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NEUMAN & ESSER América do Sul

The history of NEUMAN & ESSER in Brazil began with

the decision made by Demag, in 1983, to shift production

of piston compressors from Germany to Brazil. NEA

took the opportunity and signed a contract with Demag

in Vespasiano, which had produced NEA compressors

from the V-series and vertical designs. More contract

extensions in the following years included the modernization

of Demag driving mechanisms and joint sales

activities for both compressor brands in the US. However

in 1997, Demag assumed complete construction of reciprocating

compressors in Brazil. That was the birth of

NEUMAN & ESSER América do Sul. NEA retained a

staff of 15 experts from Demag. Since then Marcelo

Veneroso has guided the fortunes of the company as

Managing Director for Sales and Engineering, and

Claudio Corrêa has been Vice President for the aftermarket

sector, both of them experts from the

"Demag-NEA era". Since then not

only has the

refinery company Petrobras in Brazil been

one of their regular customers, but they also have other

compressor operators in the chemical, petrochemical,

natural gas and food industries in all South American

countries, including Cuba.

Success was not long in coming as NEA América do Sul

was selected right at the beginning by Petrobras to

modernize several Demag CO 2-compressors at the Urea

plant. After this, several hundreds of orders followed from

many parts of South America, which bestowed 13 years

of continuous growth on NEA América do Sul.

In 2007, the company moved, with 54 employees, to their

new building in the Olhos D'Água Industrial Park in

Belo Horizonte. The area, with a total size of 7,500 m²,

includes an office building of 800 m² and a workshop of

1,000 m² for packaging, assembly and smaller repairs.

This site has the advantage of being able to combine

engineering and management under one roof. Customer

requests can therefore be met quickly and efficiently.

Recent contracts awarded by Petrobras of 11 plants,

which have the largest compressor sizes that have ever

been built by a Brazilian company, show the extent of

customer confidence in Brazilian technical competence.

In 2007, close cooperation with Petrobras was con-

firmed when a collaboration agreement was signed for

the joint development of hydrogen compressors for

diesel treatment.

In view of the construction of new refineries in the

Northeast of Brazil, and the upcoming expansion plans

of production capacity, the future of NEA América do

Sul looks quite promising. All the more so, if the forthcoming

exploration of the largest oil field in South

America, Tupi, off the coast of Rio de Janeiro and others

such as Iara and Parque des Baleias are considered.

"We accept the challenges offered to us as opportunities!"

is the courageous credo of the Brazilian NEA


NEAC Compressor Service Ltda

With the increasing population of NEA compressors in

the South American market, and the resulting growing

corporate structure required for maintenance of these

compressors, it was decided that NEA América do Sul’s

aftermarket business should be outsourced to the newly

established service company NEAC Compressor

Service Ltda. This took place in March 2009 with the

simultaneous appointment of Claudio Corrêa to Managing

Director of the division, which had been in existence for

a long time but was now becoming an independent

entity. The service company officially became operative

on Dec. 1, 2009, equipped with its own offices and a

workshop on the company premises. The “new” NEAC

in Brazil is responsible for all of the aftermarket business

related services such as service, technical support,

repairs, training and supplies to NEA compressors as

well as to the lines of Chicago Pneumatic, Demag,

Erhardt & Sehmer, Esslinger high pressure machines,

Halberg, KSB, Linde, Mafa Wurzen and Borsig (compressors

built in Berlin until the end of 1995) with OEM

parts. Today NEAC Ltda already maintains a portfolio

of about 1,000 NEA compressors.

The staff consists of experienced professionals who

since 1984 have been constructing and modernizing of

Demag and NEA machines as well as young talent. The

young technical team has been partially trained at the

headquarters in Germany to ensure that all service

processes are in line with NEA GROUP standards. The

workshop was also certified according to requirements

of the parent company at the highest rank, Level C. This

confirmed, for the parent company, that NEAC Ltda is

qualified and eligible to independently perform repairs

on the technical "A" parts of the compressor such as

crankcases, cylinders, crankshafts and cylinder valves,

crossheads and piston rods. NEAC Compressor Service

Ltda, as part of the NEA GROUP, thus shows a service

profile of core competencies in compressor technology

and technical equipment which is second to none in

South America's compressor market.

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