Zep Aviation offers a complete line of cleaning

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Zep Aviation offers a complete line of cleaning

Zep Aviation offers a complete line of cleaning and maintenanceproducts for commercial, military and personal aircraft.”• Exterior cleaners• Window Cleaners• Degreasers• Lavatory Deodorants• Cabin Air Fresheners• Brighteners• Interior Cleaners• Polish/ Dry Wash products with UV Protectants• Disinfectants• Lavatory Cleaners• Thrust Reverser Cleaners• CIC RemoversAEROSPACE CLEANING PRODUCTSZep Manufacturing is ISO 9001 and 14001certified. We earned this by having a systemin place that manages and assures qualityin the development and manufacture ofZep AviatioN products in areas such asinspection and testing, packaging anddelivery, training and servicing.ZDL607Bwww.zep.comZEP MANUFACTURING COMPANYA division of Acuity Specialty Products Group, Inc.ATLANTA, GEORGIA 30301CLEAN ACROSS AMERICA AND THROUGHOUT THE WORLD

Manufactures The Most Innovative AerospaceCleaning Products On The MarketZep specializes in Military AircraftApplications. The following Zep Aviationproducts have been tested and meetthe requirements outlined by militaryperformance specifications in accordancewith technical orders (T.O.’s)Zep Manufacturing was established in 1937 and has been producing aircraft cleaning products fir 56 years. Today,Zep services 500,000 customers with a state of the art manufacturing and Quality Control program that ensuresthat each product is made to the Aerospace Industries exacting specs.Partnership With Our CustomersIn today’s market, may companies say they want to be a “partner”.At Zep AviatioN, we supply our customers with more than justproducts. We support our customers operations with:• On site personnel training and support• Complying with internal and governmental regulations• Inventory Management strategiesWe have over 30 chemists, environmental compliance scientists,field chemists and aviation specialists. We work with ourcustomers on a one-on-one basis to:• Decrease Aircraft turnaround time• Contribute to a safe work environment• Reduce our customers labor and material costs.Zep Aviation Products aredesigned to comply with themost stringent Environmentaland Aerospace standards inthe industry. In addition tothe Zep Aviation family ofproducts, Zep offers cleaningproducts for building andfacility maintenance, GroundSupport Equipment and fleetvehicle maintenance.MaintenanceAircraft Brightener andCorrosion RemoverAircraft exteriorProd.#F606Removes oxidation from aluminum surfaces. May alsobe used to etch aircraft metals prior to painting RTUCIC Solv (liquid)Prod.#H813Non-emulsifying degreaserRemoves adhesive, corrosion inhibiting compounds,grease and oilsSpray and wipeCIC Solv IIProd.#H481Non-emulsifying degreaserRemoves adhesive, corrosion inhibiting compounds,grease and oilsSpray and wipeElec II PlusElectrical contact cleanerCleaner for circuit boards and small enginesSpray from top to bottom to remove soilsProd.#0283Power DegreaserSolvent cleaner contact cleaningContact cleaning and degreasing, removes CICSpray and wipeProd.# H023• 799 MIL-II AF/ MIL 87937C• Aircraft Cleaner II/ MIL-C25769Jand MIL C87936A• Dyna 680 T2/ MIL-PRF 680 Type II• NAV II/ MIL-PRF 85570C• Power Degreaser/ MIL-PRF 87937• ZA Calsolv/ MIL-PRF 85570Dand MIL-PRF 87937D

ExteriorAircraft Wash799 MIL-II AF Prod.#7416General Purpose water based degreaserGeneral Use: Wet washing of aircraftDilution: RTU to 1:9, spray and wipe. Apply by foam.Spray, brush, mop, or flow method.Specifications: MIL 87937C, AMS 1550B,Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD-1, AMS 1526BAD 151 TCitrus cleaner degreaserGeneral Use: Removes adhesives, greases and oilsDilution: Spray and rinseSpecifications: Boeing D6-17487, ASTM F 519Prod.#0737Aircraft Polish/Dry WashAircraft exterior cleaning Prod. #F380General Use: Clean and polish exterior of aircraft andremoves oxidation.Dilution: Apply with soft cloth, sponge, mop, ontopainted or unpainted surfaces. Allow to dry and cleanwith a dry soft cloth.Specifications: Boeing D6-17487 (rev N),AMS 1531CDyna 680 T2Prod.# F015Parts washing solventGeneral Use: Removes oils and greases fromsmall partsDilution: Used mainly in parts washersSpecifications: MIL-PRF 680 type II,Boeing D6-17487, PWA36604 Rev B, ASTM F 945-98Exterior Aircraft Gel Prod.#1139Aircraft exterior HD cleaningGeneral Use: Exhaust, carbon removalDilution: Apply by foam, spray , brush, mop, or flowmethod at a dilution of 1:9. For heavy-duty cleaning,use undilutedSpecifications: CSD-1, D6-17487 (rev L), AMS 1526BNav IIProd.#H812Exterior water-based degreaserGeneral Use: Cleans soils from exterior of aircraftDilution: Spray, foam, or brush onSpecifications: MIL-PRF 85570C, Boeing D6-17487,Douglas CSD-1, AMS 1526BOne StepProd.#H814Aircraft exteriorGeneral Use: Removes adhesive, grease, oils, and CICDilution: Spray and wipe, brush onSpecifications: Boeing D6-17487 (rev N)ZA CalsolvProd.#M391Solvent degreaser contact cleaningGeneral Use: Adhesive remover, contact cleaner, andCIC removerDilution: Spray and wipeSpecifications: MIL-PRF 85570D,MIL-PRF 87937D(partial testing), Boeing D6-17487InteriorFAA - Fresh ScentDeodorizerGeneral Use: Used to deodorize lavatoriesDilution: Spray mist into air as neededPure cleaner DisinfectantDisinfectant cleanerGeneral Use: Disinfect non-porous surfacesDilution: Spray and wipe, see label for dilutionsSpecifications: AMS 1550BProd.#0213Prod.#F460Pure-FectBowl deodorizerGeneral Use: Toiler bowl deodorizerDilution: Dilute 1/4 oz per gallonSpecifications: AMS 14697B, Douglas CSD# 3,Boeing D6-17487 *except for Tape Adhesion test.RTU Cleaner DisinfectantDisinfectantProd.#F528Prod.#H025General Use: Cleans and disinfects. Can also be usedto clean leather and naugahydeDilution: Spray and wipeSpecifications: AMS 1452A, AMS 1550B, ASTM F 519,Boeing D6-7127, AMS 1526B, Boeing D6-17487Window ViewInterior/Exterior cleaningGeneral Use: Cleans windows, transparent plastics,and leatherDilution: Spray and wipe, non-streakingSpecifications: Boeing D6-17487, Douglas CSD-1AMS 1524B, AMS 1550B, AMS 1535CProd.#F336AssistCarpet cleaner and spotterGeneral Use: Clean interior carpetDilution: Spray and let set then agitate as neededSpecifications: Boeing D6-7127AMS 1630C *except for Total Immersion CorrosionSpirit IIDisinfectantGeneral Use: Interior cleaningDilution: Spray and wipeProd.#0323Prod.#0679

ZEP AVIATION PRODUCT LISTPRODUCT PROD# TYPE USE Aircraft Usage DILUTION SPECIFICATIONS799 MIL-II AF 7416 Exterior General Purpose Wet washing of aircraft RTU to 1:9, spray and wipe MIL 87937CAircraft Wash water based degreaser Apply by foam MS 1550BSpray, brush, mop, or flow method Boeing D6-17487Douglas CSD-1AMS 1526B799 Universal 0738 Exterior/Interior General Purpose Carpet spotter 1:30Cleaner Concentrate Degreasers HD water based degreaser Carpet shampoo 1:50General Purpose Lavatories 1:40 CSD-1Landing gear 1:2 D6-17487 (rev L)APU (auxiliary Power Unit) 1:10 AMS 1526BWheel wells, Vinyl floor 1:20 AMS 1550BExhaust 1:10AD 151 T 0737 Exterior Citrus cleaner degreaser Removes adhesives, Spray and rinse Boeing D6-17487Degreaser greases and oils ASTM F 519Aircraft Brightener F606 Exterior Aircraft exterior Removes oxidation fromand Corrosion Maintenance aluminum surfaces. May also RTU Boeing D6-17487 (rev N)Remover be used to etch aircraft metalsprior to paintingAircraft Cleaner II 1056 Exterior Aircraft Exterior For the outside for light to 1:1-1:128 Boeing D6-17487Aircraft Wash medium degreasing Douglas CSD #1MIL- C25769JMIL -C87936AAircraft F380 Exterior Aircraft exterior cleaning Clean and polish exterior of Apply with soft cloth, sponge, Boeing D6-17487 (rev N)Polish/Dry Wash Aircraft aircraft and removes oxidation mop, onto painted or unpainted AMS 1531CWash/Polish surfaces. Allow to dry and cleanwith a dry soft clothAssist 0323 Interior Carpet cleaner and spotter Clean interior carpet Spray and let set then agitate Boeing D6-7127Carpet cleaner as needed AMS 1630C*except for TotalImmersion CorrosionCIC Solv (liquid) H813 Exterior Non-emulsifying degreaser Removes adhesive, corrosion Spray and wipe Boeing D6-17487Maintenance inhibiting compounds, grease AMS 1530Band oilsCIC Solv II H481 Exterior Non-emulsifying degreaser Removes adhesive, corrosion Spray and wipe Boeing D6-17487Maintenance inhibiting compounds, grease AMS 1530Band oilsDyna 680 T2 F015 Exterior Parts washing solvent Removes oils and greases Used mainly in parts washers MIL-PRF 680 type IIDegreaser or from small parts Boeing D6-17487Maintanance PWA36604 Rev BASTM F 945-98Elec II Plus 0283 Exterior Electrical contact cleaner Cleaner for circuit boards and Spray from top to bottom to Boeing D6-17487Maintenance small engines remove soils Douglas CSD-1*except for Stress Crazing TestExterior Aircraft Gel 1139 Exterior Aircraft exterior Exhaust, carbon removal Apply by foam, spray , brush, CSD-1Aircraft Wash or HD cleaning mop, or flow method at a D6-17487 (rev L)Degreaser dilution of 1:9 For heavy-duty AMS 1526Bcleaning, use undilutedFAA - Fresh Scent 0213 Interior Deodorizer Used to dedorize lavatories Spray mist into air as needed N/ADeodorantNav II H812 Exterior Exterior water-based Cleans soils from exterior Spray, foam, or brush on MIL-PRF 85570CAircraft Wash degreaser of aircraft Boeing D6-17487Douglas CSD-1AMS 1526BOne Step H814 Exterior Aircraft exterior Removes adhesive, grease, Spray and wipe, brush on Boeing D6-17487 (rev N)Aircraft Wash oils, and CIC)Power Degreaser H023 Exterior Solvent cleaner Contact cleaning and Spray and wipe Douglas CSD-1Maintenance degreasing, removes CIC ASTM F 945contact cleaning Pratt & WhitneyBoeing D6-17487MIL-PRF 87937(partial testing)Pure cleaner F460 Interior Disinfectant cleaner Disinfect non-porous surfaces Spray and wipe, see label AMS 1550BDisinfectant General Purpose for dilutionsor LavatoryPure-Fect F528 Interior Bowl deodorizer Toiler bowl deodorizer Dilute 1/4 oz per gallon AMS 14697BLavatory Douglas CSD# 3Boeing D6-17487*except for Tape Adhesion test.RTU Cleaner H025 Interior Disinfectant Cleans and disinfects. Can Spray and wipe AMS 1452ADisinfectant General Purpose also be used to clean leather AMS 1550Bor Lavatory and naugahyde ASTM F 519Boeing D6-7127AMS 1526BBoeing D6-17487”Window View F336 Interior Interior/Exterior cleaning Cleans windows, transparent Spray and wipe Boeing D6-17487General Purpose plastics, and leather non-streaking Douglas CSD-1AMS 1524BAMS 1550BAMS 1535CZA Calsolv M391 Exterior Solvent degreaser Adhesive remover, contact Spray and wipe MIL-PRF 85570DMaintenance contact cleaning cleaner, and CIC remover MIL-PRF 87937Dordegreaser (partial testing)Boeing D6-17487

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