FLAAR Reports - Wide Format Printers

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FLAAR Reports - Wide Format Printers

FLAAR ReportsNicholas Hellmuthupdated SEPTEMBER 2004Preview of FLAAR ReportsOn ScannersNicholas Hellmuth inspecting CreoScitex scanner

Preview of FLAAR Reports on ScannersFLAAR Reports 4Scanning Medium Format and 4 x 5 inchTransparenciesThis report is for photographers who wish to print on wideformat printers: inkjet and/or laser-light digital imagers.Scanning medium format and large format chromes isa bit different than scanning 35mm negs and slides, sowe have a separate report on each in this series. Theentire FLAAR project on digital imaging is based on theJapanese ministry of education providing a grant forProfessor Hellmuth to assist the National Museum ofEthnology, Osaka, on how to scan their photo archive(which was largely Dr Hellmuth’s own photos which themuseum had purchased the year before). This Japaneseproject and a succeeding scanner project had a budgetof about $250,000. When you order the FLAAR Report-SERIES for Photographers you get the results of all theseyears experience.ContentsAbstractKodak Photo CD and Kodak ScannersPrinting Stock Photos from CDsJPEG and Compression SchemesRGB vs CMYKScanner selectionUpdate on scanner brandsWhat scanners does the FLAAR photo archiveuse?What about the Imacon scanners?Older models of scanners or used scannersScanner softwareToaster-sized 35mm slide scannersBatch Scanning AttachmentsWe don’t recommend entry-level flatbed scannersUMAX scannersFuji flatbed scannersReality of good scannersOverhead Scanning Systems to handle largeoriginals such as paintingsCan you use your megapixel digital camera?How much dpi do you really need?Which computer to use?SoftwareSummaryThe History of Scanning TechnologyWhere and How to Store your scannedimages?Summary of where to buy and/or where toobtain further informationOtherBooks on photography and scanningSources and Resources on the InternetFor further informationAdvisoryAcknowledgements

Preview of FLAAR Reports on ScannersFLAAR Reports 5Recommended Books on Scanners & ScanningplusA List of Helpful Websites that Provide Tips on Scanning and ScannersNew August 2004All three scanner reports together, $21.If you want just two of them indicate which ($16 for anytwo).If you just want one of them, indicate which one ($12 forany one of the above reports).ContentsIntroductionBooks on ScanningSources and Resources on the InternetOther Websites on Scanners or Scanning that we haveNotesScanning Anything and Everything Besides Negativesand SlidesThis brief FLAAR Fast Facts covers scanning prints,objects, medical x-rays, textiles, materials, etc.This report is free once you buy any other FLAAR Reportson scanning.ContentsIntroductionBooks on ScanningSources and Resources on the InternetOther Websites on Scanners or Scanning that wehave Notes

Preview of FLAAR Reports on ScannersFLAAR Reports 6Wide Format ScannersEvaluation of a Wide Format Scanner: HP DesignJetScanner 4200Updated August 2004.ContentsEditor’s IntroductionPurposeUnpackingAssembling the Base, the Mount for the Screen & Keyboard,and BinAssembling the ScannerCleaning the Scan AreaAttaching Cords and CablesCamera Alignment and CalibrationInstalling the SoftwareResource MaterialScanning and PrintingOverall EvaluationEditor’s ConclusionsComments on Wide Format Scanners. FLAAR Fast FactsBoth reports on wide format scanners sold together, $60, discounted to $40 if you are a FavoredFLAAR Reader (meaning if you have filled out an Survey Form).ContentsUsefulness of a wide format scannerGiant flatbed scannersWide format sheet-fed scannersResolutionColor Space and Color Management SystemsConnectivityManufacturers and ProductsACTion Imaging SolutionsAltek CorporationANAtechColortracContex A/SCruse GmbHGraphtecHewlett-PackardIdealJ R LKIPOcéPurup-Eskofot IncTangent Imaging SystemsVidar SystemsVivid Image TechnologyWideComXerox Engineering Systems (XES)Scanner Software for wide formar scanners

Preview of FLAAR Reports on ScannersFLAAR Reports 7Scanners for Fine Art, Giclee & DecorIf you prefer to produce giclée prints (rather than straightphotography prints), then we have scanner informationorganized for the fine art giclée enthusiast.Scanners: what flatbed scanners and large formatdigital cameras are best for digitizing your paintingsor artwork so you can print them. Comparison betweendrum scanners vs flatbed scanners. If your budget coversonly a megapixel point-and-shoot camera, this report isnot for you. If you want a cheap scanner for home use;ContentsIntroductionDigitalizing from negatives and transparenciesColor NegativesScanning B+W or scanning Color to create B+WScan the Original Negative, not a Darkroom PrintToaster-sized 35mm slide scannersScanning into the fi lm grainInformation on scannersKodak Photo CD and Kodak ScannersWhat about the Imacon scanners?Heidelberg scanners and LinoColor softwareUMAX scannersFuji fl atbed scannersCreoScitex EverSmart fl atbed scannersAuto-Loader (especially on Nikon scanners)The new series of Polaroid scannersScanning objects with relief, or 3-D objectsWe don’t recommend entry-level fl atbed scannersReality of good scannersAvoid “home made” scannersOther ScannersDrum ScannersOverhead Scanning Systems to handle large originalssuch as paintingsCruse reprographic scanner systemOther repro scan systemsLandscape and Panorama Photos for Exhibit of FineArt Giclee PrintsCan you use your mega-pixel digital camera?Scanner SoftwareScanner softwareDigital Asset Management SoftwareDigital Imaging SoftwareDigital ICE and all those software aids are for homeuse; not used by pros.Enhancing your workSharpeningNewton Rings from fl atbed scannersTraining and BooksBooks on Photography and ScanningColor ManagementRGB vs CMYKHow to storage your digital imagesJPEG and Compression SchemesHow much dpi do you really need?Storage of your Digital ImagesUsing Scans on Stock Photo CDsOther aspects to considerWhich computer to use?Lighting for Digital PhotographyOlder models of scanners or used scannersPrinting Images from PowerPointBe kind to yourself and get a complete solution in avalue-added packageFLAAR’s recommendationsScanner SelectionWhy you may get a better scan yourself than at alocal copy shop?Sticker ShockTurn Key Systems or scanners as part of a packageSweet SpotOtherWhere to BuyWhere to Buy the Digital Photography Equipment?

Preview of FLAAR Reports on ScannersFLAAR Reports 8this report is not for you either.Operator’s Manual for the Cruse Scanner / DigitalCamera System. This is the FLAAR update andrevision of the operator’s manual for this $97,000reprographic system in the FLAAR facilities at BowlingGreen State University. The Cruse system is the RollsRoyce for digitizing your fine art paintings in order toreproduce them subsequently as a giclée print. Thiscamera is designed and built as you would expect fora German engineering company (Cruse GmbH).You also get all the rest of the fine art giclée SERIES;check outwww.wide-format-printers.net/scannersprepress-ContentsImportant Things to KnowGeneral InformationTurning the Scanner OnMain ScreenWarning IndicationsMain MenuGeneralLeft MenuRight MenuManual FocusScanning in 3DHow to Make a ScanExamples

Preview of FLAAR Reports on ScannersFLAAR Reports 9fineartgiclee/scanningfineart_negatives.htmScreen Cezanne Elite scannerCLICK HERE TO VIEW EACH FLAAR NETWORK SITEwww.cameras-scanners-flaar.orgwww.fineartgicleeprinters.orgwww.digital-photography.orgwww.wide-format-printers.orgwww.laser-printer-reviews.orgwww.ctpid.ufm.edu.gtwww.flatbed-scanner-review.orgwww.FLAAR.orgwww.wide-format-printers.NETwww.large-format-printers.orgwww.flatbed-scanner-review.orgPlease realize that all reports are in Adobe Acrobat PDF format. The reader software is free from www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.htmlPDF files are intended to be read on your computer monitor. Naturally you can print them if you wish, but if the photographic images within the reports were highenough dpi for a 1200 dpi laser printer it would not be possible to download them. So the images are intended to be at monitor resolution, naturally in full color.FLAAR itself makes the files available only in PDF format because that is the international standard. We have no mechanism to print them out and mail them.Obviously if you have downloading problems we will try to help, but please realize that we assume you have a 56K modem (or better) and capabilities to handle abasic PDF file.Proprietary rights notice © Copyright FLAAR Network 2002, first issued December 2002, updated September 2003, last updated September 2004

Acquire these reports at:Media Serieswww.wide-format-printers.netRIP SeriesFine Art Glicee Printer Series

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