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reliability engineering brochure - Ausenco

A typical RAM Analysis usingRylson8 Enterprise AssetManagement (EAM) software.Modelling solutionsWe know that effective simulation andoptimisation modelling leads to innovativesolutions that help to drive cost and schedulesavings for our clients. Our suite of modellingtools can cover every aspect of a project, frompit to port and from conception through toend-of-life of assets.In our operations readiness suite, the provenRylson8 modelling process can develop anoperating cost model from first principles,or challenge owners to achieve the bestsustainable results within their existingoperating cost model.Engineered solutions you can rely onThrough our joint venture with the Rylson Group,Ausenco Rylson provides reliability engineeringsolutions that ensure our clients’ assets performreliably and to their design capacity from initialdesign through to operation and maintenance.We understand the importance of determiningan asset’s reliability, whatever its stage of life.Decisions made about a particular asset canhave long-term impacts on its performanceand your business as a whole.Once an asset is operational, we measure,monitor and control its performance. Anyunderperforming assets are analysed to identifyand correct the root causes of the issues.We also know that a system is only as strongas its weakest link — which is why we’re intenton optimising every aspect of our clients’ plantreliability and operating costs.We offer the following services inreliability engineering:• Reliability, Availability and Maintainability(RAM) studies• Design For Reliability Studies (DFRS)• Root Cause Analysis (RCA) trainingand mentoring• Defect Elimination (DE) process designand implementation• Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM)training and implementation• data analysis.We provide a whole of life approach to managingyour asset, answering questions like:• Why does my asset not deliver?• How can I reduce the cost of ownership?• What failures affect me the most?• How can I best maintain my asset atlowest cost?Our experience, people and tools ensure apositive payback is achievable from day one,with a strong focus on delivering value byidentifying waste, defects and inefficiencies.We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver worldclass processes and procedures at our clientsites and to ensure benefits are sustainableover the long term.We achieve this through a variety ofmethods including:• working with you to provide a solid platformand legacy for your own teams to operateyour plant or operating your assets for youas long as you need. We can customise ouroperations and maintenance plans to beconsistent with your business requirements.• taking a ‘first principles’ approach andworking with you to ensure appropriateplanning occurs across the asset lifecycle• identifying opportunities to increaseproduction and reduce operating costs• dealing with unexpected failures effectivelyand securing sustainable benefits from theprocess improvements• minimising downtime through a rangeof strategies for critical and non-criticalcomponents of your operation• working closely with you to ensure processobjectives transfer seamlessly through tosustainable production results.

Our experienceProject namePatties FoodsManufacturing ReliabilityImprovement ProgramLocationVictoria, AustraliaClientPatties Foods LimitedYear2012DescriptionAusenco Rylson were engagedto identify reliability issuesthrough the analysis of datafrom the manufacturingIT systems and to developstrategies to address them.A Root Cause Analysis (RCA)was used to addressfundamental causes ofequipment reliability issues.Ausenco Rylson maderecommendations on specificunder-performing assets andmaintenance and engineeringprocess management issueswere also identified.Implementation of theserecommendations will providesignificant long term costsavings to Patties FoodsLimited by reducing theoverall maintenance effortand optimising maintenanceexpenditure.Project nameUnderground Coal MineDefect Elimination ProgramLocationBowen Basin,Queensland, AustraliaClientAnglo AmericanMetallurgical CoalYear2011DescriptionAusenco Rylson providedspecialist reliabilityengineering and defectelimination support to theCapcoal underground coalmining operation.Through this project AusencoRylson implemented astructured defect eliminationprocess that delivered andcontinues to deliver increasedasset reliability andavailability at optimum cost.These achievements amountto significant cost reductionsfor Anglo AmericanMetallurgical Coal at theCapcoal mining operations.Project nameCentury Mine AvailabilityImprovement ProgramLocationQueensland, AustraliaClientMMG LimitedYear2012DescriptionAusenco Rylson providedspecialist defect eliminationsupport to the mobilemaintenance departmentat Century Mine. A defectelimination project wascommissioned to addressavailability issues acrossthe shovel fleet.Through implementation ofthe Ausenco Rylson defectelimination process thebusiness identified the rootcauses of the downtimeissues. A project was initiatedto address these root causeswith projected benefit of 20%availability across the fleet.Ausenco Rylson projectmanaged the delivery ofall initiatives ensuringsuccessful implementation.If you’d like to learn more about our reliability engineering experience, contact us viaemail or visit our website www.ausenco.comAUS0722_32_RE_V1_08.05.13

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