June 18-20, 2012 - Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO ...


June 18-20, 2012 - Shutdowns - Turnarounds - Outages - STO ...

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June 18-20, 2012

Grand Hyatt San Antonio, Texas

A Letter from

The Eventful Group

Dear STO community,

From the first phase of a shutdown through to execution, the success of the project depends on the structure, commitment, and motivation

of your organization’s entire STO team. We invite you and your team to be a part of the growing STO community — to discover the latest

trends and forward-thinking shutdown best practices.

Now in its sixth year, the STO conference has evolved into a unique, vibrant, and knowledgeable network of shutdown and maintenance

professionals. New to the program this year, STO 2012 will feature two interactive, deep-dive sessions that will help you take what you learn

at the conference and structure an action plan to affect real change within your organization. Now is the time to tap into this community

and get the answers you’ve been looking for!

The Eventful Group is committed to working with each client one-on-one, to help you grow from what you learn, the people you meet, and

the experiences you share.

We look forward to taking this journey with you!

Warmest regards,

Steve Sinkoff

Managing Director, Americas

The Eventful Group

Keynote Presenters

Managing Director — Plant Manager, PacifiCorp

Laren Huntsman earned his bachelor of science and

master of science in mechanical engineering degrees

from Brigham Young University. He serves as a managing

director for PacifiCorp at a three-unit, coal-fired electric

generating facility. He is responsible for operation,

maintenance, capital improvements, budgeting, labor

relations, strategic planning, and communication with

PacifiCorp’s corporate offices, plants, and the community.

Laren also has experience as an engineering manager responsible for overhauls,

coal mills, and predictive maintenance across multiple locations, as well as

planning manager responsible for implementing planning and scheduling

practices. He began his career as an engineer with responsibilities in design,

maintenance, and process improvement.

Regional Turnaround Manager, Cobra Maintenance,

A Clearstream Energy Services Company

Kevin Cadieux comes to the STO conference as a past

attendee and speaker, and is delighted to be back this year to

learn and share in this open forum. Kevin brings over 30 years

of experience, including ten years in the Alberta Oil Sands,

19 years in downstream petrochemical, 6 months in the

Philippines for an offshore platform shutdown, and his most

recent role as southern region turnaround manager for Cobra

Maintenance, a Clearstream Energy Services Company. Kevin has been on both the

owner and contractor sides of the fence and has dealt with issues as seen from both

perspectives. He has planned and executed shutdowns factoring in extreme cold,

extreme heat, lack of labor, too much labor, and fixed time.

Mariana Pugliese Austin

Conference Producer, Americas

The Eventful Group

Laren Huntsman Bobby Singh

Kevin Cadieux Terry Wireman

President, Project Assurance, Inc.

Bobby Singh is founder and president of Project Assurance,

Inc., an international management consulting and training

company specializing in managing maintenance and capital

programs in the process, refining, chemical, petrochemical,

and energy industries.

Bobby has over 35 years of experience in designing

management solutions to ensure optimum utilization of

resources and efficient execution of plant turnarounds and capital projects. He has

extensive experience in contracting, project management, turnaround reviews, and

productivity enhancement programs. Bobby has developed a Turnaround

Management Benchmarking Model and is author of the book World-Class

Turnaround Management.

Senior Vice President, Vesta Partners

Terry Wireman is the senior vice president of strategic

development. He leads Vesta’s maintenance and reliability

seminars and training and provides strategic guidance to help

the firm shape its market strategy and long-term direction.

For over four decades, Terry has been specializing in the

improvement of maintenance management and reliability.

He helps customers develop “best-in-class” maintenance

and reliability policies and practices. As an international

expert in maintenance/asset management, he has assisted hundreds of clients in

North America, Europe, and the Pacific Rim to improve their maintenance and asset

effectiveness. In addition, he has authored 24 textbooks and numerous white papers

and articles related to maintenance management process and technology.

Conference Schedule

Tuesday, June 19 — Conference Day 1

Wednesday, June 20 — Conference Day 2

Monday, June 18 — Arrival Day

12:30pm - 5:00pm WORKSHOPS: 1- Shutdown Fundamentals 101, 2- Work List / Work Package Management (optional and separately bookable)

6:00pm -7:00pm Registration, Welcome Reception & Exhibition

7:30 - 8:30 Breakfast

8:30 - 8:35

8:35 - 9:05

9:05 - 9:45

Welcome Address: Steve Sinkoff, Managing Director, Americas, The Eventful Group

Mariana Pugliese Austin, Conference Producer, Americas, The Eventful Group

Keynote Presentation: Laren Huntsman, Managing Director — Plant Manager, PacifiCorp

On-Time, Within Budget, and Safe: Dream or Reality?

Keynote Presentation: Anthony Kenneson-Adams, Maintenance Manager, Rock-Tenn Company

Human Factors in STO Excellence

9:45 - 10:15 Morning Break & Exhibition

10:15 - 11:00

11:15 - 12:00

Getting The Results You Need From Your

Steering Committee

Steve Busick, Phillips 66


Making Your Company an Exciting Place to

do Turnarounds for Everyone

Diana Miles, The Dow Chemical Company


12:00 - 1:45 Lunch & Exhibition

1:45 - 2:30

2:45 - 3:30

“Damn the Torpedoes, Full Speed Ahead!”

Joe Jackson, Formerly with Dyno Nobel


It Only Takes One Bad Apple

Craig Pindell, Craig Pindell Consulting


3:30 - 4:15 Afternoon Break & Exhibition

4:15- 6:00

Optimizing Turnaround Workscopes

Kevin Murphy, BP


Reducing Scope and Resources


Cliff Williams, ERCO Worldwide


Perfecting Preparation Processes

for Turnarounds

Tim Wilson, Aerospace Testing Alliance (ATA)


Work Scope Generation and the Work List

Cut-off Date

John McLay, JMC Consulting Ltd.


Dynamic Schedule Management: A Team

Approach to Increase Worker Performance &

Reduce the Risk of Cost and Schedule Over-Runs

E.J. (Ted) Lister, STO Navigator

Intermediate to Expert

Using SAP to Plan, Schedule,

and Execute Turnarounds

Robert Tynes, LanXess Corporation


Turnaround Integration

William Matthews, ConocoPhillips

Ryan Letwin, ConocoPhillips


Real-Time, Intelligent Schedule

Matthew Coward, Pacific Gas and Electric,

Diablo Canyon

Intermediate to Expert

Keynote Presentation: Kevin Cadieux, Regional Turnaround Manager, Cobra Maintenance, a Clearstream Energy Services Company

Is the Grass Greener on the Other Side of the Fence? Transitioning from Owner to Contractor — a Personal Story

Panel Discussion: The STO Dream Team

Moderated by: Terry Wireman, Senior Vice President, Vesta Partners

Panelists: Laren Huntsman, Managing Director – Plant Manager, PacifiCorp

Steve Busick, Turnaround Network Lead, Phillips 66

E.J. (Ted) Lister, STO Navigator Professional, STO Navigator

Bobby Singh, President, Project Assurance, Inc.

6:00 - 8:00 Cocktail Reception & Exhibition

7:30 - 8:25 Breakfast

8:25 - 8:30

8:30 - 9:15

9:15 - 10:00

Opening Address

Keynote Presentation: Bobby Singh, President, Project Assurance, Inc.

Getting Leadership Support in Achieving Pacesetter Results and Ensuring

World-Class Turnarounds

Keynote Presentation: Terry Wireman, Senior Vice President, Vesta Partners

STOs – Are Their Value and Impact Clearly Understood in the Boardroom

and in the Consumer Community?

10:00 - 10:30 Morning Break & Exhibition

10:30 - 11:15

11:30 - 12:15

Using SAP to Keep Track of the Beans

Jeff Poloni, PacifiCorp


Contracting Strategies to Maximize

Turnaround Results

Bobby Singh, Project Assurance, Inc.


12:15 - 1:30 Lunch & Exhibition

1:30 - 4:00

STO Culture

Save the Day

Robert (Jay) Blair, CDS, LLC

Intermediate to Expert

How to Measure the Success of a Turnaround

Terry Wireman, Vesta Partners


STO Strategic Planning Phase STO Work Execution Phase

Go for Launch

• Workscope

• Strategy

• Plan

• Schedule

Expert: E.J. (Ted) Lister,

STO Navigator

4:00 - 5:00 Cocktail Reception & Exhibition

STO Work

Management Process

Cost Control STO Strategy/Tactics

Turning Theory Into Execution

• Execute

• Control

• Record

Expert: John McLay, P. Eng.,

JMC Consulting Ltd.

Conference content and speakers are subject to change.

Visit the website for updates.

STO Work Planning

& Scheduling


Company Culture /

Organizational Alignment

Creating and Managing

an Effective and Strategic

Steering Committee

Operations Integration

into Process

Communication Strategies

Turnaround / Capital Project


STO Strategy

Contractor Strategy

Project Management

Scheduling & Managing Change

Scope Development

Scope Control

Planning & Scheduling

Resource Management

Contractor Management

Budgeting & Cost Management

Work Control & Analysis

Work Execution

Work Management Processes

Knowledge Transfer

Best Management Practices

Environmental Health & Safety

Systems & Technology

Interactive, Deep-Dive Sessions

These sessions at the end of day two are what this conference is all

about! Take what you learn at the conference and, with the help of an

expert, structure an action plan to affect change within your organization.

STO Strategic Planning Phase — Go for Launch



Expert: E.J. (Ted) Lister, STO Navigator Professional, STO Navigator

You’ve spent months planning your production outage to engage in one of the most complex,

often hazardous projects ever scheduled; failure is not an option. Join Ted Lister as he moderates

this interactive session to help you take what you learn at the conference and create a toolbox

of best-practices, ready for you to implement when you return to the business of managing

and controlling your next STO project.

Learn how each stakeholder involved in your STO project prepares for the execution phase

in order to lower the risk of incidents and cost/schedule overruns. Once you’ve said,

“Go for Launch” you’ve turned the Management over to Control, and you don’t want to hear,

“San Antonio, we have a problem.”

STO Work Execution Phase — Turning Theory into Execution

Expert: John McLay, P. Eng., President & Author, JMC Consulting Ltd.

“The ultimate success of a turnaround is dependent on the person with the wrench in their

hand, who we must position for success through standardization and training.”

Join John McLay for a review of the fundamental principles that you take from the conference,

and together, determine how to apply them to the execution phase of your turnaround. Each

attendee will provide one or two learned principles and discuss how they will turn these

into practice upon returning to their respective plant facilities. John will provide alternative

methods, potential problems, case examples, and where possible, he will encourage the

participants to “Think outside of the box.”

This interactive session is also a continuation of the session presentation titled, Work List

Generation and Work List Cut-off Date. The discussion will focus on the transition point, efficiency,

and contractor momentum principles, how to apply these principles, and how to use the

applied principles to perform a critical path case study calculation.

Advisors & Track Chairs

Steve Busick

Turnaround Network Lead, Phillips 66

Steve Busick has over 20 years of experience in the oil and petrochemicals processing industry

with roles in maintenance, reliability, turnarounds, and business improvement for four

major companies. He has particular interests in work process design and the use of key

performance indicators in managing successful maintenance and turnaround activities.

Steve holds a bachelor of science degree in mechanical engineering from the University

of Nebraska and a master of administration degree from Oklahoma State University. He is

a member of the AACE and has held certifications as a Project Management Professional

from the Project Management Institute, and Certified Maintenance and Reliability

Professional from the Society of Maintenance and Reliability Professionals.

Cliff Williams

Corporate Maintenance Manager, ERCO Worldwide

Cliff Williams is an international speaker and has more than 30 years of experience in the

pulp and paper and steel industries, as well as with food giants such as Coca Cola, Kraft,

and Wrigley. Currently, he helps drive the maintenance performance at ERCO’s plants in

North and South America. In an effort to give back to the field that has supported him for

so many years, Cliff teaches maintenance management at local colleges and writes for

various trade magazines in Canada.

Craig Pindell

Reliability and Planning Specialist, Craig Pindell Consulting

Craig Pindell has worked on shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages since 1975, filling

various roles including pipefitter, welder, craft supervisor, area supervisor, project manager,

coordinator, inspection coordinator, planner, scheduler, cost manager, project controls

manager, risk and reliability specialist, and reliability systems specialist at many plants

including coal power plants, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, agricultural processing

plants, chemical plants, fertilizer plants, breweries, and pharmaceutical plants.

Joe Jackson

Independent Consultant, formerly with Dyno Nobel

Joe Jackson retired as Dyno Nobel’s North American shutdown manager, where he was

challenged with establishing an organization that facilitated the planning and execution

of turnarounds for multiple sites. Prior to Dyno Nobel, Joe spent 30 years at ConocoPhillip’s

Lake Charles Refinery in varying roles. He was introduced to the turnaround world

when presented with the challenge of integrating the operations side of planning and

scheduling into the T/A Plan. In his final years before retiring, Joe provided oversight for

numerous unit turnarounds and cat changes following his transition to director of site

construction and turnarounds for ConocoPhillip’s Lake Charles Refinery.

Monday, June 18 — Workshops 1-2 — Time: 12:30 pm - 5:00 pm Cost: $795


Shutdown Fundamentals 101

Kevin Cadieux, Regional Turnaround Manager, Cobra Maintenance,

a Clearstream Energy Services Company

So someone told you that you are on the shutdown planning team, or you took

the leap yourself and volunteered for the roller-coaster ride. Perhaps you have

had some mentoring or perhaps there just has not been time. This workshop will

outline the fundamentals of all shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages — the key

ingredients for optimizing your chances for success. Do you have a roadmap that

meets the needs of your facility? Is there a timeline that you stringently follow

based on the size and complexity of your event? Following a rigid process based

on a common array of elements will ensure you have considered all aspects and

issues that lead to a well-managed and successful event. Despite the variations in

industry and processes, STOs all are similar in the preparation considerations and

the dynamics of following a process.

Through interactive discussions, this workshop will help you build these lists and

ideas, and you will hear others validate why certain areas are important and require

focus. We will work through the phases and the important elements such as cost

control, materials management, HSSE, logistics, scheduling, and more, so that you

gain a more rounded understanding of how it all fits together.


• Key phases of shutdowns and how to place boundaries on yours

• Critical elements or ‘areas’ to manage as pieces of the puzzle

• The ability to challenge your existing structure and help steer your organization

on the path to success



Grand Hyatt San Antonio,

San Antonio, Texas

Book now and receive the

special conference rate!

The Grand Hyatt San Antonio luxury hotel is an

exciting venue for this year’s STO conference. Set

amidst a blend of histories and a modern city, the

hotel has a premiere location adjacent to the

famous San Antonio River Walk. Their large,

flexible function space provides an extraordinary

environment for the STO community to share

ideas and explore critical solutions.


The Eventful Group has arranged a special hotel

rate of $189+ tax per night for attendees of

STO. This rate is valid until June 1, 2012, pending

availability. Attendees wishing to come earlier

or stay later (3 days prior to June 16 and/or 3 days

after June 21) may be able to take advantage of this

special rate by booking early (based on availability).

Reservations must be made through the

Grand Hyatt San Antonio directly.

Book online: Visit the hotel’s dedicated STO

website — www.stoconference.com/hotel.htm

Call the hotel: +1 888-421-1442 (mention

promotional code ‘STO2012’)


Work List / Work Package Management

E.J. (Ted) Lister, STO Navigator Professional, STO Navigator

Robert (Jay) Blair, Project Controls Specialist, STO Navigator

A High-Performance Organization (HPO) operates its manufacturing processes

safely, reliably, and efficiently by following a defined process, practicing established

procedures, and by employing the best management tools and training courses

available in the industry/market to date. So when it comes to managing complex

STOs they insist that the scope of work is managed and controlled using a world-class

management tool, and that the plan for executing each approved Work List item is

incorporated into this tool to enhance safety, quality, and worker efficiency.

By attending this workshop you’ll learn how an HPO company successfully controls

their STO Worklist and the associated cut-off date, how to calculate the number of

planners required to create each Planned Job Package, track the status and quality

of each Planned Job Package, automatically create Field Planning Tags, and most

importantly, receive the Work List / Work Package Management Tool for your own use.


• Use a Work Type called “Late Work” to capture all work list Items identified after the

cut-off date and before feed-out, and re-route them through a modified approval

process, with required justification for being late

• Using the Work List / Work Package Management Tool ensures that each Planned

Job Package is assembled, approved, controlled and ready for execution well in

advance of feed-out

• Use a Work List / Work Package Management Tool to forecast how many planners

will be required, and how long it will take to develop each Planned Job Package 20

weeks prior to feed-out


Key Event Features

Session presentations and real-world case studies provide firsthand

knowledge on how shutdown solutions have been successfully

implemented at asset-intensive organizations just like yours

Two interactive, deep-dive sessions at the end of day two help

you take what you learn at the conference and, with the help of an

expert, structure an action plan to affect change within your

organization (see schedule for more information)

Powerful keynote presentations by some of the top STO and

maintenance experts in the world: PacifiCorp, a Clearstream Energy

Services Company, Project Assurance, Inc., and Vesta Partners

Special keynote panel discussion on The Dream STO Team

Two subject-specific and hands-on workshops help you dive

deep into subject-matter: Shutdown Fundamentals 101; Work List /

Work Package Management

Unrivalled community networking gives you direct access to

speakers, track chairs, and the community in a welcoming and casual

environment; take home a full networking list of all attendees

including phone numbers and addresses, so you may continue to

connect with the community all year

Exhibits and solution showcases featuring select technology and

service providers that understand shutdown, turnaround, and outage

solutions, and are serious about helping you make the smartest

business and IT investments

Take home tools and resources with electronic access to all

session presentations as well as the STO Virtual Collateral Rack

Follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook,

and Twitter @STO_Community

tweet #STO2012

Bring Your


Team and

Save Big


Online: www.STOconference.com

PhOne: +1 914-509-5354

Who Should Attend

STO targets organizations from asset-intensive industries that plan,

schedule, and run shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. These

businesses span across such industries as manufacturing, utilities, oil &

gas, chemical, petrochemical, mining, milling, healthcare, aerospace &

defense, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, automotive, pulp & paper,

and more.

STO 2012 was designed for leaders, managers, and directors of:





Human Resources






STOs are successful when you engage the entire organization around

the project, no matter what your company size. In order to get the most

out of your STO experience, you need to have everyone involved. Bring your

STO Dream Team to engage, network, educate, and be inspired... and achieve your STO goals!

We want to assist you in your goals! Register three individuals from your STO Dream Team

— one from three of the four areas below — and we’ll give you a $250 discount for each

of those registrations.

Call us to register or to find out more, +1 914-509-5354 or email info@theeventfulgroup.com.

Maintenance / Turnaround Team

Production / Operations Team

Technical / Outside Management Team

Steering Committee Management

What You’ll Take Away

Strategies to control scope and achieve business goals

An in-depth understanding of efficient STO planning and

scheduling procedures

Best practices for contractor management

Tips on creating an effective STO communication strategy

STO solutions focused on planning cycles, strategies, and execution

Strategies to successfully manage safety

Risk management tools and techniques

Effective strategies toward forward-thinking STO best practices

Practical, easy-to-apply advice and solutions to quickly improve your

bottom line

Expertise from renowned STO thought-leaders, subject-matter

experts, and companies that have successfully solved real challenges

with shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages

Early registration pricing is $1,695 per person and is valid until April 16, 2012, 11:59 pm EDT

$1,895 per delegate for 1-4 participants registering from your organization

$1,695 per delegate for 5-10 participants registering from your organization

*Pre-show registration closes on Wednesday, June 13, 2012. Registrations received after this date will be subject to

the on-site cost of $1,995 per person.


MCS is a team of maintenance professionals dedicated to

improving your ERP system through their expertise in reliability

and maintenance practices. www.msspltd.com

Day & Zimmermann, a growth partner for plants, provides costeffective

maintenance services for every aspect of your plant’s

shutdowns, turnarounds, and outages. www.dayzim.com

InterPlan Systems Inc. offers leading software and

consulting solutions for STO estimating, planning,

management, and control. www.interplansystems.com

Service Radio Rentals (SRR) is the premier company specializing

in state-of-the-art two-way communication for the industrial

maintenance and construction industry. Other products provided

include Industrial Blinds Solutions (IBS) and Safety Data Source

(SDS). www.ServiceRadioRentals.com

Shermco Industries is a provider of safe, electrical restoration,

reliable testing, repair, professional training, maintenance, and

analysis of rotating apparatus and electrical power distribution

systems. www.shermco.com

Hard Dollar Proven to reduce project costs by 15% and increase

profitability up to 300%, Hard Dollar Corporation provides the world’s

leading Project Cost Management (PCM) solution. www.harddollar.com

EST Group, Inc. Operating globally, EST Group provides lifecycle

products and services for tubular heat exchangers, condensers,

pipes, piping systems, and pressure vessels. estgroup.cwfc.com/

Prometheus Group is an enterprise application software

company specializing in improving usability and user

adoption of SAP. Developed jointly with end users, our

software enhances the customer experience with intuitive functionality, graphical

visualization, and simple processes. Our solutions “live” inside SAP and enable companies to

increase productivity and reduce costs. www.prometheusgroup.us

TGM Wind Services is an industry leader in the wind energy

and we are now offering our access services throughout all

energy sectors. With our dedication to safety and our S295

Bronto Skylifts we provide self-propelled aerials of up to 295ft

and a leading (190ft) up and (105ft) over reach. www.tgmwind.com

Become an STO 2012 Sponsor. Call us at +1 914-509-5354 or email sponsors@theeventfulgroup.com


Turner Industries has provided a single vendor solution for 50 years in heavy industrial turnarounds, maintenance, construction,

fabrication, equipment, and associated specialty services. Serving the petrochemical, chemical, refinery, power, and pulp and

paper sectors, our reputation as a world class industrial contractor is built on safety, integrity, reliability, and project execution.

Turner delivers the full spectrum of services required for successful turnarounds, shutdowns, and emergency outages. Our

successes are founded on integrity, solid management, and long-term, partnering relationships with our customers. Management

and work force stability, direct communication, responsive decision-making, and maximum project control are trademarks of

Turner’s award winning operations. www.turner-industries.com

Kepner-Tregoe provides consulting and training

services to organizations worldwide and is a

leader in developing critical thinking skills that

help people and organizations work better.



HSI is a fully integrated single source manufacturer

of refractory lined vessels and equipment for the oil

refining, chemical process, power generation, and

incineration industries. www.hsi-llc.com

Toadfly Technologies is a dedicated team of software

professionals with our heritage rooted in the oil and gas

industry. We specialize in customized industrial software

solutions. www.toadfly.com

ICI is a leading industrial construction contractor based in Bismarck, ND.

We offer a history of success in boiler maintenance, AQCS, electrical, and

piping projects. www.icinorthdakota.com

Pipeline Software is a world leader in integrated STO

planning, scheduling, and work execution solutions.


ITC At ITC, we are firmly established as a leader of cost reduction

in project controls through implementation of innovative

software, processes, and industry professionals. www.itc.jobs

Mahindra Satyam We are a leading global consulting,

information, communications, and technology services

company, part of the $14.4 bilion Mahindra Group. We provide enterprise business

solutions, engineering services, digital convergence, and infrastructure management

services. Our consulting group helps asset intensive industries enhance ROCE/RONA by

improving plant availability, complete maintenance CAPEX programs on/ahead of time.


Oracle (NASDAQ: ORCL) is the world’s most complete, open,

and integrated business software and hardware company. For

more information about Oracle, visit oracle.com.

TeamWork Group Over 35 years, TeamWork Group’s principals

have fine-tuned lessons learned in STO projects as well as

capital projects in excess of $1 billion. This experience is

distilled into a suite of web-based and mobile-based apps that are focused on core jobs

of people in your STO management team. www.teamworkgroup.com

Aurigo has a great Apple app that makes the system mobile —

now all inspections/overhauls are in “real time” with the inspector

having full access to the entire digital library of plans and specs

and drawings, plus the ability to take photos and attach them immediately to any digital

document while on site. www.aurigo.com


Plant Services Along with Plant Services Magazine,

PlantServices.com and Plant Services E-Newsletters reach a

monthly worldwide audience of more than 150,000 professionals responsible for

optimizing the productivity and insuring the reliability of manufacturing plants, facilities,

and utilities in North America and across the globe. www.PlantServices.com

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