Cycling in The Netherlands
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Cycling in The Netherlands

Cycling in European cities in the 20 th century


Cycling is a very efficient transport systemfor cities.But how do you get the cyclists?

Make cycling safe for all cyclistsAnd make cycling the easiest andfastest means of transport

Cycling the easiest and the fastestWeteringschans,AmsterdamAlternating one-way street for carsSpace for cyclists and public transport,

At different levels the bicycle is taken more seriously:Local level:- cyclists groups- citizens call for livable city and fewer cars- politicians follow- examples:- Amsterdam, referendum on car-free city centre in 1992- Houten, new bicycle friendly extension- Groningen, traffic circulation plan for city centre

Houten 1960

Houten 2010

Road SafetyDuurzaam Veilig, Sustainable Safety- Road has a clear function:streaming, connecting or living erea- Separating traffic modalities if speeds are high- Concentrate cars on main network- Residential zones with few cars (max 6000/24hrs) andlow speed (max 30 km/h)

Residential zones: 30km/hBicycle friendly speed hub

Residential Zones:Few carsShort cuts for cyclists

Partial one-way street

Residential Zones:- 30 km/h-

Main roads:Through traffic50 (or 70) km/hSeperate cycle paths

Main roads with toomany functions…

25% of accidents withbicycles have to do withparking cars

Road SafetySustainable safety worksCity center is unsafestSafety improvement mainly for cars and pedestriansTrucks are dangerous for cyclistsTrams cause serious accidentsMore elderly maybe reason for more unsafety

Safety and bicycle use180016001400Development in time1975 - now:- Suburbanisation- Car use+ Transport policy+ Clean & Healthy5040Bicycle km pppy12001000800600•400•2001950 –1975:- Suburbanisation- Car use- Transport policy- Old fashioned302010Cycle fatalities per billion bicycle km•01950 1955 1960 1965 1970 1975 1980 1985 1990 1995 2000 20050ThinkBike workshop WashingtonBicycle useBicycle fatalities

cooperationNational levelLocal levelInvolvement of cyclists

Challenges in NetherlandsBicycle parkingToo many demands in one streetCombination of cyclists and pedestriansImmigrants cycle very little, males 35-60 as wellBleu moped plagueRoad safetyLonger distances for cyclists

Potential for cycling: modal split trips to distanceDistance (km) < 7,5 7,5-15 > 15 overallCar 35% 74% 79% 48%Driver23%50%54%32%Passenger12%24%25%16%Public Transport 2% 7% 14% 5%Train0%1%9%2%Bus/tram/metro2%6%5%3%Bicycle 35% 15% 3% 27%Walking 26% 0% 0% 18%Other 2% 3% 4% 2%Share distance 70% 12% 18% 100%pagina 33 > 29-9-2011 >Cycling policies in the Netherlands

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