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For nearly a century, Corley has given you the edge in the industry.Our edger optimizers provide value, grade and volume-driven solutions; true random and fixed-width solutions; simultaneousprocessing of multiple thicknesses, grades and species; taper solutions based on actual shape; online parameter changeswith no downtime; remote troubleshooting and software upgrades; Dynavision scanning in either 1" or 3" profiles; gradeintensive or pass through type systems; and custom control packages to meet individual mill requirements. What does thismean? Maximum returns—year after year! Our experienced professionals can help you realize a profit potential you neverthought possible. Call us today or visit our website to discover what other lumbermen have known for almost 100 years.www.corleymfg.comwww.lewiscontrols.comP.O. Box 471 | Chattanooga, Tennessee 37401 | tel: 423-698-0284 | fax: 423-622-32586 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

makes it easy for you to beITL Corporationdba Industrial Timber and Lumberwww.itlcorp.com23925 Commerce Park Road Beachwood, OH 44122 USAPhone: (216) 831-3140 FAX: (216) 831-4734 Toll Free: (800) 829-WOOD (9663)E-mail: sales@itlcorp.comThe FSC logo identifies products which contain wood from responsibly managed forests independently certified in accordance with the rules of the Forest Stewardship Council A.C.FSC Trademark ©1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C. SW-COC-293 © 2006 Industrial Timber & LumberSEPTEMBER/2008 7

Looking For The Pick Of The Litter?Look No Further!Choose Wisely - 60 Years Of Experience■ Widest range of sapstain controlchemicals containing five differentactives.■ Full line of wax end coatings.■ Summer College Intern Programto assist in monitoring dip solutionsat least every two weeks.■ Guaranteed product performanceor your money back when usedaccording to label directions.PICK THE BEST,DO A TEST.Give us a call at 1-800-238-2523and let us conduct a plant trial tosee how our products stack upagainst what you are using now.800-238-2523

Fifty years ago, tough grading, state of the art equipment,just in time delivery – all were qualities for which GilcoLumber became known.The same high standards are found today at each of ourfacilities – although now, we also include computerized scanningand technologically sophisticated drying facilities. Ourmills are all located within a 150 mile radius of our corporateheadquarters – to ensure consistency in coloring,grading and quality of our wood products.Because West Virginia is located totally withinthe heart of the Appalachian Hardwoodregion, we have access to some of the best timberin the world.As a resource based company, we manage 1.2 million acres ofquality timber, so we can serve our customers for the longterm.Our commitment is to our people, our customers andthe environment in which we live. It always has been.It always will be.*We recently acquired a new Hardwoodlumber concentration yard in Marion, N.C.,which will produce an additional 15,000,000board feet of kiln dried lumber annually.*A division of International Lumber Inc.96 MacCorkle Avenue, SW P.O. Box 18370 South Charleston, WV 25303-8370(304) 746-3160 Fax (304) 746-2999 www.gilcolumber.comSales - Scott England, Hank Bishop and Tony Love10 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

58228 County Road 43, P.O. Box 1168Middlebury, Indiana 46540Phone: (574) 825-2129 FAX: (574) 825-7519HARDWOOD LUMBER SALES:Rick Hetler - rick@indianawood.comCharlie Steiner - csteiner@indianawood.comBill Tusing - bill@indianawood.comVENEER LOG SALES: Dean HowardPartial view of log yard.Partial view of boiler building and dry kilns.MANUFACTURERS OF FINE QUALITYINDIANA & MICHIGAN GREEN& KILN DRIED HARDWOODS- 200,000’ kiln capacity - surfacing- 625,000’ pre-dryer capacity - straight line ripping- inspection after kiln drying - mixed truckloads- container loading - export preparation- 1,000,000’ kiln dried inventoryred oak, white oak, cherry, white ash,poplar, hard maple, soft maplehickory, walnut12 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

The Leader in Log and Lumber ProtectionU•C COATINGSWith Products to Maintain the Quality of your Valuable Logs and Lumber“Pennies of Protection . . . Dollars of Savings”ANCHORSEAL ®END SEALER FOR LOGS & LUMBERwithout ANCHORSEAL ® with ANCHORSEAL ®“ANCHORSEAL is an important part of our qualitycontrol. Before we started using ANCHORSEAL on ourhard maple logs, we would get a foot or more of stain oneach end. ANCHORSEAL has reduced that loss down toa few inches!” – Marion Plywood“We started using ANCHORSEAL because one of ourbest 4/4 FAS Red Oak customer told us he would pay us$5.00 more per thousand if we did. The more we used it,the more we realized the effect it had on the quality of ourlumber: less end splits and end checking. We use it nowbecause it makes for fewer drying defects – we’re sold onANCHORSEAL.” – Buchanan LumberStop end checking before it beginsLogSavers ® and FlitchSavers ®Stop log checks from growingAnd U•C COATINGS is the exclusive agent forValuable hardwoods and softwoodsrequire the best protection to preventchecking, stain, and other damage from thesun, wind, dirt and rain. The Shade-Dri patented mesh fabric designs give good airflow for drying, and the barrier protection ofthe UV-resistant polypropylene. Logs andlumber are cleaner, brighter, with lessdegrade . . . and therefore more valuable,for you and for your customers!U•C COATINGS:Saving wood - - 6” at a timewebsite: email: USA/CN Toll Free: 1-888-END-COAT14 Hardwoods Have Versatility

Premium Northern Hardwoods. Unparalleled in quality, rich consistent color and exceptionally tight grain makenorthern hardwoods the premier choice in wood flooring, kitchen cabinets, architectural millwork, moldings, door &stair parts. From the forests of northern Wisconsin and Michigan, where rich soil, cold winters and a short growingseason combine to create the perfect atmosphere for producing hardwoods of unrivaled excellence and beauty,Wolf River Lumber brings you a full line of northern hardwoods. Wolf River Lumber is under its 7th generation of leadership 150 team members dedicated to excellence in meeting yourchanging demands 55-acre site; 375,000 sq. ft. under roof 40 SII dry kilns on site drying up to 5,000,000 bft./month 10,000,000 bd. ft. of inventory in our humidity-controlled warehouse On-site Walnut, Cherry and Beech steaming facilities We offer knife and abrasive planing of northern hardwoods We offer color, width & length sorts to your specification utilizing100 sorts behind our planer Gang ripping capabilities on our two Mereen-Johnson 441 rip saws.HARDWOOD CALENDARSEPTEMBERNational Hardwood Lumber Assoc.(NHLA) Inspection School, 14-weekLumber Grading Course, Memphis, Tenn.Contact: 901-507-0312. Sept. 10-Dec. 12.Ray Kretz Industrial Forest, ForestryField Day, Antigo Wis. Sept. 15.Wood Week 2008, Virginia Tech,Blacksburg, Va. Visit: 15-18.Los Angeles Lumberman’s Annual GolfTournament, Costa Mesa, Calif. Contact:310-638-0468. Sept. 19.Penn-York Lumbermen’s Club Meeting,hosted by Hickman Lumber, Clarion, Pa.Contact: 716-372-2316. Sept. 22.Hardwood Federation Political ActionCommittee, Fall Meeting, Washington,D.C. Contact: 202-463-2705. Sept. 23-24.Missouri Forest Products Assoc. &Freedom Products Co. Inc., 3-DayLumber Grading Short Course, Linn, Mo.Contact: 573-634-3252. Sept. 23-25.NOW AVAILABLE!FSC CERTIFIED LUMBER &VALUE ADDED PRODUCTSfrom our family-owned, well-managedtimberlands, sawmills andproduction facilities.(920) 982-2542WOLF RIVER LUMBER, INC. Hardwood Plywood & Veneer Assoc.,Fall Conference, Omni Severin Hotel,Indianapolis, Ind. Contact: 703-435-2900.Sept. 28-30.Wood Component Manufacturers Assoc.,Fall Conference & Plant Tour Event,Waterloo, Iowa. Contact: 770-565-6660.Sept. 28-30.OCTOBERNational Hardwood Lumber Assoc. AnnualConvention, San Francisco Marriott.Contact: 901-377-1818. Oct. 9-11.16 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

Supplier news about sales, labor, prices, trends, expansions and inventories.SOUTHEAST LAKE STATES WEST COASTSources in the Southeast said businesscontinued to remain slow as the summermonths concluded. While some items arestill moving well, they’re just not sellingat previous prices.An Alabama manufacturer, who handlesboth lumber and flooring, said both marketswere moving “pretty slow. Nos. 1 and2 Common Poplar are doing all right,” hesaid. “Upper grades are slow in prettymuch every species. The price is toocheap on flooring.”The source said the Red Oak market,which had been nearly dormant in recentmonths, is “moving pretty well. We’reusing high grade Red Oak in S4S, andshipping a fair amount of common Red.”The contact said he’s heard rumblings ofsome furniture manufacturers returning tothe United States to make their products,a move he definitely favors. “It woulddefinitely be a big help,” he said. “All ofthem moved overseas for cheap labor, andthe furniture business in the States rightnow is pretty much dead.”An Arkansas Hardwood dimension andflooring mill source said his company isjust now recovering from a loss of logsduring the spring. “We were out of logsfor a long time,” he said. “But, the spreadon the market is not enough to kiln dryanything so we’re selling most everythinggreen except for FAS Red and WhiteOak.”The contact said stumpage prices are toohigh and lumber is selling too cheap tomake a considerable profit. “We don’thave anything that we can’t sell, but it’stough,” he said.Sources in the Lake States region recentlycited the current state of their businessas “slow,” but are hoping for a turnaroundduring 2009.A Michigan sawmill source said hiscompany is being “double whammied”due to the downturns in both the housingand automotive industries. “A lot of peoplehave lost their jobs (in the automotiveindustry),” he said. “Packaging containersand pallets for those guys are down, aswell as the housing industry so it’s a doublewhammy. Our production is probablydown about 30 percent.”The contact said species such as Red andWhite Oak, and Hard and Soft Maple are“moving OK, but prices are low. It’s thetoughest I’ve seen it in my 30 years.”The Michigan source added that heanticipates an uptick for industrial lumberduring October as firms restock theirinventories. “But, it will probably be themiddle of next year before we see any significantbreathing room,” he said. “By2010, we’ll be doing pretty good. It willtake that long to clear out this housingthing.”An Ohio wholesale lumberyard sourceechoed the sentiments, adding that severalmills in his area are working limitedhours.“I don’t think the situation’s going toimprove for at least 12 months or better,”he said. “The high cost of gas has justbeen a pain in the neck.”The contact said Ash and White Oak aremoving decently, while Cherry is “probablythe slowest thing out there, and productionhas also fallen way off. HardSources on the West Coast have mixedfeelings about the current state of the forestproducts industry. Despite a sluggishhousing market, contacts said there isbusiness to be found with higher-pricedhomes and the industrial sector.A Washington wholesaler describedbusiness as good. “Although the low-endhousing market has definitely sloweddown, the higher-end homes and commercialside of the business are still profitable.A lot of buildings are still beingbuilt.”The source said smaller homes are a“dead” market, with values decreasing 4to 5 percent in the past two months.“Million dollar plus houses are still beingbuilt, and those that have the money arestill buying them,” he said.The contact noted that Cherry andAfrican Mahogany, including paintgrades, are the hottest species. “Uppergrade Red Oak is actually selling again,while Maple just ended,” he said. “All ofour guys are pretty positive, and our customersseem to have work. We’re justgoing to keep going forward, and not tryto get into the downspin that everybodyelse is experiencing.”A California wholesale lumberyardsource described the current market aschallenging. “Nobody’s building sonobody needs wood,” he said. “With thehousing situation as grim as it is, the onlybright spot we’re all chasing is the commercialsector.”The contact said Poplar, Mahogany andAlder are the “bright lights” in the industryright now, selling to the custom mill-Please turn to page 73 Please turn to page 74Please turn to page 7518 Hardwoods Have Workability

Branching Out | sales@ahwood.comEmporiumHardwoodsGrahamLumberSEPTEMBER/2008 19

News from suppliers about prices,trends, sales and inventories.QUEBECONTARIOAsh prices for green No. 2 Common edged upward due to continuedstrong demand. For some in the industry, Ash was the onlybig seller. The price pressure rise is caused by tight green supplyand stiff buying competition from both sides of the border by flooringmanufacturers. It was reported that the Emerald Ash Borer wasfound in the Montérégie region of Quebec, which includesMontreal. This is the first time the Borer has been spotted inQuebec and the farthest east it has traveled.Tightened supplies of Hard Maple had prices moving higher forthis species, report some contacts. They also commented that HardMaple logs were expensive to buy, therefore profit margins ratherthin for this species. Industry contacts in other regions reported itwas selling well at stable prices, although it took more width sortingto keep both Hard and Soft Maple moving.Supplies of Unselected and No. 1 and Better and Sap and Bettergrades of Soft Maple were rather flat. Green Red Oak saw additionalprice pressures in Ontario and Quebec. However, the No. 2and 3A Common grades continued to move well to flooring manufacturersin Canada. Some contacts who had been sold out of RedOak reported they were now starting to build their inventory forthis species.Poplar pricing is reported as stable, although market activity wasseasonally quieter for the summer months. Overseas demand forWalnut continued to slow down, suggested reports from the industry.Demand for No. 1 and Better Aspen was reported to haveincreased while prices remained steady. Yellow Birch prices continuedto climb as summer production levels were very low.Comments received on Cherry markets were to the effect that“there were no markets for Cherry.” A few stated there was someinterest for No. 1 Common Cherry wood in Asian markets.Pallet producers had difficulty finding enough cants and palletlumber to supply the demand for their products, due to economicconditions holding up better than reported and/or predicted.According to a Statistics Canada report, Canadian lumber productionincreased in recent months to 40.9 million board feet,rebounding from a slow Spring season. Lumber inventories fell inOntario and New Brunswick, but increases in Quebec were enoughIn most regions, high fuel costs are cutting into profits for primaryand secondary manufacturers. Loggers are unable to pass thesehigher expenses to sawmills and other customers, resulting in manyceasing activity. There are also fewer loggers, therefore less timberis being sold, causing log shortages for sawmills. Demand is downfor lumber and finished goods related to new home construction.Overseas shipments remain a challenge because of the continuinglack of containers and space on vessels. It is reported that overseasresidential construction is also showing signs of a slowdown. Manyin the lumber industry find it’s difficult to make longterm plansbecause of the complex issues that the industry is now facing. Yetmost are taking necessary steps to survive this extended downturn.Ash supplies remained limited. Tight supplies affected prices forgreen stock in an upward trend. Kiln dried stock prices are reportedas steady for the common grades.Finished goods, other species and imported parts have eaten intoBasswood’s market, resulting in a decline in demand for thisspecies. Buyers are purchasing only for immediate needs of kilndried stock, creating a competitive arena for suppliers. Marketactivity for Basswood and Birch improved in the U.S. because ofthe weaker U.S. dollar, making imported products more expensive,thus improving demand for U.S. species in that country. Birch suppliesin Canada were reported as limited, forcing wholesalers toextend their purchasing circle to maintain desired receipts.Recently, sawmills shut down for an extended period due to highlycompetitive lumber markets. It was hoped that the downtime thissummer would help reduce excess or unwanted inventories. Manysawmills had to deal with very tight log decks throughout the year.It was hoped this downtime would allow log supplies to buildenough to support an efficient production and better sales.However, results were mixed. Contacts said that demand is still ina downward trend for many species and grades. Those that wereshort on logs before the holiday break are still in the same situation.Demand, however, remains high for low grade lumber and industrialtimber markets, but this demand is not being met.Reports for Yellow Birch were positive, where demand remainedstrong, and prices continued to rise. According to areas contacted,some reported it as a difficult item to obtain and finding thePlease turn to page 85 Please turn to page 8420 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

IntroducingNewsDevelopmentsCROSS CUT- ULTRASOUNDTHE MOST SOLID METHODFOR DETECTING: Shake Cracks Voids Honeycomb ..and other internal defectsBased on sound, safe and reliabletechnologyHARDWOOD GRADINGTHE FIRST MACHINE VISIONSYSTEM FOR HARDWOODGRADING. Proprietary grades Customized grades or according tostandard with additional criteria Easy set up Consistent and unbiased grading Non-expert 995-6765WOODPRO, RED WING FORM PARTNERSHIPWoodPro Software Inc., headquartered in Richmond, B.C., andRed Wing Software Inc., based in Red Wing, Minn., recentlyformed a partnership to create an interface between WoodPro’ssoftware for the lumber and building products industry, and RedWing’s CenterPoint Payroll application.WoodPro Software specializes in the development and design ofintegrated financial and operational management software for theHardwood and softwood lumber industries, and has previouslyintegrated with payroll products ranging from shelf packages tohigh-end complex payroll applications. With the addition ofCenterPoint Payroll, users will be able to handle needs such asdirect deposit, time-clock import, project and department tracking,and even electronic tax filing.David Goulet, vice president of sales and marketing at WoodPro,said, “We feel the partnership with Red Wing Software and theirCenterPoint Payroll provides WoodPro customers an integratedpayroll option that is complete and comprehensive, without beingtoo complex.”Mark Machtemes, business development manager at Red Wing,added, “I believe the new interface and partnership provides greatvalue and time-savings as well as excellent service for WoodProSoftware customers.”For more information about WoodPro Software,, call 1-800-755-2402 or Red Wing Software can bereached at, by calling 1-800-732-9464or by e-mail at INDUSTRIES PURCHASES ZICKGRAF FLOORINGShaw Industries Group Inc., a Dalton, Ga.-based subsidiary ofBerkshire Hathaway, recently announced the acquisition ofZickgraf Hardwood Flooring Co. LLC, located in Franklin, N.C.Berkshire Hathaway Inc., headquartered in Omaha, Neb., is aninvestment firm whose largest shareholder is investor and philanthropistWarren Buffett.Vance D. Bell, chief executive officer of Shaw Industries Group,said, “Zickgraf has excellent capabilities in solid wood manufacturingand allows Shaw to continue rounding out our product portfolioin the Hardwood category. With our innovative Epic productline, the multidimensional capability of Anderson and now solidwood manufacturing, Shaw has one of the most comprehensiveproduct offerings in the wood industry. We look forward to furthergrowth in this category.”Drew Hash, president of Zickgraf, said, “The combined strengthsof Zickgraf and Shaw Industries will allow Zickgraf to continueexceeding the expectations of our valued customers for many yearsto come. Zickgraf looks forward to expansion and growth withinthe Shaw Industries family. The communities of Franklin andBryson City will have the benefits of a financially strong companyand a corporate leader in the industry.”Scott Sandlin, a Shaw representative, said no layoffs wereexpected, and the firm planned to utilize Zickgraf’s current productmix, putting it into more channels and adding new products quickly.BIOMASS PROJECTS COULD EQUAL$1.5 BILLION BY 2012RISI, a leading information provider, located in Boston, Mass.,for the global forest products industry, recently announced that theemerging biomass industry would likely become a $1.5 billionfiber market by 2012.22 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

News about North American industrialHardwood consumers and overseasupdates, including mergers, plant expansions,association activities and personnelAccording to the International Woodfiber Report (IWR), multibillioninvestments from private equity firms and Fortune 500 corporations,as well as numerous legislative initiatives have contributedto the market’s explosive growth. IWR has identified over65 new major wood energy projects across North America withanother 30 to 50 projects “in the works.”Cogeneration, the process of burning wood for energy, leadswood pellets and ethanol as the most widely reported type of woodbasedbiomass project. There is concern that the supply of rawmaterials will be able to support both existing markets and the dramaticallyexpanding biomass industry.“Right now we are estimating that woodfiber consumed by energyprojects will reach 50 million tons per year by 2012, and thatfigure could grow to between 100 and 200 million tons by 2020,”said Chris Lyddan, IWR editor. “The passage of the Farm Bill,which provides loan guarantees of up to $250 million per project,combined with the relative speed of starting up a cogenerationfacility (usually 12 to 18 months), makes it simple to see why thisindustry will continue to grow at an exponential rate.”NAHB SUPPORTS SENATE-PASSED HOUSING STIMULUS BILLThe National Assoc. of Home Builders (NAHB), headquarteredin Washington, D.C., recently pledged their support to H.R. 3221,the American Housing Rescue and Foreclosure Prevention Act. Thebill contains several provisions that would help put the economyback on track, save jobs and restore confidence, analysts believe.The legislation, which had already passed the Senate as of presstime, would create a temporary, first-time home buyer tax credit forthe purchase of any home; establish a more effective and balancedregulatory system for the housing government sponsored enterprises;give the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) greater flexibilityto respond to the needs of borrowers; provide a temporaryincrease in state tax-exempt housing bond authority; enhance theLow Income Housing Tax Credit (LIHTC) and tax-exempt housingbond programs; and expand the FHA program to provide additionalauthority to help at-risk borrowers.STORE FIXTURE INDUSTRY SEES RISING COSTSThe Association for Retail Environments (A.R.E.), based inHollywood, Fla., recently announced its member companies haveseen increased costs of more than 5 to 15 percent for compositeboard materials such as MDF (medium-density fiberboard) andparticleboard.The cost of Hardwood has increased for a number of reasonsincluding limited availability of dimensional lumber in some partsof the country, as well as the ever-increasing cost of gasoline anddiesel fuel.“Growing global demand for raw materials, spiraling fuel pricesand a weaker dollar have together created what some of our membermanufacturing companies are calling a ‘perfect storm,’” saidKlein Merriman, A.R.E. executive director.Dave Mueller, president of Leggett & Platt Store Fixtures Group,Chicago, Ill., added, “We’re seeing challenges right now in thesoaring costs of oil and materials caused in part by growingdemand from China, India and other emerging economies. Add influctuating global currencies, and the greatest challenge facing fixturemanufacturers is finding the optimum balance between thecosts of labor, materials and transportation in order to deliver thelowest prices to retailers.”•New Equipment!WALNUT STEAMER• Better quality control in the steamingprocess• More uniform color and blending ofheart and sapwood• Increasing our production of Walnutfrom 60,000 board feet/month to240,000 board feet per monthDevereaux Sawmill, Inc.2872 N. Hubbardston Rd.Pewamo, MI 48873989-593-2552 • Fax: 989-593-2329sales@devereauxsawmill.comwww.devereauxsawmill.comSEPTEMBER/2008 23

NewsNHLA Re-brands For Futureby MARK BARFORD, CAEExecutive ManagerNational Hardwood Lumber Assoc.Memphis, Tenn.For 85 years, Beard Hardwoodshas relied on the “4P’s” for success:Product - People - Progress - Pride. If you’re already a customerof ours, you’re probably already aware of this. If you’re not,we’d like to show you what a positive difference this combinationcan mean to your business.WE BUY AND SELLHardwoodsIMPORTS: Mahogany, etc. EXPORTS: Oak, Poplar, Ash, etc.Dry Kilns (400,000 ft. capacity) Greensboro, N.C.P.O. Box 13608 Greensboro, NC 27415-3608(336) 378-1265 FAX: (336) 379-0863web site: e-mail: jbeard@enbeard.comSALES:Tom Beard, John Beard, Jay Cindric, Aaron Fouts,Pete Green, Derick Shular, David WilsonIn the 110 years of the National HardwoodLumber Association, the industry and NHLAhave undergone considerable and constantchange. One of the attributes of any successfulorganization is not only the ability torespond to change but to anticipate future developments. In justthe last decade, our industry has seen transformational change,especially with the relocation of user factories and the increasinglymainstream aspects of environmentalism. Over the last 18months, NHLA leadership has developed a new communicationsand outreach strategy to meet these challenges. On August 15,2008, NHLA “turned over a new leaf.”NHLA has experienced a re-branding. Like any re-branding, theexercise was comprehensive and included a refocus of services andprograms, and a new logo. In addition to the new logo, NHLA hasadopted five brand attributes to define our new focus and services.They are:• We are the voice of the Hardwood industry.• Our standards mean quality.• We stay informed, current and relevant.• We are visionaries for the industry.• We exist for our members.The new brand reflects a new focus. We will always be the keeperof the rules for the industry for they are the foundation of NHLA.However, more is needed from NHLA in today’s economic, media,and regulatory climates. Our communication efforts will gobeyond only addressing NHLA services. We will be involved inthe debates shaping the future of the industry: certification, consumerchoice, global trade, etc. In order to enter this debateNHLA has begun to engage the media in a proactive role. NHLA’seducation program is adding new education courses designed togive members what they and their employees need at all levels oftheir career, be it entry level, mid-management, or C-level executives.We will continue our increased involvement with theHardwood Federation and the American Hardwood ExportCouncil. The market and the industry are changing, and the stakesare too high to be simply sitting on the sidelines.We know we are not alone in recognizing the need of the associa-Please turn to page 7224 Hardwoods Have Versatility

Our kiln manager, Rick Rogers, hasdeveloped a keen eye for quality in histwenty plus years of precisely dryingAppalachian hardwoods. We're very proud thatour team has 11 individuals with over 20 years ofindustry experience. They're an important part of the storybehind our legendary quality.

Husky Hardwood Lumber“Division of Commonwealth Plywood”Manufacturers ofNorthern Hardwood &Eastern White Pinewww.commonwealthplywood.com15 Boul. Labelle Ste-Therese, QuebecCanada J7E 4H9Ste-Therese Office Richard Lavallee 450-435-6541 rlavallee@huskylumber.comHMA & Solid HardwoodPromotionHMA Membership Yields Many Benefitsby GIL THURMExecutive Vice PresidentHardwood Manufacturers AssociationPittsburgh, Pa.Mayfield Lbr.CompanyP.O. Box 848, McMinnville, TN 37111931-668-3252FAX: 931-668-2363mayfieldlbr@blomand.netwww.mayfieldlumber.comSpecializing in6/4 & 8/4 Kiln Dried Red &White OakAppalachian Hardwoods“Color Conscious”4/4 thru 8/4 Red & White Oak,Poplar, Ash and Hard MapleThinking about becoming a member of theHardwood Manufacturers Association?Here is just a sampling of HMA memberbenefits.Manchester, New Hampshire, will be thebase for the Hardwood ManufacturersAssociation’s Northeast Regional Meeting, scheduled for October22-23, and what is hoped to be the peak of fall foliage in NewEngland.The two-day schedule includes visits to three concentration yardsand a sawmill, all HMA members: HHP, Inc., at Henniker;Abenaki Timber Corporation in Epping; Northland ForestProducts, Inc., in Kingston; and Holt & Bugbee Company, atTewksbury, Mass. Regional tours always include a secondarymanufacturing plant, which on this tour is New England WoodPellet, at Jaffrey, which makes premium wood pellets for heatingfuel. Members also will visit the Society for Protection of NewHampshire Forests at Concord, a 107-year-old institution, which isnow one of the country’s most effective statewide land conservationorganizations. These extremely popular HMA RegionalMeetings and Tours are limited to HMA members and prospectivemembers. More information can be found on our website, REPORTHMA members recently received the 2008 HMA TrendTrackerReport, an annual publication on U.S. Hardwood markets, includingconstruction, cabinetry, wood furniture, wood flooring, mouldingsand millwork.Prepared by A.G. Raymond & Company, the report providesHMA members with timely information on industry trends andtheir impact on global marketing. TrendTracker helps identify thecritical economic drivers that determine demand in primary markets,highlights the present status of those drivers, underscores thepresent situation in each product sector, and emphasizes emergingchanges that may affect future Hardwood manufacturing. Thereport is available only to members.Please turn to page 7126 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

PUTTING YOU FIRST.[ Bill Redman, vineyard owner andHardwoods Trader, 28 years withNorth Pacific. ]AND YOUR BUSINESS.Meet Bill Redman, a vineyard owner, one of over 700 employeeownersof North Pacific, and one of the many reasons our customers andsuppliers choose to keep working with us.Our people listen. They’re responsive. They’re dependable.They’re honest. They know a lot about the business. They care.© 2008 North Pacific Group, Inc. All rights reserved.www.northpacific.comOf course, you can count on us to be reliable and give you the best value foryour money. We also provide the products and services you need includingdomestic and international hardwood lumber, plywood and dimension partsin various sizes and species.But what is unique is that when you do business with North Pacific, you starta long-term partnership with a person like Bill who is dedicated to puttingyou first (and to making wine).North Pacific. Taking care of you and your business.Portland, OR | West Plains, MO |

Northern and Appalachian HardwoodsAHECUpdate• Specializing in Cherry, Hard Maple, Soft Maple• Yards and Kilns in Owego and Berkshire, NY• Export Shipments• Green and Kiln Dried• 4/4 thru 16/4 Quality Hardwoods• Surfacing and Rip Strips Available3481 Waverly Rd., P.O. Box 360, Owego, NY 13827Ph: 607-687-2700 - Fax: 607-687-9439www.TiogaHardwoods.comOur Quality AppalachianHardwood Lumber Reflects theGood Taste of Those WhoDemand the Very BestWhen we can be of service contact...Powell Industries, Inc.P.O. Box 65Waynesville, North Carolina 28786TEL: (828) 926-9114FAX: (828) 926-9117“Providing Quality Appalachian Hardwoods for over 30 years”Since we have our own sawmill and dry kilns, our experiencedpeople make sure your lumber is manufacturedon grade, on time, and exactly to your specificationsevery time.POWELL LUMBER & KILN DIVISIONP.O. Box 65, Waynesville, NC 28786Location: 1011 Bryson Walk, Bryson City, North Carolina 28713TEL - (828) 488-8606 or (828) 488-9682FAX: (828) 488-3396SALES: Bo Medford & Carl PowellLUMBER SPECIES -(All Appalachian Kiln Dried Lumber Only) Red Oak,White Oak, Poplar, Ash, Cherry and OthersLUMBER FACILITIES -8 kilns - 400,000 bd. ft. capacity per charge, annual kiln driedproduction 8,000,000 bd. ft., 2 heated storage warehouseswith a 2,000,000 bd. ft. capacity, Irvington-Moore AutomatedStacker, Double Surfacer, Buss 55 Planer, Rail SidingGrading Seminars To ExpandTo New Marketsby MICHAEL SNOWExecutive DirectorAmerican Hardwood Export CouncilWashington, D.C.The American Hardwood Export Council(AHEC) has been hard at work promotingAmerican Hardwoods in overseas markets formore than a decade. While many in the industryare familiar with our marketing campaigns, our presence attradeshows, and our conventions, one of our biggest focuses is simplyeducating buyers on how to purchase American Hardwoods.This is accomplished by grading seminars.The NHLA grading rules American producers use effectively areoften unfamiliar to foreign buyers who want to tell just what theyare purchasing and how to best use it – this is where AHEC stepsin with its grading seminars. Most Hardwood lumber in the UnitedStates is traded on NHLA rules or a variation of these rules. Trader,buyers, designers, and specifiers usually begin conversation withlumber grading rules. The knowledge of grading increases consumerawareness of variables such as exact requirements neededfor purchase orders, the effect of defects on lumber yield, increasedknowledge of how to evaluate lumber, more transparent relationshipswith suppliers, increased profit, matching needs of end-users,and maximizing the value of purchases.There has been marked improvement in understanding around theworld because of AHEC’s many educational seminars, translationof technical publications and continuous support via physicaloffices overseas. Indeed, during seminars there, AHEC witnessed amarked improvement in the participants’ productivity, which willhave an immediate impact on their ability to make more effectiveuse of wood products. While some of the grading products may notbe immediately available in the market, a number of participantsagreed to distribute certain products on a trial basis. Based on theoverwhelmingly positive response from the participants at previousgrading seminars, it is clear that the global trade is in need of bothadditional training and the full variety of grading products.AHEC’s grading seminars vary in length and content, dependingon the particular needs of the local market. Some seminars last onlya few hours and cover the basics of grading and differentiatingPlease turn to page 7028 Hardwoods Have Workability

Our lumbermeasures up toyour higheststandards.High standards. High quality. Taylor Lumber.Taylor Lumber provides outstanding service and high quality Rift & Quarter Sawn lumber.Our lumber is available in the following species:Ash, Cherry, Hard Maple, Red Oak, Walnut, White Oak. Plain sawn lumber is also available.All lumber is precision-end trimmed, export graded and packaged.At Taylor Lumber, we are committed to providing our customers with consistent quality and efficient service. From our stateof the art processing centers to the talented sales staff of Taylor, we guarantee that our lumber will satisfy each customer.800.296.6223

TECHNOLOGY SOLUTIONS FORTHE LUMBER INDUSTRYSimplyComputing Since 1990Internationalwww.simplycomputing.com800-903-4122Info@simplycomputing.comLOG SCALING PROHandheld Batch Collection Voice Data CollectionPile Inventory/Tagged Logs Contract PaymentsMultiple Species, Log Rules, Yards Bar-CodingLUMBER INVENTORYBar Code Inventory Kiln TrackingBin Sorter Interface Rough & Dressed InventoryRadio Frequency Real Time DataOrders/Shipping/InvoicingWOOD BROKERAGEBy-Products Inventory Pile ManagementAutomated Weight Scale InterfaceAccounting InterfaceTALLY SYSTEMS*New - Voice Lumber Grading Wireless Handheld TallyHandheld End Tally Handheld Chain TallyPLC Custom InterfaceHardware Sales & Service • Network and AdministrationCustomized Software DevelopmentCALL FOR A FREE DEMONSTRATIONLinwood Truitt, who is in charge of sales at Beasley, is standing by hiscompany’s sign that proudly displays their logo.Beasley Forest Products, Inc. is pleased to announce the addition of 200,000board feet of kiln capacity and a 7 foot band mill head-rig and carriage.For you, we at Beasley Forest Products, Inc.:• manufacture approximately 94 million board feet a year of Southern Hardwoodand Cypress lumber products.• saw and kiln-dry: Red Oak, White Oak, Poplar, Ash and Cypress in 4/4 thickness.• have 520,000 board feet of dry kiln capacity.• offer container loading for Export.• manufacture pallet components (cut-stock) for the pallet industry.• saw crossties and pallet cants.• saw Cypress framing timbers.• manufacture Cypress to various patterns.• offer prompt delivery with company trucks and local trucking companies.• anti-stain treat, end-coat and paint all kiln-dried lumber.Beasley Forest Products, Inc.P.O. Box 788 • Hazlehurst, Georgia 31539Phone: (912) 375-5174 ext 107 • FAX: (912) 375-9541E-mail: bfp9541@bellsouth.netWeb Address: www.beasleyforestproducts.comSALES: Linwood TruittCell: (912) 253-9000NOFMANOTES:Why Associations?by TIMM LOCKEExecutive Vice PresidentNOFMA: The Wood FlooringManufacturers Assoc.Memphis, Tenn.In times like these businesses think a littlebit harder about the expenditures they make.Direct costs of doing business on a day-todaybasis tend to pass the test of scrutiny, while indirect costs startlooking like unnecessary costs. Association dues and participationclearly fall into this latter category. Of course it makes sense toreconsider all expenditures when business is bad, but really thingslike the cost (and the purpose) of associations should be assessed atall times, good or bad.But the assessment should be real, and not obscured by what’shappening in the moment. Few, if any, trade or professional associationsare about what’s happening in the moment. We in the associationbusiness are about the bigger picture; the context withinwhich businesses operate. Just as Association costs should notincrease when times are good, if the association in question has alegitimate purpose, it should not be among the first costs cut whentimes are tough.Of course, what should be (in my mind) and what is are often twoseparate things and the reality we face (as most associations in thisindustry face) is scrutiny of purpose and cost vs. value during economicdifficulties. When this occurs, I’ve always felt a bit of historicalperspective can be helpful. How did we get started? Whydid that occur? Is the fundamental purpose of our organization stillvalid?When it comes to NOFMA I have my own opinions, but my opinionshardly matter. What matters is what NOFMA’s members and(perhaps more importantly) NOFMA’s prospective members think.So, what about those questions?NOFMA was founded in 1909 by a group of individuals who representedthe bulk of Oak flooring manufacturers in the U.S. “for thepurpose of promulgating and administering industry gradingrules.” These founders saw the need for NOFMA to be a consumeradvocate (“to assure the purchaser that he is getting Oak flooring ofthe grade specified…”).Over the years, this original, narrow sense of purpose has expandedto include development and dissemination of product use standards,as well as other values, including advocacy on behalf ofwood flooring manufacturers, and to serve as a gathering place forwood flooring manufacturers to meet and interact and share information.And, of course, the grade rules have expanded beyond justOak.Today NOFMA attempts to remain true to these core purposes. Weadminister the industry’s manufacturing and grading standards(used in some respect by virtually all manufacturers, whether theyare members or not). We help manufacturers maintain those stan-Please turn to page 6930 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

Character Grade Lumber for Character FlooringSpecial PricingP/S Walnut Lumber8” Character Walnut•Every foot makes a 7” face floor.•Finished flooring will average over 7’.9”&10” Character Walnut•Every foot makes an 8” face floor.•Finished flooring will average over 7’.11”& 12” Character Walnut•Every foot makes a 10” face floor.•Finished flooring will average over 7’.15”+W Character WalnutR/Q White Oak Lumber7” Character White Oak•Already surfaced and ripped to 6.5”9”&10” Character White Oak•Every foot makes an 8” face floor.•Finished flooring willaverage over 7’.PO Box 458679 Johnson LaneSouth Shore, KY 41175Phone: 606-932-3117Fax: 606-932-3156E-mail: info@grafbro.comWebsite: www.grafbro.comSEPTEMBER/2008 31

Componentby discussing your dust, smoke, fumes and vapors.Turn-key Project Management Services:• Trouble-shooting• Written assessments• Technical recommendations• Conceptual and final design• Manufacturing• Custom installations• New, used andreconditioned equipment• Sales and support• On-site maintenance1347 Connelly Springs RoadP.O. Box 1736 • Lenoir, NC 28645(828) 757-3500 • Fax (828) 758-5178• In Stock–ExtensiveInventory ofReconditionedEquipment• MaintenanceServicesAvailable forFiltrationEquipmentCheck out ournew website• Dust Collection • Air Filtration • Ventilation Systems• Custom/Standard/ReconditionedJames Grezenski ForestProducts, Inc.3158 County Road X-NorthStevens Point, WI 54481Tel. (715) 344-0878 FAX (715) 344-1470866-344-0878Email: jmgfp@choiceonemail.comSales - Jim GrezenskiSpecies:Red & White Oak, Hard & Soft Maple,Basswood, Ash, Birch, Butternut,Cherry, HickoryWe produce 7.5 million ft. annuallyof 4/4 grade lumber, as well as pallet lumber& cants in various thicknesses that isavailable either Green or Kiln Dried.TrendsWCMA Promotes Members &Component Industryby ERIK LAWSERMembership & Marketing ManagerWood ComponentManufacturers Assoc.Marietta, Ga.During these turbulent and changing times inthe woodworking industry, there is a need forgreater emphasis on marketing and promotionto help maintain and increase businessactivity. Right now, it is more important than ever for companies tosend a signal of confidence in their stability and staying power andto continue keeping their company’s name in front of potential customers.Companies who raise or maintain their advertising spendingin difficult times experience overall growth of their businessesat the expense of their competition while increasing their marketshare. Customers who see their suppliers promoting themselvesfeel more positive about the company’s commitment to their productsand services and it puts them in a “top-of-the-mind” positionwhen purchases are made.The WCMA recognizes this need for more promotion and has substantiallyincreased its marketing efforts for WCMA members andthe wood component industry as a whole. Exhibiting at moredomestic and overseas trade shows than ever before, participatingin more specialized woodworking industry events and seminars,publishing a new Wood Components Buyer’s Guide, advertising inmajor woodworking magazines, producing valuable research andmarket studies, and contracting a redesign of the WCMA websiteare some of the ways the WCMA has been promoting its membersand the wood component industry.Exhibiting at the International Woodworking Fair – IWF, recentlyheld in Atlanta, Ga. on Aug. 20-23, was a great success for theWCMA. We displayed a wide variety of dimension and componentproducts produced by WCMA members from our 200 square-footbooth. Copies of the WCMA’s new Wood Components Buyer’sGuide, which includes all WCMA members’ contact information,available products, and machining capabilities, were distributedfrom our booth to help promote these products. The WCMA alsoreceived many good sales leads from interested dimension andcomponent buyers who stopped by our both and these salesinquiries were sent to all WCMA members following the show.The WCMA, in cooperation with the American Hardwood ExportPlease turn to page 7032 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

TICK. DOCK.ON TIME DELIVERY.Cole Hardwood has our veryown trucks and a finely tunedexpediting system. So we canship and deliver according toour customer’s productionschedules – not some outsidetrucking firm’s.The clock’s ticking.Is your hardwood shipping?Make sure with Cole.16 SpeciesLarge Volume InventoryThicknesses 4/4 up to 16/4NHLA InspectedWorldwide Distribution.It’s time forCole to quote yournext order. Call1-800-536-3151 or HARDWOOD, INC.P.O. Box 568, Logansport, IN 46947Ph: 574.753-3151Fax:

Carl L. Rosenberry& Sons Lumber, Inc.7446 Path Valley RoadPhone: (717) 349-2289Fort Loudon, PA 17224FAX: (717) 349-2044Bill, Carl and David RosenberryTwo automatic circle mills and line bar band resawMaintaining 700,000’ K.D. inventory and 1,000,000 bd. ft. of Green and Air Dried lumber300,000 bd. ft. Kiln CapacityKILN DRYING FINE PENNSYLVANIA HARDWOODS75% Red and White OakANNUAL PRODUCTION 7,000,000’Email inquiries to Jackie Kriner at jackierosewood@innernet.netParton LumberCompany, Inc.The Parton Companies -“Integrated Lumber Manufacturing...from stump to finished product.”Parton Lumber Company’s logo is proudlydisplayed on the bundle of lumber above.Producing over 50 million BDF of Appalachian Hardwood andEastern White Pine lumber annually in: • Red Oak• White Oak• Poplar• Eastern White Pine andExport Prep • Container Loadingothers upon request 4/4 to 12/4green, air dried and/or kiln dried.To serve you, we have modern band mills and other state-of-the-art equipment such as:a planer mill; a 90 bay sorter; dry kilns; and, grading facilities at one site in Rutherfordton, North Carolina.Please Call Us at (800) 624-1501 when we can be of service!251 Parton Road, Rutherfordton, North Carolina 28139-9420Tel: (828) 287-9669 • FAX: (828) 287-9423 • SALES: Jimmy Clay, Norman Atchley, Alfred Mayo and Kimberly Claytonwww.partonlumber.com34 Hardwoods Have Versatility

We at Bryant Church Hardwoods, Inc., located in Wilkesboro, NC, are proud of our modern Hardwoodconcentration yard facility that we constantly update to better serve our customers with the finestAppalachian Hardwood and Eastern White Pine lumber available. Call us at (336) 973-3691 when we canbe of service.This is an aerial view of our modernHardwood concentration yard where weprocess quality Appalachian Hardwoodand Eastern White Pine lumber.Some facts about our company are, we:•Have a 30 acre Hardwood and Eastern White Pine lumber concentration yardthat exclusively represents two sawmills.•Specialize in all thicknesses of kiln dried Eastern White Pine lumber.•Deal in Appalachian Hardwood species such as Red and White Oak, Poplar,Ash, Hard and Soft Maple, Steamed Walnut, Cherry, Basswood, Beech andmixed Hardwoods.•Market our Appalachian Hardwood lumber in 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses thatis green, air dried and/or kiln dried.•Specialize in mixed truck loads.•Have 9 steam dry kilns that have a combined dry kiln capacity of 630,000 bd.ft. per charge.•Own a Newman 382 planer.•Usually carry about 4,000,000 bd. ft. on our air drying yard.•Usually carry about 1,500,000 bd. ft. of kiln dried lumber in inventory.•Offer export preparation, container loading and package tally.•Offer the service of sorting lumber at special lengths, widths and gradesaccording to customer specifications.•Use our own trucks and contract trucks for prompt delivery of your orders.•Have over 75 years of combined experience in the lumber business.Tim ChurchEverette WyattBus.: (336) 973-3691FAX: (336) 973-7993(800) 973-3380Web site: http://BCHI.comP.O. Box 995 • Wilkesboro, NC 28697Distribution Yard: 683 Buck Road • Wilkesboro, NC 28697Because we’ve been in business since 1953, we have many years of experience that helps us to ship your orders right the first time.When Quality Counts...KITCHENSBROTHERS MANUFACTURINGFront row, left to right: Marijo Wood, Sales Manager; Matt Hoover,Assistant Procurement Manager; Back row, left to right: Chris Hoover,Production Manager; Eric Hoover, Pallet, Cut-up Operations; MikeHoover, Procurement Manager.At Neff you get what you want!990,000’ Dry Kiln Capacity1,900,000’ Predryer CapacityPRODUCING LUMBER, DIMENSION, RED & WHITE OAK STRIP FLOORING,MOULDINGSAND CUT-TO-SIZE FURNITURE PARTSSAWMILLS AT: Utica - Hazlehurst, Mississippiand Monroe, LouisianaSales Office:John Clark - Sales Manager - E-mail: jlc1102@aol.comKirby Field - Sales Representative - E-mail: kbmckf@aol.comP.O. Box 111 Hazlehurst, Miss. 39083Tel: 601-894-2021 Fax: 601-894-1069Web sites: or www.cherrybark.netQuality Lumber • Shipped On TimeNeff is a 5th generation family-owned and operatedHardwood band mill facility with dehumidification dry kilnsand has been in business since the 1920’s. We specialize inhigh grade Appalachian Hardwood lumber that is preparedexactly to customers’ specifications. We also have a pallet &cut up operation, making grade, tree & surveyor’s stakes.For all your Appalachian Hardwood needs(for which there is no substitute) please contactMarijo Wood, sales manager.Neff Lumber Mills, Inc.P.O. Box 457 Broadway, VA 22815Phone: (540) 896-7031 FAX: (540) 896-7034E-mail: neflum@aol.comSEPTEMBER/2008 35

The Greening Of Edward HinesBY CLARE ADRIANBuffalo Grove, Ill.– Green is not a new color to Edward Hines Lumber Co., a well-establishedbuilding materials supplier with locations dispersed throughout the greater Chicagoland area andCentral Indiana. Some of its hues can be traced back to maximum yield principles of the founder. Over theyears, those tenets have deepened and continue to permeate the values of the family members that govern thevarious branches of company operations.“Green’s always been a lucky color for us,” said NorthChicago lumberyard operations manager, Bill Maniates,referring to the anniversary date of the company’s inception.Hines celebrated their 116 th year in business onMarch 17, 2008, St. Patrick’s Day.The color green assumed a formalized connotation forHines in 2007 when the North Chicago location became achain of custody carrier of Forest Stewardship Councilcertified products. That designation assures contractorsand homeowners that the lumber was assessed andstamped with the seal of a sustainable yield forest, trackableto its source as environmentally responsible, sociallybeneficial, economically viable and legally harvestable.“That’s reason enough to get certification,” said Maniates.“Just knowing it’s done right and that we’re conservingenergy properly.”FSC certified products distributed through Hinesinclude dimension lumber, plywood sheathing, exteriorThe corporate offices of Edward Hines Lumber Co. are located in Buffalo Grove, Ill.Edward Hines III pauses in front of a photo of his fatherand grandfather, pioneers in the industry.treated lumber and plywood, as well asDricon interior fire retardant treated lumberand plywood. Sustainable forestry isa natural for Hines Lumber. Long beforethe current surge sweeping the industry,Edward Hines, founder of the companythat bears his name, was issuing sustainablepractices.After starting as an office boy at age 14,Hines quickly moved up the ranks to secretary-treasurerof the lumber company,and 15 years later, in 1892, started hisown business. He built up considerabletimber holdings through consolidationsand in 1928 acquired a tract of publictimber in Oregon where he cooperatedwith the Malheur National Forest in sustainableyield forestry. He stated, “Thereis no good reason why reforestation can-Bill Maniates is manager of Hines’ North Chicago yard,as well as Hines’ commercial division.36 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

not be undertaken and the lumber businessbe made as perpetual in America asthe growing of wheat.”He also pioneered selection logging.Ships from Wisconsin and the UpperPeninsula en route to the distribution centersHines established in Chicago, boreloads of whatever lumber the mills producedthat day, not what the customerwanted, noted Maniates, so no one knewwhat they’d be getting. “Edward Hinesemployed common sense, helping toestablish unified grade rules to shipping.If he were alive today, he’d be an advocateof green building and FSC certification.”In spirit Hines is alive, as some of histhird and fourth generation progeny continuehis also financially sustainable legacy.Grandson Edward Hines directs aschairman of the board, with his sonEdward “Mac” Hines as vice president ofnew business development, and daughterElizabeth Hines Bigelow as marketingmanager.One of the largest building materialssuppliers in the Chicago region, Hines hasseveral full-service facilities. Corporateoffices are located in Buffalo Grove andcustomers are accommodated throughseven lumberyard locations and a 5-acremillwork division comprised of a customshop, steel door shop, lock shop, and interiordoor line, cabinet division, windowcenter, and commercial division.At the forefront of innovation, theCustom Millwork operation in SouthChicago Heights is a high-end custommillwork program that builds and runsmouldings and doors. The millwork operationin Kirkland builds interior prehungdoors among other standardized products.Eighty percent of the lumber processedthrough the custom millwork operation issolid Hardwood, said John Drake, generalmanager of Hines Custom Millwork. Inspecies ranging from African Mahogany,Sapele, Iroko, Cherry, Walnut, Maple,Jatoba, various Alders, Oaks andMahoganies, to aromatic red cedar and anoccasional cypress or other unusual wood,all are premium grade, in standard 4/4 to10/4 sizes.Customers dictate what appearance theywant to achieve from exterior stain andpaint grade materials, and on interiors,they often request Mahogany or WhiteOak, though Poplar, the preferred paintgrade, comprises 60 percent of orders.The customization process that transformsrough lumber into finished productaccounts in large part, for the lowturnover of the 50 mill employees. “It’s areal pleasure to watch it reach completion,”Drake said. “Everyone enjoys thenew challenges and not punching out thesame thing every day, so they don’t fallinto a rut.”Individuals, not an assembly line, buildthe pieces. After the architects’ drawing isinterpreted in the tech shop, the lumber ismachined and assembled using a varietyof equipment pieces, including a ShodaCNC Router. Small groups engage inentry door and case work. The only productionfacet of the plant regards the prehungdoors and even there, the individualsubcomponents change the setup. Up to80 percent of the door components mightbe unique, yet Hines’ integrated stickingdetail method ties them all together intoone consistent theme.To remain in the forefront of millingprocesses, CNC operators continuouslyinitiate new specialty applications such asbeveling techniques. Recent commissionsto carve a family crest into a door orincorporate Chinese characters in with thehouse number were accomplished withease. On another, rounded detail prescribedrouting out a large clamshell intothe midrail of the door.The mill is set up to run a variety ofproducts made from Azek® , an exteriorPVC cellular product, such as mouldings,window/door surrounds, column wrapsand exterior products traditionally createdusing wood. As a rot resistant material,it’s often used to match existing boards inhistoric restorations. Drake explained thatit’s considered green because of itslongevity, a requirement of the NAHBModel Green Building Program.As one of 11 sponsors of the winningFSC house design at the 2007 GreenBuild Expo that took place in Chicago,Hines donated the custom cabinetry,countertops and paneling, all designed,fabricated and installed by Drake’s custommill team, exclusively using FSC certifiedmaterials.“We’ve always been interested in theenvironment and outdoors,” said EdwardHines, whose father worked closely withhis founder-father. “It’s said myGrandfather was a risk-taker who workedPlease turn to page 68Important pieces of the puzzle that became part of the Cherry cabinets constructed forthe Greenbuild Seminar set stacked and ready for assembly.Craftsman John Schnepf builds custom cabinets from Cherry at Hines’ CustomMillwork Division in South Chicago Heights. The cabinets were used in the FSChouse last year that was part of the Greenbuild Seminar & Expo, held atMcCormick Place in Chicago.SEPTEMBER/2008 37

Beasley ForestBoosts Production CapabilitiesLinwood Truitt, grade lumber sales, and Darrell Beasley, vice president, stand by a truckload of 4/4 kiln-dried Red Oak to be shipped to a flooringcustomer.Hazlehurst, Ga.— While other firms are facing cutbacks due to the struggling economy,Beasley Forest Products Inc., headquartered here, recently made several improvements to becomemore efficient. The upgrades include a new McDonough band saw, two additional SII dry kilns and anew 22,000-square-foot warehouse.Beasley, which produces more than 90million board feet of lumber annually,added the 7-foot McDonough band millhead-rig and carriage to help cut logs thatare 28 inches in diameter and larger. Theaddition increased the firm’s productionby 500,000 board feet of lumber perweek, and called for new kilns and storagecapacity to be built.The two dry kilns, which were orderedfrom the Lexington, N.C.-based SII DryKilns, each can dry 100,000 board feet oflumber per charge, and bring Beasley’stotal kiln drying capacity to 520,000board feet.Linwood Truitt, who handles gradesales for Beasley Forest Products Inc.,said the McDonough band saw was necessaryin order to utilize all of the logs,which are purchased from landowners.“The McDonough band saw will cut upto a 50-inch diameter log,” he said. “Ourregular sawmill was sawing logs that were28 inches in diameter and below.However, we purchase tracts of timberwhere many large logs are procured fromthese particular forestlands. So, webought and installed the McDonoughband saw to help us increase production,to an average of 1.8 million board feet perweek.”Truitt said Beasley Forest Productsbelieves that its operation must manufactureand sell more Southern Hardwoodand cypress lumber products in order tocombat the rising cost of diesel fuel.“You’ve got everything from your cutdownmachine, to your skidders, loadersand trucks that run on diesel fuel,” hesaid. The price of diesel fuel was $1.30eight years ago, and it has increased 300to 400 percent within the last year or so.BY GARY MILLERThe price of lumber hasn’t even comeclose to matching that. By the time itcomes across our scales, we’ve got moremoney invested in the timber, countingthe increased cost of cutting it on our timbertracts and hauling it to our sawmilloperation. Then when the finished productleaves the mill, it is transported bytruck, train or ship. They all use dieselfuel. Our main concern is having a profitafter you pay the freight.”Truitt added, “You’ve got to keep loggersand truckers in business. We’re tryingto do everything we can here to bemore efficient.”Founded in 1999 by Rabun Beasley, thefirm’s owner and president, BeasleyForest Products Inc. has grown from itsoriginal 20-acre sawmill operation toinclude a large log yard with a sprinklersystem, an air-drying yard and warehous-38 Hardwoods Have Workability

Linwood Truitt is standing in front of the two new SII dry kilns that the company justrecently installed.This is the 7-foot McDonough band saw cutting a large log into lumber.This is a huge log that will soon be processed into lumber. Beasley’s new McDonoughband saw will cut up to a 50-inch thick log.A view of Beasley Forest Products’ air drying yard, which has a total capacity of 6 millionboard covering part of their 40 acres.Producing some 90 million board feetof lumber annually, Beasley is the secondlargest Hardwood grade sawmill in theUnited States. The company’s productline includes 4/4 Hardwood grade andcypress lumber, railroad ties, crane mats,pallet components, pallet lumber,Hardwood and cypress bark, chips andsawdust.Beasley saws and kiln dries SouthernHardwoods species such as Red andWhite Oak, Poplar, and Ash (4/4, FAS,No. 1 and 2 Common). Just last year, thefirm began re-manufacturing cypress tovarious patterns including v-joint, beadedceiling, siding and radius edge decking.All lumber at Beasley receives anti-staintreatment and end-coat paint to reducesplitting and checking.Key personnel at Beasley ForestProducts Inc. includes: Rabun Beasley,president and owner of the company;Darrell Beasley, vice president; LinwoodTruitt, grade lumber sales; Phil Clements,plant manager; Ricky Lilliott, maintenancesupervisor; Josephine Beasley,office manager; Zach Johnson, timberprocurement manager; and Lee Miles,pallet component sales.Beasley employs 180 people who operatetwo shifts during a five-day workweek.With 21 loggers and seven timber buyerson staff, Beasley Forest Productsdirectly controls and personally harvestsover 75 percent of the logs sawn in theirmill. The remaining 25 percent is purchasedfrom outside log suppliers. Thefirm also maintains a 15-acre log yardwith a sprinkler system to ensure consistentlog flow into the mill year round.The Hazlehurst, Ga., facility is strategicallylocated within five miles of threemajor rivers, the Oconee, Ocmulgee andAltamaha, and near other river systems,which gives Beasley access to an excellentsupply of Hardwood timber. Thecompany is located just 125 miles fromthree port cities — Savannah andBrunswick, Ga., and Jacksonville, Fla. —and offers container loading for export.With several trucking companies in thearea, Beasley can also guarantee promptdelivery of its lumber and other forestproducts to customers.For more information, contact BeasleyForest Products Inc. at 912-375-5174,visit oremail•SEPTEMBER/2008 39

SalemFrameAdds LumberGrading ChainSalem, Va.— Salem Frame Co., Inc., abusiness unit of Rowe Fine Furniture Inc., recentlysolidified its position as a one-stop, full-service lumberdrying and grading facility by opening the RoanokeValley’s only lumber grading chain here.Lumber from around the country will arrive at Salem Frame for its finalpreparation before being packaged and shipped around the world. Finalpreparation includes kiln drying, grading, trimming, ripping and packaging.Prior to the installation of the grading chain, Salem Frame’s customkiln drying yard was only able to offer lumber customers one particularservice, kiln drying freshly cut lumber.As a separate business unit of Rowe Fine Furniture, Salem Frame operatesas both a mill, supplying wood components to Rowe Fine Furniturefor the making of its upholstered furniture; and as a yard, offering customkiln drying and grading capabilities to lumber customers around the countryand the world. The existing location was established in 1972, and thenew 11,250-square-foot lumber grading chain structure is the first additionto the location in over 25 years.Rowe Fine Furniture invested a total of $500,000 in the construction ofthe facility including the concrete slab, steel exterior structure and componentsof the grading chain. The new structure measures 25 feet high,150 feet long and 75 feet wide. Industrial weight, breeze-dried panels aredrawn and pulled back on a pulley system on both sides of one half of thelength of the building, which allows wind for natural ventilation. Themesh panels are pulled aside when carts of packaged lumber are ready tobe loaded on outgoing trucks.“Rowe’s commitment to support Salem Frame’s ability to offer its lumberclients great service and a quality product is in keeping with Rowe’soverall company goals,” explained Stefanie J. Lucas, president and chiefexecutive officer of Rowe Fine Furniture, which is headquartered inElliston, Va. “Throughout all of our operations, we work to identifyopportunities within our existing capabilities to grow the business, maintainjobs and increase both. Salem Frame’s ability to now offer one-stopPlease turn to page 66BY GARY MILLERJustin True is a lumber grader for Gilco Lumber Inc., whose sales office is in South Charleston,W.Va. He is based at Salem Frame in Salem, Va.40 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

Kenneth Cox, plant manager, Salem Frame Co. Inc., Salem, Va.; Stefanie Lucas, presidentand chief executive officer, Rowe Fine Furniture Inc., Elliston, Va.; and ScottEngland, who is in charge of lumber sales at Gilco Lumber Inc., South Charleston, W.Va.Scott England, Gilco Lumber Inc., South Charleston, W.Va.; Tim Worrell, Salem FrameCo. Inc., Salem, Va.; and Tony Love, Gilco Lumber Inc.Kenneth Cox, Eric Collins, engineering manager, and Tim Worrell, Salem Frame Co.Inc., Salem, Va.; and Keith Peek, McDowell Mechanical Service, Marion, N.C.Charles Serber, left, handles tallies, ships containers overseas and works as a backuplumber grader for Gilco Lumber Inc. at Salem Frame’s Salem, Va., facility. ArtBorders, Gilco Lumber Inc., is based out of Cabin Creek, W.Va.Gary Wilson, custom kiln drying coordinator, Eric Collins, and Darrell Cannaday, lumberyardsupervisor, Salem Frame Co. Inc., Salem, Va.John Stanley, senior vice president of operations, Ben Jarrell, director of humanresources, and Mark Freitas, chief financial officer, Rowe Fine Furniture Inc., Elliston,Va.Tim Worrell, lumber specialist, and Kenneth Cox, Salem Frame Co. Inc., Salem, Va., and Scott England, Gilco Lumber Inc., South Charleston, W.Va., help put the two boards togetherinto one, which symbolizes the partnership that now exists between Salem Frame and Gilco Lumber Inc.SEPTEMBER/2008 41

C.A. Spencer CelebratesLaval, Que.—Approximately 300 guests from Canada,the United States and Europe recentlyhelped C.A. Spencer Inc., headquarteredhere, celebrate its 100 th anniversary.“Our guests were primarily from Quebecand the United States, but we had four visitorsfrom Germany and England,” saidClaude Cadrin, president of C.A. SpencerInc.In 1908, Charles Allen Spencer establishedC.A. Spencer Inc. by selling softwoodfrom western Canada into easternCanada. In 1920, the company built its firstHardwood sawmill, which was operateduntil the Great Depression of 1929.In the early ‘40s, C.A. Spencer Inc.opened its first lumberyard on the island ofMontreal. Colin Spencer, Charles’ son,joined the firm in 1948 and, in 1967, hemoved the company to its present locationin Laval.Rémi Cadrin joined C.A. Spencer in 1977as a shareholder. When Colin Spencerretired in 1989, Cadrin was promoted tocompany president. Following Rémi’sretirement in 1998, his son, Claude, andnephews, Mike Ferron and Peter Cadrin,took over the company.Today, C.A. Spencer has a concentrationyard, 1.2 million board feet of dry kilncapacity, and six sawmills producing 40million board feet of species such as Hardand Soft Maple, Yellow Birch, Red Oak,White Ash, Basswood and Aspen (4/4through 12/4 in random width, 4/4 fixedwidth).The event allowed members of the C.A.Spencer family, including employees andcustomers, the opportunity to visit witheach other and see the operations atFabreville. A dinner and dance was alsoincluded.Please turn to page 66Claude Cadrin, Pierre Cadrin, Colin Spencer, Rémi Cadrin and Mike Ferron, C.A. Spencer Inc.Pierre Cadrin, Denis Laforge, Jean Désilets, Claude Cadrin and Serge Robichaud, C.A. Spencer Inc.Colin Spencer and Rémi Cadrin, past presidents, and Claude Cadrin, president, C.A. Spencer Inc.42 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

tes 100th AnniversaryBY WAYNE MILLERPierre Cadrin, Anne Bouchard, Jean Désilets, Serge Robichaud and Réjean Allard,sales staff, C.A. Spencer Inc.Anne Marie Lebel, Silvie Roy, Rémi Cadrin, Monique Grégoire, Chantale Lamarcheand Johanne Gascon, administration staff, C.A. Spencer Inc.Lucie Arguin and Robert Lapointe, Menuiserie D’East Angus Inc., East Angus, Que.;and Rémi Cadrin, C.A. Spencer Inc.Sam Holman and Paul Balharrie, Wood Profile, Ottawa, Ont.; and Claude Cadrin, C.A.Spencer Inc.Michel Miller and France Racicot, Livingston International Inc., Brossard, Que.; Judyand Jacques Lanciaux, and Sandra and Ed Jones, W.J. Jones Co. Ltd., Saint-Hubert,Que.; and Steve Hanson, Tembec Industries Inc., Huntsville, Ont.Art and Denise Nelson, Weston Premium Woods Inc., Brampton, Ont.; and Monica andShawn Collins, Tioga Hardwoods Inc., Owego, N.Y.Additional photos on page 54SEPTEMBER/2008 43

LSLA Summer OutingHeavily AttendedMinocqua, Wis.–Nearly 200members and guests recently attended activities during the2008 Wisconsin Golf Outing, hosted by the Lake StatesLumber Association (LSLA).Approximately 190 people attended cocktails and dinnerat the Timber Ridge Country Club, located here. Also 144participants enjoyed various golf activities at the TimberRidge Golf Course, including a putting contest, the Parthreeprize challenge, the $2,500 putt for dough contest andan 18-hole golf scramble. Winners included Lori Bennett,low gross 77, Bingaman & Son Lumber Inc., Clarendon,Pa., and second place, Ray Wheeland, Wheeland LumberCo Inc., Liberty, Pa.Golfers also had a chance to qualify for Baillie LumberCompany’s “Cash Shoot-Out,” which awarded more than$500 in cash and prizes, and a Hole-N-One winner wasawarded $10,000.Guests and members also enjoyed a social hour and banquetat the Waters of Minocqua. Kendrick Forest ProductsPlease turn to page 66BY PAUL MILLER JR.Mike Cockland, D & R Wood Products, Rockland, Wis.; Dave Richardson Jr.,Richardson Industries Inc., Sheboygan Falls, Wis.; Wendy Jeske, Timberland WoodProducts, Sheboygan, Wis.; Dianne Beauchamp, Northern Hardwoods, South Range,Mich.; and Bill Hallinger, St. Croix Valley Hardwoods Inc., Luck, Wis.Grant Willnow, U•C Coatings Corp., Buffalo, N.Y., awards Bill Hallinger, St. CroixValley Hardwoods Inc., Luck, Wis., with a $10,000 check for hitting a hole-in-one onhole No. 5 with a six iron playing 164. It was Hallinger’s first ever hole-in-one.Dick Allman, Weyerhaeuser, Dorchester, Wis.; Dave Sebastian, St. Croix ValleyHardwoods Inc., Luck, Wis.; Dan Hansen, Midwest Hardwood Corp., Maple Grove,Minn.; and Jim Jordan and Clint Smith, Bass Creek Lumber, Walworth, Wis.Jason Nelson, Blade Premium Hardwoods, Strum, Wis.; Nate Lindbeck, Lumbermen’sUnderwriting Alliance, Green Bay, Wis.; Dennis Jansen, BlueLinx Corp., St. Paul,Minn.; and Bill Dupont, Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Minneapolis, Minn.44 Hardwoods Have Versatility

John Zirkel, lifetime honorary member and retired past president, and Dan Corel, pastpresident, Lake States Lumber Inc., Schofield, Wis.; Bal Anderson, past director andtreasurer, Lake States Lumber Assoc., Waunakee, Wis.; and Vince Catarella, BaillieLumber Co., Hamburg, N.Y.Nick Bunkelman, Menzner Lumber & Supply Co., Marathon, Wis.; Russ Lambert,American Wood Fibers, Schofield, Wis.; Joe Francois, Snowbelt Hardwoods Inc.,Hurley, Wis.; Dave Schroeder, GMC Hardwoods Inc., Jefferson, Wis.; and Steve Aubry,American Wood FibersGary Elpin, Riverside Sawmill, Muscoda, Wis.; Dave Nash, Midwest Hardwood Corp.,Maple Grove, Minn.; Bob Schlosser, Wolf River Lumber Inc., New London, Wis.; andCody Lann, Banks Hardwoods Inc., Menomonie, Wis.Dale Elliot, BlueLinx Corp., Wausau, Wis.; John Hilgemann, Snowbelt Hardwoods Inc.,Hurley, Wis.; Mike Burket, Springs Window Fashions LLC, Grayling, Mich.; and RoyReif, Quality Hardwoods Ltd., Powassan, Ont.Rick Smrcka, Wolf River Lumber Inc., New London, Wis.; Deanne Kidd, Timber RidgeCountry Club, Minocqua, Wis.; Pete Albrecht, Pine River Hardwoods, Laona, Wis.; andDave Mills, Mills Hardwoods, Bemidji, Minn.Jay Reese, Penn-Sylvan International Inc., Spartansburg, Pa.; Cindy Hilsabeck,Kendrick Forest Products, Edgewood, Iowa; and Nico Poulos, Weston Premium WoodsInc., Brampton, Ont.Kathy and Peter Solberg, Coulee Region Hardwoods Inc., Bangor, Wis.; Amy Lafferty,Spread Eagle Hardwoods Inc., Cavour, Wis.; and Dianne Beauchamp, NorthernHardwoods, South Range, Mich.Jason Brettingen, Kretz Lumber Co. Inc., Antigo, Wis.; Peter Koxlien, Pigeon CreekHardwoods Inc., Owego, Wis.; Patrick McBride, Rockland Flooring Co. LLC,Rockland, Wis.; and Peter McCarty, McDonough Manufacturing Co., Eau Claire, Wis.Additional photos on page 58SEPTEMBER/2008 45

RALPH TAYLOR LU51005100 SanderlinSanderlin Ave.,Ave., SuiteSuite 21901-684-1400 FAXEmail: Rtlumber@A Corley 17-degree slanted headrig with a Tyrone-Berry shotgun drive carriageis one of the newest additions at the sawmill.5/4 White Oak being graded on the green chain.Tracy Herald Jeff Taylor Ralph Taylor5/4 Cherrybark Red OakFACILITIES:• 7’ band mill and resaw producing 20,000,000’ of lumber• Tie mill producing an additional 5,000,000’ of lumber• 4,000,000’ covered air drying capacity for Common & BetterRed and White Oak lumber• 400,000’ fan shed capacity used only for soft Hardwoods• 400,000’ dry kiln capacity• 2,000,000’ dry storage capacity• manufacturing lumber, crossties & boardroadCelebrating our 4

LUMBER CO. INC.,., SuiteSuite 2300,1600, Memphis,Memphis, TNTN 3811738117AX: 901-684-1404lumber@aol.comFAS Red Oak (right) and 1 Common Red Oak (left) stored in1.5 million BF dry storage facility and ready for promptshipment.All containers and trucks are loaded under cover.h Taylor Phil Taylor Adam Taylor Howell Cox(208-983-0977)John Taylor, Vice President and Mark Bueker, GeneralManager standing in front of a partial view of 1 Common &Better Red and White Oak under covered air drying sheds.g our 41st year!LUMBER:• Red and White Oak• Ash• Cottonwood• Gum• Hackberry• Elm• Pecan• Sycamore• Hickory

New Company PresidentAnnounced At Penn-York MeetingFranklin, Pa.–Challenges in the transportation industrywere addressed recently by Al Flick ofRoehl Transport at the monthly Penn-York Lumbermen’s Club, held here at theWanango Country Club. Ron JonesHardwood Sales Inc., located in UnionCiy, Pa., hosted this meeting, which wasattended by 115.Additional speakers included GilThurm, executive director of theHardwood Manufacturers Assoc., whoaddressed current association programsand membership opportunities. RichHascher, inspection school director of theNational Hardwood Lumber Assoc. gavean update on the 10-week NHLAInspection Class which was being held inOil City, Pa.Please turn to page 65PHOTOS BY STEPHEN WESTDonn and Sherri Patchen, Ron and Sally Jones, Steve and Danielle Jones, and Serene and Brad Klomp, Ron Jones HardwoodSales Inc., Union City, Pa.Ron and Sally Jones, Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc., Union City, Pa.; and Tim Edgar,Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Youngwood, Pa.Steve and Danielle Jones, Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc., Union City, Pa.; Marc Reese,Salem Hardwood Inc., Adamsville, Pa.; and Shelia and Joe Ledford, Hill, Barth & KingInc., Meadville, Pa.Terry Hunter, Hickman Lumber Co. Inc., Emlenton, Pa.; Milo Glancy, Ron JonesHardwood Sales Inc., Union City, Pa.; and Lee Stitzinger, BWP Hardwoods Inc.,Brookville, Pa.Additional photos on page 61Greg Ochs and Drew Helmus, PW Hardwood LLC, Brookville, Pa.; Allen Guth, HazenLumber LLC, Hazen, Pa.; and Jack Monnoyer, PW Hardwood LLC48 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

WHA Focuses OnGlobal MarketBY WAYNE MILLERWhistler, B.C.– The WesternHardwood Association (WHA), headquartered in Camas,Wash., recently partnered with BC Wood BusinessInnovation, located in Langley, B.C., to present expertspeakers at the WHA’s 53 rd annual meeting, held hererecently at the Fairmont Chateau.Attendees traveled from the Pacific Northwest andBritish Columbia to gather insight at the meeting regardingthe Hardwood sector and its importance in theirareas. Guest speakers included: Mike Snow, executivedirector of the American Hardwood Export Council;Grace Terpstra, lobbyist for the Hardwood Federation;Glenn Ahrens, Oregon State University’s Extensionoffice, who addressed the Hardwood harvest outlook forthe Pacific Northwest; Brian Hawrysh, with BC WoodSpecialties Group, who highlighted opportunities forHardwoods in B.C.; and Dr. Ivan Eastin, director of CIN-TRAFOR (the Center for International Trade in ForestProducts).Some topics addressed by the various speakers includedimports, which was addressed by AHEC’s Snow. Henoted that China is buying more lumber now from theU.S., and has become the largest importer of HardwoodIncoming WHA officers are: Darrin Hastings, Emerson Hardwood Co., Portland, Ore., vice president;Jeff Nuss, Greenwood Resources Inc., Portland, Ore., president; and Walt Seals, Rose City WoodProducts, Broadbent, Ore., treasurer.Please turn to page 65Lee, Janelle and Jesse Jimerson, The Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.Andy Walker, BC Wood Specialties Group, Langley, B.C.; Mike Snow, AmericanHardwood Export Council, Washington, D.C.; and Grace Terpstra, HardwoodFederation, Washington, D.C.Additional photos on page 56SEPTEMBER/2008 49

NHLA Convention BringsSan Francisco, Calif.—The National Hardwood Lumber Assoc. (NHLA),headquartered in Memphis, Tenn., will host its2008 Annual Convention and ExhibitShowcase Oct. 9-11 at the San FranciscoMarriott. This year’s convention isthemed “Global Gathering of theHardwood Community,” and marksthe first year NHLA has made a concertedeffort towards global participation.“As the export market becomesincreasingly more important to theNorth American industry, I think it iscrucial for NHLA to expand its traditionalnetworking opportunities providedto members,” said Mark Barford,NHLA executive director. “Having overseasparticipants was a natural progressionfor the convention.”To encourage overseas buyers and users of NorthAmerican Hardwood to attend the convention, NHLA has aggressivelypromoted the annual convention and exhibit showcase by utilizingan overseas public relations consultant in conjunctionwith the American Hardwood Export Council.The convention will feature educational seminars,numerous networking opportunities, exhibit showcasehall with the popular Traders Alley, andkeynote speaker Chuck Leavell, a tree farmer,author (Forever Green: The History and Hopeof the American Forest), and touring keyboardistfor the Rolling Stones and formermember of the Allman Brothers Band andother groups.The late Tony Snow, a former journalist,news anchor and White House Press Secretary,was scheduled to deliver the keynote addressprior to his death from colon cancer. Karl Rove,former Deputy Chief of Staff and Senior Advisorto President Bush and current contributor to FoxNews Channel, will address the audience during theopening session on Oct. 10.Various industry groups will also conduct their annual50 Hardwoods Have Versatility

‘Global Gathering’meetings in conjunction with the convention includingthe American Hardwood Export Council, HardwoodForest Foundation, Hardwood Distributors Assoc. andthe Canadian Lumbermen’s Assoc.Key educational seminars will include: Certificationof Hardwoods; the Economy and the HardwoodIndustry; International Markets Breakout Sessions; aRules Open Forum; Grading Seminar; and the TruthAbout Trees.To learn more about NHLA or to register for the 2008NHLA Annual Convention and Exhibit Showcase, or call 901-377-1818.NHLA represents 1,600 companies and individualsthat produce, use and sell North American Hardwoodlumber, or provide equipment, supplies or services to theHardwood industry. It was founded in 1898 to establisha uniform system of grading rules for the measurementand inspection of Hardwood lumber.•Chuck Leavell, a tree farmer, author and musician, will serve as one of twokeynote speakers for the 2008 NHLA Annual Convention and ExhibitShowcase.SEPTEMBER/2008 51

Pacific Coast Events DSan Francisco, Calif.–noting that green building makes sense optimistic and upbeat. Marketingto a company’s bottomline. That was researcher John Burns said in his panelMore than 18,000 attendees got the the specific message at the Builder-to- session that “the day is coming whenmessage that “green is good” at the Builder Green Forum, an information we’ll be making a lot of money, and Irecent Pacific Coast Builders session that more than 100 building think it’s coming soon.”Conference (PCBC), held here recently professionals attended. Energy efficient Burns panelists concurred. Those panelistsincluded Richard Dugas, presi-at the Moscone Center. The annual homes, for example, sell at a faster paceevent has evolved into a premier due to their lower operating costs.dent and chief executive officer (CEO)tradeshow and conference that attracts J. Walker Smith, president of research of Pulte Homes, and Bert Selva, presidentand CEO of Shea Homes. Burnsmore than 26,000 residential builders, firm Yankelovich Partners suggesteddevelopers, architects, financiers, productmanufacturers and consultants in cerned about the environment as plentiful, as well as opportunities inthat today’s homebuyers are not as con-noted great deals on land right now arethe may think. He advised builders home buying due to dropping salesMore than 650 building product suppliersexhibited their wares this year at green. “Talk about saving me money Selva advised builders to focus onto offer homebuyers incentives to go prices.the event, which focused heavily on (as a homeowner),” he said. “Don’t talk things they can control. And panelistsgreen, eco-friendly, energy efficient about green.”concurred that a tax credit for homeand sustainability. Speakers addressed Overall, speakers at the PCBC werethis from a purely business standpoint, Please turn to page 6552 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

ts Draws ThousandsPHOTOS BY CHARLES GESELLMatt Mladenka, East Teak Fine Hardwoods Inc., Sultan, Wash.Renee Strand, Tim Johnson, Curt Nierman, Don Ricca, Kate Grobe and Greg Wells,Weyerhauser Hardwoods & Industrial Products, Portland, Ore.Additional photos on next pageSEPTEMBER/2008 53

PACIFIC COAST PHOTOS - Continued from page 53Bruce Huewe, Steve Oberholser and Vince Valdez,Saroyan Lumber Co. Inc., Huntington Park, Calif.Ryan Kline, Disdero Lumber Co., Clackamas, Ore.Gary Davey and Mike Pidlisecky, Woodtone BuildingProducts, Seattle, Wash.C.A. SPENCER PHOTOS - Continued from page 43Eddie, Donna, Lindsay and Kris Heideman, Lavern Heideman & Sons Ltd., Eganville,Ont.Stuart McBride, NHG Timber Ltd., London, England; and Rémi Cadrin, C.A. SpencerInc. CONTACT: JOHN OR MARCUS HAWKINSON,TONY GEIGER 54 Hardwoods Have Workability

C.A. SPENCER PHOTOS - ContinuedAlain Poirier and Louisette Beaudoin, Boa-Franc, St-George de Beauce, Que.; andPauline Trottier and Flo Coté, Lauzon Ressources Forestières, Thurso, Que.Mary and Bob Chase, Quabbin Timber Inc., Rutland, Mass.; Si Grondin, guest; andClaude Cadrin, C.A. Spencer Inc.Alain Dubreuil, C.A. Spencer Inc.; André Lemire, Lemire Lumber Co. Inc.,Sherbrooke, Que.; and Richard Garneau, P.G. Hardwood Flooring Inc., Saint-Edouard-de-Lotbiniére, Que.Johannes Behnisch, Behnisch Holzagentur, Telgte, Germany; Nick Goodwin, NHGTimber Ltd., London, England; Holger Paulsen, Joh. Heinrich Warncke GmbH,Hamburg, Germany; and Stuart McBride, NHG Timber Ltd.Importers of fine flooring, lumber and deckingICH, part of the DLH Group, is a wholesale importer of tropical hardwoodsbased in Currie, NC. Our extensive inventory includes over 45 speciesfrom around the world.• 38 Acre Yard with T‐sheds• 320 Mbf Dry Kilns• 3 Million BFT KD Storage Capacity• S2S & SLR1E Services AvailableOur inventory of FSC Certified species include African Mahogany, Aniegre, Sapele,Utile, Jatoba, Genuine Mahogany, Caribbean Rosewood and Caribbean Walnut.PO Drawer 119 Currie, NC 28435 • Ph 910‐283‐9960 • Fax 910‐283‐ •*FSC Certified Sapele shown in backgroundSW-COC-1627The FSC trademark identifies productsfrom well-managed forests© 1996 Forest Stewardship Council A.C.SEPTEMBER/2008 55

WHA PHOTOS - Continued from page 49Jeff and Jaynie Wirkkala and Kathi and Scott Lilley, Hardwood Industries Inc.,Sherwood, Ore.Dave and Faye Sweitzer, Western Hardwood Association, Camas, Wash.; and Lindy andTim Stallard, Rose City Wood Products, Powers, Ore.Scott and Lorie Cramb, TradeTec, Parksville, B.C.; Criswell Davis, Frank MillerLumber Co. Inc., Union City, Ind.; and Tony Pistilli, Wood Trade International,Vancouver, B.C.Ron Wilson, Cascade Hardwood, Chehalis, Wash.; Doug Carl, Carlwood Lumber,Maple Ridge, B.C.; and Darrin Hastings, Emerson Hardwood Co., Portland, Ore.We specialize and manufactureNorthern Appalachian kiln driedhardwoods such as Red Oak, White Oak,Cherry, Ash, Hard and Soft Maple.570-836-1133Fax: 570-836-8982Email: fox@deerparklumberinc.com1301 SR 6ETunkhannock, PA 18657www.deerparklumberinc.com56 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

WHA PHOTOS - ContinuedDoug and Cathy Carl, Carlwood Lumber, Maple Ridge, B.C.; Mark Murphy, SeaportLumber Co., Raymond, Wash.; and Danielle and Chris Pistilli, Carlwood LumberLee Jimerson, The Collins Cos., Portland, Ore.; and Ryan Oliver, Sierra ForestProducts, Salt Lake City, UtahWayne and Lynne Miller, National Hardwood Magazine, Memphis, Tenn.; and Mikeand Maribel Snow, American Hardwood Export Council, Washington, D.C.Brian Hawrysh, BC Wood Specialties Group, Langley, B.C.; Darrin Hastings, EmersonHardwood Co., Portland, Ore.; Scott Thompson, BC Wood Business InnovationPartnership, Langley, B.C.; and Jeff Wirkkala, Hardwood Industries Inc., Sherwood,Ore. SEPTEMBER/2008 57

LSLA PHOTOS - Continued from page 45(front row l to r): Alicia Degenfort, Cindy Hilsabeck, Ashley Simons, and Morgan andRhonda Kendrick, Kendrick Forest Products, Edgewood, Iowa; (back row l to r) StevePeters, Coulee Region Hardwoods Inc., Bangor, Wis.; Amanda Burgin, Kendrick ForestProducts; Karl Christensen, Coulee Region Hardwoods Inc.; and Dennis Gustafson,Besse Forest Products Group, Gladstone, Mich.Mike McKee, Northland Hardwood Lumber, Bemidji, Minn.; Dave Mills, MillsHardwoods, Bemidji, Minn.; and Mitch Smith, Northland Hardwood LumberTom Talbot, Glen Oak Lumber & Milling, Montello, Wis.; Pete Albrecht, Pine RiverHardwoods, Laona, Wis.; Mike Burket, Springs Window Fashions LLC, Grayling,Mich.; and Roy Reif, Quality Hardwoods Ltd., Powassan, Ont.Luke Brogger, Quality Hardwoods Inc., Sunfield, Mich.; Matt Tietz, McDonoughManufacturing Co., Eau Claire, Wis.; and Will Borden, Quality Hardwoods Inc.The “Leader” in SustainableForest Products is:MenomineeTribal EnterprisesP.O. Box 10Neopit, WI Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

LSLA PHOTOS - ContinuedDave Rhodes, Friendship Hardwoods LLC, Adams, Wis.; Luke Brogger, QualityHardwoods Inc., Sunfield, Mich.; Pat Sullivan, Friendship Hardwoods LLC; and JasonNelson, Blade Premium Hardwoods, Strum, Wis.Nico Poulos, Weston Premium Woods Inc., Brampton, Ont.; Jeff Rabl, Glen OakLumber & Milling, Montello, Wis.; and John Carithers, Kendrick Forest Products,Edgewood, IowaJeff Koxlien, Koxlien Brothers Wood Products, Strum, Wis.; Matt Tietz and PeterMcCarty, McDonough Manufacturing Co., Eau Claire, Wis.; and Will Borden, QualityHardwoods Inc., Sunfield, Mich.Additional photos on next pageDennis Wilcott and Matt Yest, Wolf River Lumber Inc., New London, Wis.; DianneBeauchamp, Northern Hardwoods, South Range, Mich.; and Steve Niemuth, Wolf RiverLumber Inc.SEPTEMBER/2008 59

LSLA PHOTOS - ContinuedRhonda Kendrick, Kendrick Forest Products, Edgewood, Iowa; Jason Kretz, KretzLumber Co. Inc., Antigo, Wis.; Jay Reese, Penn-Sylvan International Inc.,Spartansburg, Pa.; and Scott Anderson, St. Croix Valley Hardwoods Inc., Luck, Wis.Peter and Kathy Solberg and family, Coulee Region Hardwoods Inc., Bangor, Wis.Dave Geier, Menominee Lumber & Dimension LLC, Menominee, Mich.; Bill Dupont,Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Green Bay, Wis.; Scott Hancock, MenomineeLumber & Dimension LLC; and Dale Elliot, BlueLinx Corp., Wausau, Wis.John Hilgemann, Snowbelt Hardwoods Inc., Hurley, Wis.; Don Koch, Granite ValleyForest Products Inc., Marathon, Wis.; and Brady Francois, Snowbelt Hardwoods Inc.Contact:Mike Tarbell, Sales ManagerRus Gustin(814) 697-7185FAX (814) 697-719025,000,000 BF of Quality Bandsawn Pennsylvania Hardwoods1,000,000 BF Kiln CapacityExport Packaging & Container LoadingSPECIALIZING IN HARD MAPLE, CHERRY, SOFT MAPLE, RED OAK, ASH“We welcome your inquiries and look forward to serving your needs.”Mailing AddressHCR1, Box 15AShinglehousePA 16748-9739E-mail: ramsales@frontiernet.netWe sell both green and kiln dried lumber.60 Hardwoods Have Versatility

PENN-YORK PHOTOS - Continued from page 48Rob Matson, Matson Lumber Co., Brookville, Pa.; Sherman VanVoorhis, VanVoorhisLumber, Big Run, Pa.; and Bill Tallyen, Emporium Hardwoods Inc., Emporium, Pa.Jerry Puckly, Summit Hardwoods Inc., Waterford, Pa.; Dora Boyer, RR HardwoodsInc., Titusville, Pa.; Bill Reese, Penn-Sylvan International Inc., Spartansburg, Pa.; andRod Bedow Sr., RR Hardwoods Inc. and Blue Ox Timber Resources, Titusville, Pa.Serene and Brad Klomp and Donn and Sherri Patchen, family members of Ron JonesHardwood Sales Inc., Union City, Pa.Marty James, Penn-Sylvan International Inc., Spartansburg, Pa.; Jeff Burrows,Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods & Industrial Products, Titusville, Pa.; and Ian Fulton,Fulton Forest Products Co., Shippenville, Pa.Additional photos on next pageSEPTEMBER/2008 61

PENN-YORK PHOTOS - ContinuedImagine what youcan make withwood this good.Whether you turn it intoflooring, molding, fine furniture,trim, superb cabinetry--or whetheryou broker it to those who do--ourattention to detail guarantees youhardwood of unusuallyhigh standards.Dale Henderson, Henderson Electric, Titusville, Pa.; Gene Cirka, National City Bank,Meadville, Pa.; and Larry Fledderman, National City Bank, Titusville, Pa.Manufacturing quality hardwoodsfor three generations.Barb Makohus, Diane Cooper and Kaylynn Ostergard, Ron Jones Hardwood SalesInc., Union City, Pa.• Specializing in walnut,red oak, white oak, soft maple• Offering northern andappalachian hardwoods• Domestic / export• Bandmill• Surfacing• Automated stacker• Straight line ripping• 620,000 bd. ft. capacity dry kiln• 4,000,000 bd. ft. AD inventory• 3,000,000 bd. ft. KD inventorySteve Fulton, Fulton Forest Products Co., Shippenville, Pa.; Marc Reese, SalemHardwood Inc., Adamsville, Pa.; and Brian Short, Clymer Quality Hardwood Inc.,Marion Center, Pa.MISSOURI-PACIFICLUMBER COMPANY694 DD Highway • Fayette, Missouri 65248-9635Phone 800-279-7997 Fax 660-248-2508www.mopaclumber.comBarry Kibbey, National Hardwood Lumber Assoc., Pittsville, Pa.; John and DarleneCubbon, Cubbon Lumber & Land Co., Pleasantville, Pa.; and Tom Gooch, AgChoiceFarm Credit, Coudersport, Pa.62 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

PENN-YORK PHOTOS - ContinuedT&S Hardwoods, Inc.Tim Edgar, Lumbermen’s Underwriting Alliance, Youngwood, Pa.; Jeff Herman, TannerLumber Co., Wilmore, Pa.; and Jeffrey Barnhart, Barnhart Wood Products, Emlenton, Pa. P.O. Box 1233Milledgeville, GA 31059Phone: 478-454-3421FAX: 478-453-9002Www.tshardwoods.comMilledgeville, GA25 million annual production220M’ kiln capacitySalesRick Heeterrheeter@tshardwoods.comTed Rowe, Aurora Timberland, Aurora, Ont.; and Robb Greer, Shetler Lumber Co.,Waterford, Pa.Sylva, NC20 million annual production220M’ kiln capacitySalesBob Middletonbmiddleton@tshardwoods.com478-454-3417Randy Flament, Emporium Hardwoods Inc., Emporium, Pa.; Tom Johel, U•C CoatingsCorp., Buffalo, N.Y.; Perry Wallin, Highland Forest Resources Inc., Marienville, Pa.;Barry Kibbey, National Hardwood Lumber Assoc., Pittsville, Pa.; and Brian Popoleo,Highland Forest Resources Inc.Sylvan Hardwoods, LLCMcRae, GASalesKen Hardyhardylumber@bellsouth.net706-373-3553Dale Hamiltondhamilton@tshardwoods.com478-454-3418Sales AdministrationLoretta Meekslmeeks@tshardwoods.com478-454-3421APPALACHIAN & SOUTHERN HARDWOODSASH, BASSWOOD, CHERRY, H&S MAPLE, POPLAR,RED OAK, WHITE OAK AND CYPRESSJason Roblee, Firth Maple Products, Spartansburg, Pa.; and Dave Zimmerman, MarshPlaning Inc., Titusville, Pa.Additional photos on next pageSEPTEMBER/2008 63

PENN-YORK PHOTOS - ContinuedAl Flick, Roehl Transport, Carlisle, Pa.Milo Glancy, Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc., Union City, Pa.Rich Hascher, National Hardwood Lumber Assoc., Memphis, Tenn.Gil Thurm, Hardwood Manufacturers Assoc., Pittsburgh, Pa.64 Hardwoods Have Workability

PACIFIC COAST -Continued from page 52buying to avert damage to the country’seconomy is needed by the federal government.More than 60 seminars and workshopsduring PCBC featured renowned figuresin business, media, sports, literature andentertainment.Also, the winner of the coveted GoldNugget Award was Talking Rock, a luxurymaster-planned community in thePrescott, Ariz., area. The award honorscreative achievements in architecturaldesign and land use planning for residential,commercial and industrial projectsinternationally. This year, 520 entrieswere entered in the Gold Nuggets contestin various categories. Entries come from14 Western states, as well as other countries.•PENN-YORK -Continued from page 48Following the speakers, Ron Jonesannounced that his son, Steven, is the newpresident of Ron Jones Hardwood SalesInc. and Jones Hardwoods Inc.The monthly club meetings providemembers and guests an opportunity toshare insight about current market statusand to enjoy an afternoon of leisure time.Many members and guests participated in18 holes of golf following a brunch. Later,the club gathered for a reception anddeluxe buffet dinner.Fifty-six golfers participated in the 18-hole golf tournament, in which Jay Reesescored first low gross and Jeff Hermantook second.Also, 13 rounds of sporting clays wereshot at The Busted Flush Range inTitusville, Pa., with Rob Matson, BrianShort and Trevor Vaughan taking the topthree spots.Ron Jones Hardwood Sales Inc. is a family-ownedand operated concentrationyard located in the rolling hills ofNorthwestern Pennsylvania. The firmspecializes in domestic sales of NorthernAppalachian kiln dried and greenHardwoods.The next Penn-York Lumbermen’s Clubmeeting will be held Nov. 10 in ShamokinDam, Pa., and hosted by Kuhns BrothersLumber Co.•WHA -Continued from page 49logs in the world, but the U.S. is not thatcountry’s primary source of logs, whichare mostly veneer logs, not sawmill logs.He added that growth in the furniture marketis moving toward Vietnam. Other marketswith great potential to watch includeSoutheast Asia, Singapore and Thailand,as well as Dubai. Europe, he said, remainsthe biggest importer in overall Hardwoodimports, although in volume, China is bigger– but in Europe, the value is higher.Eastin addressed a roundtable of attendeesand stated that the weakening of theU.S. dollar helps the status of U.S.exports, and that the growth of theVietnam market cannot be overstated. Hecited a 478 percent growth rate inVietnam and a 250 percent growth rate inChina.Please turn the pageSEPTEMBER/2008 65

WHA - ContinuedDuring the three-day meeting, attendeesalso enjoyed a golf tournament at theFairmont Chateau Whistler Golf Club,dinners and receptions hosted by the hostassociation. Cascade Hardwoods LLCprovided a mill tour and barbecue lunch.Former professional hockey star RyanWalter served as the keynote motivationalspeaker during the event. Walter played15 seasons in the pros, and more than10,000 games in the National HockeyLeague.The WHA was founded in 1955 to promoteand market western Hardwoodswhile educating stakeholders on sustainableand environmentally responsibleresource management.•LSLA - Continued from page 44sponsored live musical entertainment duringthe social hour.LSLA was incorporated in 1983 to providerepresentation to a broad cross-sectionof individual and business organizationsinvolved in the timber industry.LSLA is comprised of more than 200members representing 20 states and twoCanadian Provinces. LSLA offices arelocated in Green Bay, Wis. For moreinformation, call 920-884-0409.C.A. SPENCER -Continued from page 42•The only thing better thanour lumber is our service.Since 1952, we have been committed to providing the finest premiumAppalachian hardwoods to customers throughout the UnitedStates and around the world. We’ve grown from a single distributionfacility to a family of forest products companies that processes,distributes and exports more than 50 million board-feet of lumbereach year.• 4 concentration yards• 1.4 million board-feet kiln capacity• 20 million board-feet of inventory• Remanufacturing S2S, S4S, straight-line rip,gang rip and finger-joint blanks5596 Riverview RoadMableton, GA 30126800.476.5393 • 404.792.229011701 McCord RoadHuntersville, NC 28078800.248.4393 • 704.875.6587www.hardwoodweb.comIn celebrating the company’s milestone,Colin Spencer said, “For the success andfuture of this business, we must do whatis good for all parties concerned. We haveemployees of very high talent and ethicalstandards. We must build upon what C.A.Spencer has established in the past.”Spencer noted that the greatest thing heever did as president was hiring RémiCadrin. While definitely worthy of recognition,Cadrin thanked the firm’s suppliersand customers, as well as his wife forhelping him during his tenure as president.“Not too many companies get to theplace where we’ve reached,” he said. “Iwant to thank my wife who has put upwith me for 47 years. She did a great jobin raising our family. I would also like tothank Colin Spencer, who gave me achance in 1977 to join his company andhave the chance to prove that I could dothe job. We’ve had good success, and I’mvery proud of them for dealing with meall these years.”Nick Goodwin, who represents NHGTimber Ltd. in London, England, addedthat C.A. Spencer has been one of hiscompany’s “most reliable” trading partners.“We’ve been trading with C.A.Spencer for 15 years now,” he said. “Werepresent them in the United Kingdomand the Middle East. We support eachother through good times and bad.”For more information, contact C.A.Spencer Inc. at 1-800-361-0789, or e-mail•SALEM FRAME -Continued from page 40kiln drying, wood grading and packagingto its customers around the country,66 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

SALEM FRAME -Continuedstrengthens our position in the lumberindustry as well as strengthens a greatSalem-based operation.”In 1963, Rowe purchased the RoanokeWoodworking Corp. to operate it as awholly owned subsidiary and renamed itSalem Frame Co. In 1972, Salem Framemoved into a new 188,000-square-footfacility where it continues to be located.The feasibility of creating a one-stop shopfor kiln drying and grading became moreviable in late 2006 with the closing ofRowe’s wood framing facility inMissouri.Tim Worrell, lumber specialist at SalemFrame, began to research the feasibility ofadding to the existing machinery and constructinga structure to house a completelumber grading chain. In June 2007, anoffer from Gilco Lumber Inc., headquarteredin South Charleston, W.Va., helpedmove the proposal forward.Gilco Lumber, which is headed byJames H. “Buck” Harless and is anemployee-owned firm, was looking for awood yard that could handle kiln drying,grading, packaging and shipping. In astrategic partnership agreement, it wasagreed that the output from Gilco’s CabinCreek, W.Va., sawmill would be flowed toSalem Frame. Gilco, which owns andoperates four sawmills and twoHardwood lumber concentration yards,has two trained lumber graders permanentlybased at Salem Frame, and alsoassisted Salem Frame in sourcing a trimsaw, which was flat-bedded fromMissouri to Virginia for installation.The construction of the grading chaininvolved: initial excavation of the site,exterior steel structure and interior concreteslab by Price Buildings Inc., RockyMount, Va.; architectural plans by ParkerDesign Group Inc., Salem, Va.; surroundingpavement by Asphalt Solutions,Boones Mill, Va.; and interior equipmentand electrical work by McDowellMechanical Service, Marion, N.C.Kenneth Cox, plant manager at SalemFrame, said the construction of the lumbergrading chain has helped maintain positionsat Salem Frame. The company currentlyoperates from 6:30 a.m. to 3 p.m.Monday through Friday, but “the potentialexists to increase capacity and add additionalshifts,” he said. Employees dedicatedto the grading chain have alreadyreached an all-time personal record of34,000 board feet of lumber processed inone day. The team’s goal is 50,000 boardfeet of lumber in one day.The grading of lumber involves theinspection by a qualified grader of eachboard of lumber after it has been kilndried. Based on the width of the board andthe condition of both sides, the graderattributes a ranking to the board, whicheventually determines how it will be usedand at what price it will be sold. Lumber,©2008 Wood-Mizer Products, is now able to be processed atSalem Frame, is likely to be shippedaround the country and the world andused for furniture, home construction,wine barrels, interior wall panels andalmost anything made of wood.Lumber is processed through SalemFrame’s complete custom kiln dryingoperation. First, loads of inbound, freshlycut lumber from the sawmill are kilndried. The lumber experiences a naturalPlease turn the pageWho says money doesn’t grow on trees?We think otherwise.The thin-kerf LT300 generates incredible yields at surprisingproduction rates. It can take the money fromthe tree and put it in your pocket.Line your pockets today!SEPTEMBER/2008 67

SALEM FRAME -Continuedshrinkage of about 7 percent as the moistureis removed, a necessary process toensure the wood’s viability and usability.Stacks of lumber are then brought to theentrance of the grading chain structurewhere the lift operator moves them intoposition.The tilt hoist operator oversees the mechanismthat tilts the stack up and inwards sothat each board gradually slides onto thegrading platform, which is a mezzanineheightplatform with a chain pulleyembedded in the platform to help movethe boards along. As the lumber movesalong the platform, each board is inspectedby the lumber grader, a trained professionalwho is familiar with wood speciesand necessary conditions to attribute agrade to each board.With an instrument in each hand — aHARD TO MATCHred marker on the tip of an extended stickto apply markings on the board to identifywhere it should be trimmed length-wiseand how it has been graded, and a flexible,measuring stick with a metal tip (lumberruler) to measure the width and easilyflip the board to inspect both sides — thelumber grader is the key role in theprocess. Each board then cascades downto the trim saw area where the red markingsare interpreted and the boards aretrimmed accordingly.Each board is then checked after it istrimmed to see if it needs to be edgeripped. The board continues down thehorizontal conveyor chain where it ispulled and placed on a cart with similarlygraded lumber. Packs of lumber are thenpackaged and loaded on outgoing trucksor containers for shipment.For more information on Salem Framecall 540-389-8661, or visit their Web siteat For moreinformation on Gilco Lumber Inc., call304-746-3160, click onto their Web site( or e-mail them•HINES - Continued from page 37up until the day he died. He was a greatsalesman and lumberman and we try tocarry on that tradition. We value and havegreat respect for sales people. That aspectis fun, spirited and entertaining.” Hines isintrigued by the business. “It’s fascinatingand the builders, the users, are very individualistic,creative, and interesting.”The robust family stock generatesenthusiasm for the trade among employees,too. Bigelow described the companyas one that fosters an entrepreneurial spirit,continuously expanding leadership intoemployee responsibilities. “We valueeach individual and their input. The managementteam is very customer driven andallotted a great deal of decision makingflexibility. They know their customersvery well, our customers know them, andmanagers make decisions on their own.”As a result, several employees haveremained with the company well over 20years. Maniates joined the Hines team 35years ago right out of college, and beganto cultivate a rounded background in purchasing,sales and management of five68 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

HINES - Continueddifferent yards to the commercial divisionmanagement for 14 years. BranchManager James Carollo has 38 years withthe company; general manager JohnDrake, 38 years; and assistant managerDawn Weber, 35 years. WalterBaumgartner’s 52-year tenure surpasseschairman of the board Hines by two yearsand John Vetter, senior vice president, bythree.The company is constantly working onnew showrooms and new product lines,often featuring recycled or recoveredwood.The commitment to environmentalresponsibility is a driving force.Subcommittees discuss operating moreefficiently, selling products and educatingcustomers within a market that can bevery complicated. Frequent sales trainingsessions on green products are held at thecorporate office, where a recycling programwas recently instituted. Over theyears, the company has supplied trees tocustomers to replant, preserving thefounding Hines’ stance on maintainingmaximum yields and reforestation.“We’ve launched the green initiativebecause we really believe in it and want toleave the world a better place,” saidBigelow.Through difficult and changing times,with the right practices, said Drake, HinesLumber is here to stay. “As in the pastduring a downturn, we just work harder.Our overall approach in everything we dois to make sure it’s done right and thatattracts business.”For more information, contact EdwardHines Lumber Co. at 847-353-7700 orvisit their website at•NOFMA NOTES -Continued from page 30dards through consultation and training.We develop product use standards fromthe manufacturers’ perspective (seemsappropriate—the people who make theproducts should be the ones who definehow the product is intended to beused….). We represent the interests ofNorth American flooring manufacturersin matters involving legislation and regu-lation. We gather industry statistical informationand share the compiled figureswith the manufacturers who provided theinformation. And we provide opportunitiesfor the industry to gather and interact.The questions are: Are these reasons tobe still valid? Do they provide value to theindustry we represent? How would theindustry react if the organization ceased toexist? Would it be re-created in someform? What form would that take?What about the associations you belongto? Are they true to their purpose? Is thatpurpose still valid? Does the organizationprovide value?These are not easy questions to answer,particularly because the investment youmake in an association typically does nothave a direct return on investment.Nevertheless, they are questions thatshould be pondered and answered andacted upon.•OUR CUSTOMERS HAVE HIGH STANDARDS.WE EXCEED THEM EVERY DAY.Weston Premium Woods is one of North America’s premier suppliers ofhardwoods, softwoods and panel products, operating out of a state-of-the-art,105,000 square foot, climate-controlled facility in Brampton, Ontario.The Weston Forest Group of companies is a family-owned and operatedCanadian business that has been distributing domestic and imported woodproducts since 1953. Together, we provide you with access to a global supplychain of products and resources that meet your specialized needs and keepyou on the leading edge of the marketplace.The result? You enjoy choice, value and the expertise of our team.Weston Premium Woods Inc. is a proud memberof Weston Forest Group of Companieswww.westonpremiumwoods.comToll Free: 866-494-0410 Nico PoulosSEPTEMBER/2008 69

COMPONENT TRENDS -Continued from page 32Council, will be exhibiting at the upcomingZOW Fair in Pordenone, Italy on Oct.15-18. ZOW, the InternationalExhibition for Components andAccessories for the Furniture Industry, isexpected to host over 20,000 woodworkingprofessionals from over 90 countriesduring its eighth exhibition held inPordenone. This is a good opportunity toconnect with cabinet and furniture manu-facturers who visit this show to purchasecomponents and supplies.Export markets have been growing forcomponent manufacturers as a result ofmore favorable exchange rates created bythe decrease in the value of the U.S. dollar.It’s important for companies to alwaysbe aware of current market conditions inorder to position themselves correctly andtake advantage of new opportunities inthese times where change is the only constantwe can count on.MANUFACTURING OVER 18 MILLION BF OF QUALITY BAND SAWNNORTHERN APPALACHIAN HARDWOODS GREEN/KILN DRIEDRed Oak • White Oak • Cherry • Soft MaplePoplar • White Ash • Hard Maple • WalnutMIXED TL’S, PACKAGE TALLIED • CONSISTENT COLOR & TEXTURES2S, EXPORT PACKAGED • CONTAINER LOADINGLUMBER MEASURED & INSPECTED AFTER KILN DRYINGSTRAIGHT LINE RIPPING2240 SHERMANS VALLEY ROADELLIOTTSBURG, PA 17024PHONE 717-582-4122 FAX 717-582-7438E-mail: sales@tuscarorahardwoods.comFor further information on the WCMA’supcoming events and promotions, pleasevisit our website at can also contact our officeby emailing wcma@woodcomponents.orgor calling (770) 565-6660.AHEC UPDATE -Continued from page 28•between species. Others last two days andinclude hands-on practice, strategies tomaximize yield, and in-depth question andanswer sessions. In each grading seminar,AHEC has taken feedback from surveys toimprove the quality of future seminars,which has resulted in more frequentlyupdated literature, increased use of visualdisplays, a vast variety of lumber and itsgrades, as well as more attendee participation.AHEC has been very active in carryingout these simple seminars, and plans tocontinue doing so in the future as these area very effective marketing tool: by educatingbuyers, we increase their interest inand use for American Hardwood species.AHEC will be primarily targeting newdeveloping areas and markets, and gradingseminars are taking place in China inQingdao, Shenyang, Harbin, Xiamen,Nanjin and Ningbo, as well as in Mexico,Nicaragua, and Brazil. In the near future,AHEC also hopes to hold seminars inTurkey. AHEC will certainly continue itssteady run of seminars, and has even startedincluding short, impromptu gradinglessons during large tradeshows. Membershave been able to bring their customersover for a quick lesson, and those alreadynominally interested in AmericanHardwoods can gain the confidence theyneed to purchase our product.The American Hardwood ExportCouncil (AHEC) is the leading internationaltrade association for the U.S.Hardwood industry, representing the committedexporters among U.S. Hardwoodcompanies and all major U.S. Hardwoodproduct trade associations. AHEC’smember companies service the growingglobal demand for U.S. Hardwood andrepresent the full range of Hardwoodproducts. AHEC maintains offices inJapan, Europe, Southeast Asia, China,Korea and Mexico, in addition to its70 Hardwoods Have Versatility

AHEC UPDATE - ContinuedWashington, D.C. headquarters, to servethe needs of the global community. Foradditional information please contactAHEC by phone at 202/463-2720, by faxat 202/463-2787 or consult our web site•HMA & SOLID HARDWOOD PROMOTION -Continued from page 26An update to this year’s TrendTrackerreport will be a November webinar, whereArt Raymond will provide up-to-theminutetrend information and answerquestions from participating members.2008 COMP & BENEFITS SURVEYThe 2008 Compensation & BenefitsSurvey is another important service providedby the HMA to its members. Thereport is designed to allow HMA membersto easily compare their annual compensationfigures, wage rates and benefitpolicies with similar facilities.The report is divided into two major sections.The first contains data on annualcompensation and wage rates. The secondoutlines benefits offered includingholiday and vacation policies. The datahave been aggregated into three groupings– all reporting facilities, annual shipmentsin board feet, and geographical region –so that facilities can compare their owndata to others most like them.There is no additional fee for this valuablemember service, and results of theCompensation and Benefits Survey areonly available to HMA members who participatedin the survey. HMA is the onlyindustry trade association to provide thisimportant tool to its members.ON THE ROAD WITH THEAMERICAN HARDWOOD MESSAGEI had the pleasure of attending andspeaking at the Penn-York Lumbermen’sClub meeting held in Franklin,Pennsylvania, and hosted by HMA membersRon and Steve Jones. I spoke withthe Penn-York members about variousindustry issues, including the growingfocus on “sustainability,” and HMA’s continuedAmerican Hardwood Promotionactivities.HARDWOOD COUNCILPLANS FOR 2009The Hardwood Council held a mid-yearplanning meeting in July to discuss plansand ideas for 2009 Hardwood promotionto architects, designers, and specifiers.Strong interest in Hardwood promotionbrought 19 individuals from eight associationsto the Council meeting held inPittsburgh.Because HMA is the managing partnerof the Hardwood Council, I also hadrecent opportunities to talk aboutAmerican Hardwoods to two very differentaudiences on behalf of the HardwoodCouncil. One was the American Instituteof Architecture Students in Washington,D.C., where more than 250 chapter leadersfrom around the country heard ourindustry’s message of sustainability andrenewability. The Council has workedwith this group for many years, realizingthat these young architects are the futurePlease turn the pageSEPTEMBER/2008 71

HMA & SOLID HARDWOOD PROMOTION -Continuedspecifiers of our products.Then, I traveled to the American Societyof Interior Designers’ annual ChapterLeadership Conference, and spoke at ageneral session with 400 ASID leadersand designers from all parts of the U.S. Inaddressing this group, I found a veryreceptive audience eager to embrace“green” concepts and to incorporate theminto their design work. As a conferencesponsor, the Hardwood Council exhibitedits table-top display, offered manyresource materials, and provided certificatesfor ordering the SustainableSolutions Hardwood sample kit.As always, HMA remains hard at workfor its members. If you have a sawmill orconcentration yard, we would be happy totalk with you about how you will benefitfrom becoming part of HMA.The Hardwood ManufacturersAssociation (HMA) is the only nationaltrade organization with membership limitedto American Hardwood sawmills andconcentration yards. HMA is a memberdrivenassociation, providing membercompanies with peer networks, state-ofthe-artinformation, 21st Century managementtools, and far-reaching AmericanHardwood promotion campaigns. Withthat strong clear focus, HMA’s hallmarksare value, efficiency and cost-effectiveness.For more information, to become anHMA member and to support HMA’sAmerican Hardwood Promotion campaigns,please visit our websites, or contactHMA by phone at (412) 829-0770, or byfax at (412) 829-0844.•Looking for a reliable source forall your hardwoodand softwood needs?…….look no further.Olympic Forest Products Inc. has been serving the North Americanlumber industry for over twenty years. We carry a largeinventory of premium quality, domestic and imported hardwoodsand softwoods at our warehouse facility in Erin, Ontario including:Ash | Cherry | Banak | Birch | Poplar | Hard Maple | White OakWhite Pine | Aspen | Red Oak | Soft Maple | Walnut | HickoryWe are also your number one source for door jambs (mahoganyand fingerjoint pine), mouldings and hardwood floors.Whatever your need, wherever you are, go for the gold and call usat Olympic Forest Products Inc!Paul Simon | Steve Simon | Dave RubinsteinOlympic Forest Products Inc.39 Erin Park DriveErin, ONCanadaN0B 1T0ph: 519.833.1044t.f.: 1.800.876.7649fax: 519.833.0504sales@olympicfp.comwww.olympicfp.comNHLA NEWS - Continued from page 24tion to deliver these programs. Over thelast 28 years, I have had the pleasure ofworking with many associations andwhen I started as Executive Director ofNHLA in November 2006, one of my primarygoals was to improve the workingrelationship between NHLA and otherHardwood associations. We share thesame goals and usually the same members.We are all in this together.As we make these changes, we are fullyaware that we are continuing the legacy ofthe visionaries who foresaw the future ofthe industry. The first part of the taglinesays it all: Strong Roots. As an old sayinggoes, we are standing on the shouldersof the giants of the past. By being visionariesfor the industry today, we are continuingtheir proud legacy.The world’s largest and oldest Hardwoodindustry association, NHLA is comprisedof over 1,600 companies and individualsthat produce, use and sell North AmericanHardwood lumber, or provide equipment,supplies or services to the Hardwoodindustry. It was founded in 1898 to establisha uniform system of grading rules forthe measurement and inspection ofHardwood lumber. Today, its membersrepresent all sectors of the industry.To contact NHLA, please visit our websiteat or call 901-377-1818.•72 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

SOUTHEAST TRENDS -Continued from page 18“One change I believe we’re gettingready to see is No. 1 Common lumbergoing into flooring,” the source added.“Our flooring mill is already buying No. 1Common because it’s cheap, and you canget a great yield out of it. If it wasn’t forthe flooring market, I don’t know whatwe’d do with our lumber.”BEIGE BOOK REPORTS SLOWERHOME SALES IN SOUTHEASTAccording to the Federal ReserveBoard’s latest “Beige Book,” residentialreal estate markets remain on the declineacross most of the country. Those surveyedreported slower home sales in theRichmond, Atlanta and St. Louis Districts.Inventories of unsold homes or condoswere reported as higher or excessive inseveral districts, while home prices continuedto decline in most districts includingAtlanta where home prices droppedacross the board.Home sales continued to declinethroughout the Eighth District (St. Louis).Compared with the same period in 2007,year-to-date home sales are down 19 percentin Memphis and Louisville, and 16percent in Little Rock. Meanwhile, singlefamilyhousing permits have dropped 57percent year-to-date in Memphis, 41 percentin Louisville and 34 percent in LittleRock.Residential real estate agents across theFifth District (Richmond) reported generallyslower home sales as uncertain economicconditions kept some prospectivebuyers sitting on the sidelines. A VirginiaBeach, Va., realtor described the housingmarket as “anxious,” while a Fairfax, Va.,source said the “heart of his market” hassoftened but remains “very fragile.” InRichmond, Va., an agent predicted a “realchallenge” for the housing market to turnaround by the end of 2008. Sales weregood in the Greenville, S.C., market, andan agent in Charlotte, N.C., reported flatsales with an expected increase later thisyear.Reports from homebuilders in the SixthDistrict (Atlanta) indicated that new andexisting home sales remain below yearearlierlevels. Overall, housing inventoriesincreased and home prices declined acrossthe District. The outlook for residentialsales and construction activity over thenext several months was weaker relativeto previous reports.NEW ORLEANS IS FASTESTGROWING CITYAfter devastation by Hurricane Katrinain 2005, New Orleans, La., was thefastest-growing large city (100,000 ormore residents) between July 1, 2006, andJuly 1, 2007, according to a new report bythe Census Bureau. “This follows the cityhaving the largest rate of population losssince 2000,” the report said, noting NewOrleans’ population rose by 13.8 percentduring the time period.Other cities in the Southeast making thelist include Cary, N.C., (fifth); Port St.Lucie, Fla. (seventh); and Clarksville,Tenn. (ninth). Columbus, Ga., had thelargest percentage decrease due to adecline in the population living in militarybarracks. Columbus was followed byBaton Rouge, La.; Hollywood, Fla.;Jackson, Miss.; and Coral Springs, Fla.Baton Rouge and Jackson were bothaffected by evacuees from New Orleansmoving out.COMPANIES FINDING WAYS TOCOMBAT DIESEL COSTSTW Perry, a building materials supplierPlease turn the pageSEPTEMBER/2008 73

SOUTHEAST TRENDS -Continuedwith locations in Leesburg andSpringfield, Va., is one of many companiestrying to overcome the rising cost ofdiesel fuel. The company, which operatesa fleet of 70 trucks, recently added a smallsurcharge ($5 for next-day delivery), butis absorbing many of the higher surchargesfrom vendors.Rich Cortese, president of TW Perry,said the company was better equippedthan most pro dealers to handle the risingcost of diesel due to initiatives begun duringthe housing boom. The firm began a“next-day delivery” program during theboom period, but often found it difficultwhen working with busy contractors. TWPerry streamlined its logistics operationsusing new software, and those investmentsare now paying off.With rising costs also come more reportsof diesel fuel theft. Some companies,including Somerville Lumber, are using afuel management system known asG.F. Hardwoods, Inc.“A Company You Can Depend On”9880 Clay County Hwy.Moss, TN 38575-6332Contact: 1-800-844-3944Jimmy Carr - Bobby CollinsFAX 1-931-258-3517Quality AppalachianHardwood LumberSpeciesServicesFacilities• Red Oak• Poplar• Hard Maple• White Oak• Ash• Cherry• Own Trucks• Cut 4/4through 8/4• Grade AfterKiln Drying• ComputerTally• 5 LengthSeparations• 600,000 B.F.Kiln Capacity• 500,000 B.F.PredryerCapacity• YatesAmericanPlanerE-mail: • Website: www.gfhardwoods.comFuelForce that requires drivers to use keycards at gas pumps, and records howmuch gas goes into each vehicle. Driversmust then input their mileage.•LAKE STATES TRENDS -Continued from page 18Maple seems to be picking up, and RedOak is fair. There’s nothing to brag about,but they seem to keep moving.”HOUSING STARTS,PERMITS CONTINUE DECLINEIN LAKE STATESAccording to the U.S. CommerceDepartment, housing starts recently fell10.5 percent in the Lake States to a seasonallyadjusted annual rate of 128,000units, while building permits declined by2 percent to a rate of 144,000 units. In theMinneapolis-St. Paul area, residential permitsare down 51 percent year-to-date, theFederal Reserve Board recently noted.Nationwide, new single-family homestarts dropped 5.3 percent to a rate of647,000, while permits decreased 3.5 percentto a rate of 613,000 units. Overallhousing starts and building permits actuallyincreased 9.1 percent and 11.6 percent,to 1.07 million units and 1.09 millionunits respectively, driven by newbuilding code changes in the Northeast.Excluding that data, overall housing startsdropped 4 percent, while building permitsclimbed 0.7 percent.“Traffic of prospective buyers is downsubstantially, and consumer confidence isvery low,” said David Seiders, chief economistfor the National Assoc. of HomeBuilders (NAHB). “Job-market losses,deepening problems in the finance areaand sinking home values aggravated bythe wave of foreclosures are all contributingfactors that are keeping potentialhomebuyers on the sidelines. Clearlythere is a need for immediate action byCongress and the Administration to helpput an end to this downward economicspiral and restore the homeownershipdreams of many Americans.”CONSUMER CONFIDENCE DROPSTO 28-YEAR LOWThe University of Michigan’s Index ofConsumer Confidence recently dropped3.1 points to a reading of 56.7, the lowestreading since May 1980. The universitynoted that the continuing erosion of homevalues, as well as rising foreclosures andfood prices are to blame.“Compounding these vexing issues onthe household balance sheet, there continuesto be relatively weak employmentmarket conditions, and the persistent74 Hardwoods Have Workability

LAKE STATES TRENDS -Continuedupward pressure on crude oil and gasolineprices is several quantum levels worsethan Chinese water torture,” said BrianBethune, chief U.S. economist for GlobalInsight.With gas prices up more than a dollar pergallon year-to-date, Bethune said it’s likely“another heavy shoe (will) drop on consumerspending in 2008.”EIA DISCUSSES FACTORS THATAFFECT GAS, DIESEL PRICEAs costs continue to rise at the pump,consumers are paying more and moreattention to what goes into transportationfuels. In light of this issue, the EnergyInformation Administration (EIA) recentlytackled the four cost components in theretail price of a gallon of fuel (gasoline ordiesel).Those factors include: Crude Oil, thecost of crude oil to refiners (theComposite Refiners Acquisition Cost)divided by the average retail price of regulargasoline; Taxes, average state andfederal taxes divided by the average retailprice of gasoline; Refining; the differencebetween the average spot price of gasolineor diesel fuel (in such cities as Chicago,Ill.) and the Composite RefinersAcquisition Cost; and Distribution andMarketing, the percentage of the averageretail gasoline price not reflected in theother three components.According to the EIA, the Refining andDistribution and Marketing componentscan vary widely from month to month,because there is a lag between the spotprice change and the retail price change.As of press time, Crude Oil consumedapproximately 65 percent of the price fora gallon of diesel, followed by Refining(10 percent), Taxes (10 percent) andDistribution and Marketing (8 percent).For up-to-the-minute changes, related news, freight companies hopethat rising fuel costs are stabilizing,although the price of crude oil is still upsome 30 percent year-to-date. As of thiswriting, oil prices had fallen more than$2.50 a barrel, bringing pump prices fordiesel below recent highs including theLake States region (still up approximately$1.77 from year ago levels).•WEST COAST TRENDS -Continued from page 18work and commercial construction sectors.The California source said he expects thecurrent business climate to continue untilthe housing market picks up, possiblyduring the early part of 2009. “We’re sotied in through different avenues to housingthat it is the driving force to a robustbusiness,” he said.NEW HOME SALES FALL,EXISTING SALES RISEON WEST COASTAccording to the CommerceDepartment, sales of new single-familyhomes recently fell 11.6 percent on theWest Coast. Meanwhile, the NationalAssoc. of Realtors (NAR) recently posteda 2 percent increase in existing home saleson the West Coast, to an annual rate of1.91 million units.Nationwide, new home sales fell 2.5 percentto a seasonally adjusted annual rateof 512,000 units. The CommerceDepartment similarly reported a decline inthe inventory of new homes for sale of 1.7percent to 453,000 units, a 10.9-monthsupply at the current sales pace.“The fact that new home sales are occurringat such a slow pace in the middle ofthe home buying season, with inventoriesEVEN IN THE AGE OF AUTOMATION,THE PERFECT HARDWOOD IS STILLHAND PICKED.Please turn to page 84YOU’RE LOOKING AT the last step in our grading process. These few upholdour Northwest Hardwoods’ Graded for Yield® philosophy, to give our customersmore of what they need and less of what they don’t. So each of our custom grades,including yours, literally rests in their hands.For more information, call 866.870.3040, and Northwest Hardwoods are registered trademarks ofWeyerhaeuser. © 2008 Weyerhaeuser Company. All rights 75

W H O’ S W H OIN HARDWOOD PURCHASINGDavid M. Allard is the president and owner of LyndonWoodworking doing business as Lyndon Furniture in Lyndon,Vt.Lyndon Furniture manufactures a full line of Hardwood furnitureand dry lumber in Walnut, Cherry, Maple, Ash and Oak. The companyspecializes in commercial and residential solid Hardwood andcustomizes some of its products.Lyndon Furniture purchases 1 million board feet of lumber annually.The firm is a member of the Vermont Wood Products Assoc.Allard has been involved in the forest products industry for 30years. After graduating from the Lyndon Institute in LyndonCenter, Vt., he worked for a local cabinet shop for 1 1/2 yearsbefore starting his own company.Allard and his wife of 23 years, Judy, have two children. Heenjoys tapping trees for Maple sugar, forest management and hunting.He received the “Small Business Person of the Year” award forVermont in 2000.•Rick Baumgarten is the president of LeeLumber & Building Materials in Chicago,Ill.Lee Lumber & Building Materials manufacturesmouldings, arches, radii, window sashesand custom millwork. The company inventories4/4 through 10/4 Poplar, 4/4 through 8/4Red Oak, White Oak, White Ash, 4/4 and 8/4Hard Maple, 4/4 and 5/4 Birch and Walnut,4/4 through 8/4 Genuine Mahogany and 4/4 Cherry, all Select andBetter.Lee Lumber & Building Materials purchases over 250,000 boardfeet of Hardwoods annually.Lee Lumber & Building Materials is a member of the NationalLumber and Building Material Dealers Assoc. (NLBMDA), whereBaumgarten is a past chairman, and the Illinois Lumber & MaterialDealers Assoc.Baumgarten has been in his present position for 27 years. Hebegan his career in the forest products industry 45 years ago,unloading boxcars as a teenager.Baumgarten and his wife of 38 years, Esther, have two children.He enjoys collecting fine art prints, enjoying good wine and travel.He received the first Lifetime Leadership Award from NLBMDA.Baumgarten is a graduate of New Trier Township High School inWinnetka, Ill. He received a Master of Business Administrationfrom the University of Chicago.•76 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

A brief sketch of the leading purchasingexecutives in the Hardwood IndustryRichard F. Feist is the president and chief executive officer ofMinot Sash & Door Inc. in Minot, N.D.Minot Sash & Door Inc. manufactures custom architectural millwork,staircases, institutional casework and residential cabinetry inRed and White Oak, Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Hickory, Birch,Beech, Alder, Ash, Poplar and Mahogany (FAS, 4/4, 5/4, 6/4, 8/4,KD).Minot Sash & Door purchases approximately 150,000 board feetof lumber annually. The company is a member of the AssociatedGeneral Contractors of America, Architectural Woodwork Institute,U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of HomeBuilders.Feist has been involved in the forest products industry since 1953.He began his career in residential and commercial building in 1953,and has been in his current position for 47 years.Feist and his wife of 51 years, Irene, have eight children, 14grandchildren and two great-grandchildren. He enjoys animalgenetics and breeding, hunting, fishing and chairs a number ofhealth care committees.Feist is a graduate of Karlsruhe High School in Karlsruhe, N.D.He is a board member of Minot Area Development Corp., andreceived the “Regional Family Owned Business of the Year” awardin 2007 and the “Citizen of the Year” award in 1983.•Scott M. Glynn is the president and owner of MountainMillworks in Steamboat Springs, Colo.Mountain Millworks manufactures architectural millwork andstair parts in Alder, Maple, Oak, Mahogany, Hickory and pine (4/4,5/4, 8/4, rough, KD). The company provides finish sanding andcustom profile design. Mountain Millwork purchases approximately225,000 board feet of lumber annually.Glynn began Mountain Millworks in August 2001. He is a graduateof Avondale High School in Auburn Hills, Mich. Glynnreceived a bachelor’s degree in business administration fromWayne State University in Detroit, Mich.Glynn and his wife of 15 years, Cathy, have two children. Heenjoys playing golf and hockey, fishing and biking.•Linda E. Graham is the purchasing agent for Harbor FurnitureManufacturing Inc., located in Elberta, Ala., doing business asTable Topics.Table Topics manufactures custom table and bar tops in Hard andSoft Maple, Cherry, Walnut, Mahogany, Red and White Oak, Teak,Please turn the pageSEPTEMBER/2008 77

WHO’S WHO - Continuedpine and cypress (8/4, 6/4, some 4/4, KD, FAS/Select and No. 1Common, rough, 9-foot to 10-foot lengths, random widths). Thecompany purchases approximately 100,000 board feet of lumberannually.Graham began her forest products industry career with TableTopics in August 1997. She is a graduate of Biggers-Reyno HighSchool in Biggers, Ark.Graham spends her free time working with crafts.•Keith M. Swaner is the chief executive officer of SwanerHardwood Co. Inc. in Burbank, Calif. His responsibilities includeflooring and Hardwood lumber sales.Swaner Hardwood manufactures Hardwood plywood in suchspecies as Ash, Birch, Maple, Oak, Walnut, Sycamore, Poplar,Alder and Mahogany. The firm offers complete milling, cut-to-sizeand specialty items.Swaner Hardwood purchases approximately 7 million board feetof lumber annually. The company is a memberof the National Hardwood LumberAssoc., Western Hardwood Assoc., LosAngeles Hardwood Lumberman’s Club andthe Pacific Coast Wholesale HardwoodDistributors Assoc.Swaner has been involved in the forest productsindustry for over 60 years. He began hiscareer with E.L. Bruce Co. in Memphis,Tenn., in 1948. He has held his current position for 41 years.At age 75, Swaner received an honorary diploma from HooverHigh School in Glendale, Calif. He received a bachelor’s degree inbusiness from Alderson-Broaddus College in Philippi, W.Va.Swaner received the Silver Beaver, Silver Antelope and Scout ofthe Year awards from the Boy Scouts of America, and the LosAngeles Man of the Year award.Swaner and his wife of 60 years, Beverly, have two children,seven grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. His hobbiesinclude the lumber industry and the Boy Scouts.•WORMY CHESTNUT • TROPICALS • QTR & RIFT • CYPRESS • ELM6 million BF KDInventoryWest CoastSales626-445-8556Headquarters, Concentration Yard & Kilns in Hickory, N.C.Phone (828) 397-7481 FAX: (828)“The finest in Appalachian Hardwoods ”Orlando, FLWarehouse407-323-3740“LIMBO”The Lumber RuleAtlanta, GAWarehouse770-479-96634/4 thru 16/4thicknessesSawmillKilnsMarlinton, WVYardKilnsMillwood, KYHICKORY • HARD & SOFT MAPLE • POPLAR • RED & WHITE OAK • WALNUT • ASHWHITE PINE • BASSWOOD • BEECH • BIRCH • CEDAR • CHERRY78 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

SEARCHING FOR NEW BUYERS FOR YOUR LUMBER?GREEN BOOK’SHARDWOOD MARKETINGDIRECTORY ONLINElists over 7,600 firms with• 2,389 RED OAK BUYERS• 2,131 HARD MAPLE BUYERS• 1,954 CHERRY BUYERS➤ All your sales people can have simultaneous access to these leads fromanywhere Internet Access is available, whether at home, office, hotel, etc.➤ You can plan your sales trips with the zip code search.➤ Other options include searching by state, city, species, alphabetically by company name, product manufactured,grades, etc.The Hardwood Marketing Directory has 56 years of research helping firms discover new buying opportunitiesand contains all North American species and also Imported Woods.For a free online demonstration, contact Charlene Jumper toll-free at 800-844-1280 or 901-372-8280.Access rate is $1,900.00 per year.Also available as a printed edition which leases for $1,200.00 per year.Miller Publishing - 1235 Sycamore View - Memphis, TN 38134Tel. 901-372-8280 Fax greenbook@millerpublishing.comSEPTEMBER/2008 79

DOWNES & READERHARDWOOD CO., INC.Wholesale Distributorsof Hardwood,Softwood Lumber,Mahogany and PlywoodT R A D ET A L KDirect ExportersAsh, Basswood,Beech, Birch, Cherry,Cypress, Hickory,Hard Maple,Soft Maple,Poplar,Walnut,Red Oak,White Oak,Aromatic Cedar,Sugar Pine,SYP® ®Providing the following services:4,000,000 BF Kiln Dried Inventory,Planing Mill, Straight Line Ripping,Gang Ripping, Mixed ContainerShipments, and Rail SidingYour Inquiries Are Welcome!DOWNES & READERHARDWOOD CO., INC.Headquarters:P.O. Box 456 - Evans DriveStoughton, MA USA 02072Phone: 781-341-4092Fax: 781-344-7110Inside U.S.A.: 800-788-5568North Carolina Office:William von der GoltzSteve ArnettTel: 336-323-7502Fax: 336-323-2848Distribution YardP.O. Box 634Commercial Blvd.Blakeslee, PA USA 18610Phone: 570-646-6724Fax: 570-646-6628Web Site: www.downesandreader.comPainted Post, N.Y.—Sirianni HardwoodsInc., headquartered here, recently added a 100-by-120-foot covered truck and container loadingfacility to expedite shipments duringinclement weather. The company is also refurbishingsome of their existing kilns for dryingefficiencies, which is being done by TommyStiles at A.W. Stiles Contractors Inc.,McMinnville, Tenn.Sirianni Hardwoods operates a concentrationyard with 900,000 board feet of dry kilncapacity, and 2 million board feet of dry storagecapacity. The company also utilizes 12 air-Keith McPhersondrying buildings for their Red and White Oaklumber. The firm specializes in 5/4 through 8/4 Red and White Oak.They also dry Hard and Soft Maple and Cherry.•New Bern, N.C.— J.E. Jones Lumber Co.,which was founded Jan. 1, 1968, by J.E. Jones,will soon celebrate its 40 th year of existence inthe Hardwood lumber business.Jimmy Jones is the president of the firm, andhas been involved with the company since itsinception. Mike Jones, Jimmy’s brother, is theother owner of the operation, and has been secretary/treasurerfor 36 years. Their father, J.E.Jones, was in the lumber business for 45 yearsuntil his death in 1989. Mike Jones’ son, MikeJr., has been with the company for 15 years andJimmy Jonesdoes accounting work for the firm.J.E. Jones Lumber Co. is a large wholesale firm, headquartered inNew Bern, N.C., and operates a Hardwood concentration lumberyarddivision on the outskirts of Lexington, N.C., called Carolina DryKiln Co. This yard was started in 1981, and it has approximately700,000 board feet per charge of dry kiln capacity. All of the kilns atthis facility were made by SII Dry Kilns, headquartered in Lexington,N.C.J.E. Jones Lumber Co. and Carolina Dry Kiln Co. buy and sell 4/4through 12/4 thicknesses of green lumber. The company is knownworldwide for their quality, bright White Poplar marketed as“Carolina Bright.”Jimmy Jones said, “We take pride in the fact that we have been andcontinue to buy Poplar lumber from some of the best producers inthe country, many of whom we have done business with for all of our40 years.”•Federal Way, Wash.—Weyerhaeuser, one of the largest pulp andpaper companies in the world, based here, recently announced severalexecutive changes, including the promotion of Thomas F.Gideon to executive vice president of forest products.Gideon replaced the retiring Richard Hanson, and will oversee thecompany’s timberlands, wood products and cellulose fibers businessesin addition to its research and development, information technology,procurement and logistics operations.Gideon had served as senior vice president of containerboard,80 Hardwoods Have Versatility

An update covering thelatest news aboutHardwood Suppliers.packaging and recycling since March 2007. An employee ofWeyerhaeuser since 1978, he has worked as senior vice president oftimberlands, vice president of Western timberlands, and held otherhuman resources and sales management positions.John A. Hooper was recently promoted to senior vice president ofhuman resources. Hooper, who succeeded the retiring EdwardRogel, joined Weyerhaeuser in 2001 to assist in the integration ofWillamette Industries, later assuming the role of vice president ofhuman resources.•Woodland, Wash.—USNR, headquartered here, recently acquiredCoe Newnes/McGehee. The solid wood business unit will continueto operate out of Salmon Arm, B.C., as Newnes-McGehee, a divisionof USNR. The engineered wood products business units will continueto operate independently out of Painesville, Ohio, as CoeManufacturing Co.EXPERIENCE QUALITY DEPENDABLE975 Conrad Hill Mine Rd.~Lexington, NC 27292Phone 336-746-5419~Fax 336-746-6177Web: www.kepleyfrank.comTo better serve our customers we have a 50bay sorter and optimizing trimmer. Below is apicture of our sorter that helps us providecustomized sorting and packaging.Newnes-McGehee’s solid wood operation in Salmon Arm, B.C.George Van Hoomissen, USNR’s president and chief executive officer,said, “We see tremendous potential in both the Newnes-McGehee and Coe Manufacturing businesses. For many years, bothcompanies have employed some of the industry’s most qualifiedpersonnel and offered some of the best products on the market. Nowthose people and products will be backed by the financial stability ofUSNR. We believe this will prove to be a winning combination —first and foremost for our customers, but also for our suppliers andour employees.”Chris Blomquist, USNR vice president, added, “I am extremelygratified by the positive comments we have been hearing fromNewnes-McGehee employees, suppliers and customers. They arevery pleased this company will go forward with the support of anexperienced industry leader like USNR.”Mike Parkes, former Coe Newnes/McGehee sales manager forsolid wood products and now part of the combined USNR andNewnes-McGehee sales team, said, “It is great to see these organizationsthat were so recently competitors, pull together so quickly. Thisis a very positive outcome.”Newnes-McGehee has a long history in the wood processingindustry as a major supplier of stand-alone machinery as well asintegrated mechanical, optimization and controls systems. CoeManufacturing Co.’s history dates back more than 150 years, pri-Please turn the pageThis is a view of our 50 bay sorter.Information about our sawmill, planer mill and lumberinventory is below:1.) Our three sawmills cut 15 million board feet a year of fineAppalachian Hardwood lumber in 4/4 through 8/4 thicknesses inmostly Red Oak, White Oak and Poplar as well as Ash andMaple. Our crosstie mill manufactures about 100,000 board feetper week of crosstie and tie sides in species such as Hickory,Sycamore, Beech, Gum and Elm. In addition to the lumber wecut from our sawmill we also process another 12 to 15 millionboard feet of lumber per year through our Hardwoodconcentration yard business. We purchase and process alldomestic species in all grades.2.) Our modern planer mill runs two shifts to ensure on time shipmentsof our lumber to customers. We deliver kiln dried or airdried lumber and offer export preparation and on site containerloading.3.) We offer 600,000 board feet of fan shed inventory at all times, toprovide efficient service to our customers. Kepley-Frankmaintains an air dried inventory of 5,000,000 plus board feet ofall species, to ensure back up inventory for our customers.*Through Jimmy Kepley acquiring Lexington Home Brands’plant #2 in Lexington, N.C., and naming the operationLinwood Furniture, Inc., his company offers kiln dried lumberfrom Linwood’s eight dry kilns with a total dry kilncapacity of 600,000 board feet per charge. The furnitureplant is also offering the service of contract furniture manufacturingand the manufacturing of wood components forother furniture manufacturers and other woodworking companies.SEPTEMBER/2008 81

When you’relooking fora qualitymanufacturerof AppalachianHardwood Lumberlook to an expert.Doug WilsonPhone: 814-827-7934Toll Free: 877-766-6967FAX: 814-827-7934E-Mail: wilsonhardwoods@verizon.netServices:kiln driedmixed truckloadsexport prep &container loadingsurfacingdouble end trimstraight line rippingManufacturers of QualityAppalachian Hardwood LumberWilson Hardwoods Inc.Route 89 North, Titusville, PA 16354SALES:Brian HughesPhone: 218-751-3038FAX: 218-751-3039Cell: 218-766-6967E-Mail: bhughes@paulbunyan.netLumber For ALifetime.Phone: 319-986-5524Toll Free: 877-SAWLOGSFax: 319-986-5710Email: sally@bateyltd.comSales: Sally JohnsonSpecies:CherryHard MapleRed OakWhite OakSoft MapleWalnutHickoryand othersFor our customers, and others in need we:• manufacture and market quality, Appalachian Hardwoods.• cut approximately 6,000,000 board feet of quality bandsawnAppalachian Hardwood lumber per year (green or kiln dried), and weproduce pallet lumber and cants as well. Our lumber is in 4/4 through8/4 thicknesses.• sell export quality veneer and sawlogs.Whether you’re Buying or Selling, please give us a call.Specializing inWalnut, Soft Maple,White Oak and Red OakTRADE TALK - Continuedmarily as a supplier of equipment and systems to the plywood andpanel markets.These acquisitions firmly establish USNR as one of the largest suppliersof wood processing equipment in the world, offering state-ofthe-artmachinery, controls and optimization to both solid wood andengineered wood products sectors. Headquartered in Woodland,Wash., USNR also operates facilities in Arkansas, Florida, Georgia,Oregon, British Columbia and Quebec.•Memphis, Tenn.—The National Hardwood Lumber Assoc.(NHLA), located here, recently received a $25,000 USDA ForestService grant to develop a new delivery method for NHLA lumberinspector training in order to meet the demand for trained lumberinspectors.In 1948, NHLA established a vocational training school inMemphis, Tenn., to teach the rules and application of the NHLAgrading system and help to meet the industry’s increasing demandfor skilled lumber inspectors. Since its founding, the inspectionschool has trained over 6,500 lumber inspectors.Based on data analysis of industry trends, there is currently aninadequate supply of Hardwood lumber inspectors to satisfy industryneeds. NHLA’s current training model, which requires traineesto attend a 14-week course in Memphis, also presents a barrier to fulfillingtraining needs.The alternative training model is a comprehensive approach thatwill: define a testing regime for online trainers to establish their competencyin grading lumber; develop all the technical topics of thecurrent curriculum into a technology-based format that is accessiblevia web browser over the Internet; make provisions for hands-ontraining of student inspectors in production environments.NHLA represents 1,600 companies and individuals that produce,use and sell North American Hardwood lumber, or provide equipment,supplies or services to the Hardwood industry. It was foundedin 1898 to establish a uniform system of grading rules for the measurementand inspection of Hardwood lumber.•Mottville, Mich.—Spencer Lutz was recentlypromoted to president of Banks HardwoodsInc., based here. Lutz joined BanksHardwoods in June 1989, helping constructkilns and later piling boards on the greenchain.After graduating from the NHLA InspectionSchool in Memphis, Tenn., Lutz graded lumberfor several years, before being promoted toplant manager at the Mottville location in1992. During that time, he also became proficientin operating dry kilns and learned thebasics of buying green lumber.In 1994, Lutz transferred to the firm’s newestSpencer Lutzdivision in Menomonie, Wis., to help hire, train and manage the newmanufacturing team. After the Wisconsin division was runningsmoothly, Lutz returned to Mottville in 2000 to serve as sales manager,and was promoted to vice president in 2004. In his new position,he will manage the day-to-day operations of the company andwork closely with the executive committee.Banks Hardwoods Inc. is a valued supplier of Hardwoods to someof the most discerning buyers in the industry. Banks ships more than65 million board feet of domestic and imported species annuallyfrom four facilities located throughout the United States.•Millersburg, Ohio—Walnut Creek Planing, located here, hasexpanded rapidly in the last year, adding six Nova KDK-42EXT-Pdry kilns. Father and son owners, Dwight and Kenric Krater, hadbeen purchasing approximately 6 million board feet of kiln-driedlumber annually. With the upgrades, the firm can handle approximatelytwo-thirds of its own production.“Having our own kilns will help us be more competitive in themarket,” Dwight said. “We also have more control over our costsand the quality of the lumber we produce.”82 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

TRADE TALK - ContinuedDwight’s three sons are all involved in Walnut Creek Planing,which has been in business for over 20 years. Kenric runs the dryingoperations and is responsible for all equipment maintenance.Charles is engaged primarily in sales and marketing, while Mattdoes maintenance.In addition to its planing mill, Walnut Creek Planing remanufacturesHardwood lumber (predominantly Poplar, Red and WhiteOak) into various components for the homebuilding industry andother outlets. The company also produces glued-up panels for stairtreads, chair seats and cutting boards.Walnut Creek Planing sells its products throughout the UnitedStates and Canada, and exports some products to Europe.•High Point, N.C.—Seven industry leaders from the manufacturing,retail and design sectors were recently nominated for election tothe American Furniture Hall of Fame, headquartered here. Theinstallation ceremony will be held during the High Point MarketOct. 21.Nominees include the late Alfred J. Audi, who with his wife,Aminy, grew L. & J.G. Stickley from a company with fewer than 25employees into a booming international presence with three factoriesand more than 1,600 employees.For more information, visit•Louisville, Miss.—Taylor Machine Works Inc., headquartered here,recently introduced a four-wheel drive articulated forklift known asthe TX4-300, the latest addition to the TX series. The 132-inch wheelbaseTX4-300 has a rated capacity of 30,000 pounds at 24-inch loadcenter. Designed and built specifically to overcome the challenges ofrough and undeveloped working surfaces, the TX4 also incorporatesthe innovative and performance-proven features of the TX seriesintroduced by Taylor in 2007.ANNOUNCINGthe opening of our newTennessee location - offeringAppalachian Hardwoods“Quality Hardwood Lumber and Flooring”P.O. Box 458, Hwy. 41 South Buena Vista, GA 31803Tel: (229) 649-9328 FAX: (229) 649-9585Quality Bandsawn HardwoodsProduce 17 million ft. annually • 500,000’ kiln capacityNewman 282 planer • Straight line rip capabilityExport prep and shipping • Width sorting availableSpecies: Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, PoplarLumber Sales: Roland Weaver 229-649-9328Kevin Cloer 229-649-9328Brad Bradley 706-754-8221“Quality Hardwood Flooring”75,000 SF Manufacturing facility Producing 2 1 /4, 3 1 /4, 4, & 5” FlooringContactKevin Cloer - E-mail: kcloeroakcrest@windstream.netBobby Cloer - bcloeroakcrest@windstream.netTaylor Machine Works’ TX4-300 four-wheel drive articulated forkliftThe TX4-300 incorporates the performance-proven features of theentire TX series to enhance service accessibility, componentry performance,operator performance and productivity. The all-weldedsteel chassis can stand up to the most demanding tasks. Largecapacity fuel and hydraulic tanks are integrated into the chassis. Arugged yet light-weight rolling engine hood, swing-away side doors,easily accessible battery box, easy hydraulic tank access and tiltingcab platform assure rapid and easy access for routine and specialmaintenance. Central lubrication points are standard. The electricaljunction box is conveniently mounted under the cab with resetbreakers and sealed electrical connectors. All wiring is color andnumber coded.The TX4-300 and the entire TX series include the durability anddependability that have been Taylor traditions for more than 80years. Through the Taylor worldwide dealer network and theSudden Service, Inc. after-market parts and service operations,Taylor customers can be assured consistent and reliable support willbe readily available to keep their Taylor forklifts on the job, providingthe productivity needed for improved bottom-line performanceduring many years of service.•When it comes to Hardwood or SouthernYellow Pine Lumber, Eastern LumberCorporation gives you competitive prices,and we stand tall on service.For you at Eastern Lumber we offer:• A Southern Yellow Pine concentration yardin Orangeburg, S.C.• Green and air dried Appalachian, Northernand Southern Hardwoods; and green, air driedand kiln dried Southern Pine.• Export packaging & container loading.• Experienced personnel.Eastern Lumber CorporationHeadquarters:338 St. Paul St. N.E.Orangeburg, S.C. 29116Tel: (803) 531-1887FAX: (803) 533-0195Sales:Russell and Leonard Blanchard,Ed Holley, Jim Shepherd& David TurnerYou’ll like doing business with us because we followthrough on your orders and we do what we say we’ll do!SEPTEMBER/2008 83

QUALITY LUMBER FOR OVER 40 YEARSAt our 50-acre sawmill facility in Danbury, N.C.,we manufacture 25 million board feet annually ofAppalachian Hardwood lumber. We offer green, airdried, and kiln dried lumber in Red Oak, WhiteOak, Poplar, and Soft Maple.The mill produces Appalachian lumber in 4/4and 5/4 thicknesses, with 5 length separations.To better serve you, we have four conventionalsteam dry kilns, a planer mill, five company ownedtrucks and the experience to offer export preparationand on-site container loading.Technology makes the difference. We continue toupgrade our mill with the latest advances to meetthe ever changing needs of the market.When we can be of service, contact:Frances PettyBill Hanks1 800-531-7350 or Jeff HanksFAX 1 800-764-4917 1-336-593-2022Salem Frame...The Company To Contact For Custom Dry KilnServices or Quality Wood ComponentsFor the best in Custom Dry Kiln Services or QualityWood Components, no one does it better than SalemFrame located in Salem, Virginia. Call us at 540-389-8661 when we can help you.CUSTOM KILN DRYING SERVICESFast turnaround & very competitive pricing • SurfacingSpecializing in pine, oak, & other hardwoodsPre Dryer capacity: 1,000,000 BFDry Kiln capacity: 600,000 BFFor Custom Dry Kiln Services call Darrell Cannaday,Tim Worrell or Gary Wilson at our Virginia facility at540-389-8661, or e-mail us at tim.worrell@rowefurniture.comQUALITY WOOD COMPONENTSCONTACT Eric Collins or Kenneth Cox at our dimensionmill in Salem, Virginia by calling 540-389-8661. Wehave a rough mill, a finish mill, sanding capabilities,CNC routers, etc. that help us to make all types ofwood parts such as furniture legs, blanks, doweling, etc.Salem FrameA location ofRowe Fine Furniture Inc.WEST COAST TRENDS - Continued from page 75only barely inching downward, is a strong indication of just howcritical it is for Congress to move forward immediately with housingstimulus legislation, said Sandy Dunn, president of the NationalAssoc. of Home Builders (NAHB).On the other hand, existing-home sales rose 2 percent nationwideto a seasonally adjusted annual rate of 4.99 million units. Although15.9 percent below the 5.93 million units reported in 2007, it doesshow promise.Richard F. Gaylord, NAR president, said, “Homebuyers are startingto get off the fence and into the market, drawn by drops in homeprices in many areas and armed with greater access to affordablemortgages. Today’s buyer plans to stay in a home for 10 years,which is a good strategy for building long-term wealth.”Although conditions remain mixed around the country, areasexperiencing much higher sales activity including Sacramento, theSan Fernando Valley and Monterey County, Calif.PENDING HOME SALES DOWN ON WEST COASTAccording to the NAR, the Pending Home Sales Index (PHSI), aforward-looking indicator based on contracts signed, recently fell1.3 percent on the West Coast, but the index is still up 2 percentyear-to-date. Double-digit pending sales gains from a year agowere noted in Sacramento, Calif.Nationwide, the PHSI fell 4.7 percent to 84.7, some 14 percentbelow 2007 when it stood at 98.5. Lawrence Yun, NAR chief economist,said some pullback was expected.“The overall decline in contract signings suggests we are not outof the woods by any means,” he said. “The housing stimulus bill…is critical to assure a healthy recovery in the housing market, jobsand the economy.”CALIFORNIANS COULD SEE TAXINCREASE FOR FIRE FUNDSAfter spending $412 million last fiscal year on fighting wildfires,California had already spent more than a third of that amount twoweeks into the new budget year. With California already operatingunder a $15 billion budget deficit, it is believed the state’s taxpayersmay have to foot the bill to control fires.Bill Stewart, a forestry specialist at the University of California atBerkley, noted, “Everybody is now realizing we are going to spenda lot of money… and we might have to pass tax increases to pay.We’re not paying for (fire protection) out of the petty cash draweranymore.”Federal, state and local governments divide the lands in Californiainto thirds to handle wildfire responsibility. The United States hasoffered to pay 75 percent of the more than $214 million state andlocal governments have spent on firefighting since lightning-strikefires in June. The state also often goes out of its jurisdiction to helplocal fire districts.To help cover the expense of fighting wildfires, Gov. ArnoldSchwarzenegger has proposed adding a surcharge onto all homeowners’insurance, which would be higher for those living in fire,flood or earthquake zones.•ONTARIO TRENDS - Continued from page 20required lengths and widths was very challenging. White Birch wasequally hot and in tight supply.With regards to imports, it was reported that prices for severalspecies had softened. However, prices for African Mahogany werereported to be more volatile in recent weeks, while a scarcity ofGenuine Mahogany had firmed up its prices despite a low demand.According to Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation(CMHC), the seasonally adjusted annual rate of housing starts was84 Hardwoods Have Workability

ONTARIO TRENDS - Continued217,800 units recently, down from 227,700 units the previousmonth. This is the first time house prices fell since January, 1999.“Despite the decrease, total housing starts remain at high levels,”said the Chief Economist at CMHC’s Market Analysis Centre.“This is mostly due to the multiple segment which has been continuouslyabove the 100,000 unit threshold since the beginning ofthe year.”The seasonally adjusted annual rate of urban starts moved downby 5 percent in June compared to May. Both urban multiples andsingles decreased, with a decline of 3.0 percent for multiples to114,700 units, and a 7.8 percent drop for singles to 74,600 units.The seasonally adjusted annual rate of urban starts went down inall regions of Canada, except Ontario, where housing startsincreased by 10.8 percent to 77,900 in June. Urban starts declinedto 40,300 units in Quebec. Both single and multiple urban startsdecreased in all regions in June, with the exception of multiplestarts in Ontario which increased by 30 percent. For the first half of2008, actual starts in rural and urban areas combined were up anestimated 1.5 percent compared to the same period last year.A Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) forecast stated that Canada’seconomy will recover moderately from the surprising retreat in thefirst quarter before rising to a relatively healthy 2.5 percent growthnext year. In a “nervously optimistic” outlook, the bank calls for abounceback of 1.5 percent growth in the second quarter of thisyear, which ended June 30, and three percent in the third quarter.This will take growth for the year to 1.4 percent, the same as predictedby the Bank of Canada in its April forecast.Although the figure is below the growth of the Canadian economyin recent years, it is a robust performance, considering the manufacturingsector was battered in the last year by the slump in theU.S. housing and auto markets, rising energy costs and a highCanadian dollar. The RBC also agreed with the Bank of Canadathat 2009 would be a better year for Canada, predicting growth at2.5 percent.One strong area, cites the report, is the jobs front, noting that theeconomy has created an average of 26,000 jobs per month so farinto 2008, as opposed to the U.S., which has shed about 65,000jobs a month, with most recent cuts amounting to another 62,000,the sixth straight month of losses.Still, discounting the first quarter, the RBC sees Canada’s economyoutperforming the U.S. in the next three quarters and next year.The bank sees oil prices starting to go downward and the Canadiandollar will also go down from the current near-parity position toabout 94 cents (U.S.) by year’s end and 89 cents by the end of2009. The report predicts the housing market will cool due to deterioratingaffordability, however, it will be less pronounced thanwhat is currently happening in the U.S.They project that Saskatchewan will lead all provinces in economicgrowth this year and next, followed by Alberta. Ontario andNewfoundland and Labrador will lag, but are expected to showsome improvement next year.•SERVING THE WORLDFOR OVER 75 YEARSSpecializing in 4/4 Hardwood LumberCummings Lumber Co. Inc.P.O. Box 6, Troy, Pa 16947Phone: 570-297-4771Fax: 570-297-2766Web: www.clc1.comRoy Cummings Jr. - Presidentroy@clc1.comLarry Cordner - Saleslarry@clc1.comChip Cummings - Saleschip@clc1.comQUEBEC TRENDS - Continued from page 20to increase total Canadian mill stocks to 15.4 million board feet,continued the report. Weather continued to play a major role acrossthe province, with persistent rainfall keeping it from drying outafter June’s deluge. It was hoped that the scheduled July holidayshutdowns would provide some extra time for logging activity toresume fully.The Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) recentlysigned a Memorandum of Understanding with the Assembly ofFirst Nations (AFN) that sees First Nations and forest industryleaders agreeing to work together to strengthen Canada’s forestsector through economic development initiatives and businessinvestments, strong environmental stewardship and the creation ofPlease turn the pageSEPTEMBER/2008 85

QUEBEC TRENDS - ContinuedBEE FOREST LLCS1130 STATE HWY 25NELSON, WI 54756715 673-4127715 673-4137 FAXWOODWORKING PLANER PRACTICEThis 24 page booklet contains the answers to almost any Planerproblem. It tells you: How to handle uneven stock; How to producesquares on a planer; How to reduce disfigurement of stock, andthe tearing of varigrained boards; How to prevent wear of centerof platen; How to handle grains in glued up panels; How jointedcutters affect blower systems; How to make various thicknesses;How to make proper forms for tapering long pieces evenly; Howto bevel and make forms for multiple operation, and many otherideas for better planer performance. . . One woodworking machinemanufacturer stated, “This is the best book that has ever beenwritten on the subject of Planer Practice.” ..........$20.00 per copy.Send Check to:NHM, Book Division P.O. Box 34908, Memphis TN 38184-0908TRAM Lumber, LLCP.O. Box 68Seagrove, NC 27341-0068Phone: (336) 873-7251FAX: (336) 873-7800Email: tramlumber@hughes.netProducing 36,000’ per day of Fine Hardwood LumberOak, Maple, Poplar, Ash, GumExport Grade Oak Available Frame Stock for FurniturePallet Stock & Timbers Company Trucks Resaw & Planer MillCut To Length Dimension & Industrial LumberTom Morris - presidentFACILITIES include:• 4 kilns - 2 set up for white woods• Container or flatbed loading• Newman planer S2S• 2 sawmills with circular headsawsfollowed by band resawsSPECIES include good color Northern hardwoodsincluding red oak, basswood, cherry, hickory,hard and soft maple, white oak and aspenSPECIALIZING in random length/widthSales: Bob Bee715 673-4127 office or 715 225-4954 cellTom Morris - sales managerskill development opportunities, particularlytargeted to First Nations youth. Theagreement’s three key objectives are tosupport lasting economic initiatives, promotemutually beneficial business relationshipsand develop strategies designedto enhance the capacity for businessdevelopment of First Nations people andcommunities. The Canadian forest productsindustry records $80 billion annuallyin sales, accounts for 12 percent ofCanada’s manufacturing GDP, directlyemploys nearly 300,000 Canadians inmore than 300 communities across thecountry. The sector employs more than17,000 Aboriginal people and involvesmore than 1400 Aboriginal businesses.Economists said that Canadian consumers,facing softer job creation and aslowdown in the housing sector, will likelyrein in their spending which has fuelledthe economy. High energy prices and risingfood costs could scare consumers intoa sharper pullback, they caution, thoughthe situation is not dire yet, they say.Economists further added that the countryis coming off one of the strongestspending periods in decades. In recentyears, consumers took advantage of thestrong employment, low interest rates, taxcuts and the strong Canadian dollar. Oneeconomist feels that consumer spendingonly has one direction to go in this kind ofenvironment, and that is towards slowergrowth.The strong housing market was drivingdemand for furniture, appliances andother big ticket items over the past coupleof years, which provided support to theeconomy when the export-oriented manufacturingsector had been sufferingbecause of the high dollar and laggingU.S. markets.Another expert believes the tide willfinally turn for exporters in 2009 as theU.S. economy gradually improves, butCanadian consumer spending will grow ata slower rate than it is today, with economicgrowth being predicted at a softpace of less than 2 percent.There is some evidence that consumersare already reining in spending. Retailsales increased 4.2 percent recently fromthe same period a year ago, the weakestgrowth in nine months, according toStatistics Canada. The Retail Council ofCanada expects things to be a bit softer in2008 and 2009 than they have been in thelast few years, although Canada is still inpretty good shape.Experts forecast that employmentgrowth is expected to slow to 1.6 percentin 2008 and 0.5 percent in 2009, comparedto 2.3 percent last year. The unemploymentrate will likely edge up.•86 Hardwoods Have Resiliency

OBITUARYRichard H. ElliottTraverse City, Mich.—Richard “Dick”Hensley Elliott, a long-term member ofthe Leelanau County community,recently passedaway. He wasborn on Feb. 13,1925, in Indianapolis,Ind., toRobert C. andLucy WoodbridgeElliott.Elliott served inthe U.S. MarineCorps fromOctober 1942until January1946. He spent three years duringWorld War II as a pilot in the SouthPacific.Elliott joined Standard Dry Kiln as asalesman in January 1946. The companysupplied brick and lumber-dryingequipment that was purchased bymanufacturers, including SteinwayPianos in New York City. During hislengthy career, he worked with severaldry kiln manufacturers, and was consideredby many of his peers as one ofthe most knowledgeable people in thedry kiln industry.Elliott’s work took him all over theglobe, including Thailand, Europe andSouth America.Elliott volunteered to help troubledyouth at the Probate Court in Leland,and mentored students in the LelandPublic Schools. He was also an activemember of the Leland CommunityUnited Methodist Church, and enjoyedsinging.Elliott is survived by his wife of 15years, Elizabeth “Berry” Elliott ofLeland; his four children, KathrynBuckhorn (Kent) of Indianapolis, Ind.,Edward J. Elliott (Karen) ofNoblesville, Ind., Lucy A. Schaub (thelate Rev. Carl L.) of Lake Leelanau,Richard W. Elliott (Cynthia) ofMinneapolis, Minn.; sister, Jean ElliottLatigan of Vero Beach, Fla., andLeland; nine grandchildren; four greatgrandchildren;and a step-daughter.Two brothers, Robert Elliott, and JohnM. Elliott, and a sister, Anne ElliottJones, preceded him in death.A private service and burial was heldfor family members. ReynoldsJonkhoff Funeral Home in TraverseCity, Mich., handled the arrangements.Memorial donations in Dick’s namecan be made to the American CancerSociety for Breast Cancer Research, 525W. Fourteenth St., Suite No. 5, Traverse HOW TO SPECIFY AND USE HARDWOODSAn easy-to-read, 40 page handy reference booklet telling you how to handle Hardwoods frombeginning to end. Covers such details as: Color, Grain, Hardness, Bending, Gluing, Sanding,Sawing, Boring, Staining, Filling, Finishing, Weight, General Machinability, etc. This is a practicalbooklet having previously appeared in a series in the National HardwoodMagazine........$20.00Send Check to:NHM, Book DivisionP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908CURTNER LUMBER COMPANYPhone: (870) 523-6702 FAX: (870) 523-6435P.O. Box 1028 Newport, Arkansas 72112MANUFACTURERS OFCity, Mich., 49654.•HARDWOOD LUMBERBAND MILL--CIRCLE MILL--OAK TIE SIDING--DRY KILNS--SURFACEROAK GOOD FOR COLOR TEXTURE---NORTH ARK. SOUTH MO. STOCKPROMPT SHIPMENTS--MIXED LOADS--VIA TRUCK OR RAIL“WOULD APPRECIATE HEARING FROM YOU”SEPTEMBER/2008 87

Profit OpportunitiesHelp Wanted • Business Opportunities • Used Woodworking Machinery &Sawmill Equipment • Used Material Handling Equipment • Panel ProductionEquipment • ServicesHELP WANTEDLumberman WantedWe are a progressive company in search ofhighly motivated, “quality minded” people whoare seeking stability and career growth in thehardwood lumber industry. We are an ESOPCompany and have a long and proud historydating back to 1904. Our global success istruly tied to the quality of our people and theprocesses that we have perfected and upholdfor our customers. We have plants in bothPennsylvania and New York and currentlyhave opportunities in both Yard and Mill operations.If you have Supervisory skills, or skillsin Lumber Inspection, Forklift Operations,Dimension Mill Leadership, Sawyer, or KilnOperations - then we want to talk to you. Forthe successful candidates, they will find thatour wages are competitive and our benefitsare excellent. Beyond compensation, being apart of a successful team brings tremendousopportunities to those who want to grow.GUTCHESS LUMBERMANUFACTURING IN CORTLAND COUNTYSINCE 1904For confidential consideration please contactGutchess Lumber at:e-mail: jrtracy@gutchess.comfax: (607)758-7935telephone: (607)753-1081••FIND••A GOOD JOB IN THEWOOD INDUSTRYNHLA Inspection Training Program14-Weeks, from December 1, 2008through March 6, 2009at WV Wood Technology Center in Elkins, WV.Tuition grants available for those whomeet income guidelines.304-637-7500www.wvwoodtech.comSales OpportunityProgressive Canadian hardwood distributorlocated in Ontario looking for highly motivatedsales individual. We offer an attractivesalary plus sales commissions. You aredynamic, aggressive and looking to betteryour career in the North American lumberindustry.All replies held in the strictest of confidence.Reply to: CMP Box 3551National Hardwood MagazinePO Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908ALL CLASSIFIED ADSMUST BE PAID INADVANCE.$45.00 per inchFee for blind boxnumber is $10.00.DEADLINE: 30 days precedingpublication month.For information call: 901-372-8280Classified advertising will not beaccepted for Hardwood productssuch as lumber, dimension, turnings,veneer, carvings, new drykilns or dry kiln equipment, etc.PROCUREMENT FORESTERStable hardwood lumber company has two positionsfor procurement foresters in west centralIndiana. Successful candidates must have a loveof the outdoors and the ability to communicatewith a variety of people. They tend to be highlyorganized and can function independently or on ateam. They also embrace technology. ABachelor of Science in Forestry or equivalent ispreferred but not required. Send resume or letterof interest to Samantha Howard, Vice Presidentof Administration, Pike Lumber Company, Inc.,PO Box 247, Akron, IN 46910 or e-mail LUMBER TRADERWell established hardwood company located inwestern Pennsylvania seeks a self-motivatedindividual with experience in the wholesalehardwood lumber market. The candidate wouldbe responsible for handling a multitude of tasks,including purchasing green and kiln dried lumber,domestic and export sales, and most importantlydeveloping new markets. Excellent opportunityto work with a firm that is team oriented,enjoys a strong financial position, with unlimitedterritories, and is recognized in the hardwoodlumber industry. Must be willing to travel, possesslumber grade knowledge, have good communicationskills, and excellent computer skills.Salary and benefits commensurate with experience.All replies held in strict confidence.Reply to: CMP #3557National Hardwood MagazineP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908DOMESTIC/INTERNATIONAL SALESAn aggressive, reputable and long standinghardwood lumber company located in the heart ofthe Appalachian Hardwoods is looking for a selfmotivated, career oriented individual for bothDomestic and International sales opportunities.The successful candidate would likely have experiencein one or all types of sales in Kiln Dried orGreen Lumber, Logs and also DimensionProducts. Compensation based on experienceand qualifications. No move necessary to qualify.Please send a cover letter and resume to:CMP#3554National Hardwood MagazineP.O. Box 34908Memphis, TN 38184-0908All replies held in strict confidence.PROCUREMENT FORESTERAmerican Hardwood Industries is seekinga Procurement Forester for our BlueTriangle Hardwoods Division located in theEverett, Pennsylvania area. This positionreports to the General Manager, withresponsibilities that include private timberand log purchase negotiation. Strong communicationand interpersonal skills arerequired. Compensation package includeshighly competitive base salary, companyvehicle, health insurance and 401(k) companymatch benefits. Interested partiesshould send resumes to Debbie Brady or fax to 814-652-5863.Dry Kiln OperatorExpanding Pennsylvania hardwoodlumber company is looking for an experienceddry kiln operator to take over drykiln operations. Motivated candidate willbe responsible for wood fired boiler system,dry kilns, and green/air dry yard operations.We offer a competitive salary withvery good benefits. Please send or emailresume to: Carl Rosenberry and SonsLumber, Inc., 7446 Path Valley Road, FortLoudon, PA 17224. Attn: Bill (717) 349-2289.General ManagerAmerican Hardwood Industries is a newlyformed hardwood manufacturing companywith over 150 million board feet of annualhardwood lumber production and is seekinga General Manager for our NorthernHardwoods Division located in theHoughton, Michigan (Upper Peninsula)area. This position reports directly to thePresident, with responsibilities that includedaily management and oversight of hardwoodlumber and log sales, log/timber procurementand sawmill and kiln operations.Strong communication, interpersonal andPC skills are required, including workingknowledge of Microsoft Outlook, Word andExcel. Compensation package includeshighly competitive base salary, annualincentive plan, vehicle allowance andhealth insurance and 401(k) companymatch benefits. Interested parties shouldsend resumes to our Corporate HumanResources Manager, Sylvie Bowley, or fax to 860-632-7296.88 Hardwoods...The All-Purpose Material

EQUIPMENTEQUIPMENT FOR SALENEW/USED 1983 WILLIAMS & DAVISBOILER. CAN BE USED AS BIO-MASS/WOOD/COAL HEAT RECOVERY ORDIRECT FIRE LP/NATURAL GAS/OIL.600 HP SCOTCH MARINE BOILER.LESS BURNER AND CONTROLS.3,000 SQ. FT. HEATING SURFACE.PHOTOS AVAILABLE.CONTACT: MARK E. CHRISTOPHER920-982-2542WOLF RIVER LUMBERBUSINESS OPPORTUNITYSERVICES~ Lumber News Since 1922 ~P. O. Box 2633, Memphis, TN 38018-2633E-Mail: • Website: www.hmr.comTelephone: 901-767-9126 Fax: 901-767-7534The acknowledged source for hardwood pricingContact us for a sample copy.The Year at a GlanceThe most comprehensive marketanalysis of the North Americanhardwood industry is now availablequarterly. Call to subscribe andreserve your copy today.Y O U R A DH E R EW I L L G E TR E S U L T SHardwood Forest FoundationEducator ScholarshipWWW.HARDWOODFOREST.ORG“The Hardwood Forest Foundation’s scholarship program has helped further my collegeeducation. I look forward to paying the Foundation and the hardwood industry backby teaching the truths surrounding the forests and the trees.”—Connie Jamieson, 2006 Scholarship Recipient, Midway CollegeScholarshipRecipientsReceive $1,000!REQUIREMENTS INCLUDE:• Minimum of 2.5 GPA• Senior in educationprogram• Sponsored by aFoundation memberTo download an application andview deadline information, visit:www.hardwoodforest.orgHardwood Forest Foundation6830 Raleigh LaGrange RoadMemphis, TN 38134Keith D.Peterson &Company,Inc.Insurancefor the forest products industry708 Milam Street, Suite 300101 E. Grace StreetShreveport, LA 71101-5499 Richmond, VA 23219-1741(318) 221-0547(804) 643-7800708 Milam Street, Suite 300101 E. Grace StreetFAX (318) 424-7516FAX (804) 643-5800Shreveport, LA 71101-5499 Richmond, VA 23219-1741(318) 221-0547(804) 643-7800FAX (318) 424-7516 FAX (804) 643-5800SEPTEMBER/2008 89

BUYERStake anotherLOOKRegion:All RegionsForest Products Stock ExchangeSpecies:ALDER Search Advanced SearchCheck out the new enhancements to our websiteforestproductsstockexc.comRepresenting Manufacturers & Processors who supply over500,000,000’of Hardwoods90 Hardwoods Have Versatility

PRIDE HARDWOOD, LLCP. O. Box 1387 • Yazoo City, MS 39194Tel. (662) 746-4050 • FAX (662) 746-8730Sales - Phil Barnes, Bob BarnesKD Lumber: Red Oak, White Oak, Ash, Poplar, CottonwoodService Facilities - 6 Dry Kilns - 375,000’ Cap.Pre Dryer - 540,000’ Cap.,Automatic Handling Equipment, Lumber StackerPackage Maker, S382 Planer, Flooring Plant2,000,000’ Dry Storage, 2,000,000’ AD Cap.Rail & Container LoadingAvg. KD Inventory - 2,000,000’Avg. AD Inventory - 2,000,000’All Domestic Woods • Solid & Laminated StockPrecision Milling on Moulded BlanksSquares/Rounds Fully or Partially MachinedFor Prompt Quotations & Personal Service1-800-447-8537H.A. STILES COMPANYBox 779H Westbrook, ME 04098 207/854-8458 FAX 207/854-3863Internet: • Email: info@hastiles.comCROSS PIECESHeat Treated orNon Heat TreatedAll Sizes AvailableWe ship anywhere in theUS or CanadaJ&M PalletPhone 717-463-9205FAX 717-535-5917pallets@embarqmail.comBuyer of pallet lumber“Where They Look When They’re Ready To Buy”Got an idle machine in your plant that’s doing nothing but gathering dust? Or maybe you have a plant for sale . . . want to hire additionalpersonnel . . . then tell it to the top buyers in the Hardwood industry! These men of buying decision refer to the CLASSIFIED MARKETPLACE in National Hardwood Magazine when they’re ready to buy! That’s why your classified ad will produce RESULTS in this magazine.NATIONAL HARDWOOD MAGAZINE1235 Sycamore View Memphis, TN 38134 Phone: 901-372-8280 FAX: 901-373-6180Jerry G. Williams & Sons, Inc.P.O. Box 2430, 524 Brogden Rd., Smithfield, NC 27577Please Call Thomas Ezzell or Bob Maierswhenever we can be of service at(919) 934-4115Fax 919-934-4956Stock Width HardwoodSpecializing in Stock or Fixed Width Lumber in Poplar, Red Oakand White Oak, FAS and 1 Common NHLA GradesCypressSelect & 2 Common Grades 4/4, 3”-12” widthSouthern Yellow Pine5/4 KD in 3”, 4”, 5”, 6”, 10”, 12” - 4’ thru 16’ lengthsSpecialize in Nosed Edged Stepping and 5/4x10”The Sawmill for all Your Quality Lumber Needs.SEPTEMBER/2008 91

INDEXof AdvertisersAbenaki Timber Corporation .....................................65Air Systems Mfg. of Lenoir, Inc. ................................32AJD Forest Products.........................................................American Hardwood Industries, Inc. .......................19ANCHORSEAL ...................................................14 & 87Atlanta Hardwood Corporation ................................66AWMV Industrial Products........................................67Barnes, J. Bruce, Inc......................................................64Batey, Ltd. ......................................................................82Battle Lumber Co., Inc............................................4 & 5Beard Hardwoods ........................................................24Beasley Forest Products, Inc. ......................................30Bee Forest LLC..............................................................86Begley Lumber Co., Inc. ..................................................Better Built Dry Kilns, Inc...............................................Bingaman & Son Lumber, Inc. ...................................53BLC Hardwood Flooring .......................................4 & 5Bradford Forest Inc. ....................................................BCBrenneman Lumber Company.......................................Bruce & Jenkins Lumber Co., Inc...................................Brunner-Hildebrand Lumber Dry Kiln Co. .................Buckman Laboratories Int’l., Inc....................................Cersosimo Lumber Co., Inc. ...........................................Champlain Hardwoods, Inc. ..........................................Chaney Lumber Co., Inc. ................................................Church, Bryant, Hardwoods, Inc...............................35ClearCreek Hardwoods...................................................Cleereman Sales, Inc. .......................................................Coastal Lumber Company..............................................Cole Hardwood, Inc.....................................................33Cook, C.C., & Son Lumber Co., Inc...............................Corley Manufacturing Co. ............................................6Coulee Region Enterprises, Inc. .....................................Coulee Region Hardwoods, Inc. ....................................Cramer, W.M., Lumber Co..........................................78Cummings Lumber Co., Inc. ......................................85Curtner Lumber Co......................................................87Deer Park Lumber, Inc.................................................56Devereaux Sawmill, Inc...............................................23Distribution Management Systems, Inc........................DLH Nordisk, Inc.........................................................59Downes & Reader Hardwood Co., Inc. ....................80Eastern Lumber Corp. .................................................83Evarts, G.H., & Co., Inc. ..................................................Fields, Walter M., Lumber Co..................................IBCFlamex, Inc. ...................................................................50G.F. Hardwoods, Inc. ...................................................74GEMPAINT..........................................................14 & 87Gilco Lumber, Inc. ........................................................10Graf Brothers Flooring.................................................31Granite Hardwoods, Inc..................................................Granite Valley Forest Products, Inc. ..............................Grezenski, James, Forest Products, Inc. ....................32Gutchess Lumber .........................................................73 Pine Mountain Hardwood Lbr. Co............................71Hanafee Bros. Sawmill Co., Inc...................................... Powell Industries, Inc. .................................................28Hanks, Bill, Lumber Co., Inc. .....................................84Pride Hardwood, LLC.................................................91Hardwood Forest Foundation....................................89Prime Lumber Company ................................................Hardwood Forestry Fund ...............................................Progressive Solutions, Inc. ..........................................17Hardwood Manufacturers Assoc...................................Quality Hardwoods, Inc..................................................Hawkeye Forest Products, Inc....................................54Hermitage Hardwood Lumber Sales, Inc.................68 Quality Hardwoods, Ltd.............................................21Highland Hardwood Sales, Inc...................................... Ram Forest Products, Inc. ...........................................60Holmes & Co., Inc. ........................................................... Rex Lumber Co.............................................................51Huntersville Hardwoods, Inc.....................................66 Rives & Reynolds Lumber Co., Inc. ..........................15Husky Hardwood Lumber .........................................26Rosenberry, Carl L., & Sons, Lumber, Inc.................34Indiana Wood Products, Inc. ......................................12Salamanca Lumber Co., Inc. ...........................................Industrial Timber & Lumber Corp. .............................7Salem Frame..................................................................84Inter-Continental Hardwoods ....................................55Irving, J.D., Limited .........................................................Shannon, J.T., Lumber Co., Inc...................................13ISK Biocides, Inc. ............................................................9 Shaver Wood Products, Inc.............................................J & M Pallet ...................................................................91 SII Dry Kilns.................................................................FCJones, Ron, Hardwood Sales, Inc. ..............................77 Simply Computing.......................................................30Kentucky Forest Industries Assoc. ................................ Sirianni Hardwoods, Inc. ..............................................3Kepley-Frank Hardwood Co., Inc. ............................81Smithco Manufacturing, Inc. ........................................2Kitchens Bros. Manufacturing Co., Inc. ....................35Southern Forest Products Assoc.....................................Kuhns Bros. Lumber Co., Inc. ....................................25Southern Pneumatics ...................................................85Lewis Controls, Inc. .......................................................6Lewis, Dwight, Lumber Co., Inc....................................Spencer, C.A., Inc..........................................................11Limbo .............................................................................78 Stiles, A.W., General Contractors, Inc. ..........................MacBeath Hardwood Company ................................24 Stiles, H.A., Company .................................................91Mackeys Ferry Sawmill ...............................................57 Sylvan Hardwoods, LLC.............................................63Maxwell Hardwood Flooring.........................................T & S Hardwoods, Inc. ................................................63Mayfield Lumber Co. ..................................................26Taylor Lumber, Inc. ......................................................29McDonough Manufacturing Company ........................Taylor Machine Works, Inc. ..........................................1Menominee Tribal Enterprises ...................................58Taylor, Ralph, Lumber Co., Inc. ........................46 & 47Meridien Hardwoods of PA., Inc...................................Metal Detectors, Inc. ....................................................52 Tectronix Systems Inc. .................................................79Midwest Hardwood Corporation..............................76 Tioga Hardwoods, Inc. ................................................28Miller & Co........................................................................ TradeTec Computer Systems Ltd...............................61Missouri-Pacific Lumber Co.......................................62 TRAM Lumber, LLC ....................................................86Mueller Bros. Timber, Inc................................................Tuscarora Hardwoods, Inc..........................................70Neff Lumber Mills, Inc. ...............................................35U•C Coatings Corp. ...........................................14 & 87North Pacific .................................................................27USNR..................................................................................North State Hardwoods, Inc...........................................Northland Corp. ...............................................................Weston Premium Woods Inc. .....................................69Oakcrest Lumber, Inc...................................................83 Weyerhaeuser Hardwoods & Industrial Products..75Oaks Unlimited................................................................. Wheeland Lumber Co., Inc.............................................Olympic Forest Products. Inc. ....................................72 White, Harold, Lumber, Inc..........................................3O’Shea Lumber Co........................................................... Williams, Jerry G., & Sons, Inc. ..................................91Parton Lumber Company, Inc. ...................................34Williams, R.J., Inc..............................................................PCS VacDry USA, LP...................................................87Wilson Hardwoods Inc................................................82Pendu Manufacturing......................................................Wilson Lumber Co., Inc...................................................Pennsylvania Lumbermens Mutual Insurance Co......Peterman Lumber, Inc. ....................................................Wolf River Lumber, Inc. ..............................................16Peterson, Keith D., & Co., Inc.....................................89 WoodEye Inc. ................................................................22Pike Lumber Co., Inc.................................................IFC Yoder Lumber Company, Inc........................................8Note: Advertisers with no page number carry an alternating Ad schedule.92 Hardwoods...A Renewable Resource

And We Think The World Of You Too!For more than 40 years, theWalter M. Fields Lumber Companyhas built a reputation for producingonly the finest textured White Ashfor users worldwide. We have morethan 300,000 board feet of dry kilns,200,000 board feet of air drying buildings,and a 2 million board foot drystorage building. As well as on-siterail, truck and container shipping.And we’re located in Memphis,Tennessee, the hardwood capital ofthe world. A lot of wood. A lot ofhistory. A dedication to meeting yourmost exacting standards. When itcomes to ash, the world comes toFields Lumber. Call us at 901/948-7751or visit www.fieldslumber.comWalter M. Fields Lumber CompanySouthern & Appalachian HardwoodsQuality • Service • DependabilityP .O. Box 13231 • 2401 Harbor Avenue • Presidents Island • Memphis, TN 38113Phone: 901/948-7751 • Fax: 901/948-7752 • Website:

To Find The BestCherry,Just Look For TheWhen you see the orange on the end, you knowyou’ve got the finest black cherry, only from Bradford Forest.We’re known worldwide for supplying the very bestcherry available. So when your plans call for cherry,think "orange" – and choose Bradford Forest.What Nature Creates, We Perfect.P.O. Box 369, Bradford, PA 16701 • 814-368-3701 •

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