February 2010 - Horsforth Harriers

February 2010 - Horsforth Harriers

February 2010 - Horsforth Harriers

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It’s almost time to part withyour hard earned again....Horsforth Harriers membership Subs fornext year become due on 1st April 2010.After careful consideration of the Clubsfinancial position, your committee hasdecided to keep prices the same as thisyear. Details are as follows:● Membership Fee plus EnglandAthletics Competition Licence £18● Horsforth Harriers membershipfee only £13● Second Claim members £13● Social membership fee £5● Re-joining fee (additional feefor members who let theirmembership expire): £5N.B. The £18 price assumes there to be noincrease in the Competition Licence fee of£5. At the time of writing there has beenno notification from England Athleticsthat there will be an increase.If there is, the £18 fee will have to beincreased accordingly.You can pay your subs either by cash orcheque, but cheque is preferred, to Angusany Tuesday evening throughout April atthe club, or post a cheque to:Angus TeanbyAlandaleNew York LaneRawdonLeedsLS19 6JQThe deadline for payment is 30th Aprilwhen we will pay England Athletics forclub member’s Competition Licences.After that date members that have notpaid will be assumed to have left theclub. Any current member wishing tore-join Horsforth Harriers after 30th Aprilwill be required to pay a £5 re-joining fee.So please pay early if possible! Thanks!AngusTheresa Downes on the Chevin Chase.Thanks to Alistair Davy for photo.

Future Social Stuff...maybeHere are some ideas for social events over andabove what Bev may have planned for us inthe near future. These are just possibilities atthe moment and if and when they take placewill be determined by the level of interest - sodon’t sit on your bum waiting to be asked, ifyou are interested in the any of the followinghare-brained schemes, get in touch with therelevant person - I’ll detail who the appropriateperson is - and tell them you want to beincluded. First up, this from Bob Foulkes:“As with many things in life, ideas aregenerated and discussions made when sataround a table in a bar drinking beer. On onesuch recent occasion, Angus (Teanby) andI contemplated reactivating the Leeds toLiverpool - or vice versa, or both ways - cycleride this coming summer. As both Angus andI will be retired by then we will have more timeon our hands, but nonetheless, the initial planwould be to do it over a weekend so as manyclub members as possible could participate”.So if you’d like to become a member of thelegendary ‘Team Turnip’ as previous bike ridesover the Pennines were dubbed, contactBob Foulkes either at the club or onBob.Foulkes@sulzer.com - but hurry as heplans to retire as stated above!!Now Angus has had more than the one ideawhile sat at the bar obviously and in additionto cycling between Leeds and Liverpoolfollowing on from last year’s ‘Three Peaks ofYorkshire’ hike there were rumours of goingone better this year and trying to organise a‘National Three Peaks’ attempt - this is arather more serious undertaking and involvestravelling between and climbing, insuccession, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike andSnowden (or Yr Wydda as it’s known locally)and if memory serves, all within twenty-fourhours. If you want to be part of this you’ll needto contact Angus, again via the club or onandy.teanby@mbplc.com to express yourinterest if you’d like to be included in this asyet, merely mooted project - the logistics onsomething like this are enormous so it maywell be there will be a need for drivers andcatering staff as well as climbers etc .Finally, one of my own ‘lets run it up theflagpole and see if anybody salutes’ ideas,probably not thought up while sat at the bar.Would there be any interest in a HorsforthHarriers ski-ing trip in 2011? In an ideal worldit would be to the French/Italian Alps and theplan would be for there to be enough of us torent out a whole chalet (up to twelve maybe?)Of course exactly where and when we wentwould be entirely dependent on who wasinterested, the level of experience etc., andthe costs would be determined by when wewent and how many people and from whatairport etc.Initially, I thought I’d float the idea to see ifthere was any interest at all - I know there afew closet skiers and snowboarders within theclub - and work out what was possible fromthere. So if the idea appeals in principle at thisstage, please let me know, by, say,1st May, so I can firm up on who, where, howmuch, etc. If it comes off I’ll be looking for afirm commitment backed by a non-refundabledeposit, and your own insurance, so bewarned - the club won’t bale me out on thisone! Collar me at the club or e-mail me onian@tcpleeds.com to express initial interest.

Phil’s Photosharing WebsitePhil McGeever - our Male Club Member of theYear at the recent Presentation Evening - oftensends me times and pictures for inclusion inthe newsletter (for which I’m eternally grateful,and anybody else who wants to send instuff, feel free). Now he’s gone one better andset up a website for all of Horsforth Harriersto upload and share photos. It’s at:www.mcgeever.co.uk.Phil explains how it works: “ To upload photosto the site users need to log in. So first theyneed to register, there’s a link at the top of thepage for this. This will just setup their username,password and email address (needed).Also optional info is requested of full nameand club (if I know they’re Horsforth Harriersthey get extra privileges; there is a separatesection for Harriers, not visible to the publicand bigger upload quota). The registrationneeds approval (I would do that asap) thenthey can login and select Upload file at the topof the page. Then they can select an album toupload to, from the drop-down and browse forfiles to upload and that’s it. Finally theuploads need to be approved (to avoid abuse)and they’ll appear on the site (I may movethem to a more appropriate location).visitors and top rated and most viewed photoslisted on the front page - for the more competitiveHarriers among us. Titles and commentscan be added to pictures. Also I notice a lot ofother clubs have a photo gallery and it wouldbe nice to have a decent gallery to competewith them. It might be a good motivatingfactor for getting more runners to PECOs andVETs races knowing they’ll probably get theirpicture on the site afterwards”.So.....load up those photos!I may have made it sound complicated and itisn’t really, it’s just:Register - Login - UploadAs an incentive...photos can be rated byPhil pictured at the YVAA Cross CountryChampionships at Sheffield. Picture fromFlaming Photography.

Race Results- a Fat Bloke writesWeather Carnage! Snowmageddon! A whiteChristmas was fun for most and lent a certainfestive ‘je ne sais quoi’ to the runs over theholiday period, but as we moved into Januarytraining was something of a trial as the roadsiced up. Those of us lucky enough to live inareas where off road running was possiblerevelled in the white stuff but many races fellas conditions were deemed too treacherous tolet let runners loose. So apologies if there areany results missing from what follows. I blamethe weather and the fact that I very sensiblydisappeared to sunnier climes in the middle ofit all!Let’s start with the Chevin Chase, held as everon 26th December. Lead harrier in comedyantlers was Marc Springer in 47:16 hotlypursued by Garth De Roux 54:59, Steve Wood59:23, Angie Pattinson 1:00:39, Mike Mooney1:05:49, Bob Foulkes 1:06:17, Janette Freeman1:06:51, Keith Park 1:07:27, Teresa Downes1:10:03, Nicola Wilde and Jean Davey 1:11:01,Vicky Ward 1:13:03, Jill Hobson 1:13:31 andGordon Little 1:36:01. Second claim RichardPattinson, running for Pudsey & Bramleyrecorded 48:19 while was the apparently‘unattached’ Thomas Midgley, 44:03, actuallyTim?The following day our sole runner in the RibbleValley 10K was Graham Dawson in 1:25:57.Gill Gaskin saw out the old year with a prizedentry to the Auld Lang Syne Fell race whichshe completed in 62:56. Time, tide and theparkrun wait for no man and Angie Pattinson23:05 and Steve O’Hara 27:27 were into their2010 racing on 2nd January. Steve was theFormer Harrier Dawn Gray is the filling in anelvish sandwich between left, Jean Daveyand right, Nicola Wilde on the Chevin Chase.Picture from Alistair Davy, for which manythanks.lone Harrier the following week, 28:44, beforeeven the parkrun fell prey to the elementsforcing the cancellation of the race on 15thJanuary.However the PECO XC took place at a very wetNell Bank at Ilkley. Strong teams for both menand women didn’t make the impact they mighthave the men finishing fourth and ladies thirdon the day. The men secured the Vets racethough and remain at the head of the Vetstable.The parkrun was back on 23rd January andsaw a bigger turnout. Jamie Stewart lead theway 27:30 followed by Karen Allan 30:39,Caroline Faithwaite 31:07 and completing hisfirst run with his daughter Claire, Keith Park34:48.

Smeaton hosted by STAC. In an almost exactreplica of the third fixture at Ilkley, the menfinished fourth in the main race, won the Vetsrace and the women were third again. Oddlythough, in the overall standings the men arethird in the Premier division, the ladies arealso third in their Premier division, the men sitatop the mens Vets league while the ladiesmove into second place in their Vets table.The currently flying Lindsey Clegg istemporarily held up by the somewhat dampunderfoot conditions at Nell Bank. Pic fromwww.woodentops.org for which manythanks.The main event of the weekend was the BrassMonkey Half Marathon in York where gettingan entry is counted as a major success initself. Phil McGeever 1:23:37 lead the wayfollowed by Kevin Watson 1:26:46, whilescorching to a huge PB was Lindsey Clegg1:30:46. Next was Garth de Roux 1:33:00, IanRobertshaw 1:36:34, Lee Greenhalgh 1:36:34using his entry to pace round a mate, SimonRudsdale 1:37:27, Steve Wood 1:46:13 andcompleting his 200th Half Marathon, GrahamDawson, 2:55:52.Cath Gray 26:35, Jamie Stewart 26:54 andCaroline Faithwaite 30:08 were back at theparkrun on 30th January, but the folowing daysaw the penultimate PECO XC race at JohnBack to Woodhouse Moor for the parkrun andSteve O’Hara seems to have been the hare forJamie Stewart to chase as he finished a wholesecond quicker than Jamie’s 26:23. OtherHarriers were picking their way through themurk and mire of the Rombalds Stride.Richard Pattinson was second home in aspeedy 2:42:37 while first Horsforth Harrierproper was Alek Karagic in 3:32:32 with MarcSpringer 3:34:46, and Alan Squire 3:36:01hard on his heels. First of the Horsforth ladiesto finish was Theresa Duckett in tandem withSerena Blackburn, both 4:12:28, with, literallya minute behind, Angie Pattinson and GillGaskin both 4:13:29. Steve Wood was nexthome in 5:09:54 followed by Hilary Wharam5:48:29 and Jean Davey 5:49:27, LindseyClegg and Rachael Howard having a moreleisurely weekend 7:46:53 and 7:47:54respectively while Keith Park and daughterClaire was the last harrier home in 7:59:45. Ona busy Saturday wee also had some of ourguys turning out at the YVAA Cross CountryChampionships in Sheffield. Kevin Watson andNigel Monaghan ran in race one while theyounger lads, Richard Sunley and PhilMcGeever were in the second mens race.The following day Simon Rudsdale was knockinga bit off his 10K PB with a 42:17 clocking atthe Dewsbury 10K, with support from IanRobertshaw 42:57, Justin Balfour 46:59, Tina

Dickinson 49:43 - delighted to break the 50minute barrier after a lay off with injury andother stuff - and IanTaylor 51:45.Long time injuredMichael Andersonreturned to action at theSt. Wilfred’s MuddyBoots 10K in 75:19,where Tim Midgely was3rd overall in 34:40.The ranks swelled evenmore in the park run asSteve O’Hara - theunknown runner in theresults - did battle withKeith Park who we thinkmight have been firstHarrier home in 26:04Currently wintering in the Antipodes,(unless Steve actuallydidbeat him) followed cold, snowy weather on the Chevin Chase.Gordon Little grabs a chance of some niceby the debuting Photo from Little family archive I believe!Charlotte Baker 27:14, Ian Park, jogging roundto see if he’d rid himself of ‘economy class syndome’and distressingly only 90 seconds offhis previous best in 28:24 and CarolineFaithwaite 30:34. Claire Park, cruelly abandonedto her own devices by a callous fatheralso lowered her previous best to 33:36.The Liversedge Half took place on 14thFebruary and Catherine Gray is adamant that itcontains the world’s longest hill, longer thaneven the ‘Birstwith Brute’ in the Guy FawkesRun. Cath was home in2:03:34, while ahead ofher came Phil McGeever1:30:07, (eight minutesquicker than 2009)Sophie Hawkswell1:44:34 and JustinBalfour 1:49:37.My gut feeling is thatwith the mayhem createdby the weather sincethe turn of the year thiscomilation is ratherincomplete, but if anybodyhas any otherresults that I might havemissed here, please letme know and I’ll includenext time along withany necessary correctionsand revisions!welcome runners old and new at Horsforth Hall Park (Cricket Pavilion),Ring Road, Leeds 18 every Tuesday at 7.00 pmFor further details please telephone:Marc Springer on 07968 712055, Tina Dickinson on 07958 231180or Hilary Wharam on 0113 250 5673See our website at: www.horsforthharriers.co.uk

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