2011 New & Featured Varieties from PanAmerican Seed & Kieft-Pro ...


2011 New & Featured Varieties from PanAmerican Seed & Kieft-Pro ...

2011 New & Featured Varietiesfrom PanAmerican Seed & Kieft-Pro-Seeds

Your success starts with varieties fromPanAmerican Seed & Kieft-Pro-SeedsNew 2011 Gryphon Begonia Page 2New 2011 Impreza Cherry SplashImpatiens Page 12New 2011 SimplySalad Global GourmetMixture Page 20New 2011 PowWow Wild Berry EchinceaPage 8New 2011 Plentifall Purple WingTrailing Pansy Page 24New 2011 Double Zahara Fire ZinniaPage 38PanAmerican Seed products &programs.............................................1-39New 2011 PanAmerican Seed VarietiesBacopa Snowtopia White Improved..................................5Begonia Gryphon ..................................................................2Dianthus Sweet F1 Red With White Eye...............................7Echinacea PowWow Series (2 colours).................................8F1 Gazania Daybreak Series (3 colours and a mixture)......10Single F1 ImpatiensImpreza Series (8 colours and 7 mixtures)..........................12Super Elfin Series (6 colours and a mixture)....................14New Guinea Impatiens Divine F1 Series(1 colour and 3 mixtures).....................................................16F1 Double-Flowered Lisianthus ABC Series (6 colours).....18Matthiola (Stock) Katz Series (3 colours)............................18Multi-Pellet ProductsFuseables Twisted Dart........................................................21SimplySalad Series (3 varieties)...........................................20F1 PansyFizzy Series (1 colour and a mixture)...................................21Matrix Series (2 colours and 13 mixtures).......................22Plentifall Series (3 colours and a mixture)........................24Sweet Bell Pepper Cajun Belle............................................25Spreading PetuniaEasy Wave Series (4 colours and 6 mixtures)...................28Shock Wave Series (1 colour and 2 mixtures)..................29Wave Purple Improved.....................................................27F1 SnapdragonMaryland Red.......................................................................31Snapshot Red Bicolour.........................................................31VincaMediterranean Series (2 colours and a mixture)................35Pacifica XP Series (1 colour and 3 mixtures).......................34Titan F1 Series (5 mixtures)..................................................32Viola Sorbet XP (14 colours and 9 mixtures)...................36ZinniaZahara Series (2 mixtures)................................................39Double Zahara Series (2 colours and a mixture).................38Kieft-Pro-Seeds products...................40-44A-to-Z Grower CulturePanAmerican Seed provides growers with the mostcomprehensive growing information in the industry.Use your 2011 Product Information Guide or visitpanamseed.com.New 2011 Wave Purple ImprovedSpreading Petunia Page 27New 2011 Revolution White GerberaPage 41On the front cover:NEW PowWow Wild BerryEchinacea, a breedingbreakthrough from PanAmericanSeed and 2010 All-America Selectionswinner. Read all about PowWowon page 8.On the back cover:NEW Mega Revolution Watermelongerbera from Kieft-Pro-Seeds.See page 41.2011 New & Featured Varietiesfrom PanAmerican Seed & Kieft-Pro-Seeds

Serena is your next bigbedding plant successF1 ANGELONIAAngelonia angustifoliaSerena SeriesHeight: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmSpread: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmA Fantastic Flowers and a HotSummer Survivors selection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed with an 85%+ Yield Potentialrating.First-ever seed-grown angelonia canbe produced more economically forpremium pack and landscape programs.The no-pinch, well-branched plantsfill gardens, landscapes and mixedcontainers with unique dimensionalcolour. This care-free, continuousbloomer is well-suited to landscapes,gardens and mixed containers, andalso works well in indoor lifestyle plantprograms. Plants grow up to 50%larger in Floridalike conditions.14-week crop time from seed.Mississippi Medallion Award, DallasArboretum FlameProof Award,Louisiana Super Plants Award.• Lavender 393857 ‘PAS393856’• Lavender Pink 393859 ‘PAS393858’• Purple 394031 ‘PAS 394030’ • White394033 North Texas Winner’s CircleAward Winner. ‘PAS394032’• Mixture 409126Serena SeriesNotesFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 1

Gryphon pumps up yourprogram with drama anddurabilityNew 2011 GryphonBEGONIABegonia x hybridaNew 2011 Gryphon760466Height: 14 to 16 in./35 to 40 cm inshade; 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cm inpartial sunSpread: 16 to 18 in./40 to 45 cmA Fantastic Foliage and a Made forthe Shade selection.Supplied as multi-seed pellets with90% minimum germination.The Gryphon is a mythical creaturewith the head and wings of an eagle,and the body of a lion. This superbfoliage begonia combines the samemajestic beauty with strength anddurability. The showy plants deliverenough “WOW” to fly out of thestore and make a dramatic gardenstatement in mixed or solo containers.It’s the perfect companion to DragonWing begonia, Kong coleus, SuperElfin and Impreza impatiens, DivineNew Guinea impatiens and Silver Crestplectranthus.Gryphon fits into existing begonia plugculture, and is easier and quicker toproduce than vegetative foliage types.Plants are more tolerant of stressfulconditions than Rex begonias for lessshrink, and fit programs from 4.5to 10 in./11 to 25 cm. Retailers willappreciate Gryphon’s showy displays,low water needs, longer sales window,and versatility for both indoor andoutdoor plant sales areas. The uniquetropical appearance makes this aperfect impulse item. For consumers,garden-to-home Gryphon lets themextend the season by bringing plantsindoors at the end of the season.These easy-care, low-water plants willdeliver great success and make repeatcustomers.Notes2 Order & find growing info at panamseed.com

Fantastic Foliage has the colours andtextures to increase your profitsHome gardeners, landscapers and outdoordesigners are actively shopping for thenew and unique accent plants featuredin the award-winning Fantastic Foliagepremium lineup from seed. You need theseeconomical, high-performance solutions fora fast-growing landscape market. Excellentfor mixed containers and gardens, thesevarieties exhibit the top-quality shape,texture and designer colours to increase yourbusiness. Find the complete Fantastic Foliageproduct list at panamseed.com.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 3

Dragon Wing is theamazing begonia thatperforms in blazing heatBEGONIABegonia x hybridaDragon Wing F1 SeriesHeight: 12 to 15 in./30 to 40 cmSpread: 15 to 18 in./38 to 45 cmA Hot Summer Survivors and a Madefor the Shade selection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seedwith an 85% minimum germinationstandard.Dragon Wing delivers excellent gardenperformance across a wide rangeof conditions. With a unique andbeautiful arching, pendulous habit,this spectacular plant adapts wellto hanging baskets, large containersand in-ground plantings. DragonWing is used widely by professionallandscapers where season-longperformance is necessary. Outstandingheat tolerance in areas like Floridaprovides lush, vigorous growth.Unusually strong performance incool, stressful conditions in areaslike northern Europe and Canadamakes this series an ideal commerciallandscape item. Dragon Wing offersa dramatically different look fromstandard begonias. Easy to growfrom pelleted seed, it surpassesvegetative varieties for branching,vigour and “flower power.” Crop timefrom seeding to sale is 16 weeks for a10-in./25-cm basket. Both colours areGeorgia Gold Medal Winners.• Pink 97032 ‘Bepapink’ European CommunityPlant Variety Rights Number 10351 • Red 1327‘Bepared’ European Community Plant VarietyRights Number 9611Dragon Wing RedNotes4 Order & find growing info at panamseed.com

New 2011 Snowtopia White Improved BacopaNew 2010 Versa Burgundy to GreenColeusNew 2010 Versa Mixture ColeusNew 2010 Versa Crimson Gold ColeusNew 2010 Versa Green Halo ColeusNew 2010 Versa Lime ColeusStage 1Stage 2Stage 3New 2010 Versa Rose to Lime ColeusNew 2010 Versa Watermelon ColeusBACOPASutera cordataNew 2011 SnowtopiaWhite Improved 737488Height: 6 in./15 cmSpread: 18 to 24 in./45 to 60 cmA Fantastic Flowers selection.New Supplied as multi-seed pelletswith 90% minimum germination.Snowtopia White Improved is 7 to 10days earlier to flower to better matchBlutopia Blue. It also has improvedgermination for more useable plugs,larger flowers and darker greenfoliage. The first-ever bacopas fromseed, Snowtopia White Improved andBlutopia Blue let you fully mechanizeproduction, with easy crop scheduling,quick turns, no pinching and no needfor stock plants. Both are economicalchoices for accent plant programsand ideal for 4.5-in./11-cm and 10 to12-in./25 to 30-cm pots. Perform wellin large planters and mixed containers.'PAS737486'COLEUSSolenostemon scutellarioidesNew 2010Versa CollectionHeight: Varies by variety.Spread: 18 to 22 in./45 to 55 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed.Use Versa coleus in the sun and inthe shade, too! These well-branched,vigorous plants show off beautifulmulti-patterned foliage that stays thecentre of attention all season, thanksto the very late-flowering habit.Versa offers exceptional versatilityin production, too – the collectionis well-suited to standard and 306premium packs, 5-in./13-cm pots,and gallon pots with 3 plants per pot.• Burgundy to Green 733804 Deepburgundy leaves have speckles of limegreen that expand throughout theseason to cover most of the leaf.Height: 32 in./80 cm. ‘PAS733803’• Crimson Gold 733806 Deep redleaves with golden green edge.Height: 26 in./65 cm. ‘PAS733805’• Green Halo 733810 Thick greenmargin on leaves with consistentcreamy centre. Height: 20 in./50 cm.‘PAS733809’ • Lime 733808 Lime greento golden foliage. Height: 28 in./70 cm.‘PAS733807’ • Rose to Lime 733855 Rosecolour in leaves eventually dissolves,exposing green margins and creamcentre. Height: 24 in./60 cm. ‘PAS535943’• Watermelon 714176 Cherry-redleaves with green edges in coolconditions mature to a deep pinkunder warmer conditions.Height: 24 in./60 cm. ‘PAS491156’• Mixture 778988 Includes all sixcolours.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 5

New 2010 Chocolate Splash733857Height: 12 to 16 in./30 to 40 cmSpread: 12 to 16 in./30 to 40 cmA Fantastic Foliage, a Hot SummerSurvivors and a Made for the Shadeselection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed.Another scrumptious treat in ourversatile chocolate-hued coleuscollection! Each of the mid-sizedgreen leaves is highlighted by achocolate-splashed pattern thatvaries with age and light exposure.This easy-to-grow, upright varietypairs well with Dark Chocolate andChocolate Mint in mixed containersand landscape plantings in the shade.Works well in standard and 306premium packs, 5-in./13-cm pots,and gallons with 3 plants per pot.Kong SeriesNew 2010 Chocolate SplashNew 2010 Kong GreenNew 2010 Kong ScarletNew 2010 Kong Empire MixtureHeight: 18 to 20 in./45 to 50 cmSpread: 15 to 18 in./38 to 45 cmA Hot Summer Survivors and a Madefor the Shade selection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed.This exciting series features extremelylarge leaves and unique patterns ontall, well-branched plants. Kong makesan eye-catching choice for largecontainers and landscapes, and alsoworks well as an indoor lifestyle plant.The fast-finishing plants are wellsuitedto production in 4.5-in./11-cm(8-in./20-cm) pots to gallons with3 plants per pot. Prefers full shadefor best performance.• New 2010 Green 452643 Green withslight cream veining and markings.‘Kakegawa CE16’ U.S. Plant Variety ProtectionNumber 200500019 • Mosaic 452644Unique pattern of bright green, shadesof red and cream – no two leaves arealike. ‘Kakegawa CE15’ • New 2010 Red452645 Rich red centre with strongveining and a bright green edge.‘Kakegawa CE12’ U.S. Plant Variety ProtectionNumber 200500015 • New 2010 Rose452646 Vibrant rose centresurrounded by a bright green edge.‘Kakegawa CE14’ U.S. Plant Variety ProtectionNumber 200500017 • New 2010 SalmonPink 713845 Multi-colour pattern ofsalmon-pink and chocolate brownwith irregular green edge. ‘SAKCOL017’U.S. Plant Variety Protection Number 200900035• New 2010 Scarlet 452647 Tri-colourpattern with a scarlet centresurrounded by a deeper burgundyand irregular green outer edge.‘Kakegawa CE13’ U.S. Plant Variety ProtectionNumber 200500016 • New 2010 EmpireMixture 732099 Vibrant mix of Red,Rose, Salmon Pink and Scarlet. • New2010 Mixture 452648 Includes all theKong colours.KONG Coleus are bred by Sakata Seed Corporation.Kong MosaicNew 2010 Kong RedNew 2010 Kong RoseNew 2010 Kong MixtureNew 2010 Kong Salmon Pink6Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

DELPHINIUMNew 2010 Dasante Blue490441Delphinium elatumHeight: 28 to 34 in./70 to 85 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 8(-20 to 10°F/-29 to -12°C minimumtemperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennialselection.Supplied as raw seed.Answer the “Do you have anythingblue?” question with this excitingcompact perennial. Dasante Blueshows off vibrant true blue flowerswith light purple accents and whitebees. The grower-friendly, uniformplants are more compact, moreresponsive to PGRs and naturallyearlier than other D. elatum types.This easy-care, cool-season crop canbe grown with little or no heat forenergy savings. Plants ship well withmore plants per rack in flower thanany other delphinium for tremendousretail impact. Best for gallons with3 plants per pot.New 2010 Diamonds Blue490451Delphinium grandiflorumHeight: 16 to 24 in./40 to 60 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 8(-20 to 10°F/-29 to -12°C minimumtemperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennialselection.Supplied as raw seed.The first F1 spurless delphinium fromseed, Diamonds Blue sparkles at retailand in the garden with cerulean blueflowers that “face up.” Give shoppersblue, and lots of it, and they’ll besatisfied. This high-value D. chinensistype eliminates the need for tissueculture inputs and is supplied withmuch higher germination – up to25% better – than others for moreeffective scheduling. The uniformplants can be shipped and sold at firstcolour. A must-have for low-energySpring programs; ideal for gallonswith 3 plants per pot.F1 DIANTHUSBouquet F1 SeriesD. barbatus interspecificHeight: 18 to 24 in./45 to 60 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: to 4 (-30°F/-34°Cminimum temperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennial anda Cool Season Thrivers selection.Suitable for greenhouse, field orgarden cut flower production.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed.Growers have been asking for morecolours in this versatile, cool-seasonseries and now there is a deep rosechoice. Featuring fragrant, lacy flowerson strong, well-branched stems,versatile Bouquet works equally wellin perennial borders, as a backyard cutflower and in commercial cut flowerprograms. Also makes a long-lastinglandscape variety. • New 2010 Rose518182 Eye-catching deep rose colour.3 varieties are now available. Seepage 31 of the 2009 catalog for moreinformation.Sweet F1 SeriesDianthus barbatusHeight: 18 to 36 in./45 to 90 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmA Cool Season Thrivers selection.Suitable for greenhouse, field orgarden cut flower production.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seedwith 90% minimum germination.The best D. barbatus for year-roundcommercial production, withhigh-yielding plants that are veryuniform for height and floweringtime. Taller growth comes from early,Autumn-transplanted, greenhousegrownplants. No vernalization isneeded for first-year flowering. Alsosuited to indoor and gallon beddingplant programs. Excellent gardenperformer, with long-lasting, veryfragrant blooms on vigorous, frost andheat-tolerant plants that don’t needstaking. • New 2011 Red With WhiteEye 753242 Traditional Sweet Williambicolour.6 varieties and a mixture are nowavailable. See page 32 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2010 Dasante Blue DelphiniumNew 2010 Diamonds Blue DelphiniumNotesNew 2010 Bouquet Rose DianthusNew 2011 Sweet Red With White EyeDianthusFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 7

PowWow lets yousend super-showycolour to marketECHINACEAEchinacea purpurea (Coneflower)New 2011 PowWow SeriesHeight: 16 to 20 in./40 to 50 cm firstyear; 22 to 24 in./55 to 60 cm secondyearSpread: 12 to 16 in./30 to 40 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 4 to 9(-30 to 20°F/-34 to -7°C minimumtemperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennialselection.Supplied as raw seed with a 70%minimum germination standard.PowWow puts more flowers on everyplant than any other seed echinacea,whether grown for first-year Springsales or as a traditional overwinteredperennial. Very well-matched for habitand timing, the colour-packed duo isalso faster to flower and geneticallyshorter than the competition, makingit easy to grow, ship on racks and sell.No PGRs are needed to maintaincontrolled height in quart or gallonprograms. Drought-tolerant, easy-careplants stay tidy at retail with longholdability, and look great all seasonoutdoors. Echinacea is a “top five”perennial – gardeners and landscaperswill especially flock to 2010 All-AmericaSelections winner Wild Berry for itsterrific, non-fading colour show!• White 702918 Pure white with yellowcentre. 'PAS702918' • Wild Berry 702917Unique, intense rose flowers with darkrose centre. Produces up to 2% tallerplants. U.S. Utility Patent Applied For,'PAS702917'New 2011 PowWow WhiteNotesNew 2011 PowWow Wild Berry8 Order & find growing info at panamseed.com

Schedule and ship ourFirst Year-Flowering Perennialsalongside your Spring cropsFirst year-flowering perennials fromPanAmerican Seed have uniform habitsand flowering time, making them easy toprogram. Featuring several award-winningvarieties, everything in this incredible lineupcan be grown, scheduled and shippedalongside your Spring annuals for an easy andprofitable way to expand your footprint inthe popular perennial market segment. Findthe complete First Year-Flowering Perennialsproduct list at panamseed.com.Find New 2010 product Zahara Fire & growing Zinnia & Mesa info Yellow at Gaillardia panamseed.com 9

Mesa Yellow puts fastcolour on “no flop” plantsFUSEABLES See page 21.F1 GAILLARDIAGaillardia x grandifloraNew 2010 Mesa Yellow729685Height: 16 to 18 in./40 to 45 cmSpread: 20 to 22 in./50 to 55 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: to 5 (-20°/-29°Cminimum temperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennialselection.Supplied as raw seed.The first F1 gaillardia from seed,award-winning Mesa Yellow deliversa more uniform habit with moreflowers than other varieties. Thevigorous, early-flowering andwell-branched plants fill galloncontainers quickly while maintaininga controlled height and not “flopping”over. The uniform habit and floweringtime make it easy to schedule andship. Very drought tolerant onceestablished, Mesa Yellow showsintense, non-fading colour all seasonon upright, well-branched plants thatperform well in landscapes and mixedcontainers. Fits well into 4-in./10-cmand gallon programs. 2010 All-AmericaSelections winner, 2010 FleuroselectGold Medal winner.New 2010 Mesa YellowNotes10 Order & find growing info at panamseed.com

New 2011 Daybreak Mixture Improved GazaniaNew 2011 Daybreak Bronze ImprovedGazaniaNew 2011 Daybreak White ImprovedGazaniaF1 GAZANIAGazania rigensDaybreak F1 SeriesHeight: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmSupplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed with 90% germination standard.Early and compact series producesflowers with dark-ringed centres invibrant colours. The blooms stay openlonger than most varieties. The threeimproved varieties stretch less andproduce larger flowers with lesspetal curl. Drought-tolerant plantsare ideal for gardens, containersand baskets, with an excellentfree-flowering, vigorous habit.Well-suited to high-density packprograms. • New 2011 BronzeImproved 753318 Red to bronzeshades. • New 2011 White Improved753449 White to cream shades.• New 2011 Yellow Improved 753451• New 2011 Mixture Improved7873289 varieties and a mixture are nowavailable. See page 37 of the 2009catalog for more information.GOMPHRENAGomphrena sp.New 2010 Fireworks 771515Height: 4 ft./1.2 cmSpread: 4 ft./1.2 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Suitable for field or garden cut flowerproduction.Supplied as coated seed.More blooms per plant thanother gomphrenas plus its unique“scaffolding” habit give Fireworks theexceptional flower power that makesit sparkle at retail, then explode withcolour in landscapes and containers.The vigorous, “tough as nails”plants are topped by long-lasting,intense hot pink flowers tipped withbright yellow. Drought-tolerant andlow-maintenance Fireworks resistsweather damage and provides anattractive architectural element forthe landscape. Easy to produce on thebench, Fireworks stays compact as aplug. Well-suited to high-margin gallonprograms. 2010 Mississippi MedallionAward winner.HELIANTHUS (Sunflower)Helianthus annuusNew 2010 Ballad F1 276291Height: 24 to 30 in./60 to 75 cmSpread: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Supplied as raw seed.This dwarf sunflower makes anexcellent florist gift item or indoorlifestyle plant with long retail shelflife; also well-suited to warm weatherlandscape markets like Florida.The pollen-free plants do notaggravate allergies and there is nomessy pollen to drop on furniture.Very mildew-tolerant Ballad produceswell-formed, 4 to 5-in./10 to 13-cm,bright golden yellow flowers withdarker bronze centres over shinygreen foliage. Plants flower at ashorter height under short days; underlong days in the Summer, plants aretaller without growth regulators. Seedcan be direct sown into 4 to 6-in./10 to15-cm pots for easy production.New 2010 Miss Sunshine F1713841Height: 10 to 16 in./25 to 40 cmSpread: 6 to 8 in. /15 to 20 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Supplied as raw seed.Seed is available exclusively throughBall Horticultural Company in NorthAmerica.This delightful dwarf sunfloweroffers an array of benefits togrowers, retailers and gardeners.Easy and economical to produce,mildew-tolerant Miss Sunshine needsfewer PGRs and will flower at ashorter height under short days.These pollen-free plants do notaggravate allergies and there is nomessy pollen to drop. The 3 to 4-in.(7 to 10-cm), sunny golden-colouredblooms “face up” for big retail impact,and produce long-lasting colour forthe consumer, with a fast flush ofsecondary flowers. Miss Sunshine isperfect for containers and mixed pots;it also makes a great indoor lifestyleplant or florist gift item, and fits wellinto some warm-weather landscapemarkets like Florida.New 2011 Daybreak Yellow ImprovedGazaniaNew 2010 Fireworks GomphrenaNew 2010 Ballad F1 HelianthusNew 2010 Miss Sunshine F1 HelianthusFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 11

Impreza buys you a week at retailNotesNotesSuperior holdability across12Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

F1 SINGLE IMPATIENSImpatiens wallerianaNew 2011 Impreza SeriesHeight: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmSpread: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmA Made for the Shade and a ColourEssentials selection.Supplied as raw seed with a 95%+Yield Potential rating.New 2011 Blue PearlNew 2011 RedNew 2011 VioletNew 2011 Cherry SplashNew 2011 RoseNew 2011 WhiteNew 2011 Pink SplashNew 2011 SalmonNew 2011 Formula MixtureBreeding breakthrough Impreza offersa streamlined range of the top-sellingcolours plus unique patterns in one ofthe most grower and retailer-friendlyimpatiens series available. Reducedapical dominance and decreasedinternode length combine foreasy-to-manage plants that providegood soil coverage with less upwardstretch, and potentially need fewerPGRs. All 8 colours flower earlier andfinish in a tight, 5 to 7-day window forefficient shipping. In the store,Impreza is proven to deliver thelongest shelf life of any impatiensto extend sales and reduce dump.Garden fill is excellent and plantsstay full and good-looking all season.• Blue Pearl 774961 'PAS774961'• Cherry Splash 774965 'PAS774965'• Pink Splash 774966 'PAS774966'• Red 774967 'PAS774967' • Rose774968 ‘PAS774968' • Salmon 774970'PAS774970' • Violet 774971 'PAS774971'• White 774972 'PAS774972' • FormulaMixture 782158 All colours. • PinkSpring Mixture 811523 Pink Splash,Rose and White. • Rally Mixture839878 Pink Splash, Red, Salmon,Violet and White. • Red White Mixture841216 • South Beach Mixture811522 Red, Salmon and Violet• Watercolor Mixture 811524Blue Pearl, Pink Splash and White.• Wedgewood Mixture 811525 BluePearl, Violet and White.New 2011 Pink Spring MixtureNew 2011 Rally MixtureNew 2011 Red White MixtureNew 2011 South Beach MixtureNew 2011 Watercolor MixtureNew 2011 Wedgewood MixtureThe plant “skeleton” of Impreza plants(left) results in better holdability than thecompetition (right).8 key colours…a must for high-volume programs.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 13

Super Elfin XP streamlines yourproduction and sends perfectionto the storeNotesXP uniformity minimizes14Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

Super Elfin SeriesHeight: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmA Made for the Shade and a ColourEssentials selection.Supplied as raw seed with a 95%+Yield Potential rating.Super Elfin XP varieties deliver a tight,5 to 7-day flowering window across allcolours – core and novelty – so all plantsship at the same time to meet marketdates. XP also assures exceptionallyuniform habit and plant vigour,consistency of early flowering, andbigger blooms than the competition.The broad colour range lets you mixand match any Super Elfin XP varietyto achieve the most uniform impatienscrop based on customer needs.• New 2011 Cherry Splash XP 746357‘PAS746357’ • New 2011 Lilac XP 746358'PAS746358' • New 2011 Red Starburst XP751931 Replaces Star Cherry XP witha more stable starburst patternsurrounded by vibrant red. U.S. UtilityPatent Number 5986188, ‘PAS751931’• New 2010 Rose XP Improved751932 Deeper flower colour, largerflower size, darker green foliage andimproved branching make this a bettermatch within the XP series. ‘PAS751932’• New 2011 Rose Starburst XP774973 Stable starburst pattern. U.S.Utility Patent Number 5986188, ‘PAS774973’• New 2011 Violet XP Improved751935 Richer colour; less PGRsensitivity fits better for commontreatment across the series. ‘PAS751935’• New 2011 Violet Starburst XP751936 U.S. Utility Patent Number, 5986188‘PAS751936’ • New 2010 Clear MixtureXP 766484 Solid colour XP mixincludes Red, White, Violet,Rose Improved, Pink, Salmon,Coral, Blue Pearl and Punch.• New 2010 Red White Mixture XP735816 Good for markets with aWinter holiday product demand, forCanadian markets and even foruniversities with a red and white theme.• New 2011 Starburst Mixture XP832926 Includes NEW Red StarburstXP, NEW Rose Starburst XP, SalmonStarburst XP and NEW VioletStarburst XP.18 XP varieties and 7 XP mixtures arenow available, as well as 6 standardvarieties and 8 standard mixtures.See page 48 of the 2009 catalog formore information.New 2011 Cherry Splash XPNew 2011 Rose Starburst XPNew 2011 Lilac XPNew 2011 Violet XP ImprovedNew 2010 Rose XP ImprovedNew 2011 Violet Starburst XPNew 2010 Clear Mixture XPNew 2010 Red White Mixture XPNew 2011 Red Starburst XPNew 2011 Starburst Mixture XPgrowing risk and makes long-lasting retail displays.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 15

F1 NEW GUINEA IMPATIENSImpatiens hawkeriiDivine F1 SeriesNew 2010 Cherry RedNew 2010 PinkHeight: 10 to 14 in./25 to 35 cmSpread: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmA Fantastic Flowers, a Hot SummerSurvivors and a Made for the Shadeselection.Supplied as professional quality rawseed with an 85%+ Yield Potentialrating.Establishing quickly in the landscape,Divine delivers outstandingperformance to growers, gardenersand landscapers. A one-weekflowering window across an excellentrange of the most important coloursmeans easy and simple designer mixesfor the landscape market. The onlyprofessional-quality seed-grown NewGuinea impatiens on the market,Divine offers ease of ordering, timing,delivery and storage without diseaseissues. Supplied with high seed quality,easy-to-grow Divine delivers consistent,transplantable yields and a quick croptime from plugs. Divine fits in withexisting mechanical transplanting andplug programs to deliver fast turns andhigh-density production in 306 premiumpacks and 4-in. (10-cm) pots. Full plantsfilled with big, showy blooms makelush hanging baskets and containers.Uniform, well-branched plants offersstrong garden performance and showydisplays all season. Foliage rangesfrom green to bronze-green, providinga good contrast with the blooms.• New 2010 Cherry Red 425574• New 2010 Lavender 425593• New 2011 Orange Bronze Leaf777809 Large, deep orange flowers onmid-bronze foliage. Well-branchedwith more controlled growth thanoriginal Orange. • New 2010 Pink425594 • New 2010 Scarlet Red425576 • New 2010 Violet 425577• New 2010 White 425578• New 2011 Hot Mixture Improved842634 Scarlet Red, Cherry Redand NEW Orange Bronze Leaf.• New 2011 Mixture Improved842632 Now includes NEW OrangeBronze Leaf. • New 2010 MysticMixture 425599 Lavender, Violet andWhite. • New 2010 Red White Mixture760693 Scarlet Red and White.• New 2011 Salsa Mixture Improved842635 Now includes NEW OrangeBronze Leaf.New 2011 Orange Bronze LeafNew 2010 VioletNew 2011 Mixture ImprovedNotesNew 2010 Scarlet RedNew 2010 WhiteNew 2010 Mystic MixtureNew 2010 LavenderNew 2011 Hot Mixture ImprovedNew 2010 Red White MixtureNew 2011 Salsa Mixture Improved16Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

Fantastic Flowers give youeasy and affordable productionof upscale plantsThese trend-setting blooms from seedoffer you an economical way to bringpremium plants to retail that will sell.Our high-performing landscape plantscan even be paired with Fantastic Foliagefor outstanding mixed containers. Findthe complete Fantastic Flowers productlist at panamseed.com.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 17

JUNCUS See page 21.F1 CUT FLOWER LISIANTHUSEustoma grandiflorum (Texas Blue Bell)ABC F1 SeriesLocation: Greenhouse, shade houseStem length: 36 to 45 in./90 cm to1.1 m in the greenhouseSupplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed with 80% minimum germinationstandard.ABC lets growers produce a high-qualityfinished crop in a comprehensivecolour range using just one series.Less rosetting sensitivity than thecompetition in both the plug andfinish stage increases the number ofsaleable plants and reduces oreliminates the need for GA spraying.Uniform vigour and 1 to 2 weeks fasterfinish time assure a short harvestwindow and high yields of first-gradecuts. Blooms uniformly within thecolour, displaying outstanding doubleflower form with high petal counts.Allow approximately 16 weeks fromtransplant to harvest for earlytransplants and approximately13 weeks for mid to late transplants.• New 2011 1-3 Green 832535• New 2011 1-3 Misty Blue 832538• New 2011 2-3 Misty Blue 832539• New 2011 2-3 Misty Pink 832540• New 2011 1-3 Yellow 832536• New 2011 2-4 Yellow Improved83253720 varieties are now available. Seepage 52 of the 2008 catalog for moreinformation including SeasonalityNumber Guide for streamlined ordering.CUT FLOWER MATTHIOLA(STOCK)Matthiola incanaKatz SeriesLocation: Grow in tunnels rather thanoutside; can withstand heat wellStem length: 32 in./80 cmSupplied as raw seed with 85%minimum germination standard.Similar to Japanese extra earlyfloweringtypes, Katz delivers up to6 weeks shorter crop time, uniformityin flowering for stem length andtiming between colours, and betterheat tolerance than European ortraditional field types. Can be grownearlier and later in the season, andeven year-round in some climates.About 55 to 60% double-flowering,with some selectability possible.Tunnel production is recommendedfor longer stems, overall quality andimproved shipability; tight spacingincreases stem length.• New 2011 Apricot 783171• New 2011 Bright Rose 783173• New 2011 Lavender Blue 7831728 varieties are now available.New 2011 ABC 1-3 Green LisianthusNew 2011 ABC 1-3 Misty Blue LisianthusNew 2011 ABC 2-3 Misty Blue LisianthusNew 2011 ABC 2-3 Misty Pink LisianthusNew 2011 ABC 1-3 Yellow LisianthusNew 2011 ABC 2-4 Yellow ImprovedLisianthusNew 2011 Katz Apricot MatthiolaNew 2011 Katz Bright Rose MatthiolaNew 2011 Katz Lavender Blue Matthiola18Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

F1 AFRICAN (AMERICAN)DWARF MARIGOLDTagetes erectaNew 2010 Taishan F1 SeriesHeight: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmSpread: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Supplied as de-tailed and coatedseed.Seed is available exclusively throughBall Horticultural Company in NorthAmerica.Meet the better dwarf Africanmarigold. With 20% shorter pedunclesand 15% thicker stems than themarket leader, Taishan stands tall withless stretch on the bench, and lessbreakage in shipping and at retail.Better branching with more aggressiveside branching fills packs quickly anddelivers a healthier look. Largerflowers hold their doubleness andshed water well. At retail, the big,tightly petaled blooms on super-strongstems look terrific with less waste,better tolerance of overhead wateringand longer shelf life. Gardeners andlandscapers will appreciate the fullplants and season-long shows ofhigh-impact colour. Performance is sospectacular that the Taishan series wasfeatured throughout the landscapes atthe 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing,China. De-tailed/Coated Seed:• Gold 553703/553706• Orange 524599/553707• Yellow 553704/553708• Mixture 726972/726971New 2010 Taishan YellowNotesNew 2010 Taishan GoldNew 2010 Taishan OrangeNew 2010 Taishan MixtureFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 19

SimplySalad lets youcapitalize on the growingdemand for veggiesMULTI-SPECIES MULTI-PELLETSNew 2011 SimplySalad SeriesHeight: 12 in./30 cmSpread: 12 in./30 cmSupplied as multi-species multi-pelletseed with a 90% minimum germinationstandard, with 3 or more seedlingsper pellet.Here’s the easiest way for consumersto grow and enjoy mixed salads, andfor growers and retailers to capitalizeon the big demand for vegetables!Each SimplySalad pellet contains atasty, good-looking mix of greensthat can be grown in colour bowls,then enjoyed as both a colourful,mixed-texture ornamental and adelicious, nutritious edible. Gardenerscan harvest every 3 weeks by cuttingback to 2 in./5 cm and regrow severaltimes for more fresh salads. Onthe bench, SimplySalad is easy toproduce with a very quick crop time.Multi-pellets are efficient to sow inplugs or direct to the final container,and since varieties can’t separate inthe seed hopper, the multi-pelletassures a well-balanced mix. Producesmore vivid colours when grown cool.For the consumer, SimplySaladperforms best in full sun in coolweather, or partial shade astemperatures warm up.• Alfresco Mixture 788857 Red andgreen leaf lettuces with arugula,endive and radicchio give a trueMediterranean flavor and look.• City Garden Mixture 788858Traditional mix of red and greenlettuces that are easy on the palate.• Global Gourmet Mixture 788856Red and green leaf lettuces and Asiangreens make a mix of Asian flavorsgreat in salads or stir-fry.New 2011 Alfresco MixtureNew 2011 City Garden MixtureNew 2011 Global Gourmet Mixture20Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

FUSEABLES SINGLE-SPECIESMULTI-PELLETSFuseables let you produce instantcombinations! The easy-to-growpellets are specially formulated todeliver a balanced mix of plants thatgrow well together, then look goodat retail and all through the season.Fuseables seed is supplied with a 90%minimum germination standard, with2 or more seedlings of each varietyper pellet.Coming for 2011: New FuseablesFlowers in both single-species andmulti-species choices. Contact yourpreferred distributor for the FuseablesFlowers listing and ordering details.New 2011 Twisted DartJuncus 775138Height: 14 to 16 in./35 to 40 cmSpread: 10 to 18 in./25 to 45 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: to Zone 5(-20°F/-29°C minimum temperature)A Grasses of Fantastic Foliageselection.Supplied as multi-seed pellets with90% minimum germination standard.Combining Blue Dart juncus andJuncus effusus spiralis (curly juncus),this shorter version of Twisted Arrowsstays more compact for the South,and can be used in hanging basketseverywhere. Offers the contrast ofblue and green along with straightand twisted.F1 ORNAMENTAL MILLETPennisetum glaucumNew 2011 Twisted Dart JuncusF1 RUFFLED PANSYViola x wittrockianaFizzy SeriesHeight: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmSpread: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmA Cool Season Thrivers selection –the perfect partner to Pansy Palsvarieties for early Spring and Autumnsales.Supplied as primed and raw seedwith a 90% minimum germinationstandard.Higher seed quality than other ruffledvarieties combines with eye-catchinglooks to deliver a top-performingpansy. Stronger ruffling occurs in coolconditions. Fizzy is definitely that“something different” consumersare looking for in their gardens! Wellsuitedto packs, 3.5-in./9-cm potscolour bowls and baskets. Standard/Primed Seed: • New 2011 Grape726796/786585 Deep purple withsome lighter “fizz” on the upperpetals; also an occasional rosy purple.New 2011 Fruit Salad Mixture769648/786586 Includes NEW Grapeand Lemonberry, plus passion fruitand raspberry.2 varieties and a mixture are nowavailable. See page 78 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2011 Fizzy Grape PansyNew 2011 Fizzy Fruit Salad Mixture PansyNew 2010 Jade Princess700762Height: 24 to 30 in./60 to 75 cmSpread: 18 to 24 in./45 to 60 cmSupplied as raw seed with 85%minimum germination standard.Seed is available exclusively throughBall Horticultural Company in NorthAmerica.Intense lime green leaves, controlledand mounded shape, and pollenlessheads make this variety shine in thestore, and outdoors in landscapesand mixed or mono containers.Jade Princess is a “must have” forlandscapers and consumers lookingfor plants in the popular chartreusecolour group. It offers an economicaloption to growers – seed can bedirect-sown into finish containers,plants are well-suited to pot sizesup to gallons, and the crop finishesfast. The most compact of thePanAmerican Seed millets, the plantsship well. Note: Jade Princess requireswarmer temperatures than othermillets to perform well.New 2010 Jade Princess OrnamentalMilletNotesFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 21

Matrix grows yourbottom lineF1 PANSYViola x wittrockianaMatrix SeriesHeight: 8 in./20 cmSpread: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmA Cool Season Thrivers selection –the perfect partner to Pansy Palsvarieties for early Spring and Autumnsales.Supplied as primed and raw seedwith a 90%+ Yield Potential rating.Matrix pansies are design-engineeredto grower specs to make plants withsuperior structure and holdablility,while minimizing waste andunacceptable plant performance.Similar habit, timing and performanceacross the series – including the noveltycolours – deliver a better-lookingproduct at retail. All Matrix varietiesflower within a 7-day window at 25%colour in Autumn production so thatall colours from the same sowing canship together. Superior branchingproduces plants that cover the soilbefore initiating blooms withoutstretching, to assure more flowers perplant in landscapes and containers.The bottom line: Matrix makes lifeeasier – you don’t touch the crop asmuch! Standard/Primed Seed:• New 2010 Light Blue 702042/737151 Bright, clear azure blue.‘PAS702042’ • New 2011 Purple Improved770616/784709 Earlier andlarger-flowered, in the best deepclear purple on the market. 'PAS770616'• New 2011 Sangria 770618/784731Wine shades with variations of yellowhalo around the centre blotch.'PAS770618' • New 2011 Amber MixtureNotesNew 2010 Light BlueNew 2011 Purple ImprovedOver 40 perfectly matched22 Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

786658/786668 Orange, Yellow andlemon. • New 2011 Amethyst Mixture786656/786666 NEW PurpleImproved, Rose Blotch, Oceanand Deep Blue Blotch. • New 2010Clear Mixture 349851/349852Important addition for the landscapertrade includes Light Blue, Orange,Primrose, Purple, Rose, White andYellow. • New 2011 Diamonds Mixture786654/786664 White, Primrose andlemon. • New 2011 HalloweenMixture 554660/554659 Orange andNEW Purple Improved. • New 2011Harvest Mixture 787470/787469Yellow, NEW Purple Improved andOrange. • New 2011 Jewels Mixture786659/786669 Yellow, Orange, NEWPurple Improved, Rose and Light Blue.• New 2011 Opal Mixture 786655/786665 Light Blue, Primrose, Rose andlemon. • New 2011 Ruby Mixture786660/786670 Rose, Rose Wing andRose Blotch. • New 2011 SapphireMixture 786657/786667 Light Blue,Deep Blue Blotch and Blue Frost.• New 2011 Sunfire Mixture738740/500721 Sunrise, Yellow Blotchand Rose Blotch. • New 2011Tanzanite Mixture 786653/786663Ocean, White Blotch and NEW PurpleImproved. • New 2011 Topaz andGarnet Mixture 786661/786671Orange, Red Blotch and Yellow.• New 2011 Yellow Topaz Mixture786652/786662 Yellow, White andlemon.Choose from a broad range ofMatrix colours – 5 novelty varieties,8 blotch varieties, 7 clear varietiesand 21 mixtures, including 10 new“Gemstone” mixtures, are nowavailable. See page 72 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2011 Amber Mixture New 2011 Amethyst Mixture New 2010 Clear MixtureNew 2011 Diamonds Mixture New 2011 Halloween Mixture New 2011 Harvest MixtureNew 2011 Jewels Mixture New 2011 Opal Mixture New 2011 Ruby MixtureNew 2011 Sapphire Mixture New 2011 Sunfire Mixture New 2011 Tanzanite MixtureNew 2011 SangriaNew 2011 Topaz and Garnet MixtureNew 2011 Yellow Topaz MixtureMatrix colours and mixes hold, ship and sell well.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 23

Plentifall is the pansythat poursF1 TRAILING PANSYViola x hybridaNew 2011 Plentifall SeriesHeight: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmSpread: 18 to 24 in./45 to 60 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: to Zone 5(-20 to -10°F/-29 to -23°C minimumtemperature)A Cool Season Thrivers selection –the perfect partner to Pansy Palsvarieties for early Spring and Autumnsales.Supplied as primed and raw seedwith a 90% minimum germinationstandard.Plentifall is the first trailing series ofpansies from seed with a flat,spreading habit. It’s the perfectchoice to grow great pansy basketsfor early Spring and Fall sales. Plentifallis also a great “spiller” in mixedcontainers and makes a nice spreadinggroundcover. In mild climates, itcombines well with red cyclamen orpoinsettias in holiday patio planters.The vigorous, trailing series deliversa no-fail trailing pansy with superioroverwintering hardiness. Themedium-sized blooms hold up inrain and weather better thanlarger-flowered types. Extremelywell-branched, Plentifall has similarculture to multiflora pansies.Standard/Primed Seed:• Lavender Blue 730659/769772‘PAS730659’ • Purple Wing 730658/769773 ‘PAS730658’ • White 738747/769774 ‘PAS738747’ • Mixture 784597/784759 Includes Lavender Blue, PurpleWing, White and yellow.New 2011 Plentifall Lavender BlueNew 2011 Plentifall White24 Order & find growing info at panamseed.com

New 2011 Plentifall Lavender BlueTrailing PansyNew 2011 Plentifall Purple WingTrailing PansyNew 2011 Plentifall White Trailing PansyNew 2010 XXL White PansyF1 EXTRA LARGE-FLOWEREDPANSYViola x wittrockianaXXL F1 SeriesHeight: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmA Cool Season Thrivers selection –the perfect partner to Pansy Palsvarieties for Autumn sales!Supplied as primed and raw seedwith a 90%+ Yield Potential rating.XXL delivers the perfect pansies forearly Autumn sales when day andnight temperatures are high, withoutaltering current growing conditions.These high-quality, huge-floweredplants withstand the stress of highheat and PGRs that comes withsowings made during the highestSummer temperatures. Standard/Primed Seed: • New 2010 White726794/74273911 varieties and 1 mixture are nowavailable. See page 71 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2011 Cajun Belle Sweet Bell PepperSWEET BELL PEPPERCapsicum annuumNew 2011 Cajun Belle 841354Height: 24 in./60 cmSpread: 24 in./60 cmSupplied as raw seed.This 2011 All-America Selectionswinner produces 3.5 to 4-in./9 to10-cm, sweet bell peppers with amildly spicy taste just right for fresheating and salsa, and can be enjoyedgreen or red. Ready to harvest just61 days from sowing, Cajun Bellis up to 2 weeks earlier than thecompetition. Count on built-in salesexcitement and strong sell-throughthat comes with AAS publicity.NotesNew 2011 Plentifall Mixture Trailing PansyFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 25

People are talkingabout why Wavepetunias grow sowell…“My neighbor thinksI hired a landscaper.”38 million consumer impressions with the new2010 TV and print ad campaign. High-profile pinkpackaging that shoppers come looking for. 17,000 avid26wave-rave.com Fan Club members.OrderPowerful& find growingtools toinfobuildat panamseed.comyour sales!

Easy Wave givesyou a whole lotmore colours to sellNew 2011 Easy Wave Red ImprovedEasy Wave SeriesHeight: 6 to 12 in./15 to 30 cmSpread: 2.5 to 3.25 ft./75 cm to 1 mSupplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed with an 85%+ Yield Potentialrating.Exceptional uniformity andwell-matched habit plus the widestcolour range make Easy Wave themost versatile of all large-floweredspreading petunias! It’s Easierto flower under short days forearly-season sales…Easier to producein premium packs, pots and basketsfor more plants per sq. ft…Easier tomarket with strong built-in Wavebranding. Easy Wave’s continuous,care-free colour in landscapes andcontainers make for easy gardeningsuccess and repeat purchases.• New 2010 Burgundy Star 760703The first spreading star petunia fromseed. Rich burgundy and whitepattern is consistent with standardstar petunias – some flowers may bemore solid or more white. ‘PAS760702’• New 2011 Mystic Pink Improved760720 Very uniform with improvedbranching and structure. Good,consistent “cotton candy” colour.Times like the original, making it oneof the earlier flowering in the series.‘PAS760719’ • New 2011 Neon Rose760701 Vivid hot rose-pink colourholds in high light and heat. Timing issimilar to White Improved. ‘PAS760700’• New 2011 Pink Dawn 760716 JoinsRosy Dawn as the second “morn”pattern in the series, with similartiming. Creamy throat with pinkmargin. ‘PAS760714’ • New 2010Plum Vein 739162 The first veinpattern in Easy Wave – lavenderbackground with plum-violet veining.Slightly more upright than others inthe series. ‘PAS739163’ • New 2011Red Improved 760705 Deeper redcolour with less fading. Controlledspreading habit and improvedbranching make tidier containers.Timing is like original Red. ‘PAS760704’• New 2010 Violet 760718 Largeblooms are a striking rich, deep violet– an all-new colour to the Wavepetunia family. Slightly more uprightthan others in the series. ‘PAS760717’• New 2010 White Improved 760713Larger flowers in a clean white colour.Improved for more consistent seedquality under less-than-idealproduction conditions. ‘PAS760712’• New 2011 Formula MixtureImproved 764864 Includes Blue, CoralReef, Mystic Pink Improved, NeonRose, Pink, Red Improved, Rosy Dawn,Shell Pink, Violet and White Improved.New 2010 Easy Wave Burgundy StarNew 2011 Easy Wave Pink DawnNew 2010 Easy Wave VioletNew 2011 Easy Wave Gelato Mixture• New 2011 Gelato Mixture 812939Coral Reef, Neon Rose and WhiteImproved. • New 2011 Great LakesMixture 803736 Violet, Blue andWhite Improved. • New 2011Opposites Attract Mixture 813013Violet and Coral Reef. • New 2011O Canada! Mixture Improved 843619Red Improved and White Improved.• New 2010 Plum Pudding Mixture761824 Plum Vein and Violet.• New 2010 Starfish Mixture 761823Burgundy Star and White Improved.• New 2011 The Flag MixtureImproved 843618 Includes RedImproved, White Improved and Blue.EASY WAVE is a trademark of Kirin AgribioCompany, Limited.14 varieties and 11 mixtures are nowavailable. See page 87 of the 2009catalog for more information.28Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

New 2011 Easy Wave Mystic PinkImprovedNew 2010 Easy Wave Plum VeinNew 2011 Easy Wave Neon RoseNew 2011 Easy Wave Red ImprovedF1 SMALL-FLOWEREDSPREADING PETUNIAPetunia x hybridaShock Wave SeriesHeight: 7 to 10 in./17 to 25 cmSpread: 2.5 to 3 ft./75 to 90 cmSupplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed with an 85%+ Yield Potentialrating.The earliest-to-flower spreadingpetunia and the only small-floweredspreading series from seed on themarket, Shock Wave blooms in a tightand consistent, 4 to 6-day window.Fast flowering combines with strongbranching to deliver the quickest fill inhanging baskets of any spreadingpetunia. Ideal for early-season sales,these petite-flowered, moundedplants perform equally well in smallspaces, containers and mixed combos.The rebound from overheadwatering and rain is faster thanother petunias, keeping Shock Wavefresher looking at retail and outdoors.• New 2011 Coconut 760724 Crisper,cleaner colour than Ivory, with morecontrolled vigour and better branching.Timing matches Pink Shades. ‘PAS760723’• New 2010 Denim 760722 Flowersare dark blue-purple in cool/low-lightand greenhouse production; changeto blue-lavender-silver in highlight and hot conditions. ‘PAS760721’• New 2011 Buzz Mixture Improved843580 NEW Coconut replaces Ivory.• New 2011 Spark Mixture 803737NEW Coconut, Denim and PinkShades.SHOCK WAVE is a trademark of Kirin AgribioCompany, Limited.7 varieties and 3 mixtures are nowavailable. See page 85 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2010 Easy Wave White ImprovedNew 2011 Easy Wave Formula MixtureImprovedNew 2011 Shock Wave CoconutNew 2010 Shock Wave DenimNew 2011 Easy Wave Great Lakes MixtureNew 2011 Easy Wave Opposites AttractMixtureNew 2011 Shock Wave Buzz MixtureImprovedNotesNew 2011 Shock Wave Spark MixtureNew 2011 Easy Wave O Canada! MixtureImprovedNew 2010 Easy Wave Plum PuddingMixtureNew 2010 Easy Wave Starfish MixtureNew 2011 Easy Wave The Flag MixtureImprovedFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 29

F1 SINGLE PETUNIAPetunia x hybridaNew 2010 Debonair Dusty RoseNew 2010 Debonair Dusty RoseNew 2010 Debonair Lime GreenNew 2010 Sophistica Antique ShadesNew 2010 Sophistica Blue MornNew 2010 Sophistica Blue MornNotesNew 2010 Sophistica Lime BicolorThe designer Debonair and Sophisticacollections combine beautiful flowerspainted in special one-of-a-kindcolours with professional seed quality.Suitable for pots, combo planters andbaskets, these premium petunias cancommand a higher price point at retailthan standard varieties, and open thedoor to decorator opportunities.New 2010 DebonairCollectionHeight: 10 to 15 in./25 to 38 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmA Colour Essentials selection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed.Seed is available exclusively throughBall Horticultural Company in NorthAmerica.Multiflora blooms are displayed onthe well-branched, mounded andupright plants. • Dusty Rose 760696Dusty rose margin with antique yellowthroat. Colour becomes lighter inhigher light/warmer conditions.U.S. Plant Utility Patent Number 7,642,436;European Utility Patent Applied For; ‘PAS760797’• Lime Green 760694 Yellow withunderlying lime tone is a very solidcolour with no veining or fading liketraditional yellow petunias. U.S. PlantUtility Patent Number 7,642,436; European UtilityPatent Applied For; ‘PAS760695’New 2010 SophisticaCollectionHeight: 10 to 15 in./25 to 38 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmA Colour Essentials selection.Supplied as easy-to-sow pelletedseed.An abundance of grandiflora bloomshighlight plants that are well-matchedfor flower timing to make schedulingand shipping easier. • Antique Shades766524 Antique rose colour withyellow throat in a star-shaped bloom.U.S. Plant Utility Patent Number 7,642,436;European Utility Patent Applied For; ‘PAS766485’• Blue Morn 761037 Blue marginwith silver-white throat; throat will beless noticeable in cooler/greenhouseproduction, and more noticeableoutside and in warm, high-lightconditions. ‘PAS761036’ • Lime Bicolor760698 Unique flower colour changesbased on light, heat and age offlowers. U.S. Plant Utility Patent Number7,642,436; European Utility Patent Applied For;‘PAS760699’30Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

New 2011 Maryland Red SnapdragonNew 2010 Dreams Coral Morn PetuniaNew 2010 Silver Crest PlectranthusNew 2010 Escapade Blue ImprovedPlumbagoF1 GRANDIFLORA SINGLEPETUNIAPetunia x hybridaDreams SeriesHeight: 10 to 15 in./25 to 38 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmA Colour Essentials selection.Supplied as raw seed with a 90%+Yield Potential rating, or easy-to-sowpelleted seed.Consistently high seed quality,tight flowering window and terrificbranching make Dreams shineon the bench, in the store, and inlandscapes and containers. Very goodBotrytis tolerance. Standard/PelletedSeed: • New 2010 Coral Morn761034/761035 Coral-red marginaround creamy white throat. Timeslike Rose Morn.16 varieties and 5 mixtures are nowavailable. See page 95 of the 2009catalog for more information.PLECTRANTHUSPlectranthus argentatusNew 2010 Silver Crest 500702Height: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 18 to 24 in./45 to 60 cmA Fantastic Foliage selection.Supplied as raw seed.This compact plectranthus is an easyand economical-to-produce choicefor mixed containers, baskets andlandscapes. Tolerant of heat and waterstress, Silver Crest displays silverygreen, fuzzy foliage and small, blushwhite flowers on well-branched,trailing plants. Silver Crest is lessvigorous and dense than Silver Shield,with smaller leaves, better branching,a more trailing habit and smallerinternodes.PLUMBAGOPlumbago auriculataEscapade SeriesHeight: 12 to 18 in./30 to 45 cm;up to 6 ft./1.8 m in the SouthSpread: 18 to 24 in./45 to 60 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Supplied as raw seed.Easy-to-produce, seed-propagatedEscapade produces a bushy shrub withan arching habit, growing upward andthen out. The beautiful, flower-filledplants are best suited to warmclimates, and thrive in high heat,and both high and low moisture.Escapade is heat tolerant, anddrought tolerant once established.• New 2010 Blue Improved 549538Slightly darker blue flower colour,more compact and free-flowering,and about 10 days earlier to flower.Improved habit means less pinchingand better shipability.Also available in White. See page102 of the 2009 catalog for moreinformation.SIMPLYSALAD See page 20.F1 DWARF GARDENSNAPDRAGONAntirrhinum majusSnapshot SeriesHeight: 6 to 10 in./15 to 25 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmA Cool Season Thrivers and a PansyPals selection.Supplied as raw seed with an 85%minimum germination standard.Available exclusively through BallHorticultural Company in NorthAmerica.Picture-perfect Snapshot delivers justthe right balance of earliness and goodpack performance, combined withstrong garden performance. Bushy,compact plants make closely spaced,full flower spikes for high-impactcolour shows. Uniform flowering,with a 7-day window for Spring andFall sales in packs and small pots.• New 2011 Red Bicolor 425813Novelty colour – red with yellow beeand white tube. Traditional color forAutumn programs.10 varieties and 2 mixtures are nowavailable. See page 110 of the 2009catalog for more information.F1 CUT FLOWERSNAPDRAGONAntirrhinum majusMaryland SeriesLocation: Greenhouse, tunnel orfield productionStem length: 39 to 60 in./1 to 1.5 mSupplied as raw seed.Well-suited to cool-season, low-lightand low-temperature (group 1, 2)conditions, the energy-efficientMaryland varieties group well with theCool and Trumpet varieties for Autumn,Winter and early Spring programs.Well-formed, full flower spikes areproduced on thick, strong stems. Alsosuitable for home garden cut flowerproduction. • New 2011 Red (1, 2)777222 More intense true red colourthan Maryland Dark Red or Crimson.18 varieties are now available. Seepage 112 of the 2008 catalog for moreinformation.SUNFLOWERSee Helianthus, page 11.TALINUMTalinum paniculatumNew 2010 Verde 700808Height: 32 in./80 cmSpread: 24 in./60 cmA Fantastic Foliage and a HotSummer Survivors selection.Supplied as raw seed.Meet the new dark green-leafedcompanion to popular Limón – thiseye-catching variety is topped by smallflowers that open hot pink and thenform orange berries that ripen to darkred. The flexible flower spikes makeit easy to grow and ship Verde. This“tough” plant handles heat and stresswell, including both low water andsoggy conditions. With its eye-catchingheight, colour and texture, Verdeis an excellent ingredient for mixedcontainer recipes; it also makes along-lasting landscape option.New 2011 Snapshot Red BicolorSnapdragonNew 2010 Verde TalinumFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 31

Ship up to two weeks fasterwhen you bring in Titan F1 vincaNotesNew 2010 Titan Dark RedTitan is the only F1 vinca32Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

UPRIGHT VINCACatharanthus roseusTitan F1 SeriesHeight: 14 to 16 in./35 to 40 cmSpread: 10 to 12 in./25 to 30 cmSupplied as raw seed with a 90%+Yield Potential rating.The most uniform F1 series on themarket, Titan is up to 2 weeks faster toflower than open-pollinated varieties,with superior branching and thebiggest flowers in all the top-sellingvinca colours. Titan combines fasterand earlier flowering with bettervigour than Pacifica and Cooler –grow the “best of the best” whenyou choose Titan. A vigorous growereven in cooler climates and a goodlow-water variety in hot, dry conditions,Titan is perfect for landscapes andcontainers of all types. Supplied withthe highest seed quality of any vinca.• New 2010 Apricot 555919• New 2010 Dark Red 555932 Theonly F1 dark red on the market – thenumber one-selling colour in vinca.Deep red with darker red centre.• New 2010 Icy Pink 555923 Lightpink with dark pink toward the centre.• New 2011 Bubble Gum Mixture791869 Blush, Icy Pink and Rose.• New 2011 Clear Mixture 791868Punch, Dark Red, Lilac, Burgundy andPure White. • New 2011 Cotton CandyMixture 810409 Icy Pink and LavenderBlue. • New 2010 Mixture Improved770630 The only mix on the marketto include all the key vinca colours.• New 2011 Red And White Mixture842363 Dark Red and Pure White.• New 2011 Summer Breeze Mixture791867 Lilac, Lavender Blue Halo andWhite.11 varieties and 6 mixtures are nowavailable. See page 121 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2010 Apricot New 2010 Dark Red New 2010 Icy PinkNew 2011 Bubble Gum MixtureNew 2011 Clear MixtureNew 2011 Cotton Candy MixtureNew 2010 Mixture ImprovedNew 2011 Red and White Mixture New 2011 Summer Breeze MixtureTitan Pure Whiteseries with a full colour range…including Dark Red!Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 33

Bring in Pacifica XPin all your top-sellingvinca coloursNew 2010 Cranberry XPNew 2011 Orange XPPacifica SeriesHeight: 10 to 14 in./25 to 35 cmSpread: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmA Hot Summer Survivors and a ColourEssentials selection.Supplied as raw seed with an 85%+Yield Potential rating.The earliest, largest-flowered andmost vigorous O.P vinca comes withXP seed quality, making it easier togrow and more appealing at retail.Pacifica XP varieties deliver a tight,5 to 7-day flowering window anduniform, upright habit across allcolours. It’s the only vinca series onthe market with colours covering alltop sellers plus novelties, including theonly true Red. Outstanding in hot, dryand sunny conditions, these durable,stress-tolerant plants meet theincreasing consumer demand forwater-wise, heat-loving crops.• New 2010 Cranberry XP 555917Burgundy red with small white centre.• New 2011 Orange XP 789776 Brightscarlet-orange with slight white eye;holds colour better than Santa Fe.• New 2011 Bold Mixture XP 789777Cranberry XP, Really Red XP, DeepOrchid XP and Orange XP. • New 2011Mystic Mixture XP 789779 BurgundyXP, White XP and Lilac XP. • New 2011Salsa Mixture XP 789778 Really RedXP, White XP and Orange XP.19 XP varieties and 10 XP mixtures arenow available, as well as 2 standardvarieties. See page 122 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2011 Mystic Mixture XPNew 2011 Pacifica Bold Mixture XPNew 2011 Salsa Mixture XP34Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

Your baskets willbe fuller faster withMediterranean XPNew 2011 Cherry Red Halo XPNew 2011 Rose Halo XPTRAILING VINCACatharanthus roseusMediterranean SeriesHeight: 4 to 6 in./10 to 15 cmSpread: 20 to 30 in./50 to 75 cmA Hot Summer Survivors selection.Supplied as standard seed with an85%+ Yield Potential rating.The only full series of vinca offeringa true red and a pure white,Mediterranean XP varieties fill infast with terrific coverage to makebig, colour-filled baskets. XP geneticsdeliver a tight, 5 to 7-day floweringwindow, significantly better spreadinghabit, larger flowers and improvedgermination. With low water needsin sunny, hot and dry conditions, thisis a great alternative to water-hungrycrops. • New 2011 Cherry Red HaloXP 810160 U.S. Plant Variety ProtectionApplied For, ‘PAS810159’ • New 2011Rose Halo XP 810402 U.S. Plant VarietyProtection Applied For, ‘PAS810401’• New 2011 Halo Mixture XP 839587NEW Cherry Red Halo XP, NEW RoseHalo XP and White XP.9 XP varieties and 4 XP mixtures arenow available, as well as 7 standardvarieties. See page 125 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2011 Halo Mixture XPNotesMediterranean Red XPFind product & growing info at panamseed.com 35

Sorbet XP makes your jobmore programmable, morepredictable & just plain easy!New 2011 Sorbet Mixture XPNotesF1 VIOLAViola cornutaSorbet SeriesHeight: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmSpread: 6 to 8 in./15 to 20 cmA Cool Season Thrivers and a PansyPals selection.Supplied as primed and raw seedwith a 90% minimum germinationstandard.Sorbet XP seed quality delivers themost uniform plant habit and tightestbloom window. Plants cover the soil atflowering, with more blooms on everyplant and less stretching. Fewer PGRsare needed, holdability is superior andshrink is cut way back. Sorbet’s F1vigour assures greater germination,earliness, and plug and gardenperformance. Early-blooming Sorbetremains compact in both heat andcold, making it a standout performerin Spring and Fall. The free-floweringplants perform across a wide range ofclimatic conditions and have excellentoverwintering. Raw/Primed Seed:• New 2011 Beaconsfield XP733479/733428 All-new colour toSorbet – violet with light cap. 'PAS733479'• New 2011 Blue Blotch XP736763/736764 Dark blue with blotch.'PAS736763' • New 2011 Coconut DuetXP 733552/733441 White withpurple cap. 'PAS733552' • New 2011Lavender Vein XP 733555/733444All-new colour to Sorbet – lilac withdarker veins. 'PAS733555' • New 2011Lemon Royale XP 733564/733463Traditional viola flower pattern –burgundy cap, lemon mid petaland yellow lower petal. 'PAS733564'• New 2011 Orange XP 733562/733461 All-new colour to Sorbet –bright orange. The earliest-floweringOrange available with the best seedquality. 'PAS733562' • New 2011 OrchidRose Beacon XP 733560/733449Orchid-rose with light cap. 'PAS733560'• New 2011 Purple XP 733569/733466 All-new colour to Sorbet –pure deep violet. 'PAS733569'• New 2011 Purple Face XP 733563/733462 Deep-violet purple with whiteface and “Babyface” blotch. 'PAS733563'• New 2011 Purple Ice XP 733561/733450 Deep lavender shades tendingtoward more intense hues at thecentre. 'PAS733561' • New 2011Violet Beacon XP 733566/733465Purple blue with light cap. 'PAS733566'All-new Sorbet36Find product & growing info at panamseed.com

New 2011 White XP 737505/737506'PAS737505' • New 2011 Yellow XP737507/737508 'PAS737507' • New 2011Yellow Blotch XP 733573/733470'PAS733573' • New 2011 Yellow Duet XP733574/733471 All-new colour toSorbet – purple cap, golden yellowlower petals. 'PAS733574' • New 2011Beaconberry Mixture XP 771609/771610 Beaconsfield XP, Orchid RoseBeacon XP and Violet Beacon XP.• New 2011 Blackberry SundaeMixture XP 737501/737502Coconut Duet XP, White XP,Purple XP and Purple Face XP.• New 2011 Blueberry Frost MixtureXP 770627/770626 White XPand Violet XP plus Marina XP, whichis a 2012 introduction. • New 2011Citrus Mixture XP 737503/737504Orange XP, Yellow XP and White XP.• New 2011 Harvest Mixture XP771526/771608 Orange XP, Purple XPand Yellow XP. • New 2011 LemonParfait Mixture XP 770625/770624Lemon Royale XP, White XP and YellowXP. • New 2011 Mixture XP 753249/753248 All XP colours. • New 2011Orchidberry Frost Mixture XP770629/770628 Lavender Vein XP,Orchid Rose Beacon XP and White XP.• New 2011 Select Mixture XP736765/736766 Mix of bolder XPcolours is great for creating “less ismore” landscapes.15 XP varieties and 9 XP mixturesare now available, plus 23 standardvarieties and 3 standard mixtures.See page 126 of the 2009 catalog formore information.New 2011 Beaconsfield XP New 2011 Blue Blotch XP New 2011 Coconut Duet XP New 2011 Lavender Vein XPNew 2011 Lemon Royale XP New 2011 Orange XP New 2011 Orchid Rose Beacon XP New 2011 Purple XPNew 2011 Purple Face XP New 2011 Purple Ice XP New 2011 Violet Beacon XP New 2011 White XPNew 2011 Yellow XPNew 2011 Yellow Blotch XP New 2011 Yellow Duet XP New 2011BeaconberryMixture XPNew 2011Blackberry SundaeMixture XPNew 2011 BlueberryFrost Mixture XPNew 2011 CitrusMixture XPNew 2011 HarvestMixture XPNew 2011 LemonParfait Mixture XPNew 2011 Mixture XPNew 2011Orchidberry FrostMixture XPNew 2011 SelectMixture XPXP genetics send the best-looking violas to market.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 37

Double Zahara wins awardsfor terrific flower powerZINNIAZinnia marylandicaNew 2011 Double ZaharaSeriesHeight: 16 to 20 in./40 to 50 cmSpread: 16 to 20 in./40 to 50 cmA Hot Summer Survivors and a ColourEssentials selection.Supplied as raw and coated seedwith an 85% minimum germinationstandard.Our two all-new fully double zinniasare so outstanding they each earnedthe 2010 All-America Selectionsaward! But this high-performance duodidn’t stop there – Fire brought homethe Fleuroselect Gold Medal, whileCherry received a Fleuroselect NoveltyMark. The only true double zinniaseries on the market, Double Zaharaboasts all the same exceptional traitsas its single Zahara counterparts:bigger flowers than the competitionfor more colour show, outstandingdisease tolerance, low water needsand superior all-season performancein beds and planters. Raw/CoatedSeed: • Cherry 553643/553668 Deepmagenta flowers show a lighter centreas the flowers age in low light or highnight temperatures. U.S. Plant VarietyProtection Number 200700335, 'PAS553643'• Fire 553645/553700 Scarlet-orangeflowers show a lighter centre as theflowers age in low light and highnight temperatures. U.S. Plant VarietyProtection Number 200700336, 'PAS553645'• Duo Mixture 789789/789790 Cherryand Fire.New 2011 Double Zahara FireNotesNew 2011 Double Zahara Duo MixtureDouble Zahara and Zahara38

Zahara SeriesHeight: 12 to 18 in./30 to 45 cmSpread: 12 to 18 in./30 to 45 cmA Hot Summer Survivors and a ColourEssentials selection.Supplied as raw and coated seedwith an 85% minimum germinationstandard.Colour-filled Zahara has 20% largerflowers than the market leader, plusan array of unique choices, includingaward-winning Starlight Rose as wellas the first Yellow, the first Scarlet andthe first well-balanced Mixture in azinnia of this type. Superior diseasetolerance makes Zahara an excellentchoice in the landscape whereZ. elegans or vinca varieties havefailed in the past. Heat-loving plantshave very low water needs, and areoutstanding in sunny, hot and dryconditions. This all-around winnerassures big retail impact and care-free,season-long shows in landscapes andcontainers. Raw/Coated Seed:• New 2010 Fire 719124/719126Bright orange-red hue intensifiesoutdoors. 2009 Japan FlowerSelections "Good Performance" SpecialPrize. ‘PAS719124’ • New 2010 StarlightRose 719128/719130 White flowerswith rose stripes are the first bicolourzinnia in this disease-tolerant type.Colour pattern varies by environment,with the best colour from high light,good fertilization and cool nights.‘PAS719128’ 2010 All-America Selectionswinner, 2010 Fleuroselect Novelty.‘PAS719128’ • New 2011 Bonfire Mixture789780/ 789781 Scarlet, Fire andYellow. • New 2011 RaspberryLemonade Mixture 789782/789783Coral Rose, Yellow and Starlight Rose.6 varieties and 3 mixtures are nowavailable. See page 130 of the 2009catalog for more information.New 2011 Double Zahara CherryNew 2010 Zahara Starlight RoseNew 2010 Zahara FireNew 2011 Double Zahara FireNew 2011 Zahara Raspberry LemonadeMixtureNew 2011 Zahara Bonfire Mixtureboast big blooms and superior disease tolerance.Find product & growing info at panamseed.com 39

Gerbera F1Revolution CollectionFast to market and ideal for year-round production, the entire collectiondelivers high uniformity with easy sowing and superb seed quality.Available in four series to fill every market need.40Contact your preferred distributor to order. For product information and culture, go to www.kieftseeds.com.

Kieft-Pro-Seeds 2011 New VarietiesF1 GERBERAGerbera jamesoniiThe Revolution F1 gerbera collection deliversa quick crop time across all four series. Superbseed quality and high uniformity assure thatgrowers can produce consistent, high-qualityplants in high-density programs all year.Four different series are available to coverevery market need: Mega Revolution for6-in./15-cm and larger programs, Revolutionfor 4.5 to 5-in./11 to 13-cm programs,Mini Revolution for 3.5 to 4-in./9 to 10-cmpots, and Micro Revolution for packs andpots smaller than 3.5 in./9 cm.REVOLUTION is a trademark of Kieft Seeds Holland.Revolution SeriesHeight: 11 to 16 in./27 to 40 cmSpread: 5 to 6 in./13 to 15 cmSupplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed witha 90% minimum germination standard.Revolution beats every other gerbera serieson the market for earliness. Compact anduniform plants are short-stemmed with darkgreen leaves. Good for 4.5 to 5-in./11 to 13-cmprograms. Now available in 14 colours and amixture. • New White Replaces Vanilla.Mega Revolution SeriesHeight: 11 to 16 in./27 to 40 cmSpread: 8 in./20 cmSupplied as easy-to-sow pelleted seed witha 90% minimum germination standard.Early-flowering Mega Revolution producesvigorous, bushy plants with extremelylarge flowers, making it the ideal choicefor 6-in./15-cm and larger containers. Goodin larger patio planters and gardens. Nowavailable in 10 varieties and a mixture.• New Rose/Green Centre • New Scarlet/DarkCentre Improved Darker scarlet centre.• New Watermelon Unique colour to gerbera.New Revolution WhiteNew MegaRevolution Rose/Green CentreNew MegaRevolutionWatermelonNew Mega Revolution Scarlet/DarkCentre ImprovedNotesMega Revolution Supersized flowerson large, bushy plantsRevolution The number one instandard size pot gerberaMini Revolution Compact plants &miniature size flowersMicro Revolution Super in small potsContact your preferred distributor to order. For product information and culture, go to www.kieftseeds.com. 41

AQUILEGIAAquilegia vulgarisWinky Single SeriesHeight: 14 in./35 cmSpread: 10 in./25 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 3 to 8 (-40 to 10°F/-40 to -12°C minimum temperature)Supplied as raw seed with an 80%minimum germination standard.Winky offers unique colours and anabundance of upright-facing flowers forstrong retail sales appeal. Plants ship andretail well, and are uniform in habit andheight, with strong stems and a vigorous,bushy habit. Mildew-tolerant series is usefulfor containers and landscapes. Flowers Springto early Summer. Now available in 5 varietiesand a mixture. • New Early Sky Blue1 to 2 weeks earlier than the rest of theseries; timing is similar to Rose-Rose.Fleuroselect Novelty winner.Winky Double SeriesHeight: 14 in./35 cmSpread: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 3 to 8 (-40 to 10°F/-40 to -12°C minimum temperature)Supplied as raw seed with an 80%minimum germination standard.Unique double, upward-facing flowersin one-of-a-kind colour patterns offer“something different” for strong retail salesappeal. The Winky Double varieties deliverall the same bench to garden benefits as thepopular single types: excellent uniformityduring culture and harvest, full and vigoroushabit, long shelf life, mildew tolerance andversatile uses. Now available in 4 varieties.• New Rose-WhiteCHAENORRHINUMChaenorrhinum origanifoliumNew AristaHeight: 6 to 7 in./15 to 18 cmSpread: 6 in./15 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 7 to 9 (0 to 30°F/-18 to -1°C minimum temperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennial selection.Supplied as SowEasy single pellet seed witha 90% minimum germination standard.Featuring the darkest flowers of any on themarket, this first year-flowering perennial isless spreading and more compact, makingit less breakable and more appealing atretail. The semi-cascading plants have goodcentre flowering and finely textured foliage.Great candidate for Spring mixed containerprograms with pansies and alyssum. Makesa good groundcover and also works well incontainers.New Winky Single Early Sky BlueAquilegiaNew Winky Double Rose-WhiteAquilegiaNew Arista ChaenorrhinumNotes42Contact your preferred distributor to order. For product information and culture, go to www.kieftseeds.com.

LAVANDULALavandula angustifoliaEllagance SeriesHeight: 12 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmSpread: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 7 (-20 to 10°F/-29 to -12°C minimum temperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennial selection.Supplied as TunedSeeds with 90%minimum germination standard.First year-flowering plants are spreading,upright and well-branched, with richgray-green foliage. More Winter hardyand cold tolerant with good tolerance tofoliar diseases compared to other lavenders.Very uniform plants have very strong stems,and large, dense flower spikes. Ships well.Long-flowering in perennial beds and patioplanters. Now available in 4 varieties.• New Snow The only true white lavenderfrom seed. Fleuroselect Novelty winner.PENSTEMONpenstemon x mexicaliNew Carillo SeriesHeight: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 10 in./25 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 7 (-20 to 10°F/-29 to -12°C minimum temperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennial selection.Supplied as raw seed with a 70%minimum germination standard.Heat and drought-tolerant USA Prairie plantoffers an economical, high-quality option togrowers. Well-branched plants are the mostcompact of any seed or vegetative varieties,with shiny, healthy foliage and clear, strongflower colours. First year-flowering series issuited to high-density programs for 4-in./10-cm pots and larger. Good shelf life;easy-care and long-flowering in landscapesand containers. Flowers in early Summer.• Purple Fleuroselect Novelty winner.• Rose Fleuroselect Novelty winner.PENSTEMON HARTWEGIITubular Bells SeriesHeight: 11 to 14 in./30 to 35 cmSpread: 10 in./25 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 7 to 10 (0 to 40°F/-18 to 4°C minimum temperature)A First Year-Flowering Perennial selection.Supplied as raw seed with a 70%minimum germination standard.First series of this type available in separatecolours produces self-cleaning plantswith good garden performance and longflowering period. Heat-tolerant, firstyear-flowering perennial is a USA Prairieplant. Upright, robust and strong-stemmed− good for mass plantings, home cuttinggardens and large containers. Flowers inearly Summer. Now available in 3 varieties.• New Wine Red With White ThroatFleuroselect Novelty winner.New Carillo Purple PenstemonNew Tubular Bells Wine Red WithWhite Throat PenstemonNew Ellagance Snow LavandulaNew Carillo Rose PenstemonContact your preferred distributor to order. For product information and culture, go to www.kieftseeds.com.43

SALVIASalvia nemorosaNew New Dimension SeriesHeight: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 6 in./15 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 7 (-20 to 10°F/-29 to -12°C minimum temperature)A First-Year Flowering Perennial selection.Supplied as quality film-coated seed.Economical and easy-to-produce duo createslarge, compact and well-branched plantstopped by strong-coloured flowers that arelong-lasting in the landscape. Well-matchedseries finishes fast with no PGRs needed.• Blue Deepest blue from seed. FleuroselectNovelty winner. • Rose Deepest rose fromseed. Fleuroselect Novelty winner.SCABIOSAScabiosa columbariaNew Blue NoteHeight: 8 to 10 in./20 to 25 cmSpread: 8 in./20 cmUSDA Hardiness Zones: 5 to 6 (-20 to 0°F/-29 to -18°C minimum temperature)A Pansy Pals and a First Year-FloweringPerennial selection.Supplied as raw seed.The largest-flowered, best-quality bluescabiosa from seed produces uniform,compact and full plants topped by intenseblue blooms. More floriferous and compactthan vegetative types. Excellent for earlySpring sales from overwintered (frost-free)production. Quick finish as an annualSpring/Summer crop. Use in borders or massplantings. First year-flowering perennial isa good companion to Pink Diamonds; morevigorous than Blue Diamonds. Plant BreederRights Applied For.New New Dimension Blue SalviaNew New Dimension Rose SalviaNew Blue Note ScabiosaNotes44Contact your preferred distributor to order. For product information and culture, go to www.kieftseeds.com.

IndexAngeloniaSerena Series ........................... 1AquilegiaWinky Double Series ............. 42Winky Single Series ............... 42BacopaSnowtopia White Improved ... 5BegoniaDragon Wing Series ................ 4Gryphon ................................... 2ChaenorrhinumArista ...................................... 42ColeusChocolate Splash ..................... 6Kong Series .............................. 6Versa Collection ...................... 5DelphiniumDasante Blue ........................... 7Diamonds Blue ........................ 7DianthusBouquet Series ........................ 7Sweet Series ............................ 7EchinaceaPowWow Series ...................... 8Fantastic Flowers................. 17Fantastic Foliage .................... 3First Year-FloweringPerennials ............................ 9Fuseables ............................ 21GaillardiaMesa Yellow .......................... 10GazaniaDaybreak Series .................... 11GerberaMega Revolution Series ........ 41Revolution Series .................. 41GomphrenaFireworks ............................... 11HelianthusBallad ..................................... 11Miss Sunshine ....................... 11Impatiens, SingleImpreza Series ....................... 12Super Elfin Series .................. 14Impatiens, New GuienaDivine Series .......................... 16JuncusTwisted Dart .......................... 21LavandulaEllagance Series ..................... 43LisianthusABC F1 Series ......................... 18MarigoldTaishan Series ........................ 19Matthiola (Stock), Cut FlowerKatz Series ............................. 18Ornamental MilletJade Princess ......................... 21Multi-Species Multi-PelletSimplySalad Series ................ 20PansyMatrix Series ......................... 22XXL Series .............................. 25Pansy, TrailingPlentifall Series ...................... 24Pansy, RuffledFizzy Series ............................. 21PenstemonCarillo Series .......................... 43Tubular Bells Series ............... 43Pepper, Sweet BellCajun Bell ............................... 25Petunia, SingleDebonair Collection .............. 30Dreams Series ....................... 31Sophistica Collection ............ 30Petunia, SpreadingEasy Wave .............................. 27Shock Wave ........................... 28Wave ...................................... 26PlectranthusSilver Crest ............................. 31PlumbagoEscapade Series ..................... 31SalviaNew Dimension Series ......... 44Scabiosa Blue Note ............... 44SimplySalad ......................... 20Single-Species Multi-Pellets . 21Snapdragon, Cut FlowerMaryland Series .................... 31Snapdragon, GardenSnapshot Series ..................... 31TalinumVerde ...................................... 31VincaMediterranean Series ........... 35Pacifica Series ........................ 34Titan F1 Series........................ 32ViolaSorbet XP ............................... 36ZinniaDouble Zahara Series ............ 38Zahara Series ......................... 39Notes

Mailing Address:P.O. Box 631606 ZH Venhuizen, Holland+31 (0)228 54 1844 Fax: +31 (0)228 54 3440Visitor Address:Elbaweg 351607 MN Venhuizen, Hollandkieftseeds.comPanAmerican Seed622 Town RoadWest Chicago, Illinois 60185-2698 USA630 231-1400 Fax: 630 293-2557P.O. Box 382180 AA Hillegom, The Netherlands+31 (0)252-535006 Fax: +31 (0)252-535002panamseed.com© 2010 Ball Horticultural Company PAS10102 Printed in the U.S. on 10% post-consumer recycled paper with soy-based inks. denotes a trademark of and ® denotes a registered trademark of Ball Horticultural Company in the U.S. except where noted.They may also be registered in other countries.Contact your preferred supplier to orderPanAmerican Seed and Kieft-Pro-Seed products.

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