Trisha Worthington – Executive Director, The Park City FoundationINTRODUCTION TO CAPITALCAMPAIGNS

Campaign ExperienceLegacy Campaign – A $60 millionbricks & mortar and endowmentcampaignSustainability Campaign – A$2.5 million endowmentcampaignA $3 million capitalimprovements campaign

PanelSarah Floyd– AthleticDirector, SteamboatSprings Winter Sports ClubMark Cole – ExecutiveDirector, Aspen ValleySki and SnowboardClub

Overview• What is a capital campaign? Why wouldyou do one?• Should your club do a capital campaign?Is it feasible?• How do you do one?

What is a capital campaign?Definition: A capital campaign is a timelimitedeffort by a nonprofit organization toraise significant dollars for a specific project.Often the money raised is to fund theconstruction, or renovation of a building orsupport a special project or expensive pieceof equipment. Sometimes, capitalcampaigns are used to build an endowmentfor the future.

Why do one?Benefits:– Raise support to fund a special project orbuild an endowment– Case for support is an educational tool– Connect with old friends and new supporters– Improve or develop your major gift fundraisingskills

Should your club do a campaign?Can you check off all key elements below? Support and time commitments from all key groups (trustees,president, major donors) Organization with a clear image of itself and a strategic plan Objectives based on important and legitimate needs, goalsand budgets Compelling case for support A feasibility study addressing internal and externalpreparedness Leadership that is enlisted and educated Major donors ready and able to give substantial lead giftsbefore any public announcement of a campaign

How do you development &implement a Capital Campaign?• Develop a Case Statement• Conduct a Feasibility Study• Set a campaign Goal• Develop a Campaign Strategic Plan

Case StatementShows an institution’s productivity and how itbenefits society, it presents clearly the waysthe institution wants to improve its service tosociety and the new resources requiredCase is transformed into a brochure, letter,video, or presentation.

Feasibility Study & PlanningA thorough examination of the club’sreadiness to ask and the community’s(board, donors, parents) preparedness andwillingness to give

Feasibility & Planning Study -• Attitudes toward yourclub• Reaction to proposedplans• Feasibility of financialgoal• Major gift potential• Willingness to lead,give and solicitOutcomes• Philanthropic priority• Timetable• Preliminary giftindication levels• Potential obstacles• Strategies (solicitation,cultivation, communication)

Setting the Campaign Goal• Four main Factors:– Feasibility study results– Leadership– Trustee commitment & strength– Budget and staffing (industry standard is 15%of goal)

• RoadmapCampaign Strategic Plan– Leadership– Communications– Volunteer management & engagement– Staffing– Strategies• Phases & timetablesLiving document – modified as required!

Campaign PhasesQuiet Phase:1) Organization & Planning2) Secure Lead GiftsPublic Phase:1) Event, mailing, social media, prCampaign should not exceed 7 yearsPeriod in which donors fulfill their pledges should notexceed five years

Raise funds from thetop down and insideout – largest gifts first!Gift Levels$50,000+$25,000+$10,000+$5,000+$1000+All the Rest90/10 rule:Quiet phase gifts = 90% or goalPublic phase gifts = 10% of goal

Essentials for Campaign Success• Strong Case• Internal leadership dedication• Key campaign leadership “lightening rod”• Strategic Campaign Plan• Potential donors

Investment ManagementUse your local community foundation!• Expert pro bono investment committee• A pooled fund creates more sophisticatedinvestment opportunities• Handle sophisticated gifts• Saves staff time and budget• Relieves club of fiduciary responsibility

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