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INTRODUCTION► Procurement through partnering.► Procurement process – used as a model guide, theEuropean Construction Institutes “ Partnering inthe social housing sector “► 13 Constructors invited to present in October2002.► 5 Constructors invited to become partners withBolton at Home, making 6 partners in total.► Maximum available resources ( including ALMOfunding ) between April 2003 to March 2008 is£201.5 million.

Constructor Partners►Bolton Bolton at Home Technical Services.►Bardsley Bardsley Construction Ltd.►Bramall Bramall Construction Ltd.►Connaught Property Services PLC.►Durose Durose and Gourlay Ltd.►Herbert Herbert T Forrest Ltd.

Product development►Design Design and Specification group.►Neighbourhood Panels.►PartnersPartners►Asset Asset Management group.►Bolton Bolton Affiliated Tenant and ResidentAssociation.

Product DevelopmentDesign and Specification group►Why Why is it different ?►Because Because it contains more stakeholders thantraditional D&S groups.►Why Why does it have more ?►To ensure a greater input from the diversityof the stakeholders.►What What are we trying to achieve ?►Greater Greater customer choice and influence onthe service we are trying to provide.

Product DevelopmentNeighbourhood Panels►Why Why are these different ?►Because Because they have a key role in influencingthe capital programme at a local level.►What What are we trying to achieve ?►To deliver a more locally focused approachto customer involvement.

Product DevelopmentPartners► Why is this different ?► Traditionally constructors have not been involved in thedevelopment of the capital programme. It is anticipatedthat the combined experience of the constructors will beexploited to assist in the development of the programme tothe benefit of our customers.► What will it achieve ?► A better understanding, by the constructors, of the forcesthat influence the setting of the programme.► What effect will it have ?► That the partners should feel that they have been involvedfrom the outset and are part of the team in the truestsense.

Product DevelopmentAsset Management Group► Why is this different ?► Traditionally the client ( Asset Management ) hasdelegated the formulation of the capital programme to hisrepresentative. Now the asset management group, via itsstock database, housing management, customers andinput from the constructors, will formulate the programme.► What will it achieve ?► A planned programme that reflects the informationgathered from all the stakeholders.► What effect will it have ?► More information to all stakeholders on the direction theprogramme will take.

Product DevelopmentBolton Affiliated Tenant and ResidentAssociation►Why Why is this different ?►BATRA BATRA are now members of the coreteam.►What What will it achieve ?►A A greater representation of customersviews.►What What effect will it have ?►An increased sharing of information inboth directions.

Project ImplementationPartners► Why is this different ?► A complete culture change has to take place. It is thepartnership that has to deliver and not individuals. Sharingof best practice will take place to assist the delivery.Sharing of resources and a flexibility within the partnershipshould allow all to take ownership of the programme.► What will it achieve ?► An integrated approach in delivering the programme alongwith a more efficient use of resources.► What effect will it have ?► A long term commitment to providing a quality service toour customers.

Product ImplementationOrganisational Structure► Why is this different ?► The structure has been created to reflect theworks programme as opposed to reflecting adistrict basis.► What will it achieve ?► The ability to distribute the works on a more equalbasis across the borough. The ability to plan thesequence of works better.► What effect will it have ?► To concentrate expertise within the teams incarrying out their particular sphere of operations.

Product ImplementationIntegrated Teams► Why is this different ?► The clients representative and the constructors workingtogether to deliver the programme.The transference ofknowledge and the opportunity to add value engineering.► What will it achieve ?► A more open and honest environment. A greaterunderstanding of our customers needs and aspirations.► What effect will it have ?► To create a better working environment, more focusedteams all to the good of our customers.

Product ImplementationBolton Affiliated Tenant and ResidentAssociation► Why is this different ?► BATRA having an involvement in all aspects ofthe delivery of the programme.► What will it achieve ?► Customers views being taken on board toinfluence the programme at the earliestopportunity.► What effect will it have ?► Customers feeling that they are able to influenceand contribute to the formulation of theprogramme.

RegenerationTraining Academy► Why is this different ?► Partners being able to contribute, in a positive way, in thetraining of local people in construction skills.► Local people being given the skills to participate in thelabour market, possibly in local terms with regard to theprogramme.► What will it achieve ?► Local people being able to compete in the labour market.► What effect will it have ?► It will go some way to address the skill shortage within theconstruction industry, give local people employment, andput money back into the local economy.

RegenerationEthnic Minority Business Unit► Why is this different ?► Because historically we have not included for any dialoguewith the EMBU regarding the carrying out of the capitalworks programme.► What will it achieve ?► It gives us the ability to have dialogue with the EMBU totry and increase all stakeholders in tackling our Diversitypolicy.► What effect will it have ?► We may be able to engage minority builders, after training,in carrying out works from the programme, at the sametime working with the Training Academy to try andencourage people from minority groups to make aprofession in construction activities.

RegenerationValuing Diversity Group► Why is this different ?► Historically, the programme has not allowed us to engagegroups from a minority background but with the time andscale of the ALMO programme, we now have, theopportunity to make the links to engage people from aminority background.► What will it achieve ?► It offers us a vehicle to engage minority groups, who, maybe interested in taking up a career in construction.► What effect will it have ?► To be able to create a data base to establish the successor failure of the initiative.

RegenerationPartners► Why is this different ?► Historically we have never engaged constructors in theplanning/design of regeneration activities. This time itgives us the opportunity to tap into the expertise that theyhave gained from working with other like minded agencies.► What will it achieve ?► It will assist us in bringing fresh ideas and knowledgegained from other schemes.► What effect will it have ?► Give customers a better awareness of what can beachieved.

RegenerationNeighbourhood Panels► Why is this different ?► It allows a structured way for local communities tobecome involved in delivery of regenerationactivities.► What will it achieve ?► The opportunity for local people to have their sayon what affects them.► What effect will it have ?► To encourage the local community to becomemore closely involved.

RegenerationDesign and Specification Group► Why is this different ?► This is a specially formed group that involves allstakeholders in both the capital and regenerationprogrammes.► What will it achieve ?► Common and agreed specifications and customerchoice.► What effect will it have ?► Inform all stakeholders of precisely what choicesthey have and what quality to expect.

RegenerationLocal Businesses► Why is this different ?► Due to the large volumes of work, over a longperiod, local businesses would expect an increasein turnover in the goods and services purchasedfrom them.► What will it achieve ?► The sustainability of local businesses/► .What effect will it have ?► Local businesses will remain for local people, andalso the possibility of employing local people toservice the increase in trade.

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