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Controls & Energy ManagementTIME SWITCHESSCTS960S24EIHTS24NCTS247ETSRTS113S24GPIHTS7EIHTSCTU9000STS840TIME SWITCHESRound PatternTime SwitchesIndustry standard 20 Amp 3 pinround pattern timer switch.Can be used as a directreplacement for singlechannel On/Off switching.24 On/Off programmesin 24 hours.Half day(s) and day(s) omitunlimited over a 7 day period.Permanent on facility and amanual override.DescriptionPart No.3 Pin 20A 24 SRTS113On/Off + Day Omit24 Hour ImmersionHeater and HardWired GeneralPurpose TimerMinimum setting time is 15 mins.Minimum On/Off period, 30 mins.13 amps resistive – 2 amp inductive.Thermal fuse included.DescriptionTimerPart No.S24GPIHTCompact 24 HourImmersion HeaterTimerSwitches on and off at preset times.30 min minimum switchingpermanent On/Off control.Fits 32mm deep box.DescriptionTimerPart No.SCTS96024 Hour ElectronicImmersion TimerEconomical and convenient controlof immersion heater systems.Switches On and Off up to4 times a day.1 or 2 hour boost facility.Shortest switching time is 1 min.Self-cancelling override forinstant On/Off control.1000 hours memory back-up.Integral thermal fuse for extra protection.DescriptionTimerPart No.S24EIHT7 Day ElectronicImmersion TimerHas all the benefits of the 24hour version plus: Individualday; everyday; every weekday /weekend programme selectionsfor ultimate control of theimmersion heater system.Up to 6 on & 6 off switchingcommands per day.Up to 42 On/Off switchings per week.Simple 2 button programming.Programme review facility.Self-cancelling override forinstant On/Off control.1000 hours memory back-up.Integral thermal fuse for extra protection.DescriptionTimerCompact Electronic24 Hour / 7 DayImmersion TimerEconomical and convenient controlof immersion heater systems.6 programmes available tooperate over all 7 days.42 on and off switches per week.Fits 32mm deep box.DescriptionTimerPart No.S7EIHTPart No.SCTU900024 Hour TappetPins Plug-In TimerComplies to EN60730.2.71992 including AmendmentAMD7747-1993 to BS1363Part 3.1989Minimum setting 30 mins.Self cancelling override switch.13 amps resistive - 5 amp inductive.DescriptionPlug-In Timer7 Day Plug-InSegment TimerUp to 84 switchings per week.Easy to use segment setting dial.Plug in control for 3 kWappliances and filament lamps upto 400W.2 hour minimum switching interval.Manual override.DescriptionPart No.7 Day Timer STS84024 Hour & 7 DayElectronic Plug-InTimerComplies to EN60730.2.7 1992including Amendment AMD7747-1993 to BS1363 Part 3.1989.Up to 6 On and 6 Off switchingcommands per day.Up to 42 On/Off per week.24 hour digital clock/timer display.Minimum switching time is 1 min.Display back light for clear viewing.DescriptionPlug-In TimerPart No.S24NCTPart No.S247ET212 This information is now available as a download

Controls & Energy ManagementTHERMOSTATS & SUNDRIESSFST11S3/24SRAM701SRAM801SET05Fused Connection Unitwith TimerUp to 4 on/off programmes per day.Switched and switched/timed outputs.Simple two button timing.Self cancelling override.1000 hour rechargeable memory.DescriptionPart No.24 Hour SFST117 Day SFST17Wall Clock24 hour analogue wall clock.Battery operated.DescriptionPart No.Wall Clock S3/24A comprehensive range of programmers andcontrollers for central heating systems areavailable at all branches. Brands stocked maydiffer by branch.Room ThermostatsSlim and compact bright white modern design.Temperature range from 5 to 30°C.Surface mounted with 2 / 3 - wire connection.Programmable Stat has fixed time andtemperature and 2 comfort programmes anda battery supply with low power indicator.Plug in base for wall or flush mounting.DescriptionRoom Stat 5-30° 10(4)ARoom Stat 24Hr-7 Day ProgrammablePlug In ThermostatDescriptionPlug In Temperature ControllerPart No.SRAM701SRAM801Easy to use innovation for switching on and offwhen a set temperature is reached between 0and 35°C and has a manual override.Precise temperature display and integral backup battery.13A Resistive and 2A inductive loads.Ideal for direct acting and portable heaters aswell as oil filled radiators.Part No.SET05THERMOSTATS &

Controls & Energy ManagementMETERSSDR100AS3P5/CTS3P100SEM100/NSEM100SDR215AS3P5CT/SIMSCARDMETERSM100SEM100/SIMMETERSSingle/ThreePhase DIN Rail &Panel kWh MetersElectronic with LCD display.DIN rail or panel mount.2 x 230/415 VAC Voltage 50Hz.100A direct connected ormeasure any current using 5A CTs.Single or three phase operation.Pulse output for BMS.DescriptionPart No.100A, Dir Con SDR100A5A CT, DIN RailSDR215A5A CT, Panel MtSPR215ASingle PhaseDigital kWhCard MetersNew or reconditioned.Secure system - no unattendedcash left in meter.230 AC Voltage 50Hz.Emergency credit facility.Utilising non re-usable cards.£1, £5 and £10 meter cardsavailable.Description100A Recon100A NewPart No.SCARDMETERSCARDMETER/NSingle Phase DigitalkWh MetersNew or reconditioned.Electronic with digital display.British standard meter connections.230 AC Voltage 50Hz.Sealable case and terminal cover.New meters are OFGEM certified.Fully guaranteed.Description100A Recon100A NewSingle PhaseDigital £1 MetersElectronic with digital display.Suitable for caravan sites, flats& guesthouses.Variable tariff settings.230 AC Voltage 50Hz.Sealable case and terminal cover.2 year guarantee.Description100APart No.SEM100Part No.SM100Coin OperatedTime SwitchSEM100/N100A rated.Accepts £1 coins.Variable tariff.Ideal for snooker tables andtennis courts.2 year guarantee.Three PhaseDigital kWh MetersNew or reconditioned.Electronic with digital display.2 x 230/415 VAC Voltage 50Hz.Sealable case and terminal cover.New meters are OFGEM certified.Fully guaranteed.Description100A Recon Dir Con100A New Dir Con100A New with CTsSingle and ThreePhase InternetSmart MetersBuilt in mobile phone sendsreadings to Meteronline website.Final customer has own remotereading account.Single and three phase models.230V (415V) AC Voltage 50Hz.OFGEM certified for billing.Description100A Recon100A New100A New with 5A CTsPart No.S3P100S3P100/NS3P5/CTPart No.SEM100/SIMS3P100/SIMS3P5CT/SIMDescription100A Coin Operated TimerPart No.SM100/T214 Connect with the Best

Controls & Energy ManagementDIMMING SYSTEMSControlling the lighting of an area with a scenesetting dimming system provides not only lightingto suit the mood but increased lamp life and aboveall a cost effective energy saving solution to lightingcontrol.Multidim Starter Packs1, 2 or 4 channel remote kits with frontplate andhandheld remote.Flat Stainless steel frontplate (white available).Intuitive programming via frontplate or remote.Halogen and LV soft start with no need toDe-rate load.HFR Units can control up to 7 fluorescent ballastsor 10 led drivers per channel (expandable up to100 with contactor).DescriptionHalogen/LV Control1x1200W single channel kit2x1200W 2 channel kit4X600W 4 channel kitLED/Fluorescent ControlPart No.MDK1VA1200 SSMDK2VA1200 SSMDK4VA600 SS1 Channel 1-10V HFR kit MDK1HFR7 SS2 Channel 1-10V HFR kit MDK2HFR7 SS4 Channel 1-10V HFR kit MDK4HFR7 SSSpecial dimmable rack panels can be designedand built to order.Please refer to the Stratus Catalogue forfurther information.Multidim Modular DevicesFull Range of expansion devices that can also becustomised into individual scene setting controlsolutions.2 Channel unit features auxiliary contacts foradditional switching (eg Fans).16 Zones per systems standard(more can be added).Unlimited addressable channels with optionalPC connection.Simple multiway scene setting by linkingfrontplate and control devices.Many frontplate options as standard withcustomised plate matching service available.Bespoke Rack systems and prewired cabinetscan be designed up to 750KW and 150Channel Systems.DescriptionDimmer Packs1X1200W VA pack2X1200W VA pack4X600W VA pack1X5000W VA pack2X16A Relay pack1X 1-10V HFR pack2X 1-10V HFR packStainless Steel Flat Wallplates1G Steel Rotary Control1G 4 Channel 4 Scene Push Button1G 8 Channel Raise/Lower Push Button2G 8 Channel 4 Scene Push Button1G Last setting all off/recall1G LCD 4 Scene RecallControl DevicesPart No.MD1X1200MD2X1200MD4X600MD1X5000MD2XSWMD1X10VMD2X10VMDCK1XRENSSMDCK4CHSSMDCK8CHMOMSSMDCK8CHSSMDCK1MASTMD41GLCD16 Chan 8 Scene I/R Handheld MDIRHS8CHMultigrid Rotary EncoderMDGRID1XRENInterface for retractive switchMDSWRDIMMING SYSTEMSBest for just about everything electrical215

Controls & Energy ManagementDIMMING CONTROLS EXPLAINEDDIMMING CONTROLS EXPLAINEDStandard Resistive DimmingStandard Dimming includes Incandescent,Halogen Low Voltage and more recently Integratedballast Compact Fluorescent lamps. Althoughcommon this can still be fraught with problems.Many basic Dimmers require de-rating for highinrush current Halogen lamps. Many modernquality electronic transformers can be dimmedusing a common dimmer but care should be takento ensure dimmer and transformer are compatible.Common problems include flickering of lamps andfailure to reach maximum or minimum light levels.When dimming CFLs reference should be made tothe lamp manufacturers latest information. Sectorsoft start dimmer Grid and Retrofit modules aresoft start, do not have to be de-rated and havebeen tested with all Sector and StratusTransformers.Energy SavingUsing a dimmer will save energy usage.A conventional dimmer works by switchingthe power to the lamp off for a small period oftime, 100 times a second.Dimming will also increase the life of Tungstenand GLS lamps.Approximate details are given in the following table:Light output dimmed by: Energy Saving Lamp Life10% 10% 2 x Longer25% 20% 4 x Longer50% 40% 10 x Longer75% 60% 20 x LongerFluorescent Switch DimmingSimple Dimming with a press switch can be easilyachieved using a Switch Dim Digital ballastincorporated into the luminaire. A retractive switchalternates the light on/off and a hold of the switchcycles the light through a dimming cycle. No morethan 12 ballasts are recommended on each circuit.Luminaires can be synchronised to each otherwith a ten second hold of the retractive switch.Push switches can be wired in parallel enablingtwo way switching and energy saving lightingcontrol.HFR 1-10V Analogue LEDand Fluorescent DimmingHigh Frequency Regulated (1-10V) Dimming is oneway of controlling a fluorescent or LED Luminaireusing a simple potentiometer wired into theballast or driver, this can then have the userinterface of simple control knob, LCD panel,handheld remote or intelligent system. The HFRballast/driver provides the 10V output and thepotentiometer returns to the ballast/driver aregulated value, say 5V for a 50% dimmed light.The two wires controlling the dimming will needto be wired to each ballast/driver powering theluminaire and fed back to the controller. HFRdimming allows interaction with proximity sensorsand PIRs to enable automatic lighting control andEnergy saving schemes.DSI / DALI Lighting ControlDigital Addressable Lighting Interface (DALI)provides an interchangeable control system acrossmany manufacturers and enables addressablecontrol of luminaires as well as Daylight, absenceand presence detection. Digitally controlledlighting systems requires a minimum of 3components: ballast, bus power supply andcontroller. This digital control enables simplifiedwiring, and power circuits can be planned withoutregard to the control circuits and can be wired inthe same conduit. Two way communication withDALI devices enables reporting of device errorsand current lighting levels. Link DSI energyefficient luminaires to Sensors and intelligentdaylight linking and proximity control, to achievefantastic energy efficiency PAYBACKS.216 This information is now available as a download

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