Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit - Hyperbaric India

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Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Unit - Hyperbaric India

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy UnitIndraprastha Apollo Hospital . New DelhiA decade of practice of hyperbaric Medicine1

Introduction• Dr PC Reddy is a great visionary and introduced many new treatment modalities inthe country. He was impressed by the desire of Dr Tarun Sahni to introducehyperbaric medicine in India and gave his sanction to set up a centre at the newlybuilt hospital in New Delhi.• The FIRST private Hyperbaric Unit in India was therefore established in the year2000 at the Apollo hospital New Delhi placing India on the hyperbaric map of theworld under the guidance of Dr JK Sachdeva – the first medical director of thehospital .• The centrehas seen an overall growth in areas of diving medicine, compressed airworks , training , research and management of challenging clinical conditions.This presentation gives a brief overview on the last 10 years activities2

The First HyperbaricTreatment centre set up ina private hospital in 2000..Apollo Hospitals is not just one of thecountry's premier healthcareproviders but also plays a pioneeringrole in helping India become a centreof‐excellencein global healthcare.In keeping with its image as thepioneer in providing latest medicaltreatments, the Indraprastha ApolloHospital, Sarita Vihar, New Delhiestablished a hyperbaricchamber, which has been workingsince June 2000..Also finds mentionin Limca Book ofRecords!!3

Hyperbaric Medicine & its ApplicationOccupationnal• Diving Medicine• Diagnosis and treatment ofconditions caused by marinehazards and howrelationships of a diver'sfitness to dive affect adiver's safety.• Providing support and backup to recreational andprofessional diving & relatedactivities.alOccupation• Compressed AirWorks• The chambers open atthe bottom and containair under pressure, usedto carry out constructionwork.• Providing technical &medical support to suchoperationsalClinic• Hyperbaric OxygenTherapy• The intermittent inhalationof 100% Oxygen under apressure exceeding that t ofthe atmosphere (1Atmosphere is the normalroom air pressure at sealevel = 760 cm Hg)• Prime Area of focus.4

Hyperbaric Oxygen TherapyThe intermittent inhalation of 100% Oxygen under a pressure exceeding that of the atmosphere(1 Atmosphere is the normal room air pressure at sea level = 760 cm Hg)Committee on Hyperbaric Medicine (1976 ), Undersea & Hyperbaric Medical Society, USAOxygenIntakeOxygenTransportationOxygenSupplyO 2During normalbreathing20 XDuringHBOTherapyLungs Circulation TissuesDuring HBO - the higher pressure forces Oxygen into plasma and the blood is now capable of carrying 10-20times more oxygen to the tissues which is responsible for the beneficial effects of Hyperbaric Oxygen5

Patient volumes• Our centre has grown steadily dl along soundevidence based and ethical guidelines• The experience gained along with colleagues inthe fields of plastic& general surgery , oncologists( medical , surgical and radiation), neurologists, neurosurgeons , ENT has now established therole of hyperbaric oxygen in tertiary care medicalpractice.• The number of patients has been progressivelygrowing confirming its professional and financialacceptability and viability.No: of Patients20018016014012010080604020067%51%2000 2005 2010Year80706050403020100Ca apacity Utilizatio on• The number of publications , national andNo:of patientsinternational presentations is an equallyimportant part of the departmental activities6

Referral sourcesHBOTBenefits of HyperbaricHeals FasterReduces Hospital StayReduced Medical Expenses7

Hyperbaric NewsTimes of India 20108

National/International PublicationsPublicationYearUse of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in 2010Traumatic Brain Injury: Retrospectiveanalysis of data of 20 patients treatedat a tertiary care centre.Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ‐ evidence2006based role in Diabetic FootHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy‐ ResearchIndications & Emerging role inNeurological IllnessesRole of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy inOncology and Radiation induced tissuedamageRecent Advances in Hyperbaric OxygenTherapy200520042004Prevalence Of Gall Stone Disease And 2004Its Relation To Hypercholesterolemia,Hypertension And Diabetes In AffluentNorth Indians: Population Based StudyHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy : CurrentTrends and ApplicationsStatus of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy inNeurological illnesses‐Review ofInternational and Indian ExperienceHyperbaric Oxygen Therapy ‐ A moderntherapeutic tool in quality patient care:Review ArticleChallenges in creating an indigenousHyperbaric oxygen unit in a fee forservice tertiary care hospital innorthern India2003200320032003PublicationHyperbaric oxygen therapy in parenchymal liverdiseaseYear1996Renal Transplantation 1994Hyperbaric oxygen therapy in Crush Syndrome 1994Gas Poisoning with Freon 1994Antimicrosomal and antithyroglobulinantibodies in thyroid disorders1994Electrocardiographic Diagnosis‐ WPW Syndrome 1994Localized obstructive pulmonary emphysemaduring diving training1994Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy in Hospital Practice 1993Hyperbaric oxygen Therapy in acute cerebraledemaHigh altitude divers from 7000 to 14200 feet inthe HimalayasLocalized obstructive pulmonary emphysemaduring diving training(Abstract)19931991199010

Occupational HealthDiving IllnessesMedical Exam and treatment of Commercial diversDr.Tarun Sahni: Recognized by ONGC for examination and treatment of offshoredivers is a IMCA approved Level 1 & II A dive physician have examined more than 300divers in the year 2010.Compressed Air WorksDr. Tarun Sahni and his team at The Hyperbaric MedicineDepartment, Indraprastha Apollo Hospital, New Delhi, trained doctors of theDelhi Metro project (underground local train) in 2002 on “ Medical Aspectsof hyperbaric tunneling operations & Caissons.11

Growth of our unit: At a glance•For the past 10 years this center hasenjoyed monopoly in this field and toretain an edge over its future competitorsit is important for us to continuouslyintroduce new initiatives to retain the edgeand attract additional segments .•Like research, occupational courses andinternational presentations andinteractions are being carried out regularly.•Growth in non clinical areas from 20 to40% by year 2011 has lead to internationalrecognition for our unit and hospital.80%70%60%50%40%30%20%10%0%Growth of Our Unit80%60%20%Clinical Non Clinical40%2000201112

Number of patients and the capacity utilization increasingshowing the acceptability and viability of the treatmentPatientVolumeCLINICALOur centre became the first hyperbaric centre in India tobe involved din Multicentric i , international i trial il(HOLLT), conducted by Monash University (Australia).ResearchMany research papers and publications have come out ofthe department during these years.AcademicNON CLINICALOur centre became a part of the diving medical trainingcourses to be conducted in 2011 by KBATassociates, Singapore.OccupationalHealth13

Hyperbaric Therapy - IssuesInvitingReferrals• Patient referrals (external as well as internal)are not defined.• Referrals are delayed in many cases.InvitingreferralsOurissuesTariffs• Cost is perceived as high.• “Hyperbaric reduces over all patient cost”MarketingTariffsMarketing• The Hyperbaric Consultant is the only onewho understands Hyperbaric Oxygen andwill have to lead the marketing initiative14

Peek into the FuturePatient Care• Database of the patients treated in department• To maintain the international standards of treatment.Academic• Publication of case studies and articles• More international conferencesResearch•Hyperbaric Educational & Research Services for research initiatives withnational/international partners.• Clinical and non clinical research projectsOccupational health• Diving courses• Fellowship in hyperbaric medicine• Oxygen provider course• Primary Trauma Care15

VO216Contact:Dr. Tarun SahniPh: 011-29872029 / 2028Email: aimhu@live.inwww.hyperbaricindia.comcom2

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