At thetime the 17-year-oldmodel from Doncasterwas the European ladiesIntermediate-gradetrials champion. Nowshe’s venturing into theworld of enduro riding aHusqvarna WR125 as thefifth – yet most famous– rider in the MPS team.Image: Tim Tighe

Five minuteswith Mick SewardOwner/manager MPS RacingWe’ve tremendous support from Husqvarna this season. Asa team we were doing the world championships these pastfew seasons but with the growth in the British enduro sceneHusqvarna asked us to focus on the home front. They’veprobably done me a favour there – saved me some money!But in all seriousness, it is a better championship scene in Britain this yearwith the Sprint Enduros as well as the traditional British championship.“When we set up MPS Racing it was to help bring younger riders on, sorefocussing on the UK scene with this year’s riders has us brought back toour roots – we might have lost sight of that a bit, doing the Worlds. In factour team are really very youthful with Joe Deakin, Jack Rowland and RobJohnson all being teenagers still, as is our fourth rider, Katy Bullock. Butthey don’t lack talent. Joe was the Under 23 E1 Enduro Sprint championlast year on a Husky Sport WR125, while Jack’s making the cross-overfrom high-level motocross and Rob showed with his Clubman win atthe first round of the British Enduro Championship that he’s a star of thefuture as well.“I’m in a privileged position of being able to spend all my time lookingafter the team but it’s still a team effort and without the support of thedirt bike trade in the UK, from Husqvarna, Feridax (Sidi boots and Shoeihelmets) Renthal and Metzeler, not to mention Dutch sponsors in theform of Reiger and Twin Air, then the job would be infinitely harder.“Fundamentally it is about fun, though. I get a great buzz from workingwith these kids. And at the race weekends our team is family, I’m in therewith the spanners, as is my mate Johnny Wardle, my wife Marney andthen we’ve got the three dads of the three sons all working together. It’sprofessional, but it’s personal too.”14

2011 MotocrossDetails!148mm Kayaba forks are stateof the art.FACTORY RACERS – FOR YOU!Husqvarna have a no end of desire toforge top-of-the-game status in dirt biking.Development work on the motocross rangeis non-stop, reflected in the substantialupgrades in models even only one yearold. These bikes are so stacked with trickcomponents you’d be forgiven for mistakingthem to be full-factory racers!21Updated from carburettor to2fuel injection for 2011 – andmatched with the highest qualityTitanium exhaust from Akrapovic– the TC250’s motor now matchesmore maximum power to its userfriendlydelivery !Top shelf components abound3on all Husqvarnas, so you havetotal peace of mind that your bike is100% up to the job: Brembo brakes,Excel rims, Michelin tyres...15TC250Launched in 2009 (as a 2010 model) theTC250 was a revelation – so light, so agile. InEuropean championship level competition itvery quickly became a race winner. If therewas a criticism, it was that it could standto be a bit quicker. The 2011 model answersto that – fuel injection and a full Titaniumexhaust from Akrapovic means more power!3TC449The TC449 started winning in the MX3 worldchampionship in its first season. Remarkable for abike that’s fresh out of the factory – and sportingan engine that’s derived from an enduro! But thetruth is this is one powerful engine so it shouldrace at the head of the pack. Yet with civilitieslike electric start and revolutionary ergonomics,not to mention co-axial traction control, its rewritingthe book on open class motocrossers.CR125Two-strokes aren’t forgotten at Husqvarna and the2011 CR125 is host to an impressive array of newkit: a new frame, new airbox, new silencer, newclutch hub and the 2011 looks (as with the rest ofthe range). There’s a re-awakening that 125s arestill the bike of choice for schoolboys, and withmore clubs returning to 125-only classes there’snever been a better time to be on one of the mostdeveloped machines in the paddock.LOOKING BACKHusqvarna have a long and distinguished historyin motocross. The brand became an icon in theearly 1970s when its 400MX model featured soheavily in the legendary film ‘On Any Sunday’. Itwasn’t there as a product placement either; asfilm maker Bruce Brown said later, “the Huskyfeaturing so prominently wasn’t intentional – itjust what the people were riding then.”

LIVINGTHEWith Touratrail’s big-tanked TE310s the trails never endIt’s the dream: riding off-road for hourson end, never the same track twice, thelandscape changing constantly, eventraversing mountains – a ride that challengesand discovers. At Touratrail situated close tothe Cazorla National Park, in the very heart ofrural Spain, the dream becomes reality. Andwhen you’re riding Husqvarna’s TE310 – witha long range fuel tank, so there’s nothing tobreak the spell – then we’re talking a trailrider’s heaven on earth.Touratrail is a trail tours and trainingoperation owned and run by Steve Goddard– a died-in-the-wool Husky man, havingraced Husqvarnas (and Cagivas – oncepart of the same group) back in the 1990s.A former welding engineer, working onprojects such as the Jordan Formula Onecars, Goddard escaped the UK rat race, livingon a boat in France and Spain while scouringSpain for a new place to settle.“We settled here because it is the realSpain. We’re the only British in this region,it’s nothing like the Costas, it’s authenticSpain in every sense. The locals are veryfriendly because of this and all our guestsremark on how much they enjoy the aprestrailas much as the riding.“And the riding is fantastic. From ourpremises we can head three differentdirections and have three entirely differentriding experiences, we have every typeof riding here – we can even surprise ourguests with bog sections!“We use the 2010 Husqvarna TE310 asthe key model in our fleet. It’s a great bike,very reliable, a breeze to work on and as itcombines the advantages of big-bike typetorquey power with small bike handling thenit can make novices into experts! We’re alsopreparing to bring in WR125s as these can beridden here on a car licence, allowing evenmore people the chance to experience ouramazing trails.“Don’t just think rock and dust, either,we’ve had two successive wet winters so Ithink guests will be amazed just how greenthe region is. It’s an incredible place.”What will it cost?Prices start at £145 for a tryout day – ideal if you’re touringthe region and want a day’sactivity with a difference. Atwo-day tour, with two nightsaccommodation included, willcost £365. Touratrail are easilyreached from several airportsserviced by budget airlines.Touratrail also offers verycost effective training options,which can even be enjoyed on aone-to-one basis, making for afast-track upgrade in your ridingskills.16

TE630hitting the trails17Dirt biking doesn’t just have to be about competition.The UK still has many miles of green lane that itsperfectly legal to roam and enjoy. And with evergrowingadventure and rally scenes, there’s stillmuch scope for a bike that can do the weeklycommute, then go hacking around the country of aweekend – without ever reverting to services of avan or trailer.The Husqvarna TE630 is one such bike. Brand newin 2010 this is an up-to-the-minute trail machinethat offers the best of modern technology – meetingall the EU regulations you care to mention – whilehaving dirt bike heritage (and thus capability) thatother manufacturers can only dream about.Big, comfortable, civil and versatile, yet – whenyou need it to be – a tiger on the trails, this bike canbe anything you need it to be, as the UK’s press wereonly too happy to confirm:Trail Bike & Enduro Magazine (TBM):“With the new TE630 Husqvarna have improved the bike’sroad manners and raised its build quality to match, yetstill retained more than enough off-road performance.Think of it more as a polished trail bike – the Italiansdescribe it as a ‘soft enduro’ – rather than a road bike withdirt pretentions ... then there’s the fact the Husky looksutterly stunning...”Motorcycle Sport & Leisure:“What we like is it’s unashamedly a bike that’s 85%dirt, 15% road (while still being very competent on theroad) – and it’s important to understand that level ofcompetence off-road when comparing it to other trailbikes. Husqvarna were at pains to explain this bikeshould retain the feel, capability and excitement of thecompetition TE570 while offering genuine road bikecivilities. And it certainly does.”2011 BIG BIKE RALLY CHALLENGEThe Husqvarna TE630 is a gun machine for events suchas the Big Bike Rally Challenge, where owners of big trailbikes effectively ride a stage rally (much like rally cars),with road books to follow the course by, special tests todetermine the hardened heroes. Easier than enduros,more challenging than green laning and incrediblysociable, the BBRC is one of dirt biking’s best kept secrets.Want to find out more?Check out their website: dates for 2011 BBRC:Tarenig Rally May 8Ryedale Rally July 9-10The Keilder K2 Rally July 23-24Beacons Rally August 20-21Cambrian Rally October (TBA)

Check18Wynning ways!February 12th, 2011: St. Wells, Wales 14:02hrs: Wyn Hughes is 45. Age enough to hang up his boots? Not Wyn! A former Britishenduro champion, Wyn has returned this year to enduro with the Freestyle Husqvarna team. And what a comeback he’s made! Atrounds one and two of the Husqvarna-backed British Sprint Enduro Championship he won the Expert E2 class both days, and wasoutright Expert winner on day one. For the British Enduro Championship Wyn rides in the Veterans class – and how did he do at the firstround? Another win for Wyn! Needless to say Wyn still loves his sport and he’ll tell you straight – he really loves his TE449!

on the webThe world wide web is a wonderful way ofcommunicating and so Husqvarna has a deep anddetailed presence online.Go to the UK’s own website forall the latest on what’s happening with the British operation.There you can find:New bikes – all the information you need in fine detail andglorious colour. If you’re already an owner you can downloaddetailed parts catalogues for all the latest models.Accessories – Husqvarna have an extensive collection ofaccessory parts custom made to fit the bikes and brandedclothing to match you and your team to your bike, too. You’llfind many items detailed on the site, but the complete listingyou’ll find in our extensive parts and clothing catalogues,ready to download.Used bikes – we don’t ignore the pre-loved market. Everyused Husqvarna on sale throughout our dealer network canalso be found on our home website.Dealer locator – not sure where your nearest dealer is? Thenwe can find them for you.Latest offers – Husqvarna are always looking for ways tomake ownership easier and more affordable, so check onlineto see what the latest promotions could offer you.Join the community:Husqvarna have an extensive online community on Facebook,both in the UK and internationally. Check online to see thelatest images and videos from the factory and race teams andshare the Husqvarna experience with other owners.

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