Presentation: USDA Wisconsin
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Presentation: USDA Wisconsin

NationalInstituteof FoodAndAgricultureTo Advance KnowledgeFor Agriculture, theEnvironment, HumanHealth and Well-being,and CommunitiesSBIR

Features of USDA SBIR Program• Award Grants Only - Ideas are Investigator-Initiated• Awards Based on Scientific and Technical Merit• Commercialization Assistance Program in Both Phase I and II• Proposals Reviewed by Confidential Peer Review UsingOutside Experts From Non-profit Organizations• Funds Allocated to Topic Areas in Proportion to Number ofProposals Received• Subcontracting to Universities and USDA Labs Permitted andEncouragedSBIR

Features of USDA SBIR Program• Phase I Grants = 8 Months/$100,000• Phase II Grants = 2 Years/$500,000• 12 Month No-cost Extension Available• All Applicants Receive Verbatim Copies ofReviews• No Gap in Funding Between Phase I andPhase IISBIR

Electronic Submission• Application Submission Requires Many Steps toComplete the Process• Download the USDA SBIR RFA at• Electronic Submission is Mandatory via• Obtain Data Universal Number System (DUNS) Number• Register with Central Contractor Registry (CCR)• Register your Business with•

• Forests & RelatedResources• Plant Production &Protection – Biology• Plant Production &Protection -Engineering• Animal Production &Protection• Air, Water & SoilsTopic Areas• Food Science &Nutrition• Rural and CommunityDevelopment• Aquaculture• Biofuels and BiobasedProducts• Small & Mid-SizeFarmsSBIR

USDA SBIR REVIEW PROCESS• Proposals are evaluated by confidentialpeer review using review panels plus adhocreviewers for Phase I and only adhocreviewers for Phase II• Selection criteria includescientific/technical merit, commercialpotential, and degree to which Phase Ifeasibility has been demonstratedSBIR

History of USDA SBIR FundingYear Budget MM Phase I Phase II2001 16.25 90/480 37/632002 15.70 86/449 39/682003 17.74 88/656 38/672004 18.18 99/582 38/652005 19.20 93/557 40/792006 19.17 97/650 32/61200720082009201018.2018.3019.7121.8881/51077/45473/35095/53739/7138/6933/5339/62SBIR

Solicitation/ProposalSchedule:Phase I• FY 2012 Solicitation will be Released on June 1, 2011• Phase I Proposal Deadline will be September 1, 2011• Panels will Meet in January & February of 2012• Award Decisions will be Made by Early March 2012• Phase I Grant Period will be from May 1, 2012 toDecember 31, 2012Phase II• FY 2011 Solicitation will be released in November of2010 (only prior USDA Phase I winners are eligible)• Phase II Proposal Deadline Date will be March 1, 2011• Phase II Grant Period will be from September 1, 2011 toAugust 31, 2013SBIR

U.S. Department of AgricultureSmall Business Innovation Research ProgramDr. Charles ClelandForests and RelatedResources; Air, Water andSoils; Aquaculture; Small andMid-Size FarmsDr. William GoldnerPlant Production andProtection (Biology andEngineering); Biofuels andBiobased ProductsDr. Suresh SureshwaranRural and CommunityDevelopmentDr. Dionne ToombsFood Science and NutritionDr. Adele TurzilloAnimal Production andProtectionScott DockumProgram Specialist, SBIRSBIR

USDA SBIR• Program Information• Solicitation (Request for Applications)• Technical Abstracts• Link to SBA and Other SBIR Programs• Upcoming SBIR Conferences• Find the Expert (CRIS & ARS)• PowerPoint Presentation• Success Stories• Impact NewsletterSBIR

U.S. Department of AgricultureSmall Business Innovation Research ProgramWaterfront Centre, Suite 2312800 9th Street, SWWashington, DC 20024Phone: (202) 401-4002 Fax: (202) 401-6070E-mail: sbir@nifa.usda.govWeb Site:

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