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A large telecommunications company has rolled out BI to lower its customerchurn levels. The marketing department has begun to use BI to understand thebuying habits of its customers by using BI to reveal detailed, plan-activatingtrends within various global regions, including customers’ preferred plans andrates. Armed with this information, they can then use this information to targetadditional customers and markets around the world, as well as anticipate whatthe customer will need to remain a satisfied client rather than just another customer‘that got away.’CONCLUSIONPerhaps you have already rolled out business intelligence to certain departments ofyour organization. Or you have already implemented a front- or back-end packagedapplication, and are looking to BI to yield greater benefits from these systems. Orperhaps this is the first time you are considering deploying business intelligencewithin or outside your company. Regardless of where you fall on the spectrum, thereis no better time than now – during the current economic climate – to roll out a BIsolution.It is during this time that you need more than ever to be more agile, more productive,and more profitable, and only BI offers such an opportunity. BI gives executivesand business managers better visibility of the organization through greaterunderstanding of the operations of the company. BI also gives your organization themeans to understand your customers better and improve their levels of satisfaction,and thus retain some of your most valuable customers. Having a greater ability tonot only retain customers but also gain new ones will very significantly impact yourorganization’s bottom line.You face a difficult period: budgets are suddenly tighter, you are under morepressure, the decisions you make today carry much greater weight than they didbefore. Concentrate, therefore, on those implementations that can offer the greatestimmediate impact on your organization. Don’t delay. Focus now on businessintelligence, a solution that offers users in your organization the information theyneed while delivering an ROI that any organization can justify.If you would like further information on Business Objects, an SAP company,and what its products can do for you and your organization, please visit www.businessobjects.com.Business Objects. Business Intelligence White Paper 6

Appendix AThe IT Manager’s BI Prioritization ChecklistSpending PrioritySeek projects that alignwith business goalsSeek projects withimmediate impact on thecompany’s bottom lineSeek projects that helpretain customersThe Case for BIBI plays a key role in most corporations and topbusiness initiatives such as increasing employeeproductivity, streamlining operations, and more.BI can deliver tangible results to end users forprojects ranging from $100,000 to $1 million – anorder of magnitude far less than the $1 millionto $10 million for installing a new operational orautomation system.Regardless of your present infrastructure formanaging customers, BI can help provide immediatecustomer analysis and segmentation. As it is muchcheaper retaining a customer than gaining a newone, BI will become a key part of any retentionstrategy you implement.About Business ObjectsAs an independent business unit within SAP, Business Objects transforms the waythe world works by connecting people, information and businesses. Together withone of the industry’s strongest and most diverse partner networks, the companydelivers business performance optimization to customers worldwide across allmajor industries, including financial services, retail, consumer-packaged goods,healthcare and public sector. With open, heterogeneous applications in the areasof governance; risk and compliance; enterprise performance management; andbusiness intelligence; and through global consulting and education services,Business Objects enables organizations of all sizes around the globe to close theloop between business strategy and execution.businessobjects.com© 2008 Business Objects. All rights reserved. Business Objects owns the following U.S. patents, which may cover products that are offered and licensed by Business Objects: 5,555,403; 6,247,008;6,289,352; 6,490,593; 6,578,027; 6,768,986; 6,772,409; 6,831,668; 6,882,998 and 7,139,766. Business Objects and the Business Objects logo, BusinessObjects, Crystal Reports, Crystal Xcelsius,Crystal Decisions, Intelligent Question, Desktop Intelligence, Crystal Enterprise, Crystal Analysis, Web Intelligence, RapidMarts, and BusinessQuery are trademarks or registered trademarks of BusinessObjects in the United States and/or other countries. All other names mentioned herein may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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