Maintenance contractor's code of conduct - London & Quadrant Group
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Maintenance contractor's code of conduct - London & Quadrant Group

Code of conductfor maintenancecontractors

L&Q is committed to ensuring that itprovides an excellent service to itsresidents. We are also committed tohigh standards in our dealings with ourcontractors, and the other companieswith whom we work in partnership. Wewant to develop long-term, mutuallybeneficial working relationships.This Code of Conduct sets out thestandards that contractors will deliver toL&Q residents. Contractors must complywith the terms set out in this Code ofConduct. The requirements also apply tosub-contractors, planned maintenancecontractors and consultants, althoughnot all are directly relevant. L&Q’sNeighbourhood Property ServicesDepartments will provide separateinstructions where relevant.The terms are separated into two parts:Part 1 relates to your company and itsworking relationship with L&Q.Part 2 relates to your employees who workon L&Q properties.Contractors are asked to comply withL&Q’s ‘Repairs and Maintenance Charter’in annex 4. This was prepared inconsultation with residents and contractors.It summarises the way in whichcontractors have agreed to carry outtasks and the standard of customercare expected.A breach of any of the terms of this Codeof Conduct may result in the contractor nolonger receiving work from L&Q.IntroductionThe Director or person in charge of yourcompany is required to sign the‘acceptance form’ in annex 1 of thisdocument to confirm that your companyand its employees have read the Code ofConduct and agree to abide by the terms.You are also asked to complete theethnicity form in annex 2.Any questions on the Code of Conductshould be directed to L&Q’s Directorof Asset Management, telephone0844 406 9000.Contact details for other parts of L&Q aregiven in annex 6.1

ContentsIntroductionPart 1:Relationship with L&QExcellent service................................................ page 4L&Q’s promise to residents....................... page 4Selection of contractors............................... page 4Construction skills............................................ page 4Training.................................................................... page 5Criminal records bureau checks............ page 5Equality and diversity..................................... page 5Sustainability........................................................ page 6Tendering procedures................................... page 6Job instructions (reactive repairs).......... page 6Completion of job instruction(reactive repairs)................................................ page 7Work arrangements........................................ page 8Materials and workmanship...................... page 8Health and safety.............................................. page 8Defects.................................................................... page 9Probity...................................................................... page 10Data protection.................................................. page 10Value for money................................................. page 10Insurance................................................................ page 10Invoicing (reactive repairs)........................... page 11Invoicing (planned maintenance)............ page 11Invoicing (general)............................................. page 11Monitoring performance............................... page 11Part 2:Working on L&Q propertiesCustomer focus................................................. page 14Access to properties...................................... page 14Approach to residents(including vulnerable residents)............... page 15Equality and diversity..................................... page 15Foreign language translation..................... page 15Standards on site............................................. page 16Health, safety and welfare.......................... page 17Misbehaviour....................................................... page 17Threats..................................................................... page 18Resident complaints....................................... page 18Confidentiality...................................................... page 18Gas/electricity used........................................ page 18Leaving and finishing work......................... page 19Monitoring performance............................... page 19AnnexAcceptance of code of conductfor maintenance contractors..................... page 23Ethnicity of workforce form........................ page 25Contructionline and London EqualOpportunities Federation............................. page 27Repairs and maintenance charter......... page 28What we expect - A message forpeople working in L&Q homes................ page 30L&Q contacts...................................................... page 312

Part 1:Relationship withL&Q

Relationship with L&Q4Excellent ServiceContractors must be committed toproviding an excellent service to L&Q andits residents, including meeting all thestandards in this document.Contractors must be committed to theprinciple of continuous improvement in theirservice. They must be ready to work withL&Q to identify better ways of working whichenhances the service we deliver to residents.L&Q’S promise to its residentsL&Q has developed with its residents thefollowing service promise and we expectour contractors to ensure we deliver thepromises on our maintenance service:• Complete your repairs within the targettime and to acceptable standards• Make and keep appointments by ourcontractors for all repair work• Consult you throughout any planned ormajor repairs to your homeSelection of contractorsContractors working with L&Q must have anappropriate number of staff needed with therelevant skills, competence, experience andoverall ability to deliver an excellent service.For example, it is important that youremployees can speak English to enable themto communicate clearly with L&Q residents(see Foreign Language Translation Service).Before any company works with L&Qchecks will be undertaken to ensure thatthe company has the resources andcapabilities to deliver the requiredservice for L&Q.Contractors should be registered withConstructionline and/or the London EqualOpportunities Federation, and keep theirregistration up-to-date. Details about theseorganisations are contained in Annex 3.There are exceptions to this requirement.Specialist contractors who supply aspecialist skill, service or item of equipmentmay work with L&Q, even if they are notregistered with Constructionline and/or theLondon Equal Opportunities Federation.In such cases, the company will go througha rigorous checking process managed byan L&Q Neighbourhood PropertyServices Department.Construction skillsContractors should ensure that theiremployees hold the appropriatequalification to show that they arecompetent for the job and have anunderstanding of health and safety issues,for example the Construction SkillsCertification Scheme (CSCS) card.Skills Direct is the quick and easy way toget qualified and get a card. Details are

TrainingContractors must ensure that theiroperatives have relevant up-to-datetraining to ensure that they are fullycompetent to deliver their work tasks. Thetraining should include an understandingof good customer service as illustrated bythe L&Q DVD titled Maintenance ContractorTraining Programme which should beshown and discussed with all operatives.L&Q’s Neighbourhood Property ServicesDepartments will monitor the trainingprovided at the regular liaison meeting.Criminal records bureau checksContractors are responsible for checkingthat their employees do not have anunsuitable background, particularly inrelation to working in properties whichhouse vulnerable adults and children.L&Q will inform you if your employees arerequired to work on an assignment thatinvolves them being in regular contactwith vulnerable adults or children, in whichcase you are required to use employeeswho have a valid Criminal Records Bureaucheck. See for furtherinformation.Equality and diversityThe L&Q Equality and Diversity Policy statesthat the organisation is committed to activelyengaging with the diverse communities weserve and work within, and to promotingequality and diversity in all of our activities.Specifically, we are committed to ensuringthat everyone has equal access to ourservices. L&Q will work actively toprevent any discrimination in recruitment,employment, and training; and this appliesto our approach towards employingcontractors and suppliers.Contractors should ensure that recruitmentis carried out in a non-discriminatory wayand that they are working towards employingstaff who are representative of thecommunities in which they work. L&Q mayundertake periodic monitoring to gaugewhether the ethnic profile of staff employedby contractors is in line with L&Q’s Equalityand Diversity Policy (copies availableupon request).Contractors must ensure that theiremployees are committed to equalopportunities and treat all L&Q staff andresidents with equal respect whatever aperson’s race, colour, ethnic or nationalorigin, religion, sex, age, sexuality, HIVstatus, physical or mental disability, state ofhealth, appearance, marital status, familycircumstances or offending background.Contractors must accommodate, so far aspossible, any special needs of residents.Relationship with L&Q5

Relationship with L&QSustainabilityContractors should ensure that they workin accordance with L&Q’s commitment toenvironmental sustainability. This should include:Transport - the use of low carbonemission vehicles wherever practicable,and planning of work to minimisetravel distances.Waste - a reduction of waste on site, and therecycling of materials wherever possible.Materials - the use of materials whichinvolve the minimum environmental andsocial impact, wherever possible, e.g.recycled materials, and ForestryStewardship Council approved woods.Energy - initiatives to improve the energyefficiency of their work activitiesMonitoring - maintaining appropriateinformation on the above activities to enabletheir performance to be monitored.Tendering proceduresContractors must comply with the terms of anyinvitation to tender, including any preliminary/preamble clauses that form part of thedocumentation. In particular, an itemised pricedcopy of the specification should be returned inthe envelope provided by the tender return date.Failure to comply with these requirements willentitle L&Q to reject the tender.A contractor not wishing to tender shouldreturn the tender documents and giveconfirmation in writing, including astatement of reasons why no tenderwas submitted.If arithmetical errors or pricing anomalies arecontained in the tender document, then thecontractor will be informed and asked toeither stand by the original price or withdraw.No contractor shall collude with anotherin the pricing of work or the submissionof a tender. If a contractor is found guiltyof bid-rigging or similar anti-competitivebehaviour, L&Q would seek to terminatethe contract.Job instructions(Reactive repairs)L&Q Direct is the maintenance helpdeskwhich receives calls and requests fromresidents and issues orders to contractorsto carry out the work.Job instructions (orders) may be issued tocontractors in a variety of mediums; fax,e-mail, letter, electronic transfer. Contractorsare required to keep L&Q informed aboutthe status of an order so that we can providegood customer service to our residents.L&Q provides two methods of enablingcontractors to update the status ofjob orders:6

1. Via an internet portal to L&Q’s computermaintenance system (Arena). This form ofdirect computer access is limited to a fewcontractors whilst the system is being furtherdeveloped but the majority of contractors willhave access during the summer of 2009.2. Via L&Q Direct for contractors who donot have direct access to L&Q’s Arenacomputer system.Contractors must ensure that they canmeet the completion date deadlines fortheir works. If you need to rearrange theappointment to a different date, e.g.because of bad weather conditions, youmust call the resident and rearrange it to amutually convenient time. There is no needto notify L&Q Direct if the work can becompleted within timescale. However,where the contractor has web access toArena through the internet portal the newdate should be inserted.A contractor must inform L&Q Direct orupdate Arena, immediately upon receipt ofan order if work cannot be completed forany reason, e.g. the unavailability of parts ormaterials, or the resident has requestedanother appointment.Failure to complete the work by therequired date may trigger the compensationprovisions of the ‘Right to Repair’regulations as described in your contract.If it becomes apparent during a site visit thatadditional work is required, the contractormay either proceed with the additional workup to an agreed ‘variation level’ which hasbeen authorised with L&Q or, where the workexceeds the variation level, must report thisto an L&Q Neighbourhood Property ServicesDepartment.Consistent failure to complete works withinthe agreed time may result in a suspensionof work orders from L&Q.Completion of job instruction(Reactive repairs)Contractors must inform L&Q Direct orupdate Arena as soon as works have beencompleted. Contractors who fail to providecompletion information in a regular andtimely manner may result in a suspension ofwork orders from L&Q. Invoices should besubmitted promptly. Where a completiondate has not been provided because aninvoice has not been submitted for workundertaken, the contractor will beresponsible for supplying a report oncompleted orders to L&Q Direct, or updateArena no later than one week following thecompletion of all work completed.For certain L&Q residents, which will bedefined by L&Q (e.g. those previously partof L&Q Bexley Homes and L&Q BeaconHomes), the contractor must ensure that allworks raised in accordance with the SecureRelationship with L&Q7

Relationship with L&Q8Residents of Local Housing Authorities (Rightto Repair) Regulations 1994 are completedwithin the prescribed timescales. Failure tocomply with the time-scales will invokepayment of compensation as described inthe contract, including compensation to theresident . The contractors contract will providedetails of the housing stock subject tothis requirement.Work arrangementsContractors (including sub-contractors)must provide their employees with anidentity card showing the name, addressand telephone number of the maincontractor company, and a photographwhich should be displayed clearly. Theidentity card should be replaced asnecessary to keep it up-to-date.Employees should be presentable in theirappearance, with clean overalls, andequipped with all necessary personalprotective equipment. The company nameand insignia should be displayed on allcompany vehicles.Contractors are responsible for supplyingand bearing the cost of all necessary plant,scaffolding, staging, temporary covering,dust sheets, tarpaulin, disposable ‘overshoe’protectors, tools, equipment,transport, labour and materials for theproper execution of works. Contractorsshall provide all necessary and properlyerected protection and screening for theproperty, and any adjacent properties at alltimes. Any instruction given to anyoperative by L&Q shall be deemed to havebeen issued to the contractor.Contractors must leave the site clean andtidy (see Part 2).Materials and workmanshipAll materials and workmanship used shouldbe in accordance with the appropriateBritish, European or International Standards(BS, EN, ISO). In addition, materials should besourced from L&Q’s suppliers whereapplicable. Where none is specified, thecontractor must use the most suitablematerials, plant and equipment which can bereasonably obtained. Also, see ‘sustainability’.Health and safetyContractors must conform with all relevanthealth and safety legislation and standards,in particular to ensure the health and safetyof their own employees and L&Q residentsduring the course of the work beingundertaken. Contractors will need to ensure:• That risk assessments have beenundertaken, and adequate precautionstaken, including first aid provision;• That their employees and L&Q’s residentsare provided with the information andinstructions needed to ensure healthand safety;

• That their employees are provided withtraining on health and safety risks andprecautions to take, and particularly inrelation to residents, children and othervulnerable people.From 1 April 2009 all contractors will berequired to be registered with theContractors Health and Safety AssessmentScheme (CHAS). See must maintain records to showthat their employees have receivedappropriate information, instruction andtraining on specific health and safety risks,e.g. to meet the duty in regulation 10 of theControl of Asbestos Regulations 2006, andmake their training records available onrequest at their regular L&Q liaison meeting.Contractors should halt work immediately ifthey encounter any hazards which they areunqualified or uncertain of addressing (e.g.asbestos) and should notify the appropriateL&Q Neighbourhood Property ServicesDepartment of the problem. Contractorsmust not attempt to ‘muddle through’.Where required, contractors will complyfully with any Permit to Work (PtW) or HotWork Permit (HWP) introduced by L&Q.Contractors may implement their own PtWor HWP after consultation with L&Q toensure there is no conflict between permits.Contractors must notify any accidents ornear misses to L&Q Direct. Failure to doso may result in the contractor no longerreceiving work from L&Q. Contractors mustalso inform the Health and Safety Executiveof any notifiable incidents.Contractors are responsible for raising anyhealth and safety concerns or issues withtheir L&Q Neighbourhood Property ServicesDepartment at their regular liaison meeting,including any perceived weaknesses in L&Q’sarrangements for health and safety.DefectsWithout prejudice to other claims, thecontractor will be expressly responsible fordefects in either workmanship or materialssupplied and/or fixed for a minimum period ofsix calendar months after date of completion(this may vary depending upon the terms ofthe contract with L&Q). The exceptions to thisare works where a guarantee in excess of sixmonths may exist such as damp proofing ortimber treatment and works where aguarantee of a lesser period applies. Thecontractor shall be required to make good,at their expense, any defects or faults whichmay appear within that period, including anydamage to an adjoining property. Where awritten guarantee is to be provided, thecontractor shall ensure that such guarantee isprovided to an L&Q Neighbourhood PropertyServices Department at the time of practicalcompletion of the works.Relationship with L&Q9

Relationship with L&Q10ProbityContractors must not lobby or canvas acommittee member or an employee of L&Qin an endeavour to obtain work.Contractors must not offer their services orundertake any work on a private basis forany employee of L&Q.Contractors should not offer gifts in kind to anyemployee of L&Q. Any offers of hospitality orgifts at christmas accepted by L&Q employeeswill be recorded in L&Q’s Probity Book.Contractors are expected to bring to L&Q’sattention any possible conflicts of interest, orbreaches by L&Q employees of the probity rules.Data protectionContractors are required to comply with therequirements of the Data ProtectionAct 1998. To meet these duties,contractors are required to maintain a duty ofcare when processing and storinginformation relating to L&Q residents.Information relating to L&Q residents should:• Be held only for the purpose of deliveringthe specific service that L&Q hascontracted, for example to makeappointments with residents. It should notbe used for any unrelated purposes.• Be adequate, relevant and not excessivein relation to the purpose of deliveringthat service to L&Q.• Be subject to appropriate securitymeasures to guard against loss orunauthorised access, for example beingkept in a locked cabinet or encrypted ifstored electronically.• Not be kept for longer than necessary,and disposed of in a confidential manner.• Not be transferred outside the companywithout the express permission of L&Q.Value for moneyContractors must ensure that their pricing iscompetitive. Invoices must be accurate inrelation to the work delivered. L&Q reservesthe right to determine a contract (subject tocontract conditions) where a contractor is foundto have over charged. If L&Q suspects that acontractor has committed fraud or attemptedfraud then we will undertake an investigation,and where appropriate inform the police,taking action against the contractor. L&Qroutinely samples invoices to ensure they reflectwork undertaken.InsuranceContractors must maintain adequateinsurance, including adequate protection forthe safety of residents, occupiers and thegeneral public, and indemnify L&Q against allinjury and death to persons and damage toproperty (minimum £5 million). Where required,professional indemnity insurance should notbe less than £1 million. When requested byL&Q, the contractor shall provide copies of

their insurance policies or other such details forexamination (where the details are not availablefrom Constructionline and/or the London EqualOpportunities Federation).Invoicing (Reactive repairs)Contractors should send all invoices (in theformat prescribed in your contract) to L&QDirect, or entered electronically into Arena.Payment will not be made unless thecomplete information is provided, includingthe correct job number and works completiondate (this includes the time of completionfor emergency repairs which must becompleted within 24 hours from the issueof the order).Invoicing (Planned maintenance)Contractors should prepare their invoice inthe format prescribed in their contract.Generally, this will be a ‘certificated’ payment.The invoice will be agreed by the project/contract manager who will prepare andauthorise the ‘payment certificate’ which willbe processed for payment.Invoicing (General)L&Q’s Neighbourhood Property ServicesDepartments are responsible for resolvinginvoice queries in the first instance. Meetingscan be arranged to discuss problems. Issuesrelated to invoicing will form part of the standardagenda at the regular liaison meetings.Relationship with L&QUnder no circumstances must a contractorsubmit an invoice for a job that is yet to becompleted. Where omissions or additionsapply to the original works order, theseshould be discussed with the surveyor andthe contractor must await receipt of a written/verbalsite instruction. Invoices submittedfor work not done or not covered by asite instruction may entitle L&Q to ceaseworking with the contractor.If there are deliberate attempts to obtainpayment for work not done or notauthorised by written site instruction, L&Qshall take whatever action is necessary andshall recover all losses suffered and costsincurred from the contractor.Monitoring performanceContractor performance will be continuouslymonitored by L&Q. Meetings will be arrangedon a regular basis to review performance andwill monitor: deadlines for completion of work;quality of work; complaints; key performanceindicators; health and safety and problemsarising/areas for improvement.The meetings will provide an opportunity forL&Q and contractors to discuss the operation ofthe contract and develop partnership working.[N.B. The frequency of meetings may vary in linewith the volume of work being undertaken.]Consistent poor performance may result in thecontractor no longer receiving work orders.11

Part 2:Working onL&Q properties

Working on L&Q properties14Customer focusYou must deliver a service and standardswhich meets the needs of residents. Thiswill include:• Making and keeping appointments for allrepairs and visits• Notifying residents with 24 hours noticewhere unavoidable delays arise• Communicating with residents aboutthe work to their home, in a way that isclearly understood• Completing repairs to a high standard,within the specified target time, and withinone visit wherever possible• Respecting the homes, contents andenvironment of residents• Working with a friendly, helpful,considerate, informative andprofessional approach• Respecting residents and their safetyL&Q has produced a wallet-sized cardwhich summarises the do’s and don’tswhen working on L&Q properties. A copy iscontained in Annex 5.Access to propertiesYou should make advance appointmentsbefore visiting residents. You should confirmthat a resident (18 years and above - seeparagraph below) will be present toprovide access.You must not enter resident homes wherethe occupant is, or suspected to be, under18 years of age and alone in the home. Youshould inform L&Q Direct of this reason forfailing to gain access.If you cannot obtain access, a calling cardmust be left requesting the resident toeither ring you or L&Q Direct to arrangeanother appointment.You should make at least two visits to theproperty (not for emergency orders) andinform L&Q Direct or update Arena withdetails (date and time) of any failure to gainaccess. A calling card should be left by youeach time access is not provided.If you are running late, you must notify theresident immediately. If an appointment hasto be rescheduled or cancelled for any reasonyou must notify the resident immediately,providing a minimum 24 hours notice, and anew appointment arranged. It should not beleft to the resident to call and chase.If the resident does not allow access totheir home to complete the works, youmust not argue with the resident but mustnotify L&Q Direct immediately. You shouldnot allow yourself to be drawn into anargument with the resident or retaliatewhen provoked. In special circumstanceswhere you have been provided with keysto a property you should always knock or

ing before entering. You must also announceyour arrival upon entering to double checkthat nobody is present, or to ensure that theresident is aware that you are in the property.L&Q operates a compensation scheme forresidents where repair appointments arebroken. For any appointment which is notkept or for which you are more than one hourlate, your company may be liable to adeduction of £10 from monies owed by L&Q.Contractors will be invited to respond to aresidents’ claim before any decision is made.Approach to residents(Including vulnerable residents)L&Q should notify contractors whereresidents have special needs orvulnerabilities, or where there is a risk that aresident might be aggressive and specialvisiting arrangements might be needed.In any case, on your initial encounter with aresident, you should seek to identify if theresident has any special needs orvulnerabilities which need to be accountedfor in delivering your work, for example:• Elderly residents may have poor hearingor sight and you may need to give extratime and effort to ensure that they areclear about the work being undertaken,and to ensure that their concerns andinterests are addressed.• Additional measures may be needed tosecure the health and safety of elderlyresidents or those with learningdisabilities (contractors should notassume that they can apply the samestandards as in a typical family household).Where contractors are concerned about aresident’s vulnerability and are unsure howto proceed they should contact L&Q Directfor advice.Equality and diversityYou must ensure that the same quality ofservice is delivered fairly to all residents,whatever a person’s race, colour, ethnic ornational origin, religion, sex, age, sexuality,HIV status, physical or mental disability, stateof health, appearance, marital status, familycircumstances or offending background.You must respect the diverse nature of L&Qresidents. You must accommodate, so faras possible, any cultural or other particularviews or concerns of residents.Foreign language translationWhen contractors encounter a residentwho cannot speak English, they can phoneL&Q’s translation service which will be ableto communicate messages to the resident.You can access the service directly usingthe maintenance access code or bycontacting L&Q Direct.Working on L&Q properties15

Working on L&Q propertiesStandards on siteYou must always show your identity cardupon greeting the resident prior tocommencing work at the property.You should inform residents of theexpected duration of works and the roomsor areas you are likely to work in. Youshould also inform residents if there islikely to be much movement of people andequipment in and out of the property.You must maintain a friendly, helpful,considerate, informative and professionalapproach at all times. Anger, rudeness andover-familiarity are not acceptable.You should seek permission from theresident if a kitchen or bathroom is likely tobe needed for any washing/cleaning.You should carry out work with theminimum inconvenience to residents or theoccupants of adjoining properties. Lack ofconsideration such as causing excessivenoise or leaving doors and windows openunnecessarily is not acceptable. At no timeshould audio equipment (radios, cassette orCD players or similar equipment, includingheadphones) be played in or aroundoccupied homes, unless the resident hasgiven prior consent.You should maintain a clean workingenvironment. You must take adequateprecautions to protect the resident’sbelongings and furnishings. Such items(e.g. chairs, tables and ladders) should notbe used without prior permission from theresident. Any damage will be theresponsibility of the contractor. The residentshould be consulted prior to movingpossessions, such as furniture andtelevisions, from one room to another.The resident should be asked to movebreakable/ valuable items to a safe place,including floor coverings where necessary.Where you need to make or receivetelephone calls you should bring your ownmobile telephone. The resident’s telephoneshould not be used. If use of the resident’stelephone is absolutely necessary, youmust seek and obtain permission and mustalways offer to pay for it.You must have respect for residents’gardens, including trees, shrubs and localwildlife. You should avoid walking on flowerbeds or garden displays unless absolutelynecessary for the works. You should nottrespass on adjoining properties. If it isnecessary to carry out works fromadjoining properties, then proper noticeshould be given and permission soughtfrom the owner or occupant. Contractorswill be directly liable for any damage causedto such property.16

If you have to leave the premises with workincomplete you must explain the reasonto the resident, confirm the date for yourreturn to complete the works, and contactL&Q Direct to advise them accordingly.Smoking is not allowed in residents’ homesor in properties owned by L&Q. You arepermitted to leave a property if a residentinsists on smoking, and you should notifyL&Q Direct.Health, safety and welfareYou must employ safe working practiceswhilst working on L&Q properties, andparticularly to ensure the safety ofresidents, including children.You should explain to the residents thework being undertaken, the related risks,and the preventive measures that are beingused to ensure safety.You must provide adequate barriers and takeother protective measures necessary toensure a safe working environment, andparticularly to prevent children from gainingaccess to tools, materials, ladders etc. Youmust also ensure the safety of residents’ pets.Where you encounter any work situationwhich you are unprepared for, and whichyou feel is unsafe, you should contact youremployer who will then contact L&Q.You should not proceed with the work untilyou are satisfied that the work is safe.Any accident or near-miss within a propertyor on-site should be reported to L&Q Directand reported back to your Head Office.You are expected to recognise whena resident is vulnerable, e.g. frail, hardof hearing, and to ensure that thevulnerabilities are considered during thecourse of the work, and in consultation withthe resident where appropriate.Where you have any concerns about thehealth, safety or welfare of L&Q residents,including children, you should notifyL&Q Direct.Where you are concerned about anyaspect of health and safety in a property itshould be reported immediately to L&QDirect. You should also report back toyour Head Office who should contact anL&Q Neighbourhood Property ServicesDepartment immediately to reportthe concern.MisbehaviourYou should notify L&Q Direct of any incidentof misbehaviour by L&Q residents, includingthe use of racist or sexist remarks,innuendoes, or use of illegal drugs.Working on L&Q properties17

Working on L&Q propertiesAny allegation by L&Q residents or staff ofmisbehaviour, including harassment, bycontractors will be fully investigated andL&Q expects full co-operation fromcontractors as part of this process.ThreatsYou will be advised, where known, ofpotentially violent or aggressive residentsand will be expected to take adequateprotection to deal with the situation takingall reasonable precautions such as bringinga second employee and mobile telephonewhere appropriate. In exceptionalcircumstances L&Q will assist you by jointlyvisiting the property, where this is agreed tobe appropriate.If you feel threatened, you should withdrawimmediately, leaving your work in a safecondition if at all possible, and report thesituation immediately to L&Q Direct.Resident complaintsYou must not argue with residents if theycomplain about the standard or quality ofwork. The resident should be referred toL&Q’s Customer Relations Department(Tel: 020 8308 6150). You must not discussthe workmanship of another contractor,nor the condition of the property withthe resident.ConfidentialityYou must treat residents’ details i.e. names,telephone numbers etc, as confidential,and in no circumstances should youdisclose or discuss any informationwhatsoever regarding residents’circumstances, lifestyle, health details etc,to any third party.Gas/electricity usedIf the use of gas or electricity is necessary,apart from testing appliances, you mustmake sure that an agreement has beenreached with the resident. Where significantgas or electricity is needed, both you andthe resident should take meter readingsand you should reimburse the resident forthe cost of energy used. Ideally, wheresubstantial use of electricity is anticipatedyou should provide a portable generator.When undertaking work of a substantialnature on a void property whose supplieshave been disconnected, you should takereadings from the meters. You should thenarrange for a temporary builder’s supplyto be connected, or provide power from aseparate source and will beresponsible for paying for this during theworks period. Meter readings should beconfirmed once the work is completed.18

Leaving and finishing workWhen leaving work unfinished for a periodof time or overnight you must warnresidents and possibly neighbours ofpotential hazards and take necessary stepsto ensure the safety of the public. Tools andequipment must not be stored within anoccupied property overnight. You shouldensure that the resident is fully informedabout when you will return to the property.Tools and equipment left in unoccupiedproperties (voids) are the responsibility ofthe contractor.You should ensure that the property iswind and water-tight and that all servicesare safe for use if work is unfinished at theend of the day. You must also ensure thatthe resident is left with cooking, washingand toilet facilities. If necessary, temporaryprovision should be made, and L&Q Directshould be notified accordingly.Ladders or any means of access shall notbe left where they will make burglary, housebreaking or trespass possible, or where anydamage may occur. Ladders should beremoved from site each night orsecurely padlocked.If used, the removal of any scaffoldingshould be timely, i.e. removed as soon as itis no longer required. However, L&Q shouldbe informed beforehand if an inspection ofthe work is required.All debris must be cleared at the end ofeach day and as soon as work is completed.The area of work should be left in aclean and tidy state.Residents must be informed when work isfinished. Where required under thecontract, you should ask the resident tosign a satisfaction form at the completionof the work.If residents offer gifts of any kind you shouldpolitely decline the gift.Void properties must be properly lockedand secure at any time when you leavethe property.Keys for void properties must always bereturned to an L&Q NeighbourhoodProperty Services Department on the daythat works are completed. The security ofthe premises is your responsibility whilst thekeys are in your possession. You must takeall reasonable care to prevent unauthorisedentry into the property.Monitoring performanceYou shall at all times allow reasonableaccess for L&Q officers or their consultantsto inspect work in progress, or uponcompletion.Working on L&Q properties19


Acceptance of code of conductfor maintenance contractorsI/We as sole proprietor/director of the company named below, hereby giveconfirmation that we have received, have read and agree to abide by theCode of Conduct issued by L&Q.Annex 1I/We also confirm that all relevant employees of this company will be providedwith a copy or summary of this Code of Conduct and will be made aware ofthe consequences of a breach of the terms contained therein.Company name:Address:Signed:Date:Name:Position:Please return to:Director of Asset ManagementL&Q, Osborn House, Osborn Terrace, London, SE3 9DR23

Ethnicity of workforceName of contractor/consultant:Annex 2Completed by:Position:Date:Census ethnicity category:White - BritishWhite - IrishWhite - OtherMixed - White & Black CaribbeanMixed - White & Black AfricanMixed - White & AsianMixed - OtherAsian - IndianAsian PakistaniAsian - BangladeshiAsian - OtherBlack or Black British - CaribbeanBlack or Black British - AfricanBlack or Black British - OtherChinese or other ethnic groupGypsy/Romany/Irish TravellerOther - please state or list additional categories:No. of employees:Refused to disclose their ethnicity25

ConstructionlineConstructionline is the UK’s register of pre-qualified local and national construction andconstruction related contractors and consultants. Owned and endorsed by the Departmentfor Business, Enterprise & Reform (formerly the DTI), Constructiononline is a contributor tothe Rethinking Construction initiative.Annex 3The database is designed to streamline procurement procedures by providing comprehensiveand accurate information on suppliers, including financial status, areas of operation,insurances, health and safety procedures etc.Companies are listed in categories relating to the type of services that they provide i.e.building finishes, general construction work - building; mechanical installations; architecture;surveying services etc.Further information can be found at or you can call0844 892 0313.London Equal Opportunities FederationThe LEOF maintains an online database of minority led contractors and consultants whichhave been vetted and passed a variety of pre-qualification criteria, and who have demonstrateda commitment to equal opportunities. LEOF was formed by a consortium of HousingAssociations who have a strong commitment to promoting equal opportunities in buildingand maintenance work.The database streamlines procurement procedures by providing information on suppliers,including financial status, areas of operation, insurances, health and safety procedures etc.Further information can be found at www.safebuild.com27

Annex 4Repairs and maintenance charterWe will play our part by:We will do this by:• Making an appointment• Showing our ID card/leaving a calling card ifthe resident is out• Making an appointment with the resident before calling andletting them know if we are going to be delayed. We are awarethat residents are entitled to £10 compensation if we miss anapointment and have not told them first.• Not waiting to be asked before showing our ID when we first call.• Leaving a calling card stating the time and day we called.• Explaining what weare going to do andkeeping them informedof progress• Discussing the work with the resident, explaining what we aregoing to do and how we are going to do it.• Telling the resident how long the job is likely to last and when we willcall again. If we need to get a part we will advise them of any delay.• Advising the resident when the job is finished.• Being polite andcourteous andrespectful to residents• Treating the resident as our customer, whoever they are and actingprofessionally - not being rude, over familiar or discriminatory for anyreason (including race, colour, gender, age, disability or sexuality).• Keeping noise to a minimum - not playing radios loudly, notsmoking and always treating the resident as our customer.• Working safely andleaving the premisessafe and secure• By thinking of the resident and their family, warning them of anyhazards and making everything safe at the end of each day. In theevent of an accident reporting it immediately to L&Q.• Leaving the resident’s home safe overnight, with toilet, washingand cooking facilities available.• Ensuring all doors and windows are closed/secure.• Removing and padlocking ladders.28

We will play our part by:• Always asking beforeentering a home orgarden and taking careof the resident’s homeand garden• Ensuring we have theright equipmentWe will do this by:• Remembering this includes neighbouring homes and gardens aswell as the home and garden where we have to work.• Working tidily.• Taking care of the resident’s home and possessions and alwaysasking before moving anything.• Using dust sheets to protect their belongings and never using a sinkor bath for cleaning without asking first - and always leaving themclean a fterwards when permission is given.• Providing our own vacuum cleaner and clearing up completely at theend of each day.• Doing our best to avoid damaging plants and flowers when doingwork outside.• Clearing away all rubbish and storing any working materials safely.• Making sure we have the right tools and equipment for the job.Annex 4• Never arguing orretaliating, discussing ordisclosing• Staying calm and professional even when provoked. Walking away ifthe situation gets out of hand and reporting the position to L&Q.• Not discussing the work of other contractors or give opinionsabout the condition of the property, referring the resident to L&Qif appropriate.• Not disclosing the resident’s personal information to anyoneincluding their telephone number.29

Annex 5What we expect :A message for people working in L&Q homesThe L&Q wallet-sized ‘What we expect’ card summarises the do’s and don’tswhen working on L&Q properties.30

L&Q contactsL&Q DirectPO Box 194, Sidcup, DA15 0AJTel: 0800 015 6536 Email: L& 6North East Neighbourhood Property Services10 Grove Crescent Road, Stratford, London E15 1BJTel: 0844 406 9000 Fax: 0800 619 0213South Neighbourhood Property ServicesGabriel House, 20-26 Wolfington Road,London SE27 0JFTel: 020 8225 3500 Fax: 020 8225 3501South East Neighbourhood Property ServicesRenway House, 36-38 Artillery Place,London SE18 4ABTel: 020 8557 2870 Fax: 020 8557 2889West Neighbourhood Property Services52 Stoke Road, Slough, Berkshire SL2 5AWTel: 01753 606707 Fax: 01753 606708L&Q Health and Safety Department10 Grove Crescent Road, Stratford, London E15 1BJTel: 0844 406 9000 Fax: 0800 619 021331

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