Armstrong World Industries Ltd Bamboo Surfaces - Capita Symonds

Armstrong World Industries Ltd Bamboo Surfaces - Capita Symonds

Armstrong World Industries Ltd

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Bamboo Surfaces

T: 01285 655978

Armstrong World Industries Ltd, backed by 150 years of experience is a global leader in providing

acoustical, design and environmental ceiling system solutions.

Our innovative product ranges extend to a wide range of Canopy systems using wood, metal and mineral

materials along with the recently launched Armstrong TECH ZONE system which provides a unique

solution blending various ceiling modules and finishes along with the integration of building services from

leading manufacturers.

Armstrong sustainable innovations include market leading Recycling Programmes, including our End of

Life Recycling Programme which offers a free collection service along with our Off Cut Recycling

Programme which recycles installation off cuts. These services extend across the whole of the UK.

Armstrong is also working with Capita Architecture to explore the innovative use of ‘lightweight’ thermal

mass to help reduce the energy consumption of both new and existing buildings. Phase Change material

ceilings reduce or eliminate the energy use for HVAC systems These ceiling systems save energy,

improve thermal comfort and can be easily installed in existing buildings.

Based in the Cotswolds, Bamboo Surfaces is the UK distributor for MOSO who have over 13 years

experience of manufacturing high quality bamboo solid panels, worktops, flooring, joists, veneers and wall

coverings. Bamboo Surfaces are different to most bamboo suppliers; holding an extensive range of stock,

as well as having in-house facilities to engineer MOSO bamboo products to meet design specifications

and turn concepts into reality. MOSO bamboo is a sustainable alternative to timber and is both versatile

and aesthetically pleasing making it the perfect surface.


Bene PLC

47-53 St John Street



T:020 7689 1234


45 St John Street

London EC1M 4AN

T:020 7566 9477


Ashley Ramage

T:07808 179 319 – UK

T:415 725 6007 – USA

"Bene. Experts in creating sustainable office environments.

A European company setting trends in office furnishing with its concepts, products and services. A brand

that is associated with top quality and functionality, modern design and innovative technology.

Environmentally-informed thinking and acting is a tradition at Bene.

Bene operates 83 points of sale in 35 countries. Together with customers and partners, Bene develops

innovative office solutions that present workflow, culture and corporate identity spatially, achieved by

functional and adequate linking of the product portfolio and by consistent design, colour and material


B-Loose. The break-out furniture division of Bene.

B-Loose combines some of Europe’s premier brands such as Walter Knoll, Fritz Hansen, Matteo Grassi

and more to create the places where we work, communicate, interact and relax.”

Blowupthings make space magical and inviting.

We can transform any indoor space with our rental or custom inflatable designs into somewhere you want

to be …and will remember.

We design and manufacture and install temporary environments to enhance your space.

If you want to remove the negative space we can do it.

If you need an enticing space to woo people in, we have it.

If you need to divide space elegantly, we can cut it up.

If we haven’t got it, we’ll listen, think and make it.

The only parameters are time physics and money.

Whisper quiet fans. All you need is air.

Candeo Vision (UK) Limited

T:0845 475 2885

Colt International Limited

Mike Reeves

Divisional Director

Building Design

Colt International Limited

New Lane




T:07767 230359

‘Sound, vision, control and communications systems integrator

With over twenty years experience exceeding customer expectations in the digital visual communications

arena, Candeo Vision provides industry leading service from the point of conception to handover, whilst

delivering a robust turn-key solution that ensures protection on investment and best value for money

With demonstration suites in London and the Midlands, Candeo Vision provides bespoke audio visual and

conferencing solutions to an extensive portfolio of clients throughout the UK, seamlessly integrating into

new or existing spaces, delivering a high quality and intuitive user experience’

As energy efficiency has acquired growing importance, the building envelope has evolved. It has gone

from being a simple weather defence system to becoming a dynamic façade that carries out a variety of

functions, such as providing improved daylighting, solar control, climate control and power production. Colt

has been at the forefront of this transformation, providing design advice on multiple projects, developing

and installing systems that integrate these technologies.

Designers are increasingly aware of the opportunities offered by building integrated photovoltaics (BIPV).

By incorporating this concept into solar shading the benefits are twofold: providing power generation while

reducing solar gain to the occupied space. The Colt Shadovoltaic system offers a choice of fixed or

controllable external solar shading that can be integrated onto a façade or rooflight to suit the designer's

functional and architectural needs.

DuPont Energain® - A new

generation of thermal mass

Gary Norris

Business Development Manager

Wedgwood Way


Hertfordshire, SG1 4QN

T: 07748 920470

Essex Tubes Windings Ltd

Macanie House

Dock Road



RM18 7PT

T: 01375 851613

DuPont Energain® presents a thermal mass solution (based on phase change material) for light-weight

building structures, such as timber frame, which can often be subject to high temperature peaks inside the

building vs. “massive” construction. A product comparison study run by Lyon University, France has

demonstrated that 5 mm of Energain® compares to approximately 20- 40 mm of concrete, depending on


Benefits at glance

� Improves living comfort by stabilising the effects on room. temperature by up to 7°C

� Can save up to 35% of air conditioning costs and up to 15% of heating costs and thereby the CO2

footprint of a building.

� Lightweight, flexible, versatile and easy to install.


T: 0800 731 2369

Frosts Landscape Construction

T: 0845 021 9001

Game Engineering Ltd

Witham St Hughs Business Park

Witham St Hughs



T:01522 868 021

Forbo Flooring Systems is part of the Forbo Group and offers a full range of flooring products for both

commercial and residential markets. High quality linoleum, vinyl, textile, flocked and entrance flooring

products combine functionality, colour and design, offering total flooring solutions.

Flotex from Forbo offers a completely new dimension in flooring, combining all the hard wearing and

durable characteristics of a resilient floor with the warmth and comfort underfoot of a carpet. Flotex is the

only flocked floor covering to have been assessed under the BREEAM scheme and achieves A/A+ in

many key sectors. The backing for Flotex tiles is also produced using up to 74% reused and recycled


Frosts Landscape Construction is an established specialist horticultural company of fifty years standing.

We offer a range of business services from landscape construction through to grounds and interior

plants maintenance throughout the UK. Frosts have won more than 30 national awards for the quality

of our work.

Our knowledgeable staff use their expertise to regularly bring added value to our clients, and are able to

tailor our grounds maintenance and interior plant packages to match our clients’ particular needs.

Frosts also provide beautiful corporate fresh flower arrangements & realistic artificial floral displays. Our

Christmas Tree Services department offer a nationwide service delivering decorated real and artificial

trees from 4ft to 40ft for both internal & external positions.


T:07793 747817

Havells Sylvania

T:0870 606 2030

F:01273 512688



Shelf Mills




T:01274 698503

Havells Sylvania manufactures the professional and consumer lighting brands Concord, Sylvania and

Lumiance. Sylvania provides a range of lamps and fixtures for commercial, industrial and domestic

applications whilst Lumiance fixtures offer modern, easy installation accent lighting. Concord is a leader in

architectural lighting with a broad range of indoor and outdoor fittings designed to provide industry ‘best

practice’ lighting schemes. Concord’s Concave Officelyte provides a totally flush recessed luminaire using

three innovative technologies, including two curved wings in extruded stain polycarbonate, giving 20%

more light transmission and a higher Light Output Ratio. The Microloft Spot provides high precision

projection lighting from accent LEDs.

InterfaceFLOR is a worldwide leader in the design and production of modular floor coverings and is widely

recognised as a pioneer in sustainable manufacturing and business practices. With one of the industry’s

largest and most diverse range of carpet tiles, InterfaceFLOR offers interior design solutions for corporate

offices and public sector installations.

We were the first manufacturer in Europe to have Environmental Product Declarations for Carpet Tiles and

have made a global commitment to have all products externally verified through EPDs by 2012. We are

proud to showcase the next generation of carpet tiles on the Capita Symonds’ Cool Workspace.

Kingspan Access Floors

T:01482 781701

Kingspan Benchmark

Greenfield Business Park No. 2

Greenfield, Holywell


North Wales, CH8 7GJ

T:01352 716100

F:01352 710161

Kingspan Access Floors is the undisputed leader in raised access floor products, systems and

installation. Following Kingspan Group’s acquisition of well known brands Hewetson and Tate, Kingspan

Access Floors has a forty-year track record, and the name is now inseparable from the concept of flexible,

high performance working space. Modern office automation is dependent on effective Information

Technology and communication links which are reliant on the advantages provided by raised access floor

systems. These systems facilitate the delivery of power, voice, data and underfloor HVAC, via the

underfloor service void, to the precise point of need. This enables rapid office layout changes (churn) and

adapts to any future occupier/tenant and technology requirements. Our success is based on a wide

product package, designed to meet any performance and specification requirement, backed with expert

support and quality service. Kingspan Access Floors has always aligned itself with quality and value –

investing in state of the art manufacturing, high calibre services to deliver installed raised access floors of

the highest quality. Buildings worldwide feature raised floors from our comprehensive range. Kingspan

Access Floors is ISO 9001 accredited for both its manufacturing and installation operations. Both

operations are backed by unrivalled experience of our technical and support services.

Benchmark, a new architectural business from Kingspan - an inspirational range of roof, wall and façade


Created to bring about change in architectural design, the Benchmark product range is the result of

comprehensive research, partnership working and innovative thinking that will enable bold new designs to

be created from a wide variety of materials, colours and textures without compromising on style and


This display exhibits architectural expanded mesh fixed to the Benchmark Karrier Panel System, a unique

insulated panel that has been specifically designed and tested to support Benchmark’s large range of


To view the rest of the product range, visit stand N530.

Mac Interiors

Route One Marketing

T:0131 6672 474

Management & Construction Ltd. is a commercial interiors specialist. The company was founded in 2002

with the mission of providing an integrated approach to the fit out process and to deliver working

environments of the highest quality.

The company has grown over the last 7 years and we now operate in 4 regions with offices in Dublin,

London, Newry and Prague, so our project teams are always ready no matter where your project is.

We have established long standing relationships with the many professional teams that we have worked

with over the years and a large proportion of our business comes from repeat clients.

We have completed projects ranging in size from 2,500sqft to 160,000sqft and with values of £100K to


We have completed these projects whilst maintaining an outstanding safety record with no reportable

incidents on any of our sites since beginning operations.

We have built our company on the basic fundamentals of a no nonsense approach to completing a project,

a passion for customer care, enthusiasm for design, a non hierarchical management structure and most

importantly, a sheer bloody minded determination to deliver, in all circumstances.

Route One Marketing are introducing QR codes, a cost effective mobile based system which enable

customers to instantly access and download information, simply using their internet enabled mobile!

QR codes are a quick, easy and cheap pointer to a website to increase traffic in a society where the

consumer wants information and services at their fingertips. Businesses benefit as users go directly to the

area you want be it marketing, sales or information. The management stats available are comprehensive

and detailed. QR codes are widely used throughout the UK. Simply download any QR code reader from

your app store, scan the code and enjoy the benefits!

Vent-Axia Ltd

Vent-Axia Ltd

Fleming Way


West Sussex

RH10 9YX

T: 0844 856 0590


With over 70 years as an influential industry leader, Vent-Axia continues to set standards on improving

personal comfort by providing systems to control the flow of fresh air, its temperature, humidity and

cleanliness. Each year the company supplies air management solutions for over half a million installations

across the residential and commercial/industrial sectors in the UK and around the world.

Vent-Axia is the first manufacturer to launch a complete range of low energy DC residential fans, following

an expansion to its Lo-Carbon series of energy efficient ventilation products which offer up to 90%

energy savings.

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