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ContentsAUGUST 2010AUGUST 2010ContentsContentsCover Image:© Michel PerrinSilver - Creative CategoryEpson / NZIPP Iris Professional Photography Awards 2009Executive Updates04 Letter from the Editors05 Wedding Directors Report06 Commercial Directors Report09 Portrait Directors Report10 Honours Council ReportInfocus 201012 Infocus Registrations12 Infocus Timetable13 A word from our Principal SponsorNZIPP News15 Welcome to New Members15 Q Submission Dates15 Web Profiles for QualifiedMembersRegional Updates16 Central Districts Region17 Canterbury / Westland RegionThe Missing Links18 Malcolm SomervilleSpecial Offers21 Epson/NZIPP Iris ProfessionalPhotography Awards Book200921 The Lighting WorkshopPhoto Competitions22 EYEcon PhotographicCompetition22 Masters Cup 201022 NZ Geographic PhotographicCompetitionIndustry News23 Health & SafetyJoining NZIPP23 MembershipCorporate Members23 Thank you to our CorporateMembersContactNZ Institute of Professional Photography (NZIPP)PO Box 27 277ChristchurchNew ZealandW: Infocus 2010Ilford Diary20 Diary Dates for 2010We welcome your feedback and thoughts. If youhave something to say, send it through REPORT is a publication of the NZIPP© NZIPP 2010. All rights reserved.2PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP3

Letter from the EditorsAUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010Executive UpdatesLetter fromthe EditorsThis month, we are delighted to have a new monthly contributor, MalcolmSomerville from Central Districts.Having written for a number of years for The Photographers Mail, D-Photo andother publications, plus being an past NZIPP President, and current HonoursCouncil member Malcolm comes well qualified!Check out Malcolm’s article, The Missing Links on page 18.Did you miss out on the July 30th “Early Bird” deadline for Infocus 2010,Queenstown? If so, you still have a chance to register because we’veextended our “Early Bird” deadline by one week, to August 6th. So registernow and save yourself $100!! As well as being in the draw to win a Epson StylusPhoto TZ710W Printer, RRP: $399.00.Don’t miss out - there are only 36 days to Infocus 2010! We look forward toseeing you in QueenstownWeddingDirectorsReport5 Lame Reasons For Not Entering The Iris Awards.....1. “I don’t want to enter until I know I can do well”This is a pretty lame reason because no one ever knows for sure they’regoing to do well. If you wait until you feel sure you’ve got a gold youmay never enter. And then you’ve missed out on a fantastic opportunity.Besides which, just the process of entering & submitting will raise yourgame, so you’ll be more likely to do well next year. And this is particularlytrue if you’re able to sit in on a day or two of judging.2. “I don’t think I’m good enough”You know what? Don’t just take your own opinion on that - get a secondopinion! If you’re right you’ll know what to work on & what if you’re wrong?In my opinion the whole judging process is the best photography educationgoing, & it’s yours for the price of a flight & a nights accommodation.3. “I can’t afford it”At some point I think you have to choose to back yourself. Money spenton entries is an investment in your own improvement, & also in your ownmarketability. The value to your business is huge if you snag an award ortwo, or a category, or even the big kahuna (depending on where you’reat)...but you have to be in to win. While we’re on the topic, let’s talk aboutthe real size of that investment. I bet you have at least $1000 worth of CFcards right? Because you ‘just have to have them’. That’s true, but I reckonprofessional development & peer recognition fall into the same category ifyou’re serious about your photography business.4. It’s not real work, it’s all created specially for awards. And anyway, it’s allabout Photoshop not photography.To me the Iris Awards are about pushing your creative boundaries & goingbeyond what you do everyday. So it’s not everyday work, it’s not bread & shouldn’t be. There are other awards for that. It’s about showingcontrol over tools available to you as a photographer, including planning,visualisation, lighting, capture, manipulation & printing.5. Art is so subjective, how can you possibly judge it objectively?Just because not everyone can tell the difference between a shiraz & amerlot, does not mean that there is no difference. I’m just sayin’.“Don’t miss out -there are only 36days to Infocus 2010!We look forwardto seeing you inQueenstown.”Kind regardsArna Wahl Davies & Nerida RamsayNZIPP Marketing & Development“The value to yourbusiness is huge if yousnag an award ortwo, or a category,or even the bigkahuna”Sometime it is hard to guess what the judges were thinking when you look atthe galleries on the website, but more than anything that’s a good reason tosit in on the judging this year & hear their thought process for yourself.The NZIPP is now on Facebook - check out the links below....• NZIPP - National• NZIPP - Auckland / Northland Region• NZIPP - Waikato / BOP Region• NZIPP - Wellington Region• NZIPP - Canterbury / Westland RegionAnd the judging system is based on a panel of 5 humans (although you mightnot think so when they give your favourite print 68) so there is subjectivity builtin & no one is pretending otherwise. But at the end of the day you can besure of three things;• The standard will be high, & it will be higher than last year• The winners will deserve their wins, & their images will blow you away• If you enter (whether it’s the first time or the fiftieth) you will learnsomething & your business will benefit.Nicola InglisNZIPP Wedding Director4PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP5

Executive UpdatesAUGUST 2010AUGUST 2010Executive UpdatesCommercialDirectorsReportPhotographers are a creative bunch who like good design, form & function.Unsurprisingly, the proportion of photographers that use Apple computersis much higher than in the general population. As well as using Macs,photographers tend to also be very keen on the other iWant products, theiPhone and iPad.In June Apple officially unveiled its fourth phone incarnation, named notsurprisingly iPhone 4. It’s officially shipping in New Zealand now but due tooverwhelming demand stores are out of stock.Two weeks ago we also saw the iPad finally ship here. If your torn betweenwhich to buy, my advice is buy both. I’ve been using an iPad since April andlove it. Think of it as an iPod touch but with screen real estate more like alaptop. If you are wanting a portable computer to crunch raw files on theroad, buy a laptop, otherwise for traveling, sitting on the couch web surfing,emailing, reading eBooks, education for the kids, games or even for work buyan iPad.For photographers iPhone 4 is the best version yet. 5MP camera, better lowlight performance, records 720p HD video that you can edit & publish onlinefrom the phone itself. With these new products I thought I’d share someideas of a few apps available from Apple’s App Store that are helpful tophotographers. Some are free, others require money but most are under $10Air Sharing - If you’re like me, half your devices memory is empty;put it to work & store documents & pictures on it. This app allowsyour device to be connected to your computer as a network drive(think of it as a wireless flash drive). You then copy files to it via drop& drag, or using a web-browser. Does require that both devices areconnected to the same WiFi network. Also lets you view the files onthe device. Good for storing & showing clients portfolios.Cool fx/Photo fx - Made by Tiffen (the filter people) some veryhandy image treatments available similar to some Nik Softwarefilters. Also try CinemaFX for similar results.EasyRelease - Take a photo of a model, add their details, ask themread your model release & sign on the screen. It’s then emails youa PDF of the completed & signed document. Insanely cool idea.A new Aussie made app called iRelease has just come out thatapparently offers similar functionality but haven’t purchased it yet.“As well as usingMacs, photographerstend to also be verykeen on the otheriWant products, theiPhone and iPad ”PhotoCalc - Calculates depth of field, hyperfocal distances, flashexposures, sunrise/sunset & more.Light Painting - A wee app that displays a round circle on yourscreen that slowly transitions through the colour spectrum. Try a darkenvironment, tripod, camera on bulb & your can have some greatfun plus get interesting effects. Good luck trying to explain how itworks & why you got the end result of ribbons of colored light toyour partner. Photographers do speak a foreign language.Photo Shootout - A game that you play photographer, go on shootswith models, put you images in a agency, get big royalty cheques,visit the camera store to buy more gear. This game is created insome parallel universe where it seems easy to make money inphotography. A giggle but really probably best that you save yourmoney.Sol - A very simple but effective calculator that graphically showssunrise/sunset times for a given location. Lets you choose betweencivil, nautical or astronomical dusk settings which in lay terms adjustsjust how dark the sky is, suggest for photography you select nautical.Sun Seeker - Another sun location finder, this amazing app usesaugmented reality. What does this mean? It uses the GPS in youriPhone to work out where you are, the digital compass to sensewhich way you are facing, and the accelerometer to measureif you are looking up or down. Add in a live feed from the builtin iPhone camera & you get an amazing app that shows a realworld scene, & overlays information about where the sun will bein the sky at a given time. It also displays the suns path as it travelsacross the sky at the winter & summer solstice. Very handy app forphotographers wanting to know exactly where & when the sunwill be at a certain point in the sky. My only gripe is that you mustactually be standing in the spot that you want to check out the infofor. An app you have to see to believe.SwankoLab - Allows you to develop (pun intended) chemicalformulas in a digital darkroom & watch the magic as it processes inthe dev, & then pegs up the print to dry. The only thing missing is thesmell of the chemistry.Expositor - a very handing app that very cleverly shows therelationship between ISO, shutter & aperture, plus has a handy EVguide for those times that you can’t take a light reading. A verygood tool to teach novices how these values all relate & worktogether.f/8 - One of the better depth of field apps out there.Tilt Shift Gen - Make your world a bit smaller with tilt/shift effects fromany image on your phone.Twitter/TweetDeck/Twitterrfic - For uber social networkers a.k.a. twits.These Twitter apps each have pros & cons. TweetDeck is fantasticon the iPad as you can display all your feeds in multiple columns.And finally a few apps that aren’t just useful for photographers, but still cool.FaceBook - Change your status & check out the latest NZIPP newsat - Stream music from New Zealand’s best music radiostation over the interweb.Google Earth - Do an aerial recce of your next shoot or just checkout your neighbours place without leaving your seat & it’s all free.Flight Control - The original “line drawing” game. You play air trafficcontroller & land planes. Immensely simple idea, but insanelyaddictive. Create an account & share your top scores with theworld. You can compete against other users over Bluetooth or WiFi.6PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP7

Executive UpdatesAUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010Executive UpdatesCommercialDirectorsReportEven better is the HD version on the iPad which even allows 3Dflying. My favorite game when my five year old isn’t using it (BTWshe can easily land over 50 planes now. A real plane spotter in themaking!). For those of you who are more of the boating kind tryHarbor Master, same idea but on the water.Lux Touch - A game of Risk for those of you interested in worlddomination.mPass - Air New Zealand’s booking and check-in app. Breezethroughout the airport in seconds. The app displays a 3D barcodefor your booking at that can be read at the kiosk or the gate. Nobags? No problems, just turn up before they lock the doors, scanyour phone & you’re flying. Best part is it’s free, you just need to bean Airpoints member to use it.Smack Talk! - You talk to your phone and a animated animalrepeats every thing you say, Guaranteed to keep kids entertainedfor hours. Try explaining to a bi-lingual five-year old how the puppyknows Russian.tvGuide - A great app by a NZ developer. Displays scheduling formost free to air channels, never need to use a paper or leave thecouch when planning your nights viewing.If you know of any other good apps for photogs let me know or start adiscussion on the NZIPP Facebook page.Richard LintonNZIPP Commercial DirectorPortraitDirectorsReport“We have a fill thebottle mentality. Wefill one day before weopen another, andwe try not to bookbeyond two weeksahead”Most of our membership are one person outfits by the sound of it, and as I havementioned in the past this is a challenge. However having said that, it’s a kindof wonderful chance to maximise a lifestyle that is not available to most selfemployedpeople. Being time / task efficient is the key. At first we are kind ofdesperate for any type of money producing activity, i.e. shooting or selling.This puts us into an inherently vulnerable situation, where without thought youcan let your clients stuff your life up if you don’t exercise some controls. WhenI first started as a photographer I let my clients run my life. They almost alwaysdemanded my most valuable time because I gave them open-ended options.With experience I have learned to compartmentalise if you like my activities. Ifyou are happy to shoot on a Saturday (and I’m not anymore) don’t say “WhatSaturday would you like?”, but “I have space on this Saturday or this one whichwould you prefer?”. Humans like a choice of either or, and respond perfectlyevery time. They have been given a choice so they are not corralled, anddon’t get pissed off .The secret is that you are better off filling up one Saturdaya month at a time. Four sittings on one day, is better than one on each day. Ifyou only get four Saturday sittings a month then take three Saturdays off, andhave fun with your loved ones on the other Saturdays.Same goes during the week. Only offer the days you want to work. Mondaysare in my experience not good money making days, so we plan, do marketing,make bookings etc etc. No physical client contact per se. We have a “fill thebottle mentality”. We fill one day before we open another, and we try not tobook beyond two weeks ahead. This invariably means we are usually busyeach week because we have controlled it, not our clients. Because we getrewarded relatively highly for what we do (even those who don’t charge thatmuch), squeeze it, and cruise for the rest of the week. Remember to valueyourself, and if you can’t be money rich for a while make sure you are time rich.I have always considered real wealth to be measured by personal freedom,not toys. If we can get both then great!!!P.S. In true Steve Jobs style...just one more thing...Apple put iMoviefor iPhone on the App store over the weekend. Using an iPhone4 you can now shoot movies in HD, edit them and share them allfrom your phone. A must have app, the only catch is you need aniPhone 4 as earlier phones don’t have the processor horsepower torun itRussell HamletNZIPP Portrait DirectorCheck out this rough video shot in about 15 minutes just afterdusk to test it all out Uploading from the app isonly lo-def but you can export and upload in 720p hi-def using acomputer.8PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP9

Executive UpdatesAUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010Executive UpdatesHonoursCouncilReportJust over one month to go and for the first time we are able to give youthe judging schedule well in advance for this years Iris Awards. We highlyrecommend you come to Queenstown & listen to the judging critiques, asthis is the best print education you can be offered anywhere in the country.For the first time we are also able to list the judges so you can see foryourself the high standard of judges we have available this year. Make themost of this great opportunity to learn from the best & experience the printjudging process first hand. Then stay on a little longer & attend the InfocusConference & all it has to offer.“Make the most ofthis great opportunityto learn from the best& experience theprint judging processfirst hand.”Saturday 11 SeptemberRoom A: Chairing: Terry Wreford-Hann, Marg Straw, Gerald WilsonRoom B: Chairing: Nick Servian, Tony Stewart, Ollie DaleRoom A: 9.00am - 4.00pm, Wedding:Judges: Tony Carter, Lester De Vere, Jo Grams, Russell Hamlet, Johannes VanKan, Robert Picolli, Donna Marie-Smith, Sarah Beaufoy, Chris Trail, Greg WilsonRoom A: 4.30pm - 6.00pm, Wedding Album:Judges: Tony Carter, Lester De Vere, Jo Grams, Russell Hamlet, Robert Picolli,Donna Marie-Smith (still to be confirmed)Wednesday 08 SeptemberRoom A: 6.00pm – 8.00pm Judges BriefingThursday 09 SeptemberRoom B: 9.00am - 1.00pm, Illustrative:Judges: John Crawford, Jackie Dean, Anthony McKee, David Patterson, IanPoole, Jackie Ranken, Diederek Van Heyningen, Tony Whincup, Kaye Davis,Dean Mackenzie, Derek Cook, Chris Coad, John DooganRoom A: Chairing: Marg Straw, Gerald Wilson, Tonia WilsonRoom B: Chairing: Bob Tulloch, Ollie Dale, Terry Wreford-HannRoom A: 9.00am - 6.00pm, Student / Assistant:Judges: Jackie Dean, Lester De Vere, Jo Grams, Russell Hamlet, JackieRanken, Johannes Van Kan, Robert Piccoli, Donna-Marie Smith, SarahBeaufoy, Chris Trail, Greg WilsonRoom B: 1.30pm - 5.30pm, Creative:Judges: John Crawford, Jackie Dean, Anthony McKee, David Patterson, IanPoole, Jackie Ranken, Diederek Van Heyningen, Tony Whincup, Kaye Davis,Dean Mackenzie, Derek Cook, Chris Coad, John DooganSincerely,Room B: 9.00am - 12.30pm, Commercial / Advertising:Judges: John Crawford, Jackie Dean, David Patterson, DiederIk VanHeyningen, Tony Whincup, Dean Mackenzie, Derek Cook, Chris Coad, TerryWreford-HannMike LangfordChairman NZIPP Honours Councilwhich includes:Bryan Isbister Shelley Amerio-Higgins, Stuart Riddell and Malcolm Somerville.Room B: 12.00pm - 3.00pm, Travel:Judges: John Crawford, Anthony McKee, David Patterson, Ian Poole, TonyWhincup, Kaye Davis, Dean Mackenzie, Derek Cook, Chris Coad, JohnDooganRoom B: 3.30pm - 6.30pm, Editorial / Photojournalism:Judges: John Crawford, Anthony Mckee, David Patterson, Ian Poole,Diederek Van Heyningen, Tony Whincup, Kaye Davis, Dean Mackenzie,Derek Cook, Chris Coad, John DooganFriday 10 SeptemberRoom A: Chairing: Marg Straw, Tonia Wilson, Terry Wreford-HannRoom B: Chairing: Bob Tulloch, Gerald Wilson, Nick ServianRoom A: 9.00am - 5.00pm, Landscape:Judges: Tony Carter, Jackie Dean, David Patterson, Ian Poole, Jackie Ranken,Diederek Van Heyningen, Tony Whincup, Kaye Davis, Chris Coad, John Doogan,Greg WilsonRoom B: 9.00am - 5.00pm, Portrait:Judges: Tony Carter, John Crawford, Jo Grams, Russell Hamlet, Anthony McKee,Johannes Van Kan, Robert Picolli, Donna Marie-Smith, Sarah Beaufoy, DeanMackenzie, Chris Trail, Derek Cook10PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP11

Infocus 2010AUGUST 2010AUGUST 2010Infocus 2010Infocus 2010Earlybird Registrations Extended to 6th Aug 2010Principal SponsorA Word from our Infocus 2010 Principal Sponsor9 - 14th September 2010Millennium HotelCnr Frankton Rd & Stanley StQueenstownDue to an overwhelming number ofrequests, we have extended EarlyBird registrations to Infocus 2010Conference for one week till the 6thAugust 2010.Click here to view the Infocus2010 Registration Brochure, whichincludes the complete programme,speaker profiles, information onaccommodation, social programmeetc.At Infocus this year you get two fulldays of conferencing by internationalspeakers Michael Grecco, GrahamMonro, Robert Piccoli, plus off-siteworkshops, day catering (including awinery tasting), entry to the industryexhibition, and two social functionsall for just $295.00.REGISTER ONLINE NOW AT WWW.NZIPP.ORG.NZWe are proud to sponsor this year’s NZIPP Infocus event in Queenstown.Epson’s support for the NZIPP over five years is part of our ongoing & naturaldialogue with photographers & exhibitors, helping them to showcase theircreative excellence in the best possible way. Epson has supported theNZIPP Infocus event since 2005, & the support has grown with the event.Apart from the workshops, exhibition & other programme activities heldduring the conference, the NZIPP Infocus event offers an important meetingplace for photographers & photo industry people to sharing knowledge &expertise in an inspiring & competitive atmosphere. By sponsoring the NZIPP,Epson is reinforcing its commitment to NZ professional photographers &,just as importantly, affording opportunities to those individuals entering theprofessional ranks.Sponsorship, however, is only one part of Epson’s much broader programmeof supporting photographers in their ongoing efforts to achieve photo printperfection. The results of those efforts have contributed to the developmentof Epson’s award-winning products.The latest addition to the 880 range of large format printers using awardwinningUltraChromeK3® with Vivid Magenta pigment inks is the compact &competitively priced Epson Stylus® Pro 3880 for creative professionals suchas graphic designers & advanced-amateur to professional photographers,media agencies & small businesses.The Iris Awards 2010Online Entry functionswill be available fromthe 4th August 2010.Entry informationand Conditions areavailable online the Infocus tab& Iris Awards menuitemstimetableThursday 9 SeptemberFriday 10 SeptemberSaturday 11 SeptemberSunday 12 SeptemberMONDAY 13 SEPTEMBEREVENTEpson / NZIPP Iris Professional Photography AwardsPRINT Judging - Day oneEpson / NZIPP Iris Professional Photography AwardsPRINT Judging - Day twoEpson / NZIPP Iris Professional Photography AwardsPRINT Judging - Day threeHappy Hour in the eveningInfocus Conference - Day oneWelcome Reception in the eveningInfocus Conference - Day twoGala Awards Dinner in the eveningThe innovative print engine design of the Pro 3880 gives it a footprint compactenough to operate comfortably in small office & studio environmentswhere space is at a premium. The Pro 3880 will print gallery quality photosfor professional & amateur photographers, colour accurate proofs fordesign studios, media agencies & printing companies, & ready to frameenlargements for photo studios & photographic stores.We are glad to announce that Epson’s award-winning large format inkjetprinters, the Epson Stylus Pro 7900 & 9900 have achieved 98%*1 coverage ofthe PANTONE MATCHING SYSTEM®, as evaluated & certified by Pantone LLC.PANTONE is the definitive international reference for selecting, specifying,matching & controlling ink colours. With the ability to achieve 98% coverageof PANTONE colours, industry professionals using Epson printers have a greatdeal of freedom when producing designs, proofs, & final images. It alsoenables designers to accurately reproduce corporate & brand colours & usea wide variety of PANTONE spot colours.Tuesday 14 September Specialist MasterclassThe NZIPP would like to extend their gratitude to the following organisations for their generous support of Infocus 2010:Principal SponsorPlatinum SponsorGold SponsorsSilver SponsorsThis certification reinforces the superb colour accuracy of the Epson Stylus Proprinter range, & gives designers, photographers & printers the highest level ofconfidence when working on colour critical projects.Bronze Sponsor12PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP13

Infocus 2010AUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010NZIPP NewsInfocus 2010NZIPP NewsWe are pleased to announce that one of these printers – the Epson StylusPro 7900 (RRP: NZD$10,682) will be the main prize at the Epson / NZIPP IrisProfessional Photography Awards this year, rewarding the photographer whowill take out the NZ Professsional Photographer of the Year 2010 title. We areinviting you to enter the awards & to take advantage of this year conferenceprogramme featuring seminars from local & world class photographers.Epson will be providing practical demonstrations at the Epson stand on howto get the best photo results from digital cameras to scanners, using the EpsonPerfection® V700 scanner & the A3+ Epson Stylus® Photo R2880 printer. Epsonproducts on display at the stand will include: Epson Stylus® Photo R2880, EpsonStylus® Pro 3880, Epson Stylus® Pro 4880, Epson Stylus® Pro 7900, Epson Stylus®Pro 9900, Epson Stylus® Pro 11880, Epson Perfection® V700 Photo*1 98% coverage of PANTONE FORMULA GUIDE® solid coated palette based on Epson ProofingPaper White Semimatte printed with Epson printer driver at 2880x1440dpi.PANTONE® coverage may vary when printed with a third-party RIP.PANTONE® and other Pantone LLC trademarks are the property of Pantone LLC.Q SubmissionDatesFor those who aren’t qualified yetthere is still one more Q Submissiondate in 2010. Once successful you’llbe able to advertise your NZIPPqualification, & your profile willappear in the Find a Photographerfunction on the NZIPP website.Mark the Q submission date in yourdiaries & start planning now!Wednesday 10 November 2010For more info see the Q Programmeunder Quick Links on the NZIPPwebsite.Welcome to New MembersSimon Baker – Provisional – Canterbury/WestlandAndrew Carswell – Provisional – Canterbury/WestlandKirsty Macdonald – Emerging – Canterbury/WestlandErin McLean – Provisional – Canterbury/WestlandQuinn O’Connell – Provisional – Waikato/BOPWendy Smith – Provisional – WellingtonAaron Goodwin – Provisional – AucklandSouth Seas Film & TV School – Education Provider – AucklandThe Professional’s ProfessionalIntroducing the Epson Stylus ® Pro 3880 and UltraChromeK3 ® Inkwith Vivid Magenta. Featuring a three black inkset, the Pro 3880delivers outstanding tonal range, especially in black and whiteprints. What’s more, the addition of Vivid Magenta and Vivid LightMagenta expands the colour gamut, making it easier to reproducedifficult colours. So if you’re looking for exceptional tonal range,an ultra wide colour gamut and durable photographic prints thatlast 406 years,* look no further than the Epson Stylus Pro 3880!* For more information visit Profiles for Qualified MembersAs a membership benefit, NZIPP Qualified members are entitled to a profile &gallery listing in the Find a Photographer function on the NZIPP website.Potential clients using the Find a Photographer function will first search byregion, then by qualification (Commercial, Wedding, Portrait – rememberyou’re only listed in categories in which you have a Q). If 10 listings come up,& only two have galleries loaded to grab that buyer’s attention, guess who’sgoing to get the job! In addition those that have galleries loaded will appearat the top of the results list, & those who don’t have galleries will appear atthe bottom - so loading your profile and gallery is really worth the effort.Don’t delay – login to the NZIPP membership system using your member ID &password, & go to the Q Profile tab of your membership record. Check outthe Help pages for guidelines on how to use the new system, & don’t forgetto save & submit your new profile. Once submitted your profile is queued &will be available online once approved. This is not an automated task so cantake up to 24 hours.NOW WITHVIVIDMAGENTAEpson Stylus ® Pro 388014pro3880_a5_NZ.indd 1PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP9/03/2010 11:49:19 AMPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP15

Regional UpdatesAUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010Regional UpdatesRegional UpdatesCentral Districts RegionIntroduction to the Moving Image from you HDSLRWednesday 04 August, 10.30am - 12.30pmA big idea that will drive growth in our industry. Now two years since theCanon 5Dmk2 was launched at Photokina 2008. It has had some quiteinspiring yet fundamental impact on our industry & the television/film industry.The Canon EOS ‘family’ of HD capable 5Dmk2, 7D, 1Dmk4 plus others such asthe 500D and 550D all shoot 1080P. The Nikon 720P capable cameras rangefrom the D500 to the D3s.So ‘barriers to entry’ are very low, particularly where you own an existingset of lenses. Already there is huge activitybeing carried out by existingfilmmakers, plus stills shooters migrating to the new media.Every type of moving and still media has adopted these cameras...validatingtheir use, making your involvement validtoo.But there are some fairly steep learning curves in technology, postproductionand being able to “tell a story”.There are many great websites and blogs to feed your interest... here isan item typical of what Planet5d are running...join there list and get news‘everyday’ such as the following that discusses what photographers aredoing to addmovement to portraits.Take a look at this site and look over their blog, Stillmotion are a Canadianfirm, involved in still and moving production. They are also currently runningan introduction to video roadshow for Canon in North America. Look at whatthey do and how they leverage fees for video of weddings. And see still andvideo clips.Canterbury / Westland RegionThe July meeting for the Canterbury / Westland branch was our yearlyRegional Print judging. This evening gives members and students a chanceto show, and have judged, work that they are considering entering inthe upcoming Iris Awards. Because of the time available, constructivecomments are made on all of the images, providing useful learning to theauthor and the rest of the audience.Close to 50 people attended, and 40 images were judged on the night. Theold (circa 1986) judging system was recovered from the store and functionedperfectly! The region sponsors two prizes on the night in honour of Dick Poole- the highest scoring image by a member with a Q, and the highest scoringimage by a member without a Q. The former, with a score of 87(Silver Distinction), was won by Johannes van Kan, and the latter byAnna Hansen, a student on Christchurch Polytech’s photography course.Anna’s image was also the second highest scoring image overall - a highachievement for someone still studying.Thanks to the judges on the night: Deborah Aspray, John Doogan, StephenGoodenough, Jo Grams, Bryan Isbister, Dean Mackenzie, Ken Morrison,Stefan Roberts, Tony Stewart, and Johannes van Kan. Also a big thanks alsoto Stephen Goodenough for the use of his studio!David WatkinsCanterbury/Westland Regional CommitteeNow learn some basics…Learn how it all can work, hear actual photographer experiences. MarkBellringer of New Plymouth, already a video producer has now incorporatedthe 5Dmk2 and 7D into his business. Mark will show them, plus accessoriesand show some of his work and demonstrate workflow. Even if you use Nikon,Sony or Panasonic the core opportunities and operations are common.The reality is that the demand for moving images by all client types will growvery fast. With websites plus new devices such as iPhone and iPad hungry formoving content, you must be there!Being held in conjunction with UCOL BAVI video Lecturer Mel EdmonTo be held at Square Edge, Church Street, Palmerston NorthNo Charge = BYO Coffee / TeaRSVP please for directions: REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP17

Ilford DiaryAUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010Special OffersIlford DiaryKindly sponsored bySpecial OffersAugust201004 NZIPP Q Assessment Closing Date10 Waikato/BOP Regional Meeting11 Auckland Regional Meeting16 Canty/Westland Regional MeetingNovember201009 Waikato/BOP Regional Meeting10 NZIPP Q Assessment Closing Date15 Canty/Westland Regional Meeting29 Wellington Regional MeetingEpson / NZIPP Iris Awards Books 2009NZIPP is taking orders for the 2009 Iris Awards Book. This book will be softcover, to keep the costs to a minimum and there will only be one print run. Tosecure your copy, please email Closing date for Epson / NZIPP IrisProfessional Photography AwardsPrint JudgingCost:$135.00 + postage and packaging ($15.00) including GSTOrders must be provided by Friday 06 August.09-11 Epson / NZIPP Iris ProfessionalPhotography Awards - PrintJudging10 NZIPP AGM, Millennium Hotel,QueenstownOctober201012-14 Infocus 2010 Conference,Millennium Hotel, Queenstown20 Canty/Westland Regional Meeting12 Waikato/BOP Regional Meeting13 Auckland Regional Meeting18 Canty/Westland Regional Meeting18 Wellington Regional MeetingDon’t forget, if you are travelling around New Zealand, as an NZIPPmember you can go to any NZIPP Regional Meeting. If you are inthe area, take the opportunity to participate in a regional meetingoutside your own region.Click on A DIARY ENTRY for more information.The Lighting WorkshopBy Richard PooleFor anyone interested in photographiclighting this book written by the lateRichard Poole is a must have.Richard was a talented & passionatephotographer. He supported theNZIPP over the years as CommercialDirector, Honours Chair, & NZIPP GoldAward recipient. This book is the cumulationof many years experiencewith photographic lighting.The NZIPP have acquired a few ofthese books for sale to members. Thebooks supplied by his estate, are fromthe last batch printed, & once soldthere will be no more available.Special Price to Members $65(includes GST and Postage & Handling)Contact Veronica with your creditcard details, or send a cheque to:Veronica BoaNZIPP Treasurers OfficeP O Box 27277, ChristchurchP: (03) 960 9801E: REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP21

Photo CompetitionsAUGUST 2010 AUGUST 2010Industry NewsPhoto CompetitionsThe NZIPP does not endorse any of the following competitions. Anyone interested in entering these or any othercompetitions should read the rules of entry carefully to ensure that the moral rights of the photographer are notbeing undermined in anyway. If you do come across any competitions where the copyright is demanded by theorganisers, please send details to: Photographic CompetitionRegistration Closes: 1 September 2010The search is on for New Zealand’s most talented budding photographers in the 2010 Canon EYEcon photographiccompetition. Canon EYEcon 2010 will give tertiary photography students and apprentice photographersthe chance to win an enviable prize package of Canon product and cash as well as the unique opportunity togain experience, insight and inspiration by spending a day with each of the country’s four top photographers, tobe announced later in 2010. For more details visit: NewsHealth & Safety in ContractingSituationsIf you are in business and contract people orbusinesses to do work for you, then you will haveduties as a principal under the Health and Safety inEmployment Act 1992. Check out the Departmentof Labour’s new guidelines to help principals tocontracts to meet these requirements.Joining NZIPPCorporateMembersA special thank you to our Corporate Members for theircontinuing support:Entries Close: 1 September 2010Celebrating its 5th year, Photography Masters Cup is the leading international award honouring colour photography.This celebrated event shines a spotlight on the best professional and amateur photographers in a prestigious annualcontest and globally webcast event. Last year’s Photoshow attracted over 40,000 viewers from 154 countries whologged on live to see the Winners Gala.With a collective Jury of the world’s most recognized experts from National Geographic Channel to Christies in NewYork, the Masters Cup is the industry’s most authoritative and important photographic event for color photographyand brings to light the best work of the year as nominated by the esteemed international panel. Click here for moreinformation.The New Zealand Institute of ProfessionalPhotography represents all areas of professionalphotography in New Zealand, and through ourfocus on education, advice, and a wide range ofmembership benefits we will help you improve thesuccess and vitality of your business.As a member of the NZIPP you will have the support,networking opportunities, and camaraderie of yourpeers within the photographic industry. It will alsoadd credibility for clients that you are a member ofprofessional organisation.If you would like to apply to become a memberof NZIPP, click here to view detailed membershipinformation and application forms.Entries Close: 21 September 2010New Zealand Geographic is inviting amateurs, professionals and students alike to demonstrate their skills with acamera in the country’s most prestigious photographic competition. $6000 in cash is up for grabs...Start snapping.Three main categories showcase the extraordinary natural and cultural riches that make New Zealand unique. TheNew Zealand Geographic Photographer of the Year, sponsored by Nikon, will be picked from these entrants, as willthe Young Photographer award, sponsored by Getty Images (for entrants under the age of 21 on Sept 30, 2010).All photos must have been shot after Sept 30, 2007, and within New Zealand territory—including New ZealandadministeredPacific and Antarctic dependencies. Click here for more information.22PRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPPPRO REPORT Member Magazine of the NZIPP23

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