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Published edition© Eleanor CurtainPublishing 2004First published 2004Apart from any fair dealing forthe purposes of study, research,criticism or review, aspermitted under the CopyrightAct of Australia, no part of thisbook may be reproduced byany process, or transmitted inany form, without permissionof the copyright owner. Wherecopies of part or the whole ofthis book are made under PartVB of the Copyright Act, thelaw requires that records ofsuch copying be kept and thecopyright owner is entitled toclaim payment.Developed byEleanor Curtain PublishingText: Kerrie ShanahanConsultant: Susan HillDesigned byAlexander StittProduction byPublishing SolutionsPrinted in ChinaISBN 0 7253 3405 31 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 904 05 06?How to use this bookBefore reading: TalkthroughTalk through the book with the children. Encouragethem to predict the text from the cover and thepictures, and to think about the information theyprovide. Direct the children’s attention to aspects ofthe text that may challenge them. Support the childrento deal with these challenges by asking theTalkthrough questions on each page.During reading: Observe and supportObserve the children as they read. Encourage them tomonitor their own reading as they comprehend thetext. As needed, support the children by helping themto discover and use reading strategies and cues to solveproblems and respond to reading challenges that arisein the text. Interruptions to the children’s readingshould be minimal and focused on specified learningneeds.After reading: Comprehension, returning tothe text, responding and writing linksTo further develop children’s understanding of thetext, select from activities found on page 16 and theinside back cover. These whole text, sentence and wordlevel activities reinforce the teaching focus of thisbook. Assessment ideas are provided to assist withplanning for further teaching.Text highlights• The book is written in a question-andanswerformat.• A contents page is provided.Vocabularyblubber, born, breathe, fish, layer, milk, pods,warm-blooded, whales

Setting the contextAsk the children to think of any questionsthey have about whales. List these on theboard for future reference.Introducing the bookWe are going to read a factual book aboutwhales. What sort of information do youthink will be in the book?Front coverShow the front cover to the children.Are these animals all whales? What is thesame about the three animals? Whatdifferences can you see?Title pageThis book is written by Hannah Reed. Whatsort of things did she need to know to writethis book? How could she have found outinformation for the book?

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